her house was so big too with lots of rooms

my dad being on his summer break right now is super handy for me because I ran out of butter earlier today and all Edith wanted to eat was bread so I just called my dad and asked him if he could bring me butter and there he was! with butter!
and everything was alright in the world again.

I am so going to get Edith that barbie car tomorrow. or two. I haven’t decided yet. I mean truthfully, I’d like to bring all of them but I feel like I’d really be spoiling my child and later on in life she’s gonna expect five real cars on her 18th birthday and I’m not too keen on that thought. so just one. or two. for now. she can have the rest later.
and some furniture maybe…and stuff. I have a lot of barbie stuff. like A LOT.
I’m gonna turn our living room into one big barbie house.

when she’s older and catches on that all of these things are actually mine and they’re coming from her grandparents’ storage unit, she’s gonna be like “what else are you hiding in there?” and expect me to have everything she wants.

oh boy I am so happy I can’t get rid of anything and have therefore saved everything from my childhood. now I can enjoy them again! and no one will think it’s weird cause I’m doing it with my child :DDD

I Want to Go Back

ghoulinq submitted:

So, I was scrolling through your blog and I read the most recent submit titled “Go Back to Bed” . The reason this caught my attention and sent chills down my spine is because my mother had an eerily similar experience. She’s only talked about it once to my father and I happened to be eavesdropping.

Now we (my mother and I) used to go on vacations to Mexico every summer to visit family and friends, however soon it was just too expensive to keep doing it so we stopped.  But apparently something really freaked my mother out on our last trip there when I was about 7 or 8.

She told my father that we were at one of my aunts’ house and it was very late so she decided we should just spend the night there instead of taking a taxi so late at night. She said that I was complaining and upset and I kept saying that I wanted to go back to my other aunt’s house where we were originally going to stay the night. I remember this as well because this house freaked me out. It was big and old and the neighborhood it was in wasn’t the best. I liked my other aunt better too. So after a lot of pestering and complaining she said that she agreed to call a taxi and we’d go back. 

Now here’s where it gets strange. I was sitting in the living room, I know this as well because it’s one of the less creepy rooms in that house. My mother said she went to the guest room where we were going to sleep to fetch her purse and my backpack, but she stopped short when she saw me sitting on the bed. She told my dad that she was very unsettled because she’d just seen me in the living room, but thought maybe I’d gone in through the bathroom since it was shared by that room and another one as well. She said that she told me to go back to the living room and that I just smiled. She grabbed her purse and my backpack and told me to get off the bed so we could go. I (or whatever the hell that was) laughed. She told my dad that she was very scared at how I was acting so she told me to hurry up and that she’d be waiting in the living room and left the room quickly. When she was back in the living room there I was, sitting on the couch, waiting like how she’d left me. I know for a fact that I never left that couch, because I was grumpy and I just wanted to go back to my other auntie’s house. I don’t recall anything strange about that night personally, but I know my mom did sternly ask me if I was snooping around the house and I told her no because I never left the couch. She didn’t mention anything about what she saw to me, probably so as not to scare me. 

I don’t know if maybe it was from how tired we were and how late it was, and maybe my mom just imagined it in the dark house. But maybe it did happen, I don’t know. But seeing that someone else had an experience with this and how freaked my mother sounded is quite chilling. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Inimical answered: I probably should of mentioned it before- on the other story- but it was early morning and I didn’t even think! Anyway, there are a lot of occurrences like this, so yeah, its not too far out that your mum experienced something similar to the other story. These creepy doubles are usually known as doppelgangers! And not to creep anyone out further but they’re usually said to be an omen of bad luck or death. We have a page about other similar stories here.7/10 for scares! Thanks for sharing.

Say My Name (2/2)

TITLE:  Say My Name

CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: Part I / Part II (complete)

AUTHOR: i-wish-i-was-the-moon


GENRE: smut / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Being focused on her research and career has made Dr Watson a lonely and grumpy woman. What happens when her new colleague Professor Hiddleston, a cheery and handsome man, decides to befriend her?

RATING: Mature (explicit sexual content)

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: So it seems that my Professor!Tom is cute and cuddly, and is turning my OFC into a puddle. He’s sneaky that way. The bastard. Luckily, the Conda is less cuddly, so you’ll get your smut.

Previous part

Part II

I stood hesitantly at the door. I had never before participated in the staff parties, and now my first ever outing with colleagues was a pool party at the Dean’s house. Groaning inwardly I considered turning back and skipping the party. It was awkward enough to see my colleagues out of their teaching robes in a pub, and now I would be forced to watch them get drunk in swimming suits.

Just I was about to turn away and escape, the door was flung open and Professor Hiddleston stood there, beaming at me. He was wearing shorts and a short-sleeved button-down with a few too many buttons already undone.

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Update: Any Four Walls: Little Sister

Also on AO3


Little Sister

Rose squeezed her eyes shut and crossed her ankles, trying—and failing—to convince herself she didn’t really have to go to the bathroom. The room was dim, but not completely dark, and the soft sounds of people sleeping filled the air. They all sounded so warm, and comfortable, and like they didn’t have to pee. Lucky. Even Tyrra was sound asleep, curled up on her side, face half-buried in the fluffy turian pillow they’d brought from home.

When Rose began to inch toward the edge of the bed, Tyrra reached out a sleepy arm and tried to tuck her back close to her side, but Rose slipped away from her grasp. Without opening her eyes, Tyrra murmured, “Y’okay? Bad dream?”

“No,” Rose whispered. “Bathroom.”

“Want me to come?”

“Go back to sleep, Tyr.”

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With Gold

(Anonymous said:
Future Brittana, wedding? For a prompt.)

Right here, right now, Santana is regulating her breath. In through the nose on four, hold for seven, out through the mouth on eight. In, 2, 3, 4… Hold, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… and Out, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. And again… And again.

She’s been looking forward to this day since she was ten. Maybe eight. Oh, hell, five. They met when they were five. And they’ve been delaying this day for a few years now, just because they were swamped, and they wanted to finish school, and they wanted to get established, and they…

Brittany proposed on her birthday.

It wasn’t cute, or fancy, and the ring— she laughs a moment— came from the vending machine at the deli. They were just standing there waiting for their sandwiches, and Brittany turned around with this cheesy ring and murmured, “Santana, you and I are the awesomest people I know. Nobody else has it so good. Would you make it official and be my wife?”

Santana tears up now, as she had then, and now, as then, she nods. Yes. Of course. Always. 

Then there were all the ways they each wanted it different. Resolving differences wasn’t bad, it just took a lot of patience, cool heads, and time. And if they hadn’t decided to do the whole thing without her Dad’s money, it probably would have been a lot quicker and easier. All her life Santana had wanted a big-ass wedding with big-ass custom dresses and 200 guests, and a catered dinner, and…

“You know I’d love all that, too, right? But we don’t have that kind of money, Honey,” Brittany stated.

So they’re here, now, at the court house, with Quinn, and Rachel, and Kurt. And Mercedes. Sam and Blaine were missing, somehow. The parents were missing somehow. Santana certainly didn’t miss anybody else. But Brad was going to be playing at their reception this weekend. It makes her smile. Their potluck reception in the basement common room of their apartment. It all makes her laugh a little, because the trappings used to matter so much. The appearance of everything and everyone used to matter so much. Now it’s just… it’s just home, being home wherever she may be, so long as she is Brittany’s and Brittany is hers.

She’s been reciting these vows, or vows similar to these, since she knew they existed. This should be easy. She learns songs after once through. And all she has to do is listen to the words, feel the words, and say the words to the love of her life. It’s easy. But in this moment, here, now, she looks into Brittany’s eyes and is breathless. Her words dry up. In this moment, their joined hands become their language, saying, “I’m yours, proudly so.”

And then that moment flows past.

Santana vows herself to Brittany, and Brittany vows herself to Santana. It’s easy. And beyond expectation, a little magic happens. Something between them shifts. As if— all the rifts between them ever have never gone away, but now are filled, solidly and smoothly, with gold.