her hair was so good and so were her overalls

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Hi! can you write a wonder woman x reader fic based from the song "I won't say I'm in love" from Disney's Hercules?

Okay this became longer than I thought it would be but I am happy with it.


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Diana enjoyed her work at the Louvre. She liked the people she worked with. Well some of them.

Susan her secretary was nice enough but known as a busy body. She would sort out Diana’s appointments, reservations and the like. Her favourite item of Diana’s life she liked getting involved in was her love life.


Diana was walking the many back rooms, where all the soon to be shown pieces are, with Susan following while taking notes. Then she notices you.

You are one of the restoration experts working on the new pieces that would soon be opening in the new wing.

“Wow.” Diana mutters under her breath but Susan being Susan she heard her and looks up from her notes.

“Go talk to her then.”

Diana turns to look at her secretary.

“What have I told you about saying things like that.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Prince but you do have a gala dance coming up and there is a plus one ticket you can use.” Diana looks at her sternly. “You’re right it’s a terrible idea I’m shutting up now.”

Diana smiles but then thinks on what she said and she does have an extra ticket that would just go to waste.

“You know what Susan. I actually think it is a good idea that I ask her. I mean she can always say no.”

Susan gave a thumbs up as Diana walked over to you.

You were so into your work on the statue, that you didn’t hear her come over. Diana cleared her throat making you jump slightly.

“I’m sorry to disturb a woman so in depth with her work but I have a question for you.”

You turn around and smile at her. Diana’s heart skipped a beat. There you stood in overalls, plastic goggles and your hair in a bun on top of your head with a pen stuck in it. You were beautiful. Diana could almost hear Susan telling her to get on with it. Diana shook her head slightly and smiled back.

“How can I help you Ms. Prince?”

“You know me?” Diana was a little shocked by this.

“You are the head of my department; how could I not know who you are.” You suddenly realised that came out a bit harsher than you intended. “I’m sorry that came out mean. You said you had a question for me?”

Diana laughs lightly which makes you nervous.

“That I do. Would you do me the honour of going to a gala dance with me as my plus one.” Quickly she followed it up with. “It is just you spend your days working on so many pieces, that I thought you might like to see some.”

“I don’t know.” Diana’s heart sank. You noticed that she looked sad. “It’s just I don’t own anything to wear to a Gala dance.”

“Oh, I’m sure we can find something for you.” Diana takes the brush out of your hands and removes your goggles.

“What are you doing?” You sputtered.

“We are going to find you a gown for the gala dance.”

“But I can’t afford one.”

“Nonsense I will buy you one. Don’t think I haven’t noticed how well you work. You deserve this as a treat.”

“Ms. Prince I simply can’t accept. I would feel awful about this.”

Diana’s smile falters. Susan saw this and ran over.

“Miss (l/n) what Ms. Prince was trying to say was this can be a part of your years bonus. Oh, do accept She is such a wonderful partner to dance with.”

“Yes, thank you Susan. So, what do you say Miss (l/n)?”

“Well if I am to go. Please call me by my first name. It’s (y/n).”

“Then if I am to call you by yours. You must call me by mine. Please call me Diana.”

You blush.

“May I change my clothes before we go out?”

“Of course. Meet me in the main lobby in shall we say 15 minutes?”

“Works for me. See you then.” You ran to the changing room leaving Diana and Susan to talk about where to get the perfect gown.


Diana was happy you came but of course Susan wanted to come to make sure that the gown would go with Diana’s.

You were in the changing rooms in a high-end shop along one of Paris’ famous shopping districts. Diana paced as you put on the 5 gown. Susan was just not happy with any of them yet.

“You like her.”

Diana stopped pacing and looks at Susan.

“What do you mean?”

“You like like her. I see the way you look at her. Don’t think I don’t.”

“Susan what have I told you about keep your nose out of my love life.”

“Just what I thought. So, are you going to tell her at the gala dance?”

“I’m not in love.” She hissed.

“Oh, you swoon and sigh over her come on admit it.”

“How would you like being out of a job?”

“Point taken. Shutting up now.”

Just then you walk out in a floor length forest green satin dress that hugged your figure in all the right places. Diana felt her breath catch in her throat. You looked stunning. Susan must have noticed this because she stood up.

“So, what do you think?” You twirled on the spot. The dress flared out as you spun.

“I think it is perfect (y/n).” Susan said walking over to you and looking you over. “Yes, this will do nicely.”

“Dare I ask how much it is?”

“Never you mind that. I said I would pay for it and I will.” Diana signals the shop assistant to ring it up. “Now go change and we shall get the dress wrapped up for you.”

“I’m fine with just a bag.”

“No Madame it will crease the fabric.” The shop assistant looks concerned.

“Okay then. Let me change and I will bring it over to get wrapped up.”

“Never you mind that. Just take the gown off and hand it to me.” Susan walked you to the changing room. You look over your shoulder at Diana who was smiling. So, you let Susan move you away.


Diana payed for the dress and no matter how many times you asked her to let you pay for some of it. She would simply brush your words aside.

The gala dance was in two weeks and in that time Diana made sure to come and see you on your breaks. Sometimes she would come with a cup of (coffee/tea) made exactly how you like it.

Diana and yourself got closer and closer. You were excited by the gala dance but nervous too.

It was one of your breaks and Diana took you out to a quaint little café within walking distance of the Louvre. You finally got her to let you pay for the drinks after a while.

“Diana, I have something I have to tell you. Please don’t hate me.”

“Nothing you say would ever make me hate you.”

“It’s just that this gala is a dance and I don’t actually know how to dance. Well not the kind of dancing that is to be expected at a gala.”

Diana smiles fondly.

“Oh darling. Never you mind that. We don’t have to dance. The gala is more a place to mingle with the benefactors of the museum.”

“Right.” You were a little disappointed. You really liked her and wanted so badly to dance with her.


And so came the night of the gala dance. Diana gave you the day off. So you spent it getting ready. You didn’t want to make Diana look bad. You moved quickly around your apartment with curlers in your hair. Your dress, which you had to admit was the most beautiful item of clothing you owned, was hung up on the back of your bedroom door. Susan sent a car for you. She sent you a message saying she will be outside in 15 minutes. You started to panic slightly as your rushed in taking the curlers out of your hair. Luckily you had already done your make up. Smoothing your fly away hairs down you looked at yourself in the mirror. You clean up good. A proper woman to make Diana shine.

You slipped into your dress with 2 minutes to spare. You spent them fiddling with your curls when your door buzzed sounded. You rushed over and said you would be straight down. You grabbed your little clutch bag that Diana got for you to go with your outfit and headed out.

Susan was waiting in a Bentley new continental gt. You got in and smiled as you saw that Diana had left you a little present in the shape of a gold bracelet. You made a note of talking to her about spending so much on you. Yes it was lovely but surely when it came to dating it was give and take. At least you think you were dating. You went on little outings and had dinners in fine restaurant but you had never really asked if you were an item.

Susan was talking about how the event was set out. With the do’s and don’ts of talking to the benefactors. You were half listening because all that was going around in your head was did Diana really like you that way.

It took half an hour to get to the venue. All the while Susan was talking not that you heard much of it. The car had stopped and your door was opened for you.

Diana was stood in front of the car in a burgundy floor length dress. It had a deep v cut neck line. She was smiling when you got out of the car. You had to compose yourself as you were there to make Diana happy.

“You look beautiful Diana.”

She kissed you on both cheeks then offered her arm for you to take. Susan followed closely behind.

The gala dance was amazing. Couples graced the floor as the spun and danced around the centre of the room. Around the outside there were the Benefactors clawing at the chance to talk to the director of restorations. As per usual Diana kept her cool. She introduced you as one of your main restorators. Telling them about the amazing work you did and the museum.

“Oh, Ms. Prince we look forward to your latest installation. You must be so proud.”

“That I am. Miss (l/n) does wonderful work for me.”

“Is that so.” The older gentleman finally looked your way. “I wonder if Miss (l/n) would like to dance with me.”

You tried to refuse but Diana cut in.

“She would love to. Please take it easy on her it is her first time.”

“I will return her safe as houses.”

You glared at her before being ushered to the dance floor.

Susan walked up to Diana.

“Excuse me but what was that?”

“What do you mean?”

“That! Throwing her to the sharks.”

“I didn’t …”

“Yes you did.”

“She seems to be getting the hang of it.”

“Just because you love her doesn’t mean you get to treat her this way.”

“What I don’t love her.”

“Then why all the expensive clothing and outings. You are at least dating the woman, aren’t you?”

“I like to believe I am.”

“But does she know that?”

“I … Would you excuse me Susan.” Diana walks away and up to where you had stepped on the gentleman’s foot for the third time. “May I cut in?”

The gentleman smiles and steps away. Diana didn’t get a chance to speak before you whispered angrily.

“Why did you do that to me?”

“Well he is an excellent dancer. I thought he could teach you.”

“I would rather I had my first proper dance with you.” You look down at your feet.

“Hey now. If I had known of course I would have taken you instead.”

“Diana. What am I to you?” You looked up with tears threatening to escape.

It broke her heart.

“It is simple. You are my girlfriend and I …” You looked at her with hope. “I care for you very much.”

“Then kiss me.”

Diana hesitated yet she looked at your lips that were slightly parted. Diana leant forward just enough for your lips to touch hers. Something exploded inside her. Diana pulled you closer as she deepened the kiss. You melted into her touch.

It felt like the planets had aligned. The kiss was just as you thought it would be. Diana was the first to break away. She was smiling. Luckily both of you went for 24 hour stay lipsticks. You could hear someone clapping. You looked over Diana’s shoulder and saw Susan clapping with a huge grin on her face. Soon the rest of the room had joined in. You hid your face in Diana’s neck.

“Shall we go somewhere quieter my dear?” Diana murmured into your ear. You pulled back and smiled. Diana was so far gone but at least out loud she won’t say she is in love.


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My late and sleep deprived thoughts on Descendants 2

hey so I stayed up super late but I watched this so yeah um here we go

  • like 85% of the movie had improved hair from the first movie good on you guys
  • better songs and choreo than the first film like nice dance numbers and lots of bops
  • this movie made me realize how much I missed china anne mcclain
  • speaking of what’s my name was the best number by far
  • also her eye makeup matched her hair and it was a really good color on her and very pleasing I liked that very much
  • ben is boyfriend material™ fight me
  • um harry I think his name is yeah him his eye makeup got increasingly darker and bolder throughout the film but honestly I preferred it that way it made his face more dynamic so I guess it payed off
  • y’all know I like arms and biceps and this film did not disappoint there was a whole fight between the two strongest guys and both of them had sleeveless outfits so that was very very nice to watch idk if it was a conscious decision by the costume crew or what but I mean thank you I’ll send y’all flowers
  • glad Mulan’s daughter got more plotline I really like seeing her fight and show those guys up good for her for being captain of the team
  • actually the whole sword fight was one of my favorite parts 
  • the dance number in the water um looked risky they were doing flips and stuff on there that didn’t seem safe rip anyone who twisted an ankle or fell or injured themselves in anyway while filming that scene
  • speaking of after dance mal was dry like her hair was perfect again so um I think she still be using those spells on the downlow
  • I guess we’re getting a third movie???
  • anyways overall I like it much more than the first film so yeah

That’s all I can think of rn it’s 3am idk why I watched but it was a good time I guess goodnight y’all I need sleep

A Little Jingle PT1 (Newt Scamander x Slytherin!Reader)

Summary: Hogwarts organizes a Christmas party, and Y/N from Slytherin and Newt get chosen to help set it up. During the preparations, they become close friends and the night of the party, he confesses to her that he likes her.

A/N: IN THE CHRISTMAS MOOD AF RN. Also, this is my first Newt, so I’m sorry if this sucks. ALSO. HOW FRKN ADORABLE IS NEWT. Another also. This is a Slytherin reader so I’m sorry if you’re not in the best house ever. JUST KIDDING. I love all houses x

Also, part 1 is really dull, nothing really happens. BUT I PROMISE IN PART 2 THINGS HAPPEN SO PLEASE DONT BE DISAPPOINTED!

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A Little Jingle (Newt Scamander x Slytherin!Reader)

Y/N cackled loudly at the joke her friend said. This was a regular thing during class, Y/N never listening, always laughing and joking with whoever is beside her.

A few tables away, sat a quiet Hufflepuff boy, Newt Scamander. He was doodling softly on his History of Magic book, not really caring about the subject much. He had a real passion for Care of Magical Creatures and knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to it.

“So, that is what we are going to do for the holidays this year. Now, all I need are the two volunteer helpers from this year. Anyone?”

The class remained silent. No one really felt like being trapped with 2 people from each year, setting up decorations when they can be outside in the snow or chilling in their common rooms.

“No? Well, I guess I’m going to have to pick.” Said Professor Binns (he was alive at that time hahah). “Y/L/N. And Scamander. Since you two have shown SUCH big interest in today’s lesson, I’m sure you two will show as much to the organisation of this party. Come meet me after class.”

Y/N huffed angrily. She wasn’t really involved in any volunteer work of the sort and wasn’t going to look forward to it. Although, the holidays were her favourite, the white snow and just the cheery atmosphere overall made her so happy. She turned around to look at the so-called Scamander and smiled. Although she look a little tough on the exterior, she really did have a good heart inside. And damn, to her surprise, that so-called Scamander was hella cute.

Newt felt his cheeks grow pink as Y/N flashed him her gorgeous smile. She was very pretty, and not in a stereotypical way. She didn’t wear endless amounts of makeup, or spend hours doing her hair, she was a natural beauty. Some people weren’t too into it, but the ones who were, were crazily. She was effortlessly beautiful, and Newt liked that, because he did believe that natural beauty is the best beauty of all.

The bell rang, waking the young boy up.

“Scamander, Y/L/N.” Professor Binns called. Y/N dragged her feet to his desk as Newt stumbled forward.

“So, you don’t have to worry too much about this. Basically, tomorrow, Christmas night, there’ll be a huge party, and the Great Hall is going to be divided in sections. Each year is in charge of a section, and you guys, 6th, have to decorate the east corner and provide desserts.”

“What, don’t the house-elves cook?”

“You have to help. It’s kind of a little punishment for you students who don’t pay attention in class.” The teacher grinned nastily.

“Joke’s on you, I love cooking.” Y/N retaliated. This was true, she absolutely loved food preparation, and she felt she was going to have some fun with this.

They were dismissed. Newt, not really knowing what to do, left class.

“Hey wait up!” Y/N called after him. “Hey. I’m Y/N by the way, if you didn’t know.”

“Cool. I’m uh I’m Newt.”

“Awesome. So I heard after dinner when the tables get cleared away, we have to go to the Great Hall to start working. Maybe we can meet at my common room?” Y/N said.

“Sounds, sounds good. Um the Slytherin common room is near the dungeon right?” Newt questioned.

“Oh well, maybe it’ll be better if I come to the Hufflepuff common room? Like it’s right beside the kitchens?”

“Sounds good. Well, I’ll meet you there?”

“Yep. See ya Newt.” Y/N smiled broadly and patted his shoulder before taking off to her next class, leaving Newt grinning goofily.

She really was nice, he thought. She wasn’t what Slytherins were rumored to be (we’re not all bitches you know J). He felt himself start to take a liking towards her. The bell snapped him out of it.

For the first time ever, Newt couldn’t concentrate in Care of Magical Creatures. They were learning about Bowtruckles, a creature Newt already knew everything about. His thoughts kept on wandering off to Y/N. Her smile, her kindness, her laugh. Was she single? I think she is, he thought. But how on earth would he ever end up with her? Already that a Hufflepuff and Slytherin relationship was unlikely, but a relationship between him and her? Impossible.

The minutes ticked away and Newt found himself at dinner, sitting beside his fellow Hufflepuffs, chatting about the party. He was in the middle of a sentence when his wandering eyes rested upon the Slytherin table. Y/N was spitting out a mouthful of soup, eyes watering from laughter. She was so cute when she laughed, which was constantly. Her watery eyes suddenly lifted and locked with Newt’s. Newt reddened as Y/N grinned and waved.

 “Hey Newt, who you looking at?” his friend said.

“Hmm? Oh um. Nothing, I mean no one.” He finished his meal normally and took off towards his common room. To his surprise and his delight, Y/N was waiting in front of the door. Spotting him, she heaved a relieved sigh.

“Hey. I’m so stupid I forgot to ask you what the password was.”

“Oh I’m so sorry for not telling you, have you been waiting long?”

“What, oh no no don’t apologize, it’s not your fault. Um, I’ve been here a good 10 minutes but it’s alright, you’re here.” Y/N beamed.

 “So there’s still like a half hour until the tables clear, do you want to take a walk somewhere?”

“I’d love to.” Newt answered, his heart leaping in excitement.

“I love walks. They’re really therapeutical, you know” Y/N spoke. 

They walked and talked, conversation rolling smoothly. Y/N expanded on how she loved walks, how whenever her anxiety would hit its peak, she’d walk around the Black Lake. Newt looked at her speak adoringly. He had no idea on her problems, she always hid it so well.

“Oh my god.” She suddenly clapped her hands to her mouth. “I just realized I was rambling on me! Oh god, I’m so sorry.”

“What? Oh no, it’s nothing, I like learning about you.”

“Anyways, so um tell me about yourself.” Y/N said, resuming their walk. Normally, Newt was very reserved and introverted, but for some reason he didn’t feel uneasy one bit around Y/N. He started explaining how he loved magical creatures, how the wizarding society had a bad impression of them. Y/N watched him, smiling to herself at how cute he was, talking about something he loved. Y/N appeared to be very bold on the outside, but inside she was just as shy as Newt. 

They walked, talking and chuckling and smiling. This might sound cliché, but it did really seem they knew each other for years. The conversation topic soon turned to relationships.

“Well, I’ve dated 2 guys before…It didn’t work out too well.” Y/N fell silent. She had dated 2 bad boys before, both relationships ending disastrously. She had soon figured out that she wanted a sensitive guy, someone who can really love her. Fluffy relationships were much better than cool, thrilling ones, in her opinion. “What about you?”

“Oh I’ve never really um had a girlfriend. I’ve had a couple crushes, but you know. That’s it.”

“Cool.” Y/N didn’t really know what to say to this. “Um, do you have one right now?” Shit. What a not subtle thing to say, Y/N thought. Caught up in her embarrassment, her foot missed a step and she tumbled down the last few steps of the staircase.

“Y/N!” Newt cried out, worried.

 Silent gasps for air escaped her mouth. Soon, they turned into loud laughs. Newt ran down and helped her up. 

“Are you okay? Jesus you scared me.”

“HAHAHAHA my gosh, I must’ve looked so stupid!” Y/N continued to cackle.(little parentheses again hehehe guys I fall all the time on the staircase at my school, it’s so funny)

Newt still looked at her, still a little scared. God, he was so caring.

“Oh gosh. That was funny. Hey, I think we should head over to the Great Hall now eh?” Y/N chuckled

.“Yeah sure.”

They made their way to the Great Hall, chuckling and occasionally bumping into each other a bit. If anyone saw them, they would assume that the two were a couple. The two smiled unceasingly at each other, and although everything had happened very fast, their feelings for each other grew even faster. And inside, they both couldn’t wait for what this Christmas party might bring…  

Part 2