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Abby’s Wardrobe and the Kabby Kiss

This might or might not end up having any weight, but I think the outfit Abby wears next week is going to be the one Kane kisses her in. If you look at the shirt she’s wearing in the trailer, it looks like a gray/black henley with some ribbing on the sleeves (you can see it when she’s running her fingers through Kane’s hair): 

Lightened/colored in @akachankami‘s amazing gifset, it looks like this:

In the promo pictures for next week, we have Abby wearing a shirt that looks very similar to, if not the same as, that one. Based on the context of the sleeve alone, I think there’s a HUGE resemblance.

Here’s a closer look for anyone who’s as crazy obsessed over this as I am:

The ribbing on this sleeve matches the one on the sleeve we see in the trailer and gifs, and the stitching on the bottom matches as well. Could I just be so nuts thinking about the kiss that I’m hallucinating similarities in Abby’s wardrobe? Maybe.

 Whether or not we get the kiss next week will also depend on if Marcus changes out of his guard jacket, which it appears he will. But unfortunately, we have no evidence of whether or not he puts on his other black jacket instead of the guard one.

Now, I’m not saying the kiss is coming next episode, because predicting such things is hella tricky on this show. For all we know, these idiots won’t change their clothes again for the rest of the season, which would make sense given how shit has hit the fan in Arkadia. But based on Abby’s shirt we’re GETTING CLOSER and I’m so excited to see their wardrobes reflecting that!

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@ the hair/skin color ask: I have experienced the same thing from my (white) mother. I always wanted to dye my hair red, but she told me that it would look weird with my "asian skin", that I was "too yellow". Joke's on her since my hair is naturally turning red and I look amazing. If it's an option for you, just dye your hair whatever you want. If you wear it with confidence you'll be gorgeous no matter what ignorant people think. Any skin tone looks good with any color hair in my opinion.

Anecdote about Queen Letizia told by Colombian actress Juana Acosta:

“When the Colombian president came to Spain, the King and the Queen hosted a dinner to which I was invited. At the end of the dinner, Letizia sunk her hand into my hair and told me: “you have such an amazing hair!” It was very special [meeting them]. I think it is something I will always remember, especially because of how close they seemed. They were close, pleasant, affectionate… They told me they were fans of Velvet! I had a nice talk with them. The Queen, it was like… The image I had of her as a distant woman completely disappeared, suddenly she seemed like a ‘one on one’ woman, very loving. And at the end of our conversation when she ‘grabbed’ my hair and told me that she loved it, it made me feel comfortable.”

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You can watch the video of Juana’s interview here (2:10): [x]