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i interviewed my mum and this is her bias list.

Seventeen: same as me, Diva Boo EXO: CHEN ???? VIXX: HONGBIN !!! BTS: hoseok NCT: “there’s something about his hair” ; Mark SHINee: Taemin Super Junior: “aren’t they really old?” “no mum they don’t grow old” ;; Heechul B1A4: “he looks like pooh” ; CNU Monsta X: Wonho Day6: Jae

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Writers Creed Interview

…“I don’t want to have any regrets looking back on my life.Getting this degree was one of my life goals years ago.I like having time to talk to folks like this on Tumblr. We have so many immensely talented folks here.”…

This time at the writerscreed interviews we got the chance to talk to Diane (@rhapsodyinblue) and her charismatic nature and the similar urge to help the writers made it a totally worth it experience.

Wc: Rhapsodyinblue45, well how did you come up with that url.

D: I’m in love with the 1920s, an era of flappers, cigarettes, bootleg alcohol, and the Charleston. My picture on my blog is a woman with bobbed hair who looks like a flapper. A song from that era, featured in The Great Gatsby is “Rhapsody in Blue” by Gershwin.

Wc: Woah well that was a pretty calculative approach, even our url involved pretty intense thinking and discussion but it wasn’t that deep approach.

Wc: Moving on,so any nicknames or names you like to be called by?

D: Di or DD are a couple. I like being called Rhapsody here.My name is Diane though.😉

Wc: That’s a unique name.

D: DD initials of my name,Di after Lady Diana – though we look nothing alike.

Wc: Lady Diana, are we talking about the Princess of Wales here?

D: Yes!!

Wc: What got you into writing any events that lead you to weave magic with words?

D: I was very imaginative as a kid. I wrote stories for a pretend newspaper that my family was forced to read. In graduate school, I took a poetry workshop and loved it! I became addicted to poetry. I teach English and creative writing now, so I get to practice all the time. It’s my personal therapy, my creative outlet, my wonderful sanity now.I disappear within the words, feel their sounds on my skin. I love the imaginative world of poetry!

Wc: Wow that’s amazing, pretty awesome reasons, writing is all about creativity and therapy I guess, well for those who choose it.Well you’re astounding imagination is very well depicted in your writups.

Wc: If I may assume Kids or your students might love you as a teacher they do right?
You don’t seem strict, well if you are then just let this question pass by as you never read it, just kidding.

D: I hope it’s mutual. I adore listening and learning from them as well. We read and share our thoughts all the time. Hopefully, they find the writing space liberating, a place they can be entirely themselves and feel understood, respected.I can be, but that’s a different class. I am most strict with myself as I am still in school as a student too.💜, Grad school.Teaching is all I ever wanted to do, to help people develop into the selves they desire to be, to encourage them to live their richest lives.

Wc: Well that’s the best quality a teacher can have, that will, to develop mutual understanding and bonding and adding to it also providing them the independence to think, you could be the next most wanted teacher.
You sound like a pretty amazing teacher to me to be honest.
Oh a student in grad school too, you are turning out to be one of the most talented women I’ve come across.
Well that idea is pretty amazing and Noble, we all need more people like you
Talking to you might even lead to me questioning myself about “What the hell am I doing with my life ?” (Haha)

D: Thats very kind of you.I don’t want to have any regrets looking back on my life.Getting this degree was one of my life goals years ago.I like having time to talk to folks like this on Tumblr. We have so many immensely talented folks here.
I commend your team for what you have accomplished.Thank you for recognizing my voice when I was new here.

Wc: It’s been our pleasure, So what do you like writing about?
I’ve been through your write-ups and what I found that you cover most of the genres, revolving around powerfull message or romance and women and their elegance.

D: I love including nature in my poems – the ocean, moon, seasons. I usually try to pose a question in my poems that I hope to resolve by the end. Half the time, I go on the journey too, bumping along, unsure of what I will find.Themes would include celebration of females, encouraging anyone who feels uncelebrated, writing about storms, cats, emotional pain.Trying to pose, I do write about love a good bit of varied kinds

Wc: So you’re like Christopher Nolan(Director of Inception) of poetry unlike him you actually care about the endings.

D: I am open to whatever ending unfolds as long as it is satisfying. That’s the term I use.★★joke😅

Wc: Why do you like writing, what do you find fascinating about it?

D: I discover myself in the words, what I think about things. I divine my own secrets, anticipate the outcome in fiction before it becomes a reality. A divining stick supposedly leads a person to water. Poetry leads me back to my soul.
Poetry is like a song.The song we want the world to hear if they would take the time to listen, the song we must silence ourselves, even to sing.

Wc: Well that was a rhapsodic answer indeed, pretty deep but inspiring too. There’s definitely a link between words and our soul.
Yeah we agree with you on that, poetry indeed is a song yearning for people's​ attention but sometimes it’s more impactful when you least expect it to be.

D: Yes!! Agreed.
I would be lost without creative writing. Where could we escape when reality feels too intense, when our heart hurts? Writing allows us a chance to turn safely inward and channel pain into art and even fantasy.I don’t know people’s reactions to my write ups. I think they feel my words and how emotional they are to me as a writer, but like teaching, I just put it out there, stand on stage, share these thoughts. How they perceive them, I don’t truly know.That’s the truth. Can we ever know the truth of other’s perceptions of us, our own interpretations do get in the way isn’t it.

Wc: Yeah they do.
Symptoms of a true artist indeed, we and you share the same vision of uplifting writers it feels great that we are not alone in this, it’s really amazing how you think about your students and want provide them a platform where they can express their thoughts freely. We’ve said that before and we’ll say again it’s feels amazing to have people like you among us.

Wc: So any bizarre stories linked with your talent of writing or anything unusual that happened because of it?

D: You expressed my sentiments beautifully. I write poetry to express and connect and to share this love and passion for words with others. We definitely agree.
I don’t know if it is a talent, more than intuition for me. It has led me to some great people and wonderful connections. I really enjoy collaborating with folks when minds meld on an idea.

Wc: Any suggestion you’d like to embark so we can reform writerscreed and fix some of the missing loopholes?

D: Your team does a great job. Opportunities for collaborations amongst poets would be fun, and I would be open to it. Continue with writing prompts for challenges to improve writers.

Wc: Duly noted.
Any fun facts, perhaps a side of you that is less known about or something else ?

D: I’m an avid runner, believe in healthy eating as opposed to taking medicine, enjoy camping, and I studied abroad in England in college.

Wc: Well you are a really an awesome person,
So thats all we have, thank you very much for your time, we really enjoyed talking to you and we were here to interview you and ended up getting insipred instead.
It’s was an absolute pleasure talking to you.

D: I enjoyed our conversation immensely.This was a lot of fun. I look forward to reading your interviews with other writers as well.Thank you!!

"Coolest Parent"

So I kinda wrote a fic featuring time traveling!Kaneki and Eto/Arima? It’s pretty informal, because it’s just a crack post that got too long. But uh..anyway, I hope you enjoy~

AU in which Kaneki gets sent back in time to stop Eto and Arima from beginning their “factory reset” plan.


He approaches Arima first, because he’s easier to find than the ever elusive Eto. He makes the mistake of introducing himself as “The One-Eyed King from the future.”

And I say he made a mistake, because Arima immediately jumps to conclusions. If he is the current OEK and this tiny kid that kinda looks like him from the future is the new OEK….Before Kaneki can even begin to explain, Arima’s calling a contact by the name of “Big Bird Babe” (who Kaneki hopes is not the person he is thinking it is) and he’s yelling (yes, actually yelling) “Come quickly! Our son from the future has visited me!”

And poor Kaneki can’t get a word in and he can’t run away, because Arima’s holding his hand to “keep his mini-me from running into traffic”. Before he knows it, the oh-so-mysterious “Big Bird Babe” swoops in from the sky like the giant evil bird they are and Kaneki’s not surprised at all to find out it’s Eto.

Once again, he can hardly get a word in, because Eto is immediately all over his ass. She’s like, “I carry you for 9 months! 9 months! ("With her tiny body in her tiny womb” Arima unhelpfully adds) And you visit your father first? You have some explaining to do, young Mister!“

Arima only makes things worse by adding on more unhelpful comments. "It’s because I’m his favorite. I’m the ‘Cool Parent’. He loves me more.”

Eto’s angrily flapping her arms like the bird woman she is and screeching “Like hell! There’s no way you’re the cool parent! No way!” And she turns to Kaneki and demands, “Tell this lame nerd behind me that I’m the cool parent!”

“You’re both equally cool,” Kaneki tries to placate.

Eto’s not having that though. “Is it because you blame me for being short?”

“Wha- No - I’m not short-”

“I knew it! You can’t reach the books on the top shelf by yourself and you resent me for it!!!”

“No! No, please-”

“Wait. You do like books right?”

“Well, yes I love books, but that’s not impor-”

“Of course you love books! Who am I kidding? What’s your favorite?”

“Actually the ones you write, but I really nee-”

And Kaneki shouldn’t have said that, because now Eto’s crowing on and on about how “This is proof that he’s a Mama’s boy after all! Suck it, Kishou!”

This just sparks yet another “most loved/favorite/cool parent” debate between Arima and Eto. Poor Kaneki is attacked by even more questions.

Arima’s latest argument is “He was born on my birthday, not yours, because he wanted to give me the greatest gift.”

Eto is quick to counter with, “And who do you think gave you that gift? Who carried that gift for nine months, you son of a-”

At Arima’s pointed glance at their “son”, she catches herself at the last minute. “-Dove! You son of a dove!”

“He looks like me, therefore he likes me more,” Arima argues. When he sees Eto gearing up to shut down his very sound logic, he tacks on, “He looks like me, but if I were smaller and cuter like you.”

And like that, the argument is forgotten (for now), because Eto’s cooing “Awww babe, you think I’m cute?”

Kaneki is disgusted by their weird flirting. He doesn’t even try to deny that their his parents anymore, because they can’t be convinced otherwise. They think he’s only saying that he’s not their son, because he’s worried about screwing up the timeline and not being born. And they’re like, “Don’t worry, kiddo, this revelation won’t effect our sex schedule at all.”

Which is an awful thing to say, because now poor Kaneki is being forced to think about their sex life.

When he finally breaks down and shows them their timeline’s version of him, things only escalate.

“That woman has stolen our child. She must pay. With all of her books,” announces Arima, completely ignoring future Kaneki’s helpless complaints of “that doesn’t even make sense!”

Unfortunately, Eto agrees and is convinced that, “That horrible kidnapper lady dyed his hair black! How dare she! We have to dye it back to white.”

And that my friends, is how a parallel world where Arima and Eto adopt a young Kaneki is created. Ironically, future Kaneki does succeed in his goal to stop their world domination plans.

Partly, because Eto and Arima are too busy terrifying teachers and the PTA with concerns for their “precious Prince’s lack of friends and special treatment” when they’re not busy scaring off basically every other kid that approaches said “precious prince”. Everyone, except good ole Hide that is.

But mostly, because the two dorks are still competing intensely for the title of “Coolest Parent”. Kaneki loves them both equally, but Hide is the one keeping the score and currently Arima is in the lead after TPing Kaneki’s Aunt’s house.

Thus, Eto’s contact name has been changed from “Big Bird Babe” to “2nd Coolest Parent”.

She’s probably going to widow herself when she finds out.

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Any advice for drawing 2012 Karai's hair? I can do 2k3 Karai just fine, but I can't draw 2012 Karai to save my life and your version is so beautiful I thought you'd be the perfect person to ask!!!!!

being the perfect person to ask something about Karai is my life goal, yay, thanks it means a lot!
I tried to make somewhat a tutorial or a reference thingie, but I’m not sure if it’s useful. It took me about two years to understand what the heck is her haircut actually but I’m still in love with it. You definitely should check out @gekroent‘s amazing Karai cosplay (x) (x) (x) - from there you can get a better idea of how her hair works, making screenshots of her in the show may help as well. 


Lauren Ferraro

Newest sim to be added into the game play meet Lauren Ferraro

Her traits:Born chef Family orientated and neat

Her lifetime goal is to have a family that succeeds in life 

download on my gallery Origin ID nicolesimz

thank you cc creators 

Hair @missparaply

Skin http://jackie7sims.tumblr.com/

eyeshadow base game 

eyelashes @kijiko-sims

My hair was such a crutch. I looked quote unquote ‘sexy’ no matter what. I could hide behind it. As soon as I didn’t have all that hair, I had to let my face hang out. I felt more confident than I had in a really long time. And it felt really good. Maybe to most people long hair is prettier. But then what? Is your main goal in life to be desired? That is boring as fuck.

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My favourite OC is named Ella she is Norwegian but ended up in Paris when she was five. She has a miraculous from my OC team and as a super hero she is called the Guardian Stork. She likes organisation and her favourite colour is white and her life goal is to work in a library "to be surrounded by true peace" and she keeps her hair to two braids (and crushes really hard on one of my other OCs on her team, The Valiant Crane, their powers are kinda yin-yang like lb and cn but they're karma-based.)

THATS SO CUTE!! Oh man I really like bird kwamis. One of my miraculous ocs is also a bird. A crow specifically. :’D



Misty Day, number 14 and captain of the American National Quidditch team may look fierce on the pitch, with fire in her eyes, flying faster than sound on her Silver Arrow, but the beater has a surprising soprano giggle added to her gritty voice, punctuated by squeals and light in her foamy blue-green eyes.

She poses for me in her old Robichaux robes, slightly tattered and fringed at the edges, the uniform having grown around her. She’s got her new team’s sigil sewed into the chest. She uses these robes to practice with on the pitch, almost like a reminder of where she’s come from. I let the camera snap away as she poses in front of a dragon skeleton, the library. She scowls at me, trying to act tough, but her tone is broken off by fits of giggles. She just can’t keep her bad girl composure. It’s genuine.

Her wife, Cordelia Goode, sits us down a few feet away. She politely declines my offer for a picture, content with the one I took of them outside their home. She is a calmer version of Miss Day, yet capable of getting just as excited as the wild blonde across from her, as I’ve learned in the short hour I’ve been here. Their eyes are only for each other, and it’s almost a struggle to get a word into the casual conversation. Finally, Misty tugs her chair closer and smiles, waiting.

Gazing at the captain of the American team, I start off with a rather obvious statement. “People think you’re a prodigy.” She laughs off handedly, passing her hand through her curls, her body shaking with giggles. “I wasn’t very good at first.” She finally admits. “I finally stuck a proper landing at thirteen. It was the first time I didn’t break something. Or a bone. No. I’m no prodigy.” She shakes her head, decision in mind. “I just practiced, and practiced, and practiced. You gotta follow dreams, you know? And that was my dream. One of them.” She continues, her drawl soft as she looks out the window. “It doesn’t matter how horrible you are. If you persist, then your original predispositions don’t matter.”
I glance back at Miss Goode, and her eyes are riveted on the girl, wonder pooling in them.

Who trained you?

“I trained myself. I just took my dad’s old Comet and I went out back and just flew circles round the swamps. And then at Robichaux’s Academy, I got proper practice through the team.” You were born here. “Oh yeah. Born and bred.” She glances at Cordelia again, and I can’t help but veering away from my text, the next question that comes out of my mouth is blurted.

How did you two meet? Miss Goode blushes. Hard. “This isn’t about me.” she stammers out, but Misty is already talking.

“Hogwarts.” Before I can ask, she continues. “I was meeting up with Headmistress Snow for a job application, I was gonna be the Creatures professor, and Delia was there.” She teaches Divination. “That’s right. Wonderfully so, too. She’s got a gift. I got the job, but six months later I was drafted after all and I was given a choice.” You chose Quidditch. “No.”


She smiles again. “Not at first. I loved my animals, you know? It’s my other passion. I was raised with them and all. But Delia figured I could do both. She helped me a lot through those few weeks. It was a tough decision, but I think I made the right one. The current Creatures professor lets me help out on my off days, and we have a pet, so it’s not all bad.” She pauses to nudge the other blonde’s knee. “She’s a seer after all.”

I know what pet she’s talking about. A beautiful Alpic Long Winged dragon. It snapped at my heels on the way in.

You didn’t win the last World Cup. “No, we didn’t.” But you were boosted to team captain. “I was sad to see Scott Waters go. He was a good friend, a great Chaser. His injury last year really set him back though. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the position. I’m grateful he chose me as his successor. But playing without him changes the game a whole lot. It won’t be the same.” She shrugs “We’ll just have to see this season if I’m good enough for it.” We’ll find out at the end. She nods thoughtfully.

Misty is the youngest to become captain for the Americans, and easily one of the best beaters of the last century. Last year alone she intercepted two hundred and thirty seven quaffle passes with a well placed bludger. She shrugs off the statistics like she always does.

I change the topic to a lighter subject. She’s getting uncomfortable talking about her feats in the league. Ever met a crazy fan? “Oh of course. There’s one right here.” She laughs earnestly as Cordelia frowns, fighting off yet another blush. Misty sobers. “No, she’s my coach, my teammate. And of course there’s crazy fans. But I don’t care, I love meeting all of them. They’re just like me, why should I act any higher? That ain’t me. I was like them once, drooling up at the seekers and the keepers. Getting a kid to dream as big as I did is my goal in life, at this point. I hope that if I ever get a God complex, someone slaps me.”

It’s been almost three hours since we began, and I can see the sun dying above the tree line. I stab out one last cigarette, eyes on the two before me, and I end with a question most don’t know how to answer.

Are you happy?

She pauses to mull over her words, head tilted back, sun shining in her hair. “I am.” Is that definitive? “Yes.”

You don’t have to look farther than the other chair to know that she’s telling the truth. 

An AU of the HP AU graceonce and I had headcanoned, in which Misty follows her dreams. This was done forever ago and yes I know my edits suck. She made the gif, so send her lots of love!!

codeofalliance  asked:

What did you think about Kacchan!?:3

First impression: ok spikey splodey bro needs to calm the fuck down yo


Favorite moment: I REALLY LOVE WHEN HE SAYS THANK YOU TO ALL MIGHT AFTER HE GETS RESCUED, AND WHEN HE’S ALL “WHERE DO YOU SEE FRAGILE?” AFTER HIS FIGHT WITH URARAKA and tbh i love any moment where he’s introspective. especially when Todoroki is telling Izuku about his past and Bakugou overhears; you can tell he’s thinking about  his own ambition to be number 1 and how that could turn him into someone like Endeavor

Idea for a story:  UHHHHH Uraraka makes it her life goal to become friends with Bakugou, whether he likes it or not. she basically wears him down with kindness, determination, and psychoanalyzing

Unpopular opinion: idk if this is an unpopular opinion but he seriously needs to apologize to Izuku for all the bullying and abuse did

Favorite relationship: his relationship with All Might, Kirishima, and Uraraka

Favorite headcanon: ACE BAKUGOU also Bakugou learning how to style hair just to spite Best Jeanist (does this count since it’s my  own headcanon)

There’s this girl I’m FB friends with and she is like, my bangs goals. Or maybe hair goals in general.

She just always seems to shine out her prettiness. I mean, she isn’t gorgeous, but I guess her cute hair plus smile plus personality just shine.

So I was stalking her cuz I wanted to see how she maintained her bangs through the years, and I finally came back all the way to her college pics. And *surprise surprise* she looked awkward!

Like she still had cute bangs but they were overgrown a lot in the pics and she had braces and she looked … Awkward.

Okay wow. There’s hope for me yet HAHAHAHA I feel better lol

Credit: Scarlets-Witchs

“Of Course”

Strange Love-Halsey
The Less I know The Better-Tame Impala
(If you’re wondering if I want you to) I want you to-Weezer
I’m your daddy- Weezer 😂😂 it’s just a good song

Requested: Yes-ish you asked me for a Noah or Audrey fic. I’m sorry if you weren’t quite expecting this.

Warnings: Drinking, exactly one cussword, smut

I’m incredibly nervous about this its my first smut, I’m sorry it’s so detailed.

“I’m here” you read off the lit up screen of your phone. A smirk making it’s way onto your face. Walking over, you grabbed your jacket off of one the hooks and walked out the door.

“Hey” you said, as you dodged into the car, shutting the door. You looked over at the girl sitting beside you, expressionless and staring ahead. The smirk you had been wearing dropped, making you furrow your eyebrows.

“You alright” you asked, concern etched in you voice, putting a hand on the girls shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Noah just won’t leave this accomplice idea alone” she said, tightening her grip on the wheel. Pale green eyes found yours in the darkness, hair in her face.

“I’m sorry about this. You don’t want this.”

“It’s okay to be upset” moving your body so that you faced her directly. “Besides that’s what I’m here for” you said sending her a small smile.

“You’re such a dork” she said, as she started the car. You let out a breathy laugh and leaned against the door, looking out at the road.

“Thank you, y/n” she spoke, eyes never leaving the road. You looked over at the dark haired girl, urging your memory to remember every little detail of this moment.

“So where are we going?” You asked, pulling your legs into the seat. Glancing away from the road she looked at you with a smirk.

“If I tell you then it ruins everything” she said, turning her attention in front of her once more. It was intriguing you, where was she taking you?

“Maybe a hints in order” you suggested, dropping your legs back down to the floor board. Putting a hand on her thigh.

She flinched at the action, you noticed her chest rising a bit faster than normal. Hooded eyes snapped to you, searching your face. You furrowed your eyebrows, tightening your grip on her thigh.

“You okay?” Her eyes shot back to the road, her hands squeezed the steering wheel. She cleared her throat.

“Y-yeah. Uh, no hints.” The dark haired girl spoke. Keeping her eyes intently trained on the task at hand. Crossing your arms, you fell back against the seat a pout on your face.

“That’s not fair” you sighed, slouching your seat

“We’re almost there. Just hold on.” She said, turning left.

Sitting up you reached for forward. Twisting the volume button, letting soft music play throughout the vehicle. Nodding your head along to it.

10 minutes later you entered a gravel parking lot of a dingy bar. Immediately a rush of adrenaline went through your veins. You turned your head towards her raising an eyebrow.

“I thought you’d like a change of scenery” she said, undoing her seatbelt getting out of the car, you following behind her. Meeting her in the front.

“I’ve got to admit, I’m impressed, Jensen” you said,putting a hand into your jacket pocket. She smirked at you .

“Thank you, that’s my life goal. To impress you” she shot at you playfully rolling her eyes. Breaking her smirk and smiling. You laughed, turning and started toward the entrance.

“Oh! Before I forget” she spoke from behind you, looking over your shoulder you saw her pull something out of her back pocket. Questioning her actions you stood there as she walked up to you handing you the small piece of plastic.

You examined it. Raising an eyebrow and looking back up at her “you got me a fake I.D” she looked at you, running a hand through her hair and shrugged.

“You’re going to need one to get in” you continued smiling, once again starting to walk to the entrance.

You both walked in and took a seat at the bar. Audrey looked over at you as you let your eyes skim over the bar. Looking back over at her with big eyes, you grinned.

“I like it here” you said, as she blinked. Nodding in agreement, she smiled at you
“I do too”

“What can I get you ladies” a males voice from behind the bar asked. You looked at him placing your arms on top of the counter.

“Can we get two beers, please” Audrey said, before you could speak. He looked at you raising his eyebrows, you nodded confirming the order.

“Y'know I could have ordered” you said looked over at Audrey and sighing.

“You were taking too long” she waved you off.

“I would’ve done it” you shot back, turning back to face the rest of the bar your eye once again falling over the dingy bar. You spotted a pool table on the back.

“Here you go” the bartender said, sitting the two beers down. You glanced at him sending him a small smile and a polite “thank you” before taking a sip.

“Wanna play pool” you asked Audrey, taking another sip and sliding off the bar stool.

“Sure.” She said, following your actions as you walked towards the pool table.

“You’re racking” she said, as she grabbed a pool stick and taking a seat at the end.

Grabbing the triangle shaped racked off the wall you neatly positioned the balls into the rack.
Taking it off and walking around taking a pull stick off the wall and hanging the rack back up.

“You’re up” you said, leaning against the wall. You watching as she bent down concentrating on the shot ahead of her. You put your weight on the stick as she shot one the balls making it into the left corner pocket.

“I’m solid” she said, walking around the table bending over once again shooting. You watched as an orange five hit the corner and bounced back. She sighed. You lightly laughed as you took as you took a sip of your drink, walking around the table you examined the choices infront of you deciding on a striped purple as your target.

You bent down, shirt riding up a little bit as you took aim and shot it into the corner right pocket. “Yes!” You said bringing your fist close to you. Audrey took a sip and watched as you excitedly made your way around the table finding another target. She watched as you attempted to hit another ball into a pocket failing miserably as the ball missed its target.

“Ha” she said, smiling at you walking to your side of the table. You leaned against it, taking a drink as you watched her walk up to you. She raised an eyebrow at you and took a drink.

“How about we make this fun?” Audrey said, setting her drink on the table. You squinted your eyes at her and nodded your head willing her to continue, “go on”

“Loser buys next round” She suggested, smirking at you.

“You’re on” you said, getting close to her face, taking another drink. Walking around to the side of the table you took a seat and watched as you concentrated on her next shot and bent down to take it. You took the opportunity to look around your eyes wondering to the bar. You look back over checking if she had taken her shot yet. Here eyes caught yours and she dorky lifted her eyebrows.

Giggling you looked back over to the bar and heard her take the shot. Taking swig from the bottle you turned your site back to her, a sour expression etched on her features. Laughing you stood up, walking to her side of the table. She finished her drink off with one last tip of her bottle.

“It’s okay that doesn’t make you a loser yet” you said, as she moved away. You bent over taking aim of a striped 3, you felt a pair of eyes on you immediately the pressure was on.

“You’re not going to makes this easy, are you?” You asked, a “nope” sounded from behind you. Taking a deep breath you took the shot. Slightly miscalculating the White cue ball went passed its target knocking the 8 ball in making you lose the game. You shut your eyes shaking your head as you raised back up.

“I’ll go get the drinks” you said, spinning on your heel. You felt a hand on your shoulder making you turn around.
“You know what, it fine. I’ll get them.” Audrey said, making your furrow your eyebrows

“Are you sure?” you questioned her. Leaning against the pool table once more.

“Yeah” she said, leaving you. You watched as she approached the bar and took a final sip of your bottle. Looking over you saw as she walked back, two bottles in hand.

“Here you go” she said, handing you another bottle. You nodded your head saying “cheers” and knocked your glass against her. She nodded. You took a drink.

“I could’ve gotten this round” you said, as she took a drink.

“I know” you nodded and sat on the table completely. Your legs swaying.

“Then why didn’t you let me?” You asked, as she took a step towards you.

“I just wanted to be nice” her hand moved to your thigh.

“That’s not the reason and we both know it” you said, as she took a drink. Looking defeated as she lowered the bottle.

“I just didn’t feel like watching you flirt with the bartender” she spoke, her eyes looking anywhere but at you.

“What?” You said, face contorting.

“It’s obvious he likes, I just don’t feel like being a third wheel.”

“Just because a guy likes me doesn’t mean I want them” you said slightly offended, sliding off the table walking away.

“Y/n, wait” you heard from behind you. Walking the hallway toy turned left into then bathroom. She caught the door before it shut coming in behind you.

“Y/N” she said, you turned toward her pointing your finger towards her.

“Did you ever consider that maybe I don’t like that guy?” You said to her. Crossing your arms and turning around. “Did it even cross your mind that I maybe care for someone else”

The next thing you knew she was infront of you her lips against yours, hands on your hips pushing your backwards into the door, the cool metal making you squirm. Your hands fisted into her jacket pulling her closer. Her tongue danced along the roof your mouth, pulling away you bit her lip making her moan into your mouth, hands found your ass hips ground against yours.

In result you moaned against her, repeating the action. She had moved to your jawline kissing along it, moving quickly to your neck nipping at it. Your hands slid under jacket helping her slide it off. The lack of contact had you grabbing her head, bringing her your lips. Her hands had found your waist tugging as the bottom of your shirt, You once again broke contact to take your shirt off. She pulled you forward backing up and turning you around pressing you against the bathroom sink. Your hand were in her hair, her hands had fall back to your waist messing with your pant button. Popping it open the helped you slide them down your legs and you lifted yourself onto the sink. Her hands played with the inside of your thighs as you tugged her hair. She pressed her fingers against he dampened fabric of your underwear. You moaned into her mouth as she once again pressed her fingers against you, moving them to the side.

She detached her lips moving down to your neck suckling as she nipped and bite. She entered you,taking her times swirling around. You pressed closer to her as she speed up her pace. Legs encircling her. As she quicker you panted, holding back your moans. You wiggled your hips against her in an effort for more friction. Letting out a cry you finished. You sat still, your breathing becoming even. A moment passed and you slid off the sink pulling your pants back up grabbing your shirt.

She stood away from you almost nervously. You looked over to her as you flicked your hair from out of the shirt and walked over to her. Your hands encircling her waist “y'know, as trashy as it sounds I’ve always wanted to hook up in a bathroom” you let out a laugh.

She giggled, “I guess you can cross that off your bucket list them” she said with a nod. You looked at her, and moved to peck her lips. You kissed her slowly moving her to press against the wall. Your hands moved down to the front of her jeans, dipping her hand inside of them, moving your fingers against her, she bucked against you grinding against your fingers. Soft pants left her lips as you stayed rubbing furiously against her, speeding up when she pulled away her head falling against the wall. She moaned lowly gripping your shoulder tightly and she started breathing deeply. “Oh my god” shed said as she finished.
“Here’s your jacket” you said, picking it up of the ground handing it to her.

You both walked out of the bathroom and paid your tab. Not speaking word to each other.

“So” you started as you both sat in the car.

“Do you want to go out sometime” she asked suddenly, looking over at you. You smiled and nodded.

“Of course”

(Updated) Dialogue Prompts

I’ve posted one of these before and have decided to add on to it. Feel free to request any of these prompts for any Marauders Era or Golden Trio!!!

1. . “Can you please tell me why my hair is now pink?”

2. “You make really good pancakes!”

3. “You see my mother told me stories of people like you, I never believed her.”

4. “Love is bull crap; all this about soulmates is just an excuse for being a horrible horrible person.”

5. “Is it just your life goal to embarrass me?”

6. “What’re you doing?” “Drowning my sorrows.”

7. “Did asking me ever come to mind?”

8. “I’m obviously the more attractive one.”

9. “Look its not like I planned on falling in love with you!”

10. “He’s a no good git!” “Do you still want his autograph?” “Absolutely!” 

11. “Notes are totally romantic!”

12. “You are a brilliant singer.”

13. “You.. You are unreal in the best of ways.”

14. “You know there are more important things than Quidditch.”

15. “Do you ever stop reading?”

16. “Muggles are so strange.”

17. “You are, you’re gorgeous!”

18. “Fancy a butterbeer and nice snog?”

19. “You cause me so much pain and confusion, yet you’re the source of my happiness.”

20. “Make me.”

21. “I am so in love with him/her.”

22. “Ew romance.” “ ___, we’re on a date!”

23. “What are the chances that you are madly in love with me?”

24. “This is a bad idea.”

25. “Your pickup lines are ghastly.”

26. “Is that my shirt.”

27. “You are my favorite horrible thing.”

28. “I don’t get Muggle movies.”

29. “Your dad looks like he’s going to murder me.”

30. “My God I love you.”

31. “I’m different.” “I’ve noticed.”

32. “How long have you been standing there?”

33. “I was just kind of hoping that you’d y’know… fall in love with me.”

34. “The thought of you with someone else puts a perminent hole in me.”

35. “You should love someone good for you.”

36. “Oh no! You love her, don’t you?”

37. “You got something to say? Why don’t you say it out loud instead of living inside your head?”

38. “There’s something you should know, in case i don’t come back.”

39. “You’re not going to lose me.”

40. “You know something funny?” “What?” “I think I’m falling for you.”

I Put A Spell On You - Chapter 2 (Trixya)(Peach)

A/N: Hey guys! Thank you for all the positive feedback so far. This chapter shows Katya and Trixie getting to know eachother more; I want the series to be a bit more of a slow burner to try and make it seem a little more realistic, so I hope you’re in for that ahaha, hope you enjoy :) - Peach 

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lickrock  asked:

As the ritual I've made of out commenting to every new profile pic of yours, here's my comment to your new one: You look like a sexy galactic woman who could kill me with her laser eyes and I'd be totally into that. You're looking gorgeous with your new hair. 💗

I think this is possibly the best compliment regarding my appearance that I’ve ever received. My primary goal in life is to look like a sexy galactic woman who could kill you with her lazer eyes. Now I can finally be at peace.

#kristenstewart Marie Clair the interview

It is a humid dusk in midtown Atlanta, and Kristen Stewart is perched on a too-tall bar stool at Saltwood Charcuterie & Bar in the Loews Hotel, her petite legs swinging free as she talks about girl prison. Not a literal Orange Is the New Black penitentiary—more the psychological and social incarceration all women feel at various points in their lives, when we are expected to smile, please, endure, accept, be grateful, acquiesce, apologize, bend over, be happy. Stewart, 25, knows all about girl prison: how a woman can be punished for not falling in line, for not reflecting what the culture deems she should, for not being, “I believe the operative words are, accessible, easy, and uncomplicated,” she says with an exaggerated roll of her eyes.

Stewart, in town filming Ang Lee’s military drama Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, is not, and has never been, any of those things. She spent years being taken to task for striking doleful poses on the red carpet, or not shining in talk-show settings, or daring to have desires beyond those the public prescribed to her because they believed they had the right to shape her persona since she was a young girl in a series of blockbuster films based on best-selling books. Finally, she decided to embrace the rebel labels thrown her way and say, “Fuck it all!”

“I lit my universe on fire,” she admits with a sly smile, “and I watched it burn.” Stewart drops her head, tugs at the hem of her simple black sweatshirt. Fans away a mosquito. Yanks a fallen tube sock from its cotton pool in her Converse sneaker. “Speaking very candidly,” she says at last, lifting her chin and swallowing a gulp of her vodka tonic, “it was a really traumatic period in my early 20s that kick-started something in me that was a bit more,” she pauses, then settles on the word, “feral.”

On reaching peace with her public image: “I’m really proud that I am able to move forward and not fall into every mental crater. That’s a new thing for me. Age has made me smarter and calmer. And it is fucking awesome.”

On her appearance and cutting her hair: “My hair was such a crutch. I looked quote unquote ‘sexy’ no matter what. I could hide behind it. As soon as I didn’t have all that hair, I had to let my face hang out. I felt more confident than I had in a really long time. And it felt really good. Maybe to most people long hair is prettier. But then what? Is your main goal in life to be desired? That is boring as fuck.”

On apologizing: “Lately, I’ve been doing less of the 'I’m sooooo sorry.’ And more of the 'No. Fuck. Jesus.’”

On the best advice she’s received: “Patti Smith told me to always take care of my teeth and lungs.”

On her success at a young age: “Between ages 15 and 20, it was really intense. I was constantly anxious. I was kind of a control freak. If I didn’t know how something was going to turn out, I would make myself ill, or just be locked up or inhibited in a way that was really debilitating.”

I didn’t realize there was official genderbent versions of them until it was to late….. Oh well at least I’ve finally completed my life goal of drawing Gerita fanart c:

anonymous asked:

What is your top five books and what are they about?

1. The Giver by Lois Lowry
- Young boy is chosen to receive the most important gifts in his confined community - knowledge and the power of free thought. 

2. The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay
- Nastya hasn’t spoken to anyone in over a year after experiencing a traumatic event. Unlikely friendships develop despite the fact that she tries to push people away from her. 

3. The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
- Victoria has just turned 19 and is released from the foster care system without a single person to turn to, the way she wants it. She’s homeless and penniless until a florist gives her a chance to build her life and confront her painful past.

4. The Dog Stars by Peter Heller 
- Hig and his dog Jasper have survived a blood-borne illness that destroyed the world as they knew it. They live on an abandoned air strip with a reclusive, gun-crazed, neighbor, Bangley. When Hig intercepts a transmission, proving life outside their compound, for the first time in years, he sets out on a journey to find life.

5. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
- Eleanor is a runaway returned to a deteriorating home life. Her goal to be invisible, which is difficult to do with a plus size body, unruly fire red hair, freckles, and a wardrobe made up of three pieces of clothing. Park is on the cusp of the cool crowd and from the moment Eleanor sits beside him on the bus an indescribable friendship is formed.

(These are my top five after Harry Potter - in case that needed to be clarified.)