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Hospital Ship BTS

I made a tiny friend today 😁🐝


Hospital Ship BTS 2

this is the most surreal joy i get to experience because after placing them in one team they fit every trope i ever love:

1. small wives that can pretty much wreck you even without their husbands help

2. giant husbands loom and glare deviously behind their small wives at anyone who dares hurt their precious flowers

3. both husbands are super strict and sometimes intimidating

4. the wives are literal sunshines who are one of the very few who could make the husbands swoon and smile the purest smile everyone has ever seen

5. both sakura and nowi are pretty much the perfect cure of marxs and freds stress

6. the husbands are in their Special Outfit and the wives arent

7. sakura frets over marx if hes ever hurt and is great at healing; fred frets over nowi if shes ever hurt and is great at first aid

8. one minute marx and fred look so stern and scary. the next minute they are blushing like teenage highschool boys when sakura holds marxs hand and nowi holds freds.

9. sakura got to learn something new and surprising about marx; she learns that marx was a very shy boy and still has stage fight sometimes too. nowi learns that frederick is super hardworking eventho his hard work is often gone completely unnoticed and yet sadly he doesnt mind.

10. both sakura and nowi had first bad impressions of marx and fred before they talked

11. their impressions of them changed when they learned more about them

12. (technically) both husbands have a horse

13. marx and fred are surely the type of passionate men who pamper and spoil their beloved

14. nowi cant swim; marx cant swim

15. they make my heart flutter

Hey hey hey, loved Data as a teen, those big ol’ sleeves are so cute X3 Hope you keep drawing her and making even nicer characters! Have a wooonderful day friend-o!


aaaaaawwwwwwww…… She looks so friggin’ Cute! I wanna hug her so much >w<

Thank you so much for this adorable drawing Data! All the love! <3

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De-age Strain is super cute! What if de-age Strain and genderbend Strain got together? All of a sudden Munakata is a bitty girl, but still like fifty years old mentally. How would Scepter 4 treat her, especially Awashima and Fushimi? And what if it were Fushimi who got affected by the Strains instead, like how would Munakata treat her? Then the twin Strains have this great plan to have both Munakata and Fushimi both be little girls at the same time.

I’m just imagining tiny girl Munakata dressed in like a frilly cute version of Scepter 4’s uniform sitting on cushions at her desk and looking at everyone with the same keen gaze and going ‘oya’ at everything. It’s extremely weird for everyone because of course their first instinct upon seeing that Captain is now a tiny girl is to spoil her and buy her ribbons and cute things and instead Munakata politely declines and then her eyes shine as she spots this thick book talking about the history of Japanese law. Awashima would probably have trouble controlling herself a little because she is very fond of cute things and of course she wants to hug Captain but on the other hand this is her King and she needs to show restraint. Tiny female Munakata is also instantly attracted to Fushimi, who tries to be mean to her but of course he’s weak to small children and soon he’s giving her piggyback rides around the office with this completely flat resigned expression on his face. For extra fun say the de-age Strain is one whose powers just de-age your body but all your memories and such stay intact, just imagine Scepter 4 having a run in with Homra and tiny girl Munakata steps forward in his dress and pigtails and frills all ‘oh, Suoh, I see you are continuing to behave like barbarians.’ Mikoto just blinks at him and wonders who the brat is, Munakata laughs and states that despite his looks he is still able to face Mikoto as an equal. Meanwhile Kusanagi and Totsuka are both slowly realizing that the small cute girl in the Scepter 4 clothes is actually Munakata while Yata’s still confused and Fushimi’s facepalming.

Tiny girl Fushimi would be spoiled within an inch of her life, especially if she doesn’t have her memories and is just shy tiny Fushimi in a dress. Munakata of course is pretty much ready to adopt her, he commissions a hundred adorable blue dresses and has her come sit in his office and play with a tiny stuffed Munakuma. Awashima would be in super big sister mode, taking care of Fushimi and leading her around by the hand while all the other ladies of Scepter 4 coo over her. The alphabet boys all want to play with her too but Fushimi’s very quiet and gloomy and probably finds some of them to be too much, like she doesn’t like Doumyouji because he’s too loud. Tiny Fushimi who retains his memories would also be cute, like similar Homra run-in scenario Yata sees little girl Fushimi and assumes that Fushimi’s lost his memories, Yata’s all aw look at how cute Saruhiko is. That’s when adorable sweet little girl Fushimi sticks his hands under his skirt and pulls out a hundred knives, attacking with all the ferociousness of a small ribbon-bedecked pomeranian.

Both Munakata and Fushimi being affected, just imagine them as cute little friends. Munakata’s age is a little older than Fushimi’s so she takes it upon herself to be big sister to small shy Fushimi, probably trying to give Fushimi all kinds of advice and teach her new things. The squad dresses them up in matching clothes and takes pictures of them together, Munakata smiling sweetly and Fushimi looking all shy and nervous. Awashima finds them in the library at one point with Munakata reading to Fushimi from an advanced history textbook and being very interested in the political upheavals of feudal Japan, while Fushimi is somehow way too fixated on bloody battles. If they both keep their memories Fushimi is probably extra gloomy because Munakata is very keen on being a big sister anyway and wanting to hold Fushimi’s hand and bond over their predicament, while Fushimi would rather just go hide in his room and be miserable until the whole thing passes.

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Hello, I've told you before, but I have to tell you again: You're Voltron Family AU is amazing! One of my friends want's to ask you a question but they're too nervous to ask because they think you are so awesome(as do I)! so I hope you don't mind but I'm going to ask in their stead. Anyway, this was their question: What if Pidge came home with a platonic (male or female) friend but the whole family assumed that it was like when Hunk and Lance brought over Shay and Rax?

Thank you! And oh my gosh! Tell them no need to be nervous and just send away the Voltron Fam prompt XD

[The Voltron Family] To say Shiro was nervous was probably the understatement of the century because Shiro was fricking nervous his hands were sweating nonstop and he could hardly tie his fricking tie properly. 

The cause of Shiro’s anxiety was that his baby girl said she was bringing someone home to their monthly formal dinner and that could only mean one thing: Pidge’s special someone. And if Shiro was just being honest, he’d rather be Pidge’s special someone forever—she said so when she was 5 “Daddy Shiro will always be The One for me” and Shiro might have cried at that and now he was crying for a different reason. There was no way someone was going to take her baby girl away from him.

Keith: You’re practically producing your own private pool.
Shiro: *blinks repeatedly and stares at Keith* *gapes*
Keith: *rolls his eyes* Let me do that for you. *does Shiro’s tie*
Shiro: Keith… *looks awfully miserable*
Keith: Relax, will you? *gives him a peck on the lips* It’s not going to be the end of the world.
Shiro: It’s the end of my world though.
Keith: Stop being so dramatic.*snorts*  Sometimes I feel like you should’ve gone to Broadway instead of going to med school.
Shiro: Haha. Very funny. *makes a face*
Keith: Why, thank you. *smiles* I’ve been told I’m very funny a couple of times. So it’s no surprise really. *shrugs*
Shiro: Keith… *frowns*
Keith: *cups Shiro’s face* She’s no longer a baby girl, Shiro.
Shiro: She’s still my baby girl. *pouts*
Keith: *smiles in amusement* *kisses Shiro’s pout away* If you behave, I’ll give you a prize.
Shiro: *eyes widens* *blushes* Keith— *gasp*
Keith: I’ll bake you whatever you want. *chuckles*
Shiro: *deflates* Oh.
Keith: *squints suspiciously* What were you even thinking, you pervert?!
Shiro: *shock* I.. I was thinking you’d treat me to a… a m-movie!
Keith: *rolls eyes* Nice save, champ.

The doorbell rang and it was Keith who opened it. In front of him was a girl in a black cocktail dress. 

Girl: *eyes widens* *flushes* Oh my gosh. *containing herself* *clenches her hands in excitement* Y-you’re Pidge’s Daddy!
Keith: Y-yes, I am. Well, one of her daddies anyway.
Girl: *beams* You’re very very very handsome tonight, Mister Shirogane.
Keith: You look lovely and beautiful tonight…
Girl: Alice! 
Keith: *smiles* Alice. Why don’t you come inside?
Alice: Thank you! *enters* *looks at Keith* I’m actually excited for tonight. It’s the first time I’ve heard of formal dinners at home. Usually they’re done outside  in such fancy restaurants but looking at your house now, I can understand why you’d rather have it here. So when Pidge told me her family was having one soon—*gets distracted by a family portrait* Oh my gosh. *coos* Is this them when they were kiddies?
Keith: *chuckles* Yeah. They were such cuties, weren’t they?
Alice: *looks closely* *giggles* I am so blackmailing Pidge with this. Look at her! How precious is that?!
Keith: *smiles at Alice* *loves her energy* You’ll definitely get along with my husband. *chuckles* Which reminds me, I should introduce you to him. C’mon, he’s in the kitchen.
Alice: *takes Keith’s arm and let’s him lead her* Lead the way, Sir. *smiles*

Keith was shocked by the gesture of the younger girl but somehow found it endearing how comfy Alice was with him since usually people tend to have a hard time warming up to him. They enter the kitchen and Shiro was there trying to make everything look perfect.

Shiro: *spots them* Oh, hello. *eyes widens*
Alice: *beams* Hello! *looks at Shiro then back at Keith* You, sir, have such great taste in men. 
Keith: *chuckles* Oh gods. *shakes head in amusement*
Pidge: Alice? *enters* You’re already here?
Alice: *turns around and sees Pidge* Pidge! Look at you looking so cute in that tux! *hugs her tight*
Pidge: *giggles* Thanks, man. I should show you my room! 
Alice: Yes! Let’s go! *turns back to Shiro and Keith* It was so nice to meet you, Pidge’s Daddies! 
Pidge: *grabs Alice’s hand* If you’ll excuse us, I’ll have to show her my new project. Just call us when dinner’s ready, yeah? See yah! *waves and drags Alice away with her*

Once the two girls were gone…

Shiro: A girl. Pidge’s special someone is a girl. *shock* Oh my god.
Keith: *rolls eyes* She’s a lovely girl though.
Shiro: I lost to a girl. *looks at Keith* I lost Pidge’s affection to a girl, Keith.
Keith: You’ll get over it. *chuckles*

During dinner, something rings…

Alice: Sorry! *looks at her phone from her purse* It’s my boyfriend. *looks apologetic* I’m sorry if you’ll excuse me I have to answer this. He’s calling internationally and they’re rather pricey and if I don’t—-
Pidge: Just go, dude. *shakes her head in amusement* The sushi won’t go anywhere. If it makes you feel better, I’ll make sure Hunk doesn’t eat everything and save some for you.
Alice: You’re such a gem, Pidge. This is why you’re my best friend. *laughs* Alright. BRB. *waves at the family in the table* *leaves*
Shiro: *gapes* Best friend?
Pidge: *looks up* Yeah. Alice is my best friend. She’s really nerdy despite being such an extrovert and energetic. *looks at Shiro suspiciously* Why?
Lance: *giggles* Daddy Shiro might’ve thought Alice was your girlfriend!
Hunk: Oh my god. *laughs along* 
Pidge: Oh my god. Daddy Shiro! What the hell?
Shiro: What? You didn’t tell me you were bringing your friend!
Pidge: I did though! I said I’ll bring my friend. She’s really interested in our formal dinners. She likes playing dress up and would like to see me wearing something formal to take pictures of. Which she really did. *rolls eyes*
Shiro: How was I supposed to know about that? *defensive*
Pidge: I didn’t know we’re not allowed to bring friends. *pouts grumpily*
Shiro: No, sweetheart. Of course you are. *smiles apologetically*
Hunk: I think this is partially my fault because I brought Shay to meet the family. *looks at Shiro* I’m so so sorry, Dad.
Keith: *smiles* Then the Rax thing happened with Lance. I guess you can’t really say you blame your Daddy Shiro on this one, Pidge. 

When Alice came back and she saw the family laughing…

Alice: *smiles* What did I miss? I leave for a few minutes and you’re all having fun without me. *pouts* 
Shiro: *smiles at her genuinely* Why don’t you sit down Alice and I’ll go get Pidge’s baby pictures.
Alice: *eagerly sits back* oh my god. This is gonna be good. I have my camera ready for baby pigeon. *beams at Pidge* 
Pidge: *groans* *looks at Shiro* Daddy Shiro nooooooo…..

[Femslash February]: Style Swap

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i’ll finish these i swear, but probably in march xD time is an illusion

Day 11: Style Swap (Alyanette)

Words: 1560

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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It all started because of Marinette’s going theory about Alya’s fear of heels. 

“You never wear them!” Marinette cackled during lunch. “I’ve never seen you in a pair of heels once!”

“That doesn’t mean I’m afraid of them,” Alya sighed. “I just don’t like wearing them. They’re uncomfortable.”

“I was texting you pictures of those heels I wanted to buy online last night and you responded with a nauseated face emoji followed by the fearful face emoji,” Marinette announced, checking her old texts. “That sounds like fear and disgust to me.”

Adrien and Nino were huddled together overhearing the conversation. “Oh damn,” Nino whispered in awe. “Marinette pulled out receipts.”

“The plot thickens,” Adrien muttered. 

“Okay, that’s taken out of context,” Alya defended. “You’ll remember that I said that after you showed me an eight inch pair of heels and said, and I quote, ‘wouldn’t these look so cute on you?’”

“They still would.”

“They’re eight inch heels, babe.”

Adrien raised a hand. “I don’t know, Marinette’s got a pretty compelling argument, Alya. It’s just a matter of facts and evidence.”

“Gotta agree with Adrien,” Nino shrugged. “It’s fine, Alya. We’re all scared of something. Nothing to be ashamed of. Marinette’s just braver than all of us and wears heels almost every other day.”

Marinette sighed. “It’s a gift and a curse.”

Alya stared incredulously between the three of them. “Okay, you’re all crazy, and I hate all of you, and this is such a dumb conversation. I could totally wear heels if I wanted to.”

Nino snorted. “You think you have the guts to pull a Marinette? Girl glides in heels, she makes it look way too easy.”

“I can pull a Marinette,” Alya insisted.

“Wait!” Adrien exclaimed. “If Alya pulls a Marinette, then Marinette has to pull an Alya.”

Nino gasped dramatically with a shit eating grin on his face. “Are you suggesting a style swap?”

“I am most definitely suggesting a style swap.”

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*curiously approaches half transformed V* *cranes her neck to meet the taller woman's eyes* Stars... you look as galactic cool and beatiful as a meteor shower! *offers her a bright and cheerful smile* May i get a hug? You look so cute and huggable currently... not that you don't looked huggable before *due to her growing excitement, her eyes begin sparkling* *nevertheless awaits patiently Vs answer because she respects her boundaries*

V: just be careful, I have a few more angles on me now, I don’t want you to get poked  

(She couldn’t say no to that face)