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Hi!! I'm sorry if it is stupid, but i was curious if you could do a reaction: how do you think they would act if they have a small girlfriend ?! Like...5 feet for example?! ( i'm curious because idols are usually surrounded by beautiful female idols/almost models ahah)

Shownu: I really think Shownu would love it since he’s so tall and muscular himself, having a small girlfriend he can teasingly prop his arm on her head when they’re standing together. He’s not too good at skinship, but he’d constantly be patting her head and ruffling her hair.

Wonho: Wonho would love it too! You guys would take the cutest mirror pics where he’s back hugging you and propping his chin on the top of your head. Wonho would also jokingly lean on you when you two are standing together just because you’re at the perfect height to do so!

Kihyun: Kihyun isn’t that tall himself so he’d love a 5 foot girlfriend! He’d be able to comfortably wrap his arm around your shoulders and would be more than happy reaching things on the top shelf for you. 

Minhyuk: Minhyuk would looooooove having a short girlfriend!! He’d love giving her backhugs all the time and he would always have his chin on the top of your head. He’d be the type to give you forehead kisses when you two part ways since you’re at the perfect height for it!

Hyungwon: OMG, Hyungwon and a 5 foot girlfriend. He’d really feel like the oppa with the height difference and I can totally picture him cracking jokes about your height like, “how’s the weather down there?” But he’d love hugging you because he can really pull you into his chest and bear hug you.

Jooheon: Jooheon would find your height so cute, especially if you still had a hip-hop image/style going on. Like you would be trying so hard to look badass but Jooheon would just be gushing over how cute your height makes you.

I.M: Changkyun isn’t super tall either but I can see him being extra cute to you just because your shortness makes him feel more like an oppa than someone who was the same height as him. I feel like he’d even feel more protective of you and would want to be extra gentlemanly around you.

consider: kaz enjoys when inej runs her fingers through his hair, in the center where it’s lengthy, especially after stressful days, because it’s comforting and intimate and won’t require their skin touching. and occasionally there are days when she would delicately graze her nails over the shorter, scruffy sides and it totally makes him W E A K™

OK Piper McLean fans, listen up

I’m Cherokee. I’m a Cherokee girl. I’m a major Piper fan because she’s a Cherokee woman like myself. There’s been some Discourse© about her hair. Sit down, buckle up, because you guys are about to some knowledge dropped on you. 

So the issue is about her hair; people keep drawing my girl with undercuts. I don’t think she would have one, and if she did there’s only one good reason. 

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I can’t believe I get Abby Griffin back in my life in just a little over a month :)

I had a dream last night that I was Megamind

and it was E X C E L L E N T.

It was pre-movie; I was in the middle of an evil plot that was outside the Evil Lair and Roxanne was there (!!!) and tied up, only it was really windy out and she said she hadn’t gotten her hair cut in a while, so it was a little long. 

And it kept blowing in her face, so she finally got annoyed enough with it that she told me to get a pair of bobby pins out of her purse and pin it back for her.


aaaaaaahhhhhhh and I brushed her hair back from her face and I ALMOST DIED OF HAPPINESS, LET ME TELL YOU.

Also, it is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to pin someone’s hair for them when you have never had hair of your own, so I was S T R U G G L I N G, but Roxanne thought it was funny and she laughed (!!!)

And I finally got her hair pinned out of her face, and she jokingly asked if she looked funny and I was already pretty flustered so I was like “no no; you look really pretty!”

and she raised her eyebrows at me and said I must rate my skills as a hairdresser pretty high and I started babbling about how she always looked pretty and it was EXCRUCIATINGLY EMBARRASSING OH MY EVIL GODS.

But Roxanne seemed to think that was funny, too, which (!!!! ??? !!!!)

And then Metro Man showed up, only I’d been so busy with Roxanne that I hadn’t actually even set up the evil plot, so I decided to pretend that there…wasn’t an evil plot. And we were still technically on the Evil Lair grounds, and Metro Man isn’t supposed to attack there unless there’s an evil plot happening.

But Metro Man was all suspicious, so I was like “no, really, nothing happening here” only he insisted that Roxanne was there, and barged past me to look for her and I was like ‘shit’, but when we got to where she had been tied up, she wasn’t there.

(she must have escaped while I was gone)

So Metro Man left and I was like “well, this day is a bust, might as well take a nap,” so I went to my bedroom and took off my shirt and lay down on the bed and okay, maybe I wasn’t exactly intending on napping, per se, but luckily I didn’t do much more than think about…that…because 



And I screamed and launched myself off the bed.

When Roxanne finally stopped laughing at that, she told me she’d gotten lost looking for the exit after she escaped, and had hidden in the closet. 

She also added “now you know how it feels when people break into your house and jump out at you, Megamind.”


And she was leaning up against the doorframe of the closet and I was on the floor in front of her, trying to find my shirt so I could put it on, only it was all inside out and I was flustered because Roxanne (!!!) was in my bedroom (!!!) and she was looking at me with this–expression of amused fondness and it was really difficult to try to function with that happening–

She was teasing me about screaming, which she never does, when I woke up.

…and I just realized, typing this out, that she could have easily waited for me to fall asleep before sneaking out to find the exit, but she deliberately came out of the closet while I was still awake, so she must have wanted to–see me–talk to me–interact with me more–



based off of this post from the other day

you’d think yuugi would eventually get used to cat popping up on him, but he never does

so, uh, we’re just chugging along on this adventure but i definitely have a plot point in mind! or maybe a few points that that are kinda part of a bigger point?

but am i at a point where i’ve developed yuugi and atem’s relationships w each other enough to move on? i honestly don’t know. do u guys want to see them interacting more w/in their friend circles? more kwii and pyurr?


So happy to show you guys my Vanessa Ooak doll. I have been working on this doll for so long and I’m so happy she is complete and I LOVE how she turned out.
She was originally a Belle doll and @arianbutlerart did an AMAZING repaint job!
I did a sketch of what I wanted the outfit to look like and the incredible @stardustdolls made it even better than what I asked for lol. I then added rhinestones and to the bodice and skirt.
I gave her a full re-root with darker brown hair and styled her hair, which was so hard lol
Hope you guys like her 💜

NH Week Day One - Gifts

Special Delivery

Modern AU
T (for language)
Words: 3295
A/N: This is the first NH prompt I’ve written in what feels like forever. I won’t be participating in every prompt this week but I’ll definitely promise you at least three. Hope you enjoy (it’s one of my favorites I’ve written for these two.)

Hinata, no.”

“Really, it’s fine.” She insisted, anxiously fiddling with the ends of her hair. “I want you guys to—“ holding the phone away from her face momentarily, Hinata waited for her coughing fit to pass before inhaling deeply, pressing her phone against her cheek once more, “I want you guys to have fun.”

But it’s your birthday!” Ino all but shouted into the phone. Hinata winced, holding the phone away from her ear slightly. “What kind of friends would we be if we went out without the birthday girl?!

She bit back a laugh. “Don’t worry about it. Trust me, you’re going to have a lot more fun without me.”

Bullshit,” Sakura grumbled. Hinata could only imagine the two girls wrestling back and forth over Ino’s phone. “We only have the most fun when we’re all together.”

Exactly. Who is going to hold Forehead’s hair back now when she inevitably drinks herself sick? I’m not doing it.”

Hinata couldn’t help but smile upon hearing Sakura mutter something in the background that sounded like ‘fuck off Pig’. And when she could hear the two start bickering she couldn’t hold back her laugh.

“I’m serious you two. Go out, have fun. I’ll be here, drinking soup and watching Netflix.”

But how am I supposed to give you your gift!?” Ino whined, her attention back to her phone.

“You can give it to me when I see you guys on Saturday for your New Year’s Eve party!”

But then it won’t be your birthday anymore,” Hinata could hear the pout over the phone and had to sigh.

She should’ve known they would’ve protested as much as they were currently. She understood to an extent. It wasn’t that she was too sick to go out—she may have been exaggerating her up-and-coming cold that had notified her of its presence when she woke up that morning—but she was sick, and she did have to go to Ino’s party four days from now. If she went out tonight there was no way she’d be well enough to go to that.

Hinata wasn’t a big fan of drinking and parties—so she mainly went along with it all since most of her friend were—but if she had to choose when to do it, she’d rather be at her best. And two parties in one week would simply be too exhausting for her little introverted heart to take.

So if it meant skipping out on her own ‘birthday party’, she was alright with that.

“Go out. Have fun. Don’t get too drunk. I’ll see you two on Saturday and we’ll make up for the lost time then. Ino, you can give me your present then.”

A pair of giant, over-dramatic sighs were the only response she got.

Smiling, she continued, “Call your Uber and go have fun. I have a date with Netflix. Love you girls, see you Saturday.”

And as quickly as she could, as to not give them any further time to object, she held her breath and hung up the phone. She knew her best friends, and she knew that if she didn’t end the call, she’d likely be suckered into going regardless. She already felt a tad bit guilty for cancelling but reasoned with herself the same way her friends would.

It was her birthday, so realistically she could lay in bed all night if she wanted.

Letting out a deep breath, she laid back further on her bed and reached for her laptop.

Across town, two women—dressed to impress and with faces very carefully made up—frowned at each other across the couch they were sitting on.

The blonde sighed, turning her attention back toward her phone and sighed, idly tapping the blank touch-screen with carefully manicured fingers.

“So what?” Her pink-haired companion asked. “We still go out? That’s hardly an option now.”

The blonde was silent for a few more seconds before an idea struck her. Slowly, a wicked grin spread across her face.

“Oh no,” Sakura deadpanned. “I know that look. That’s not a good look. What’re you thinking of?”

She rolled her eyes, “It’s nothing bad. Wipe that look off your face, it’s ugly.”

Sakura huffed, blowing a carefully curled piece of hair out of her face. “Alright fine. What’s the plan?”

Ino simply grinned wider, “We send her gift to her.”

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Pairing: Avengers x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Can you do an avengers x reader what the reader does the huh challenge to the avengers or she pranks them ( like wasabi in Tony’s toothpaste or blonde hair dye in Natasha’s shampoo or shaving caps eyebrow or somethings 😭😂

A/N: Drabble because I am bad at doing Avengers x Reader. Feedback anyone? 

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“Ok, which one of you fucking assholes did this?” Natasha asked threateningly as she revealed a wet platinum blonde hair that actually kinda suited her; the members there –Steve, Clint and Bruce– stared at her and looked at one another in confusion, “I made a question.” She glanced at everyone in the room. If looks could kill, she would have ended the Avengers. “So no one did this?” she asked, pointing at her recently dyed hair, “Do you guys know how long it’ll take to take this off? Of course you don’t, because you guys are fucking idiots,” she scoffed, fixing her black robe, “you guys are gonna fucking pay for it.”

She stormed out of the common room and as you walked in that direction, you bumped into her. You saw how furious she was; well, that was after seeing how enraged she passed by. She frowned at you and kept walking.

“Is this a blondes have more fun kinda thing?” you teased, knowing that in her state she could kill you.

“Seriously, fuck off.” She disappeared inside the elevator.

Once you got to the common room, Clint, Steve and Bruce were enjoying some trash TV and having a nice chat.

“Did you saw the blonde wraith that passed by?” you asked, pointing with your thumb at the door.

“Yeah,” Clint looked up, “did you do this?” He cocked an eyebrow.

“What?” you shot back, voice completely high pitched and revealing just how guilty you were of the crime of turning Natasha into a blondie. The three Avengers looked at one another and then they looked at you; it seemed like they had agreed to give you the exact same look. “Guys, what the fuck?” you giggled as you asked, “I didn’t dye Natasha’s hair!”

“Do you think we’re idiots?” Clint asked again.

“Don’t make me answer that.” You shook your head and burst in laughter. You just couldn’t help it; you just loved to play pranks on everyone because they all had sticks up their asses sometimes and they needed to relax and laugh. “Ok, ok,” you admitted, “I may or may not have dyed Nat’s hair”

“She’s gonna kill you.” Bruce looked at you and fixed his glasses.

“Oh well,” you shrugged not very amused, “she’s most certainly not the only one.” You smiled wickedly, and just as if you had set everything together, a loud shriek was heard in the immensity of the Stark tower. “That, my friends, is Tony Stark washing his teeth with wasabi. God bless oral hygiene.” You sighed and took one hand to your heart and raised your other palm. You felt very proud of yourself for such accomplishments, “I was worthy of the Black Widow program, I was a fucking shadow.”

“That won’t prevent you from getting killed, you knew that (Y/N)?” Steve asked flatly, “Although… We could use some of those sneaking abilities of yours. Good job.” He nodded and gave you a thumbs up.

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YOU GUYS! Jackson SNIFFED her hair! and had an orgasm, how did I not see this?! I mean he not only flirted with her but he got a big whiff of her too! xD


Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 88 is a little SVU throwback to the beginning of Barson. Hope you like it. ❤️ I’m especially proud of her hair this time. Hope you guys are having a great day! 😘

“Ha! Senpai choosing you over me?~ You must be dreaming if you think you’re gonna win~”
“You’re dying first.”

I had a poll over on the Yandere Simulator Amino asking which out of the first 5 rivals did they want me to draw (excluding Oka cause she’s obviously going to win.) Unfortunately for me, Kizana won cause she was my least favourite out of the first 4 :’) But either way I still had to draw and ended up having fun with her. even though her hair and the roses murdered me.

Hope you guys enjoy~