her hands were shaking

Slippery When Wet

Reid x Reader

“You had sex in the Museum of Modern Art ? Oh my gawd..” Penelope’s hands were clasped over her mouth and she was almost shaking with laughter.

You all were. What had started off as a nice meal cooked by JJ, had quickly escalated into a full on girls night in. You were all strewn about her living room, wine bottles in various places. You were lying on her couch, your feet placed in Emily’s lap and you were all discussing the various strange places you’d had sex.

You were tipsy, pleasantly on your way to being hammered and you were having a brilliant night in with your female colleagues. Garcia was sat in the arm chair with her legs slung up over the side and JJ was sprawled out on her floor, her head propped up on her arms and a half empty bottle of wine next to her. She’d taken to swigging directly from the bottle as she’d smashed her second wine glass an hour ago and you’d all berated her for wasting alcohol. You knew where your priorities were.

“Yep! I used to date one of the security guards when I was eighteen. He snuck us in after hours,” Emily told you, her face pink with laughter.

“God…” JJ said. “The most adventurous place me and Will do it is in the shower, he loves it in there.”

You giggled, “Spence loves it when we fuck in the shower too, although I’m always scared we’ll slip over.”

The three girls stopped laughing and all turned to look at you incredulously.

“Spence?” Emily asked.

Your eyes widened as you realised what you’d said.

“OUR Spencer?!?” JJ rearranged herself into an upright position, crossing her legs and leaning forward.

Oh fuck.

“Y/N? Really? You and Reid?”


JJ crawled across the floor and pulled out her handbag which was stashed at the side of her couch. Taking out her purse, she handed fifty dollars to Emily.

“Penelope, I believe you owe me fifty too?” Prentiss told Garcia.

“In a minute. I still…. Really?” She was leaning forward in her seat.

“You can’t say anything to the guys. Please. We’re not ready for people to know yet.”

“OH MY GOSH, IT’S TRUE!!” Garcia squealed and you caught JJ rolling her eyes and making the motion of covering her ears.

You took a big gulp of wine and nodded, readying yourself for the questions.

“When?” Penny demanded to know. “No no no wait.. I bet it was at Morgan’s party? Am I right, am I right?”

You shook your head. “We were together by then.”


Emily and JJ just looked amused, watching the exchange between you two. You gave them all a sheepish look.

“The time we went on that outward bounds team building thing? I remember you two lagging behind on the trails. Did something happen then. Wait… You two got back to camp a good thirty minutes after the rest of us. It was then wasn’t it… Oh I can see it now; you trip and Spencer reaches for you to stop your fall. You end up in a pile on the floor and stare into each others…. ”

“Pen, no. We were already together then too. Although something definitely happened in those woods.”

JJ interrupted her just before she was about to launch into another convoluted guess. “When exactly did it happen?”

“Erm…. You remember that case where I was really ill and Spencer ended up escorting me home and spent the weekend looking after me.”

“Hahahaha,” Emily laughed. “So you played a little bit of Doctor Reid and patient then.”

“Weeell not exactly. I was too ill. But that’s when we discovered that we both liked each other.”

“Girl, we could have told you that.” JJ sipped from her wine bottle, grinning at you.

“So wow… That was… ” Garcia thought back in her head, “Seven months ago.”


“What’s he like, you know, as a boyfriend?” JJ asked.


All three awwwwed in unison. You weren’t lying either, Spencer really was the best partner you’d had.

“Does anyone at work know?” Garcia wanted to know.

“Only Hotch. And that was because we felt he ought to. He’s fine with it as long as it doesn’t effect our work. Which so far, it hasn’t.”

There was a moments pause before Emily cleared her throat.

“I’m just gonna ask what those two are thinking. What’s he like in the sack?”

“I can’t tell you that!!”

“Yes you can.” They urged, almost as if they were a practiced chorus.

“No, I can’t!”

“You’ve gotta give us something here.” Garcia begged.

“Look, all I’ll say is that he’s definitely picked up a thing or two from all the things he’s read, and that he makes me extremely happy.”

Another trio of awwws.

“I never really imagined Spencer to be a shower sex kinda guy though,” Emily piped up.

“Oh he definitely is. I swear, the amount of times one of us has nearly slipped over.”

…Monday Morning…

The girls had promised not to say anything and you were trying to find the right time to tell Reid that you’d let it slip. You’d decided that when you were ready, you’d tell everyone together.

You were sitting across from each other around the circular table in the meeting room with Hotch, Derek and Rossi, waiting for the other three.

Strolling in with smirks on their faces, they handed Reid a wrapped package.

You looked at them curiously.

“A present? What did I do to deserve this?” He asked them excitedly, ripping it open at their urging.

“An anti slip shower mat? I don’t get it?” He looked at them confused.

You were going to kill them. All three of them, together.

“Y/N was telling us the other night how you sometimes have problems staying upright in the shower,” Emily told him as the other two tried to keep a straight face.


“I’m sorry…… I’m so sorry!!”

He started to chuckle as did the other men. Standing up, he quickly walked around the table and pulled you out of your chair, wrapping his arms around you.

“I kinda let it slip too, last weekend when we were at Rossi’s.”

“Thank God!” Derek exclaimed loudly. “I thought we were gonna have to pretend we didn’t know forever. You have no idea how hard this last week has been for me, wanting to make jokes at your twos expense. Although… The shower mat. I don’t get it?”

Penelope whispered something into his ear and he grinned, nodding approvingly.

“Slippery when wet, eh.”

Dirty, Pretty Things

Hey guys! I hope that everyone is having a supremely good day today! I’m sorta shy to post this because I’ve never written a sexy-time before, but I gave it a go lol. Basically, Tom and the reader go to the library and Tom gets a little frustrated by the book the reader picks out for him, and then, sexy-time ensues. I hope you like it!

Dirty, Pretty Things

He had lost her within the sea of words that had engulfed them both.

When Tom had first entered the grand library, the sight of so many shelves completely drenched in knowledge blew his eyes wide open. She, on the other hand, had immersed herself, diving in and out of shelves quickly, and coming out with towering stacks of novels. Tom watched, hands in his pockets, as she piled the literature as high as it could go without falling.

Grabbing her readings, he moved them to a secluded corner, where he sat down on the floor to wait for her to come back to him.

As she fluttered about, rushing in between sections and up and down staircases, her skin gave off a soft sheen of champagne that he knew came from her ridiculously expensive highlighter. The heels of her boots tapped anxiously across the floor. Sounding as though they were afraid they’d only be granted a set amount of time to wander through the library. The straps of the dress his girlfriend wore began to slip off her shoulders and she failed to fix them to their proper place again. When she bent down, Tom noticed that her position revealed a more than generous amount of her legs. He bit his lip and tried to ignore how alluringly endearing she looked.

Tom loved to watch her like this. She looked incredibly at home nestled inside the library’s massive selection of books. She wasn’t worried about other people, or how they could be perceiving her. Instead, her only focus was on choosing the best and most interesting novel to read.

After about forty minutes, she finally came back to him, carrying four more books in her hands.

“I picked some out for you to read as well,” she said, nestling decisively underneath his arm.

Due to the spot Tom had secured, she was sat directly next to the left corner of the wall with Tom cuddled into her right side. Tom beamed at her and pressed an open mouthed kiss to her lips. “What did you get for me darling?”

“Well, firstly, I grabbed you the first Harry Potter book because I think that it’s absolute insanity that you haven’t read it yet. Then, I grabbed Horns and The Shining, in case your in the mood for horror, but, if all else fails, maybe you could try Hidden Bodies or Dirty, Pretty Things?” She began to ramble on about why she had selected each novel and then stopped short. “Oh, shit, I should go back and bring you Fight Club, I really think that-.” Tom quickly wrapped an arm around her middle, securing her back down on the floor.

“No, no, I’m excited to read Dirty, Pretty Things. That’s the poetry book you’ve been off about with Kaylee, right? I want to read that one.” Tom watched her pull the thin, pink book out of the stack to hand to him.

She looked shy handing it over to him. As soon as his hands slid over the front cover, she quickly interjected, “you may not like it, but the words are just lovely and they make me,” she stopped short and shuddered.

Tom quirked a brow, “oh yeah? Better get started then.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead and rustled her hair.

Tom watched as she leaned forward and bit her lip, trying to decide what she wanted to read first. Eventually, she settled on A Tale For the Time Being and curled up against his chest.

Tom’s eyes skimmed over poem after poem, and he began to understand why she spoke so much about it, just not directly to him. The book was written about love, and carnal attraction and she was forever timorous.

The poetry in Dirty, Pretty Things was beginning to get to him, especially when he thought about her reading it. Michael Faudet’s words were dulcet and enticing, and Tom imagined whispering them softly into her ear, as he slipped his hands up her skirt.

Tom’s mind briefly wandered to her getting off on the words within the book and had to stop for a few seconds to recompose himself. He glanced down at her. The words on the page of her book seemed to leap and dance off the page, mocking him for being of more interest to her than he was. Shaking his head, he tried not to look at the uncovered, sweet smelling, perfumed, skin of her chest. Going back to his own book, he attempted to allow the book’s poetry to command his full attention once again.

The first poem Tom encountered as he flipped the page nearly killed him. He stopped breathing and read over the words three more times before letting out a shaker gasp.

The only words on the page were, “Put your hands on my knees, she said, and think of me as a book you’ve been dying to read.”

Tom looked from the poem to her, then again and again before he felt his jeans getting even tighter than they were before. This had to be a sign. Shit, they were in a library, surrounded by books, all alone in a dimly lit corner of the library. Not to mention, books and literature were her favorite things in the word. She had told him a while ago that the best compliment she’d ever received had been from slew of teachers who had all insisted that she had the best taste in books they’d seen in a long time. Michael Faudet’s words were taunting him.

“Baby,” he started, gently tilting her chin up to look at him. “I’m bored.”

She frowned, “do you not like the book because I can go and grab you another, or maybe-,” Tom cut her short by sliding a soft hand across her throats to sweep her hair off her shoulder.

“Let’s trade. You can read Dirty, Pretty Things out loud to me. I’m sleepy and I wanna listen to you read the poems.” Tom gently guided his book into her palms.

She flushed red and stuttered for a minute. “Tom, I can’t.

“Why not?” He countered.

“You’ve read it,” She muttered, looking away from him. “The words are libidinous.”

Tom brought her eyes back to his and licked his lips before he spoke. “I wanna hear you read them darling.” He moved to kiss the spot just below her lips. Tom dared lower and lower, tangling his hands in her hair as he went. When he reached her collarbones, she finally snapped.

Letting out an airy sigh, she gasped out, “fine Tom.”

He smirked and placed a final kill on the base of her throat and corrected his posture so that he was sitting with his arms protectively circling her frame.

She moved to flip to the next page when Tom interrupted her. “Do you mind reading from the beginning? I wanna hear it all in your voice.”

Narrowing her eyes, she flipped back to the first page and began to read. As she read through the first few poems, Tom’s hands began to totter.

First, he slipped them up and down her arms, feigning an effort to keep her warm. Then, he began to give her small kisses on the forehead, cheek, neck and hand. She looked at him, slightly confused as to why he’d ask her to read out loud if he wasn’t going to pay attention.

Nevertheless, she kept reading.

As she flipped the page, her breathing was cut short. Tom knew exactly which poem she’d stumbled across. “Sweetheart, do you want to play a game?” Tom asked her, his voice rough and low in her ear.

She blinked up at him, her cheeks flushed cherry red as she managed to stutter out a few syllables.

“How about I tell you the rules first?” He paused briefly, and then began to talk. “The book you’ve chosen for me has actually proven itself to be quite the naughty thing and I think that you gave it to me on purpose. Since you like to play so many little games instead of just telling me directly what you want, I think that maybe I’ll give games a go too.” Tom stopped to look at her again. Her pupils had consumed the typical color of her eyes and her hands were slightly shaking. Taking them within his own, he kissed the backs of both of her hands.

“If you’ll allow me, I’d very much like to reenact that poem. You are the book that I’ve been dying to read.”

Her eyes shut and she bit her lip to contain the moan threatening to slip past.

“Here’s the catch though, I still want you to read to me. If you stop reading out loud, I’ll stop what I’m doing and you wouldn’t want that, would you?” Tom peppered her neck with open mouthed kisses.

She nodded her head, eyes still shut tight.

“No, darling, I need verbal consent, just to be sure.” Tom continued his assault on her neck.

Her eyes finally snapped open and she rolled her head around to look directly into Tom’s eyes. “Please.” She whispered.

With that, Tom smirked and lifted the hem of her dress and slipped his hand further up her thighs.

Her voice shook, “the kind of love letter I write are the ones you read in bed, stretched out beneath the sheets with one hand between your legs.”

Tom pressed his mouth to her and she convulsed against his lips, gasping out the words to the next line.

Voice-Over (Miniminter x Reader)

Request: Hi! Can you do a Simon imagine where y/n is a beauty youtuber or something like that and he does her voiceover for a video please!

A/N: I don’t really watch makeup videos so I’m sorry it took so long and if it’s not super accurate

Originally posted by ultsdmn

(Y/n) spun lazily in her chair as she scrolled through her contacts looking for one of her YouTuber guy friends that would be up at this hour. She was supposed to have this video out yesterday but there was a problem with the audio when she tried to record with her microphone.

“Hey, Simon?” (Y/n) asked, putting the phone up to her ear.

“Hey, (y/n). What’s up? And why are you up? It’s 4 in the morning.”

“Could ask the same to you, but I was wondering if you could help me with a video really quick.”

“How can I help? I know nothing about makeup.”

“That’s kinda the point.” (Y/n) said laughing. She could hear Simon sighing and rubbing his face. “You don’t have to put makeup on anyone. Don’t worry.”

“Thank God.”

“I’m able to come over right?”



(Y/n) pulled her phone out of her pocket as she pulled into Simon’s driveway. She parked behind Vik’s car and texted Simon that she was there. (Y/n) shut the car door and made her way up the front walk. If she was quiet enough and really listened for it, she could hear some of Simon’s friends recording and yelling over games and pack openings. She cradled her laptop in her arms as the door opened, engulfing her in warmth. She forgot how nervous she got around Simon in person…

“Hey.” Simon said stepping aside and gesturing his arm for her to come inside. “What can I help you with?”

“Okay so my microphone isn’t working and I need to do a voiceover for a video I was supposed to have out yesterday. But-”
“Why didn’t you call me sooner?”

“I thought you’d be busy!”

“Busy doing what? I can make time for you.”

“Stop it! I want you to do the voiceover though. That’s the thing.” (Y/n) said trying to change the subject quickly. Her hands were shaking.

“Oh God. I said I don’t know anything about makeup!” Simon said slouching slightly as he began walking towards the stairs.

“I know! But it’s kind of a thing on YouTube right now for beauty vloggers to have their boyfr - guy friends - do voice overs for their videos.” (Y/n) said catching herself suddenly as she followed Simon to his room. He laughed slightly.

“You were going to say boyfriend.”

“I mean that’s what it usually is. I just don’t- yeah. You know what? Let’s just drop it.” (Y/n) said feeling sudden dejection.

“Sorry,” Simon said sitting down in his chair, reaching out his hand for (y/n)’s laptop. “So I just need to get this straight before I do it. You want me to watch the video and narrate what I think is going on even if I have no real idea?”


“Great casting choice. Let me tell you.” Simon said before taking a drink of water and pressing record. (Y/n) sat down on the edge of Simon’s bed, trying not to laugh at the mocking voice he was using.


Simon pressed the stop button and turned around with a bewildered face. “You look like you just fought in a war.” (Y/n) said laughing.

“I did! How do you do that? It looks so complicated!”

“It’s really not. It just takes practice.”

“What do you want me to do with the audio file?” Simon said breathlessly.

“Can you just email it to me? I gotta edit it and schedule it and that stuff.”
“I gottcha.” Simon said typing on his computer before (y/n) stood up to take her laptop and leave, “Y-you know you can stay. If-if you want.”


“You can stay here.”

“Like for the night or until I finish editing?” (Y/n) asked hesitantly.


“Are you sure?”


(Y/n) was still editing and running through the video even after Simon had gotten into bed. He watched from beside her as she clicked around the screen making sure the audio was synced up before she exported the video, set the thumbnail, and gave the title and description.
She was in the midst of typing ‘Day to Night Look | Miniminter Does My Voiceover’ when Simon interrupted her.

“Wait. Change that.”

“Change what?”

“Instead of miniminter.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing. It’s just that if you want to change it to boyfriend, I wouldn’t complain.”

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How often do you think Emily gets caught up in Tracer's hero shenanigans on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "Hears stories when Lena gets home" and 10 being "Has been the payload at least 3 times"

Tracer was so deep behind enemy lines that her hands were shaking. Her eyes darted around, looking for potential escape routes and trying to map how she’d get to them, but she was in so deep that there may not be the opportunity for that. She couldn’t leave now, though, no way. She’d come this far. She’d be able to catch Talon as they left their hideout and at least delay them from reaching the objective long enough for Overwatch to prevail! 

Crouched behind a pillar, waiting, she could hear her own pulse her ear. Each breath as it left her lungs, the soft almost inaudible whir of her Chronal Acce—

SOMETHING BUZZED INSIDE HER POCKET AND NEARLY SCARED THE BLOODY LIFE OUT OF HER. Oh, no, She’d completely forgotten to turn her phone off vibrate! She very nearly just reached into her pocket and flicked the ‘silent’ switch… except it seemed a bit odd that someone would be calling her. Overwatch usually used comms… unless, of course, comms were breached…

Whoa, maybe that was it! She hoped comms hadn’t been breached! 

Just to be on the safe side, she fished her phone out of her pocket and very, very quietly answered it, eyes still trained on Talon’s door.

“Hi,” said a very familiar voice, far more dryly than usual. “Remember me? It’s your girlfriend.”

What on— “Emily?!” She almost forgot to be quiet.

“Mmm-hmm.” Emily did not sound happy.

“Why are you—? Look. Um, of course I love you and all that, but I’m little busy right now, because Talon will probably—”

“I’m a little busy right now, too. I’ve been sitting on this slowly moving car for what feels like two or three years now, which is a little longer than ‘just minding it for a sec’, or whatever you said before you shot off. Anyway, the driver and I made friends and we’re going for coffee afterwards. You can come if you want.” She paused, her voice bone dry. “You know, if you’re not allergic to coming within 10 feet of the actual object you’ve been contracted to protect.”

You’re the Hero

Originally posted by dailytomholland

Title: You are te Hero Peter Parker x, reader

Summary: Spiderman gets in a little bit of trouble, and he just doesn’t know if he was going to survive, until someone steps in. 

Just a cute little imagine for you (Just kidding it isn’t little it's’ almost 3000 words I am so sorry I need to need to be stopped) Anyways I hope you like it and omg Tom Holland stop being so cute. Anyways I hope you enjoy!

Peter woke up with the worst headache in the world and had no idea where he was waking up too. The city sirens rang in the background and the cool lights shined and blinded his vision. He groaned and tried to get up, but a sharp pain stopped him in the stomach. It wasn’t until he felt his whole body ache did he notice that there was a pair of cold, delicate hands hovering over his stomach did he notice that someone else was with him. He tried to get up from the floor, but the hands laid a wet tissue that stung his cuts.

“Oh, what are you doing to me?” Peter complained as he fully came through. He looked at the kind face that tended to his wounds. He noticed that his costume shirt was off, mainly to tend to the wounds on his stomach, but it seems his savior has kept on his face mask. The lady looked up at him and smiled. She looked about the same age as Peter, but she had the kindest and most playful eyes he has ever witnessed. “Looks like Spiderman has gotten in a big boy fight, hasn’t he?” The girl teased as she took out a large bandage for one of the scrapes on his body. Peter smirked under the mask.

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Could you do some headcanons about Jily's kisses?

The first time James kisses Lily is coincidentally the first time they hug as well. She’s pressed against him, tears soaking into his robes and a letter from Petunia crumpled in her fist. Her head sits just below his chin and it just seems natural to tilt his head and place a kiss to the top of her head. He swears that between sobs she doesn’t even notice (she does).

The first time Lily kisses James is so quick, and natural, that sometimes he isn’t sure it even happened. She had left her scarf in charms, and he chased her all the way to potions to give it back. He caught her just before she entered the classroom, and all it took was a simple ‘thanks’ and a peck on his cheek to leave James standing in the dungeons for 20 minutes after Lily had disappeared into Slughorn’s class. He got detention for being late to muggle studies (so worth it).

The first time Lily and James kiss each other it’s sweet, romantic and everything they’d both been thinking about (it was also awkward with knocking of teeth, lots of apologies, and Lily’s hair got tangled in James’ glasses). What began as two friends drinking butterbeer in Hogsmeade ended with hands clasped under tables and the sharing of scarves (and Sirius’ fake gagging in the background). It was the beginning of a lot of kisses. Kisses in the dark, kisses between classes, forehead kisses, joking kisses, kisses through tears, kisses through laughter.

The last time Lily and James kiss they don’t realise it’s the last. It’s a quiet moment, Harry is asleep in James’ arms and Lily pulls them both close. A gentle kiss on Harry’s forehead and another on James’ lips. Maybe it wasn’t the most romantic, or the most dramatic, but it may have been their most important kiss. A kiss that James remembered when he stood, wandless, in front of a man who wanted to kill his family. A kiss that Lily remembered when her hands were shaking and her legs were weak as she ran, Harry pressed tight against her. The last kiss shared between the three reluctant heroes of the wizarding world.

taking headcanon requests


Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader
Warning(s): Abuse (father abuses reader)
Requested: Yes (Draco x reader. Draco goes to surprise his girlfriend over the summer. But when she opens the door and Draco can see the bruises she’s trying to hide)

“Draco, now’s really not the best time.” his girlfriend mumbled. Her eyes flashed with fear and Draco frowned, eyebrows furrowing in surprise. He had come to see her after not hearing from her for weeks, but now she was shutting him out and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t offended and hurt.

“Babe, I just—”

“Not now.” she hissed as she pulled her sleeves over her arms. Draco barely even got a look at her appearance before Y/N glanced over her shoulder into her house and gasped quietly. She started pushing Draco’s body out of her doorway. “You need to go. Now.”

“Y/N,” a voice boomed from behind her. A tall shape filled the hallway. Draco apparated to a point just outside the two’s line of sight on the wall of her house and waited. “Did you finish taking out the trash? You stupid git! What’s taking so long? If only your mother were—”

“Please. I-I’m sorry, dad. It won’t happen again. I’m finished now.” she replied just loud enough for Draco to hear. Her voice wavered as she spoke.

"It better not happen again. Now get inside. You have chores to do before you go off to that school and I get to pretend you don’t exist.” her father growled, his hands grasping Y/N’s arms roughly as she shoved her away from the doorway. Draco heard a whimper of pain and that was it.

"Unhand her.” he bit out, wand drawn and pointed at the man. Y/N’s father tossed Y/N’s body aside as he stepped closer to Draco.

"Y/N, who is this?” he yelled.

"Hey, watch how you talk to my girlfriend!” Draco gritted his teeth and pointed his wand higher. “Speak to her or treat her like that again and I’ll make sure you regret it.” he threatened.

"This is your boyfriend?” Y/N’s father laughed. “You pathetic excuse of a girl.” He turned to pick up Y/N again, and she cowled in fear.

"Stupefy!” Draco yelled, and suddenly Y/N'a father froze, falling to the floor beside her. She screamed, tears starting to slide down her cheeks. Draco rushed over to Y/N and held her face in his hands. “You’re alright now, you’re safe. C'mon, we’re getting your trunk and you’re staying with me. You’re never coming back here again.”

She nodded slowly, tears still slipping down her cheeks. The pair walked upstairs in her tiny house to find Y/N’s school things. Draco looked around as they walked. The house was bare and empty, completely dark. Y/N’s trunk was against her bedroom wall, untouched from when she had gotten home that summer. The lid was padlocked shut. Y/N turned to face Draco before speaking again.

"This is it. All my things are in here. Even my wand and broomstick.” she mumbled. Draco took her hand. She flinched slightly and he sighed.

"Hold on to me and the trunk tightly. Don’t let go.” He apparated them and the trunk to his home and into his room quickly, the two worlds blending into just his.

"Y/N,” Draco started as he sat her down on his bed and really got a look at her. Her eyes had dark circles under them from her lack of sleep, her skin was pale, and her hands were shaking. He noticed the dark bruises on her arms and gently held her hands in his. “Why didn’t you tell me? I could have—I could have gotten you out of there sooner. You didn’t have to suffer.”

"I didn’t want to burden you.” she whispered.

"Darling,” Draco pulled her sleeves higher so he could see the true colors of her bruised skin and placed light kisses on each one, “you could never be a burden to me. I love you.”

"Thank you.” Y/N murmured once she finally met Draco’s eyes again. His grey eyes stared into her Y/E/C ones and she smiled softly, pressing a light kiss to his cheek. He blushed and stood up.

"It’s no problem. Now, let’s see if I still have some of that bruise paste from my kit.”

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Painted Hearts (1)

part one; part two; part three; part four;

You watched Yuri in the mirror nervously nibbling on her bottom lip while you wrapped her luscious chocolatey locks around a hot wand to form soft perfect curls. All morning she had been a bundle of nerves for this dinner and despite your best efforts to calm her down, her hands were still shaking. “Yuri, you need to relax,” you told her quietly, scooping another inch of hair up and wrapping it around the curler.

“That’s easy for you to say,” Yuri scoffed, rolling her eyes at you. “I’m about ten minutes away from having a nervous breakdown!” Her hands gripped each other tightly in her lap, the colour completely drained.

Unravelling her curl, you arranged it to frame her flawless face, dropping your hand to her arm and squeezing it reassuringly. “I’m sure the two men your mother has chosen are going to be amazing,” you said unconvincingly.

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You Belong With Me

Originally posted by perryskeet

A/N: AND SHE RETURNS!!! Hello, it only took me eight years but here I am, with something new, especially for @thatsadbreakfastclub and our mutual love of Reggie. Its not perfect but it’s s o m e t h i n g (hopefully it’s not eight more years until the next one)

Summary: Walking alone in Riverdale can be dangerous, especially at night when well-meaning football players are lurking. (Andrews!Reader)

Word Count: 2,133

Warnings: N o n e, ‘cept some mild fear at the beginning 

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Originally posted by sethkates

Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) and Clay had an intention to finish their project. Would they be successful on doing it?

Word count: 1.270

Posted: 21st of April 2017

A/N: I am so overwhelmed for the feedbacks I am receiving for my previous imagines with Clay and I would like to thank you for the support.
I love you as much as I love this cinnamon roll and I am so inspired to write 13 reasons why imagines.
Thank you for everything guys and I love you all.

P.S.: My requests for 13 reasons why are OPEN!

- G. x

Warning: (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Colour.

It has been a long and tiring day at school and to top it, you still had some projects to finish with your project buddy and best friend, Clay Jensen.

“Are you tired?” Clay worriedly asked you after he saw you yawning for the hundredth time now. “We can do it some other day, if you want. The due of the project is two weeks from now.”

“No,” You smiled at him as he was so caring and thoughtful. “it’s fine, Clay.”

“Are you sure?” He assured as he parked your bike beside his.

“I am sure, Clay!” You playfully slapped him with your black binders and you rolled your eyes as he was starting to annoy you.

“Alright, alright.” He huffed as he gave up on reassuring you. He then looked at you, pretending to be annoyed because of your actions. “Fine then.”

“Finally,” You were relieved when you both headed to his house’s doorstep. “thank God.”

“What? Finally, we are home or finally, I stopped annoying you?” He raised an eyebrow as he opened the door with his keys.

“Both!” You honestly answered and you both entered the Jensen’s home laughing and guffawing, as if something was really funny about it.

“It seems like you are both happy.” You heard a sweet voice coming from the living room.

“At least, you are honest.” He winked at you but quickly turned his head to the living room as he saw his Mum staring at him. “Oh mum, don’t you have any work for today?”

“I wanted to bring these stuffs at home.” She waved some papers that were in her hands and you noticed Clay shaking his head. You then carefully looked around the house. It was clean and perfectly in order. “(Y/N)?”

“Oh, yup!” Clay smiled a little bit and he pulled you to enter the living room with him. You hated him at that moment since you were somehow shy, of course, but you quickly felt comfortable and at home when you saw his mother smiling.

“Lainie!” You smiled at her and she smiled back at you. You met Clay’s mother during the parents’ meeting at your school. “How are you?”

“I’m stressed for works and for my rebellious son right here.” She pointed at the messy piles of papers on her desk and then at Clay. You just laughed as you saw Clay pouting.

“I can imagine.” You nodded, agreeing for what she has just said. “Clay’s been stressing me too.”

“What?!” Clay looked at you and he pretended to be offended for what you have just confessed. His mum laughed and you flashed him an apologetic smile as he rolled his eyes in response.

“Mum, we’re finishing our assigned project in my room.” Clay then said, turning serious as he changed the topic.

“Sure.” Lainie smiled and you flashed her a sweet smile, before you headed to the stairs with Clay. “(Y/N), does it bother you having dinner with us?”

“Of course not, I would voluntarily join you.” You kindly said and you noticed Clay smiling widely while he stood beside you. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you.” Lainie sympathetically answered and Clay started going upstairs. “Clay?”

“Mum?” He suddenly stopped in the middle of the stair and you almost bumped him.

“Leave your room’s door open.” You giggled at hearing his mum’s reminder.

“Oh my God, Mum!” Clay whined and it made you laugh even more. He continued going upstairs and he led you to his room, leaving the door open like what his mother has reminded him. “Idiot, you are having so much fun here, eh?”

“Oh, shut up Jensen!” You flashed him a death glare as you carelessly plopped your things on his desk. “Shall we start?” Your gaze softened and he flashed you his flat smile, nodding.

“Yup.” He shortly answered and he started to get the materials that you needed to conclude your project.

You both spent the time doing your project, but it didn’t mean that you were serious and deadpan. He kept on doing silly things to make you laugh and to keep you awake. Clay Jensen – that adorable and dorky man that you’ve always liked because he was himself whenever you were with him. Who wouldn’t love him? Everybody would.

“Clay, you are an idiot!” You exclaimed when he poked fun of himself.

“It’s true that you considered me as a nerd when you first met me. Don’t lie.” He ranted as he was trying to cut a piece of paper for the almost finished project.

“It’s not true!” You lied through your teeth. He was right, you really considered him as one of those nerds, one of those good-looking nerds.

“I would kiss you so you would shut your mouth up!” Clay blurted out and your eyes both grew wide. You looked at him putting his scissors and paper down on the floor and he looked straight into your (Y/E/C) orbs.

“Clay?” You stopped yourself from doing anything and you stared at Clay as he bit his red bottom lip. He was shocked too, but he perfectly knew that he couldn’t take his words back anymore.

He created an awkward pace between the two of you, but then you suddenly found yourself closing your eyes and leaning forward, maybe copying Clay’s actions too.

A little moment later, you felt two soft lips on yours and you both slowly deepened the kiss, him constantly pulling your body closer to him. He caressed your cheek as he lingered the taste that your lips allowed and you had your arms wrapped around his neck. You felt some sort of sparks and nervousness, even though you imagined this scene in your head for uncountable times now.

He was about to close the door, but you both heard some footsteps and you suddenly broke the kiss, both scared to be caught.

“Guys, dinner is ready.” You both looked where the deep voice came from and you both nodded, still astonished for the happening between the two of you. Matt, Clay’s father, had a smirk on his face before going back downstairs and you wondered if he saw everything.

“C’mon?” You nodded as your thoughts faded away and you both followed his father.  “That was perfect.” You flashed him an embarrassed but happy smile.

“It was.” You agreed as you both entered the dining room. You could bet that you saw Clay blushing and smiling widely, you couldn’t be wrong with that.

When you entered the room, you saw his parents smiling widely and you both got into your places, so you could start having your dinner.

“How’s your project going on?” Lainie has asked with a bright smile on her face. You looked at Clay, giving him the cue that it was his turn to answer.

“Fine, it’s almost finished.” Clay has said as he tried to chew his food slowly.

“Oh, project?” Matt has asked and you noticed Clay widened his eyes. “Your project consists of kissing and cuddling?”

“Dad!” Clay protested and you both became crimson red in your face and you felt a burning sensation in your whole body. You were embarrassed and dumbfounded.

“Congrats!” His parents said in unison and they both laughed as they saw your reaction. Clay then caressed your hand under the table to calm you down and you both laughed together with his parents.

“Another reason why my door should be shut.” Clay jokingly said. “Always.”

“You have a point in there, buddy!” His father agreed and you all laughed as you felt more relaxed, welcomed and snugged as a bug in a rug.

anonymous asked:

can you please do a fic of elide and lorcan arguing infront of the entire court with everyone watching????? PLEASE?!

A misunderstanding leads to an argument and eventually a blushing/happy ending! 

A few silky strands of black starless night hair fell from Elide’s coiled bun as she briskly walked through the castle halls. Her gait uneven as her ankle twinged in pain, but she paid no attention to it. Just like she ignored the pounding steps that could be heard toward the castle’s entryway.

“Elide!” The walls shook at the deep sound of the male’s furious tone.

Her steps did not falter, but her heart did.

No. Do not feel guilty.

She stepped into the throne room hoping to use it as a shortcut to her guest room during her time Ornyth. A locked door wouldn’t stop him, but maybe he would reconsider and calm himself before approaching her.

“ELIDE!” Lorcan’s voice boomed. Much closer than Elide expected.

“What the hell is going?” Aelin drawled from her throne. Her calm demeanor made Elide walk faster toward her Queen. Rowan looked between Elide and the door she had just walked through.

Lysandra stood nearby with Aedion at her side. Both with varying looks of confusion until their nostrils flared. Lysandra’s eyes narrowed and glowed with the hint of her snow leopard form prowling underneath.

Rowan and Aedion eyes trained on something behind Elide. Their stances were rigid in anticipation at whatever storm had just entered the room.

Elide didn’t have to turn around to know who stood behind her. She could feel his dark presence wrapping around her body like a cloak.

“Elide,” Lorcan growled. His voice barely understandable.

“Not now Lorcan,” Elide said sharply. She was not about to have this conversation in front of Aelin’s Court.

“When? After you lock yourself in your room and refuse to see me?” Lorcan moved to stand in front of Elide. Blocking her path to the set of doors that would lead her to the guest rooms.

“Well at least that would give you plenty to take Essar back to your room then wouldn’t it?” Elide replied with a glare.

“Essar is here?” Rowan raised a brow at Aelin who shrugged one shoulder. They were expecting the fae female for some time now. Apparently Elide was never notified that Essar was a previous lover of Lorcan’s. Aelin almost pitied the male if it wasn’t for the fact that Elide’s statement made her question that pity.

“Essar and I are nothing,” Lorcan said. His long dark hair fell over his equally dark eyes. “There was never any love between us. Perhaps one-sided affection from her, but that quickly diminished.”

“Then explain to me exactly what I overheard in the market today,” Elide bit out. “In fact I’m sure other witnesses would wonder why my mate had agreed to meet some other woman in his room later!”

Aelin and the others blinked in surprise. Both that the Elide’s statement and her furious tone that would have brought lesser men quaking in their boots.

Except Lorcan was not just any man. He was a fae male hardened by centuries of gory battles. He simply narrowed his eyes at the shorter female fuming before him.

“Perhaps if you would listen then I can explain-”

“Oh this out to be good,” Lysandra murmured to Aedion.

Lorcan shot the female shifter a glare before returning his attention back to Elide. “I am not meeting Essar for…intimate relations.”

Elide rolled her eyes. “No need to act innocent with your words Lorcan. We both know your experience with woman,” she turned her head away to glare at the grey stonewalls covered in Terrasen banners. “I just thought you only devoted yourself to one woman at a time,” Elide finished despondently. Wondering if their bond as mates wasn’t a good enough reason for Lorcan. Or if Elide was lacking in some way.

Lorcan snarled. His canines showed clearly with his next words. “You’re right,” his words lashed out even though a part of his mind urged him to stop. Hellas reached to leash in Lorcan’s rage as he sensed Elide’s anger and self-doubt. But if Elide wanted brutal honesty then Lorcan would channel it with his words. “I’ve bedded too many women to count and only saw them for what they could offered inside a bedroom.”

“Then what’s stopping you now!” Elide choked back tears. “It’s not like you haven’t crushed my heart before so why stop now?”

Lorcan winced.  Elide bit her bottom lip. Wishing too late that she hadn’t brought up his betrayal that happened years ago on beach that still brought back horrid memories. Elide could still remember her tear’s falling to the sand as Aelin’s blood dripped down her back from whip lashings.

The throne room was silent. Aelin and the others stood watching what would happen next.

Lorcan went deathly still. His onyx eyes dulled in the memory that Elide dredged up from his past. A decision he made that he’s regretted each day since.

Elide watched Lorcan carefully. She saw the pain of his actions flicker in eyes like a glint of a blade. Opening a wound that hadn’t healed and probably never would.

Her hand clenched into a small fist. Shaking from her emotions that were suffocating her. A slight nudge, perhaps from Anneith or the bond she shared between Lorcan, made Elide slowly reach out. Her shaking fingers grazed his scarred dark hand intending to grasp it. To apologize for letting her anger and sadness get the better of her. By inflicting a barbed statement that cut him to the core.

Such a pathetic little girl. Vernon’s vile voice crept into her mind. You couldn’t save Kaltain nor could you stop your Queen from being whisked away by Maeve. And now your mate seeks the bed of another. You are worthless to them Elide-

“Don’t,” Lorcan’s command halted Elide’s thoughts with frightening severity. He had only said the words to seize the negative thoughts that plagued her mind. But Elide didn’t know that. She thought he didn’t want her touching him.

Her fingers fell from his. The loss of that brief warmth severed something inside Elide. She barely held back the hot tears threatening to stream down her face.

Lorcan wondered how this woman before him could utterly have him at her mercy in a single word. How those tears in her eyes could break him more than a hundred years worth of bloody battles.

He could feel her retreating. The bond confirming his suspicions as he felt a wall being drawn up between them. But he heard her thoughts clearly as if she had spoken them. Her bastard of an uncle tainting her mind with false whispers even though he had long since died by the hand of Lorcan’s merciless hatchet.

Elide’s breath hitched as she turned to leave him as tears finally fell.

“Don’t,” Lorcan repeated. His arm grabbed her elbow and he could tell the others in the room tensed.

She looked up at him with a harsh face with wet trails down her cheeks. “Take your hand off me.” The words were quiet, yet deafening in Lorcan’s ears.

He had always given her space when requested. Knew that there were boundaries not to be crossed. But this moment Lorcan broke that unspoken rule between them.

His mouth tightened as his hand gradually drifted down to take her hand – her fingers dwarfed in his.

“Do not think for one second,” Lorcan began. “That you are pathetic or worthless.”

Elide stilled. Her heartbeat fluttering rapidly in her chest like a hummingbird’s wings. She did not respond to Lorcan’s words.

Lorcan leaned down. His dark hair brushed against her as his forehead rested gently against hers.

“Elide Lochan, Lady of Perranth, you have faced monsters that even the strongest fae warriors would cower at,” Lorcan said. His breath mingling with Elide’s. “You’ve dedicated yourself to assisting your Queen and friends even at the risk of your own life countless of times. You were significant and vital to Terrasen’s growth after years of agony.”

Lorcan paused. Waiting until Elide looked up at him with tired eyes glimmering in hope. “You are invaluable. Precious. And I love you more than anything in this world or the next.”

Elide blinked. “But…Essar-”

“Is in the past like the other women who agreed for simple sex. Nothing more.” Lorcan said. “But Elide…you’re my salvation. A future I can only hope to prove each day that I’m worthy of you.”

“Then why is she coming to your room?” Elide’s free hand fisted into the fabric above her heart. Wishing to push back the pain that pounded with each beat 

“Because I have unfinished documents in my room that I need to give her, but someone,” Lorcan set a seething glare at Rowan. “Never signed his signature which is why Essar now has to come here since the signatures need to be conducted in a magically sealed room.”

“He is right,” Rowan interjected. “Since Lorcan and I are signing off on the treaties between Wendlyn cities and Terresan we figured it would be best to do so in an room without threat of intrusion or magic seeping in. We concluded that by using Lorcan’s room he could ward the room while Essar and I finished signing the last papers.”

“So Lorcan’s purpose in this treaty is for his magical shields?” Aedion pondered.

“We would have used the main room or even mine and Rowan’s room,” Aelin said. “But Lorcan balked at the idea saying that the room would probably smell of-”

“There is no need to say it!” Lorcan interrupted with a slight blush on his dark cheeks. “We know how often you and Rowan spend in that room. And we all know you are not just sleeping in there.”

 Aelin grinned with a teasing glint in her eye.

 “What’s wrong Lorcan. Surely you aren’t embarrassed to be in a room where Rowan and I spend hours fu-”

 “Aunt Aelin!” Evangeline bounded into the throne room with a stumbling maid trailing after her.

 “I’m sorry my Queen, but miss Evangeline insisted on seeing you and the others,” the maid gasped before Aelin dismissed her with a brief nod.

 Lorcan thanked the gods for Evangeline’s interruption. But the knowing look in Elide’s eyes made him sweat nervously.

 “So,” Elide whispered in his ear. “You hosted the treaty signings in your room because you didn’t want to be in a room where Aelin and Rowan had…intimate relations?” She added the last part with a wink.

 Lorcan groaned. “Can we please not bring this up again?”

 Elide laughed and the others in the room that heard her laugh knew that the misunderstanding between her and Lorcan had cleared up.

 “Perhaps, but only if you make it up to me,” Elide brushed a hand down Lorcan’s firm chest. His muscles twitched underneath her nimble fingers.

 “Elide,” Lorcan’s tone deepened. His eyes focused intently on the little smirk playing on Elide’s soft lips before she turned away and walked toward the others who were listening intently to what Evangeline was saying.

 Late that night, long after the citizens of Ornyth slumbered, two mates were still awake. Their limbs tangling in bed sheets. The female sighed as the male kissed her cheeks and moved down and further down until her sigh became his name gasped into the night. And it wouldn’t be the last. Her mate fully intended to spend most of the night seeing to the needs of the woman who he loved to fiercely and tenderly.

When morning light illuminated the sky. Lorcan and Elide lingered in bed. Perfectly content to pass the hours in the arms of each other with faint smiles on their lips.

remember // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles & Y/N find themselves in a train station, erased from their friend’s memories

Requested: no

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N 

Warning: no, mature language & themes throughou


“Ryan, run!” Y/N grabbed her little brother’s wrist and pulled him deeper into the woods. Struggling to keep up with his older sister, the toddler tripped over his own two feet causing her to lift him up and run as fast as she could.

She had seen them. The wind had picked up and a trail of leaves had started to dance around behind them. She knew they were coming for her. Ryan wrapped his arms around his sister’s neck as he let out muffled sobs. He was scared and so was Y/N.

Jumping over a log that was in her way, she glanced over her shoulder to see if they were still being chased. Adrenaline coursed through her veins as she saw the black horse approaching them at a rapid pace. Sprinting as fast as she could, she made her way down to the creek.

“Ryan, you have to listen to me.” She set him down.

“I’m scared Y/N.” He cried, covering his eyes. 

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Goodbye Memory

Betty sat next to Archie in the cold waiting room of the riverdale hospital. Her face was in her hands and her legs were shaking uncontrollably. Archie was rubbing his hand on her back sympathetically. He tried to talk to her but she wouldn’t answer. The only person who she was going to talk to was Jughead, and he was lying in a bed in the hospital.

It only took one second. They we’re in the car listening to Sam Hunt in the car, but then soon they were swerving and Betty was pushed out of the car door. They we’re sitting in the car on one of their dates on the side of a empty road. Then it came. The lights. The flashes. The sirens. The truck came and swerved straight into the car. Betty didn’t even see anything that happened because Jughead pushed her out of the car, leaving her with some scratches, and broken ankle and glass stuck in her skin. She didn’t care though. He was unconscious. He was all bloody but Betty couldn’t see anything through her tears. She couldn’t hear anything either because all she could think about her boyfriend. The one that couldn’t answer her.

Thinking about all the things that happened and how she could of stopped it made her freak out again. It was one of her multiple panic attacks that she had had that day. She pulled her legs up to her chin and put her hands around her ears to try to stop her thoughts. Tears started to flow out of her eyes, and she could feel another arm on her back. She turned her face and tried to give the red haired boy her best smile. Her voices in her head got louder and louder.

You should of stopped him. You could of stopped him. You could be in their with him if he didn’t save you. It should be you, not him. You never should of asked to go for a drive. It’s all your fault. You are helpless.

She got out of her daze when she heard a manly voice that reminded her of her boyfriend. “Where is she?” he said. She got up from her seat and threw herself onto the man. “Hey kid, how’re you doing?” FP said, and Betty just sobbed into his chest, hands wrapping around his leather jacket.

Betty didn’t stop crying for hours. The only time she did was when she fell asleep. She was leaning onto Archie’s shoulder, and he legs we’re propped up on FP’s legs. When it was around 2am, she felt her legs fall off of the chair. Her eyes fluttered open and she sat up, rubbing her eyes. She saw that FP was talking to some doctor, she stood up and wrapped her arms around his arm.

“Family can go see him now. He is asleep, so only family is allowed to stay in his room. So your his father, is this girl family?” The doctor asked, nodding his head into Betty’s direction.

FP looked down at the blonde girls pleading eyes. He turned back to the doctor and nodded. “Yeah. She’s family.”

“Ok perfect, come this way with me.” The doctor said, waving his hand towards him.

Betty smiled and followed the Doctor and FP into the clean white hallway. They past multiple doors that looked exactly the same, until they reached room number 69. Betty giggled, and FP looked at her weirdly.

“Just the room number. I think Juggie would of thought it was funny.” she said, biting her lip. FP just rolled his eyes as they both walked into the hospital room. Betty tried to fight back tears when she saw her sleeping boyfriend underneath the untouched covers. FP gave her a sympathetic squeeze on her shoulder and started to walk into the room. They both sat down on the chairs next to his and Betty reached over the bed to grabbed his hand.

The two didn’t move for hours. Betty’s head was placed on the bed and she was fast asleep. FP was awake and had deep purple circles underneath his eyes.

Jughead started to wake up so FP pushed Betty’s shoulder so she could wake up. She shook her head and rubbed her eyes again, smiling at FP. She grabbed both of the Jones’s boys hands until her knuckles started to turn white. Tears continued to come out of her eyes as she gave a weak smile to FP.

Jughead’s eyes fluttered open and he first noticed FP. He gave him a smile as FP squeezed his hands when tears started well up in his eyes. Jughead’s head turned to Betty and he gave her a small smile, but Betty could see the confusion in his face. Betty sniffled and returned his small smile.

“I might as well leave you too to it. I’ll be back.” FP said, smiling at the two teens.

Betty gave Jug another smile to Jughead, but she could see. His eyes were cold and lifeless as he stared at her. “You have no idea who I am. Do you?”

“No.” Jughead answered, pulling his hand away from Betty’s.

Betty continued to cry into the sheets.

“Well, I might as well introduce myself,” Betty said, wiping the tears off of her face. “I’m Betty Cooper. We’ve been friends for a while, and this year, you climbed into my bedroom window while we we’re investigating Jason Blossoms murder. Then you kissed me. And then I kissed you back. And now we’re dating. Well, we were. And then we went on a date in a car, and then a truck came towards us. And you pushed me out of the car, and I only broke my ankle. You… well you got it worse.” she said, tears still spilling out of her eyes.

Jughead looked at her with sorrow in his eyes, but then started to chuckle. Betty was still sobbing but was now utterly confused. Now, Jughead was full on laughing.

“Bets, I know who you are. I was kidding. I love you.” Jughead said, giving her hands a small kiss.

Betty’s mouth was wide open with both happiness and confusion. “Right now, I don’t know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge.” Betty said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Can I pick?” Jughead asked, as Betty leaned over and gave him a small kiss on his lips. “That was much better then getting pushed off of a bridge.”

anonymous asked:

What if Jamie wasn't an outlaw when he met Claire and Jamie could court her properly? How would Claire react to that when if she was still trying to get home?

Anon asked: what do you think it would have happened if Jamie and Claire didn’t have to get married? Do you think our hero could have find a way to marry the Sassenach or at least, make her fall in love with her without all the amazing sex?

Mod Note: I genuinely did not intend to continue this story (despite many requests), but I am finally bringing one of my first Imagine pieces out of the archives to explore these intriguing prompts! A bit of a slow burn on this one, but hang in there with me! -Mod Bonnie

Hail Mary

Part I  Part II

Part III

The canteen hit Jamie’s jaw squarely with a sharp THWOCK.

“A mhic an diabhoil!” he snarled, looking wildly around and finding the culprit at once. “Damn you, Murtagh, what in God’s name was that for?!”

“To see if I could get yer gob to close all the way,” the usually-dour clansman said with a smirk, arms crossed. “A wee brown-haired lass seems to have broken your hinge this morning.”

Murtagh saw the canteen coming and ducked, laughing as it clattered against the nearby tree. “Careful, ye wee smout—that’s the good whisky!”

Despite Jamie’s annoyance, the corners of his mouth were twitching as he returned to finish unlashing the bundles from his saddle; and, conveniently, returning him to the sight of Mistress Beauchamp carrying a bedroll to the place she’d claimed for her lean-to.

The man was right: Jamie hadn’t been able to stop looking at her all day: sidelong as they rode; catching her eye as they stopped for water; training his gaze on back of her head when she nudged her mount past his on the road to speak with Ned. Always and completely: she was all he saw, this day.

He had been drawn to Mistress Beauchamp from the first—when she mended his shoulder; when he held her at Leoch; but now…Christ, he was all but consumed by her; and how could he not be? Having slept with her in his arms? Remembering the scent of her hair? Now knowing the shapes of her under his hands; what it was to hear sounds of desire from her lips as she moved against him, seeking?

And above all, to know that she had stayed. Aye, she had slept in his arms, but any lass might have done the same with any man, to save her own life….but upon waking this morning, she was flustered, had made to rise, and yet at the barest suggestion, she had stayed there in his arms for nigh on an hour, waiting for the rest of camp to awaken. They both had assumed pretense of sleep, but neither of them had allowed themselves to drift away. Her breathing had stayed quick; he could feel it, warm and shallow at the base of his throat. She surely had felt his heart thudding away, with her ear resting so near it.

No, they hadn’t slept; nor had they spoken. They’d held one another

And there, at the last, he’d brought one hand—shaking—to softly, gently, slowly come to rest on the curve of her head. She’d gasped and made as if to—say something? Move?  Christ, touch him back?

And just at that moment, the camp had come alive. Before he could blink, she had gotten to her feet and the day began as it always did. Boiling water; folding, packing; bannocks and whisky; back on the long road through the glens; all just as it was every day.

But today, he couldn’t stop looking at her.

At Mistress Beauchamp, who had slept in his arms.

But God, he had to stop thinking about her. She was the finest woman he’d ever met —but he could offer her no future, as a wanted criminal. None. He wouldn’t subject her to the dangers a life with him would entail. He had to stop thinking about her.

He couldn’t stop thinking about her.

“Ye did a good thing, Jamie, lad,” Murtagh said, yanking Jamie back once more from grim reverie, deep brown eyes watching him. “Keeping the lass last night as ye did. You’re the only one that could ha’ done it for her properly.”

“Aye,” he coughed, “well, I… she….” He cleared his throat uncomfortably, unfurling his tent canvas.  “I’m glad to’ve been of service to her.”

Murtagh made a noise somewhere between a chuckle and a harrumph.

“And what’s that supposed to signify?” Jamie snapped, tugging at his stock. Hadn’t Claire nearly frozen to death last night? Then why, by Bride and all the saints, was the gathering evening so bloody HOT?

“Haud yer wheesht, lad,” Murtagh, now chuckling in earnest at Jamie’s discomfort. “Your secret doe-eyes are safe wi’ me.”

“Not doe-eyes…” Jamie muttered, feeling all of seven years of age.

“Hey.” Murtagh’s hand clapped warm on his shoulder, his eyes suddenly soft and unusually earnest. “She’s a fine woman, Jamie, Sassenach or no’.”

Aye, Jamie thought, watching the wind lift her curls into life as she rifled her wee medicine box, then made for the wood with a basket in hand, she truly is. And I can’t let myself want her.

And then the messenger rode into camp.

He waited until it was nearing sunset, when he knew she would be out gathering her wee herbs before the light went. He made for the loch under the pretext of needing a piss, seeing Murtagh watching him knowingly. Jamie knew without asking or telling that his godfather would keep an eye on the other men and prevent any from venturing in the same direction. He said a prayer, thanking God for the gift of this protector that had watched over him all his life, and continued down the path.

Sure enough, as the woods opened out into the waning crimson sunlight, he found her seated on a low boulder, looking out upon the loch, basket at her feet.

Seeing her, her unbound curls wafting sweetly in the breeze, his throat went instantly tight.

Christ, how could he do this?

Knowing her…. How could he not?

He cleared his throat and sang out with an attempt-at-cheery, “Take care no’ to fall in.”

Her head turned sharply, surprised, but a begrudging smile was already tugging at her lips. “Ned’s nowhere in sight—I think I should be safe.”

“Good,” he laughed—God, how it delighted his soul to laugh with this woman— “Best stay well shot of him.”

“But he’s such a darling!” She pursed her lips to hold back her mirth. “I’m not sure I can refuse him if he comes calling!”

“Well, do what ye must, lass,” he grinned, “I’ll be standing by to hold ye, anytime.”

She made a small sound of kind acknowledgement but looked away, suddenly shy.The silence rang between them so acutely, Jamie could hear the voices from camp, many yards distant.

“I’ve gotten some good news, Sassenach,” he said, feeling the letter in his waistcoat pocket. “I’ve…been pardoned.”

NO!” She leapt to her feet, mouth open and excitement dawning. “Oh, Jamie, that’s wonderful news!” She grabbed one of his hands in hers and squeezed it hard, practically bouncing with her enthusiasm. “God be bloody praised!!! I’m so thrilled for you! Whatever happened to bring that about?”

They sat on the boulder and he explained, grinning from ear to ear, the contents of Colum’s letter. Unbeknownst to Jamie, his uncle had been exercising all his considerable influence to get the accusations against him dropped. By some miracle, he had succeeded, and had sent a messenger at once to share the glad tidings.

Jamie read between to lines to gather that His Grace the Duke of Sandringham had been more than instrumental in getting the matter quietly resolved and Jamie’s outlaw record expunged. Jamie could just imagine the foppish gent drawling: “Anything for my DEAHHRRRR Jamie,” in those thick, unctuous tones, wet eyes glittering with anticipation.

The Duke’s predilections were well known, and such attentions had made Jamie supremely uncomfortable at the time of the man’s last visit. However, God bless him and all his house, if such affections had just saved Jamie from a life of flight and ultimately the noose. 

And ten times the blessing to him if it meant Jamie’s honor was now completely unhindered…that he was completely free to….

“What have ye been gathering, then?” he blurted, feeling his wame clenching in anxiety.

“Good Lord,” she laughed, startled, “you suddenly want to talk about herbs after such splendid news!?”

“My life is my own again,” he said, shrugging, “I want to talk about anything and everything.”

“Cress,” she said affably, nudging the basket with her foot. “Didn’t manage to bring back any last night, after all, what with one thing and another.” 

She paused suddenly, furrowing her eyebrows. She was leaning on her hand, the fingertips just inches away from his plaid on the rock. 

When she spoke, her voice was soft and full of feeling. “Thank you again for…for everything. You were so—wonderful about it all.”

Jamie felt his chest swell. “Think nothing of it, lass. You’ve saved my poor hide more times than I can count these past weeks. It was about time that I should do ye a service in return.“

“Did you get any real rest? I’m afraid I must have given you a dreadfully uncomfortable time. ”

“Och, dinna fash, lass. It was just fine.”

It was the best night of all my years, mo ghraidh.


No. Not Mistress.


Even sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, facing forward as they were, he could see her straighten and stiffen at the tone in his voice.

“I find meself—” he said, trying to force his lips to move at his bidding, but finding them slow and wooden,  “—that is—”

Help me, woman. See what’s in my heart. Surely ye ken it already.

Thank the Lord it came out sounding calm and clear:

I care for you, Claire.”

She stopped breathing. The breath actually left her, for more heartbeats than Jamie knew. The absence of it—that rhythm of her that he’d memorized, he now realized— was like whisky thrown on the fire within him, the flames roaring instantly up in fear and anticipation. He wanted so desperately to take her face in his hands so he might look into her golden eyes while telling her all his heart…but his hands were shaking and he didn’t think he could get out the words if he moved.

“I care for you as I’ve never cared for anyone in my life,” he said, mustering his courage only by focusing only on the wonder of the person beside him. “Your wit, your courage, your pigheadedness,” he laughed, his whole body glowing with sudden warmth. “The–” He clenched his hands in his lap, staring at them as if they held the proper words. “– life in you Claire, is unlike anything I have ever encountered. I havena been able to get ye out of my head since the first day we met. And then last night…”  

He heard her lips part and a long intake of breath, then a soft, inscrutable, “Jamie…”

“I ken I’ve perhaps no business saying such things. Even though I’m no longer a wanted criminal, I’ve no great wealth, and perhaps I’m nothing you ought to trouble o’er.“ He shook his head, hard. “But surely…surely ye ken as well as I what there is between us, Claire.”

He screwed up his courage and turned to face her. She was staring down into her lap, hands clasped. Her lips were pressed tight, her expression, for once, unreadable.

“I canna believe I’m alone in feeling it…this…whatever it is between you and me.” He laid a hand slowly and tenderly atop hers, his heart pounding.

She jumped when his hand touched hers, and with a jolt, Jamie saw that she had been twisting her golden ring round and round her finger.

Jamie stood at once and raised his hands in a gesture of apology. “Forgive me,  lass….”

Fraser, you dolt, have ye no sense to spare a thought for what the lass is going through?

“I’m so sorry, Claire,” he repeated. “I—I ken—that ye still grieve for your departed husband.”

Her lips went tight and Jamie saw her blink several times, hard.

“It…. isna right that ye should forget him, or even try to. If ye loved him, he must have been a good man. But I–I should–”

Courage, man. COURAGE.

“…It would be my honor to see to the care of his wife.”

Finally, she looked up, sharply, her eyes wide. She spoke in barely a whisper. “What?”

Will you marry me, Claire?”

She simply stared at him, in utter shock.

He went to his knees in front of her in the oath-giving posture, relinquishing all caution and all fear. He exhaled heavily with the relief of letting the feelings for her wash over him. “I care for you—"

I love you, he wanted to scream.

“—and now that I’m a free man, I wish to give ye everything I have. My name—my clan—the protection of my body….Claire, they’re all yours, now and forever.” He reached for her hand, trembling, dying to touch her. “If you’ll have me.”


Jamie felt as though she’d pushed him backward into the icy lake. He opened and closed his mouth, unable to find the words for the pain ripping through him.

“I’m sorry, Jamie. I can’t marry you.” She bolted to her feet, took up her basket, and made quickly back toward the camp.

“Claire—please wait—I–”

This couldn’t be happening. This just couldn’t be.

He rose on shaking legs and tried to follow, reaching for her arm. “Sassenach, stop, please—I’m sorry if I was too—I just thought we—”

She threw off his hand and faced him only long enough to say coldly:

You were mistaken.”


It should have been a night of celebration; should have been the most joyous occasion of his life–to know he was a free man, could go home at last. 

But it was hell, every moment, her words tormenting him as he played each memory he held of her over and over in his mind, every time they had ever spoken, touched, laughed, or cried together, culminating in the breathtaking intimacy of the previous night. Was it lust deluding him? Was it pure, lecherous desire for her body that had colored these memories and called them love?


NO, damn it all!

He knew his heart. And hers—Christ, it danced across her face so freely, that—No, he was not mistaken.

Perhaps she was frightened; perhaps it was too soon.

But he was not mistaken.

It made seeing her flitting about all evening, smiling and pouring whisky liberally all ‘round the fireside — the collective mood of festivity ostensibly in honor of his pardon — all the more galling. She laughed and joked with the lads, chatted at length with Ned Gowan over documents, and generally charmed the whole camp with her golden eyes and glorious smile…everyone except him.

She’d spoken to him only once, when she offered him drink— “For you, Mr. McTavish?”— but she wouldn’t look at him.

She didn’t even know his real name. She didn’t want to know his real name.

He had wanted to drink, but hadn’t—couldn’t allow himself the escape of oblivion. This was his penance, to survive the long hours of the evening, watching her; the longer ones of silence and desolation, seething, hurting, long after the rest had fallen into their deep whisky-slumber. He needed to think with a clear head—to feel this, to understand.  

Christ, if he could only understand why…! If she felt for him as he for her, why deny him so cruelly? Claire was shrewd, but he’d never known her to be that. Surely she had some reason. Surely, if he could only speak with her…

In the dead of night, the grief and the pain nigh unbearable, his ears pricked up. Someone moving surreptitiously about camp.

Clasping his dirk, he slowly sat up high enough to survey the clearing. Geordie, supposed to be on sentry duty, was sound asleep and Jamie gave a silent prayer of thanks to see Claire moving quietly in the direction of the loch.

Tomorrow, they would reach the crossroads and meet once more with Dougal and the rest; there would be more folk for her to tend; more folk to observe their behavior; to hear about their unorthodox night together. He HAD to speak with her tonight.

He followed quietly, but when they were far enough away to be out of earshot of the sleepers, he spoke. “Sassenach?”

She jumped and whirled, and he instantly raised his hands palms forward. “I’m sorry—” he whispered. He came slowly toward her. “I’m so sorry, lass, I didna mean to frigh—” 

He froze, seeing her clearly now in the moonlight. “…You’re running.”  

It was not a question. She was wearing her traveling cloak, and the bundle she clutched clearly contained her medicine box. Her eyes were wide and her nostrils flaring with deep breaths. She was pointed toward the road, in the opposite direction of the horses.

“And on foot?” His voice was flat. Dead.

She shrugged stiffly, tensed as though ready to bolt. “Didn’t want to risk waking the men.”

“Where?” he croaked. Why?, he wanted to scream.

Her eyes were defiant, wide with alarm and determination. “Back to where I came from—same place I’ve been trying to go since Dougal took me captive.”

“Ye canna just go, Claire,” he said, trying to sound dismissive.

Her face was stone. “I can. I will.”

“Claire, I willna let ye do this.“

“Didn’t realize you were my jailer. What are you going to do, clap me in irons?” She was backing slowly away from him and his desperation was mounting with every pace.

“It’s wild country out there! Wolves and—brigands, and—” He was petrified, heartbroken, grasping at straws to keep her from vanishing. “At least–let me accompany you to your destination—see you safe!”

A sob rising in his throat. Christ, dinna leave this way.

A hoarse gasping as he reached for her.

“Please, mo chridhe–”

Ice in her eyes. “I don’t need your ‘protection,’ Mr. McTavish.”

A knife in his gut.

‘…the protection of my body, Claire…
…yours, now and forever.’

The sound of his heart breaking.

She was leaning into her frenzied defiance. “I did have a life before I fell into your lap, you know!” She realized what she’d said, blushed, and stammered angrily. “I mean—into the–hands of the whole bloody clan. I had a LIFE,” she repeated, “and I’m far past due to return to it!”

“Aye,” he said, low and precise, shaking with anger. “you’ve made it exceedingly clear that there’s nothing whatsoever keeping you here.”

She had the grace to look abashed. “Jamie…” He saw the muscles of her face and throat working furiously; the regret in her eyes. She even took a step toward him and made to touch his arm. “Jamie, please, I’m so…so sorry for—”

He shrugged back from her touch and skirted silently around the edge of camp. She followed him, hissing out his name, but he did not slow his pace until he reached the horses. He located her mount and unhobbled it, leading it a hundred yards away from the others, picking up saddle and gear as he want.

When she at last caught up with him, he plucked the bundle from her arms, fastening it perfunctorily to her saddle.

“Jamie, wait—”

Her face was upturned to him, so white and so perfect it made the pain writhe within his chest. He marshaled his features into his mask of impassivity and gave a cordial nod. “I wish ye the best of fortune in your life, Mistress.

She reached for him, pleading. “Jamie, listen, I—”

He pressed the smaller of his dirks into her hand. “Goodbye, Claire.”

And without a backward glance—though he wished to throw his arms around her and beg her, beg her not to leave—he turned on his heel back toward the fires, listening first to the silence, then the jingle of harness and the sound of hooves going quietly off into the night.

He didn’t sleep that night. He couldn’t. He lay awake, breaking apart, wrapped in a blanket that still held the scent of her hair.

[to be continued]

anonymous asked:

pleasee write nb!alex in college, like could they meet maggie in college too? also just as a personal preference cause I love the idea could alex have a really cool undercut? wow I love your writing and college nb!alex would be amazing

It’ll all be okay next term.

Next term, when Kara comes to school with them, when Kara will be a freshman.

Because Eliza is always talking about Alex needing to take care of Kara, and Alex is always thinking of taking care of Kara.

But it’s been a while since they’ve realized how much Kara takes care of them, too, without even meaning to.

Because the phone calls and the FaceTime sessions aren’t enough.

Especially now.

Especially now with their new undercut – it took a couple anti-anxiety meds to actually go through with it, because you’re already underperforming in your coursework, Alexandra, and now you’re distracting yourself further with ridiculous haircuts? – and especially now with the binder they’d saved for all of fall term to be able to afford.

The binder that finally helps them be able to wear henleys, because the damn shirts never fell right on their body before. The binder that will undoubtedly draw cries of protest from Eliza, because oh Alexandra – or would you prefer Alexander? You know this is all so much for me to take in – your body is beautiful, and aren’t you concerned about the wear and tear with such intense compression, and what will you do when you have to spend hours in the lab and you get overheated in that thing? You are still intending to spend hours in the lab, aren’t you? Because after you failed that last test, I keep worrying that you’ll just forsake all that you’ve spent so long building for… what? Some girl? Is there a girl? God, can you let me deal with this gender stuff before bringing home a girl? Would that girl be a lesbian, anyway? Oh, Alexan – Alex – why can nothing ever be simple with you, it used to be so simple with you.

The binder that will draw protests, but hell, they’re failing a couple of classes anyway – and Eliza makes sure they can’t forget it – so why not fail at everything, right?

At least, when Alex looks in the mirror with their new binder on – their roommate Lucy had grinned like a fiend listening to Alex stumble around the bathroom, pulling it up over their legs and ass, upside down and backwards, so they could slip it up their body properly, and Lucy’s grin had only gotten bigger at Alex’s excited squeals as they tossed open the door and kept running their hands over their flattened chest, standing front ways, sideways, all ways, tossing on shirt after shirt after shirt, just to watch them finally fit properly – at least when they look in the mirror now, they see their own smile, their own tears, Lucy’s grin, hear Kara’s squeals over FaceTime, rather than Eliza’s disapproval.

“The girls are gonna love you even more than they already did, Danvers,” Lucy nudges them as the two friends sit very illegally on the ledge of their first floor dorm room, their legs hanging out of their window, a couple of feet off the ground, and Alex pffts, and Alex splutters, and Alex blushes.

But then Alex glances down at their newly-bound chest, first with excitement, first with pride, then with… panic, and they grow serious.

“But what if my mom’s right? What if the gay girls just want… well…”

“Straight up girls?”

Alex nods with tears in their eyes.

“You’re amazing, Alex. Binding or not, whatever pronouns you use. Any girl can see that a mile away. And uh… hey. Looks like that gorgeous one already has.”

Alex’s heart plummets and they try to follow Lucy’s gaze, the slight nod of her head, subtly, subtly, subtly.

And then they almost tumble right off the windowsill, because the girl Lucy’s talking about?

The girl who just parked her motorcycle in the lot across from their dorm room, all thick leather jacket and boots and denim and dimples?

That girl is the most beautiful girl Alex has ever seen, and she’s staring right at them.

Alex sends a silent thank you to the queer goddesses that Lucy’s lawyerly aspirations include a military-style commitment to fitness, because somehow, even with her much smaller frame, she manages to grab Alex subtly enough to not make it obvious, strong enough to make sure they don’t splat out of the window.

The girl notices despite Lucy’s subtlety, and she grins.

Her eyes are bright and her dimples are adorable and Lucy mutters a reminder for Alex to breathe.

“Alright there?” the girl calls, and Lucy nudges Alex in the ribs.

“Nice ride,” they call back, and Lucy sits a little straighter, proud of her friend for using… words.

The girl struts over – Alex doesn’t know how to think about her walk as anything other than a confident, almost cocky, strut, and Alex is gone, gone, gone – with a small grin still on her face, a thin backpack slung over both shoulders and her helmet still in her hand.

“You two supposed to be hanging out of your window like that?”

Alex thinks of a lot of possible responses.

You supposed to be so hot amongst unsuspecting queers?

You supposed to be riding that motorcycle on campus? You can cause an accident with how good you look on it.

You supposed to have a voice that sounds like my first kiss and a face that looks like my heaven?

They think of a lot of possible responses, but they only splutter one.

“Sure, we – I mean, no, but pfft, rules? I mean, you rode a Triumph to school, like come on, screw rules, right?”

Lucy grimaces, claps Alex on the shoulder, and swings her legs up and back into their dorm room.

“Well. Good luck with this one,” she says to Maggie with a grin. “I’m Lucy Lane, and their name – if they never get around to telling you – is Alex Danvers. Feel free to stop by any time…”

“Maggie Sawyer,” the girl answers, but her eyes are on Alex’s face, which has gone pale since Lucy used their proper pronouns to introduce them to this gorgeous girl, since Maggie’s eyes traced slowly up and down Alex’s body, taking in their undercut, their flat chest, their boy jeans, their black, short-sleeved henley.

“Well. You kids have fun,” Lucy claps Alex’s shoulder again, and Alex thinks about asking her – begging her – to stay, but Lucy’s hopped back inside before Alex can form words.

“So, college has you so busy that you’re window hanging, Danvers?” the new girl teases. Maggie. Maggie Sawyer.

Alex rolls the name around in their mind, on their tongue, and decide they love it.

They shrug. “I’m usually in the lab.” They point haphazardly in the direction of one of the science buildings. “But I uh… I’ve had a lot going on lately, depression and whatever, and my mom’s been ragging on me more than usual, so I haven’t been doing so great in classes, so they gave me time off from the lab to fix my grades and – shit, I’m sorry, I… I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.”

“They tend to ramble in front of cute girls, Sawyer!” Lucy shouts from inside their living room, and Alex nearly leans in to take a swipe at her, but Maggie just grins.

“They’re lucky I find rambling charming, then,” Maggie calls back with a tilted head and a bright smile.

She used my pronouns. She used my pronouns. She used my pronouns and she’s smiling at me like maybe she can like me and holy shit, is she – she is – oh shit shit shit fuck fuck fuck I’m gonna either kill Lucy or get her a car or something as a thank you…

Because Maggie is swinging her backpack off her back and gingerly placing her helmet on top of it on the ground, and she’s arching an eyebrow.

“Want some company up there, Danvers?” she asks, holding up a hand, and Alex gulps, and Alex leans down to grasp it.

They both inhale sharply at the other’s touch, at the strength in the other’s grip. At the spark, the heat, that shoots through both of their bodies on contact.

Alex tugs her up easily, and Maggie situates herself next to them on the window ledge.

“So your parents have hella painful expectations of you too, huh?” she asks, her voice deliberately light.

“Just my mom. My dad, he uh… plane crash.”

“Oh shit, Danvers, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to – “

“No. No, it’s okay. Your parents too? Expectations?”

Maggie grins wryly and studies their fingernails. “It’s whatever. But hey – looks like you got yourself a nice roommate.”

“Damn right they do!”

“Oh my god, Lucy!”

“What, am I cramping your non-existent style, Al?”

Alex groans but Maggie just laughs. “She looks out for you,” she says softly after a few moments, like it’s hard for her to believe that people have relationships like that. Friendships like that. Family like that.

Like it’s a foreign concept to her.

Alex runs their hand over the side of their head that’s shaved, and bites the inside of their cheek.

“Do you not? Have people who look out for you?”

Maggie just shrugs. “I’m new here. New to… cities, generally.”

Alex studies her for a moment. “Welcome, then, Maggie Sawyer. Consider yourself looked out for.” They hold out their hand, and Maggie looks wary, like touching them again will catapult her into a world she’s scared to go, terrified to trust, petrified to hope for.

But Alex’s face is kind, and it’s open, and damn, it’s cute as hell.

And cute queers always were Maggie’s weakness.

Or, now, maybe… her hope.

She takes Alex’s hand, and shakes it, and she watches Alex groan good-naturedly when Lucy whoops from inside their living room.

“Can you get your own life?!” Alex calls back inside, not bothering to take their hand from Maggie’s.

“Not when yours is so straight out of a movie!”

Alex blushes and Maggie beams and Alex thinks, for once, that maybe, if this is part of their life movie, that they’re not such a failure after all.


This one is from @carolyn4 and it said:  “Hi, could you please write something, about Sana being bullied or something, then he appears, defends and comforts her… Or something like that, please 😊😊”

First of all thank you so much for trusting me, I hope you like it !! 

I have to say that in this fic the fight and the kiss from 4x05 didn’t happen, I just wanted things to be okay with sana and yousef in this fic.

Also WARNING: This fic is about bullying so if you think you can be triggered in any way by that, please don’t read it. Also it contains insults and cursing. I wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or upset so I think you should know that before deciding if you want to read it or not.

Also, I’m sorry for the messages from “the bully” that you’re going to read, they’re nasty and even I cringed while writing them ‘cause I really hope no one ever writes things like that to anyone. 

Well, I leave you now with the fic. It takes place in a few days so I’ll be indicating the days. (All screenshots are from Sana’s phone)






Four days. She had been receiving those texts for four days now. She didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, she had already been through this kind of stuff back in middle school so it wasn’t like it was anything new. That didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt. It did. A lot.

But she just didn’t see the point on telling anyone. It was just some silly boy or girl who was bored and decided to pick her as a target. Eventually they would get tired.

It was Saturday and the boys were at her house hanging out with Elias. Lately she had been getting closer to Yousef. They would hang out sometimes, he would even pick her up at school on Mondays, his free day. That meant that whenever he was with his friends she would try to avoid them ‘cause as much as she loved those boys, they were really annoying with the teasing.

But she was feeling a little down because of the texts, even if she didn’t want to admit it, so she decided that she could bear a little teasing if that meant she could get to talk with him for a bit.

She went downstairs and stopped at the living room’s door. She looked inside and saw the boys playing video games.

“Hi” Sana said smiling

All the boys looked at her, greeted her and returned to look at the screen focused on their game, all the boys except Yousef, of course. He kept staring at her with a huge smile on his face, a smile that matched the one on hers. He was so focused on her that he wasn’t paying attention at all at the game, in fact, he had stopped playing which meant that in about 3 seconds he was going to lose.

“Yessss!” Elias and Mutta said high fiving.

“Damn it Yousef!” Adam, who was on his team cursed him, while Mikael who was taking a rest at the moment laughed at them. “Stop flirting man, we’ve lost because of you”

“Flirting? What are you talking about?” Yousef said offended

“Oh come on boy, you two are giving each other heart eyes nonstop every time you’re in the same room” Mikael said

“Hey, don’t be like that. He made us win, he can flirt all he wants” Elias said laughing

“Yeah? Well, we’re playing again and now Yousef is on your team” Adam said

“What? No, not as long as Sana is in the same room”

“Hey!” Sana said

“It’s true Sana, no one wants to be on Yousef’s team” Mutta said

“Come on guys!” Yousef whined.

“Leave the poor boy alone, it’s not his fault that he sucks at videogames.” Sana defended Yousef, well, kind of.

“Awww look at my sister defending his boy”

Both, Yousef and Sana instantly blushed at that comment.

“He’s not my boy” Sana said with a small mouth

“Suuuuuure” Adam laughed.

“Aww, you’re so cute!” Mikael said

She rolled her eyes at them but was smiling. Suddenly her phone beeped. She looked at it and her smile faded

She quickly put her phone back in her pocket and tried to act like nothing happened but Yousef was already looking at her with a suspicious expression. She forced a smile to calm him.

“Well, guys I think I’m going to let you play, so when you lose you won’t be able to blame me” She said turning around without any other look and going to her room.



As every Monday since a couple of weeks ago, when she got out of school Yousef was waiting for her. She said goodbye to her friends and approached him with a big smile

“Hi” he greeted her


They both took a couple of seconds to stare at each other, if there was something that they did a lot, was staring, maybe the boys where right about the “giving each other heart eyes every time they were in the same room/place” thing.

“Shall we go?” he asked biting his lip

She nodded and started to walk by his side.

“So, how was school today?”

“It was okay, I got an 5.6 on my biology test”

“That’s my girl!” he said proudly

She looked at him raising an eyebrow

“Not like you’re my girl…what I meant is that I’m proud of you, ‘cause you’re smart and…” he stuttered

“I get it, relax” she laughed. “So, what do you have planned for your kids tomorrow?

His face lighten up, he loved talking about the kids from the kindergarten and he loved it when Sana would ask him about it, he liked that she was interested in it.

He started talking about how he had spent the whole morning preparing some songs and videos and drawings for the kids. Sana was listening at him attentively when her phone beeped. She was a little bit scared about looking at the message, she knew what kind of message it would probably be. She took a deep breath and opened it.

She felt her stomach sank, if the previous messages had upset her, this had hit her right in her heart. This was like reading her biggest fears. It was one thing reading messages saying mean things about her but it was a totally different thing reading stuff that she was actually thinking.

“Sana? Are you listening?” she heard Yousef asked, she hadn’t noticed that he had stopped talking.


“Who is it?” he asked pointing at the phone

“No one” she said putting it back on her pocket

“Are you sure? You seem upset and I think it’s because of the text you’ve just received”

“I’m fine, it’s just school stuff. I just realized that I have an assignment due for tomorrow and I didn’t know it”

“Do you need any help?”

“No, it’s okay. I just need to get home and get to it”

“Oh, fine. Let’s go then” he said a little disappointed, he was hoping they could spend some time together.

She nodded and they walked in silence for a while

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked worried

“Yes, I’m fine.” She said, then she changed the subject “What were you saying about the kids?”



It fell off as soon as she opened her locker before leaving the school that day. She picked the paper from the floor and read it. Her heart started to beat faster, her hands were shaking, she needed to get out of there.

She left school without saying goodbye to her friends, she was too scared and overwhelmed for that. All she wanted to do was be safe in her house.

She spent the whole way from school to her house looking back to see if someone was following her, not stopping at any moment. When she finally reached her front door she heard steps behind her, steps that were getting closer and closer. She froze; she could feel someone standing there. She turned around without even thinking and yelled.


In front of her a very confused Yousef was looking at her

“Sana? It’s me, it’s me” he said but she wasn’t listening, she was breathing too fast and shaking “Hey, hey, Sana look at me, it’s me, you’re safe”

She finally focused and saw him, really saw him. She was on the edge of a panic attack but she couldn’t allow herself that, she needed to seem strong. Yousef was looking at her with fear and concern in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I just, I thought you were someone else” she said as calm as she could, which wasn’t much.

“Who? Sana you’re shaking, who did you think I was?” he asked

“No one, just a mugger”

Sana, what’s going on?”

“Nothing, I told you, I made a mistake” she tried to defend herself

“No, it’s not just that Sana. I’ve seen the way you’ve been acting lately. You jump every time your phone beeps and your smile fades and right now you almost had a heart attack because I approached you. Something is clearly going on”

“It’s nothing, okay?” she said moving her hands exasperated.

It was a bad choice ‘cause her movements made the letter, who was still on her hand, fall to the floor. She tried to pick it up but Yousef was faster than her. He opened it and read it.

His head snapped up instantly, his eyes looked like fire, angry and worried at the same time

“What’s this?” he asked pointing the letter towards her “Sana, what’s this? Who sent you this?”

“It’s nothing” she whispered

“It’s not nothing, damn it Sana. Someone is threatening you, who is it?”

“I don’t know, okay?” she said clearly shaken up.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m just worried Sana. How long has this been going on?” he said in calm tone, or he tried

“About a week”

“A week? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It’s just someone being bored”

“Sana this is a threat, this is not someone being bored”

“That’s the first threat I’ve received. The other were just texts about me wearing the hijab or saying that I should leave the country or that you…” she stopped herself before continuing

“That I what?” he asked “Sana, that I what?”


“Sana, please, trust me”

She sighed, he was not going to let it go.

“They said that I wasn’t good enough for you and that you would find some pretty Norwegian girl eventually. It’s fine, it’s not like I haven’t thought of that myself”

“What?” he took a step closer to her “Sana, are you believing those things?”

“No, I mean, I don’t care what they say about me being muslim, but I also know that it’s not like I’m the prettiest girl or the smartest or anything like that”

“Sana, listen to me very carefully okay?” he said looking at her eyes “I’m not even going to pretend that you don’t know I like you ‘cause I think we’re way past that point already, so I’m just going to say it like it is. You’re the most incredible girl I’ve ever met and I would never, ever, change you for any other girl, Norwegian or not Norwegian. Understood?”

She looked at him surprised.

“Sana?” he whispered “Please, don’t believe any of what those people are saying. Please, don’t let them get to you. None of that it’s true, okay?”

She bit her lip and nodded slightly.

“I’m going to find who they are and they’re going to hear me”

“You don’t have to do that” she said

“Of course I do. I know a guy, if you give me your phone he can find out who is sending them”

“Okay” she said handing him her phone a little reticently. “Are you going to read them?”

“No if you don’t want me to. I can give the phone to him and I won’t read them” he said

“You can read them if you want…now” she said

He nodded and opened the conversation. The more he read the sicker he felt. He couldn’t believe that she had been through that this past week and that he hadn’t done anything about it. He looked at her after he read them all.

“Can I…Can I hug you?” he asked her hesitantly.

He really wanted to comfort her. She was surprised at first at his question but then she nodded, she could really use a hug.

He took a step closer and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Everything is going to be okay” he whispered in her ear “I’m here for you”

He felt her nodding against his chest and he hugged her tighter wishing that he could stop the pain she was feeling.




She saw him as she finished school on Friday. He was waiting for her, or at least that’s what she thought but as soon as he saw her instead of approaching her he approached a group of blonde girls that were standing a few meters from him. She instantly understood what was going on and she walked over to them.

“Hi, girls. How are you doing?” he said with a big smile

“Hi” one of the girls, the one that seemed the leader of the group, said.

“I’m sorry to bother but I just wanted to ask you something”

“Sure, ask it” the girl said playing with her hair

“Well, I wanted to know if your life is really that miserable and empty that the only way for you to have fun is by bullying this girl” he said pointing at Sana who had just joined them

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” the girl said rolling her eyes

“Don’t you? Aren’t you Emmelie, Agnete and Krista? Isn’t this your phone number?” he said showing them his phone with all of their information

“Where did you get that from?”

“Next time you want to bully someone you should know that it’s very easy to track a phone”

“We’re not bullying anyone. If she” Emmelie said pointing at Sana “is getting texts and letters is none of my business”

“Who said anything about letters?” Yousef asked raising his eyebrows.

Sana felt herself smiling proudly at him

“I just assumed…” Emmelie, who was the only one doing the talking, said “Besides, how do I even know that you did in fact track my phone?”

“Well, that has an easy solution. We can go to the police and let them track it, see if they find the same.”

“We’re sorry” Agnete said quickly

“We didn’t mean to, she made us do it” Krista added

Both of the girls looked really scared while Emmelie just looked at them with a death stare

“Please don’t go to the police” Agnete begged Sana “My parents will kill me, I’m sorry”

“Me too, please forgive us, we’re sorry” Krista said

“You’re pathetic” Emmelie told her friends rolling her eyes

“Is she? Or are you the pathetic one whose friends would throw under a bus at the first chance?” Yousef said

“Whatever” Emmelie said trying to act cool, but she was actually really scared about the police thing.

“We’re not going to the police…now. But if she receives any text, any letter, anything at all, you can be sure that we’re getting the three of you arrested. Understood?”

The three girls stayed silence, kind of afraid of him.

“I asked you a question. Understood?”

They nodded and quickly turned around and left.

Wow” Sana said as soon as they were alone


“That’s my boy” she said smiling

“Your boy, huh?” he teased her

“Don’t get too cocky, Acar. I’m still cooler than you”

“I have no doubt of that”



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All I Need

Part 4 to “A Muggle?”/”It’s Me”/”I Think We’re In Trouble” Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 

Word Count: 4,495


“Y/N, are you ready to go to Hogsmead?” Sirius asked, barging into her dorm. “How do you keep doing that?” She muttered, not taking her eyes off of the mirror. “You see, I spend all my time studying the dorm charms rather than the stuff we’re supposed to study,” he smirked. “Little dressed up there to be raiding Hogsmead, aren’t we, Love?” Sirius asked, noticing that Y/N was wearing an infinity scarf over a sweater, with skinny jeans and tall boots-her hair in loose curls and her makeup done; rather than an old flannel with her hair messy and minimal makeup. “I’m not raiding Hogsmead with you guys today,” she shrugged, finishing up applying her lipstick. “What do you mean ‘you’re not raiding Hogsmead with us?’ It’s Saturday. You stayed back with Moony last week, it’s our turn-Why are you putting on lipstick? You never wear lipstick?” Sirius rambled. “I’m going on a date, if you must know,”'Y/N said, leaving the mirror and beginning to search the room for her bag. “No you are not!” Sirius exclaimed.

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Escape: the residency years

First thing in the morning.  That’s what the box said.  

She sat there waiting for the result.  She dared not touch it.  The instructions said it needed to lay flat for the duration of the time. 

She watched the stopwatch app on her phone.  It was the longest two minutes of her life.  

In her heart of hearts, she already knew.  She was a doctor, after all.  Her gag reflex was on high alert making brushing her teeth darn near impossible.  She felt fatigue at every turn. She just felt….off.   

She peeked over at the stick as if it were dangerous.  She tried to pick it up, but her hands were shaking so badly she couldn’t hold it, so she set it back down.  

Disbelief, followed by sheer, utter joy.  A grin split her face. 

“JAMIE!”  she shouted. “JAMIE!”

Jamie stood at the bottom of the stairs.  He was afraid to go up.  Afraid of what he’d see. He knew her body had changed. Even if he were blind, he’d know it. He touched his wife far too often not to notice the tenderness, the fullness.  He desired her constantly, so he knew the rhythm of her body well.  

Yet, he’d had his hopes dashed before.  


He jumped.  That was good, right?  Ifrinn, he couldn’t remember.  He ran his shaking hands through his hair.  

Should he believe it?  Should he trust it?  He’d read about the false positives.  

The thunder of running feet over his head was a testament to Claire’s excitement. She skidded to a halt at the top of the stairs, dressed in one of his old tee-shirts, and those damn pink knickers he’d first seen her in.  Her hair was a wild mess of curls not yet tamed from sleep, face flushed with elation.

She brandished the plastic stick like a sword.  

“I want it confirmed by a doctor,” he said, brows drawn together.

“Bu- but, I am a doctor!” Claire insisted. “You bloody, stubborn Scot.  They’ll do exactly the same thing in an office!”

“No offense, Claire, yer but a resident.”  

“James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser,” Claire said, tone incredulous. “You did not just say that.”  She’d chalk it up to nerves. Or shock. 

They stared at each other across the expanse of the staircase.  He tried to stay calm.  When she started to giggle he couldn’t hold it together. His mouth twitched with just a hint of a smile.  When she laughed outright, it was music to his ears.  He couldn’t help but laugh with her.  

And with that he sprinted up the stairs, two at a time, caught his wife around the waist, and spun her around, peppering kisses all over her face.  

Ifrinn, he was nervous.  

She wasn’t.  She was as certain as she could be.  His fingers tapped restlessly on his thigh.  

She reached over and lifted his big hand into hers, linked their fingers together. He risked a glance at his wife.  She was smiling softly, relaxed and serene.

Her thumb caressed his hand.  He cupped their hands with his bigger one.  He couldn’t stand it.  How long did this take for God’s sake???

She lifted their hands and kissed his knuckles.  He took a deep breath.  

She nodded, and he nodded back.

And then the door opened….

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Fraser.” said the Obstetrician.  “You’re expecting.”

Alex didn’t have time to tell Kara about her change in relationship with Maggie before Kara left to save Barry Allen’s earth.  Alex and Maggie’s relationship continues to progress and Maggie is doing everything she can to district Alex from worrying about Kara (i.e. lots of sex).  Kara comes back to their earth, rushing into Alex’s apartment all like “Alex, you’ll never believe what happened!” and interrupts Sanvers in bed.

^^ prompt from Rachel

Alex is beside herself with worry, beside herself with anger.

That Kara didn’t tell her beyond the note she’d left. That Barry flipping Allen didn’t care enough for Kara to make sure she had her sister with her, to protect her.

She imagined he’d say that he and his team would protect Kara.

But no one protects her like Alex does.

So she’s beside herself with worry.

But Maggie?

Maggie is the escape ladder lowering down into her spiraling pit of anxiety and Maggie is the hope that Kara will be fine, Kara will be fine, Kara will be fine.

Because Alex isn’t the only badass in the family.

And besides.


This whole Maggie wanting to kiss her thing?

This whole Maggie wanting… her… thing?

This is amazing.

And very, very distracting.

And distraction is exactly what she needs right now.

She loves every new sensation Maggie is giving her, every new noise she never knew she could make; every new part of her body Maggie can light on the most pleasant of fires; every new taste on Maggie’s skin, every new way Maggie can make her orgasm.

No one’s ever made her orgasm before.

But right now? With Maggie, with this woman she’s wanted, this woman she’s fallen for hopelessly, helplessly?

This woman, this amazing woman, wants her too. This woman is falling for her, hopelessly, helplessly, too.

So if it’s eleven at night and her legs are spread wide open on her bed, it’s because she’s falling in love.

If it’s eleven at night and she’s naked and Maggie’s tongue feels so damn good, it’s because it’s Maggie, of course it feels so damn good, but it’s also because no one’s ever touched her like this before – no one’s ever licked her like this before – because she hadn’t wanted it, because they hadn’t cared to, but god, god, god, Maggie wants to, and god, god, god, she never wants her to stop.

If it’s eleven at night and her fingers are tangled in Maggie’s hair, and Kara bursts in through her front door, shouting, “Alex! You’ll never believe what happened!”, it’s because she has a girlfriend now, and now that Kara’s back in this universe, they’ll really have to figure out a sock-on-the-door policy.

Kara gasps and Kara covers her eyes and Maggie swears and wipes her mouth on her shoulder while she tosses Alex her shirt, and Alex?

Alex just gapes at her little sister, trying not to gape at her.

“Kara, you’re back! You’re… god. Good, okay. Okay, good.” Alex tugs her shirt on and accepts the shorts Maggie is passing her.

“I should go – ”

“No, Maggie, no, stay. Please. Please stay. Kara, you um… you remember Maggie, right?”

“I have images of Maggie doing… things… to my sister… in my head now, permanently, Alex, so if I didn’t remember her before, I will now.”

“I’m sorry, Kara, I didn’t know you’d – ”

But Kara just turns to Maggie, her arms crossed over her chest.

“Are you just sleeping with her for your own amusement? Because when I left, you weren’t interested in her. You didn’t want her. Did you figure you’d better get what you could from her before she moved on, or – ”



“It’s okay, Alex. You deserve someone to fight for you,” Maggie whispers, and Alex has heard her voice soft and low and intimate, but she’s never heard it quite like this before. Quite this defeated, this determined, this… humble. This terrified.

She wipes her mouth again self-consciously and stares steadily across the room at Kara.

“I was afraid, Kara. Afraid because I didn’t want to hurt Alex, since she’s just coming out – I didn’t want to take advantage – and I didn’t want to get hurt. Also because she’s just coming out, and I didn’t want her to just be with me because of bright, shiny coming out feelings, because I… I liked her – I care about her – too much for that.”

She studiously avoids Alex’s eyes, and Alex makes a note to ask her later why her hands were shaking so hard.

Kara uncrosses her arms and sighs.

“What changed?” she demands, still sounding more like Supergirl than like Kara, but her eyes are softer, now, and Alex stares between her girlfriend and her sister with a wide, tearful gaze.

“I almost died. And I… our lives are dangerous, Alex’s and mine, and I don’t… I don’t ever want to regret not… caring for her like I should. Like I want to.”

“So you’re girlfriends now?”

Alex preens and Maggie smiles, and the defensiveness of Kara’s stance melts just a little.

“That sound okay to you, Danvers?”

“If it’s okay with Kara,” Alex looks at her sister, and Maggie makes a note to remind Alex of the value of living life for herself.

“You don’t need my permission, Alex,” Kara says softly, and Maggie decides, again, that she really likes this girl.

“Come here, then,” Alex invites, and Kara practically bounds across the apartment into her sister’s arms.

“I missed you, Kara,” she kisses her hair. “I was so worried.”

“I’m here. I’m okay. And I want to tell you everything,” Kara says over Alex’s shoulder.

“I’ll go pick up pizza and potstickers,” Maggie offers quietly after a few long moments of the sisters hugging. “Kara, Alex said that’s your favorite. I’ll drop them off for you both, and then I’ll get going.”

“No, Maggie,” Kara interrupts, and Alex and Maggie both stiffen, nervous.
Kara disentangles from her sister’s arms, but she keeps her hands on Alex’s. 

“Bring enough home for three,” she tells Maggie, but Alex is the one she’s smiling softly at.

“By enough for three, she means enough for six: you haven’t seen my sister eat,” Alex tells her, eyes shining with tears, eyes matching her sister’s.

“Pizza and potstickers for six it is,” Maggie grins, her hands still shaking, but her smile?

Her smile can probably be seen way back on Earth 1. 


Jughead ripped through red lights faster than even the most lenient traffic laws allowed, something was wrong. Something was very wrong, and he felt his chest getting tighter the closer Pops came into his view.

The cause of his absolute panic? That would be The text message from Archie currently open on his cellphone, thrown lazily on the passenger seat of Fred’s oldest Pick up truck.

“I’m at Pops with Veronica, she’s a mess. It’s Betty. She’s gone.”

Gone? Gone where? What did that mean? Why wasn’t she answering her phone? And why the hell didn’t he walk her home from school today?!

Betty and Jughead had gotten into an argument earlier that day, an angry, heated, vicious argument, each of their insecurities bubbling up to the surface as they spewed nasty words and said things they were sure to regret. Jughead had skipped walking her home after school, sending Veronica instead. Betty was tense and distant from the morning all the way up to their blowout, when he asked her about her behavior she brushed him off, maybe he should have kept his cool but he hated that she was keeping things from him, needless to say the fight didn’t end well and he had gone off on his own, leaving Betty standing alone, crying in the blue and gold office.

Pulling crookedly into a parking spot in front of Pop Tate’s, Jughead jumped out of the car and ran into the restaurant spotting Veronica crying as Archie had an arm around her consoling her, he practically hopped over the booth
“Where is she? What happened?” He demanded, eyeing the raven haired mess.

Veronica sniffled
“I tried to stop her. I did everything I could, she just lost it. She wouldn’t stop crying, she just kept saying “I’m crazy too, I’m just like Polly”. She was ripping her hands open.. she’s got these scars.. Jughead I did everything I could.“ She whispered through a sob as Archie wrapped her in his arms.

"Where is she?! What do you mean "gone” gone where?! You have to tell me more, I don’t understand” he shouted frustrated, his hands slamming on the table.

Archie could sense his friends mood shifting and spoke in low hushed tones

“Ronnie said she’s having herself admitted, something about the same place as Polly. Dude.. polly.. Polly tried to kill herself last night, Betty found her downing pills in the bathroom, Betty thinks she’s crazy just like Polly she doesn’t want to get worse.” Archie cleared his throat, his brown eyes rimmed with unshed tears, sometimes Jughead forgot that Archie was Betty’s true best friend, he had been there before Veronica, before Kevin, even before Jughead.

“I’ve gotta stop her.” Jughead whispered “I’ve gotta stop her before it’s too late, those people at the Institution? They’ll ruin her. she’s not crazy. You know she’s not crazy.” He looked desperately to his friends who were all nodding

“She’s not crazy, she’s just hurting. She’s overwhelmed, she needs support not a nuthouse” Veronica sniffled

Jughead nodded to his friends as he rose from the booth.

“I’m not letting her drown, not without me.” He declared before running off to the truck and speeding off to Betty’s.

As he raced the streets of Riverdale, time seemed to be nothing but an illusion, he was in front of Betty’s house and slamming on her front door before he even knew he had turned on the ignition.

Alice Cooper opened the door and caught sight of Jughead, her red rimmed eyes and frazzled hair stuck out painfully as she visibly relaxed at the sight of Jughead. She knew her daughters boyfriend was the only one who could talk some sense into her broken daughter.

“Thankgod.” She mumbled “upstairs Jughead” she moved aside, watching him sprint up the stairs “our fair Romeo, off to save Princess Juliet” she whispered, the first hint of a smile she had seen in days resting on her face.

Jughead felt his muscles tighten, as he stood before her door. What was he supposed to say? I’m sorry for not being there? I’m sorry I left you like that? I sorry I couldn’t see that you were hurting, that you needed me?

His anxiety ridden thoughts were quickly cut short as Betty’s bedroom door ripped open revealing the beautiful blonde. Betty’s cheeks were covered in smudges of blood, he assumed from wiping her tears with bloody hands, her ponytail was half down, strands sticking to her damp face, the buttoned blouse she wore was missing a button and her hands were shaking, but god damnit if she still wasn’t the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“Bets.” He whispered

At the sound of his voice, something shifted in Betty’s eyes as she fell against her boyfriend in a pile of chest aching sobs, her hands running all over him almost to ensure that he was real, he knew she was getting blood on his cheeks but that was okay, it was a part of her, a vulnerable, open, heartbreaking piece of his perfectly imperfect girlfriend.

After about thirty minutes of holding her as she wept, her breathing finally slowed and she looked up at him exhausted, her fingers moving to wipe at the blood she had left on his cheek, before flipping her own palm to stare ashamed at what she had done. Jughead shook his head and whispered “no” before bringing her open palm up to his lips and kissing her scars gently.

He heard Betty sigh as she leaned against his shoulder, he had to tell her, he needed her to know, there was so much he could say to her but he settled for

“We’re all crazy”

Those same words he had uttered almost four months ago, relaxing when he felt her smile into his shoulder

“I know.” She whispered