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Felix: Not that I’m not always here anyways….but why did you invite me and whoever this dude is over?

Misael: It’s Misael, but thanks for that.

Yasmin: Look, you guys were the only ones that weren’t busy right now, okay? Anyways we have an important mission for you!

Rhen: And by important she means entirely unimportant, but you’re still doing it so don’t weasel out of this, got it? Good.

I wish harry got to know more about the marauders era so we can find out more too. imagine remus, sirius, and harry just sitting by the fireplace eating treacle tart and talking about anything but the war   

  • maybe talk about the pranks they used to pull at hogwarts 
  • and how they kept track of the amount detentions they got
  • james and sirius would always be neck-to-neck trying to get more detentions than the other 
  • and how sirius colored mcgonagall’s robes neon colors for an entire week 
  • and talk about how lily became like a sister to them 
  • she also joined in on their pranking 
  • and helped peter with his essay 
  • and how the five of them would sit around the common room laughing and talking till someone complained to mcgonagall and she came in at 2 in the morning with her hair in a messy bun wearing a neon pink robe looking like she’s about to murder them, and they just laugh even more until they’re crying 
  • telling harry the little sweet moments between james and lily 
  • and even better, getting a pensieve and showing harry all the moments the five used to have
  • so harry can know more about his parents than just the fact he looks like them
Don’t Help - Ten | Part 1

can you write something where ten is a rich guy at your high school and you’re poor, and he helps you out? but like you dont like his help at first. thank yuuuuu

Sure! I’m going to make this a multi-part thing, so here’s part one!


Part 1

“Look at her hair,” Minji says. “Does she cut it herself?”

“And her uniform is falling apart at the edges.  She should buy a new one,” Eunjin responds.

The girls titter amongst themselves and you look away, pretending not to hear them. It’s okay, you think.  I don’t need money or friends, I’m only here to get good grades so I can get a scholarship…

The lunch bell rings and everyone in your class leaves, calling out to friends to sit with.  You watch them go. I wonder what it would be like to have someone like that? Someone who you know really well, someone who takes care of you all the time, someone who protects you and eats with you… You sigh. Well, I guess not everyone has someone like that.

You stand up and walk out of the classroom, carrying the lunch that your mother made for you.  

“Just eat this,” your mom would always say.  “It’s nutritious and it’s much less expensive than the lunches you buy at school.  Think of all the art supplies that I could buy you with that money!”

You sigh.  Mom never buys me new art supplies.  She always uses the money to get clothes and supplies for Dongjin, my little brother…

—————-(Ten’s POV)————

Ten stands in the hallway and watches you walk out of the classroom, alone like you are everyday. You turn the corner to go to the lunchroom, not looking up.

Ten sighs.  She’s always like this.  When’s the last time she and I talked? Maybe middle school, before her father lost his job? [y/n] was bright and happy back then.  She talked to me all the time, even though I was just the shy kid at the back of the class.  

He walks closer to your classroom and looks inside.  What should I do for her? I have money, but that’s all I can give her.  How would I do it anyways? Ten approaches your desk, sitting your seat and looking around.  I bet she doesn’t have any friends…

Ten glances down at your notebook.  He peers closer, reading a list that you wrote titled:’art supplies”.

“This would be perfect,” he says out loud. Quickly, Ten covers his mouth and looks around worriedly, although no one is around. He grabs his phone from his picture and snaps a picture, then walks out of the room, whistling to himself.

——— (Your POV) ————

You slump into your seat, laying your head onto your desk.  You slide your backpack from your shoulders and sit up, stretching your arms above your head.  School starts so early… you muse to yourself as you stand up and walk to the back of your classroom.  You take the lock off of your locker, then gasp in surprise, stepping back quickly.  

Inside of your locker is a mountain of art supplies, with a card on the top of the pile reading: ‘We haven’t talked in a long time.  Maybe you remember me? But no hints~”

You pick up the card and stare at the writing.  I don’t recognize this handwriting, so I don’t think this is another prank.  You reach your hand into your locker, just about to pick up the beautiful colored pencils on top of the pile when someone behind you begins talking.

“Hey, [y/n].  What’s in your locker? Is it something cool?”

You shut your locker quickly and turn around, putting your back on your locker.  Minji and Eunjin stand in front of you,  looking at you suspiciously.  

“Got something good, [y/n]?”

Minji laughs.  “She doesn’t have anything.  She’s poor, remember?”

Eunjin laughs along with Minji, but steps forward.  “Let us see, huh?”

You open your mouth to respond to Eunjin when the school bell rings, ending your conversation.  Einjin and Minji smirk at you and return to their seats.  You sigh, then sit down.

At least Ill have a little bit of time to pretend that those supplies are mine.  Once they get inside of my locker, they are going to take them for sure…

Time passes quickly, and soon enough the bell for lunch rings.  You get up quickly and stand by your locker, trying not to draw attention to yourself.

Minji and Eunjin stand together with a girl from another classroom, talking animatedly.

“Yeah,” the other girl was saying. “There’s a new male student in my class and he’s really good looking.  As good looking as an idol! And his clothes are new and expensive looking.  Everything about him is perfect! He doesn’t talk much though…”

Eunjin and Minji smile at each other. “Let’s go see him.” Minji says.

“Of course,” Eunjin says happily. “But what about [y/n]?”

Minji turns to you, and you turn away quickly.  “Oh right, I almost forgot. Lets look in her locker first.”

You step in front of your locker and shake your head. Einjin laughs and Minji steps forward.

“Are you saying no to us right now?”  Minji laughs and tosses her hair. “Seems like you aren’t afraid of us anymore.  Aren’t we scary? Wanna get hit?”

Minji raises her hand and you flinch, closing your eyes in anticipation for the hit.  But for some reason, the blow never comes.  

You open your eyes and are surprised by the fact that there is someone standing in front of you, holding Minji’s raised wrist in their hand.

“Don’t hit her,” the boy says.  “Did something happen?”

Minji’s mouth forms an ‘o’ and her cheeks turn pink. “N-no…” she stammers.  Eunjin raises her hand to her mouth and stares at the boy standing in front of you in amazement.

You gasp as the boy turns around and touches your shoulder gently.  “Are you okay?” he asks.

He is handsome… The boy is tall with dark hair and pale skin.  His angular nose compliments his beautiful brown eyes, his eyes that vaguely seemed familiar…

“[y/n]?” The boy leaned closer to you. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

You shake your head slowly, dazed and confused. “No….” He knows my name…

You glance to your side and gasp again.  Female students are piled around the windows and are leaning into the doorframe of your classroom, probably trying to get a glance of the boy standing in front of you.

He looks in the same way that you are looking and looks on in surprise. He turns back to you and laughs. “Seems like you are pretty popular.  Do you get in fights often?”

You almost laugh out loud, but notice the innocent and open look in his eyes.  He’s not kidding around, he actually doesn’t know that they are here because of him…

“Ah… not really,” you say quietly.

The boy takes your hand and grins again.  “Let’s go then.”

As he pulls you away through the crowd of girls, all looking at him, you realize it.  The same beautiful eyes, the same radiant smile, the same open face, it all makes sense now.  Its him.

“Ten?” you ask.

Ten turns back to you and smiles. “Hi, [y/n]. I’m glad you remember me.”


Part 2




Sun Ryder - in game screencaps

OMG i am so pleased with how she looks. I feel like I lucked out because Preset 1 had pretty much all the right features for her look. The hair also should be a little shorter, but this is close enough I am pretty happy!!! :)

Unfortunately, I haven’t really gotten the same happy result with her brother’s face.. I tried my best but it’s no way near the way I picture Moon.. but here’s what I managed anyway in case you’re curious:

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 4

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 4
Word Count: 560
Warnings: Fluff mostly, I’m pretty much just having fun with this story now… Just go with me on this, it’ll be fun!
(Parenthesis are Jim’s thoughts.) [Brackets are Bones’ thoughts.]

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz

Jim and Bones left the office, after each took a healthy swig of bourbon, and silently went back to where Y/N lay on the bed. She had stopped crying and looked like she had drifted to sleep, her hands resting on her pregnant belly. Christine had brought her a blanket and helped her let her hair down. She looked quite comfortable laying there with her hair spread over the pillow, face peaceful and relaxed.

Jim’s breath caught in his chest. (She’s so beautiful. So amazing.)

“You’re beautiful too, Jim” she murmured in her sleep.

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nour386  asked:

Stanley D1 and Molly D2?

“Daddy look I found a clamshell!” Molly said excitedly as she shoved a purple clam shell into her father’s face. 

 They were staying in a hotel near a beach while he was working in the dock in the area, so he’d decided to take his little girl to the beach on one of his few days off. Molly had spent most of the time running around looking for driftwood and shells, and he was happy to sit on a towel and occasionally examine whatever the toddler brought to him. “Yep, that’s real nice pumpkin.”

“Do you think any clams here will have pearls in ‘em?” She was smiling up at Stanley, excited about the chance of finding an exciting treasure. She had a few freckles across her face that had been brought out by the sun, and with her hair down she looked remarkably like her mother. He grinned down at her, loving her enthusiasm.

“Maybe, why don’t you go treasure hunt and see if you can find a big one?”

“Okay daddy!” 

I decided those two outfits could conceivably both be used as swimsuits, so I made it little Molly and Stan having a day at the beach before they got to Gravity Falls.

had a dream last night that beyonce died??? and i went to her funeral which done very padme amidala style like full procession on the streets and she was carried in a open casket to show that she slays even in death like bitch looked gorgeous her hair was on point!! and i was crying my eyes out watching from the sidelines…like what does this even Mean???

edward-human16  asked:

Hey Connor, can you please tidy up your hair? Your hair is just too messy, it is much harder to draw you when comparing to other characters!!!!

Connor: No! *grabs a toy shovel and trash can

Nova: YOU NEED A HAIR CUT FOUR EYES! *mutters under her breath* even if you look great.

Connor: *Hiss*

Henry: Connor, you need one

Connor; jabs with the toy shovel* 

Rachel: Connor, sweetie you need….

Connor; *hisses* 

Rocky: *gleefully holding up a chanisaw*


Jack;..dude, it’s just a haircut…..




PRIZE: ITS ASHLEY’S OFFICIAL POST-VOLTARIAN/AKARAN(thats woevers ruling chrysaline at the time ok) OUTFIT 






if u wanna do her hair u can too

be aware the horns stay

U can make her like royalty too thatd b qt


Bleas make it appropriate…

bleas make it practical

Thank u


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