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Now that we have a better idea of Lance and Keith's dynamic when they're not constantly fighting, do you have any headcanons about (platonic) interactions between the two of them?

here’re some space ranger dorks!!!

  • lance: “so like i’m trying to bond with red and i was wondering if you had any tips. how did you get her to like you?” keith, sweating: “uh”
    • “what do you mean you ejected yourself into spa-
  • their interactions can essentially be summed up as “two guys who both think the other is the extra one in the friendship”
  • “okay so hear me out: team fiery tornado” “no” “but-” “no”
  • lance’s current goal in life is to get keith to say “it’s morphin’ time!” when the team is forming voltron
  • *keith voice* “…hunk my hair’s not actually a mullet right”
  • after the first time keith lets lance into his room, all bets are off
    • lance barely knocks anymore lmao he just walks in
    • he’s latino we have no sense of privacy
    • lance, barging in on keith changing: “keith do you - stop screaming - do you know where hunk is?” 
  • lance: “look let’s just agree to both say sorry on the count of three. one, two, three” keith: “…” lance: “…see now i’m disappointed in both of us”
Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 3/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Mentions of Sexual Abuse,  mixture of fluff and angst throughout the series, homophobia

A/N: Listen to THIS beautiful piece whilst reading !! (right click on the video and press loop!). This isn’t my favourite part, but enjoy some Richie and Bev friendship time!

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 (Soon) |

Richie tossed and turned, the storm outside loud and frightening. The sound of the wind swishing through the air in ripples was very ear-splitting on this very night. He could barely sleep on this dark; cold night, too many thoughts were swirling inside of him.

His curls were matted against his pillowcase and his legs were tangled between his blanket, in order to get comfy. Which wasn’t working very well.

Richie smiled as he remembered the memories of today, how him and Eddie were reunited. Sure, it wasn’t the same as it was. But who says it can’t be in the future?

A sigh left Richie’s chapped lips as he began to settle into a dark abyss of sleep.


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lookie lookie at who wrote something finally lmao 

sorry if this is super confusing and sucks i tried lol also the little line in the middle indicates a POV change :) 

please please please let me know what you think! <3 

You sighed, tossing another baby magazine into the growing pile. All day you’ve been busy planning your older sister’s baby shower, it was now at least 6pm and you were beyond tired. You had to plan the whole thing along with your sister’s best friend, but she wasn’t doing much when it came to planning. She was more involved in deciding what kind of cake to get. Deciding you had enough of looking at baby decorations for the day, you neatly cleaned up the mess you created on the kitchen island and packed it all away in the corner. Since Shawn was going to be home soon you thought getting started on dinner would be a good idea. The poor boy is usually starving by the time he gets home from the studio and can usually eat a horse.

As you began preparing the ingredients for tonight’s dinner you couldn’t help but think about what it would be like if you and Shawn had a baby of your own. Shawn’s always loved kids and so have you so you always assumed you were going to have kids one day but you’ve been married for a few years now and neither of you have brought the topic up. Shawn was always busy though so you never really had time to talk about it. All the planning you’ve been doing for the past few days has made your baby fever go through the roof, all you could think about was a tiny human being that was half you and half Shawn.

Maybe it was time to bring up the topic to Shawn, you wouldn’t say much, you would just casually mention that you want a baby, or that you want a baby in the future. You decided on telling him over dinner even though you were nervous to see how he would react. Would he want a baby now? Maybe he doesn’t even want kids and you were going to be stuck with baby fever for life. You were sure he wanted kids though and you’ve seen the way he acted around his little cousins and your little niece, he absolutely adored them. He would make a great dad.

You heard the door close from your spot on the comfy sectional couch you bought a few months ago meaning Shawn was finally home. It was almost 7pm now and he was at the studio since before you even woke up, he was probably exhausted.

Your suspicions were correct when Shawn entered the living room and collapsed right on top of you, his arms wrapped around your torso and he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, letting out the biggest sigh you’ve ever heard.

“Bad day?” you asked, letting your hands run through his messy hair, earning another content sigh.

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i interviewed my mum and this is her bias list.

Seventeen: same as me, Diva Boo EXO: CHEN ???? VIXX: HONGBIN !!! BTS: hoseok NCT: “there’s something about his hair” ; Mark SHINee: Taemin Super Junior: “aren’t they really old?” “no mum they don’t grow old” ;; Heechul B1A4: “he looks like pooh” ; CNU Monsta X: Wonho Day6: Jae

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Update + Goals

I’ve been taking a break from the bowl for a month, getting myself ready for moving and school. But I’m back, bitches! I made 2k in my first two months, no sex involved. A bunch of first dates. I’m gonna be back on my bullshit, but stepping up the game. Real, secure arrangement, here I come.

I need to recenter myself, so here are my goals for the rest of the year:

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CS FF: Never Stop Fighting

Summary:  Missing scene from 6x22.  After finally consummating their marriage, Emma and Killian share a few quiet moments in their bed, as they discuss everything that has happened.  

Rating: G

Note: Thanks for the responses to ‘The Journey is Half the Fun’.  So, it goes without saying that there was a severe lack of Captain Swan scenes in the finale.  This is especially difficult to accept knowing that we may never get anymore.  But that’s what fanfics are for.  So much happened and they never got a chance to react to it.  This little scene is something I would have loved to see on the show.  Thank you to daniellm for the suggestion!  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph 

…Never Stop Fighting: Part 1/1…

Killian stared at his wife, who was lying beside him in their bed.  They had finally consummated their marriage and it was even more incredible than they imagined.  The fact that they had been torn apart again, mere moments after exchanging vows, made their first union as husband and wife that much more special.  And the fact that only two hours earlier, Emma was lying on the ground and Killian thought he had lost her for good, made this moment between them more emotional than they could have ever expected.  They had never felt more deeply connected as they made love.  

Killian lifted his hand and caressed Emma’s cheek, his eyes focused intently on hers.  

“I thought I’d lost you,” he whispered, blinking back tears.

Emma lifted her hand and covered his with it.  “I know.  I was afraid our happy beginning was going to end before it even began.”

Killian swallowed roughly. “I couldn’t breathe when I saw you lying on the ground, Emma.  It felt like my whole world was crumbling.”  

Emma brought his hand to her lips and kissed his knuckles.  She pressed a lingering kiss to his wedding ring and then placed his hand over her heart.  

“I’m right here.  I’m not going anywhere.”

He bit at his lower lip.  “I’m glad Henry got to you first and brought you back with true love’s kiss.  If he hadn’t, then I would have done the same.  We’ve never let death stop us before.  I wasn’t about to give up without a fight.”

Emma smiled sweetly.  “I knew that when I made the decision to sacrifice myself.  Saviors sacrifice.  It’s in the job description.  But I had faith that one of my true loves would bring me back.”

Killian sucked in a deep breath.  “I fought so hard to get back to you, Emma.  I knew you were frightened and alone.  I knew you didn’t remember who I was.  It was killing me to know that you had lost faith and that I couldn’t do anything to help you.”

Emma nodded.  “It was terrible.  But even through the fog, I felt you, Killian.  I felt our connection.  You were the only one who broke through.”

Killian lips slipped into a smile, as he cocked a brow. “Really?”

Emma bobbed her head.  “Henry brought me up to the roof where we were married.  And he told me that I had married my true love, Captain Hook, right there.”  She paused, chuckling. “Of course, I thought he was crazy.”

Killian laughed. “Naturally.” 

Emma’s expression softened.  “But then these images flashed in my mind.  I saw you as I walked down the aisle and then saying our vows and exchanging our wedding rings.  I saw us kissing for the first time as husband and wife.  And I knew deep down that you were my husband, my true love.  I couldn’t deal with it then, couldn’t fully accept it.  But in my heart, I knew.”

Killian leaned forward and pressed a kissed to her lips.  When he pulled back, he rested his forehead against hers.  

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Writers Creed Interview

…“I don’t want to have any regrets looking back on my life.Getting this degree was one of my life goals years ago.I like having time to talk to folks like this on Tumblr. We have so many immensely talented folks here.”…

This time at the writerscreed interviews we got the chance to talk to Diane (@rhapsodyinblue) and her charismatic nature and the similar urge to help the writers made it a totally worth it experience.

Wc: Rhapsodyinblue45, well how did you come up with that url.

D: I’m in love with the 1920s, an era of flappers, cigarettes, bootleg alcohol, and the Charleston. My picture on my blog is a woman with bobbed hair who looks like a flapper. A song from that era, featured in The Great Gatsby is “Rhapsody in Blue” by Gershwin.

Wc: Woah well that was a pretty calculative approach, even our url involved pretty intense thinking and discussion but it wasn’t that deep approach.

Wc: Moving on,so any nicknames or names you like to be called by?

D: Di or DD are a couple. I like being called Rhapsody here.My name is Diane though.😉

Wc: That’s a unique name.

D: DD initials of my name,Di after Lady Diana – though we look nothing alike.

Wc: Lady Diana, are we talking about the Princess of Wales here?

D: Yes!!

Wc: What got you into writing any events that lead you to weave magic with words?

D: I was very imaginative as a kid. I wrote stories for a pretend newspaper that my family was forced to read. In graduate school, I took a poetry workshop and loved it! I became addicted to poetry. I teach English and creative writing now, so I get to practice all the time. It’s my personal therapy, my creative outlet, my wonderful sanity now.I disappear within the words, feel their sounds on my skin. I love the imaginative world of poetry!

Wc: Wow that’s amazing, pretty awesome reasons, writing is all about creativity and therapy I guess, well for those who choose it.Well you’re astounding imagination is very well depicted in your writups.

Wc: If I may assume Kids or your students might love you as a teacher they do right?
You don’t seem strict, well if you are then just let this question pass by as you never read it, just kidding.

D: I hope it’s mutual. I adore listening and learning from them as well. We read and share our thoughts all the time. Hopefully, they find the writing space liberating, a place they can be entirely themselves and feel understood, respected.I can be, but that’s a different class. I am most strict with myself as I am still in school as a student too.💜, Grad school.Teaching is all I ever wanted to do, to help people develop into the selves they desire to be, to encourage them to live their richest lives.

Wc: Well that’s the best quality a teacher can have, that will, to develop mutual understanding and bonding and adding to it also providing them the independence to think, you could be the next most wanted teacher.
You sound like a pretty amazing teacher to me to be honest.
Oh a student in grad school too, you are turning out to be one of the most talented women I’ve come across.
Well that idea is pretty amazing and Noble, we all need more people like you
Talking to you might even lead to me questioning myself about “What the hell am I doing with my life ?” (Haha)

D: Thats very kind of you.I don’t want to have any regrets looking back on my life.Getting this degree was one of my life goals years ago.I like having time to talk to folks like this on Tumblr. We have so many immensely talented folks here.
I commend your team for what you have accomplished.Thank you for recognizing my voice when I was new here.

Wc: It’s been our pleasure, So what do you like writing about?
I’ve been through your write-ups and what I found that you cover most of the genres, revolving around powerfull message or romance and women and their elegance.

D: I love including nature in my poems – the ocean, moon, seasons. I usually try to pose a question in my poems that I hope to resolve by the end. Half the time, I go on the journey too, bumping along, unsure of what I will find.Themes would include celebration of females, encouraging anyone who feels uncelebrated, writing about storms, cats, emotional pain.Trying to pose, I do write about love a good bit of varied kinds

Wc: So you’re like Christopher Nolan(Director of Inception) of poetry unlike him you actually care about the endings.

D: I am open to whatever ending unfolds as long as it is satisfying. That’s the term I use.★★joke😅

Wc: Why do you like writing, what do you find fascinating about it?

D: I discover myself in the words, what I think about things. I divine my own secrets, anticipate the outcome in fiction before it becomes a reality. A divining stick supposedly leads a person to water. Poetry leads me back to my soul.
Poetry is like a song.The song we want the world to hear if they would take the time to listen, the song we must silence ourselves, even to sing.

Wc: Well that was a rhapsodic answer indeed, pretty deep but inspiring too. There’s definitely a link between words and our soul.
Yeah we agree with you on that, poetry indeed is a song yearning for people's​ attention but sometimes it’s more impactful when you least expect it to be.

D: Yes!! Agreed.
I would be lost without creative writing. Where could we escape when reality feels too intense, when our heart hurts? Writing allows us a chance to turn safely inward and channel pain into art and even fantasy.I don’t know people’s reactions to my write ups. I think they feel my words and how emotional they are to me as a writer, but like teaching, I just put it out there, stand on stage, share these thoughts. How they perceive them, I don’t truly know.That’s the truth. Can we ever know the truth of other’s perceptions of us, our own interpretations do get in the way isn’t it.

Wc: Yeah they do.
Symptoms of a true artist indeed, we and you share the same vision of uplifting writers it feels great that we are not alone in this, it’s really amazing how you think about your students and want provide them a platform where they can express their thoughts freely. We’ve said that before and we’ll say again it’s feels amazing to have people like you among us.

Wc: So any bizarre stories linked with your talent of writing or anything unusual that happened because of it?

D: You expressed my sentiments beautifully. I write poetry to express and connect and to share this love and passion for words with others. We definitely agree.
I don’t know if it is a talent, more than intuition for me. It has led me to some great people and wonderful connections. I really enjoy collaborating with folks when minds meld on an idea.

Wc: Any suggestion you’d like to embark so we can reform writerscreed and fix some of the missing loopholes?

D: Your team does a great job. Opportunities for collaborations amongst poets would be fun, and I would be open to it. Continue with writing prompts for challenges to improve writers.

Wc: Duly noted.
Any fun facts, perhaps a side of you that is less known about or something else ?

D: I’m an avid runner, believe in healthy eating as opposed to taking medicine, enjoy camping, and I studied abroad in England in college.

Wc: Well you are a really an awesome person,
So thats all we have, thank you very much for your time, we really enjoyed talking to you and we were here to interview you and ended up getting insipred instead.
It’s was an absolute pleasure talking to you.

D: I enjoyed our conversation immensely.This was a lot of fun. I look forward to reading your interviews with other writers as well.Thank you!!

Resistance is futile

For @leiascully‘s XF Writing Challenge: resistance. I know this one does not answer the prompt question ‘how did our agents (or supporting characters, since this is all X-Files and not just M&S) undermine conspiracy and expectations?’. But I’ve been on holidays for two weeks and I haven’t flexed my writing muscles because I’ve been sunbaking!

It’s just fluff. Slightly not safe for work. Enjoy.

Mulder watched his son read the passage again, a single brow furrowed in the same manner as his mother. His sandy fringe flopped over his eyes and William pushed it back, huffing.

           “What are you stuck on, Will?”

           “Resistance. Ironic, don’t you think?”

           Mulder smiled. “It’s like rain on your wedding day.”


           “Mulder, why are you singing 90s songs to our fourteen year old son when he’s trying to do his homework?” Scully pushed a mug of coffee into his hands and took a sip of her own. “And it was 75 degrees of wall-to-wall sunshine on our wedding day.”

           “Yes, but it rained somewhere in the world.”

           William put his pen down. “There’s a forty per cent chance of rain on any given day in Washington, so you were pretty lucky.”

           Scully chuffed out a laugh. “And there’s a hundred per cent chance that you are your father’s son, William Mulder.” She eyed Mulder, who’s chest was puffed with a ridiculous sense of pride. “Now, what about your homework? Maybe the scientist in the family can actually help you, instead of the dreamer of the family hindering you with pop lyrics.”

           “Alanis Morisette was hardly pop. And don’t tell me that you haven’t got all her albums in your CD collection, Dr Scully.” He ruffled William’s hair and bent down to whisper in his ear. “I heard her belting out ‘You oughtta know’ when she used to run. Back in the day.”

           “I still run,” she countered. “And I’m here to remind you, that I still know all the words. And you are still my cross to bear.” She poked her tongue out and Mulder laughed.

           “You two are so weird,” William said, shaking his head and picking up his work book again. “I have to answer all this stuff about circuits, Ohm’s Law and resistance and they’re all in a household setting. And seeing as how you pair aren’t exactly domestically gifted, I think I’ll just call Kyle instead.” William dropped the book and slid his phone off the desk.

           “Whoa, whoa,” Mulder said, holding up his hands. “Not domestically gifted? What are you talking about? Are we, or are we not, hands-on domestic, Scully?”

           William giggled. “Dad, last week, the shelf you built in the garage fell off the wall.”

           “And took with it all my best bottles of red,” Scully added.

           “That was a degradation of the materials in the hinge and bracket, William. Not anything to do with my engineering skills.”

           “Well, I did wait six years for the shelf to be ‘engineered’. That might have been a contributing factor to this alleged degradation.”

           Mulder whistled. “Dr Scully, I seem to recall the cake you baked for our son’s thirteenth birthday didn’t exactly hold up to the same rigorous standards that you are now applying to my handiwork.”

           “Deconstructed cooking is all the rage, Mulder. Didn’t you know?”

           William snorted. “How is any of this helping me?”

           “Resistance is the hindrance to the flow of charge, William,” Scully said, putting her mug down and sitting next to him. “You must know that there are variables that affect electrical resistance.”

           William nodded. “Length, width, material.”

           “That’s right. And the resistance of a wire is directionally proportional to the length of the wire and inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of the wire. So, if you know those two measurements and you know the material that the wire is made from, then you can work out the resistance. It’s just a mathematical formula.”

           “She says that all the time,” Mulder said. “And yet her cake still collapsed.”

           “Mulder! Until you can add something more substantial to this conversation, I suggest you go down to the garage and start oiling your hinges and brackets.”

           “Oooh, is that a metaphor, Dr Scully? Should I have a shave tonight?”

           William screwed up his nose and sighed. “See, this is what I mean? I’m calling Kyle.”

           Scully held up her hand. “It’s okay. Let me see the questions.” She took the book from the desk. “Mulder, why don’t you check on the casserole?”

           “The casserole is fine. I checked it twenty minutes ago. The lamb is deconstructing nicely. Let me help. I can wire up stuff.”

           Scully folded her arms. “So, if a circuit contains a three-cell battery, wires and a light bulb, what would cause it to shine less brightly?”

           Mulder smirked. “A power cut?”

           William chuckled. “Either a reduction of the current or an increase in the resistance of the bulb?”

           Scully beamed. “You’ve got it.”

           William blushed. “And therefore, if we use the wrong gauge wire to power a household appliance, we could risk overheating it.”

           “That’s right,” she said, looking up at Mulder.

           “So when Dad wired up the…”

           “William, why don’t you go and check on the casserole?” Mulder cut in. “I’m sure your mother would appreciate the table being set.”

           Scully glared at Mulder. “Did you have anything to do with the coffee machine incident?”

           He placed a hand over his heart. “That was an accident.”

           “An expensive one.”

           “I did buy you the better model.”

           She smiled into her chin, recalling the grand unveiling of the new Cuisinart that occupied a shiny chrome spot on the kitchen bench. “That you did.”

           “And I did apologise profusely for the accident and I did spend many creative hours making it up to you…”

           “Dad!” William held both his hands over his ears.

           Scully laughed. “I think you’ll be okay to finish your homework by yourself now, William. If you need me to read over your answers after dinner, I can do that. But right now, I need to get this man of little domestic talent out of your hair.” She pushed Mulder back towards the door of the study.

Scully lay under the crisp sheet and nestled into the crook of Mulder’s arm. “The casserole was delicious. The coffee afterwards was smooth and balanced.”

           “So, you do approve of some of my domestic talents?”

           She breathed in his smell and kissed his sweat-salted skin. “Oh, I approve of many of your domestic talents, Fox Mulder.”

           “Well, that’s good to know, Dr Scully. Because while you’re busy being all sciency and stuff, us dreamers here are always thinking of ways to improve our domestic lot in life. And keeping you blissfully happy is my number one goal.”

           She played with the fine hairs on his chest. “That’s a very admirable target. Do you have a mathematical formula for achieving this goal?”

           He turned to kiss her deeply. “Of course.”

           “And what is it?” The colour on her cheeks rose as he wisped a thumb over her breast.

           “You wouldn’t understand.” He pulled her nipple into his mouth.

           She gasped. “Oh really?”

           He released it with a pop. “But I could demonstrate.”

           She hummed. “Does it involve energy and flow?”

           “And width and length and friction.”

           She snorted into his hair as his head moved lower. “And, Dr Scully,” he looked up with a sparkle in his eye, “resistance is futile.”

Down another pound. I now weigh what it says on my ID. ^_^

50 more pounds to go to reach the goal weight I want. This isn’t the way I like to lose weight (massive stress) but I guess I’ll take it.

My hair is falling out a lot. My mother’s hair all fell out due to stress and my grandmother also lost the majority of her hair. So this might be the catalyst to me beginning to lose my hair. Good thing I like wigs.

Going to get an MRI in Seattle tomorrow. We’ll have to leave the house around 5am. Ugh. I probably won’t sleep. Wish me luck. Wish me a good doctor who will want me to get into surgery asap. I’m so stressed, you guys. All good thoughts and prayers and energies are welcome and appreciated.

Our Little Family

BBRAE WEEK 2017 Day Five: Casual Love Vs Marriage

A quiet little house in a city that was warm in the summers and cool in the winters, lived a sweet little family. Mornings were filled with learning and playing, while evenings were full of relaxing and snuggles. No matter what time it was there was always happiness and love in the brick home.

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“Secretary of State Hillary was sexy as hell. I don’t know exactly why maybe the long hair? But she was glowing and was all flirty and sassy yet so powerful. Like this is my life goal to be a woman like that, it’s inspiring but also makes me wanna know candid sexy things about that era. Do we know things like that? Does anyone know more stories?”

"Coolest Parent"

So I kinda wrote a fic featuring time traveling!Kaneki and Eto/Arima? It’s pretty informal, because it’s just a crack post that got too long. But uh..anyway, I hope you enjoy~

AU in which Kaneki gets sent back in time to stop Eto and Arima from beginning their “factory reset” plan.


He approaches Arima first, because he’s easier to find than the ever elusive Eto. He makes the mistake of introducing himself as “The One-Eyed King from the future.”

And I say he made a mistake, because Arima immediately jumps to conclusions. If he is the current OEK and this tiny kid that kinda looks like him from the future is the new OEK….Before Kaneki can even begin to explain, Arima’s calling a contact by the name of “Big Bird Babe” (who Kaneki hopes is not the person he is thinking it is) and he’s yelling (yes, actually yelling) “Come quickly! Our son from the future has visited me!”

And poor Kaneki can’t get a word in and he can’t run away, because Arima’s holding his hand to “keep his mini-me from running into traffic”. Before he knows it, the oh-so-mysterious “Big Bird Babe” swoops in from the sky like the giant evil bird they are and Kaneki’s not surprised at all to find out it’s Eto.

Once again, he can hardly get a word in, because Eto is immediately all over his ass. She’s like, “I carry you for 9 months! 9 months! ("With her tiny body in her tiny womb” Arima unhelpfully adds) And you visit your father first? You have some explaining to do, young Mister!“

Arima only makes things worse by adding on more unhelpful comments. "It’s because I’m his favorite. I’m the ‘Cool Parent’. He loves me more.”

Eto’s angrily flapping her arms like the bird woman she is and screeching “Like hell! There’s no way you’re the cool parent! No way!” And she turns to Kaneki and demands, “Tell this lame nerd behind me that I’m the cool parent!”

“You’re both equally cool,” Kaneki tries to placate.

Eto’s not having that though. “Is it because you blame me for being short?”

“Wha- No - I’m not short-”

“I knew it! You can’t reach the books on the top shelf by yourself and you resent me for it!!!”

“No! No, please-”

“Wait. You do like books right?”

“Well, yes I love books, but that’s not impor-”

“Of course you love books! Who am I kidding? What’s your favorite?”

“Actually the ones you write, but I really nee-”

And Kaneki shouldn’t have said that, because now Eto’s crowing on and on about how “This is proof that he’s a Mama’s boy after all! Suck it, Kishou!”

This just sparks yet another “most loved/favorite/cool parent” debate between Arima and Eto. Poor Kaneki is attacked by even more questions.

Arima’s latest argument is “He was born on my birthday, not yours, because he wanted to give me the greatest gift.”

Eto is quick to counter with, “And who do you think gave you that gift? Who carried that gift for nine months, you son of a-”

At Arima’s pointed glance at their “son”, she catches herself at the last minute. “-Dove! You son of a dove!”

“He looks like me, therefore he likes me more,” Arima argues. When he sees Eto gearing up to shut down his very sound logic, he tacks on, “He looks like me, but if I were smaller and cuter like you.”

And like that, the argument is forgotten (for now), because Eto’s cooing “Awww babe, you think I’m cute?”

Kaneki is disgusted by their weird flirting. He doesn’t even try to deny that their his parents anymore, because they can’t be convinced otherwise. They think he’s only saying that he’s not their son, because he’s worried about screwing up the timeline and not being born. And they’re like, “Don’t worry, kiddo, this revelation won’t effect our sex schedule at all.”

Which is an awful thing to say, because now poor Kaneki is being forced to think about their sex life.

When he finally breaks down and shows them their timeline’s version of him, things only escalate.

“That woman has stolen our child. She must pay. With all of her books,” announces Arima, completely ignoring future Kaneki’s helpless complaints of “that doesn’t even make sense!”

Unfortunately, Eto agrees and is convinced that, “That horrible kidnapper lady dyed his hair black! How dare she! We have to dye it back to white.”

And that my friends, is how a parallel world where Arima and Eto adopt a young Kaneki is created. Ironically, future Kaneki does succeed in his goal to stop their world domination plans.

Partly, because Eto and Arima are too busy terrifying teachers and the PTA with concerns for their “precious Prince’s lack of friends and special treatment” when they’re not busy scaring off basically every other kid that approaches said “precious prince”. Everyone, except good ole Hide that is.

But mostly, because the two dorks are still competing intensely for the title of “Coolest Parent”. Kaneki loves them both equally, but Hide is the one keeping the score and currently Arima is in the lead after TPing Kaneki’s Aunt’s house.

Thus, Eto’s contact name has been changed from “Big Bird Babe” to “2nd Coolest Parent”.

She’s probably going to widow herself when she finds out.

Beanies and Stardust

Betty always thought she knew what she wanted - a white picket fence life with a certain red haired best friend. However, when Jughead Jones, Archie’s mysterious writer friend, moves in with Archie, suddenly her goals aren’t exactly the same anymore.

– I’ve been working on this for a while now and have just started uploading so I’m making a chapter list for it bc why not. At first I was going to upload the entire thing on tumblr but then I changed my mind and decided to make this instead –

Chapter 1 - ao3 // ff.net // read as a sneak peek on tumblr

Chapter 2 - ao3 // ff.net

My hair was such a crutch. I looked quote unquote ‘sexy’ no matter what. I could hide behind it. As soon as I didn’t have all that hair, I had to let my face hang out. I felt more confident than I had in a really long time. And it felt really good. Maybe to most people long hair is prettier. But then what? Is your main goal in life to be desired? That is boring as fuck.

thegreyturtle  asked:

Any advice for drawing 2012 Karai's hair? I can do 2k3 Karai just fine, but I can't draw 2012 Karai to save my life and your version is so beautiful I thought you'd be the perfect person to ask!!!!!

being the perfect person to ask something about Karai is my life goal, yay, thanks it means a lot!
I tried to make somewhat a tutorial or a reference thingie, but I’m not sure if it’s useful. It took me about two years to understand what the heck is her haircut actually but I’m still in love with it. You definitely should check out @gekroent‘s amazing Karai cosplay (x) (x) (x) - from there you can get a better idea of how her hair works, making screenshots of her in the show may help as well. 

i’ve been seeing a lot of vidcon on my dash today…. and i wanted to sketch some real life people… so have some youtubers


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