her hair! her beautiful hair!!

↠ ↠ Araleen Mahariel, Hero of Ferelden


Archetype: The Shield

Tarot: The Chariot // Willpower, achievement

Motto: Ductus exemplo // Lead by example

Represented By: The Column //  Fortitude and constancy

Self Description: “Expendable”


Armed With: Sword and shield (Dumat’s Spine - Bulwark of the True King)

Accompanied By: Morrigan, Wynne, Zevran or Loghain

Strategy: Overpower, War Cry, Carapace

Catchphrase: “Νο.”


Core Desire: A purpose

Talent: Commitment, perseverance

Tragic Flaw: Selflesness


@LaurenJauregui: When you have to respond to your waiter’s facial expression after you tell him you order with “I’m hungry, don’t judge me.”