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Then and Now:  Alfie Solomons Fan Fiction - One Shot


@pootle asked Hi! Would you consider writing Alfie with someone a little older - like middle aged? I always think Alfie comes across as older than Tom is, maybe that’s just me! I did think him with Ollie’s mum would be fun! And Ollie’s reaction - not happy but would never say anything?!

WARNINGS:  NSFW, 18+, non canon likely

Then and Now

Aflie’s large hands wrapped around the dainty warmth of the china cup.  Eyes resting on the pattern that was as familiar to him as his own markings; hidden beneath the heavy shirt and long coat now draped over the back of the kitchen chair.   His eyes flickered to follow her movements; settled on the slight thickness of her waist and the practiced skill of her hands as they prepared the dough.   She had wore her hair down today in a thick braid that hung almost to her rear; the black interspersed with silvery strands.  Moistening his lips, he leaned slightly to his right in order to determine what ingredients she had set upon the counter.  When his eyes landed on the jar containing apricot jam, his stomach gave a flip and rumble.   She was in a good mood today, perhaps feeling nostalgic, if his favourite was on the menu.  Normally most Jewish desserts could be as stale and dry as something that fell behind your bread box and was discovered months later.    Her rugelach was anything but that. A moist bite of chocolate, hazelnuts and apricot jam all rolled into a tender cream cheese dough that tempted both his tummy… and trips down memory lane.

Some days they would stand at the counter together.  Rolling out dough in quiet companionship.   Others, like today, he would sit and drink his tea while she bustled about the cramped space and the conversation flowed.   Most of the time, it was only conversation and cuisine that happened in this small house by the river.   Its siding fading and grass often overgrown because he kept her son busy with other things.   Days like this, when she could not seem to sit still, he knew the restless energy inside of her would spill over into the tiny room down the hallway.   A few hours spent easing the tensions and memories they both carried.   Lives intersecting.  Tragedies unspoken, but held in silent comfort.    Today both his tummy and nether regions were fully engaged.   It had been awhile, though she was not simply a scratch to his itch.  Or, perhaps they were that to one another; from time to time.   The thread that pulled between them was long and frayed; knotted with the ghosts of their shared past.  A past only she fully knew and Alfie found a freedom in the surrendering the air of mystery about him.   Though even when he awoke in the night, sweating within the crisp, scented sheets with their lace edging, and she pulled him close - they never spoke of the dreams that haunted him.   It was enough that she knew, and he knew hers and together they waited silently in the dark hours for the mists of the past to dissipate.

Standing on feet already beginning to ache upon the cold tile floor, she could feel the weight of his stare upon her back.  Today she had taken care of her appearance, not that she felt a pressing need to impress any longer.  Having grown quite at ease with her slightly heavier frame and increasingly wrinkled skin.  She felt beautiful today, but knew this edgy tension inside would keep her busy and moving.   Having obtained a mature age, nearly twenty more than his own, she no longer felt the need to hide her desire when it flared.   And no one had ever quite made it flare like Alfie Solomons.   The image of his powerful body moving over her own had run through her mind all morning, and when he stepped his imposing figure through her door, it was all she could do not to lead him directly down the hall.  But that had never been their way.   A gentler understanding coming together that fulfilled a need, if not a passion. Still, it was a bit shameful, and her cheeks flushed while she filled the pastry.  Ripe into middle age as she was, there seemed no point in denying herself now.   Two husbands buried; one from the horrors of war, the other the lingering horrors of his own mind that only the blast from his own gun could halt.   Alfie knew it all, as she also knew the pains he carried.   Another marriage no longer an option, with a grown son who lived with her and took care of most things.  That is when Alfie did not keep him away for long, and likely dangerous, hours.  

She frowned at the thought of her boy – the one they had both fought to secure a life for – daily navigating the dangerous road of the gangster life.    Her head turned over a shoulder to find him quietly contemplating her.   His own gaze burning with that little bit of need today.  Smiling softly, she felt her own heat travel across the space when he slowly rose from the table.   Her hand reached out to grasp his larger ones.  Felt the coldness of his rings amidst the warmth.   She allowed him to quickly put the finished desserts into the oven, eyes watching the tense lines in his face as he set the timer.   Then turning towards the hallway as he held her hand firm in his own; without a word was lead down the hall.   There was no one she trusted more than Alfie Solomons.

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Dating Tom includes...

  • when you first meet 
  • tom thinks you’re fucking beautiful and he can’t stop staring at you
  • but you think it’s kinda creepy, but he’s lucky because of his cute looks
  • then he finally got the courage to talk to you
  • and he didn’t leave empty handed too bc you gave him your number
  • soon enough y’all started dating
  • everyone shipped you for the longest times
  • inStAgRAM CAptions AbOut EaChOtHer 
  • and its indirect af
  • but everyone knows its about you two
  • taking that cliche beach picture of him holding your hand but you’re ahead of him
  • but let’s be honest he just wanted to see you in a bathing suit bc you’re perfect the way you are to him.
  • cuddles™
  • you on his chest sometimes
  • tom between your legs sometimes
  • tom constantly has to be touching you
  • he loves it when you have your hands in his hair
  • and you like touching his curly messy hair
  • its soft af.
  • being accused of being a gold digger
  • but you were oblivious to the fact that tom was famous for like a month or two
  • “tommy, why do you always hide your face when you go outside?”
  • “paparazzi”
  • “haha, no seriously.” 
  • tom feeling like he can’t take you anywhere bc of paparazzi.
  • once you had a panic attack in front of him and he held you for hours afterwards
  • sometimes your depression gets really bad and you stay in bed, but tom joins you.
  • but you’re up against the wall because you don’t wanna talk or be touched and he gives you time
  • then you give in and he cuddles, kisses, and snuggles you all day.
  • holding HANDS UGHH
  • you lucky bitch you
  • spooning
  • tom constantly taking pictures of you
  • you sometimes being mad because you say you look ugly
  • tom then being mad bc you’re not ugly
  • tom calling you cute names that make your heart flutter
  • princess™
  • baBY GIRL™
  • DarLING™
  • getting to hear his morning voice and that shit turns you on
  • speaking of being turned on
  • lots and lots of sex
  • but seriously
  • sometimes there’s the fluffy passionate days
  • sometimes there’s the rough angsty days
  • but overall it’s great
  • “don’t you dare hold your moans in, babygirl.”
  • tom found your sweetspot on your neck one time
  • and you moaned loudly
  • and he continued
  • “i- da- mhmm” 
  • tom pulling away. 
  • “huh, daddy, babygirl?” 
  • let’s just say it was an exciting night and one to not be forgotten of. 
  • going on set with him
  • and tom getting head after a long stressful day on set
  • getting to meet the avengers
  • and you almost collapsing
  • “tommy, i told you i had to pace myself meeting them. i almost died.” 
  • tom sleeping in your lap sometimes
  • “tommy, baby, you have gray hairs.”
  • “wut??!!!”
  • the holland brothers love you
  • mostly bc you’re a pro at roasting your boyfriend
  • quackson claxon™
  • “omg, tom, can we keep her?”
  • “harry, no. she’s mine.”
  • “i don’t recall being an object, stanley.” 
  • him deathglaring you and now you know your in for it tonight.
  • harrison constantly gagging at you pda
  • zenday and laura being your bestfriends
  • catching tom singing on camera
  • using it as blackmail
  • jacob being like the brother you always wanted
  • being the biggest prankster on set
  • “damn, i should be an actress.”
  • one time you two had a fight
  • and tom left and slammed the door
  • and didnt return or talk to you for a fucking week
  • and you were a wreck
  • then when he did come back, you were still in your bed crying over it
  • “i’m so sorry, princess. i’ll never do it again.”
  • makeup sex
  • “daddy’s sorry, princess.” 
  • and you guys being cute af together everyday
  • you end up being on the avengers gc
  • they all adore you
  • especially seb
  • and mackie
  • you all roast tom together
  • silent treatment.
  • “baby, we were just joking.” you would murmur, kissing his neck. 
  • hollywood’s young lovers™ forever. 
The Photograph

Hi babes! This is a fluffy oneshot about Peter having a crush on one of Michelle’s friends at Midtown High. One day, he spots her reading outside and secretly takes a photo of her because he thinks that she looks too perfect to go unseen, and he pins the photo up in the back of his locker. Everything is fine until Flash Thompson gets his hands on Peter’s photo and brings it to her attention. After that, awkward cuteness ensues and I hope that you all like it!

The Photograph

Hot licks of pain seared throughout Peter’s body. His lip was split, there was a purpling bruise on his temple that was accompanied by a headache so powerful that it’s aching refused to be ignored. Even walking from class to class was taking a toll on Peter. He was exhausted and in pain, but Peter remained hellbent on keeping Queens safe, no matter the cost.  

    Peter’s eyes glazed over and his body was ready to shut down. Doing his best to keep himself up on his feet, he focused on the photo that he had tacked up of her in the back of his locker.

    In the photo, the girl was outside, hidden beneath the shade of a rather large tree. She was stretched out on a light pink blanket, a copy of Charles Baudelaire’s, ‘The Flowers of Evil,’ open in front of her. There was a carton of fresh strawberries and a rather oversized iced coffee balanced haphazardly against her backpack on the ground with her, and every so often, Peter recalled how delightedly blissful she looked each time she bit into a ripe berry. The sun’s rays, the soft breeze wandering through the tree’s leaves, and the chatter bumbling down to her from their shared high school didn’t even faze the girl. Her mind remained with the poet’s.

    After a few minutes of watching her, Peter felt soothed. Everything about her made him feel better. He loved the way she licked her lips after she ate, he loved the way that she read her favorite verses aloud, he loved the way that she laughed at herself when she nearly spilled her coffee, and he loved the way that she helped him forget about the constant stress that was now heavily present in his life.

    When Peter finally snapped the photo, she was laying on her side, one hand wound into her silky hair to keep it out of her eyes, and the other hand holding her poetry book open. Her eyes were focused on comprehending the poems on each page, but she wore a soft smile on her lips that made it clear that she wasn’t scrutinizing anything too intensely. The girl was merely enjoying her free period in the sun and Peter longed to do the same.

    Since then, Peter looked for her in almost every hallway, in every classroom window, and everyday at lunch. They’d spoken a handful of times, seeing as they were in the same history class, but other than class discussions, Peter hadn’t mustered up the nerve to say hello outside of an intellectual, in-class debate.

    One day, she was late to history and when she’d walked into the room, she found that her normal seat next to the window had been taken, so she headed towards the first empty desk she saw. Peter, already occupying one of the seats, nearly suffered a heart attack when she placed her binder next to his and offered him a quiet “good morning.”

    It had taken Peter a few seconds to force his brain to form a response to her and then to get his mouth to open and say the words that his brain was attempting to communicate back to her. When he stuttered out, “hey, yeah, good morning,” she didn’t tease him for his weirdness, instead she smiled at him and Peter could’ve melted onto the floor right then and there.

    During that day’s lecture, their teacher was detailing women’s struggles throughout the years to gain the 19th amendment, which won women of all colors, and social standings the right to vote. She scribbled down notes and nodded in agreement with the teacher as she spoke of Ida B. Well’s, Lucy Burns’ and Alice Paul’s courageous actions in the suffrage movement. It was only after Flash Thompson opened his mouth that Peter observed a frown cross over her features.

    “Why didn’t they just keep doing what Florence Kelley advised? If they had followed her directions, they wouldn’t have gotten radical and thrown into prison. Florence Kelley was meeting with President Woodrow Wilson, and he explained to her why he couldn’t grant women suffrage right then, but he said he would going forward. The National Women’s Party didn’t know what they were doing, and furthermore, they set the women’s rights movement back with their crazy antics.” Flash finished, folding his hands behind his head and leaning back in his chair.

    Glancing over at the girl in the chair next to him, Peter knew that not only was Flash painfully incorrect and uneducated, but she was clearly getting ready to put Flash back into his place.

    “Wow, that’s actually so, so, so wrong.” She started, turning slightly in her chair to face Flash, “if Florence Kelley had kept asking President Wilson to recognize women as intelligent, reasonable beings capable of making a decisive decision, it’s unlikely that the 19th amendment would’ve been passed in 1920. The only reason women were granted suffrage is because of The National Woman’s Party. These women marched, were beaten in the streets, picketed in front of the White House, and were thrown into jail for the good of women everywhere. President Wilson only granted women the right to suffrage after women were dying in prison due to the hunger strike Alice Paul began. Not to mention, while these women were imprisoned, they were denied basic human rights and the entire reason they were in locked away in jail was because they were blocking traffic on the sidewalk. It took drastic measures to humanize women in men’s eyes and without the heroic antics of these women, who knows where women would stand today. I mean, a woman’s right to her own body is something that could be taken away at any moment, and women are constantly battling the image that men have imposed upon us. Therefore, your opinion is invalid because you apparently cannot grasp the severity of the situation, past and present.”

    Peter, as well as the rest of the class, was stunned into silence. Normally, she didn’t partake in class discussions because she was shy, but now that she had, everyone in the room was shocked by the intellect that she had just destroyed Flash with. Peter wanted nothing more than to hear her speak all day, and maybe to introduce her to Aunt May.

    Peter could barely focus as Michelle began to back her up. Leaning closer to the wonderfully insightful girl next to him, Peter let her know just how clever he found her. “That was amazing, everything you said was perfect and spot-on. That was the greatest thing that I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait for you do it again.” Peter congratulated the girl.

    “You don’t think it was too much?” She asked worriedly, biting her lip and fiddling with the pencil in her hands.

    Peter shook his head, his eyes wide, “No, no! Absolutely not! You would’ve made Alice Paul very proud.”

    Placing a hand atop of his, she thanked him with a smile. “You’re the best, Peter,” she said before turning her focus back to their teacher.

    After that, she had joined Peter on Flash’s hit-list, so Peter should’ve known better than to try and relax with his locker wide open. Peter was knocked out of his daydream of going home to her and simply curling up around her to sleep by Flash’s grabby hand, first shoving him out of the way, and then stealing his photo of her.

    As Flash rushed down the hall, Peter struggled after him, both boys trying to beat each other to where she stood deep in conversation with Michelle about the numerous male authors whose most famous novels were stolen works from their wives.

    “Flash, don’t” Peter shouted, as he tried to ignore the shooting pain traveling up his body.

    “Too late, Penis Parker,” Flash called as he weaved gracefully inbetween students to get to their target.

    “Oh my gosh,” Michelle muttered, rolling her eyes as she nodded her head towards the two boys heading their way. “Losers.”

    “His lip is bleeding,” She said, concern lacing into her tone. “Do you think he’s okay?”

    “Your boyfriend is fine, probably tripped over a lego or something on his way to the bathroom and banged his head into the wall on his way down.” Michelle tried to reason with her friend. She’d detected that her friend and Peter had the biggest of crushes on one another way before either one of them had, and she had made it her mission to mock them every chance she got.

    Flash was the first to reach the two girls, holding up the photo of her that Peter had taken of her reading outside. “Parker, Penis.” He wheezed, “Penis Parker took this picture of you and had it taped up behind his textbooks in his locker.” Bending over to soothe the splint in his side, Flash handed the photo to the confused girl in front of him.

    As Peter came to a stop in front of her and Michelle, he groaned and threw his hands up into the air, uttering a barely audible, “fuck.”

    When the girls saw Peter up close, they found that Peter was barely recognizable due to all of the bruises masking his pale skin. Quickly handing the photo to Michelle, the girl surged forward, lightly grabbing onto Peter’s sweater to steady him. “Peter, what happened to you? You’re hurt,” she questioned, growing a little more distraught as she studied him face to face.

    “The picture, I’m sorry, I know it’s so creepy. I didn’t mean to be a weirdo and I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable, I swear that I’m not stalking you.” Peter mumbled, trying unsuccessfully to keep his lip from bleeding.

    “Peter, I don’t care about the photo. What happened to you? Oh no, your lip is bleeding,” She rambled, steering Peter towards the bench nearest to them. “Sit,” she instructed, digging through her backpack for a tissue to dab Peter’s cut with.

    “You’re seriously not going to say anything about the picture he clearly took of you?” Flash whined, refusing to accept defeat.

    Michelle raised her eyebrows, “No, I think it’s disturbing too. You’re not alone in that, Flash.”

    “Do you need ice?” She asked Peter, guiding Peter to look up so she could inspect his face for any further damage. “You need ice, Michelle, could you please go get him ice? Flash, could you please go away?” She asked, looking at the pair over her shoulder.

    Flash was nearly beside himself, “it’s weird! You have to acknowledge that it’s weird that he not only took a photo of you without your knowledge, but that he has it pinned up like you are his girlfriend or something? Really not going to say anything about that?”

    “For all you know,” she said, turning to face Flash as she did that day in class, “Peter could very well be my boyfriend!”

    Peter’s jaw dropped so far that she had to readjust his head to keep the tissue on his open wound. Gently prying her helping hand from his lip, “wait, really?” Peter asked. “You’d be my girlfriend after all this?”

    “This is disgusting,” Michelle interjected. Handing Peter’s photo back to him, she grabbed Flash by the collar of his polo shirt and dragged him down the hallway. “We’ll be back with ice and some band-aids.”

    She and Peter could hear Flash’s discontented grumbles as he followed Michelle down to the nurse’s office to retrieve some medical aid for Peter.

    “Are you really not freaked out?” Peter asked, staring up at her with big, brown, puppy-dog eyes.

    Sighing, she moved to stand in between Peter’s legs to inspect how much further his lip had split. “If you keep talking, the cut is never going to heal. This,” she gestured to Peter’s clearly damaged frame, “freaks me out more than anything. What’s happening to you? If I can help you, please let me. I care about you and I hate that you’re hurt.” She pouted.

    She was so close that Peter could smell all the floral notes in her perfume, and if he wanted to, he could hug himself close to her and never let go. “I can’t tell you what’s happening, but if I stop, things will get worse. Not just for me, but for everyone. I’m trying to help.”

    Running a hand through his hair, she shook her head. “Then let me help you. If you’re helping everyone, you deserve to have someone help you, and I want you to let me be that person, Peter.”

    Pinching the palm of his hand, Peter spotted Flash and Michelle returning with ice, ointment and bandages in hand, and he knew that he had to be quick. “It would really help me if you went out to dinner with me. Just being with you would help me. That’s why I took the picture of you. Every day that I felt like I was drowning, I would look at you, well the picture of you, and it would help me to breath again.”

    “Pick me up on Saturday. I’ll be ready at 7:30,” she agreed, much to not only Peter’s, but Flash’s surprise.

    “Come on!” Flash hissed, “how is it that Parker gets a date with a hot girl after he hides in the bushes and takes secret pictures of her? What the hell is going on right now? Do I live in the twilight zone?”

    “For fucks sake, Flash.” Michelle muttered, turning to him with squared shoulders, “she clearly knew that he was taking the photos of her. Who would smile while reading ‘The Flowers of Evil?’ And beyond that, she’s liked him for months and he’s liked her for months. All you’ve really done is finally bring them closer together. Congratulations Flash, your plan has officially backfired.”

    Flash groaned throughout the rest of the day and Michelle planned on teasing him for the rest of the school year. The girl’s cheeks were flushed pink until she went to sleep, and Peter couldn’t stop smiling, even though it only made the split in his lip worse.


Just Business, No Pleasure

Warnings: SMUT (Ages 18+)

Summary: You and Bucky have been successfully keeping your relationship a secret for a while now. However, you’re not so sure how much longer you can take it once he’s assigned the job of seducing another woman on a mission.

Word Count: 4.6k (I’m so sorry)


Originally posted by ohhseby

“—this is the target’s wife, Lucille. She was dumb enough to marry him and he was dumb enough to think she’d be faithful. Barnes, I want you to go about seducing her. Y’know, the typical ‘40s charm: court her, woo her, whisper sweet nothings; the whole shebang.” Your blood went cold at Tony’s words, not even daring to look at Bucky across the conference room table. “Most of us will be stationed around the gala with our comms on, but some of us are gonna stay back here and monitor the situation through security camera footage.”

“Why am I the one doing the seducing? Don’t you think this—” Bucky started, pointing to his vibranium arm, “—will be a bit of a dead giveaway that I’m not just some random suitor?” he asked, his unimpressed tone clearly challenging Tony and, although you still didn’t dare to look at him, you knew his countenance matched his voice.

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Originally posted by riverrdxle

A/N: I strayed away from the request a bit just to follow a story line that I didn’t really plan, tbh (it just happened, I’m srry). I also switched up my style majorly for this just as an exercise, it’s in 3rd person and all but lemme know what you think and whether this is better, worse, or somewhere in between.

Request:  could you write about Jughead getting a call that the reader just got shitfaced at a party so he has to come get her and take care of her 

Word Count: 3,790 (whoops)

Warnings: Alcohol, swearing (lyk twice)

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think the scene where Sakura cuts her hair is important?

It’s important because it signified the beginning of her development from an ordinary girl, into a world renowned Kunoichi.

Kakashi’s first impression of Sakura wasn’t that great, and he was very justified in his opinion. She did indeed seem more interested in pursuing her romantic interests, rather than refining her skills as a Kunoichi:

And later on, Sasuke had this same thought.

After returning from the Land of Waves, he saw that she had potential due to the tree climbing exercise, but also noticed that while the potential was there, her skills were very lacking. So he was undoubtedly a little frustrated that instead of working to realise that potential, she was instead prioritising flirting and pursuing him. So, he very bluntly explained this to her:

And while Sasuke’s words did seem harsh, they were necessary in getting Sakura to understand the full scope of her situation. She had all the potential in the world to be a great Kunoichi, so why wasn’t she doing anything about it?

The fact that those words also came from Sasuke himself meant that they had the biggest impact on Sakura, since he was the one she was trying to impress. They really did cut deep, but I think that was the only way for Sakura to really take a look at herself, and realise that her input so far, at least in comparison to her teammates, had been insufficient:

Therefore, when she was pushed into a corner, and finally had enough of constantly be saved, constantly being protected, and constantly watching her friends from behind, fighting her battles for her, she decided then and there that it would be the last time she would ever feel this way again.

She cut her long hair that had almost been a symbol of her romantic pursuit of Sasuke, and was now determined to put her life on the line so that she could protect those dear to her. She had promised herself that for once, they would be watching her from behind, fighting to protect them. But most importantly, she had finally found her spirit as a Kunoichi, and the resolve to get stronger:

Which manifested almost immediately, and produced very impressive results. Not too long ago, she would spend extended time and effort making herself look presentable, and would faint due to genjutsus which in all honesty, weren’t even that bad. Now, she was willingly allowing herself to get stabbed with multiple kunai and shuriken at once, just so that she could catch her opponent off guard, and her efforts paid dividends.

This girl, who was “more interested in love than ninjutsu”, was now a Kunoichi fighting to protect the lives of those she loved at the cost of her own:

That’s why this scene was so important.

To use Ino’s very fitting words - it marked the point at which Sakura began blossoming into “an even prettier flower than a Cosmos”.

Crazy In Love

Originally posted by alex-norma

pairings: stiles x reader; lydia x reader.

warnings: fingering, masturbation (female and male receiving), oral sex (female and male receiving), sex, cursing, slightly daddy kink and mostly NSFW +18. if you’re under eighteen, don’t tell your parents.

a/n: well, this was a first, so I truly hope y'all enjoy it!

word count: 5,2k+

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Student Body

I admired myself in the mirror. I looked, I thought, perfect. I’d put enough work into it, I should look perfect at this point.
Smile, faintly lopsided but not too lopsided. Teeth, off-white and slightly crooked. Pupils, round and black but not too round or too black. Skin, a delicate texture of almost-identical shades. Hair, buzzed short for ease of maintenance, also a texture and not just a colour. Five fingers of appropriately varied lengths on each arm, five toes the same on each foot. Two feet, two legs, two arms, two hands. I looked perfect.

Then, I walked outside and realized I had made a horrible mistake. I had forgotten something essential. While I looked perfect, my shadow branched four legs from two feet, and had long, curving horns that widened the shadows head. I considered, for a moment, turning around. Skipping this year. Continuing to work until it was truly perfect. But no, by that point the faculty would be on to me, and wouldn’t let me back. So, self-conscious about the shadow behind me, I went to class.

At first, I thought no one had noticed, until we had a break and a girl came over.
“Why are you here?” She seemed angry, leaning in very close so her iron pendant almost touched me.
“To learn.” I responded, voice flat and one-dimensional.
“To learn what?” She demanded, still very close.
“Biology, currently.” The professor called her back to her seat, and she left with a huff.

I went through weeks like that, my lack of humanity the worst kept secret on campus. Sometimes, when I sat very quietly, seemed fully absorbed in my classes, they would forget about my shadow. I learned ways to protect myself from me, and others like me. Iron-spined books, and salt packets. I found a ramen packet, in fact, empty of its contents. I filled it with sand and kept it in my pocket, along with the tin pendant I found. I look more like a student now, and sometimes they forget to look.

The girl from the first day, Stone, had taken to hovering near me. She followed the rules religiously, and warded off any more unwary classmates. She’d talk to me then, about silly classmates, or books she was reading.
Then came the day Stone was taken. She had been walking home, and followed the wrong path in the dark, and I cannot rightfully explain my fury. She was not mine, I did not hold her name, but she was my closest friend, if I could be said to have such things, and how was I to properly study when my best example was taken?

I shed my glamours that night, and returned to the world I was born in. As I left, I caught sight of myself in the mirror. My head looked heavy with my horns revealed, and my eyes were distant and alien. There was no warmth to my skin, and the sound of my hooves on the floor was uncomfortably loud. There were sores around my mouth from the times I had eaten salt in the cafeteria, burns on all fourteen of my fingers from lifting iron. I shook myself and walked into the night to find Stone.

I found her. I felt guilty, to be seen honestly at last. I expected shock, or horror. I did not expect her gaze to linger around my mouth, around my fingertips, an odd expression of concern.
They let me take her without bargains. I made them uncomfortable, too, with my studies. I brought her back, hand in hand, and left her at her dorm.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” She asked, voice small in the swallowing darkness.
“We have class.”

Stone brought cupcakes to class the next day, to celebrate her return to the world of humanity. She proclaimed loudly that they were salted caramel, so I remained in my desk, an odd sinking feeling in my gut.
I could hear her approach, but was still surprised when a cupcake landed on the edge of my space.
“Here. Made to suit your dietary restrictions.” I blinked at her for a second, my human eyes back in place, and she smiled.
The cupcake didn’t burn as I ate it, completely unsalted.
“I appreciate you thinking of me.” I admitted at the end.
“Likewise.” She paused, looking at the seat beside me.
“Can I sit here?” I smiled, a lopsided but not too lopsided smile.
“Sure. I’m just here to learn.”

Stone would speak to me about other things, after that. About her family, her brothers, the world of humanity at large. She would help me with math, and I would help her with writing. She never slipped up following the rules, but I would not have taken her even if she had, and she knew it.

At graduation, three years later, as we all cheered and threw our hats in the air, Stone leaned over to me and whispered in my ear.
“I don’t want to leave.” I gave her a startled look, the rest of the world growing dim around me.
“Can I stay with you?” She snuggled in closer to me, eyes beseeching.
“You know what I’d need.” My voice felt distant, almost hollow, though I could tell it was more resonant than usual.
“My name is Petra. Can I stay with you?” I could feel my illusions cracking, eyes shining a little too brightly.
“My name is Thali. I will keep you as long as you wish to be kept.” Then I kissed her, because it felt like the thing to do.
“Thank you.” I whispered into her hair as she laughed, delighted.

She teaches, now, and I do too. My Petra teaches mythology and astronomy, and I have late-night classes, in some of the more fluid classrooms, for those interested among my people. Explaining what I can about their world, how to cast a convincing glamour, explaining about math and science and biology.
I’m so glad I didn’t skip.


All the Time in the World

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Pietro Maximoff x Reader

All the Time in the World

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Hello lovelies! May I request a Pietro Maximoff x reader soul mate au (because I’m both Pietro and soul mate au trash) where the reader is an Avenger? And Idk like super fluffy? Thanks love!

Note: I missed my speedy babe!! Okay, here goes.

Pietro didn’t have a soulmate mark. Everyone on planet earth was born with one, but he couldn’t find it. As he grew older, he expected it to appear, but it didn’t. Not even after the experiments. Not even after the one night stands with the Sokovian girls. Not even after he joined the right side of the battle.

Maybe that was what made him so reckless, so eager to lay his life down for his sister, for his new friends, for a man he barely knew and the child in his arms. What did he care if he died? He didn’t. The white-haired speedster had no reason to live because he had no one to love.

When the world went black, he wasn’t surprised. He knew it would end like this. Because he was reckless. But he didn’t expect it to be so cold. So dark. He wasn’t sure where he existed now. Maybe he was a ghost. Maybe it he tried hard enough, he could appear to Wanda…tell her goodbye.

The darkness didn’t last long.

“Pietro?” A voice. He knew that voice. But from where? “Come on, buddy. You’re almost there.” It was the archer. Clint. Where was he?

“Pietro!” Another voice. Wanda. Her voice was accompanied by the steady beats of a heart monitor. His heart monitor. A heart monitor meant a heartbeat, and a heartbeat meant-

It was so bright. The moment he opened his eyes, he had to squint to see, to make out the colored shapes that surrounded him.

“There he is.” Stark. “Took you long enough, speedy. Gave your sister quite the scare there.”

“You idiot!” Wanda hugged him fiercely, not caring if she hurt his newly-healed body. “You stupid, stupid boy!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Pietro chuckled, holding his sister in his arms. “I’m alive, aren’t I?”

“Barely.” Bruce was looking over his papers. “You got lucky. Very lucky. If it weren’t for the CRADLE…you might not be here at all.”

“I hate you.” Wanda mumbled into his shoulder. He only held her tighter.

“I missed you too.” He whispered. And he meant it.

It was a day of celebration. The Avengers threw a party to celebrate their fallen’s return. And the entire time, Pietro kept looking at a stranger across the room. He couldn’t explain why, but there was something about them that was impossible to describe.

“Are you even listening to me?” Wanda waved a hand in front of her brother’s face, immediately snapping him back to reality.

“Sorry.” He muttered.

“When did you get a tattoo?” Wanda asked.

“What tattoo?” Pietro asked. Wanda pulled up the sleeve of the suit jacket her brother was wearing. Sure enough, it was there. Clear as day.

(Y/N) (L/N).

Pietro’s breath caught in his throat, his words stuck. His heart raced faster than usual. He knew what this was. It was a soulmate tattoo.

“That’s her name.” Wanda whispered, subtly motioning across the room just as you walked out onto the balcony to get some air. “She’s your-”

He was gone when she blinked, and in his path, there was a rush of wind.

Your hair blew in front of your face as the door behind you shut. And suddenly, you weren’t alone anymore. It was him. The one that had come back to life, the reason your new team was even celebrating. What was his name again? No one had told you. To Wanda, he was ‘my brother’, and the rest of them had only ever referred to him as ‘Speedy’ or as Clint had so eloquently worded it, ‘that asshole’.

“Hi there.” He greeted somewhat shyly. What was happening to his prowess? He had always been good with women, even before he had become a superhuman. But now, not so much. He swallowed thickly and dared to meet your eyes. “I’m Pietro. Maximoff. I…died, and-”

Your eyes snapped up to his the moment he introduced himself. Your jaw drifted open and your heart pounded. You felt like your stomach had twisted itself into a knot.

“W-what did you say your name was?”

“Pietro Maximoff.” His voice was a whisper, and his delicious accent was like music to your ears. Slowly, you pulled back the sleeve of your black dress. His name was written there in his quick messy handwriting. Gently, he raised his hand to touch your forearm, calloused fingers brushing against your soft skin.

Once he had stared at the tattoo for a long moment, he showed you his. You took his wrist and pulled it to your face, pressing a gentle kiss to the first letter of your name. Pietro sighed, exhaling a shaky breath. You rushed into his arms, clinging to his torso and hugging him tight. He chuckled and wrapped his strong arms around you.

“I-I could have lost you before I even knew you…” you shook as you held him, tears streaming down your cheeks. It made him hold you tighter.

“I’m here.” He whispered. “I’m here and I’ll never leave you again. I promise.”

It was a promise he intended to keep.

When you returned to the party, hand in hand, Pietro introduced you to his sister, who you had already met, and a few of the others.

“You’ve been together all of what, three minutes and you already have matching tattoos?” Clint teased. “Slow down, kids. You’ve got all the time in the world.”

“Uncle Clint,” You hugged him.


“What, Speedy? You didn’t see that coming?” he chuckled.

“No, I guess I didn’t.” Pietro smirked and then wrapped an arm around your waist.

“Congratulations.” Clint smiled and ruffled the speedster’s silver hair beneath his hand. “I’m happy for you. For both of you.”

“Thank you.” You smiled. After you spread the good news to the others, Pietro dragged you out to the dance floor. He was quite the dancer. He spun you around and pulled you close. His scruff rubbed against the skin of your cheek as he leaned in to whisper in your ear.

“I love you, (Y/N) (L/N).”

“And I love you, Pietro Maximoff.”

The alarm rang at 07:00 am.

She got up

She could feel the tiredness in her eyes and the aching in her joints
Shortly reminding herself why she’s doing this before heading to the bathroom

She washes her face, because she needs clear skin
She brushes her teeth, because she needs white teeth
And brushes her hair, which she keeps long, blonde, objectively pretty

Getting to the kitchen she chugs a glass of water, making a mental note of the amount before opening her computer

She finishes her 40min workout, almost without having to think. It has become a habit by now

She slightly cuts herself shaving while in the shower, but the pain doesn’t bother her much

She measures out the exact amount of oats she eats every morning and starts making coffee

Makes her bed while waiting

She takes a sip of her coffee
Her drug of choice, as it is the most socially accepted

Makeup done, she heads to school

Meets a friend ouside the classroom
She smiles
Talks about boys, weather, clothes and other things that doesn’t interest her

“3 hours untill you can eat”
“Stay focused in class”
“Drink more water”
“But don’t go to the bathroom in the first break, you’ll seem weird”
All these thoughts went through her head while finding her seat

Class starts
Perfect way to get rid off 3 hours

She takes a sip of water
Smiles and thinks to herself “You’re gonna make it through one more day of this bullshit.”

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Hi there! I just saw your post about soulmate fic ideas and I love them too! An idea I've seen somewhere years ago is that everyone is given a necklace at a certain age and when you get closer (in distance not emotions) to your soulmate, the pendant on the necklace heats up. Maybe Bughead meet while travelling and their necklaces get really hot?

I love a good soulmate au!

Jughead sighed, Saturday nights were exhausting in The Southside of Riverdale. Gang meetings always took place in the sleazy beat down dive bar, with about a hundred drunken men in leather jackets trying to make sense of the latest deal they had to get done while simultaneously playing pool and hitting on the Serpent bangers. So yeah tonight had been long.

“Hot dog, I’m home.” He called out to the empty trailer, smiling when he head the familiar thumping of scruffy white paws, the dirty sheepdog standing before him with a goofy grin and slobbery tongue.
“Hey there boy.” Jughead pulled off the heavy leather jacket and flung it over the makeshift kitchen chair plopping down on the couch in the center of the room.

He was tired…all the time. being sixteen wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, he had more responsibilities now that his father was locked up, Jughead had been born a Serpent it was all he knew, but deep down he felt something, something no one else he knew had felt. He wanted more, wanted to be more. He had a friend Archie Andrews, he had met him at the Riverdale Public library one day when he was hiding from a particularly nasty gang fight. Archie had been researching music books and they had bonded over their mutual love for video games and their penchant for fried foods. Archie was the boy next door, bright red hair and a letterman jacket two sizes too big while the tshirt he wore under it was two sizes too small, but he was nice and he didn’t judge Jughead, and that in itself was a feat.

Jugheads fingers wandered up to the clear crystal pendent resting beneath his plain black Tshirt, it was the one thing in his life that was steady, constant, always hanging around his neck, a security blanket almost. He couldn’t believe it when Archie had shown Jughead his own pendent.

“It’s finally cooling down, I just came from Veronica’s house and it was pretty much on fire.” Archie had explained, toying with his pendent, dark purple and black swirls coursing through his.

A soulmate, Jughead squeezed his eyes shut. Archie had been the one to explain the soulmate necklace to him.

“When you find the one you’re meant to be with, the necklace glows, it gets hot, hotter than anything you’ve ever felt. But it doesn’t burn, it feels amazing, its right over your heart, it’s almost like sitting by a bonfire, you can feel the heat but it’s safe and warm”

He wanted it, deep down inside he knew someone like him would never get that, he wasn’t the soulmate type and he was certain his necklace would stay crystal clear his entire life, but… sometimes.. if he stared hard enough, he swore he could see green, he swore there were swirls of gold and meadow green. He was probably kidding himself, setting himself up for disappointment and failure. Wrapping his fingers around the pendent he felt his eyes drift closed, it had been a long day, he didn’t need to be thinking about things like soulmates and silly wishes.


“Dilton Doiley? Really? For Cheryl? You’re sure?” Betty was leaning forward on the lilac and lace comforter, the phone snug against her ear as Veronica spilled the gossip of the day.

“I sure am, apparently they never got close enough to each other to find out, but then today, in gym class, they got paired to be partners for tennis and you know where it goes from there, their necklaces lit up like fireworks and soon enough they had each other nearly naked on the gym floor before coach Clayton broke it up.” Veronica giggled from her end and Betty sighed dreamily.

“I’m happy for them, I think Dilton will be good for her… it’s so crazy how we’re paired in this universe..” Betty trailed off, her fingers playing with the edges of her comforter

“You’ll find him B, I promise.” Veronica soothing said, comforting her best friend.

Betty bit back the bitter tears and cleared her throat, speaking in an incredibly small voice
“I just want something like you and Archie have ya know? I just want someone to love me like that.” She whispered.

“And you will. I know you Betty Cooper and you won’t stop until you find him.” The raven haired princess spoke in a tone that left no room for argument.

“Okay Ronnie, I gotta go. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Veronica said her goodbyes before calling out for Betty one more time

“Don’t forget, tomorrow is that integration mixer with the Southside Students, I’m thinking leather pants and no shirt, what about you?” Betty could practically hear the smirk on the heiresses face.

“You’ve been watching too much Grease Ronnie.” She giggled before hanging up on her best friend.

Betty plopped down on her bed, eyes drifting closed as her hands found her pendent. she would find him, and hopefully soon because all this waiting was making her head hurt.

Veronica couldn’t control her laughter when Betty walked up to her locker before first period.

“What?!” Betty asked defensively.

Veronica settled finally and looked up at Betty out of breath
“It’s nothing, it’s just.., everyone agreed to dress a little more scandalous today, in honor of the Southside coming and you…. I didn’t even know something could be that white”

Betty looked down at her baby blue dress, the skirt grazing mid thigh, her bare arms covered by an impeccable, wrinkle free white cardigan, she wore tiny nude ballet flats and a simple gold chain on her wrist.

“I wore my hair down.” Betty tried, her hands coming up to touch the tips, she wrapped her arms around herself self consciously when she spotted all the girls in mini skirts and tube tops.

Veronica’s eyes softened and she squeezed Betty’s forearm
“You look beautiful, you always do. I’m just teasing, you know that.” She kissed her best friends cheek and Betty smiled.

Suddenly Archie came running through the halls, his eyes set on The two girls as he swooped in, pressing a kiss to Veronica’s cheek. Betty glanced down at their necklaces, feeling the familiar ache of jealousy as they glowed beautifully.

“They’re here! I saw a bunch of bikes pull up, you’re gonna love Jughead guys, he’s so funny man and he’s totally cool.” Archie rambled on and Veronica shot Betty an “is my boyfriend in love with another boy?” look.

Betty rolled her eyes and watched as the Southside teens started filing in, each one bigger and scarier then the last. Betty’s guard went up instantly and she ducked behind Veronica.

“There he is! Jughead! Hey man! Over here!”
Archie was waving to a leather jacket wearing boy in the back, Betty couldnt make out his face but she knew the prominent S on his back meant that he was a Serpent, she had written a research paper on why Serpents should be treated equal and as normal as everyone else in Riverdale. The whole Serpent culture amazed her.

He was walking towards them and Betty could just make out stormy, raindrop blue eyes. Something in her stomach twisted and she stepped closer, trying to get a better look.

Suddenly he had stopped in his tracks, His fingers instantly coming up to grip the necklace hanging on the black string around his neck, Betty did the same and as the two stared at each other a gradual heat was rising in the crystal pendent. A series of blue and black swirls racing through her pendent while his had Gold and green.

He walked closer to her, the pendent becoming unbearably hot but it didn’t bother either of them, Betty could vaguely hear the frantic whispers of Veronica behind her.

They were standing chest to chest at this point and cautiously Betty reached her hand out, stopping quickly and looking the dark haired boy in the eyes, silently asking for permission. He nodded slowly, what she didn’t know was that she could do anything in the world to him and he would just nod. She had him. That was it, he was hers now.

As soon as her tiny fingers brushed the pendent a shining bright light illuminated both of their necklaces, an almost primal growl came from deep inside Jugheads chest as his hands gripped The perfect and proper blondes waist

“Finally.” He whispered before dropping his lips to hers.

She followed with equal fervor, her hands winding in his hair as he held her tight to his chest. After what felt like hours they finally pulled apart.

Neither of the teens said anything until Betty broke the silence

“Betty Cooper, my names Betty Cooper and I guess I’m your soulmate.” Her smile was perfect and her fingers were still playing with the now filled pendent.

Jughead laughed heartily, his own long, slender fingers coming up to play with her necklace
“Can’t believe I got someone like you, you’re pretty as a picture Betty Cooper. I’m Jughead Jones and I am so happy you’re my soulmate.” He smirked crookedly before dropping his lips to hers.

The necklace pressed against each other as a warm glow of sunshine bathed the teens in light. They still had so much to learn about one another but right here, soft white cardigan pressed against worn black leather

They might just be okay.

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hey, i don't know if you write smut, but in honor of the leaked scene, could you write a established!bughead drabble, where he climbs her window and is all flirty? (doesn't have to be smut tho, just a hot make out).. i love your writing btw

(Okay, a little disclaimer. First of all, this is not full on smut, it’s just a hot, slightly smutty make out. Second of all, I didn’t make it full on smut, not because I didn’t want to (believe me Cole tempts me to sin and sin badly) but because I didn’t feel that Bughead’s first time would be like that and I didn’t want to write a random smut without first writing about Jughead not being sure about his sexuality and him and Betty generally testing the waters and all of the other normal things teenagers go through. I intend to write something like that because, asexual Jughead or not, Betty and Jughead are two teens that have a natural naivety and a mutual respect to one another so I believe that, as we saw in the kiss too, they would be timid and taking their time with exploring what they are comfortable with and testing their limits. So I left that for another one-shot. As for the part that Jughead might be asexual. I respect that and I’m not trying to erase anything of his (possible) character here. For what I have read and heard from other ace people and friends, yes, he can still be asexual. Asexuality is a sexual orientation, sexual behavior does not change that. Like every other sexuality it has subcategories; the “I dislike sex”, the “I find it ok, but I do not engage in it often”, the “I’m asexual but my partner makes me feel good” etc.  In my mind, as I became older and kept reading the comics and understanding more about sexuality and educating myself on the topic, Jughead fell to the third category for me. That he was being somebody with maybe a lower level of sexual interest but with sexual drive nontheless. So that’s what I have in my mind while watching Riverdale and writing this one-shot and the possible others that will revolve around this topic in the future.

Sorry that was so long, I just wanted to set some things straight and by all means I’m not trying to offend anybody. Everybody ships what they want to ship and that’s perfectly ok! Ship wars are just tiring and pointless so everybody stay calm and respect everyone’s opinions. And if Jughead does end up being asexual with no need to engage in any sexual activities then sure, everyone should be again perfectly ok and not bitch and moan that he won’t get to have steamy scenes or anything. He is still going to be the most amazing guy in Rivedale either way! 

End of my huge rant!! Hope you enjoy guys!! <3)

 Is your mom finally asleep?

I think so yeah. Why?

I’m coming up ;)

Betty locked her phone and shot up from her bed, abandoning her worn-out copy of Wuthering Heights pages first on the mattress and kicking her covers, a nervous excitement pouring down on her belly as she heard the familiar crack of careful footsteps on wood. She gave herself a quick once over on her vanity mirror, checking that her messy bun was intact and straightening her plain white t-shirt, before kicking off her bunny printed fuzzy socks of her feet and throwing them under her bed in a hurry. It wasn’t the fact that he wouldn’t appreciate them, he would and he would probably offer her that chuckle of his that set free a million butterflies inside her chest, but her toe nails were painted a lovely baby pink and it was a shame not to show them off, even though his focus would be on other places, more important ones. She felt her cheeks heating at that and she quickly grabbed her strawberry lip balm from her nightstand, applying some on her already soft lips with her ring finger, knowing that this taste mixed with her own always drove him crazy.

Since that day that Jughead had climbed up her window so for her to complain to him about her parents and her family situation, it seemed that this became a thing for them. At first, he was just sneaking up because they needed a quiet place to discuss investigation plans and theories, the office hours of Blue & Gold proving not to be enough. Now, two months after, the raven haired boy used that ladder almost every night to see his beautiful girlfriend, cuddle with her and watch movies and most importantly kiss her like she was the heavenly droplets of water on his always thirsty lips.

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I read that one post in your gods and monsters series and I love it. But there's an area in one of the stories that says "Demeter goes to the sea and makes an inadvisable bargain. She goes to Olympus and makes an even worse one." My curiosity is getting the better of me so WHAT WERE THE BARGAINS I NEED TO KNOW

From my Gods and Monsters Series, Part XIV: The Gods Are Dead

Demeter rages.

She makes imprudent deals to control an earth that no longer falls under her domain, and she enacts her revenge against the mortals in whatever way she can. They have forgotten her, forgotten the earth, and in their ignorance they seek to destroy it.

She shakes the bedrock and splits it open, but still they do not learn, and as the temperature of the earth rises so does her temper.

The sea is not hers to command, her power is of earth and of earth alone, and even now she gave more than could afford to lose to keep her grasp on it. But these mortals do not learn.

Demeter goes to the sea and makes an inadvisable bargain. She goes to the crumbling remains of Olympus and makes an even worse one.

Typhoons and hurricanes whip across the land. If they seek to destroy her, she will simply destroy them first.

Demeter’s skin used to be dark.

It was the rich brown of potting soil, it was the fertile black earth that washed up from the Nile River. Her skin was deep, life-giving brown.

It’s not like that now.

It’s pale desert sand, cracks all along it like baked earth and tree roots searching for water that they can’t find. Her hair hangs thin and grey against her temple, and her dark eyes have turned milky.

She clings to her power over the earth by her fingertips, and she knows that she’s just delaying the inevitable. There’s no coming back from this, no really, the strings of her fate have long been woven. But she will not go quietly. The mortals may take the earth from her grasp, but she’s never been one to cross lightly. She still isn’t.

Demeter goes to the sea. She hasn’t dared step foot in there since her birth, but now she has so little left to lose. The water’s barely to her knees before a wave rises up from the smooth ocean and drags her below.

“Well, well,” Amphitrite says, circling her with curious green eyes, “Time has not been kind to you, I see.”

“It has to you,” she says tightly. Amphitrite looks the same as she saw her last, has aged even better the goddesses who shed their mantels of power the moment they became too heavy. Then again, Demeter expected nothing less. “I want to make a deal.”

“You have nothing I desire, Sister,” she says, smiling even though it feels like she’s mocking her.

Demeter almost laughs – oh, if they could see them know, if Hera or Hestia could see them now, see her now. “I have this.” She cuts open her chest and pulls out her heart – rich red, a heart that has not failed her, a heart that can feel love and pain and desire and fear and happiness.

“Sister,” she whispers, eyes wide, “what are you–”

“I already know I don’t get to see how this ends,” she says, “Give me your heart, give me power over the sea, and I will grant you a heart with the capacity to feel all the emotions you are so fond of.”

The queen of the sea shakes her head, “Don’t do this, you don’t need to do this.”

“I am Gaia,” she says, hard, speaking a name she hasn’t used in a long, long time. “I am Mother Goddess to all, the first to walk this plain, and your elder sister. I will do as I please.” They call her Demeter. She was born Demeter. But she was something else, something far greater, before she risked it all to be born a lowly goddess. “I gambled, and I lost this game. But I will not go out without a fight.”

“You were second to walk this plain, technically,” Amphitrite says softly, “Thinking this was a game was your first mistake. He never thought of it that way.”

She’s about to snap at her, then Amphitrite cuts open her chest and takes out her cold, dark heart. She slips her heart into her sister’s chest, and Demeter does the same. Demeter feels what little grasp on humanity she’d managed to maintain drain away even as a pink flush comes to Amphitrite’s cheeks and a smile tugs on her lips.

She can feel the power of the current beneath her, the water eager and ready to do her bidding. “Use it well,” Demeter tells Amphitrite, Gaia tells her little sister, before using the water to carry her far from there.

She climbs the steps to what remains of Olympus.

Only Zeus remains, skin and bones and sunken eyes. He maintains authority over the skies even though it’s killing him. He’ll maintain authority over it until it kills him.

She needs that power.

She doesn’t care if it kills her.

“My king,” she murmurs, kneeling before his crumbling throne. Their once great pantheon lies around them as rubble.

He almost meets her eyes, copper skin now sallow and black hair now almost white. “She left,” he tells her, high pitched and something terrifying in the edges of his eyes, “She left me – she was never supposed to leave me.” He reaches out and grabs her shoulder, bony hand surprisingly strong, “I miss her.”

Demeter only has one thing left to trade for Zeus’s power.

“Give me what our mother Rhea gave you,” she says softly, “Give it to me, and I will stay on Olympus and you can go to her.”

“There must always be one on Olympus,” he tells her. She doesn’t think he recognizes her. “As long as I am on Olympus, we’ll be fine. He can’t do anything if I’m here, as long as one of us is here. I am here.” His face crumples. “She’s not here. She was supposed to be here. I did not want to be alone.”

“Give it to me,” she repeats, firmer. “What did mother give you, Zeus? What do I need to take?”

“You can’t take it!” he screeches, scrambling back and away from her. “You can’t have it! I need it! Mother gave it to me, said I had to keep it safe, said I had to stay on Olympus. You can’t have it!”

Demeter growls and grabs the front of his too-big robes, pulling him upright, getting ready to yell at him.

Then she sees it.

Less than an hour later, Zeus takes hobbling, slow steps down Mount Olympus.

Demeter sits on the abandoned, crumbling throne and curls her lips into a cruel grin.

She has dominion over earth, over water, and over air.

She will make these mortals beg for mercy before they kill her – Gaia, Mother to All, Earth Goddess.

Can’t Let Go.

For all those who asked a part two of Stone Cold, here it is! You can also read it as an individual piece on it’s own. 


Stone Cold


Six months. Twenty Six weeks.

It took Y/N six months to get to a point in her life where she didn’t end up crying at the thought of the man she gave everything to, a man who was her world until he chose not to be and walked out of her life. It took her six months of waking up, after nightmares, with a sweaty forehead, hands clammy and shaking and wild eyes only to realise that reality was much worse. Six months of coming home after work to an empty house filled with six years of memories of reunions, parties, anniversaries, fights, sadness, anger, tears and a feeling that she was now almost unfamiliar with , joy. Six months of sleeping in an empty bed with it’s left side still untouched, the scent of hi cologne long forgotten. Six month was long time to comprehend the loss of someone she once held so dearly and actually still does and wrap her head around the fact that his happiness and his heart was not hers anymore and belonged to someone else.

She didn’t bother keeping up with his life after that picture she saw of him and his new lover, realising that she wouldn’t be helping herself but falling more into the pain and suffering which this time would be self inflicting. His mother and sister however contacted her occasionally, her absence in their lives feeling like the loss of a family member to them having known Y/N since she and Harry were babies. It was from Gemma that she heard about Harry’s new girlfriend being a student who attended the same university as Y/N once did, only letting her know this as a fact. A curious mind like Y/N’s never satisfied with not knowing every small detail wanted to know her name which she didn’t know would destroy not only the last bit of respect she harboured for her ex-lover and former best friend but also the strong facade she built up in the past half year.

Y/N couldn’t necessarily understand what drove Harry into befriending a person that she knew quite well and the events from there leading him to leaving Y/N for Laura. The insecurities she had as a person were not only shown to her friends and family but displayed for the wold to see, the paparazzi had a field day publishing how Harry left Y/N for a woman who was not only her classmate from university but also a very good friend of hers.

She learned to be strong despite how difficult it was. It’s true when people say time heals all wounds but the scars remain. She knew that Harry would always be an incredibly important part of her life despite not being in it anymore. She learned that life after him would be a new chapter and just like life had continued before him, it will go on after him and Harry, who in her mind was supposed to be a protagonist in her story, actually turned out to be a supporting character.

Six months was a long time for wounds to heals and dirt from the fall she took to be shrugged off. Six months was also the time that it took for Harry to show up on her door step unannounced.


It was ridiculous how the amount of time she spent on erasing the memories of that night along with her new motto of living life one day at a time could be erased with one look into those wild green eyes that she had grown to love. Those eyes that belonged to a person whom she once considered as home,a person she thought would be with her through everything. He had been there from the beginning and she felt it was foolish of her for assuming he would be there till the end.

It was ironic that despite however many times Harry reassured her that his heart was nobody else’s but her’s, that it was meant for her eyes, he not only ended up showing it to someone else but also giving it to them The funny thing was she believed him every single time he tried to reassure her, never once doubting his love for her.

She doesn’t know why it took him so long to show up at her door or why he showed up at all. He looked every bit the beautiful person she remembered him to be, if not ever more because memory doesn’t do justice sometimes. He looked like a dream to her with his hair now longer, grown out like how he wanted it to be reminding her of that time when it was almost as long as hers, long enough of her to braid it anyway; his eyes that radiant green that she could look at forever, shining brighter than diamonds and a nervous smile peeking on his lips despite his efforts to suppress it. His hands were fiddling with the hair at the back of his neck, a nervous habit he had that she knew of along with the swinging of his body on his heels and toes being another giveaway of his stance.

When the doorbell first rang indicating a visitor, she taught it would be her mum checking up on her, she tends to do that sometimes cos she’s worried, or it could be the new friend she made at work named Maya who informed her that she would drop by sometime. The last thing she expected was for it to be the person who not only broke her heart but stomped on it and had a field day with it. Her first instinct was to shut the door on his face, tell him to go fuck himself and never show her his face again but apparently his reflexes were quicker than hers, a foot wedging in the gap to prevent the door from closing, supported by his hand.

“Please don’t close the door. Just hear me out.” He pleaded , voice holding a desperate tone to it as he tried his best to squeeze himself past the entrance.

“What do have to say Harry? That you’re sorry? That I should forgive you? Well guess what, honey? It not gonna happen.”

“No.. well yeah but I just wanna explain. I just feel like I owe you that much.”

“So now you think you owe me an explanation? Where were you six months ago with this so called ‘explanation’ when I needed you to tell me you love me and that everything would be alright? Where were you when all I wanted to know was why I was not enough!”

He looked down, eyes filled with guilt. He knew that would he did was wrong. When he asked you to be his girlfriend, he promised himself that come what may, he would protect you from anything that could potentially cause you harm. He protected you from the paparazzi who considered it their moral right to invade your privacy; from fans who called you all sorts of names and a gold digger despite the fact that you knew Harry before all the money came into the equation; from tabloids who considered it their job to pick apart and dissect every minute detail of your life. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that he would need to protect you from himself, that out of all the pain that was caused on you, he would be the one to hurt you the most. That night, he was too blind, he was so wrapped up in what could be that he forgot what is. He was so lost in what is good for him, what he thought he wanted and what he could have, that he actually forgot about what he already had. He didn’t realise that what he needed was already in front of him and had been for twenty three years of his life. He gave into the feeling of desire whispering in his ear that he could have so much more,so much better and he didn’t realise his mistake until it was too late. He didn’t realise that there was nothing and nobody who was better for him than you, that you were the best thing that ever happened to him until it was too late and he had already let you slip through his fingertips.He couldn’t help but let slip a few tears realising that he did the one thing he promised he would never do, hurt you.

“I’m sorry, love. I never meant to hurt you. I promise. I don’t know why I did it. I just wanna clear things up between us. Hate not talkin’ to yeh.”

“Alright. Let’s hear it then. I wanna know your reason as to why you did what you did.”

“ I was so wrapped up in my head that I didn’t pay attention to someone who I loved more than life itself. One word from you and I would leave all of this behind. And Laura was there, saying all the right things and I didn’t know what to do. And you were so busy with uni-”

“Don’t you dare blame it no me, Harry Styles. I gave you everything. I gave you all that you asked for and more. I never questioned your love for me while you questioned it every single day. I gave you my heart thinking I had yours only for you to give it to someone else without me knowing it. So don’t you even for a minute think of blaming this situation we’re in on me! I wanted to fix things that night! I came to you hoping that you would agree that we do love each other but forgot just how much. But instead you ran off with your girlfriend into the sunset while I was left alone with my heart not knowing what to do with it!”

Tear sprung in her eyes, voice growing hoarse because of all the shouting she did. Her eyes were wild and she was breathing rapidly, hands clenched into fists. eyes glaring at him.

“I broke up with her.” He mumbled in a feeble voice, barely audible to himself but he know she heard it. She’s got sharp hearing, that one.

“You broke up with her?”

“Yeah, three months ago.”

“So lemme get this straight, you broke up with me because you want to be with someone else. You ended our five, almost six year relationship and twenty three year old friendship so you could be with someone for three months?”

“I’m sorry. i don’t know what I was thinking. I promise I won’t do it again. I love you.”

He uttered the words that she had been waiting to leave his lips. The words that she believed could soothe the ache in her heart, fixing all the cracks and making it whole again. She waited for so long to hear these words come out of his mouth. It was so often that he would tell her he loves her in the first few years of their relationship, but in the last year it was scarce that he remembered her presence in the house. Like he said he was so absorbed in himself that he forgot about her.

“You love me? You’re joking. Please stop this nonsense, harry. You can’t come crawling and expect me to take you back after you went around gallivanting and had your fun. You can’t utter these words if you don’t mean it. How do I know that you won’t leave me again when you find someone else who , as you put it, 'said all the right things’? How can I be sure that you won’t walk out of my life like all the time and love we put into this relationship meant nothing to you?”

“You don’t. But please love, you have to trust me. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“It seems like you would do just fine, to be honest. You want me to trust you? Trust you was all I ever did! I put my whole faith in you and showed you every nook and corner of my heart! I gave myself to you without a single doubt in my mind about you hurting me! Don’t talk about trust when you don’t know the pain that is inflicted when the person you love more than anything in the world breaks that trust!”

She sat down on the couch, head in hands, elbows supported on her thighs as she let out the tears that had been holding themselves at bay for so long. Unshed tears of pain, rolled down her cheeks as her whole body shook with her sobs. It was easier to bear the pain she felt when she was mad at him rather than in this moment because with the facade she put up, she could fool herself that she was strong. But now with letting out all her anger in the form of sadness, she realised that she was not fooling anyone. Harry knelt in front of her, his warm and soft hands taking hold of hers and gently trying to pry them away from her eyes. His puckered lips pressed warm kisses to her forehead as she cried, soothing her bit by bit. He eventually sat down beside her, lifting her body so as to perch it on his lap. She found solace in his comfort despite the pain being inflicted by him. She cried into his chest, her hands softly gripping the collar of his shirt as his hand rubbed soothingly across her back.

“I.. I can’t do this anymore Harry. I don’t know how to live without you but I don’t know how I will survive if this happens again.” She croaked, voice hoarse and scratchy.

“Shh love. I know. I promise this won’t happen again. I made a mistake and I would take it all back if I could. Please just let me in. I love you so so much.”

“It won’t be like it used to be. Before we lived around each other. It’s gonna take time.” She said making eye contact with him for the first time since he entered what once was and soon might again be their house. His eyes, just like hers, were filled with tears. Seeing her in pain hurt him more than he could comprehend. He held her a little tighter. His kisses on her cheeks and forehead got more frantic, leaving spongy wet spots all over. She giggled, eyes scrunching as her hands raised up to push his face away.

“Baby steps, yeah?” He said with a gentle smile on his face. The look he had being very similar to the way he used to look at her like she held the stars in her eyes. It was a look of love, she knew that much.

“Baby steps.” She agreed.


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“Okay, Yeah. Totally fine, just burgers right? It’s really not that hard Betty, just burgers.” Betty whispered, fingers clutching the blue and green order pad tightly as she stared openly at the occupied booth just a few feet a way.

“What are we whispering about?” The Beautiful Blonde whipped around at the familiar hushed tone coming from directly behind her, chocolate eyes and raven hair smiling lightly at her asVeronica leaned against the counter a curious expression on her face.

“Oh, no it’s nothing! It’s just.. some of our.. customers, the girls won’t go and serve them for… reasons unknown… and I was just going over to uh… do… that.” Betty finished lamely, nose scrunching adorably as her nerves got the better of her.

Veronica followed her best friends gaze, wincing when she caught sight of the Serpents huddled in the corner booth right behind her parents.
“I would take it B but I don’t think my dad would take too kindly to me associating with…. snakes.” She shrugged apologetically dropping a hand to the jittery journalists shoulder “you’ve got this, just think of it as a bunch of Jugheads!” With a flip of her shiny hair, Veronica was off and at Archie’s side.

“Okay” she breathed “a bunch of Jugheads. That’s right, Jughead says they’re just normal guys that want burgers and food service and darn it that’s exactly what I’m going to give them!” Tightening her perfectly curly ponytail Betty made her way quickly to the booth filled with leather clad men.

“Hi!” She exclaimed, smile jaw breakingly bright “I’m Betty and I’m going to take your order today! Our menus kind of limited because of the event! we just have burgers hotdogs onion rings and fries! Oh and milkshakes! Of course milkshakes, you’ll love them, not that I know what you like, I’m not setting prejudge mental standards on you at all! It’s just that I love the milkshakes, I get strawberry, Jughead likes vanilla. I don’t know why I’m talking about Jughead, I really don’t even know why I’m rambling, I’m sorry I get nervous in front of new people I’ll just take your order now.” Betty panted, hands coming up to clutch her abs as she took in a deep breathe.

It was silent for a moment before the man with the striking green eyes and long hair spoke
“We know who you are, Betty Cooper, jugheads old lady. You wrote an article about us, we got it framed at the Whyte Worm. Real nice stuff you said in there girl.” He was smirking, a look so similar to her own this morning in the locker room with Cheryl it was almost funny.

“Oh yes” she blushed “i.. umm I believe in equal treatment.”

The younger serpent smiled
“I can see why Jughead chose you, you’re like sin in shorts.” His eyes ran slowly across her body taking in the tiny red shorts and knee high socks.

The green eyed man smacked his friend
“Watch your mouth. That’s jones girl.” Turning towards Betty again he smiled “four burgers, four fries.”

She scurried away after that, placing the order with Jughead, carefully avoiding his questions as she went to tend to her other tables. By the time the tiny silver bell rang signifying her order was up Betty’s nerves were slightly less frayed and her anxiousness was at bay.

“Here you go boys.” Handing out the trays she turned to leave, however a hand reached for hers gently tugging her into the open seat

“Now there’s only three of us why do you think we ordered four meals, sit. Relax. You look exhausted, running around, saving the town, eat something before you pass out doll.”

Betty blushed, mouth opening to protest but she was quickly shushed when the man across from her began speaking

“So, you’re saving FP?”

Betty sighed reaching for the burger, she wasssss hungry.

“I’m trying. I’m not saying what he did was right but he doesn’t deserve all of this, he should be home , with his son. The legal state in riverdale is incredibly flawed and someone has to bring justice to light.” She huffed finally glancing up, fry halfway in her mouth while everyone at the table stared at her, goofy smiles on the dangerous men’s faces.

“Oh Betty Cooper, we are gonna like you.”

Thirty minutes later Jughead found Betty, tears running down her face as her laughter filled the crowded diner, his fellow gang members staring at her in complete adoration.

“Oh” He whispered “this… this might work.”

“You know I don’t care.”

It was a Friday night in November, and the Foxes were at an away game. They lost, 7-4. But it was against the Trojans, so they weren’t too upset.

At the end of the game, Kevin and Jeremy shook hands and gave each other a slap on the back, Dan got a bear-hug from the walking sunshine, and Jean shook Kevin’s hand, after a nod of acknowledgement was shared between him and Neil. Andrew stayed near the rear of the group, not caring for the contact or reassurance.

When they walked off the court, no one paid any attention to the people in the audience; they were loud, and a blur of faces and bodies. And so nobody noticed the woman with blonde hair sitting four rows back.

When the Foxes all got onto the bus and Wymack pulled away, none of them noticed the woman getting into the small silver car and following a few cars behind. Why would they? Lots of people were behind the bus, leaving the game and heading wherever they were heading.

A while later, the bus had gotten back to the stadium, and the Foxes were making their way across the car park towards Fox Tower. None of them had noticed the little silver car parked on the furthest corner, and nobody saw the small woman watching them.

Andrew and Neil were bringing up the rear of the group. Aaron and Nicky were in front of them, and Kevin was wedged between the two pairs. When Andrew followed Neil through the door, the woman got out of her car and made her way across the dark lot towards the Tower, then up the stairs where the Foxes’ voices were echoing in the stairwell. She didn’t notice Andrew and Neil heading up to the roof; they were practically silent. Insead, stopped on the second floor and pushed that door open. Most of the Foxes had gone into the girls’ room, and so the door wa ajar. The woman could hear Nickys voice, and so guessed everyone was in there.

She knocked on the slightly open door, and Nicky opened it to her, an easy grin on his face.

“Yeah can I help you?” he asked. The woman was blonde, her hair in ringlets and she had a very motherly air to her. Nicky didn’t sense anything off about her. Why would he?

“I know this is out of the blue,” she began. Her voice was warm and gentle, like cupcakes. “But I really need to see Andrew.”

Nicky’s grin faltered and his brow creased.

“You know Andrew?” he asked, slightly cautious now.

At that moment, Aaron walked towards the door. The woman gasped when she saw him and automatically reached towards him.

“Andrew, I -”

Aaron groaned.

“I’m so sorry about everything -”

“Wrong twin, lady,” Aaron grumbled as he walked out of the girls’ room and towards his which he shared with Matt.

Now Nicky and Kevin were both looking at the woman, and Dan was staying close to the door with Matt to listen.

“Uhm,” Nicky said. “Yeah that was the wrong twin. Andrew isn’t here.”
The woman frowned. “But there were two - both of them came up here. He must be here.”
“How do you know him?” Kevin asked before Nicky could reply. The woman lowered her gaze.

“I uh knew him when he was younger.”

This made Nicky and Kevin look at each other. Renee was peering over Allison’s shoulder from their place on the sofa.

“I think you should leave,” Kevin said slowly. “I know you haven’t said who you are and please don’t - we’re terrible at lying to Andrew. But if you’re who I think you are, you should leave before Andrew gets back.”

“Gets back?” the woman asked. “When will he be back?”

Aaron walked back to the girls’ dorm, a movie in his hand.

“Look,” the woman tried. “I know Andrew must have told you all sorts of stories about me and my husband and our son but I promise they’re not true.”

This got Aaron’s attention and he looked up at her.

“Wait,” he said to Nicky and Kevin who were both about to speak. He looked at the woman, took in her long hair, those dark eyes, that undeniable motherly air, her warm smell which was almost like cookies…

“Crap,” he said. Quickly, he looked down the hall, towards the stairwell. The woman followed his gaze.

“I have to see him,” she insisted. “I have to see my boy-”
“He isn’t your boy,” Aaron cut in sharply. “Now I want you to listen to me very carefully. Turn around, walk back out of here, get back in your car and go back to wherever it is you and your husband live. Get out of here before my brother gets back.”

“But I-”

At that moment, the stairwell door opened and two bodies walked through it. One was Neil, the other Andrew. Andrew was walking in front of Neil, but was walking backwards. HIs entire stance and step was laxidazy. He looked so relaxed. Neil was laughing, his voice echoing down the hallway.Even if the pair weren’t his favourite people, Aaron knew it was better for them not to see the woman - if she was who they thought she was, who knew what that pair would do if they saw her.

“I’m so sorry,” Aaron said loudly to cover the woman’s voice. “But Terry doesn’t live here. You must have the wrong bulding.” He turned to Nicky and Kevin, who were both still in the doorway. “I’ve never even heard of a Terry, have you?”

“No,” Nicky said.
Aaron turned back to the blonde woman, keeping the approaching pair in his peripheral vision. They were gettting closer. Andrew would turn around at any moment.

“So I trust you can make your own way back down, or would you like some help fidning your way?” Aaron asked. By now, Neil had noticed his tone and the woman and was looking between the pair, a confused look on his face.

The woman opened her outh and Nicky piped up.

“Neil, an I borrow your textbook?” he asked loudly, quickly pushing his way out the door and moving in front of the woman. Matt had caught on by now, and moved to stand in front of her too, just behind Nicky.

“Yeah,” the bulky man said. “And can I get some of your food?”

Aaron groaned. Neil looked at them all, perplexed. By now the pair had stoped outside their own dorm, and Andrew was turning. He glanced at Matt and Nicky, bored looking. But he heard Aaron groan and mutter, so he looked around them for his brother. Matt and Nicky tried to block his view, since Aaron was right beside the woman, but of course that only made him slightly interested.

“Just let me see him!” tthe woman said loudly.

Andrew froze.

Nicky and Matt winced.

Aaron’s heart skipped.

Neil loked to Andrew, instantly seeing the difference in him.

“‘Drew?” he asked quietly. But Andrew ignored him.

“Move,” the small blonde man said flatly. Nicky and Matt looked at each other, but  moved out of the way. The woman looked at Andrew, who was still frozen next to Neil.

“Andrew,” she sighed.Before anyone could stop her, she ha moved to just a few steps in front of Andrew. “Sweetheart…” She trailed off, and ran her hand through his blonde hair. “It’s so good to se you agian you have no idea.”

Anrew didn’t say  anything, didn’t move, didn’t do anything but stay pefectly still, his expression frozen as if he were concentrting really hard.

“I’m so sorry,” she began. “For everything. And for not belie-”

Andrew pulled away, his face contorting into a manic grin which made Kevin, Nicky, Matt and Aaron alll freeze.

“Oh Cass,” he said. Neil looked sharply at tthe woman, instantly at Andrew’s side instead of behind him. “You know I don’t care.”

She stared at him.

“But I-”
He pulled her hand from his hair, dropping it as if she had burned him.

“Get out,” he said, grin still in place. “Now.”
“Darling, I-”
“Don’t. I don’t care. I did, and look where it got me. You were never my mother, and you were never going to be. Now leave. Again. I never want to see you again.”

By now the woman was crying. Andrew leveled a glare on her.

“I hate you,” he said clearly. “Almost more than I hate him. You should remember I don’t repeat myself, so don’t make one of them have to show you the way  out.”

With that, he walked owards Aaron and Nicky, grabbing them both and Kevin, shoving them all roughly into the monsters’ dorm.

“Neil,” he called, his tone sarcastic and full of fake joy.

Neil followed him into the room, shutting the door behind him, bolting it after a second. By the time he turned back around, Andrew had sank onto the floor and pulled Aaron with him. He reached out, running his fingers through his twin’s hair, across his temple.

“Did she hurt you?” he wanted to know. Aaron shook his head.

“No,” he said. “She didn’t touch me.”
“That’s not what I asked,” Andrew said flatly. He was still grinning.

“She didn’t hurt me,” Aaron assured his twin. “I promise.”

Andrew nodded, hand still running over Aarons’ temple. No one in the room moved to separate them. Actually no one in the room moved at all. Nicky and Kevin were frozen in the corner, and Neil was still leaning against the locked door.

That night, the boys all fell asleep on the floor, Neil closest to Andrew, who was still curled up near his twin, back against one of the beanbags.

My Boss’ Son

So I uh…wrote fic. This is the first thing I’ve finished in a while. Just a quick thing I wrote while at work. It’s unbeta’d with no reread because I didn’t want to give myself a chance to hate it.


Stiles liked his boss. He knew a lot of people didn’t like theirs, and he knew he was lucky. Talia Hale was beautiful, and could be pretty tough if you didn’t do your job, but Stiles loved what he did too.

Network administration wasn’t for everyone, but Stiles saw doing it for a rapidly growing business as a challenge. The pay was nothing to sneeze at either. At this rate, his student loans would be paid off in half the time, and Talia always listened if Stiles needed something. Especially new equipment.

The only problem with Talia was that she kept trying to set him up with her son.

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Lost - The Forgotten Series - Pt. 3

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Rowena, mentions of Crowley and Cas

Warnings: All the Angst

Word Count: 2.6k (hey look, it’s the longest of the series)

A/N: I know that it’s been a while. I had to wait for this one to come to me. I thought it was going to be the last one, but it turns out this Series has other plans. So, I bring you third installment of The Forgotten Series, Lost. I really hope you guys like it! Catch up on Pt. 1 & 2

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anonymous asked:

Hi 😊 can I please request 47, 52 & 71 with Yoongi? And make it really fluffy(?) Anyway I love your blog and thank you in advance ❤

Thank you!!~ 💖

47. “When I picture myself happy… It’s with you.”

52. “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”

71. “You are the single best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Min Yoongi (Suga) x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 657

Originally posted by sugasuite

 He could keep staring at you forever. The way you clung to him when you got scared. The way you were mesmerised by little things. The way you greeted him whenever he met you.  All those things and more. But the most important one was your smile. It was that kind of smile that washes all your worries away and shines as bright as the sun.

“Hello! Earth to Min Yoongi!” you waved your hand in front of his face. He was so lost in his thoughts that he completely missed the movie’s ending. “It’s your turn to choose.”

“Are you sure?” he asked and looked at the clock. “It’s already pretty late, won’t you fall asleep?”

“I won’t! I stayed up for so long, didn’t I?”

“You feel asleep two times while watching this one. Should I count how many times before this as well?”

“Okay, I stayed up for so long with breaks,” you laughed. “I will try my best now.”

You said that but fell asleep almost as soon as the next movie started.

“What’s with her,” Yoongi thought. “Sometimes she sleeps more than I do.”

You leaned your head on his shoulder but he decided that it will be more comfortable for you on his lap but that was a bad decision as he couldn’t concentrate on the movie at all.

“So cute,” he thought, brushing a strand of hair from your face. “You are the single best thing that has ever happened to me,” he said out loud, using the opportunity that you’re asleep and he can finally get it off of his chest.

You blinked a few times and just stared at him in confusion. He averted his gaze to the TV screen.

“Oh shit,” he thought. “Did she hear me?”

You pulled him down by his sweater, so he would look at you.

“Yoongi, is that true?”

“Haha, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he laughed and focused back on the screen. You sat up but he still wouldn’t look at you, so you stood up in front of him, blocking the view.

“Yoongi…” you said, setting your arms on your waist.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed loudly.

“Okay, you know what. Yes. I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death. There, I said it.”

“But only half to death,” you giggled when he pushed you onto the bed and got on top of you.

“I confess and you dare laugh at me, why you little!”

“Oho! Min Yoongi is scary when he’s angry. What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to tickle you to death,” this time you were actually scared because anything would be better except for tickling and he noticed that. He pinned your hands above your head. “Now I truly have the advantage,” he said running his fingers through your sides and then reaching for your feet.

“No, Yoongi please, anything but the feet,” you laughed.

“The feet it is then,” he was at it for good ten minutes and you laughed so much your jaw started to hurt and tears streamed down your face. You rolled away from him and let him lay down next to you.

“Remind me not to tick you off next time.”

“Will there be a next time?” he asked staring at the ceiling.

“What do you mean?”

“Won’t it be awkward?”

“Why would it be?” you questioned moving closer to him and taking his hand. “I never rejected you, you know.”

He looked at you surprised.

“Do you mean?”

“Yes,” you just said. He turned to face you fully and pulled you to him.

“You know. When I picture myself happy… It’s with you,” he admitted before kissing your forehead. His sweet touch making you feel all warm.

“What about the movie?” you asked.

“You were sleeping anyway, I don’t mind staying like this for a while.”

So this fic is going to be loosely based around the Rapunzel fairy tale. I once read a Loki/Reader fanfiction based on Beauty and the Beast and it still is - even today - one of my favourite fanfictions. I’m doing a similar thing and basing my work on a fairytale, whilst incorporating a similar relationship dynamic as seen in Beauty and the Beast. Overall it’s a big fairytale mashup with everyone’s favourite little shit as the damsel in distress. I really hope you guys enjoy it! Please leave feedback. I appreciate any and all comments. Enjoy, my darlings!

‘The Tower’ (Part 1)

Once upon a time, in a long-forgotten part of a long-forgotten forest, a swaying stretch of grass – once untarnished and lush – had been corrupted by a great, gleaming monument. Where once the soil was warmed by the sun, ice as cold as the night lay in the cracks of the wounded earth, stretching up to the sky and culminating in a pointed tip.

At the centre of this secluded glade sat a tall and ominous tower…

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