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You’ve Got Something Just There

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A/N: This isn’t great but I had to, I genuinely couldn’t help myself. This is based off two (anon) asks someone sent @beronica-love because oh my god. I love them so much.

Summary: The Lodge’s are having issues with their car and Betty is unexpectedly skilled and willing to help 

Word Count:1,690

Warnings: NONE they are perfECT, my only warning is that they’re both perfect just in general

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Hii!!! I absolutely love your blog. Is my favorite one of Riverdale. If you're still taking prompts, I thought of a great one. Betty and Jug are best friends but both have it bad for each other but they don't know how the other feels. So one night they have a halloween party and Betty goes as she was in 1.03 and Jug (however you want but shirtless) and they're both shocked, especially Jug. They start flirting with each other until they realize they are more than friends.

Yes yes yes! I love this one.

It came as no surprise to anyone that Halloween was Jughead Jones favorite holiday, the one day a year he could be as dark and mysterious as he wanted and it was deemed socially acceptable, not that he cared what his peers thought of him, but sometimes it was easier to fly under the radar.

Speaking of Halloween, his redheaded best friend was currently trying his absolute hardest to convince Jughead to go to some Halloween party at the blossom mansion.

“Come on dude, it’ll be awesome. You love all that spooky stuff, I’m sure you can find something to creep on in that huge mansion! You’ve gotta come dude, it’s like.. a right of passage.” Archie pleaded, playfully punching Jugheads shoulder.
Jughead just rolled his eyes at his friend
“I see no appeal in hanging around a bunch of drunk and rowdy football players and half naked cheerleaders.”

“Did someone mention drunk cheerleaders?” Veronica said as she, Betty and Kevin dropped their trays at the lunch table, Betty taking her usual spot next to Jughead and shooting him her most excited smile.
“Are you guys talking about the blossoms Halloween party tonight? I can’t wait! What are you going as juggie? Just wait til you see my costume it’s a little crazy!”

He caught Archie’s eyes from across the table and he was actually smirking, he knew exactly what was about to happen
“Well actually Jughead has decided not too….”
Archie was abruptly cut off when Jughead kicked him from under the table finishing off the sentence
“Tell anyone what I’m going as, I decided I’m gonna keep it a surprise, ya know ‘tis the season of mystery and all that.” He finished lamely.
Archie snorted and jughead shot him a glare.
It was physically impossible for Jughead to say no to Betty and he sure as hell wasn’t about to disappoint her or let her down. She was his best friend after all, well after Archie of course.

Betty nodded understandingly
“I get that, well in that case I can’t tell you what I’m being! It’ll be a suprise for both of us!”

Kevin was staring at Jughead with a knowing smile and it made Jugheads skin tingle “what is it Keller?”

He just shrugged his shoulders still smiling
“Oh nothing. I just can’t wait for you to see Betty’s costume is all.”

Jughead felt the dark presence before he saw her. Cheryl blossom. How she had become part of this group was beyond him, but everyone else tolerated her so he just sucked it up.
She squeezed her ridiculously skinny self in between Kevin and Veronica and flipped her red hair directly into Kevin’s face.
“I’m sure Betty will look absolutely… darling, but wait until you guys see my costume. Veronica tell them how amazing my devil costume is.”
Jughead snorted and mumbled “how appropriate” under his breath, smiling when he heard the blonde beside him giggle.

Veronica rolled her eyes, “it’s a pretty banging costume, but it’s nothing compared to my cat woman costume, Josie actually helped me get it together. I told her I have to become an official member of the pussycats now.”

They went on to argue about who was going to look better before the final bell rang, pulling everyone apart and setting them off in separate directions. Jughead and Betty were headed the same way and she poked his side

“I didn’t take you for a Halloween party guy, don’t get my wrong I’m totally excited that you’re going, I would pretty much die without you but I figured you would rather be at home watching all the remakes of Friday the 13”
Actually he had planned on watching the Blair witch project first, but she knew him too well.

“It’s good to expand your horizons, figure one party won’t kill me, plus I get to see you in whatever silly costume you decide to wear.” He shoved her gently as she giggled
“Oh it’s silly alright.”

The rest of the day went by far too quick, Jughead was nervous about going to the blossoms, he had never been to a party let alone dressed the way he was. He stared into the mirror in Archie’s room. Said boy standing beside him dressed in army pants and some face paint, dog tags hanging over his bare chest. Archie had insisted they both go shirtless, it had been funny at the time but now? Not so much.

Staring into the mirror he sighed

He had on bright red suspenders pulled around his naked torso, connected to pretty low slung jeans, the bright yellow construction hat was placed on top of his head in place of his crown beanie and he was holding a hammer. He knew his body wasn’t In horrible shape, working at Fred’s construction over the summer had bulked him up and Betty was always squeezing his arms appreciatively underneath his tshirts. He knew Betty would love this costume, she would appreciate the irony of the wholesome facade. So maybe that’s why he agreed to wear this dumb outfit, Betty was always there in the back of his mind, why? Well he had no clue about that one.

“Ready to go?” Archie said from the door swinging his car keys.

Taking one final look into the mirror, Jughead shook his head, following the soldier to battle.

The party was loud and it was crowded, girls in lingerie were clinging to boys in basketball jerseys and boys in just underwear. He didn’t feel so bad about his toplessness now.

“Yo! Jug! Do you see the girls anywhere? I promised Ronnie the first dance!” Archie shouted over the thumping music and screaming guests.

Jughead just shook his head, wincing as someone dropped a red solo cup at his feet.

Kevin was the first to find them, he was already a little tipsy as he clung to Jughead
“Have you seen her yet?! Total smoke show am I right?!”
Jughead looked down at him confused
“What are you talking about?”
Kevin looked to his side and his smile got even dopier as he pointed a finger

Following his hand, Jughead nearly dropped the boy to the ground.

Walking towards them, almost in slow motion was Betty and Veronica. Veronica was dressed in a ridiculously tight black latex suit and cat ears but she could have been wearing a full transformers suit and he wouldn’t have noticed his eyes were drawn to the girl standing beside her.

Betty Cooper was not Betty Cooper, she was something else entirely. Her long blonde hair was tucked away into a short black bob that accentuated her high cheek bones and rosy pink cheeks, she was wearing no top at all just a black lacy bra and a tiny little black skirt, her long tan legs were bare only lacy garters topping her thighs, the sky high black stilettos made her ankles look even tinier and her lips were covered in ruby red lipstick while her bright green eyes were lined with black, her long eyelashes heavy.
As she approached the three boys she bared her teeth, revealing realistic looking plastic fangs.

Veronica instantly grabbed onto Archie’s hand and pulled him away “first dance! You promised.” He was only happy to oblige following her leather clad booty.

Betty wasn’t speaking, her fiery green eyes trained on his bare chest occasionally alternating to his exposed arms. He couldnt say anything he wasn’t speaking either, having her this close he had a much better look at her ample chest in her barely their bra.

“Earth to bughead? As fun as it is to see you two ogle each other you might wanna move out of the middle of the floor!” Kevin shook them both out of their staring contest, Betty blushing bright pink as Jughead rubbed the back of his neck.

Putting his hand on her lower back he brought his lips to her ear so she could hear him over the music “wanna get a drink?” He asked
She nodded a little dazed by his proximity

As soon as they reached the kitchen and he handed her a beer, she was grinning
“I love your costume, who are you supposed to be Archie Andrews?”

He laughed out loud “well who wouldn’t want to be Archie Andrews? Americas golden boy, football captain, every girl in the world wants him. I could only dream of being such a guy.” He put his hand over his heart, fake swooning.

Betty laughed before looking down and playing with the top of her beer bottle
“Well just for the record. I would take Jughead jones over Archie Andrews any day.” She smiled at him.

He felt his cheeks heat and he couldn’t keep the smile off of his face. “So a vampire huh? What inspired this little number?” He reached a hand out to tug on her wig.
She shrugged smiling

“I like it, it’s dark and mysterious and fun! It’s what I wish I could be, ya know minus the black hair. I kinda like my blonde hair!” She giggled

Jughead tugged on her hand, pulling her closer to him “well for the record.” He smiled imitating her previous declaration “you are fun. and you’ve always been a mystery to me Betty cooper.” They both vaguely realized how close they had gotten. And Betty whispered inches away from his lips, smirking
“So you don’t like the costume?”
He laughed out loud and brought his lips to hers
“Oh no I love the costume.”

Then they were kissing. It was everything he never knew he needed. Her body fit perfectly into his and the way she nibbled on his bottom lip, sent him into another world. She tasted like strawberries and beer. His new favorite combination. Pulling away he smiled at the sound of her whimper.

Finally opening her eyes she raised a perfect brow
“I thought we were just friends Jughead Jones?” She grinned evilly.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her into his side
“Oh bets, I don’t think we were ever “just friends”

She nodded against his side before turning to him and smiling, holding out her hand
“Okay than on the topic of firsts, how would you like to dance with me?” She was grinning mischievously and he sighed, smiling goofily

He could never say no to Betty Cooper.




From the outside you seem to have everything. Everything other girls want to be. Good looking, beautiful and an amazing singer. But no one sees what really blooms inside you. The darkness is about to consume you every day a little bit more. Can this handsome stranger who was there when you needed him the most also save you from the darkness lurking inside you? 

Part 1      Part 2      Part 3      Part 4      Part 5      
Part 6      Part 7      Part 8      Part 9      Part 10   
Part 11    Part 12    Part 13    Part 14     Part 15 (Final)



Greek mythology!AU. James Barnes is the most feared man of the world. Mortals know him as Hades, God of the Underworld. You are a goddess yourself mortals call Persephone but you’re still scared of James. When Zeus and Demeter betroth you to Hades, you are furious. But you also can’t deny you’re drawn to the dark, attractive god. Maybe he’s not what he seems. What better person than you to look behind his facade, his wife.

Part 1     



To celebrate my 500 Followers I wrote this fluffy One-Shot  
Enjoy and thank you all for supporting me ♥ ♥ ♥

You’re having a bad day and Bucky makes it his mission to cheer you up.

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::★:: NOCTURNAL ::★::

You can’t remember when the last time was you really slept during night. With nothing else to do, you wander in the silent halls of the Avengers Tower. You hate not being able to sleep at night. Will that change when the handsome Bucky Barnes accompanies you during these restless dark hours?

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It was supposed to be the most beautiful day of her life. Her wedding day. But it became her worst, after catching her fiancé sleeping with her best friend and bridesmaid. She went to the only person that came to her mind. Tony Stark. After the huge betrayal of her fiancé he’s the only man she trusts completely, along with the other Avengers she knows. But how does the new addition to the heroes, the handsome Bucky Barnes, fit into the picture?

Part 1 - coming soon

::★:: MIRROR OF HER SOUL ::★::

Making the people around her believe they know how she feels through her hair colors is one thing, but showing them her real feelings is something else. More than once she wished she could also manipulate her eye colors with her mutation. Then she wouldn’t have to wear sunglasses all the time to make sure no one can read her like an open book. See right into her soul just by seeing the colors of her eyes. Especially not Bucky Barnes.

Part 1 - coming soon

::★:: SIRENITY ::★::

Reader is a mutant with a special power … well voice. Her voice is like that of a siren, making every man who hears it instantly fall in love with her. She promised herself to never speak again because of her mutant power. But what happens when she meets the handsome Bucky Barnes and helplessly falls for him? Can she still keep her promise or will she use her voice to make Bucky’s heart forever hers?

Part 1 - coming soon

To be fair the main reason I’m trying to improve my artistic capabilities is so I can more accurately capture beautiful, cute girls like @theclosetpianist here |‘3

Link to the picture I used for reference (cw for cute faces) http://theclosetpianist.tumblr.com/post/164064143901/theclosetpianist-got-my-hair-done-and-put-on

So I commissioned the artist who dose the hair for yanderesimulator, i know im kinda dumb for doing so but i did it anyways because I guess I just wanted my own fan characters in the game.
Anyways I commissioned them two times The first time went great! The hair looked good (least I though so) and i was pretty happy to see it alive! this was it

Thats not really her name, her last name was something else but the hair maker said the name was the same as an anime character so we changed it for her DA.

So the second commission i wanted my boy Yasha this is him

He’s pretty cute, and one of my fav to make. So they made his hair and it looked pretty alright! I was fairly happy with it!

So I paid for it and they sent it to Dev… and this is what he said

I was appalled, not really surprised but still, the artist was even confused by his reaction, so I asked what eventually made it not work for males and this is was his response

 How would it fucking make “more sense” as a girl hairstyle? It seems like a pretty gender neutral hairstyle to me, Im so mad because I spend 60 bucks on this , the artist was kind enough to make a new hair for me and i just picked long curly hair because I didn’t care anymore.
This is the stereotypical shit I hate, it’s like men can fucking have soft poofy hair you asshole, Yasha is a bit feminine  but who cares?? Guys can have any hair they want!

I was debating on if i should post this because the person doing the hair is really nice but, at this point I just don’t care anymore. 
It my own fault for getting involved but now i’m 100% done, I’m probably not gonna be on this blog anymore as i wanna completely get yandere sim out of my life.

OK, I’m prefacing this by saying I am not a Muslim, so if I get this wrong, I apologize. But, even though Sana Bakkoush is a character in Skam, her actress, Iman Meskini, is still a practicing Muslim in her own life. So, even in scenes where Sana might not be wearing her hijab (i.e. at home in her room before bed), Iman Meskini is still on camera being recorded and broadcast around the world. It makes sense to me that she would then want something else (like the towel covering her hair in the scene where Sana’s and her mom are talking in Sana’s room) because even though Sana might be in private, Iman Meskini is not. IDK I think I’m not explaining my feelings well; I just think we as a fandom (specifically non-Muslim fans) ought to be understanding that we don’t have any right to anything more than the actress is comfortable with. I love Sana as a character so much and Iman Meskini is such a fabulous actress.

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important Yuri on ice question: what do u think of Mila babicheva

my qUEEN

I’m truly in love with her ngl


So guys not much have answered on my previous post. So I try it again. This time I tag some of my fave people here on tumblr. Hope you don’t mind.


Send me the title or the number of the fic you would like to read next. I haven’t written a single thing yet, so I wanna know what you guys would like to read. Please take the time and vote! Love every single one of you guys! You are amazing! ♥♥♥

~ (my birthday… so see it as a little gift for me. lol) ~

1)   ::★:: HAPPILY EVER AFTER ::★::

It was supposed to be the most beautiful day of her life. Her wedding day. But it became her worst, after catching her fiancé sleeping with her best friend and bridesmaid. She went to the only person that came to her mind. Tony Stark. After the huge betrayal of her fiancé he’s the only man she trusts completely, along with the other Avengers she knows. But how does the new addition to the heroes, the handsome Bucky Barnes, fit into the picture?

2)   ::★:: MIRROR OF HER SOUL ::★::

Making the people around her believe they know how she feels through her hair colors is one thing, but showing them her real feelings is something else. More than once she wished she could also manipulate her eye colors with her mutation. Then she wouldn’t have to wear sunglasses all the time to make sure no one can read her like an open book. See right into her soul just by seeing the colors of her eyes. Especially not Bucky Barnes.

3)   ::★:: SIRENITY ::★::

Reader is a mutant with a special power … well voice. Her voice is like that of a siren, making every man who hears it instantly fall in love with her. She promised herself to never speak again because of her mutant power. But what happens when she meets the handsome Bucky Barnes and helplessly falls for him? Can she still keep her promise or will she use her voice to make Bucky’s heart forever hers?


James Barnes is the most feared man of the world. Mortals know him as Hades, God of the Underworld. You are a goddess yourself by mortals called Persephone and still you’re scared of James. When Zeus and Demeter decide you will become his wife you are furious. But you also can’t deny you’re drawn to the dark attractive god. Maybe he’s not like everyone sees him. What better person than you to look behind his facade, his wife.

Tags of amazing people:

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A New Normal, Chapter 1: She Loved You

This fic is based off of a prompt from @akirelya.
FF.net and AO3

Zelda, Day 1.

Warm. Cold. Wet. Dry. Pain, no pain. Nothing at all, just darkness and a glowing triangle flickering dimly in the distance. Blood seeping into the dirt. Raindrops. The faraway voice of someone she loved. Nightmares a hundred years long. Wait - was what that last one?


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The Not-so-boring Drama (M)

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1266

Warnings: NSFW

Originally posted by officialvipbaby

“This so boring,” Y/N’s boyfriend whined quietly, burying his face into her shoulder and letting out yet another yawn against her hair, “Can’t we stop watching this and do something else instead?”

Chuckling quietly, Y/N reached up to card a hand through Junhong’s soft locks, resulting in a soft groan of satisfaction as he tightened his arms around her waist, “But I like this show, Junhong,” she replied, an adoring smile tugging at the corners of her lips at the sight of her adorable boyfriend, “Let’s go for coffee after this episode.” Taking the boy’s answering silence as agreement, Y/N turned back to face the television, eyes once again focusing on the drama airing on the screen.

The episode ended another half an hour later, and judging by the slow, rhythmic breathing against Y/N’s neck, her boyfriend was asleep, which meant that she could watch another episode…if it wasn’t for the hand that was sliding up her shirt.

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Stiles Stilinski's Epic Return

It’s been feeling too quiet for awhile, a little abnormal for the town of Beacon Hills. And it’s not like the pack took any kind of break from the supernatural, but Stiles was usually the one who brought the head start, the excitement, the loudness, the big bang to it all. Now there was nothing to look forward to… not like there should be anything to look forward to. But Stiles was what made these potential traumatizing events something fun and adventurous, at least for Lydia. Now Stiles won’t return for another six weeks, and for the last twelve she’s been trying to accept that fact. It’s not like Lydia desperately needed him to figure this whole supernatural thing out, she just missed him. However she was very happy for Stiles that he got to carry out a long time dream of his. As for the time being, Lydia has incorporated Stiles’ presence in her own little way during many separate occasions. She finds herself making little side comments, comments that Stiles would have annoyed her with if he was there. During pack meetings, she’s up and willing to mouth off all her ideas at once. Very similar to what Stiles’ messy descriptions would have sounded like. Sometimes she even mispronounces words purposely to fill the missing void for Stiles, and then later corrects herself. This has been happening gradually as he left, and maybe the others don’t notice it but Lydia does. She feels his presence every day, and there’s no denying that. Sometimes she even thinks she’s starting to get affected by some form of “pareidolia- seeing patterns that aren’t really there.” Stiles had become that for her. When she’s all alone, she closes her eyes and he’s there with her. She can hear his voice, and feel his arms around her. She feels safe living inside her own head.

​After a long exhausting night, Lydia found herself dragging her feet down Scott’s stairs. She stayed at his place for thirteen hours and still came up with no plan, no solution and no Stiles. She stared down at her phone again, hoping to receive a text message from him.
​Scott felt a little concerned for her. “He still hasn’t replied?“

​Lydia rolled her eyes and let out a huge breath that flew through her upper hair. “Nope. But I’ll let him off the hook because it’s around two in the morning in D.C.” She slid her phone back into her pocket.

​“Hey Lydia look, don’t feel upset. He’s coming back in a little over a month, and will throw the biggest party. We’ll even set up a bon fire and roast marshmallows, while streaming illegally downloaded movies on the projector okay? We’ll start from where we left off in the summer, and complete every single thing on that bucket list of yours.”

Scott’s words made her feel a little better. “You promise?”

He wrapped his arms around his best friend and gave her a small kiss on the forehead. “I promise.”

​She smiled, while starting to zip up her sweater “Scott I feel a little tired, I think I’m just gonna go home.”

​“Do you want me to drive you?”

​“No it’s fine. Thank you though- I mean it, really, thank you.” They both knew she wasn’t talking about Scotts offer to drive her. She let go of his arm and walked out as Scott quietly closed the door behind her.

​She walked across his drive way with her four inch heels clacking down on the pavement. But that’s all she heard clack clack clack. After twelve weeks without Stiles, she would think she would be used to not hearing him argue over where they will eat, or what movie they’ll watch as he closely trails behind her. Lydia suddenly stopped in her spot and turned around. No one was there. Either she was deep in a trance, or she swore she saw Stiles’ face. Anyways, she faced forward and kept walking.

​She turned the corner of Scott’s lot and finally faced her blue Toyota Prius. She wished she had parked it even just a little closer. As she neared her car, she noticed something a bit odd. It looked like someone was leaning on the side door. As she started to slow her pace, her foggy vision unblurred to find a silhouette in the shape of a man. She could easily run back to Scott, but she didn’t want to trouble him. She could easily scream, but that would wake up his neighbours.

Her heart started racing, sweat beginning to form at her brows. She needed to think of a solution, and she needed to think of one fast. She could feel her knees starting to weaken, her chin trembling, and her sensitive teeth chattering against each other. Lydia felt a negative intuition about this but suddenly built up the courage to keep walking forward.

Her eyes didn’t leave the silhouette for a second. She was walking pin straight into what felt like her dark doom. The wind started picking up, almost pushing her closer to the unknown threat. More clouds began to cover the moon, until everything was left to darkness. She tried to slow her breathing, while ignoring the wind forcing strands of hair onto her face. She could hear something. Someone else who was breathing, and that someone was standing three meters in front of her.

Her head tilted up towards the sky, she could see the cloud cover already moving in its patterned rotation until it revealed the moon. The moonlight shining in its purest form, so bright and almost crystal like. Lydia started shaking her head in fright when she realized bringing her head back down will only make her stand face to face with this mysterious stranger.

Tears started forming on the outer layer of her eyes, as her jaw clenched tighter. She brought her head down and looked directly into the stranger’s eyes. 5’11, clean shaven, dark brown hair, black and white flannel, khakis pants, Nike shoes, cheesy grin. It was no stranger. It was Stiles.

Lydia stopped in her place. Her heavy breathing became light breaths of relief. She couldn’t determine if he was real or just a figure of her imagination. Her surroundings stopped spinning, time had stopped ticking, and just for a moment she felt safe. It didn’t matter if he was real or not, she was home sick- more like Stiles sick. She never left home, but home left her.

“Stiles? Stiles is that- is that really you?” She took a step forward.

His back pushed off the car, as his body towered four inches above hers. “I couldn’t do it Lydia… I couldn’t wait another six weeks.”

She almost cried under her smile. He was real, he was there; breathing, living, moving and talking. “So you came back?” Her voice broke into this scratchy texture as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

Stiles took another step forward, wiping away her tear with his thumb “Yeah, I came back. And I’m staying.”

Lydia firmly gripped his waist with both her hands and strained her neck to look up at him. “What happened? I know they couldn’t have just let you leave six weeks early.”

He held her soft face with both his hands, while leaning his forehead onto hers. His lips, only inches away from hers as he whispered “I had to leave Lydia, I couldn’t take it anymore. Not seeing this face, or these tiny arms, or this strawberry blonde hair.” He clenched her hair into his hand like it had magical healing powers. “Most importantly, I missed you too much.” He tilted her chin up with his index finger.

She was almost too broken for words. She wanted to tell him everything; how she missed his dark brown hair, and his spastic movements, his brilliant plans and all his solutions. The person she could bicker with over the stupidest things, and later make up for it with sex. The person she could call up in the middle of the night to go on an outdoor adventure. The same person who made her feel safe, even when he wasn’t physically there. But she summed it up in the greatest way possible “Oh my god. I love you Stiles Stilinski.”

And with that, in one swift effortless movement, he kissed her. Slowly at first, absorbing every sweet thing he had missed about her. The kiss sent shivers down her spine, like an electric charge bringing her back to life. It felt like their only source of oxygen; completely devouring each other’s mouths before one of them dies. But she felt so alive, with her lips dancing on his. She could stay in this moment forever, nothing else mattered anymore.

His hands lowered to her waist, making her tiny fragile body feel helpless. Her lips sunk deeper into his, making her vulnerable to his teeth biting down. She felt like she could just collapse right there, right in his arms and he would take her home and wrap her in the blanket of his body. This all felt too good to think of anything else.

They pulled away slowly, still feeling the magnetic force between them. He looked down at her, showing her the delicate smile she drew upon his face. “I waited twelve weeks and thirty three hours to do that. It was worth it.”

Lydia chuckled under her hot breath. She glanced up at her beautiful boyfriend, with their foreheads still touching “So what else have you been waiting to do?”

He took a hold of both her tiny wrists and pressed a soft kiss to the side of her head. He bent his back over, resting his sharp chin on her shoulder blade. He whispered in her ear “Let’s go back home and I’ll show you.”

She couldn’t help but laugh, feeling so comforted and naughty at the same time. “Okay, but I get to drive the car!” She quickly snatched the keys from his hand, which was useless seconds later when she realized he had a second copy made in his pocket.

“Okay, but only if we watch Star Wars tonight.”


“Why not?”

“Because we always watch Star Wars! I think Yoda’s starting to get annoyed by us!”

Stiles started opening the driver’s door “Alright, then I guess I’m driving home.”

She rolled her eyes, and then let out a grunt. “Fine! But it’s The Notebook tomorrow okay!”

Stiles started snickering under his breath. “You love me.”

Lydia annoyingly frowned, but couldn’t help the smile already written in her lips. “Oh shut up and drive Stilinski!”

Married at First Sight Chapter 7: Pillow Talk, a Walking Dead FanFiction
Rick and Michonne give in, and come to a life-changing conclusion. But will their plans be derailed by the outside world?

Originally posted by girl-ninja

Sneak Peek:

Michonne was still on the couch when he emerged, her legs crossed. “You shaved,” she observed, tilting her head to look at him, a grin playing on her lips.

“Just for you,” he confirmed, sitting down beside her. She raised her legs just enough to allow him space before dropping them lightly into his lap. Rick immediately seized them both, relishing the feel of her soft skin beneath his hands.

“You didn’t have to do all that,” she told him gently.

“I wanted to,” it wasn’t the only thing he wanted. She’d been sashaying around all day, tempting him. He knew it was partly his fault; he’d been intentionally baiting her.

She sat up, setting her book aside. Slowly, she withdrew from him, coming up on her knees beside him. Her shirt did nothing to contain her breasts as she bounced lightly towards him. Rick felt his eyes flicker down, desperate to see what was underneath.

“You know,” she began, her voice low. “It’s going to be getting cold soon. Do you think we should start stockpiling early? Food and dry fire wood might be hard to find.”

Rick blinked, his brain misfiring. Michonne looked at him expectantly. “Uh…that’s probably a good idea.” In truth, it was a great idea, but he was having trouble shifting gears. She wanted to talk business, an unexpected turn of events.

“Maybe we should organize a run, test some of the citizens out. T-Dog seems capable.” Her hands lightly danced up his arms to his shoulders and she rested them there, thinking.

“Yeah, he's…he’s good,” Rick was finding it hard to focus on the bald, dark-skinned man, not when his wife seemed content to torture him.

“Sasha too. Which means we better send Daryl. I think they like each other. Tyrese could be a good choice too.” She leaned her head against him, still calculating.

“Glenn’s better with that kind of thing,” Rick ground out, his fingers straining for the exposed patch of skin between those tiny shorts of hers and her top. She leaned back just slightly.

“Two groups then, one for food and one to scout supplies?” her hands came back to his shoulders, rubbing lightly. “You seem tense, Rick,” she pointed out.

“Do I?” words were hard to come by now. Her breasts were pressed flat against his back.

“You’ve been working hard,” she crooned, her breath playing off his ear. Goosebumps raced up his body as she went to work, kneading his shoulders between her skilled hands.

“I’m ok,” he promised her. He hadn’t worked any harder this week than she had.

Michonne would not be swayed. “Maybe we should go to bed early tonight,” her hands came to his neck, increasing the pressure of her strokes.

“I’m not tired.” Rick was far from it.

Her fingers came to his ears, tugging gently before moving to his hair. “Maybe you need something else then.” She pressed her lips to his back, dragging her hands down to his waist until they came to rest in his lap. Her fingers brushed him and Rick realized that his wife knew exactly what he needed.

“You’re a tease,” he accused, chuckling despite himself.

“Serves you right,” she fired back, working her hands beneath his waistband. Rick groaned at the contact. He attempted to turn around, but Michonne held firm. “Tell me what you need,” she whispered, tugging at him.

Rick cursed, grabbing her hands and holding them in place. “I need you,” he affirmed. “I need you, baby.”

She gasped at his term of endearment, rolling her hips into his back. “Then come and get me, cowboy.”

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Revenge, Interrupted (Steroline Fanfiction) - Chapter 1

Fake Dating AU.

Prompt: “Our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire ‘date’ scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we’re two months into this charade we’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore” AU (credit)

Setting: This is a human AU, basically they’ve just graduated college and moved to the same city. Bonnie, Elena and Damon went to the same college and Caroline went to a different one and has never met Stefan or Damon, until now!

Ships: Steroline, Bonenzo and Delena (I don’t ship DE but this is an AU so they’re fine here I promise)

A/N: This is going to be super cliche and fluffy but I think our fandom needs that right now! This is also my first non angst fic and my first complete AU fic, I hope you guys like it.


[Ch 2] [Ch 3] [Ch 4] [Ch 5] [Ch 6] [Ch 7] [Ch 8] [Ch 9] [Ch 10]

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Through the Eyes of the Predator- One Shot (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (swearing/smut:p)

Notes/Warnings: Strong Language

Genre: General

A One Shot of Eric’s thoughts about Fox!

Thanks everyone for the reblogs and support! Please enjoy more of Eric and Fox!

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“Fuck off,” I grumble, torn from sleep by my fucking alarm blaring. Swinging blindly, I smack it off the nightstand and it mercifully shuts up.

“Eric.” Comes a whiny female voice beside me. Fuck, forgot about her.

“Get outta here, Dana.”

“It’s Desiree, asshole!”

“Whatever, get out.” Bitch was starting to piss me off, she’s lucky she gave good head.

Muttering under her breath, Dana or whatever her name was got out of my bed, started gathering her clothes. Sitting up against the headboard, I lit a smoke and watched her. She had a good body, but her voice got on my nerves. Suddenly I was tired of watching her. “Hurry up!”

“Fuck you!”

“You wish, get out.”

Still swearing, she finally left, slamming the door behind her.

A headache was pounding behind my eyes, fuck; it’s initiation day and I’m fucking hung-over. Four’s going to be even more annoying to deal with.

I stub my goddamn toe on the way to the bathroom and seriously contemplate just going back to bed. But no, I’m a leader, Dauntless’ youngest leader ever, I gotta set a good example. Mumbling under my breath, I find some aspirin in the cupboard and swallow it dry. Fuck, that’s gross. Turning the shower on just shy of boiling, I strip and step in, letting the hot water loosen the knots in my back, the scratches that bitch left sting like hell, but it was worth it, ain’t had fun like that in awhile. My hair’s getting long, I should stop by the barber before heading into the office.

Five minutes later, I’m out the door. My uniform is pressed and immaculate, and I know it looks good tight on my muscular frame. I’m an asshole, but the bitches are willing to look past that because of my body.

Good, Audrey’s working today, she’s the only hairdresser here that knows what the hell she’s doing. Seeing me, she manages a genuine smile; I tip her well to stay on her good side, appearance is important as a leader, I can’t afford a shit haircut.

“Hey, handsome.” She drawls and I disguise my sneer with a smirk. As if, you’re old enough to be my mother.

“Morning, gorgeous.” Two can play that game.

“The usual?”

“Do your worst.” Closing my eyes, I relax, knowing this will be the only time for the rest of this fucking day it’s going to be quiet enough for me to hear myself think. I’m nearly asleep again when Audrey touches my shoulder, and I fight the instant impulse to smash in her nose. I look at my reflection and manage a half-smile.

“Looks good.”

Yawning, she passes me the payment tablet and I tack on a generous tip before entering my points code. Showing her less than stellar teeth with a wide grin, she thanks me and I grunt in return. Time to go to work. Late this afternoon, the new initiates will be arriving from the Choosing Ceremony. Last year, Four and I both waited at the net for them, and Max was up on the roof, but this year it’s me up there, and Four catching them at the bottom. This’ll give me a chance to size the new blood up.

A mountain of paperwork waits for me when I enter my office, and I can’t help but grimace. Being a leader definitely has its perks, but fucking paperwork isn’t one of them.

Hours later, I look up. I have just enough time to grab something to eat before heading up to the roof to meet the new initiates.

I hear the train, and the initiates yelling, before I see it. Chewing the last of my sandwich, I step up onto the ledge of the roof, putting myself a good three feet higher than I’d normally be, the better to intimidate the little fuckers. Clasping my hands together, I wait. As the train passes, people throw themselves out, some landing gracefully, most not. Most laugh as they roll around, some groan. I wait until no one else leaps from the cars, and the train has passed, before I speak.

“Alright, listen up!” I bellow. Heads swivel in my direction and the masses start moving towards me. “I’m Eric. I’m one of your leaders.”

As I speak, I scan the initiates. Most are Dauntless or Candor and Erudite transfers. There’s one Abnegation and holy shit! There’s one Amity transfer, and she’s fucking hot, but there’s more to her than that. I can’t stop myself from hitching my gaze over her. She’s got the most beautiful face, and a rocking body; but her hair is something else. Vibrant red, long and thick; instantly I visualize wrapping it around my hand and pulling her head back as I fuck her from behind. STOP IT! If I wasn’t so used to maintaining a bored, expressionless face; I’d give away right now just how much the banjo just affected me, and that’s dangerous. I pull my gaze away and continue speaking.

“Someone’s gotta go first. Who’s it gonna be?”

The stiff and banjo trade glances and the stiff surprises the fuck outta me by calling out. ‘Me.’ Seriously? Her and the banjo step towards me. I can’t stop myself from studying the redhead, the fox, as the stiff climbs up onto the ledge. She’s even hotter close up, but, again, there’s something more; some glint in her mysterious eyes, the set of her pouty lips, I don’t know; but I’ve never felt this way around a girl before. I don’t know if I should kill her or fuck her. She looks my way and I hurriedly look away. The stiff is still standing there.

“Today, initiate.” I sound bored, good.

The stiff jumps, and without looking back at me, the fox steps up and jumps too. Good, I can breathe again. I turn to the rest of the initiates with my brow raised.

“Really? You let a fucking stiff and banjo go first?”

I leave as soon as I hit the net after the last jumper. Four and Lauren are already talking to them, splitting them up into transfers and Dauntless born, and I’m done for the day. Good. I need to get away from that girl. I can’t explain the effect she’s having on me and it’s making me crazy. There’s something about her. As I walk down the corridor to the mess hall for supper, my inner self calms down enough for one word to rise to the surface. Mine. She will be mine.

I stay mostly out of sight on the balcony as Max speaks to the new initiates at supper, I can see the stiff, sitting by Four with that mouthy Candor, and the fox. Fuck, she looks even better in Dauntless black, that sweet ass straining tight training pants, that fucking mane of hers thick down her back. She watches the proceedings carefully, not missing anything. My cock gets hard just watching her.
She fills my dreams that night, writhing beneath me, on top of me; sucking my cock and spreading her legs wide for my mouth and tongue. I spill in my sleep like a teenager and love it.

She’s there the next morning, looking surprisingly alert compared to the other initiates. Four starts explaining the basics of initiate training and I work hard to keep from staring at her. As usual, Four gets half the shit wrong and I have to correct him, smirking at the thin line his lips make; I piss him off to no end. Good. I’m the leader here, not you.

It becomes apparent early on that the fox, who I’ve learned to my amusement is actually named Fox, is easily one of the most promising initiates, shocking for an Amity. There’s a toughness to her, a take-no-shit attitude and standoffishness that sets her apart. It doesn’t diminish my lust for her, it fans it; but something happens as I watch the training continue, day in and day out.

My feelings towards Fox morph. Change from simply wanting to fuck her to wanting to get to know her. She draws me like a moth to a flame, and I’m helpless to resist the pull. It scares me and pisses me off at the same time. Getting attached to a chick is just asking for trouble. I want to be attached to this one. I want to be the one to hold her, kiss her, fuck her. I want her to be mine. I’ve never felt this way before and I don’t know what to do. Just watching her in training isn’t going to be enough soon.
I wander the corridors at night. Sleep has never been easy for me, but it’s even worse now that Fox haunts my dreams, taunting me with that body, teasing me with her fuck, her everything.

Then, there she is, sitting at the Chasm. I freeze, then creep closer to her. I can’t stop looking at her. I’m within a dozen paces of her before she stands and notices me, rips a fucking dagger out and points it at me. My cock gets hard even as my eyes narrow and I say.

“Initiates aren’t allowed weapons outside of training.”

She sizes me up. “Good thing you didn’t see anything then.” She replaces the blade in her belt and starts walking towards me. I step aside but I can’t let her leave. I grab her and slam her back against the rock wall.

“What the hell is your deal, Banjo?” What I really mean is ‘why do you affect me this way?’

She says nothing, just tips her chin up at me. My cock twitches.

“Well?” Frustrated at her, at myself, I slam her back against the wall again.

She waits, and I drop my arms. Finally, she speaks.

“You have access to other faction’s files?” She asks bluntly.


“If you really want to know why I carry a knife everywhere, go look up Amity’s files from seven years ago.”

What the hell does that mean? Did someone hurt her? I’ll kill them! She huffs and moves to leave. I don’t want her to, not yet, so I shoot my arms back up and pin her back to the wall. She struggles briefly, then relaxes when she realizes I’m stronger. She looks at me, the ice in her eyes chilling.

“Why don’t you just tell me?” My voice is soft, I don’t recognize it as mine. I move my hands to the rock wall. A thousand thoughts flash through her eyes. She licks her lips and I’m gone. I can’t stop from dropping my eyes, my heart races and my breathing gets heavy as I think about kissing those lips. Fuck, I want to so bad. I drag my eyes back up to hers and see that she wants to kiss me too. My lucky day. I lean towards her, fighting to keep from throwing her to the ground and taking her right there. She closes her eyes just as our lips touch and a fucking jolt goes right through me. I close my eyes, let her pull my head closer, slick my tongue across her lips and groan deep in my chest when she opens her mouth. I touch her face, tighten my arms around her. It’s too much, I’ve never felt this way before. A kiss has never stolen my heart like this before. I pull away, panting, rest my forehead against hers, just breathe the same air for a minute, trying to calm my racing heart. I’m rock hard in my pants, straining for her. I open my eyes, she’s looking at me. I brush my lips against hers again, but she pulls away.

“I can’t.” She whispers, then runs away; leaving me standing there, my chest heaving. After she disappears, I collapse against the wall, my legs give out and I slide down to the ground. My heart is pounding, I’m panting; I’m so fucking stiff it hurts. I’m in deep fucking shit. I’m in love.