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Wanted to draw some of my headcanons of the Hamilkids! 

One day, Alex took Angie to Congress because she wanted to see where daddy worked, and there she met some of daddy’s coworkers… 

Angie used to have a crush on Thomas Jefferson when she was a child (ALL THAT FLUFFY HAIR). 

We feel you honey. 


AAANd that she was afraid of worms, thunders and Burr (HE’S BALD WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM) Later she understand that people don’t always have hair. It was painful.


Camila’s Ustream 07.05.14

i am in love with nomnomroko’s fem!medic!!! i don’t usually draw genderbends, but i absolutely love her design! *v*

@blackthvnder From here

“Oh, shut up.” If looks could kill, Aoi was fairly certain Chazz would be a smoking crater, but alas… “My grades aren’t that bad! I almost failed one class! It just… It makes sense it is, ‘cause these tests are…”

The pigtailed girl gestured to her notes, scrunching up her face at them in utter distaste. “Bet you can’t make sense of that last lecture. And hey. At least I- …” A pause. “At east I don’t wear a jacket that should be incinerated rather than washed!”