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7 Minutes (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: nope

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

summary: you & Shawn meet during a fun game of 7 Minutes in Heaven after you have a rough breakup with a recent ex. 

a/n: as always, tell me what you think! I think I like this one a lot. ;)

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“Where’s Jonathan tonight?”

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Love, Unconditionally(A Richonne letter(A/U)

       Michonne looked in the mirror and ran her hands over her head. All of her locs were gone. She cut them off. Her skin looked ashen and her eyes had a sad look to them. She frowned. The chemo was taking it’s toll on her. She tried to stay upbeat. She didn’t want to bring the kids down. She didn’t want to bring Rick down.

        She took her rag and stuck it under the faucet. The warm water rushed over her hands and the square cloth she held. She wrung it out and put the rag on her face. It was something so little, washing your face in the morning, but Michonne appreciated it. It was like you were reminding yourself you were awake. That life was happening right now. She always noticed the small, the mundane. She turned the water off and hung her rag up. She left the bathroom and laid back down in her bed. She was always so tired now. She hated the light and kept her curtains closed all day.

      Thank god for her stepson, Carl, who was now 20. He took a semester off from his junior year in college to help with the kids. He dropped everything to be there for Michonne. You’ve always been there for me, so I’m gonna be here for you. Carl told her with tears in his eyes.The news had devastated him.

        Judith was now six. She lived with Rick and Michonne during the school year and spent the summers with her mother, Lori. Carl and Judith were Lori’s children. Her and Rick were still good friends. They just couldn’t be married to one another. They made divorce look easy, though, because they loved their kid’s. Lori’s job required a lot of travel, so Judith stayed with them the majority of the time.

    Which Judith loved because she got to play with her little brother, Marcus. I like having a little brother. I get to boss him around like Carl bosses me. Michonne laughed at the memory of her scrunched up little face saying that. Judith didn’t like being bossed around.

  Marcus didn’t really give Judith much trouble. He was only a year old. Her baby boy had the cutest eyes. They were hazel, almost like an amber stone color. He had curly hair like his dad and even acted like him. He would sit in Rick’s lap, and lean his head in the same direction as his dad as they watched cartoons. They even slept the same way. On their backs with their mouths slightly parted. They were two peas in a pod.

    She rolled over and heard something. Like a piece of paper being crumpled. She felt under her until she discovered the piece of paper. It was a letter. She reached over and turned her lamp on, sitting up to read it.


    I’ve often been told by many that I never was a good speaker. That I really could never put my words together, but I’m not that way with you. I could write you forever. I could talk to you forever.

    Remember when we took Carl and Judith to D.C for the summer. We lost our luggage, you lost your wallet. It was so hot outside. I wanted to be mad. I really was, but you told me we could still have fun. And we did. Carl really enjoyed the museums, and Judith had so much fun just being out of the house.

    Remember when we met. It wasn’t on the best of terms. I hit your car and you were late for work. My truck wasn’t that bad after the collision, so I offered to drive you there. You were mad the whole ride, but you stole my heart. Even with your crossed arms and pouty face.

     Now. Now we have another obstacle ahead of us. When we went to the appointment a while ago and they said they found cancer in your breasts, I broke down on the inside. You’re so young. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. When they said you needed to think about removal, and you cried because it was all so overwhelming, I cried with you. It is overwhelming. The chemo, the medicine, the aches and pains. But we’re fighting through this, Michonne. WE are fighting through this.

     The only thing I see when I look at you is Michonne. Michonne is the mother of my children. You are my lover. You are my friend. You are my wife. I love you, no matter what is going on with your body. None of that matters. You matter. You’re my warrior and you are strong and we got this. The love I have for you is never going to waver. It’s not going to fade.

   I love you so much, Michonne.


   “Mommy Michonne, Mommy Michonne.” She heard Judith yell. Judith burst into her room and paused. She saw Michonne’s tears.

   “Mommy Michonne, are you sad?” Judith said with her big brown eyes, clutching her teddy bear. She had her blonde hair in a ponytail. She looked adorable in the little pink outfit she had on.

   Michonne smiled. “No, Judy. These are happy tears.” Judith walked up to her and gave her a hug. “I’m glad you’re happy. I like happy tears.”  She said hugging her.

   Michonne started chuckling. “Awww, Judy. I love happy tears, too.” Rick was amazing. He just knew how she felt. She had been feeling that way. Like he wasn’t attracted to her, but he still cuddled her. He still whispered sweet nothings in her ear every night. He still loved her.

   Just then he walked in with Marcus. “You see mama? You see your mama, Marcus?” Rick said as he crossed the room with him in his arms. Marcus reached for Michonne and gave her a big silly grin. Michonne loved her kids. They just melted her heart. Carl walked into the room about a minute later.

   “There you are. Judith, I thought I told you not to bother Michonne.” He gave Judith a stern look. Michonne told him it was okay. He finally cut that long hair, she noticed. Now he opted to try to grow this beard. These Grimes men and their hair. She thought to herself.

    Everybody ended up sitting on Rick and Michonne’s bed. Rick turned the TV on and rested his back against the headboard. He motioned with his hand for Michonne to come closer. Judith started giving Marcus an A,B,C lesson which he didn’t understand, and Carl laid at the end of the bed and watched them play.

    Rick kissed Michonne on her forehead. "You get my letter?” He asked as they looked at their family.

    “Yeah, I got your letter. Thank You.” She looked up and kissed him on the lips.

       Rick loved her, no matter what.


Music Series: Absolutely Smitten by Dodie Clark

Absolutely Smitten” by Dodie Clark is just as freakin’ cute and adorable as she is! If you haven’t heard Dodie or any of her songs, please check her out on Spotify or Youtube. Such a sweet sound, and if this song doesn’t put a smile on your face, something is wrong with you.

My brain went two different directions with these lyrics, so I went with the one that made me feel happiest, because this is such a bubbly, happy song. This would have made the perfect Harry vs. fan story with such a high adorability factor, but I relate more to this direction, so I hope you all enjoy it.

You can find this song on my Spotify playlist called “Fresh Fresh”, HERE




You didn’t know how you managed to score an invitation to such an A-list event, but you guessed that being in the right place at the right time, and knowing the right people, probably had a bit to do with it.

You and your best friend had made plans to go shopping after her meeting at work. Having the day off yourself, you offered to pick her up from work so the two of you could be on your way for a girl’s day out!

As your friend ran to where you were waiting next to your car, you hugged her and started to get inside, when you both heard a man holler at your friend to wait. He jogged to her and smiled.

“Hey, I forgot to ask,” he said. “The big gala coming up. Would you like to work it?”

Your friend worked for a huge company, responsible for organizing celebrity events. You were always so jealous of all the stories she had of meeting big names in the business, but you were happy for her. She had worked hard to get that job, and you were glad she got such benefits for her work.

“Yeah, I’d love to, thanks!”  she agreed.

“You can come, too, if you like,” the man said to you, knowing you and your friend shared an apartment together and one was rarely seen without the other.

“Really?” you asked excitedly. “Wow, thank you!”

“No problem,” he said. “You’ll have a great time.”

“I appreciate the invitation! I look forward to it!” you nearly screamed.

She knows this feeling all too well

She feels her heart begin to swell

Handsome stranger, you have made her insides turn to jelly

She wants to dance around the room

Kiss you until your lips turn blue

But handsome stranger you have made her wonder…

Is she pretty?

After nearly an entire day of being glammed-up by stylists, you and your bestie were ready for the night! You knew you looked good and it made you feel amazing! You weren’t used to the treatment you had been given throughout the day, having your hair and makeup done, a gorgeous outfit chosen for you, and you had to admit you looked amazing. You happily accepted the companies generosity of treating you and your friend like queens for a day.

“Now, don’t get nervous,” she said, as the two of you walked into the event venue. “I know you’re not an ass kisser or idol worshipper, but this is untrodden territory for you, so don’t be afraid of the celebrities. From my experience, you will make a much better impression on them if you aren’t like a giddy fan type. Just be your calm, normal self, smile a lot, and have fun. Got that fun, bubbly personality going for you. People love you. Enjoy it!”

You walked into the grand hall at the venue and couldn’t believe how big and beautiful it was! Enormous chandeliers hung from the high ceiling above your head. Sparkles and lights shined around the room, reflecting off the glass and glitz that seemed to be everywhere. You felt like Cinderella at the ball, and hugged your friend for giving you the opportunity to experience it. You weren’t sure you even cared about seeing even one celebrity. Just getting that experience was enough for you.

“Oh!” your friend said, remembering a warning. “Whatever you do, don’t pull out your camera and ask any of the celebrities if you can have a photo with them. Puts you in an entirely different category in their mind, trust me.”

“I didn’t even bring it, actually,” you admitted. “I’m such a bad fan!” you giggled, as your friend laughed and began doing her work. You walked around, admiring everything you saw.

As the evening progressed, you were in a bit of awe as you saw actors, models, singers, and a host of other well-knowns, enter through the main doors and make their way around the room, talking with others in the business, exchanging pleasantries and such. The memories you were making in your mind were enough for you, you thought. This was unlike anything you had yet experienced.

After a bit of time, the rising heat of the room was becoming uncomfortable. It was perfect timing as one of the staff, carrying a tray of champagne flutes, presented his tray to you and you happily accepted the bubbly. You sipped it for a few minutes and watched everyone as if you were sitting in front of a movie screen. You couldn’t believe the number of people in that building that you recognized from the entertainment world.

“Wow, it’s hotter than hell on the sun in here!” you said quietly, unaware of the one who heard your comment.

“So true!” you heard behind you with a giggle. “How is it that the most beautiful woman in the room is standing here alone?” 

You turned, hearing the smooth, British accent and swooning, always a sucker for an accent. You looked toward the sound and saw a face you recognized, smiling at you. 

“Hi, I’m Harry,” he said, leaning toward you to kiss your cheek as you felt his hand at your side.

But it’s too late, she believes in fate

She’s absolutely smitten and she’ll never let you go

You introduced yourself while surprisingly remaining calm, but he was so damn charming! You knew exactly who he was, you didn’t live under a rock. And you had seen him a couple of times already, working the room, or more to the point, the room working around him. He was definitely the sun, being such a hot name in the business, everyone revolving around him, wanting to meet him and be his friend. Even standing talking to you, people were constantly coming up to him and interrupting, shaking his hand and making conversation.

“And where is the lucky bloke who apparently is not smart enough to know he shouldn’t leave such a beauty alone in such a place?” Harry flirted.

“No man, I’m afraid,” you smiled. “I’m here with a friend, but…she’s working, so…”

He smiled at you and you caught your breath as you saw him look at your lips.

“Would you care to dance with me?” he asked you, which shocked the hell out of you. “Afraid I’m not much of a dancer, but it gives me an excuse to spend more time with you while having my arms around you.”

You smiled, thinking you must be dreaming, passed out in a corner somewhere after drinking too much champagne. Someone will probably find you in a few hours with drool dribbling from your chin and an empty champagne flute lying next to you. Harry held his hand out to you and you happily accepted it, following him to the center floor and sharing a lovely dance. The two of you made small talk as you swayed slowly to the music, laughing at each other’s corny jokes and enjoying the company.

As the song finished, Harry lead you off the dance floor.

“Warm in here, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yeah, very,” you said, glad that someone else thinks it’s an inferno, justifying the sweat pooling between your breasts.

“Here,” he said, nodding toward a large terrace where a few had already traveled to in an attempt to get away from the heated room. “Let’s go out here for a bit.”

That girl just there, yes, she’s the one

With cupid’s arrow in her bum

Handsome stranger you have made her happy

The first in a long time!

Did you just whisper in her ear

Words she only dreamed to hear?

Pretty lady, look at how he’s smiling

I think he likes you!

“So you came with your friend who is working?” he asked with a smile as you nodded. “Unlucky for her, but lucky for me.”

You couldn’t contain your smile. You were sure he probably flirted like that with lots of women, but you really didn’t care at that moment. Tonight, he was flirting with you, and you were going to soak in every second of it you could.

“Are you having a good time?” you asked him. “I’m guessing you come to these events a lot.”

“I am having a wonderful time, but has nothing to do with the event,” he smirked. “Get rather tired of these sometimes, but, you know, it’s how it is.” He looked at you like you were a beautiful flower. “You live here in LA then?”

“I do, yeah,” you agreed. “With my friend who’s here.”

“So, I have a chance of meeting up with you again, since I’m here so often?” he smiled. “I would really love that.”

“I would, too,” you smiled, happy at how interested he seemed in you. You loved the attention, knowing it was probably short-lived, but okay with it anyway.

“May I have your number then, love?” Harry asked, pulling out his phone. “Happy to put mine in your phone, if you’ll let me.”

You stumbled for a moment. “I…didn’t bring my phone, actually,” you chuckled. “Didn’t want to become that annoying fan that follows people around all night asking for a photo, I guess.”

Harry giggled, holding his phone out in front of the two of you, feeling his arm around your waist as you heard the click of his camera taking a photo of you together.

“Tell me your number and I’ll send it to you,” he insisted, typing it in and sending the photo to your phone. “Can’t have you forgetting me.”

“Could never happen,” you said, returning his flirting nature.

“Good, now I’m going to pester the hell out of you with texts and calls until you agree to go out with me,” he said, again catching you off guard, as you feel the butterflies flitting in your stomach.

“Or you could just ask,” you said honestly with a smile.

Harry laughed, leaning to you and speaking quietly into your ear.

“Love, will you go out with me?” he asked so sweetly you nearly melted.

“I would love to, thank you,” you replied, accepting his kiss to your cheek.

You thought he must be drunk, although he didn’t appear to be, and you couldn’t care less. If he called you would be ecstatic to hear from him again. And if he didn’t, you would have this night as your best memory to-date.

“I think you’re lovely,” he said, his eyes drifting to your lips again.

But it’s too late. You believe in fate

You’re absolutely smitten. You’ll never let her go

You looked at the ground, your face sporting a light shade of pink, making Harry giggle and look at your mouth again.

“Do you believe in fate?” Harry asked you.

“I do, actually. You?”

He nodded nervously, looking at your lips again subconsciously.

“You keep looking at my lips” you giggled, always being direct. Beating around the bush wasn’t your thing, and you weren’t really a shy person.

“I’m sorry. Am I that obvious?” he laughed.

“Obvious about what?” you asked.

“About how I’ve been trying to get up the nerve to kiss you all evening?” Harry asked. “It’s fate, after all, isn’t it?”

You smiled at each other, as Harry slowly leaned to you, kissing you gently on your lips. He pulled back, looking at you with the same look he had all night.

“As soft as I thought your lips would be,” he said with a grin. “May I again?”

You smiled your approval as you felt his hand on your jaw, his mouth pressing softly against your own. His kiss lingering in yours, you tasted the mixture of mint toothpaste and champagne as he tasted you. Pulling away slowly, you heard him swallow hard as he asked you.

“Don’t suppose you need a ride home…and are ready to go?”

But it’s too late

I believe in fate!

I’m absolutely smitten,

I’ll never let you go

Relationship like Brother and Sister? I think not

So I just need to reiterate something here…Never have Sharna and James ever been/nor will they ever be comparable to a brother/sister relationship!  Just not gna happen no matter how many times they themselves push that or the media tries to push that side(like the ET interview from today did)…couldn’t be further from the truth actually.  

I know we’ve done this before but let’s do it again and come up with some reasons why they haven’t ever been sibling-like/never will be sibling-like Okay?  Hmmm let’s see, where to begin:

(I just want to first say that I am basing this off of the bonds I have with my own siblings and I obviously don’t know how you all are with your siblings but if I were to compare it to my own family, these would be big no no’s and quite frankly, really bizarre haha if I ever did any of these things with them!) But anyways, feel free to pitch in your thoughts.  Here we go:

-caressing his neck, head, and/or hair

-Using his thumb to caress the skin of her back

-massaging his knee/putting her hand on his thigh and leaving it there

-Resting his hands on her knee

-Sitting in his lap on a plane ride

-Gazing into each other’s eyes while spending time alone together in each other’s trailers

-Calling her “hon”, “darling”, or “muffin’

-Biting their lips at the same time when someone says they look good together

-Biting her lip when she watched him and listened to him speak(God, she must have had bloody lips during last season cuz geez that was a constant thing!)

- Looking up at him lovingly and with dilated pupils(that you could actually see in her eyes from a distance) and I’ve heard many times that you will often get dilated pupils when looking at someone you love.

-Looking him up and down(all the way down all the way up to eyes) subtly during interviews and you can tell she liked what she saw

-Nuzzling HER head into his neck 

-Nuzzling HIS head into her neck

-Touching foreheads and noses while she holds his face and both close their eyes and look into each others eyes(you know, not like they wanted to kiss or anything) 

-Holding hands and hugging each other backstage a lot(even when cameras were off I might add)

-Holding both of their hands, swaying back and forth, looking into each others eyes and smiling like they are on the altar ready to get married(yes, this did happen and it wasn’t just a captured picture)

-Flirting during Facebook live 

-Digging his face into her hair like he was admiring her scent(Halloween week)

-Learning all of her nuances and Sharnaisms and doing anything he can to make her laugh, looking back to wait and see how she will react, and saying how he now “speaks her language." 

-Giving her one of the most personal gifts you can give someone and telling her she completed his story…while looking into her eyes and telling her she is amazing

-Suggesting that she wear one of the sexy show outfits to his races to help him win(we all know he loved how she looked that night and would really want her to wear it to a race so he could admire her beauty mhmmm) 

-Her calling him "My mirrorball”

-Saying he would have given anything to get her that mirrorball(putting his wants aside for her, embracing her lifestyle, and showing how deeply he cared for her)

-Dancing together to a love song while watching each other’s eyes and smiling at each other through the whole dance(So…basically a 1st dance as a married couple dance)

-During hugs, legs were basically intertwined and he would lean so much into her that it was like he was dipping her(just take a look back at the scoring from the trio night)

-During her injury, all the two of them could say was how much they wanted to get back to each other and he looking like a lost puppy those two weeks without her presence always there

-The smiles that they only had/have for each other.  The smile that would show a glow in their eye and the biggest wrinkles from cheeks up to the eyes.(Especially him, he only has that full smile with her)  

Gosh I could clearly go on forever haha and I KNOW I’m missing some things!  Please feel free to add if you think of others that are not coming to my mind right now!  

But look, all this to say that the brother/sister thing can be mentioned until they are blue in the face, but it ain’t ever going to be that way.  Whatever happened then, whatever is happening now with them, whatever is going on with miss Becky With the Good hair and all that stuff, it is what it is and it’s all fine and dandy and everything but again, with everything we have witnessed this past year and the partnership that was…I don’t believe for a second that they could ever even be placed into the category of sibling relationship!  Nope, just nope. God I love them so much, but they are terrible liars!  







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0cherryblossom7  asked:

Totally envious of Kristen and anyone else whose eye color appearance varies depending on the lighting of the photo or video. I haven't seen her wear such a soft pink color in a while (if ever) but the skirt totally suits her and she wears all her outfits like a boss. I respect and admire her for being more vocal about polarizing topics here in the US. That she posed with Pulse survivors struck a chord, especially given this weekend we here in Orlando will reflect on the one year anniversary.

Hi Blossom!

Yes, it’s amazing how that works.  No matter what she wears, what color her hair her eyes are always amazing and ever changing to a degree!

As for the pink…I can remember one other time very recently that Kristen wore a soft pink…

This is probably one of my most favorite looks.  But last nights was such a dichotomy of badass/femininity and I loved it.

I love how “girly” Kristen has been dressing since she buzzed her hair.  I think she mentioned in an interview @ Cannes that she feels more feminine rather then less with her new hair style.  

She looked amazing last night and she has been looking so fit and amazing for months now.  Can’t wait to see where her style is going to lead her next.

As for the reason for her appearance last night, I can’t tell you how happy I am for her to be involved in such a worthy endeavor.  You, as a resident of Orlando, know more than some just how important it is that we get a handle on this issue.

I’ve been thinking of the violence/terrorist attacks in the UK and just how much worse it could have been had it been easy for them to get a hold of guns.  

As for the Orlando shooting…I can’t believe that it’s been a year and we’ve done nothing in this country to improve the situation if anything we’ve made it worse, we just haven’t seen the shit hit the fan yet.  

Here in NC our lovely GA is trying to pass easier open carry and allow guns on college campuses.  I can’t believe that they think the answer is more guns rather than less.  We already have plenty of guns in this country.  More than we need. I’m just hopeful that our Governor will veto this legislation.  

Take care and I hope your community continues to heal from the tragedy you endured and I’ll continue to be happy that Kristen is lending her spotlight to such a worthy cause and can’t wait to see her short on the subject.

anonymous asked:

(Your writing is fricken amazing! I hope you keep doing more of them! I think some of them made me cri a lil ;-; ) How would the RFA + V and Saeran react and act to there kids? How would they act as a parent?

If you guys wanted to know, I’m picking the same gender children and amount of kids as myetie’s family portraits that they put up a while back. Just because that’s how I picture the families. So if you want to see my reference go to their blog. Their art is amazing so I‘m sure you already follow them.


  • When he finds out you’re pregnant he almost faints
  • Do you guys even have the money for a baby?
  • You have enough, according to a financial counselor Jumin called for the two of you
  • When you have the baby Yoosung melts
  • You had a little baby boy and honestly he’s the most precious thing Yoosung has ever seen
  • Other than you
  • Whatever your son wants Yoosung tries to get him
  • But of course you guys are tight on money so he just showers all of his love and affection over the two of you
  • He takes your guys’ son to work sometimes and he teaches him all about animals
  • More people come in when baby is there. Good for the office.
  • When they’re older he teaches them LOLOL and they make an unstoppable team
  • He never yells at his kids over school work because they know that he didn’t quite do it during college and use it against him


  • You tell him you’re pregnant and he picks you up and spins you in a circle
  • He then immediately frets over the fact that he maybe just hurt the baby??!!!!
  • You did not hurt the baby, Zen. She’s okay.
  • Zen now has two princesses and he treats them as such
  • He takes your daughter to all of his practices and she becomes a fan favorite with everyone he works with because she is so precious
  • She loves playing with hair as most little girls do so the both of you let her do your hair. You tend to get the crazy inventions while he gets braids.
  • As soon as he finds out that she is allergic to cats she doesn’t even get to step ten feet away from Jumin’s kids because they have like fifty cats now. He must protect her.
  • Jumin has one cat
  • When she’s older and bringing guys/girls home Zen is the most intimidating parent ever.
  • If you so much as look at his princess the wrong way he’s gonna fuck you right up
  • He puts her into dance classes and theater and band as soon as she’s big enough
  • He’s genuinely so upset when she quits theater and dance. But at least she’s rocking the flute still
  • BTW she has his white hair and red eyes and he was so hype


  • The two of you adopt a beautiful little girl and honestly Jaehee feels so blessed.
  • The two of you work together at the coffee shop so your daughter goes with you everyday
  • She helps prepare in the morning and then hangs out on one of the bar stools where either you or Jaehee watch her
  • She brings in a lot of customers, mostly female college students who can’t wait to have kids of their own
  • Jaehee is the carrier. If your daughter can be carried she is being carried. Piggy back rides ftw
  • When she’s not helping you two at the coffee shop Jaehee is teaching her some new skill, when she was smaller it was cooking and cleaning efficiently
  • When she got older though Jaehee is teaching her all about how to get school and work best.
    Make it into a good college and get a good job
  • But Jaehee always makes sure she knows that good pay isn’t always worth it. She doesn’t want her baby to go through what she did when she worked under Jumin.
  • Jaehee is actually the most supportive mother ever. Whatever her child wants to do she helps her, even though sometimes it may not be the best decision. She needs to learn through experience and Jaehee understands that
  • She is the mild PTA mom. She follows the extreme PTA moms basically


  • Jumin needs a child, to be an heir to his company
  • So when he finds out your pregnant he’s ecstatic because he’s not only having a child with the love of his life plus he’s also got his heir now
  • The two of you have a baby boy that looks almost identical to Jumin, the only difference being he got your hair color
  • Whenever the two of you come to visit him at work he sits Jumin jr (he’s not actually named Jumin jr. Because someone is going to think I’ve named him that) in his lap and tries to teach him but it all flies over this toddlers head
  • Not once though, does Jumin ever speak to your kid like a baby. The first time he holds him he starts talking and said words to the baby that you didn’t even know the meaning of
  • He can’t necessarily take the baby to work but when he comes home from work this child is always on his hip
  • He honestly feels so guilty about not being able to spend too much time with his son because his work hours are so long
  • This boy is more spoiled than you are tbh
  • When Jumin jr gets older Jumin begins training him to be the heir of C&R. He doesn’t pull him out of school though because he needs his son to learn how to work with emotions because he didn’t until he had met you
  • Any issues relating girls/boys or relationships in general he automatically hands off to you
  • He’s lowkey pissed that your son is a mama’s boy


  • This boy is fucking hype, because y’all are having twins
  • He’s even more hype when the twins are actually mini hims
  • He works from home so he lets the twins hang all over him and feeds them garbage and shows them memes
  • He then makes them memes
  • He non stop messes around with them, you can come home to an intense game of freeze tag or hide n seek.
  • Even though he says he’s letting them win you know he is actually trying really hard and just sucks really bad compared to the boys
  • Whenever he goes out on field missions for the agency he always brings home presents
  • He acts more like an older sibling than a dad most of the time
  • His children are so insanely spoiled but if they act like brats Seven automatically puts his foot down
  • When they start going to school Seven becomes the extreme PTA mom.
  • Jaehee’s daughter goes to school with them she tends to follow what Seven says
  • He has called out a woman’s shitty brownies every bake sale
  • “No Sharon no one likes your vegan brownies stop bringing them!”
  • He’s taught the kids hacking and code and every tip and trick he can think of
  • He is also the best shoulder to cry on ever so the kids always come to him for emotional support
  • Seven also needs emotional support so it’s just a hot mess when he tries to give advice. Half the time the boys help him and then go to you
  • He’s a little too excited to give them the Talk


  • V is actually crying tears of joy when you tell him you’re having a baby
  • He’s constantly kissing your belly because the baby must know he loves them
  • You two have a gorgeous baby girl and he loves her so much
  • You and your daughter are the focus of more than 2/3 of his photos now
  • He just thinks you’re so perfect and you are
  • He will cradle her in one arm and then let her wrap an entire hand around his finger because that is his weakness
  • V is constantly pressing kisses to her because she needs to know the love still!
  • She’s taking 1st class photos before she can read
  • This girl is so much like her dad, like they’re both such cinnamon rolls your heart can hardly take it
  • When V tells her he can’t see he expects her to question it but instead she just explains to him what you and herself look like and then V himself and he breaks for a second because she’s so sweet
  • He ends up getting the surgery because he needs to be able to see his family properly.
  • V has always been the friend you went to for emotional support so when his daughter begins to grow up and needs more help in finding her path and figuring out life V is stood like
  • ‘My time has come’
  • He’s just got this amazing bond with his daughter


  • He is so protective of his daughter
  • Even before she’s born. If someone so much as looks at you wrong he’s ready to beat them tf up
  • As soon as she’s born he becomes the most worried person alive
  • He’s constantly questioning whether or not he’ll be a good enough dad but when his daughter falls asleep in his arms every night he slowly realizes maybe he’s doing this whole dad thing right?
  • He has you teach him how to do her hair. He also has you help him figure out outfits to put her in
  • Whenever you guys go out he carries her on his shoulders because she likes being tall
  • He lets her draw on his arms because she’s convinced black marker is how he got his tattoos
  • You never thought you’d see the day where your husband would get himself down in one of the little kid chairs with a plastic cup of pretend tea talking about how your daughter was going to run her country.
  • He was seriously talking about taxes and jobs and resources, all in a sparkly crown
  • When she gets older he keeps her from doing stupid shit and keeps her from being around the wrong people
  • When her first boyfriend/girlfriend dumps her he buys her ice cream and holds her
  • He’s insanely supportive of her and is constantly doing his best to make sure she gets as many opportunities as she can and always helps her pursue them
  • Don’t tell MC, but he taught her how to shoot and she’s really good at in. Like worryingly good at it.

~Love Peony

anonymous asked:

Why is Galvanize one of your favorite episodes if you don't mind me asking?

WHY ISN’T IT, NONNIE!? God, I love this episode. 

  • It starts off with Stiles being like “yo Scotty, get down here, it’s mischief night” and Scott is like “braaaahhh I am slep” and Stiles is all “Awwww FUCK NO you get down here in ten, nine, eight–” and Scott’s like “RAWR!!! EHEHEHEHEHHEHE!” and Stiles screams. Like, yo, Scott McCall using his powers for fun? To make himself laugh? To scare Stiles? Mmmmmm that is some goooooood shiiiiiit
  • All throughout this episode the kids act like KIDS. Incredible. 
  • All of the outfits are ooonnnnn poooooiiiinnnttt.
  • Speaking out outfits, Lydia’s outfit? Her hair? Her makeup? Incredible. 
  • Stiles is the perfect combination of season two Stiles and sexy season three Stiles. Amazing. 
  • I love me some contained Teen Wolf episode. Theoretically (if the cast didn’t change so much, dayum) this episode could have happened in any season. The mystery starts and ends in the same episode, with the entire pack (plus the twins) working towards the same goal all together. Making plans. Amazing. 
  • Dylan O’Brien spits around 5:40 when he says the word “pulp.” It flies. It is so graceful. Wheeeeee, says the spit. 
  • “I’m the hot girl?” “You are the hottest girl.” “I’m the hot girl…” “Yes you are.” *face lights up in a grin that could light up the entirety of Beacon Hills and bring even Peter Hale’s soul back from the dead.*
  • Somehow the “I’m the hot girl” scene is the gayest scene in the world, despite the fact that a) Stiles just compared Scott to how he views Lydia Martin, and b) They’re talking about Scott asking out a girl. Actually, weirdly enough, in this scene Isaac is the most likely to pounce a fellow dude. He totally would have made out with Scott if he leaned. 
    • I think this ship was a lost opportunity. 
  • All the friendships are so amazing and solid??? All of the characters feel like exactly who they should be? Stiles is maturing but goofy, Scott is in control of his powers, Allison knows her hunter shit, Lydia is both intelligent af and banshee af, Kira is adorable and awkward and totally into Scott. 
  • “A N O T H E R  W E R E W O L F????”
  • Stiles interacts hilariously with his dad and coach. THE FIRE ALARM SCENE IS SO FUNNY. And he slams into an extra and has to apologize. 
  • Scott interacts hilariously with Kira and her dad and mom. THE WASABI PART!??!!?!?? come on that’s the greatest. 
  • This is the pinnacle of detective Stydia. They spend like ALL of the episode trying to figure things out together. 
  • But also, this episode has my favorite Stydia scene in the entire series. Here’s a post I wrote about how intimate and sweet and perfect it is. 
  • Also she grabs his hand??? And he figures out her scream??
  • Scott and Kira have a PIZZA PARTY amen.  
  • This episode is McMartinski af
  • “I only have one bat.” 
  • Wow this episode is hilarious and wonderful and perfect and all Teen Wolf episodes should be like it. 
Beth’s Sweater

Okay, there’s been a discussion about the rips in Beth’s sweater we see during Coda:

bethgreenewarriorprincess noticed this and explained in her meta (X) that they indicated that Beth was bit. There’s a bit of a disagreement of where the tears in Beth’s sweater came from so I’m including pictures (X) I found to clear this up. (the pictures are under the read more).

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Overwatch Modern AU: The Tailor

Taking place in my Modern AU world (aka “Coexisting”)
Originally I had no intention of continuing but in light of a certain comic coming out….

Read on Ao3 Here

Amelie didn’t mean to panic.

But she did. 

The voice on the other end barely had time to reply before she shouted,”Where are you?! Are you ok? You didn’t show up to our usual place and I swear to God if you-”

“Whoa whoa whoaaaa easy luv, relax I’m ok I just…got a little held up at work” 

Amelie immediately slowed her pace, she was taking long strides towards the small coffee shop with the intention of turning it upside down if it meant finding Lena but luckily that didn’t need to be the case. Her cheeks burned at her impulsiveness, “….right of course…”

Lena giggled, her playful tone instantly bringing a smile to her face though she fought it, “Aw….you worried about me?”

“Hmph, just making sure you’re not running off with another girl. I just finished burying the last one” 

“What can I say? That tip jar needs filling. Besides….I don’t think I’m going to run today” 

At this she stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the sidewalk, “…I’m sorry what” 

“Ah…yeah I just…it’s stupid but I’m ok I swear, I just don’t want to today” 

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Common People, Ch. 1

 Well hello! Welcome to Common People, a My Mad Fat Diary and Pride & Prejudice crossover fic, written by slitherouter and how-ardently.

 None of this would be possible without the amazing madfatty. We are so grateful for your help and insight and most importantly, your friendship.

Common People, Ch. 1

Dear Tix,

The dreaded moment has arrived. Tomorrow morning I will be marching through the gates of hell, I mean college, ha ha, and God only knows what hellish nightmares will await me there! 

Fatty, I’m too nervous to sleep, so I’ve decided to write you a bit. I know I’ve been bad with the writing, but it’s been two weeks of craziness here in the Earl house. Even more than usual, if you can believe that. 

First, since my cousin Chloe moved into the spare bedroom, taking over my bathroom and my life, my mum is in over-drive of crazy. Between the two of them talking about diets, showing each other their shopping, and giggling over magazines, there’s not a moment of peace around here. 

I swear the only sane person in this house is Karim, and he went away to visit his family abroad so he hasn’t been around to get me through the endless hours of prattle with these two. Kitty is still a tiny little angel, but she must miss him or something, because she’s been crying and fussing so much, and it just adds to the general chaos of everything, and, well, fuck. I can’t bloody hear myself think, Tix! Makes me miss those long afternoons of sheer boredom at the hospital with everyone. Maybe I’ll check myself in again. Ha ha, no I’m kidding. I’ll never go back. I know you’d throw a flower vase at me if I did!

Anyway, all this is going on and tomorrow is college and I’m bricking it. I don’t know if I can do another two years of people saying shit and always being mean fucks to me. Can I confess something, Fatty? I’m scared shitless that the moment my foot touches college ground, everything’ll start up again, and it’ll only take the world five minutes to destroy all the work that I’ve done on myself. All the progress, everything I fought for in therapy, the stuff Kester taught me… that all of it will just go poof the second someone puts me down.

Cause, yes, I know I’m brilliant, and you know I’m brilliant, but the rest of the world doesn’t give a fuck. And I know I’ve got so much going for me, and yeah, I’m a great person. But put me in those social situations, and all that is just irrelevant. People look at me and all they see is A BLOB. I think that I’m maybe strong enough now to stand up to people who take the piss, use my wit to give as good as I get. But I’m scared, Fatty, that actually, it really doesn’t matter how brilliant I am. Doesn’t matter how many witty put downs I have in my arsenal. The other person could always say, “Yeah? Well, you’re fat”. And they’ll be right, and I’ll be done. 

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Ella walked out of her closet a mid calf light pink dress clung to her curves. It went over her left shoulder but left the other bare. Her shoes, a soft gray with a peep toe and spike thin heels finished out the outfit and matched the sash around her waist. “This is going to be amazing!” she said bouncing up to Thomas. her hair was pulled back in a fishbone braid with light pink and gray strands colored in. She was all set for an amazing night with a set of friends, some new, some old. She couldn’t wait. 

“Todd said he and Cooper were coming. I’m actually really excited to see how that works out.” Most in their group knew how she felt about Slade, but he was slowly winning her over. “And Meg,” she moaned softly, her hand sliding down Thomas’ arm. “I can’t wait to see what that girl is wearing. I’m sure its going to be sinful.” Meg was sin, plan and simple. She was sure she was going to be stunning. Hercules would look amazing too. He was shockingly similar in look to Thomas, which had bothered her and gotten her into trouble a few times when she’d mistaken him for Thomas from the back. “Are you excited?" 

Introducing Matilda

Matilda Lindsey was not going to be lateNot she ever is, close to over but manages to get there before the finish line. It wasn’t her fault really, she either over sleeps, has a wardrobe malfunction, hair problem, or something else comes up! This morning she did not over sleep, her outfit was chosen the night before, her hair was perfect especially with the brand new flat iron Paul gave her personally made for her type of hair (he is definitely getting an amazing Christmas present), no it was none of those above. Matilda Lindsey has been modelling since the age of ten, coming from a three bedroom flat in the downtown hip scene of Edinburgh to young artists in love that never married because they believed the concept to be republican capitalism or something elaborate like that, two Buddhists in love a painter and photographer the daughter of hippies who followed bands from the sixties and seventies around, Blythe Blair met James Lindsey at art school he himself a photographer, they fell in love, dropped out, bought a flat, and made love beneath the stars, one of the nights they made their favorite creation; Matilda.Matilda Guinevere, named after Arthurian figures, a lovely beautiful girl with red hair like her mother, they home schooled her and raised her Buddhist but celebrated all holidays, but like traditional Buddhism they didn’t live beyond their means, they raised Matilda as a vegetarian but whenever she visited family she always snuck meat.One day visiting her mother’s sister in London she was picked up for modelling and was famous ever since, always modelling for the big name brands like Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Prada and so on…Well Matilda with all her jobs was never late but dangerously close and today her manager got her an audition for the international phenomenon Game of Thrones, she’s auditioning for the part of Isla Estren, someone nothing like Matilda herself a poise character with proud attributes, sharp tongue, graceful yet fiery, scheming yet protective and loyal, well there are some qualities they share. Isla is not in the book but created for the show and Matilda really liked her and it was a fantastic opportunity and a great distraction from her recent breakup with Jamie.

Luckily her roommate and best friend on the Earth has an audition for the show as well, how lucky would it be if they BOTH got their desired parts?

Well Matilda wasn’t nearly running late because of her usual reasons but because she accidentally got lost and caught up watching a Skins marathon on the tellie, when her agent called reminding her of where she is supposed to be today she cursed and leaped from the couch running to get ready for her audition.

Once she reached the location she was glad to find out it was not her turn to audition, and because she had time she decided to go over her lines, but of course the scene distracted her there were people from all over not just the UK auditioning, and she knew that the redheads were out for her job and a lot of them were well known, Bonnie Wright and Karen Gillan were here and they’ve been acting longer than she has. “Relax Mattie, this part is yours, you’ve been researching material and creating your interpretation of Isla for a while now, this part is yours.” She told herself.

Good morning || HeYa

Naya was up and early from the amazing night she had with Heather. Getting up Naya borrowed Heather’s tooth brush to was her mouth. She washed her face and got dressed. When she was done she went to Elijah’s room and woke him up. “Good morning sweety, Nay’s taking you to school this morning.” She spoke softly. Naya walked over to one of his dressers and picked out an outfit for him to wear, along with shoes and a pair of socks.

When he was ready she helped him brush his hair and his teeth correctly. “So handsome!” She whispered and kissed his head. “Come on. Don’t want to be late.” She grabbed his backpack and walked to the kitchen. Naya packed him some fruits and drinks for a snack if he got hungry. She grabbed the glass bottle of Sprite and sneaked it into his bag, knowing he’d see that and smile made her happy inside.

Naya and Elijah walked out of the house quietly and she opened to her car door, helping the boy in and putting his seat belt on. She was so happy that he was always well behaved, looking at the other kids forming tantrums made her cringe. “Where’s your class? I’ll walk you.” She said as the got out of the car once she was parked. Walking the boy to his class she remembered today was Show and Tell. Little did he know she would be there.


Patience Nate Maloley Imagine

Nate’s POV
Today was the day that we finally get to see Wiz Khalifa live! I was so excited! I’ve been to his concerts before but this is the first time I take y/n with me. I can tell she was just as excited to go as I was. We had an hour and half to get to the stadium and the stadium was 45 minutes away. But, we live in LA so there’s always a shit ton of traffic. We were running late! I hate running late! I like to et to event early or at the very least on time. But y/n wasn’t worried about getting to the concert on time. She was taking her precious time on getting ready. So I walk up to our bathroom and open the door and find y/n curling her hair. “Y/n, baby, please hurry. I don’t like being late. You know that.” But the only response I get from her is a smile. Sure, I was infatuated with her amazing smile, but now is not the time to smile! We gotta hustle! I leave the bathroom and wait a little for her to finish getting ready.
I didn’t want to argue with Nate about being late so instead of responding to him with an actual answer, I just smiled at him. I want to have a good time tonight and I don’t want us to argue all night. And I also wanna look good for Nate. So I’m being extra careful on my hair, outfit and makeup. After a little while, Nate walks back in again. “Hurry up! We’re gonna be late! I don’t want to miss the show because of you!” Nate bellows at me. Even though he kind of scared me because I don’t like it when Nate talks to me like that, I smiled at him again and then continued getting ready. He groans and gets out of the bathroom. He slams the door when he closes it. That boy needs to learn a lesson on controlling his temper! After 15 minutes I hear the garage door open and run out to the front door window. Through here I can see Nate driving off to the concert! I can’t believe he would leave me! The nerve of him! I tried calling him a few but it went straight to voicemail! Now he’s ignoring my calls! I can’t believe he would do this to me!
I had no other choice than to wash off my makeup, throw my hair up in a messy bun (even though I spent quite a while just trying to perfect the curls in it) and put on my pajamas. After that, I grabbed Nate’s pillow and a blanket from the closet and place it outside our bedroom door. I then walked back into our room, shut the door and locked it. If Nate’s going to be acting like an asshole, then I’ll do the same! I jump into bed and switch on the tv. I fell asleep watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory.
Nate’s POV
I shouldn’t have done that. I should’ve just waited for her. Why am I such an ass?! I immediately turn the car around and drive back home. After I parked our car in the garage, I walk inside and head upstairs. When I get to our bedroom door, I see my pillow and a blanket on the ground. Damn. Is she really making me sleep in the couch. I lightly knock on the door a little bit and say “lil mama, I’m sorry for leaving. Just please let me sleep inside with you.” She responds after a few minutes. “No! Go away!” I guess I deserve that. I take my pillow and blanket and head downstairs to the couch. When I got there, I realized I needed my pajamas and tooth brush. So I walk back upstairs only to find my pajamas neatly folded outside our bedroom door and my toothbrush laying on top of it. She really does know me. “Thank you” I say through the door. She didn’t respond. I walk back downstairs and get ready for bed. I have to make it up to y/n. What I did was a real asshole move. Then I finally get an idea of what to do.
I wake up and find a path of rose petals leading from my bed to outside the room. I’m curious so I get out of bed and follow the path. The farther I walk down this path, the more I realize that the path is leading me to the kitchen. When I finally get to the kitchen I find a shirtless Nate standing over the stove, finishing up breakfast. I clear my throat to let him know I was here. He turns around and smiles at me. I couldn’t resist smiling back. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t keep a straight face when he smiled that dimpled smile at me. “Good morning, lil ma.” He says to me as he walks up to me. Before reaching me, Nate reaches onto the countertop to grab a bouquet of red tulips (my favorite flowers). “I’m really sorry, baby girl. What I did yesterday was a real asshole move. I promise I won’t ever do that again.” He says to me as he hands me the bouquet of these beautiful flowers. “I can’t stay mad at you. As hard as I try, I can’t. Do you know how hard it was to sleep in our bed without you. It felt awful. I’m sorry for taking so long getting ready and kicking you out of our room. I love you, baby, and I don’t ever wanna fight like that again.” I tell him as I lean in and peck his plump lips. He kisses me back and then he pulls away. “I love you, y/n.” He whispers to me. “I love you too, asshole.” I chuckle back at him. He raises his eyebrows and laughs with me. “Well, it’s great to see that you woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. Now, come on. I made you breakfast.” He says as he lead me to my seat. I love this boy so much. As angry as we may get at each other, I love him and I know he loves me and that’s all that matters.

This scene of Callie waiting in lingerie for Arizona the night of the plane crash is so achingly heartbreaking.

Imagine her laying, fiddling with her outfit, sorting her hair, trying desperately to look perfect for her wife, the woman who turned her world on a dime, who is the most amazing woman in the world, who she loves endlessly.

And she’s waiting and waiting for her to come home and eventually her heart will break and she’ll wonder if she’ll ever come home at all.

Man Of A Lifetime (Part 3)

Pairing: JensenxReader

Warning: my attempt at adding humor… sorry not sorry

Key: y/n=your name, y/f/n=your friend’s name, y/o/f/n=your other friend’s name, y/n/n=your nickname

Part 1 Part 2

The next morning you sit in your house on the couch with your phone on the coffee table in front of you waiting for Jensen to call. But at the same time you are still thinking about what happened last night and how your life changed forever. 

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