her green eyes

Let Me Count The Ways

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer )) 

*It’s Halloween in the Gryffindor Common Room, and the party has already resulted in 20 empty bottles of fire whiskey, 30 minutes of 7 minutes in heaven, three drunken brawls, and one fire* 

Lily: *spots James alone on the couch* *weaves her way through the costumed crowd to plop down next to him* 

Lily: *voice slightly slurred* Well… I’d say the party is a wild success. Go us.  

James: *voice VERY slurred* I din’t recognize you for a second. 

Lily: Huh? 

James: And Merlin knows I’m grateful that she looks at me without grimacing now. 

James: I don’t wanna lose her as a friend…

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Riordan’s Lions - Samirah al-Abbas and Leo Valdez

Anger was her element. Her other was shyness. She could barely control the torments caused by embarrassment. She would blush to the roots of her hair. She would hauntingly walk to her execution, livid with disdain. Had she raised her cast down green eyes, she would have appeared like Medusa.
—  Asya Tsvetaeva, on Marina Tsvetaeva, featured in “A Life in Poems,