her hair is literally PERFECT here

Minor Characters Appreciation Post

I wanted to write something but my head is pretty empty right now and I can’t think of anything even slightly clever so I’m doing this.

I always admire comic book artists for not just creating and designing all these main characters but also all the little characters that need a face

Here are three of my favourites in wicdiv:

The Pink Lady: Everything about her is perfect: Her hair, her mobile, the look on her face. Plus she remindes me of Little My of the Moomins.

The Scared Dude: That’s literally me if I would exist in WicDiv universe and something this creepy would happen. I can identify with him.

The Policemen: He is just doing his job! I loved both of them.

Okay here’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now
In my schoolmusical choir there are 2 girls who literally have the perfect looks. Like they have no flaws. BUT they both look very different. One of them has light brown, straight hair, blue eyes, a small nose, and her body type isn’t like super skinny or anything but it’s so beautiful.
And then there’s the other one. She has a slightly darker skin, dark brown, very curly, thick hair and dark eyes. She’d got the most lovely smile and is very skinny.
And I see both of them as perfect. So that means there is not “one perfect look”. Some people just have no physical flaws.
And if there isn’t one type of perfect, there also isn’t one type of beautiful. So just because that one beautiful person has a different haircolor or bodytype doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful!! Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and no I won’t tell you everyone is equally pretty, but everyone has something beautiful about them.