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My Fault [ Peter Parker ]

Anonymous said to huntershawn:

Well since you saw Homecoming, can I get an imagine where Peter has a crush on y/n instead of Liz, and that during the ATM robbery incident she was close by and got hurt when Mr. Delmar’s store got hurt with the blast and Peter didn’t know, and he didn’t see her until a week later in school, where she had a cast on her leg and got cuts everywhere. And Peter had a breakdown because he felt guilty, anddd you can decide how it ends. Sorry if its long tho. Thank you

A/N: might’ve gone a bit overboard with this one hehe


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Prompt: Blood, Sweat and Tears and Something More, Sasusaku Month 2017, Day 2 and Day 5

Summary: The moment when Sasuke realises just how beautiful Sakura really is.
(Set during the Chunnin Exams after the attack by the Sound genin Team.)

It was only after the entire crowd cleared from the gathering did Sasuke let himself scan Sakura up and down.

She was currently busy telling Naruto to shut up as he relentlessly pestered her on to fill him in on the things that had occurred while the hyperactive ninja had been knocked out.

Naruto was particularly incessant on knowing about Sakura’s sudden change in hair style and it irritated Sasuke to no end. She was clearly injured and yet all the idiot could think about was her hair.

The other teams had left a while back, they’d cleared off fairly quickly with the Hyuuga’s team being the first to leave and after a sharp look from Sasuke’s side the other rookie team had followed suit even though the blonde girl had been reluctant to walk away.

They were scared of him and rightly so because even Sasuke didn’t quite understand what had happened. Being ignorant was something Sasuke wasn’t used to and he’d never admit it out loud but his behaviour had scared him too.

Naruto was blissfully unaware of his predicament and Sakura….

Sakura had been scared too. He’d seen the fear in her eyes when she’d just barely managed to stop him. His sharingan had etched every detail of her expression at that time into his mind.

It had been the shock, the shock of seeing Sakura- Sakura terrified of him that had brought him back from the edge of slipping away entirely.

“Sakura where are you hurt?” Sasuke asked quietly interrupting his teammates conversation. He’d noticed how Sakura had sunk to the ground the minute the Yamanaka girl had left as if she’d been holding herself up just for show.

“Oh I’m fine Sasuke-kun!” She said brightly turning her attention from Naruto with a wide smile,“Don’t worry.”

Sasuke’s eyebrow arched up at her lie. Even though she looked marginally better than when he’d woken up that wasn’t saying much. Her hands were strategically clasped behind her back and one of her eyes had more or less swollen shut due to a large bloody cut above it. She was pale and bloody and if he looked closely he could see that Sakura was still shaking.

“Naruto go get water.” Sasuke ordered picking himself up. Sasuke wasn’t particularly steady on his feet yet and the mark on his shoulder ached sending faint pulses up his neck.

“Sasuke-kun you shouldn’t stand-”

“Sakura shut up.” His voice cut her off abruptly. He didn’t have the time or the energy to deal with Sakura’s uneeded concern for him. Right now she was the priority.

“Teme what do you think you’re doing?” Naruto got up yelling at the Uchiha,“Don’t be so rude to Sakura-chan!”

“Naruto water now.”

Something in Sasuke’s tone must have gotten through to the blonde boy because he abruptly got up with a pout on his face and marched into the forest.

Sasuke silently stalked towards their supplies. From the corner of his eye he could see Sakura struggling to get up. Her arms were now on full display, sporting multiple bloody cuts as if she’d been stabbed by a kunai.

Sasuke flinched despite himself.

He’d figured as much when he’d noticed there was blood all over his shirt which couldn’t have possibly been his considering the stellar job Sakura had done wrapping up all the wounds he’d sustained while fighting against Orochimaru.

The blood must have gotten on his shirt when she’d wrapped her arms around him.

He quickly turned around focusing on getting their medical supplies out as he felt his cheeks heat up at the memory.

His expression darkened quickly enough as he remembered his total loss of control. He was an Uchiha not some toy of a man who had his own ulterior motives. Even if the power offered to him was unbelievably tempting it meant nothing to Sasuke- nothing if he had to see that look of absolute horror in Sakura’s eyes when she’d realised just how close he’d been to truly becoming a monster.

Sakura had always smelt like her namesake, like cherry blossoms and looked at him like she was the single bright star in an otherwise moonless night.

He’d never really cared for either of those attributes until the moment she’d wrapped her arms around him, her expression terrified and desperate.

Stop, she’d begged him, Please just stop.

She had been bloody and had been shaking as she clung onto him. Her arms had anchored him back to himself but for one terrifying moment Sasuke had considered batting her away.

He’d returned to himself the very next second and he’d pushed the dark writhing power inside him as far away from himself as he possibly could.

For at that moment he’d had the choice between the power he’d always wanted, no needed for his revenge and Sakura.

He’d made the decision without even thinking because up until then he’d never truly realised just how much he’d relied on Sakura and her never changing belief in him.

“Sasuke-kun are you alright?” Sakura had managed to make her way next to him, the same forced smile plastered on her face.

Sasuke supressed the urge to snap at her. She was the one who was bloody, bruised and barely standing and yet she was concerned about him.

Why was she so goddamn annoying all the time?

Why was she trying to hide the fact that she was afraid of him?

“Sit.” He ordered.Thankfully she agreed, even if it was probably because she barely had any energy left to stand.

Sasuke followed suit and bent forward to asses the cut above her eye. He had to clean it before it got infectious.

“It’s okay Sasuke-kun.” She reached to take the cloth out of his hand but Sasuke brushed her away.

“Sakura stop being annoying.”

Her hand dropped down and he sighed.

Sasuke sometimes wished he was gentler with her but life hadn’t given him enough chances to be gentle and he’d long forgotten how.

He poured water on the clean cloth so that he could start with wiping her face. He carefully ran the cold cloth down the shallow scrapes on her cheeks to the small bloody cut at the corner of her mouth. She sat there absolutely still as he moved in a little closer to gently clean the cut above her swollen eye.

He brushed her hair out of her eyes as he continued to work. He paused after he was done his eyes flitting towards her dull choppy hair and the blood that stained it.

This was all his fault. If he’d just-

“Sasuke-kun?” Her voice brought him back and realising how he was vacantly staring at her and he pulled back immediately jostling Sakura’s leg in the process which made her cry out loudly in pain.

For some reason Sasuke felt like he’d been stabbed.

“What’s wrong?” He asked his voice tinged with the slightest trace of panic.

“My leg hurts a little.” She conceeded,“ It’s noth-”

“Where?” Sasuke demanded, his voice leaving no room for her to protest.

She stretched her leg out wincing slightly as he inspected it. Her right leg was a bloody mess that she’d purposefully covered with her long dress and the cut a few inches above her knee was worryingly deep.

She’d managed to keep quiet about it the entire time and then had the audacity to worriedly hover around him asking if he was alright.

He barely managed to restrain himself from shouting at her for being careless and just so-so goddamn stupid.

What the hell was she thinking picking a fight with ninjas clearly out of her league? She should have run away screw him and the idiot.

No she shouldn’t have run away instead she should have happily handed Sasuke over to them, after all he’d been what they had wanted. Instead she’d foolishly chosen to protect him all alone against three ninjas who were obviously far stronger than she was.

When had Sakura become so goddamn insufferable?

He forced himself to calm down, the mark on his neck was pulsating dangerously. Getting mad at Sakura would do him little good especially since he very knew it would be pointless.

After all if there was one thing that Kakashi had taught all three of them it was that loyalty to their team came first.

He forced himself to focus on the wound on her leg considering his options. He’d have to use the last of their water and cleaning it would be a painful process so it would be best to keep her distracted while he got to it.

His eyes snapped up to meet hers,“Tell me what happened when I was unconscious.”

The hesitation was clear in Sakura’s eyes and it was justified considering that even Sasuke couldn’t give her the guarantee that if she actually recounted the tale of how those bastards had hurt her that he wouldn’t go on a rampage and actually finish the job.

None the less she started recounting the events that had occurred as he began working.

“Orochimaru disappeared after he bit you. Those marks appeared near your neck and you collapsed.”

He vaguely recalled he’d held her hand as if his life had depended on it until he’d finally lost consciousness. The last thing he remembered was seeing Sakura’s worried face hovering above his and thinking that there were worse ways to die.

“I brought you and Naruto here as quickly as I could.” Sakura continued,“I set up a few traps and-”

She broke off wincing and Sasuke quickly moved his hand cursing himself for not being more careful.

“I’m sorry.” He said quietly,“Go on.”

“Naruto wasn’t hurt, I think he was just put into some sort of deep sleep. Your fever was pretty bad and your breathing was shallow. I-I thought-”

Her voice wavered but she did her best to hide it as she continued,“The sound genin attacked at dawn. Thankfully Lee-san appeared and…..”

His grip on the cloth tightened as she recounted in detail how brave Rock Lee had been while defending her even if he had been defeated in the end. When he heard her say that seeing Lee stand up for her had inspired her to fight the mark on his neck flared dangerously and he had to focus all his energy on it so that he didn’t lose control.

“….. but I got caught in the end and the only way I could escape was to cut my hair. That’s why it looks like such a mess.You probably don’t like it- Ino told me you like girls with long hair but it was the only thing I could think of. I’m sure if you’d been there you’d have easily defeated them Sasuke-kun. I’m sorry that in the end I was still pretty much useless and I wasn’t-”

“Sakura.” He cut her rambling off. He finished tying the cleanest cloth he could find around her leg before looking up at her. She stared back at him absolutely still.

“You did well Sakura.”

Her eyes widened.

“I did?” Her voice was small but the desperation in it was clear. She needed this, needed to be told that she hadn’t been useless, that she hadn’t just been a burden to them.

Sasuke let the smallest of smiles on his face, “Aa.”

For a moment they stayed like that, staring at each other, unbreakable onyx against glassy jade.

And before he could stop it Sakura had already leapt forward wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face into his shoulder.

“I was so scared!” She sobbed,“I thought you were going to die. That I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I was so scared that I’d lose you to that monster. I was so so scared Sasuke-kun!”

She wailed hiccuping and clutching onto Sasuke as tightly as she could and all he could do was stare down at her pale pink hair with his back against the wall.

It was only then, at that moment did Sasuke realise that she wasn’t afraid of him. She was afraid of losing him.

Despite everything, despite the monster he’d become she was still just scaredfor him, not of him.

For the first time in a very long time did Sasuke uncharacteristically find himself wanting to return her affections.

To convince her that he was worth the unwavering belief she had in him.

He raised his hands to hold her closer, to tell her it was alright and that she’d saved him, perhaps for the hundredth time in a way that nobody else could, but the image of those very hands mercilessly breaking the sound genin’ s arms flashed through Sasuke’s head and he quickly dropped them to his sides.

Sakura may not have been scared of him but he was plenty scared of himself. He couldn’t afford to lose control especially not when there was a chance he’d hurt Sakura.

He could barely stand seeing Sakura bleeding and the thought of having her blood on his hands was absolutely revolting as it was unthinkable.

He would never hurt Sakura.
He would never let her get hurt, not if he could help it.

He was well aware that he cared for Sakura in a way he thought he’d never be able to after the massacre.

Because somehow stubborn, annoying Sakura had inevitably become a part of him that made him something more than just an avenger.

If he ever hurt her, if he ever raised his hand to injure her, it’s the day he would know without a shred of doubt that there was absolutely nothing left for him except his revenge and his hatred.

When Sakura finally pulled back from him she gave him a wide smile, her eyes still glassy.

“Thank you Sasuke-kun.” She whispered softly.

Her usually shiny long pink hair hung limply in a choppy mess lined with sweat and dirt. Her clothes were bloody and one of her eyes was bruised and almost completely swollen shut. Tear tracks ran down her cheeks which was littered with various scratches.

Sakura was a mess.
A mess of blood, sweat and tears.

And yet it was at that moment Sasuke realised for the first time just how beautiful Sakura really was.

bts as dads: myg

dad!bts au: kim seokjin | min yoongi | jung hoseok | kim namjoon | park jimin | kim taehyung | jeon jungkook

  • one little girl, the mini min, the light of his life, his muse, his best friend, his everything
  • min yeona, 3 years old
  • when i say yoongi’s daughter is his best friend i mean his Best Friend
  • has the pout™️
  • takes her everywhere with him honestly and it doesn’t even bother her because her dad is also her best friend and her role model and her idol and she loves spending time with him
  • she loves imitating her dad and doing literally everything he does but in her own kiddy way and it’s so adorable?? yoongi clutches his heart everytime??
  • like whenever yoongi’s drinking an american yeona has her own little cup of honey water or something or if yoongi’s playing piano, she’ll be playing on her little electric keyboard or if yoongi’s wearing a leather jacket yeona has her own little matching one and she truly is the mini min
  • speaking of which
  • i have this headcanon that yoongi loves to play dress up w his daughter or child
  • probably in the same way that tae is willing to buy and dress his children in anything and everything the gucci kids section has to offer
  • like yoongi just likes making her look stylish as shit
  • like he could be dressed in sweatpants and and old t shirt not giving a fuck to go the studio but he’s decked out mini min in a silk bomber jacket and jeans and sneakers looking fly as shit
  • they have matching oversized scarfs
  • calls herself min smartie
  • stagename: spice
  • “i wanna be just like daddy!!”
  • looooooooots of studio time together
  • like sometimes you drop her off after school and yoongi will already have layed out a little blanket on the floor with some snacks and a coloring book and games for her to play with
  • he may or may not have installed another little desk opposite his with a little sound board and computer and games and a swivel chair just her size
  • she’s not very high maintence like just being in the same room as her dad is enough time spent w him for her
  • she might just be in the background chilling but yoongi is always watching her and takes little notes on her body language as critiques on his music
  • like if she’s sitting on a chair and swinging her legs to the beat he just smiles because yay his little girl likes it
  • or if she kind of sways her head to the music or sometimes she gets up and dances and that’s the best reaction
  • because if mini min doesn’t like the track, the track gets scrapped
  • sometimes he’s more direct and asks her and i feel like she’s really honest with him people always say that kids love whatever their parents do, but if yeona doesn’t like something yeona will tell you
  • “no that’s too slow daddy, i’m bored” “no that sounds funny daddy i don’t like it” “ooh i like that one i like the drums make it louder daddy!!!” and yoongi listens to her every word (and the other producers think he’s crazy for taking production advice from a literal child but yoongi doesn’t give a single fuck, her approval means everything)
  • is constantly showing yoongi new things she’s learned when it comes to music
  • “daddy look at what i learned how to play today!!”
  • and she’s always showing yoongi “new” music and even though he’s already heard he always plays along and tells her she has better taste in music than he does
  • there’s no way you can’t tell that she’s yoongi’s daughter i mean she’s exactly like him
  • she probably takes lots of naps in the studio too but that’s not at all the reason why yoongi bought a kumamon beanbag and a bunch of fluffy pillows and blankets and put them aside nope that was for him totally
  • yeona knows when not to bother her dad but i feel like if she’s really sleepy and it’s been a particularly long day sometimes she’ll go over to yoongi’s chair while he’s mixing beats or something and just kind of sit herself on his lap and make herself comfortable
  • sometimes she tries to stay awake and yoongi teaches her about the buttons on the soundboard
  • but sometimes she just wraps her small hands around his waist as much as she can and falls asleep
  • (yoongi loves when she does that the most)
  • of course yoongi and yeona have matching headphones what else were you expecting
  • he carries her everywhere like physically carries her in his arms at all time this is his princess we’re talking about here
  • will write songs about her (will pull a beyoncé and feature her on a track)
  • the boys’ kids probably all spend a lot time with their uncles, but i feel like yoongi’s kid would be most fond of hobi and jimin
  • because uncle jimin feeds her addiction to sweets and buys her lots of character plushies and always plays with her
  • uncle jimin the cuddliest and spoils her the most (and uncle jimin has fluffy hair that he lets her braid)
  • and because uncle hobi lets her into his recording studio and they always mess around and he knows all the buttons to make her voice sound all funky
  • sometimes hobi saves the recording tho and sends them to yoongi when he’s having a hard time and just opening a file of his little girl singing one of their songs and hearing her giggle at the end of the track is all he needed to get over his writer’s block or whatever it was that was bothering him

But, a spin off of shadowhunters, named “Raising Madzie” featuring :

• Madzie, her daddy Alec and her papa Magnus

• first episode is basically the introduction to Madzie as well as to her extended family which includes all of Magnus’ downworlder children who are called Madzie’s siblings

• “wait I am Aunt Clary and he is Simon, her older brother???” “Thats just the way it is, biscuit”

•episodes dedicated to Madzie spending time with all the characters

• painting with aunt Clary, she makes a painting for her daddy and papa complete with glitter and styled hair (Magnus was like super proud)

• comic book shopping with her big bro Simon. He introduces her to all the superheroes he loved as a kid and Madzie is so happy and she buys a shit ton of the comics and at the end of the day Alec is like ??? Couldn’t you have taught her like Shakespeare or something?? And simon is like wtf Alec?? she’s like a kid??

• cooking lessons with Aunt Izzy where somehow the entire oven catched on fire..no one talks about that time..especially not Madzie tho she doesn’t spend anymore time with Izzy anywhere near fire

• she totally bonds with Jace over piano lessons. Her sitting on his lap and he plays her all the lullabies Maryse used to sing to them when they were little and she just claps along with him. Totally helps with her PTSD too (i have a shit ton of headcanons about that too..more on that later)

• bring your kid to work day with Luke. Little detective Madzie complete with fake badge and little gun running around chasing bad, bad guys

• bingo nights at the club with big brother Raphael and of course hide and seek in the Dumort Hotel..no vamp is able to say no to that face. So somehow the entire new york clan ends up playing hide and seek till morning

• auntie Maia takes her to Jade Wolf and treats her to the finer things in life like the best chinese she had had the pleasure of having

• grandma Maryse being like super sweet with the little warlock girl and being all overprotective and grandmotherly. 100% brings cookies and cakes even after being told no.

• papa Magnus takes her to meet important clients and teach her about her heritage and the clients are so totally taken with the little girl and makeup nights!!! Magnus teaches her how to put on winged eyeliner like immediately. Very important

• daddy Alec and archery lessons. Enough said. She totally gets matchin sweaters and bomber jackets (courtesy of Jace)

then I hear violins, and the hair on my neck was rising
A feeling new and surprising
But it wasn’t the sound that made my heart pound
No, it was because I found that her hand was in mine.
And that’s where it will stay until they play the final chord

Ok but this video is perfect and I’m in love

Video credits: Sheepgirly

My Fault [ Peter Parker ]

Anonymous said to:

Well since you saw Homecoming, can I get an imagine where Peter has a crush on y/n instead of Liz, and that during the ATM robbery incident she was close by and got hurt when Mr. Delmar’s store got hurt with the blast and Peter didn’t know, and he didn’t see her until a week later in school, where she had a cast on her leg and got cuts everywhere. And Peter had a breakdown because he felt guilty, anddd you can decide how it ends. Sorry if its long tho. Thank you

A/N: might’ve gone a bit overboard with this one hehe


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bts as dads: jjk

dad!bts au: kim seokjin | min yoongi | jung hoseok | kim namjoon | park jimin | kim taehyung | jeon jungkook

  • fraternal twins: the girl is older by like 7 minutes and she never ever ever lets him live it down bc she’s a jeon of course 
  • little boy: jeon kyungkook, 4 years old; little girl: jeon kae, 4 years old 
  • kook is that dad that insists on doing everything and we all know he does everything well so his kids are gonna grow up being like oooh i wanna be just like daddy!! 
  • if the jeon twins are known for anything it’s their fierce competitive nature and their extreme mischievousness
  • jungkook’s kids are gonna be the biggest handful let me tell you that 
  • they looove to compete w eachother over the smallest of things like 
  • they make bets about probably anything who can eat the most who can run faster who can hide at hide and seek better who’s taller who’s stronger who’s louder who’s sneeze is better who has better hair who’s uncle yoongi’s favorite literally a n y t h i n g
  • but don’t let that fool you they love eachother more than anything they’re so close i mean they do everything together so they’re 100% always looking out for eachother 
  • like even tho they bet on everything they always make sure the other doesn’t get hurt and even tho kyungkook is “younger” he acts as if he’s 3 years older than kae and is a protective bro 
  • like he always makes sure he’s not too rough w her and they always end the day by watching tv and cuddling together and sometimes he even plays w her hair he’s competitive by nature but also extremely childish and loving don’t hurt his twin sister or else 
  • but kae is always also looking out for her baby bro they’re twins they’re built in best friends and they’d do anything for eachother 
  • like she eats the vegetables he doesn’t like and when she cooks w dad she always sneaks him a sweet before dinner and just lil things bc yah they fight but at the end of the day they’re twins and you can’t break that bond 
  • they usually go to eachother for help or to confide in first but when they wanna go to their mommy or daddy, surprisingly enough kyungkook goes to you and kae goes to jungkook 
  • so basically you’ve got a troublemaking mama’s boy with a protective brother complex and daddy’s girl who’s just as troublesome but twice as soft 
  • dear lord help you two
  • these twins were also born for the spotlight
  • by that i mean they love attention 
  • they live for it 
  • they’ll do anything to get yours or jungkook’s attention and once they have it well they’re not letting it go 
  • they also compete for attention pls 
  • if kae gets her daddy to lift her up you better believe kyungkook is right behind her begging for a piggyback ride 
  • or if your little boy asks to cook dinner w you and gets some quality mommy son time you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think your little girl has stomped her foot and pouted her way up to her father to ask him to bake desert w her
  • and do they win every time w you and kook?
  • the answer is yes 
  • also bc they never seen to run out of energy!! ever!! 
  • you guys could have spent the entire day playing games or swimming or something and it’ll be like 5pm and you can still hear them saying daddy again!! one more round pleaaaaaase 
  • and of couuuurse jungkook can’t say no because another thing about the wonder twins: the double puppy eyes 
  • and how can you say no to that?? 
  • so he gives in to anything they want because even if he could win one of them over he’ll never get the other and he’ll always end up caving so he just saves himself the trouble and does or buys whatever they want when they first give him the eyes 
  • so there’s a constant supply of ice cream and toys and games and clothes for the twins bc when don’t they get what they want from kook??
  • and are you even mad about it?? no bc they’re the cutest 
  • and sometimes you get naughty and join in on and then it’s three pairs of cute puppy eyes that he’s in love with staring at him and begging him and honestly you guys don’t even have to try he’d do anything for the three of you anyway
Reasons to love Dragon Age Origins cast

You guys seemed to like the DAI one (for whatever reason)…

Which is here: http://lumi-chann.tumblr.com/post/152579171906/reasons-to-love-dragon-age-inquisition-cast

So heres more garbage below, if you feel like wasting your time :”)


– Thinks Blight is like a party

– Until it actually goes wrong

– Thinks of his mentor like a father


– (Actually you cant.)

– Wow game, you are an asshole

– Is really sweet and precious

– And a dork

– Stfu Alistair you know I´m right

– Just wants to be accepted and not made fun of

– Says the sweetest things and makes non single women compare their boys to him probably

– Compares you to a rose

– „Why cant he be real???“

– Bish, he is too good and innocent for this world

– Afraid of responsibility

– Like #relatable I get you man…

– Doesn´t want to be the king unless you tell him to „go for it boo“

– Loves dogs but would probably deny it.


– Much sarcasm

– Some of the smartest dialogue

– Can make you look stupid without putting effort into it.

– Could also kill you

– Changes into animals

– But her true form is still the best

– You probably like her outfit one way or the other

– (Cant believe hers is the only concept art that made it into the game…)

– Likes jewelry

– And deserves all of it.


– Makes fun of Alistair.

– And everyone else

– But you just can´t hate her

– Hates love

– Until you romance her

– Holy shit she´s great at it then.

– But the ending hurts.

– It´s okay, she´ll be back

– Protect her from her mom


Ohhhh boi, here we go

– That accent

– It makes even the straightest people go gay for him

– Smooth as fuck and he knows it.

– Thinks he doesnt deserve to be loved

– Is actually a precious cinnamon roll

– „I feel terrible and I wish to cry. May I rest my head in your bossom“

– Sure why not.


– What do you mean I´m playing as a guy. This guy has love to give for everybody

– Flirts with everyone, it´s great

– Tattoos

– Ugh that accent is still great

– Actually the most loyal romance tbh

– And cares about you

– Like a lot.

– So much so that if you die, he doesnt love anyone again.

– Deserves all the happiness


– Wants to help

– Because she had a dream about the end of the world

– Thinks the god sent her to help you

– Actually believes it


– Likes your hair, even if you´re fukin bald

– Sweetest

– And her voice is sweet too tho

– Asks about your current boyfriend/girlfriend

– Best sis you could ask for.

– Doesn´t wantto kill anyone

– Not even an assassin sent after her

– Or the person who sent them.


– Doesnt want to be like her ex and wants to move on

– Loves you

– So so much



– Doesn´t like you

– Or anyone

– Or anything

– Haha got you. He actually is the sweetest later on.

– Calls you „kadan“ how cute is that dude

– Tol but precious


– Also took cookies from a boy because he didnt want him to get chubby

– Played „I spy“ with himself while waiting to either starve or get eaten

– Sad because he lost his sword


– He named it „Asala“ which means „soul“

– Has cute dialogue with your dog

– Literally so clueless but so smart you cant understand him if you tried

– Makes you sound dumb for asking questions

– „I should have stayed in that cage“

– So done with you.


– Holy fuck a dwarf

– Finally

– Tough little badass

– Dont call him little though

– Could kill you

– So drunk

– Worst dwarf ever, it´s great.

– Actually the best cause his town is full of assholes

– Probably drunk all the time and if he stopped hed be like „how did I get here“

– Loves the surface tho

– „It´s sodding great. No one has any idea who you are or what you´re doing“

– Love him

– „That dog. Sodding thing took my pants“
– Oghren, you´re wearing your pants


– Loves his wife even if she did bad things. And left him. And cheated on him. And went crazy.

– He´s too good. It´s sad

– But is still a smooth mofo with Felsi

– Let him be happy.


– Calls you an „it“

– How does this not insult me

– Has a „nickname“ for everyone

– Is a rock

– jk, is a golem

– Trolls everyone

– And hates squishy things

– And pigeons

– And anything that has feathers and wants to take a crap on her

– Gives no crap herself

– Actually genderless

– Don´t question it

– Too good for you

– Wears crystals into fights


– Also has a boner for Sten

– You know it´s true

– Also makes you look stupid, its great


– Ayyy mama of the group

– Nah, she´s actually pretty cool

– And saves your sorry ass whenever you take her along, admit it

– Was a healer before it was cool.


– She´s too good, even Oghren and Zevran tried to go for it

– Scolds you about your relationship, but then later on totally ships it

–  Asks Alistair if he knows where babies come from

– Like, Wynne why


– Could probably tell you anything about wine


– Is a dog

Happy bark

Disapproving whine

– Could tell Zathrian was a (semi) bad guy before we could

– Just wants to play

– But ok, am i the only one who is afraid to take him along sometimes?



– Actually makes Morrigan break her tsun act for a few moments

– Is a tsun himself kinda

– But loves you above all

– Protect him

What we learned from Stevenbomb 6 (excluding Lion 4):  AHEM SPOILERS IF YOU’RE ON MOBILE LOOK AWAY NOW

I extended that downwards for a reason *cough*

- If 2 (or more, presumerably) gems fuse around organic material, the organic material will be trapped inside the fusion physically, sticking out.

- This raises questions about how Smoky Quartz exists physically, as Amethyst’s light was seen almost peeling away from Steven as they unfused in Earthlings.

- Topaz was a fusion capable of this but it is unknown if this is exclusive to Topaz gems or not.

- Aquamarine has similar powers to Lapis Lazuli, with the exception of water control which we have not yet seen.

- Aquamarine’s weapon is not her wand, as it was not summoned nor pulled from her gem, but it is a tangible gem weapon.

- Peridot’s meeting with Steven in the Kindergarten in Marble Madness was a log, and by extension, was recorded.

- Homeworld gems are very oblivious to Human culture, as evident by Aquamarine not understanding the “my dad, your dad” concept with Connie.


- Peridot and Lapis did nothing over the course of these 4 episodes.

- New possible gem placements: left ear, right ear, (Aquamarine’s placement has been seen before within the Famethyst.

- Connie’s Dad has grown to like Steven since season 1.


- Greg has been oblivious to everything going on in this bomb.

- Steven has come to terms with the fact that he is Rose Quartz and by extension, the only way to end the feud between Homeworld and Earth.

- The Diamonds don’t care about the Crystal Gems existing as they believe that the Cluster will destroy them eventually, but it won’t as it’s bubbled under the barn in the Earth’s mantle.

- Pearl crying was 100000x more intense than what the promo made it out to be.

- Aquamarine’s weapon is BEAST, throwing Pearl into the sky so high that she had a Team Rocket moment.

- What we thought the doors were in the promo were in fact Topaz and Topaz fusing around Steven.

- Steven needs to calm tf down tbh

- Sour Cream and Yellowtail are coming closer together, as evident by “Yellow Dad” in public.

- Connie relies on her dad to give her the fun element of her life since her mother is a doctor/surgeon and her only friend is now currently about to be abducted and possibly shattered in the hands of the Diamonds.

- Doug got the memo after Nightmare Hospital that he needs to tone down and together with Priyanka, stop being pseudo Tiger-Parents.

- Aquamarine’s weapon has similar properties to what we have seen with Limb Enhancers and the Gem Escape Pod, being that they can freeze and move around objects, like Peridot did to Pearl in Friend Ship and how Pearl was seen rebuilding the Communication Hub in Cry For Help.

- Her hair thing becomes a weapon that was not expected

- We have to wait for season 5 so that we can have closure and the regular panic attacks will cease (just me?)

- Aquamarine described herself as “the best”, maybe referring also to Topaz (fusion)

- Aquamarine knows how to operate a ship.

- Aquamarine is a smug fucking fairy that wants nothing more than to please her diamond and have “her moment” (Headcanon: she was based on Snape)

- Topaz and Topaz’ weapons are both staffs with a large gem on the end and when they fuse, their weapons become one double ended staff.

- Connie: “DON’T YOU DARE”

- Amethyst punching the water


- Where is Aquamarine’s nose tho (oh my god it wasn’t Snape she was based on, it was Voldemort THEORY CONFIRMED)

- Aquamarine’s summoned weapon is currently unknown

- This list is not in any way structured

- This probably won’t get notes

- Eww Aquamarine’s hair

- Steven will most likely meet with the Famethyst again and escape with some/most/all of them

- Steven still sings the postman song from episode THREE

- This bomb is continuity central

- Steven blames himself for “the list”

- Steven still needs to calm down

- Why did they not fuse into Stevonnie like hello Steven, listen to your acedemically gifted friend.

- Aquamarine and Topaz made Pearl and Garnet gasp, but not Amethyst, meaning that Aquamarine and Topaz may be new lines of Era 2 Gems that Amethyst did not know about

- Gems are referred to by their Facet, not their Cut as evident by “Peridot 5XG”

Y’all I can’t think of more I’ve been wrinting this for like half an hour but add any more if there are anymore important points that I missed.

food critic!mingyu
  • tbh everyone knows who he is
  • like yeah food critics are supposed to be like undercover or whatever but 1) he’s handsome so he attracts attention and 2) if he’s at a restaurant with a friend he starts using Food Words and gets really excited when the food is “exquisite”
  • food critic!mingyu and at home!mingyu are two completely different people
  • fuck it they’re not even the same species
  • everyone in the food industry thinks that mingyu invented chic and that he probably models for like,,,,,armani or louis vuitton (rumor has it that he owns diamond encrusted undies)
  • but seventeen + friends have witnessed him eat pizza from a pizza box that was in the garbage and run for the hills whenever gyu looks like he’s about to sneeze
  • tl;dr: mingyu is a God in public and a Mess in private
  • like the first time minghao went with mingyu on a business meal, minghao just stared at him for like 5 minutes while mingyu tried the food and read descriptions as he typed them into his phone
  • mingyu: *using Big, Fancy words and using Extra descriptions*
  • minghao: who The Fuck are you
  • seventeen likes to make fun of him during these lunch/dinner dates bc his hyungs are like “!!look at bb mingyu all grown up!! so professional!! i feel honored to be in your presence!!” and the younger ones r like “i wish i could be as Fabulous and Successful as you, King Mingyu!! will u pls sign my used napkin??!?!?!?”
  • (he’s now reluctant to bring them along)
  • mingyu rly has a passion for food and he loves how food can make you feel and how creative you can get with it 
  • he adores his job like he gets so Excited to go to new restaurants so he can pick apart every flavor and texture and the visuals of the dish and the feel of the place
  • and tbh he never lets his job or rank or whatever get to his head he’s so H U M B L E
  • he’s always insanely polite to staff and other food critics and his readers even though they, and many other people, can be really mean to him
  • he gets frustrated sometimes tho bc a lot of people don’t take his job seriously
  • like yeah he gets to eat as part of his job, but he also has to write sometimes harsh reviews and has spent years memorizing countless ingredients and cooking styles 
  • and sometimes the harshly honest reviews bring him hate and he’s lost sleep over anonymous threats and forces himself to go to the gym every single night bc he knows that so many people only like him for his looks even though he works his ass off
  • :-(((((((((((((((((((
  • so many people see him though as this Untouchable Millionaire person because of how he presents himself
  • like he’s always wearing shiny watches and crisp shirts and slicked back hair and stylish glasses (can u fuckin imagine tho)
  • but tbh he’s just this big puppy that sits on his thrifted couch in boxers and a tshirt with his feet dangling off the end, only wearing one sock because he forgot to do laundry, while watching spongebob and eating a microwaved burrito
  • he has an italian greyhound named penne that he spends more money on than he does on him. that dog is his Child.
  • (he didn’t know what to name her so…………..he put out a bunch of foods and let the dog decide………..)
  • penne has her own mini closet and is also the logo on mingyu’s food blog
  • speaking of which, his blog looks very classy and sleek but the cursor is a pink paw print that leaves a trail of dog treats when u move it
  • he has a food insta too and it has like 700k followers bc 1) the quality of his pics is insane and the food looks so good and 2),,,,,,,,sometimes he recreates food for penne,,,,,,,,and posts pictures of it
  • (he has a separate instagram account for penne….) (he spams it)
  • (everyone follows that account like u have at some point of ur life found a picture of penne in ur camera roll)
  • and u know who mr. kim is bc ur a waitress at a restaurant in one of the top hotels in the country so you’ve been anticipating his visit and by Anticipating i mean Practicing To Call In Sick for when the day comes
  • but lucky for you your Wednesday late-night shift starts with you introducing yourself to mingyu and explaining the different items on the liquor menu
  • u get back to the kitchen after he orders some $9 drink and u clutch the doors shut and ur like “……..guys……….He’s Here” and everyone’s like “excUse mE whAT” and ur boss is like “if u screw this up you’re washing all of the dishes after last shift for three months”
  • n ur like nO pls just get me this drink before i die from The Pressure Everyone Is Putting On Me Right Now
  • u get the drink out to him and not to be Dramatic or anything but when u set down the drink he looks at you with this liL SMILE
  • and he’s like “thank you~!” he sounds like a child it’s so cUte!!!!!!!
  • you ask if he’s ready to order and he’s like “i sure am!” and he keeps looking back and forth between you and the menu and whenever u make eye contact he gives u That Smile™ and laughs to himself when u quickly look back to ur notepad
  • when u take the menu tho ur hands brush and he’s like “oH sOrry” 
  • u hurry off to the kitchen and he’s sitting there with red cheeks and u let out a breath once the doors shut behind u
  • the entire kitchen staff at once: WHATS HIS ORDER
  • as ur serving other tables, u catch mingyu looking at you a few times while sipping his drink like fuCk oK dAmN bOi
  • and he’s not even trying to be Sexy he just thinks ur rly cute like he noticed how u stuttered when u introduced yourself and how you nodded every time he named off a menu item and how your voice sounded when you described the dishes
  • its abt the little details to him let me tEll u
  • the entire time you’re waiting for them to finish his order, you’re nervously pacing around the kitchen or playing with the pen between orders becAuse 1) he’s Powerful and Influential and Handsome AF and 2) @ ur boss pls don’t make me wash dishes
  • his order is finally ready and ur carrying it out and the entire time you’re walking over, his eyes are going from you to the table to his drink to you to the floor because he’s nErvOus
  • u set down the plates carefully and accidentally kinda let the second plate drop onto the table and ur like iM soRry and quickly put down the third plate and ask if he needs anything else
  • when u look @ him he’s smiling tho lmao 
  • and he says “nope everything looks good thank u” but he means to say “ur number. pls.”
  • u tell him to enjoy the food and slip back into the kitchen after making a quick round to check on other customers
  • tbh u stay in the kitchen mostly while he eats bc ur like whAt if i Fucked It Up i should’ve called in siCk daMmit
  • u reluctantly go back to his table once he’s almost done and u ask him the usual “how was everything? could i help you to anything else?”
  • and all he asks for is the bill and a piece of chocolate cake
  • bUt bAby liTtle do u kNow
  • u get him the bill and the cake and he’s being Extra Smiley towards u and ur co-workers r sulking in the kitchen lmao
  • he leaves and with him goes the weight off of your shoulder but when you go to collect the tip, the piece of chocolate cake is untouched and on the napkin is a note with 10 numbers on it, “i hope you like chocolate,” and his signature
  • bonus: he finishes his signature off with a lil doodle of penne

anonymous asked:

How about how the paladins try to figure out if their crush likes them back? Like, who's constantly inviting them on adventures, who asks those risky questions during quiet moments, who follows them around, who gets nosy and nonchalantly asks the other paladins? Bonus! How quickly do the other paladins/alteans catch on?

Oooooooohhhh this is a cute request!!!

Originally posted by dermotoleary


  • feels embarrassed about having a crush and not knowing what to do about it
  • It’s almost like he’s in middle school again!
  • Like the crush he has for you is so pure and awkward!
  • But this man has gone through shit and has low self esteem when it comes to being someone’s romantic other
  • Please handle this man with care.
  • Will probably attempt to ask you nonchalantly about your love life
  • He THINKS he’s sly but..
  • “Sooooo the stars are beautiful tonight, hehehe…. kinda makes think about your boyfriend huh? Heh, aaaaah you have a Boyfriend right? Or girlfriend! That’s normal too….. are you single?”
  • This man is obvious, especially when you guys are alone
  • He will try to figure out if you like him back or not on his own.
  • He does NOT want to ask lance for dating advice
  • Bonus: if you’re crushing on him too, he won’t catch on and tell you have to spell it out for him
  • I can already imagine Shiro’s ear-to-ear grin when you tell this man you like him back


  • He’s the one dragging you on risky adventures
  • Try’s so hard to impress you by being heroic
  • Have you ever heard the suspension bridge affect?
  • Basically, it’s a theory where a girl falls in love with someone when they both survive a life or death situation
  • Because you’re already on his mind when he’s trying to sleep. Might as well make it even
  • Bonus- if you have a crush on this man, it’ll take him a gooooood, hm, two weeks till he puts the two and two together
  • If you drop hints, he’ll over analyze them
  • “Does THIS mean they like me!? Or just hungry?..”


  • Keith would be the one saying risky things
  • Then try to play it off
  • “You’re really pretty.” “What?” “I said you look shitty!”
  • This boy is so clueless, he’ll ask everyone if they think you like him
  • You start to notice Keith fighting lance a lot more
  • “Hey! Y/n! Did you know Keith li-” *lance gets body slammed by wild keith*
  • At some point, this whole not knowing thing will frustrate him to no end and he’ll end yelling that he likes
  • Then blush and run for the hills
  • You won’t be able to find the poor boy for daaaaaays
  • You guys will probably have graves side by side each other and as ghosts he still has to ask “are you SURE you love me!?”
  • Give this boi lots of love, he deserves it


  • When hunk has a crush, he’s 140% more clumsy
  • Don’t go near him when he’s working with machinery, PLEASE
  • Something will explode
  • He blushes a lot and stutters sometimes
  • Though if he really likes you, it’s probably because you make him happy and comfortable so you don’t need to worry about him being too awkward
  • Will want to have rich conversations with you all the time.
  • Bonus: he’ll actually be the fastest paladin to figure out you like him back
  • He realizes it when your guys hands linger more than usually, how you pretend to fall asleep on his shoulders sometimes and how you actually take over cooking duty now and then to give hunk a bit of a break (this man is a mechanic, not a chef)
  • He’ll still beat around the bush for a while so you might have to extend the first date invitation because hunk is just content with knowing you care about him too
  • (I have to add this because I love hunk so I CALL DIBS PEOPLE HUNK IS MY HUBBY!!!)


  • ahahahahaha say goodbye to your privacy
  • If pidge has a crush on you, you won’t know it
  • But one of her mini robots, WILL be following you everywhere you go
  • Of course, she’ll try her best not to get caught by you or the others.
  • She knows she shouldn’t be invading your privacy BUT SHE NEEDS TO KNOW IF YOU LIKE HER BACK BEFORE SHE MAKES A MOVE
  • Cute flustered tech muffin~
  • Bonus: she will know you like her when her robots record you talking to one of the paladins about it
  • This child is hooting and cheering as if they won the lottery!


  • thinks humans are rather confusing
  • Especially their dating customs
  • Asks the other paladins for help
  • Immediately regrets it when a human ‘smooth flirt attack’ ended with her hair soaked in hair gel and multiple combs in it THATS SHE CAN’T GET OUT
  • She likes the leather jacket tho (lance tried to turn her into a greaser like from the movie grease)
  • Since she absolutely FAILED at human flirting so she resorted to flirting the altean way
  • And this women is RELENTLESS
  • She’ll kiss your wrist before you leave on missions for luck
  • She blows on the back of your neck (which is like the altean version of ‘guess who’ minus the coving the eyes part
  • She stands awfully close to you when talking (I mean like, her boobs….they’re like… right.. there..)
  • (I advice you not to do any titty grabbing)
  • Showers you with compliments in private
  • Combs your hair daily (sign of affection)
  • Bonus: if you’re the one in love, she won’t figure it out until she has hunk explains the symptoms of a human with a crush
  • Might try human flirting again,
  • she heard ‘hickeys’ are fun
  • (How much do you guys think lance has influenced her?)


  • Doesn’t know how to feel about his growing attraction to you
  • There is more than a 10,000 year difference in age and he’s rather self conscious about it
  • More so because he actually looks older than the rest of the voltron crew
  • It’s one things to be old, another to LOOK old
  • His logic is this, if allure dated any of the paladins, there would still be a 10,000 year age difference but no one will fuss because they both look young. If he were to date anyone younger than himself it would cause I few people to turn their heads and question their relationship and he doesn’t want that
  • So he kept he’s feelings for you under wraps for a really long time
  • But he stills wants to be there with you. Give you a shoulder of comfort in the middle of this war, he wants to talk to you, learn more about you. He wants to talk to you about Altea, he wants you to planets he found that are similar to both your planets
  • Pretty much wants to be close to you before you find a boyfriend to fall in love with and then he’ll have to step back and let you be happy
  • Bonus- if you’re the one with the crush, he also might not know it about first but when he does realizes it, HE WONT KNOW WHAT TO DO
  • Goes to lance because he seems the most confident about his knowledge of ‘romancing of the humans’
  • Fireworks don’t belong indoors
  • When you guys confess to each other, he keeps quiet about his insecurities and be a bit distant when you guys are out in public. Much to your disapproval

Fanspaz note: it’s not that lance gave bad flirting advice, it’s just that Coran and Allura took it a bit far, like Coran for 'a kiss like fireworks’ you don’t need actual fireworks ! XD I GOT TWO MORE POST IN STORE FOR TODAY

trans girl percy jackson headcanons

okay, so as much as i a d o r e percy as a name, and persephone as a longer version of said name, a long-ass time i latched onto the idea of (for awhile it was fem!percy but then i got into trans headcanons and then it was) trans girl percy changing her name to andromeda, to stick with her mom’s naming scheme. she starts going by andi. 

  • grover was the first person she officially came out to. as a little kid she had told sally she was a girl a couple of times, but sally didn’t understand and kinda thought andi just had an overactive imagination. after gabe came into the picture, andi stopped talking about it altogether and sally didn’t think much of it. but grover was andi’s first friend and she ended coming out to him one night, seemingly out of the blue. considering the fact that he’s what?? 30 in human years??? and he'a spent all those years at chb, he understands it and ends up being the one to explain what “trans” is to her. 
  • shortly after gabe gets killed, andi comes out to sally. she explains that she really is a girl and about what grover told her. sally doesn’t really understand it, but she supports her! and andi starts transitioning soon there after, if only socially. she and sally decided to collaborate for her new name. eventually, they decide on andromeda/andi for her, because it’s the counter of perseus. 
  • when andi goes back to camp in the sea of monsters, she tells annabeth first of all that she was trans. she explains everything and it turns out that annabeth is well aware about what trans is (there are multiple binary and nonbinary trans children of athena - and every other god) and supports her fully. 
  • mr. d actually ends up being a huge help for andi. he helps her transition and gives her the godly version of puberty blockers, which are world changing. 
  • she ends up befriending some members of the aphrodite cabin (silena and drew, specifically) and aphrodite becomes fond of her - in a way different from canon - and blesses her so that her hair grows faster than it normally would, allowing her hair to grow to her waist before it starts. andi is very thankful. 
  • drew and silena team up to tech andi about makeup. andi learns to love the routine of it; she learns that when she feels like her brain is buzzing and everything is too much for her, applying makeup is a great way to calm herself down. 
  • her nails are always painted some shade of blue. her favorite shades are navy blue and baby blue tho 
  • she loves playing with her hair. she tends to keep it in either a fishtail braid or a high ponytail (she loves the way it whips around when she shakes her head) 
  • she ends up dying the tips of her hair blue 
  • she’s bi af. like super bi 
  • she hates heels. she hates them so much. she’s tall enough without them and she absolutely refuses to wear them bc screw that noise 

ok, i’m gonna stop here, bc i feel like i’m starting to rant. i’ll post more later! 

Tug-a-war || Sam Drake x Reader || Drabble

Characters: Sam Drake x Fem!Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Request: Oh yeah boi, [Could I request something for Sam Drake? Where reader accidentally discovers that Sam really loves hair pulling and uses it to her advantage. Heated make out sessions are always welcome!] oh deadset tho

Prompt: You and Sam are watching TV when things get a little interesting and you accidentally pull on his hair and he just turns into a horny mess. 

Warnings: Just ur casual steamy make out sesh yknow…. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @missdictatorme @dragonjedihobbit @shararogers @feelthefeelingsinsideyou @solarsystemus @roses-are-bae

(456 words also plz dont kill)

A/N: Um yeah I love Sam Drake <3 god bless him 

The TV flickered on as both you and Sam watch not particularly interested in the program showing at all. Your fingers raked through Sam’s hair subconsciously as your eyes bored into the screen not too far from you. He sighed out in pleasure, as he so often loved you playing with his hair. 

So lost in thoughts you hadn’t realised you stopped until hearing a sleepy groan from Sam, “why did you stop?” His voice slightly muffled from your thighs. You laughed, “I didn’t realise - this show is boring the shit out of me… by the way… this is the last time you pick what to watch.” 

Sam shot up and looked at you with a playful grimace, feigning offence, “that hurts, that really hurt Y/N.” You rolled your eyes and smirked slightly before pouting to mock him, “Aw does wittle Sammy need a hug?” He shook his head, gripping your hips and pulling you down the couch, “I can think of something much better actually.”

A laughed passed your lips as he made himself quite comfortable positioning himself between your legs with his arms propping him up above you. “You’re right, I do like this better.” You whispered, etching your lips closer to his so they barely grazed each other. Bringing soft gentle hands to his hair, running your fingers through it as he planted a passionate deep kiss on your lips. 

Consumed in each other feverishly, you knew exactly where you’d end up in ten minutes time. Not that you minded, and not that Sam minded either. He bit down on your bottom lip lightly, as he did one of the rings on your fingers accidentally snags on his hair. 

Unintentionally you pull his hair, you opened your mouth to apologise only a low moan from Sam stopped you from doing so. “Do that again.” His request was muffled by your lips as a smile tugged at the corners of your mouth. His deep low voice was definitely a turn on and you abide, tugging at the ends of his hair with no distinct pattern. Each time you pulled, his kiss deepened, his tongue slipped into your mouth in a feverish matter. 

Both of you lost yourselves to one another, forgetting entirely that the TV was still on, not that either of you cared. He moaned into your mouth before sloppily planting wet kisses across your jawline and down your neck. A smile spread across your lips, “If I had of known you like that, I’d have done it months ago.” He smiled against the skin of your neck, nibbling and kissing wherever possible. 

Of course, now that you knew this you were most likely going to use it against him wherever possible. 
















asdfghjkl Odasaku I miss you 


emperor-princess  asked:

Bc I love everything you write about him, what are some of your personal fav bakugou headcanons?

oh goodness lmao there’s a a lot

  • Bakugou is the Mom Friend (along with Iida)
  • he is very much Aggressively Kind
  • Best Jeanist suggested he couldn’t do something as delicate and difficult as style hair so Bakugou fucking learned just to spite him and now he’s the GODDAMN BEST HAIRSTYLIST SO FUCK YOU BEST JEANIST
  • also may or may not have learned how to do make up too just b/c
  • the other students often ask him to style their hair (tho some of them refuse to let Bakugou’s hands near their heads). he never refuses them
  • Bakugou’s hands were covered in glitter after styling Aoyama’s hair and he vowed to never style his hair again
  • he asks Momo to make hair ties/hair clips for when he’s styling hair and he always gives her really detailed requests, and she enjoys making what he asks b/c it allows her to practice detail. he does this b/c it’s safer than leaving the dorms to buy hair decorations, or ordering online which an enemy could switch with something dangerous
  • Bakugou rescues kittens and refuses to admit it
  • when he grows up his face stays really young looking and babyfaced. this actually makes him more terrifying
  • his sideburns grow out a little when he’s older
  • he keeps his slight height advantage over Izuku when they grow up. i don’t think he becomes super tall tho, maybe around Aizawa’s height or so
  • he ends up with scars on his arms when he’s older b/c enemies think that the easiest way to incapacitate him is to get rid of his arms
  • he’s Ace
  • tbh i kinda waver between Aro Bakugou and Demi-romantic Bakugou but both are good and i love them both
  • he’s a bit touch sensitive. mostly b/c he just… doesn’t really like being touched. i think part of this is his natural standoff-ish personality, but part of it comes from the fact that his entire body was under the control of that sludge villain in the first chapter, and that must’ve felt really, really invasive and violating
  • he’s got literally perfect beautiful white teeth and he’s never had a cavity in his life ever
  • he’s really good at cooking. probably b/c his mom made him help around the house. probably b/c it’s a good skill to have in general
  • tbh i think that he isn’t really that great at drawing lmao. like i don’t think he’s awful at it, but i don’t think he’s amazing, either. i think he’s like… somewhere in the middle
  • he covers his food with spices and hot sauce and red pepper flakes
  • until proven otherwise, i’m convinced that his room is basically a carbon copy of Izuku’s
  • kid refuses to wear socks. like, he doesn’t even wear ankle socks. this is based on the fact that every image i’ve ever seen of him where we see his ankles from under his pants, he’s just… never wearing socks. maybe he has something against socks. idk. he just never wears them
  • i think he just really likes wearing tank tops b/c he’s almost always wearing one. either to bed, or under his school clothes, or when training, or even in his hero outfit. he just really likes to wear tank tops. particularly dark colored ones. he probably owns like at least a dozen tank tops
  • his palms are like SUPER ROUGH and full of callouses b/c the skin on them is thicker thanks to his quirk
  • his hands probably smell weird b/c of the nitroglycerin-like sweat that comes from them
  • his hair is actually super soft
  • never wears hairspray b/c that stuff is flammable and his quirk causes explosions, so
  • if Bakugou were ever to have romantic feelings for someone, he would try to push them away or hide them b/c he’s 100% focused on his hero career, and he doesn’t wanna be distracted by dumb things like romance. (which makes me laugh b/c i had this headcanon for a long while and then it was confirmed with Uraraka in the latest chapters, lmao)
  • Bakugou Really Likes To Sleep. he’s not a night owl or an early bird. he just. really likes to sleep. this is based on how he woke up at noon during the free day after the festival, and how he went to bed early the first day they got to the dorms
  • Bakugou is naturally talented but he studied like hell to earn his amazing grades
  • he’s that guy in highschool who carried around a giant jug of water
  • he’s an angry crier 
  • he doesn’t really mind the nicknames people have for him, like Kacchan or Lil Baku. idk, they just don’t bother him for some reason??
  • he wore an All Might onsie as a toddler
  • figured out that All Might cussed in english at a young age and emulated him by saying as many swear words as he could in japanese
  • he’s Really Good at english b/c he knew All Might liked to speak in english occasionally so he learned a bit of it

this ended up way longer than i expected it to be lmao. anywhere here’s a collecetion of some of my personal fave Bakugou headcanons

does it count as headcanons if some of these are actually kind of canon

anonymous asked:

is it just me or does asami look like katie mcgrath?

So these two are some of my favs, ngl lol and I’m sorry anon, i know u came in here probably just looking for a yes or no, but I have a lot of feelings about this because i’ve spent a lot of time drawing both of these two and I have to disagree.

So on a flat level, yeah they have the same eye color and dark hair, but that’s a bit where there the similarities end for me, at least visually.
Firstly, we have to remember that the Avatar Universe is based off of Asian cultures and as such Asami would have Asian features;and from the animation, to me she has a longer looking face, she’s a bit lankier looking too(these being tho, my own observations I use for when I draw her, there are probably other opinions on this, it’s hard to be for certain since it depends on who is drawing her, studio mir, Irene Koh or Heather Cambell). Katie Mcgrath has a different kind of build, and her face is a little more rounder–I think is the word i’m looking for?

Now as far as Asami and Lena, their characters do have sooo many similarities.
I think one of the reasons actually I love Lena’s character so much is that she reminds me of Asami a lot and i know there’s already been a whole lot of stuff with their parallels and the ones between supercorp and korrasami and i really hope there’s more in the future c: