her hair and make up here is so flawless

How it all changed. (Steve Rogers Imagines)

word count: 2813

warning: smut, swears, argument.

summer: y/n is in love with Steve and has to go undercover with Bucky as a couple. Steve, who is in love with y/n but didn’t tell her, gets angry and finally confesses.

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You were sitting down on one of the kitchen islands stools. You had on a tight black dress that was down to your mid thigh, your favorite sparkly black heels, you had a sparkly silver clutch that matched you so well, you beautiful y/h/c hair was perfect curled it bounced with every step your make up was extreme but beautiful. Here you are looking flawless and eating french toast and fruit. Thor trying to cook himself breakfast, while you, clint, bruce, and wanda all laughed at his stupid little mistakes.

“Thor, i will make you breakfast if you just move out of the way and let me” you said taking a bite out of a strawberry and taking a sip of your coffee. He simply shook his head at you and continued to read a recipe for pancakes. You rolled your eyes wiping your hands of before pulling your hair carefully into a messy ponytail and getting up walking over to the garbage and throwing away your napkin and all the tops to the strawberries away.

Steve walked into the kitchen followed by Tony, Bucky, Fury, and Natasha. You quickly walked to the sink and put your plate in it before taking a seat again hoping steve, your best friend and the person you are in love with, would sit next to you. He looked so damn good is his casual outfit why does he have to be so mean for no reason. You tried to take yourself out of your thoughts, but you couldn’t. Steve and you had a heated moment a few days prayer, you told him you had feelings for him but then he pushed you away, yelling at you, making you cry once, it wasn’t him at all and yesterday you asked him about it he just yelled at you saying you wouldn’t understand and that he doesn’t want to put you in danger and if you too became a couple people would come after you because they want him, this only made you angry and you said some things you didn’t want to like that you hate him, that you can protect yourself since you’re not a little girl anymore, and that he needs to grow a pair. In reality you knew he would sit next you but you still hoped he would. You miss your best friend. You miss Steve so so much.

“Good Morning Agent y/l/n” Furry said to you. I guess you were staring into your lap the entire time.

“Good morning Director. I’m almost ready for the mission with Barnes” you said. he nodded and left the room. you laughed and sighed a little

“Morning honey” Tasha said she came behind you and hugged you.

“Morning Tasha” you said hugging her back.

“Morning Princess” Bucky said sitting next you. you smiled wide and hugged him. You and Bucky have gotten close the past few days and honestly you were happy he sat next to you and not Steve. Bucky doesn’t start stupid shit for no reason.

“Morning Bucky” he chucked and kissed you forehead as you laid your head on his shoulder. You and Bucky had gotten assigned to a mission together where you two had to act like a couple and that was surprisingly easy for the two of you. He would always joke and say its chemistry and two minutes later we are talking about Steve and how ridiculous he is and how i like him so much.

“Hey y/n” tony said grabbing coffee and sitting down playing with the island counter that turned into a screen. you giggled and stood up to refill your coffee cup.

“Good morning Tony, how’d you sleep?” you asked pouring yourself so coffee and adding in the milk

“Great.” he spun around and looked at you. you rolled your eyes and added in a spoonful of sugar  “If you know what i mean” he said winking. you dropped the spoon and started to laugh. maybe to loud. everyone else laughed raising the volume.

You felt yourself falling back a little from laughed someone’s hand found your waist and caught you. you jumped up and turned around to face the person, of course it’s Steve. You smiled and moved your hands away from his chest and snaked your hands around his neck smiling at him he looked a little confused then you pulled him into a hug squeezing his body. You inhaled his scent smiling, your eyes teared up a little as you felt his strong arms wrap around your small waist. You felt him inhale and exhale you followed his movement. you realized you were hugging for a while now and when you brought yourself back to earth you pulled away you hands slid down his toned body which you could feel through his shirt, a tear slipped out of your eye. You froze still hoping he didn’t see it, you just looked at Natasha who gave you a sad smile. You could see Steve’s hand lift up as the other stayed on you hip, his thumb gently wiped away the tear as you leaned into his palm closing eyes letting a small sigh out. you thumb rubbed your cheek.

Someone cleared their throat and there was a loud bang on the island counter. You jumped and pushed away from Steve catching his a little he looked somewhat hurt/upset you just wanted to kiss his perfect face but you knew you couldn’t. Your eyes made their eyes to the person standing in front of three guns.

Furry. Fucking Furry saw that. Damn it.

“Am I interrupting something here?” He asked looking at Steve, then you, then Bucky. We all shook our heads and you rushed over to take your seat next to Bucky once again. He smiled at you and you smiled back his warm hand rested on your knee and your hand on his. If you had to play a couple might as well practice. No?

“Sorry Sir, family stuff came up. I know agent y/l/n can handle the mission and that” Steve said looking at furry never even looking your way. Your blood boiled. Bucky squeezed your hand and you focused on Furry again. As furry talked about the mission you and Bucky were full attention since it is your lives on the line, If she could only know what was going through his head.




hatred (only for himself.)

love (only for her)

over protectiveness floods in as here she must fight and shoot he wants to be there for her. to protect her, he loves Bucky but he loves y/n more and if he has to count on Bucky to be her backup he’s gonna have to follow them.


“The rest of you will have to stay somewhat hidden. Barnes and y/l/n must do this themselves. they have to be the main focus” your eyes fluttered. No back up. Only you and barnes. No Steve. Your eye moved to him he was looking down his arms over his chest and his chest moving up and down faster and faster. You knew you were best friends and all but you can handle yourself you got this.

“So y/n and I are pretending to be a couple. Married? New names?” Bucky asked

“Yes y/l/n and you are married. your new names are Jackson Bowden, and Danielle Bowden” Furry slid two folders at you. You both opened them and by your surprise they look like you. You read the info on them and the wife, she was a housewife and stay at home mom of two. One two year old and one 5 year old. Her husband is a drug dealer and she is his right hand. You and Bucky laughed a little and he leaned down into your neck

“your Bonnie I’m Clyde. Deal?” he whispered. His lips grazed your neck sending shivers down your spin.

“deal” you whispered back his hot breath blow on your skin making you have a sudden urge to touch him but you stopped yourself. You knew you were only trying to do one of three things. One. Forget and get over Steve. Two. Make Steve Jealous. There. Get some. You backed away but only made it seem like you were trying to pay attention to Furry and not friend zone Barnes.

Furry continued to inform the team about what they most do to keep themselves, Barnes and you, and everyone but the bad guys safe. You watch Furry pull up a plan on the screen on the counter but your eyes kept bringing themselfs to Steve. Only making you more upset and more likely to fuck up this mission. Not even thinking about it. You stood up. Looked at everyone. Nodded your head to Barnes, who then stood as well. And proceeded to head out the door, followed by Barnes.

“Alright looks like we are ready to go.” Furry said slipping away the plan and grabbing the folders while the avengers walked to their rooms to get ready for the big day ahead.


We all made our way one by one into this huge elegant party, no wonder we were all dressed so well. Steve looked perfect as always, a black tuxedo covered him his blond hair brushed down a little and his fresh face was glowing. Tony and Natasha posed as a couple him being ‘the old man with the young girl’, Bruce and Thor were dressed as waiters and were mainly in the corners. Clint and Wanda were a couple as well she was in a long flowy slim black dress her hair was up and bling was out, Clint was dressed in the finest suit he had his face clean as well. You, Barnes, Tasha, and Tony acted as if you just meet, talking and laughing a bunch trying to find the Big Man Behind The Bowdens, no such luck of course, Your eyes flickered around the room ,trying to look impressed by this house but really making sure everyone was safe, landing right on Steve who was staring at Bucky with pure anger he soon realized you were looking at him and he just stared blankly at you. No emotion at all. Nothing. Nada. You could feel your blood start pumping meaning you were getting mad, sad, in trouble, or furious. You excused yourself and made your way to the bathroom hoping to get there before your powers kicked in. Before everything would go to fire, or melt. You shut the bathroom door shut facing the mirror, you closed your eyes tight breathing slowly you heard the door open and the lock lock. not giving a fuck if something happened to you since you were mad enough that if someone touched you they would burn. yet someone did. their hands rested on you hips rubbing small circles into your skin. Only one person could do that, calm you down, only one person could touch you when your powers kicked in and not get burned simply because you didn’t want to cause that person any suffering in anyway.

Steve kissed your shoulder and you slipped off the heels going back the your normal height he grabbed you and hugged you hot tears streamed from your eyes and he whispered loving things that would make you laugh or smile.

“there’s that beautiful smile i love” he said you looked at him and he wiped away the tears from your cheek. his eyes looked dead into yours then your lips then your eyes, you watched his every movement wanting to kiss him so badly. His hands ever so gently pushed you hips against the counter his hand dipped down to reach your level, you could feel his minty breath on your lips your heart was beating out of your chest. One of his hands let go and locked the bathroom door and dimmed the lights a little then found your hip again. He could feel your lips so close so he went for it. His soft lips gave you sweet little kisses that got a lot more heated in seconds. after a minute you guys stopped and got air.

“wow.” you whispered. realizing you said that out loud you closed your eyes and your lips formed a thin line. “sorry i didn’t mean to say that” you whispered again opening one eye to see him, he was checking you out and smiling looking back at you.

“y/n, look. I know you think I don’t like you the way you like me. But I do I really do. When you told me you had the mission then the next day you tell me you have feelings for me. y/n i was scared. but I’m even more scared I’m going to lose you and i would not be able to live with that. y/n i thought i loved you like a sister, but i love as my best friend but also my girlfriend. I’m sorry i know I’m ranting, will you be my girlfriend?” he spit out the question looking down at his feet his hands left your hips and came up to his face rubbing his eyes and his neck. tears streaming down your face.

You grabbed his face and kissed him over and over and over. His hands cupped your ass and lifted you up on the counter he stood between your legs, the kisses became rough and deep, somewhat desperate. You fingers found his belt buckle  still kissing Steve you got his belt out and his shirt off.  You broke the kiss and Steve pulled your dress off, you were wearing a set of sexy red lace panties and bra. his eyes scanned your body he looked surprised his eye then made their way to yours. Your could feel your cheeks flush a deep red.

“You’re so damn beautiful y/n” he grabbed you and slid you closer to him giving you deep kisses.

you hands on bottled and unzipped his pants sliding them down he did the rest and kicked off his shoes still kissing you you. You  could feel his bulge against your leg and smiled into the kiss. You broke the kiss and attacked his neck leaving wet kisses, and hickeys while you blamed him. His soft moans turned you on making you wetter and wetter. his hand unclasped your bra throwing it on the floor you slid his boxers off and his member sprang up huge as ever. Yours eye were big as you looked at Steve’s eyes then his dick then his eyes. his cheeks were almost as red as yours were. you kissed Steve hoping he would realize he’s perfect. Steve’s hands hooked on to your panties pulling them over you ass and down your legs they laid on the ground next to you dress. His hands found your heat and he didn’t hesitate to push in two fingers moving painfully slow.

“Steve!” you moaned “I need you please” he pulled you to the edge of the counter getting on his knees, his tongue played with you. Your legs shook as your hands found his hair pulling it as you pushed his face in more he moaned send you vibrations and to your climax.  he quickly pulled away smirking as he stood.

“not yet baby” he smiled he laid you down on the huge counter and spread your legs as far as they went kissing you from above your ehat tall the way to your boobs who both got sweet wet kisses then your lips and neck. He lined himself up before he could you sat up pushed him back and stood.

“sit down” you said and he did as he was told. you straddled his waist grinding against his dick pushing him to the ground you lowered yourself on him. you both moaned each others names. kissing him and riding him. his hands slapping your ass and hoping your hips. You two were at it for a while you screamed him name was you orgasimed he was close but couldn’t cum yet. You crawled off his eyes were big and somewhat confused then you grabbed his dick and sucked him dry. he moaned your name and you guys looked at the time two hours have passed. you guys laughed and put your cloths back on. with all your luck your make was perfect and so was your hair as you finished getting ready you washed your hands and Steve came behind you holding you to his body hugging you kissing your cheek. You blushed and giggled a little bit turning around you put hands around his neck and kissed him. he started into your you eyes.

“so is that a yes” he whispered

“definitely” you whispered back kissing his nose and leaving the bathroom, where your whole life changed, to save the world.

Useless Gushing: Asami

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Yeah this is what the post is. Just pictures. No analysis today though don’t tempt me.

Like I could talk about how she’s rocking make up in a swimming pool and making it work.

I could talk about her flawless hair, itself prove of a loving divine deity.

Or I could say no one on earth has ever rocked the one piece like Asami Sato.

I could, but I won’t. Because she is too pure, and I’m stretching here. So in summation…

Korra, is ok. You know you like it.