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Party of None!

Story code: D 2002-076
Origin: Denmark
Writing: Michael T. Gilbert
Pencils: Vicar

An awesome person on Discord shared the link to this story a couple weeks ago (please tell me your Tumblr username again so I can credit).

This is the story that The Secret Gardener is a loose sequel for. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time and was pleased to discover that it was actually published in many languages, including English and Arabic! If you can find it in your country, support the artists and publishers by buying it.


On Gladstone’s request, Gyro neutralizes his luck.

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  •          Kacchan swears a lot (canon). He can’t go five minutes without saying something nasty which gets him in trouble more often than he’s willing to admit
  •          For Todoroki’s birthday Deku wanted to be nice and do something special so he tried making a half ice cream and half normal cake which resulted in him accidentally asking Todoroki to help him freeze one half of the cake after it had melted
  •          Todoroki totally thought it was the sweetest thing ever and spent 10 minutes telling Deku to calm down
  •          Mineta might be the smallest one from the batch but nobody dares to fight him because that little shit knows everyone’s secrets
  •          I said it already but I will say it again: Kacchan. Has. Dimples.
  •          Tsuyu really likes cooking but she always makes everything too salty
  •          Kirishima sleeps on his stomach and needs to hug something all the time when he’s asleep. Kacchan once ended trapped in Kirishima’s arms for the entire ride on the bus and his classmates will never let him forget about it
  •          Yaoyorozu is a secret shoujo enthusiast, she’s read like every manga there is
  •          Iida tried wearing contacts once to look cool but his classmates didn’t recognize him which made him very upset so he sulked about it for two weeks and never put the contacts in again
  •          Todoroki is so good at doing makeup while Uraraka sucks at it, so he helps her out when she asks
  •          In return she makes him all kinds of pastries (his favorite are anything with strawberries, he absolutely adores them)
  •          Iida’s grandma is amazing. You know those Russian grandmas that finished second at Eurovision?  Iida’s grandma is that awesome.
  •          Everyone loves her, even Kacchan, and she loves them all back
  •          Yaoyorozu and Uraraka actually both like to bake and they made all the boys in the class chocolate presents for Valentine’s day
  •          That was the day they nearly lost Deku
  •          They will never give Valentine’s chocolate to Kacchan again, though.

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Peter Quill trying to pilot with his daughter on his lap. Peter Quill letting his daughter paint his face with makeup. Peter Quill forcing Rocket to let his daughter dye his hair. Peter Quill telling his daughter about her awesome grandma and Yondu. Peter Quill cuddling with his daughter. Peter Quill teaching his daughter how to shoot. PETER QUILL AND HIs DAUGHTER.

I’ve been getting so many Father!Peter headcanons lately and I’m so here for it like happy early-father’s day, here are some emotions, I hope you like them.  

Daily reminder that Donald, Della, and the boys are direct descendants of Duckburg’s founder, Cornelius Coot through their father/grandfather Quackmore Duck. 

Elvira “Grandma” Duck is Cornelius’ granddaughter, and her brother, Casey Coot, gave/sold the rights of his part of land where the Money Bin is to Scrooge McDuck when he was in Dawson.

I doubt this is the same in canon, but there’s a lot of family history in Donald’s family.

Elvira had three children with her husband Humperdink: Quackmore, Daphne, and Eider. Quackmore is Donald’s father. Daphne is Gladstone’s mother. Eider is Fethry’s father.

Casey Coot is Gus Goose’s grandfather.

Elvira Duck’s farm is the only plot of property that Scrooge does not own. She will not let him purchase her farm. Grandma Duck is awesome. 

In other words, give us Elvira “Grandma” Duck. Give us all of Donald’s cousins besides Gladstone. 

Also, Donald is a direct descendant of Duckburg’s founder, and that’s pretty cool on its own.

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anakin was allowed to have feelings au

the “send me an au, and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it” game

  • So, this tiny kid from Middle Of Fuck-Off Nowhere, Tatooine gets abruptly freed from slavery and trotted out to Coruscant, hauled up in front of the Jedi Council, and practically interrogated (which may not have been the Council’s intention, but that’s how it feels to Anakin, especially since his experience with authority figures has, until recently, been limited to Watto treating him like shit because he’s a slave and Watto is awful).
    • Despite Anakin’s attempts at acting like he’s fine (because Jedi are supposed to be Cool and Collected and have their shit together), Yoda still senses much fear in him.
    • “Perhaps that is not the boy’s fault,” says Mace Windu. “Perhaps we have made him feel as though he has cause for fear. What is troubling you, young Skywalker?”
    • Anakin opens up about how he’s afraid for Shmi’s wellbeing, since she’s back on Tatooine and still a slave, and how he doesn’t want to cause trouble and he really doesn’t want to let Master Qui-Gon down or prove that Obi-Wan is right to be distrustful of Master Qui-Gon’s apparent habit of collecting strays. (He notices that Master Windu facepalms, but has no idea what to make of it.)
    • “You are not a stray, young Skywalker,” says Ki Adi Mundi. “It is understandable that you feel ill at ease here, but you have been brought here to learn, not to be judged morally. We only wish to know how we can best help you.”
    • (After they’re done there and the Council goes in to deliberate, Anakin asks Obi-Wan why Master Windu facepalmed, and Obi-Wan just sighs because he doesn’t know the best way to explain that his Master’s husband is exasperated with Qui-Gon because he seriously tries to adopt anything he feels even remotely sorry for, not just tiny humans with outrageous midichlorian counts or Gungans who follow him home.)
  • There isn’t any nonsense about how Anakin can’t be trained because he has feelings; instead, the concern is that he’ll be too far behind if they put him in the field with Qui-Gon right away but feel too awkward to learn if they put him at the Temple with the younglings. Qui-Gon has Obi-Wan go do the trials so he can train Anakin, because he does a thing called what he wants. Then, Darth Maul does what he wants all over Qui-Gon’s ability to be alive.
    • “But Master Kenobi, what’s going to happen to me?” Anakin asks at Qui-Gon’s funeral.
    • “What are you so afraid of?” says Obi-Wan, gently, kneeling so he can get on Anakin’s level instead of talking down to him. “You don’t need to act like you aren’t frightened, Anakin. The Council will find someone to teach you. It is what Qui-Gon would have wanted, and they have made the promise to train you.”
    • “But Master Yoda hates me,” says Anakin. “He was against letting Master Qui-Gon train me. What if he sends me back to the Jedi Temple, to train with the younglings?”
    • “Then it does not mean that you have failed.” Obi-Wan gently squeezes Anakin’s shoulder. “The Council will only send you there if they think it is what best suits your needs.”
    • The Council still lets Obi-Wan take Anakin as a padawan, but only as long as he keeps in touch with Master Windu, who would take on his late husband’s new padawan himself, but he has too many duties to the Council.

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Sooooo oops shanghai episode

Guys imagine this! We’re getting to see marinette’s grandmother in the Shanghai episode. Imagine her grandma talking to her mother and being like “well that’s awesome she brings home a miraculous but if you ask ME she should’ve brought home a man–”

Adrien shows up just at this moment asking for marinette and marinette shyly asks him to stay for dinner and the grandma is like:


Heads Up & Ep Thoughts

((Hey guys… to anyone new who follows me… Time to talk about spoilers. lol :D It’s sorta… hard to avoid new eps on the RP front, so spoilers will be on this blog.

If you’d like to avoid being spoiled be sure to use xkit blacklist or tumblr savior and block the tag  “TAG Spoilers” which then will keep you, hopefully, spoiler free! I do my best to always tag for them. :)b

That said… now I’m gonna babble about that episode. XD))

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Grandma taught me...

So my Grandma just taught me one of the most important life lessons (and proved to me that almost everyone in my family is damn awesome).

We had our yearly family celebration today at my uncle’s house. Everyone was there – just my dad had not arrived yet.

You have to know that my parents divorced six year ago – and I was glad about it. That sounds cruel, perhaps, but I was glad that I did not have to live with my dad any longer. My father is not a terrible person. I also know that he loves me very much: I’m his “little girl”, his treasure, and always will be.


The problem is – he always wanted the best for his little girl. Meaning that everything I did, everything my mum did for me… it was never enough.

I had a good grade? That could have went even better if I studied more.

I had the best grade? You won’t ever get friends when you’re know as a know-it-all.

I was being bullied by complete strangers? It’s my own fault for being different than others.

I was being bullied by people I had considered friends? If I just was more like normal children, I wouldn’t have this problem.

I got depression and burn out because of all the pressure resting on me? Depression and burnout don’t exist and are just excuses for being weak and lazy.

It went like this my whole life long. The most terrible thing was – I loved my father, still somewhat do. And I knew – still know – that he loves me. But he grew up like this – in a family who wanted to “make him strong” by always pushing him to do more. A family who wanted to shape him by making him disappointed in who he was.

My father, I know, just doesn’t know any other way to express his love. But still, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and was glad when my parents divorced.

But even after six years, we still invite my Dad to our Christmas celebration. He is still family, after all. Normally, it doesn’t go that badly – my father misses me a lot, and is super sweet when he sees me on Christmas, mostly.

But this year, he was in a foul mood.

He arrived when everyone else was out, taking a walk to a little farm near where my uncle lives. There are little rabbits, my uncle told us, and my little cousins were screaming and squealing and immediately wanted to go there.

I just chuckled and offered to stay with my grandma. She can’t walk that far anymore, and had already said that she would stay at the house.

I love my grandma very much. Near deaf and diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease years ago, she had kept her heart of pure gold for her whole life. Even after my grandpa died (after a long time of depression). My grandma had always been the only person, next to my Mum, who understood me the best, no matter if I was buried in books again instead of taking part in a conversation or if I started crying all of sudden because my depression hit me again.

She had turned off her hearing device and was dozing, me reading a new book next to her, when my father waltzed into the house.

He didn’t even ask where the others had went. He hugged me, awkwardly and roughly, before he started the conversation with: “Heard you need tutoring now.”

I froze, mind racing. Nobody from my family would have told him that, which meant that he had asked questions again. He knew a lot of people, and was informed about everything, all the time. I just shrugged and answered, “School is really hard right now.”

“Why? Not studying enough?”

I grit my teeth, glancing over to my grandma. She hadn’t turned her hearing aid on again, meaning that she couldn’t hear us.

There is an unspoken rule for me and my cousins, her grandchildren.

Never make grandma sad.

So when she smiled at me, completely clueless, I sent her the sunniest, most strained smile I had ever given and gave her a thumps-up.

Only then did I turn back to my dad. “I’m studying enough. That’s what I’m taking tutoring for, after all.”

He grunted, letting it slip. But already preparing the next launch. “How many friends do you have? And don’t come with those online-friends again. You know that doesn’t fool me.”

Breathing in and out deeply, I kept up my smile while I ground out. “One.”

“Hm. Just one?”

“I don’t need more than one very good friend. I’m happy…”

“When did you last see him?”

“… A month ago. But we write a lot…”

“That’s too long.”

“He is working, I am at school!” I bit my lip, knowing that I was losing it.

“So you’re not going out. Staying locked up in your room all day again?”

“I’m not locked up, I don’t have time…!”

“Always with the excuses,” my father huffed at me, just shrugging my words off. Squinting at me. “You know what? I believe you don’t want to have anyone near you. Friends or family. Because you’re not able to love anyone.”

I was near crying by then. Also because I suddenly understood what this was about.

My father thought that I hadn’t loved him and that that had been the reason why we left him, my mum and me.

I understand him, a bit. Sometimes I pity him a bit.

But that he used the fact that I was too socially awkward to really make many friends still hurt like a punch to the face. 

“Well, now that is the most untruthful bullshit I have ever heard!”

We both whirled around, looking wide-eyed at my grandma.

She had her hearing aid turned back on, and was glaring at my father.

I gaped at her, utterly stunned. My grandma was the most gentle, polite person I had ever met, and hearing her use a swearword like “bullshit” was strangely surreal.

But not enough: Before anyone could react, she had pushed herself to her feet – her aching feet, trembling under her – and poked my father in the chest, huffing at him, “You should be ashamed of yourself, dear! You of all people should know how full of compassion and love your daughter is, and how smart she is! Her not having many friends does absolutely not mean that there is something wrong with her – it just means that she hasn’t found the right people yet. She will find them in time, and until then, you will be proud and happy for her little achievements. I don’t want to hear ever again that you say such hurtful things to your own daughter just because you are bitter over your little girl leaving you. Is that clear?!”

I don’t really know what happened after that. The next thing I remember is that my father went outside for a smoke – something he does when he is stressed out and has to think – and my grandma offered me a handkerchief.

Only then did I notice that I was crying like a little child again. Not only because I was hurt – I was crying because I had never heard anyone say something like that just to defend me.

“There, there, honey,” my grandma rubbed my back (knowing that I shy away from sudden hugs and gestures when I’m crying). “You know how thoughtless your father can be. Rough and insensible, but he still loves you.”

She paused, frowning. “Doesn’t mean we will let him get away with that.”

I laughed-sniffled, wiping my runny nose. “D-Did you just say bullshit, grandma?”

“Well, yes! You still use this word nowadays, right?”

“Yeah… yeah, we do.”

“Oh, good, I wasn’t sure if that is still a thing.”

I was sobbing and laughing at the same time when I hugged her tightly. “You’re awesome, grandma.”

“Now, now. I just said the truth,”

And then she told me what is really important for anyone who is struggling with finding friends or feels as if he is doing something wrong:

“You know, you don’t have to fear that you are doing something wrong. If you’re just being you, trying to do things that you like, trying to be happy, then that’s more than enough. If you don’t have friends right now – don’t worry. They are out there, the people who will love you for who you are. Not those shallow people that want you to change so that you fit better into their little group. No, I mean the people who will love you, for who you are. They are out there, and they will find you. Perhaps soon, perhaps it will take a few years. But they will. You don’t have to settle for the second best, for those who want to change you – not when you can have the best. Because you deserve the best.”

And that’s what I want gift you with for Christmas, guys – this knowledge.

It doesn’t matter if you’re socially awkward, have anxiety, or are somehow different from what it considered “normal”. You don’t have to change just to find people who will accept and love you.

Just be yourself. It won’t always be easy, and sometimes it will take a long time – but someday, you will find people who will love you just the way you are. Nothing less. You don’t have to settle for anything less than that.

Believe me. Because I found people like that. And you will find them, too.

Cousins - a Headcanon

For the record, there is nothing that could be both terrifying and pathetic at the same time as a Thunder God thinking that his girlfriend has dumped him for another man.

Especially if that man happens to be Captain America.

So Bucky’s already moving to get Steve out of the line of fire… er, lightning.  Although he knows perfectly well that his boyfriend would not cheat on him and he’s taught Steve the sacred commandment that is Thou shalt not steal another fella’s sweetheart, especially if that fella’s a pal, it really looks bad.  Jane’s clinging to Steve for all she’s worth and Bucky appreciates the fact that Steve is so very climbable.  And Steve looks a bit teary-eyed himself.  

So.  Steve has a sad.  Bucky has to squash the part of himself that is still and will always be the Winter Soldier, whose first instinct would be Destroy everything that gives our Steve the sads.  

And Darcy, bless her, saves the day.

“Whoa, there, Sparky!  Steve and Jane found out they’re long-lost cousins!”

Wait.  What?

So it turns out, Jane’s great-grandmother and Steve’s mom were sisters.  Bucky had some vague memories of Steve mentioning his Aunt Maggie, but he’d lost touch with her shortly after his Ma died but he’d always wanted to visit her in Boston, after the war, on the Great Road Trip that he and Bucky had planned but had never gotten around to doing. 

Turns out, Jane had photo albums of Great-Grandma, Great-Aunt Sarah Rogers and Cousin Steve when he was still bitty and adorable.  And then she put two and two together and showed them to Steve. 

The results were predictable. 

Steve still apologized to Thor anyway, because Thor’s kicked-puppy look was about as devastating as Steve’s was and Thor apologized to Steve in turn, for believing that he would be so “churlish as to attempt to wrest away the affections of my fair lady Jane.”

Jane, Darcy and Bucky were too busy squeeing (the Winter Soldier does not squee, with one notable exception) over the pictures of Bitty Steve Rogers. 

And then, Darcy casually mentioned that she missed her awesome grandma, a really wicked cool hell raiser of a dame - Gran’s words, not Darcy’s.  Gran went on a lot about her handsome big brother, who was all but married to this cutie pie punk, except that they were living in Not So Cool Times and World War II made it so that Great Uncle Bucky and Uncle Punk never made it home. 

Great Uncle.  Bucky. 

The ear-splitting shriek that Darcy let out upon finally realizing that Great Uncle Bucky was Bucky Barnes shattered a couple of glasses and almost the window.  Also, it caused Clint to fall out of the air vent and he promptly complained that Darcy shorted out his hearing aids. 

Bucky, however, just did Steve’s Nose Bridge-Pinch of Barely Concealed Horror and commented, “What are the odds of a Barnes ending up looking after a Trouble Prone Rogers Punk?”

And he pointedly looks at Jane. 


And Steve has his Deer in Headlights expression on, looks at Darcy and at Bucky, then heavenwards and says, “Two of them?  Really?" 

Thus, Rogers and Foster must be allied against the Terrible Protective Machinations of Barnes and Lewis. 

Steve was promptly christened "Uncle Punk” by Darcy. 

Thor proclaimed himself solidly on Team Barnes and Lewis, because he understands that it is a “great and terrible task, wherein we watch over our Captain and our Goddess of Science, in their noble endeavors."  Also, Darcy had the Pop Tarts.  

- end -

Note:  Please heap all blame upon the head of sparrowsverse - who came up with having Bucky and Darcy as related to each other. 

Early design sketches of my newest PFS character, GRANDMA!!
Grandma is awesome. Her actual name is Edda but she’s fine with everyone calling her Grandma Edda or just Grandma. She’s a really sweet old lady who’s constantly worrying about the well-being of her younger teammates and giving candy and cookies to everyone. She’s had a long and fulfilling life and was only recently contacted by a mystic magical force and given magic powers, which she decided to use for good and became a Pathfinder.
With her she has her trustworthy companion, Pikku Pullanmurunen (okay since English-speaking countries don’t really do ‘pulla’ the best translation I could come up with was “Little Cardamom Bread Crumbling”), an extremely fluffy and a tiny bit fat owl, who is - of course - constantly fed with candy and cookies.

I’ve originally statted Grandma as a witch, BUT a new Pathfinder book just came out with a class called the vigilante which means basically superheroes, and it has an archetype which is basically magical girls. And I. I really. REALLY want to make Grandma into a magical girl. She would be so cute. ;w;
I just have to wait for the info to come on if it’ll be PFS legal..!

Grandma is also the actual grandmother of one of my already existing PFS characters!

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Jules? Are you okay? haven't heard from you in a few days.. i'm worried !

You little sweetie!

A couple days ago I hit the wall and had a mental breakdown because it finally caught up to me that I’m 19 with no job and no college and every single day I just sit in solitude and write/draw

(which I love, I just… It’s really solitary work and all my friends are out of state in school so I never see people or socialize).

It’s also really difficult to write Raising Home because it’s so detailed and intertwined, but the worst part is that I can’t show anyone until it’s done, and it’s taking forever to be done. Home is easier because every month I post a chapter and then I get a storm of positive feedback which is awesome encouragement! But it’s just frustrating to write this giant novel in total secrecy with no feedback. It’s been 8 months in progress.

So like the RH frustration + loneliness + general anxiety + giant teenage what-am-i-doing-with-my-life crisis + megagigantic fear of the future = 28 hours of nonstop panic attacks :(

So I checked into the ER because (if one panic attack exhausts you, imagine 20 one right after the other) my meds weren’t working and I was so exhausted, like I was shaking and dizzy and couldn’t breathe and all those fun anxiety symptoms, so they gave me a new prescription.

SO THEN I was like “mom, I need to get out of the house. I need to do something totally different” and she was like “okay lets go to grandma’s house” because grandma Mary is awesome and nice and her house is filled with muffins and fake flowers and I was like YES OKAY

So last night we drove 4 hours to Fresno and are staying with grandma for a few days! Mom took off work and we are basically chillin on vacation, which I think I really needed and I’m feeling a lot better. We’re gonna go eat diner waffles and visit the zoo and go shopping and watch TV. And I’m gonna keep writing, because I’m approaching the home stretch :)

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Hi! So I don't write and don't have a tumblr, so I'm just gonna throw this at you and hope it becomes a thing somewhere on the internet. I had a thought, where there should be an AU where Grandma Argent is actually the boss of everything. Like, maybe she married in and Gerard picked her because he thought she'd be a pushover, but then she like Game of Thrones-ed that business and handled it. And maybe she found out about his nonsense and planted evidence so he and his brother got caught for(1/2)

(2/2) one of their murders or some such awesomeness, so they ended up in prison. And then she proceeded to stick to the code and raise Kate to not be awful - maybe she’s not right in a different way, but not in a murdery way - and the Hales live and she actually arranges that treaty with the werewolves from the episode-that-shall-not-be-named. Basically, I want lots of awesome Grandma Argent and her awesome second-in-command Allison. Someone on the internet should provide me with the thing.

I approve of this message