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Pink Dot Academy sat down with 5 female interns and possible models this week to get to know them a bit better. Today’s segment involves intern and Riviera University college student, Heaven Brookes. The beauty is an upcoming designer and model who caught the eye of the PDA through social media. Everyone’s got a bucket list and we’re here to listen to hers. @rivierarp

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Luke and I have had our ups and downs over the years, but through it all, his relationship with my daughter, Rory, has never changed. He’s always been there for her no matter what. He was there to celebrate her birthdays. He was there cheering her on at her high school graduation. Luke has been a sort of father figure in my daughter’s life.


endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.

me: [blows kisses to all the queer kids at hogwarts]


She’s the Cleopatra to my Nefertiti. 👑👑👑

In honor of #MelaninMonday and #Blackout, I wish to send a special shoutout to the woman of my dreams, the person who I would award a Lifetime Achievement Award, and my lover who is also my best friend and the one who can make me laugh uncontrollably with her faces, baby voices, and her Happy Feet dance moves: @co0kiemonstuh. She is truly special to me and words can’t begin to express the love I have with her or how deeply in love I am with her. I can’t wait to see where our journeys take us, career-wise and together as a couple. We have so much to be proud of and we’ve overcome so much and our journeys are just starting. Moving in with you is going to be a new experience for both of us and no matter what happens, what arguments we get into, what near-disasters we have in the kitchen or the fight over how hot our shower water needs to be, I will be here forever and always. I’m not leaving. I’m here as your ride or die, your best friend and your baby. I’m proud of everything you have accomplished in these years and I’m looking forward to supporting you in your future accomplishments these next two years in grad school. You’re unconquerable royalty and no matter how difficult the road may seem, you will make it. You’ve already come so far and you’re going to go so much farther.

So, here’s to us.
The besties.
The lovers.
The graduates.

Cheers, baby. I love you. 💜💜💜

“There’s a quidditch game this weekend.”

“I’m well aware.”

“You should come!”

“And why would I do that?”

“Cause I’ll be playing.”

OR: Pharmercy Hogwarts AU where Fareeha and Angela agree on many things, but still can’t seem to communicate their feelings ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


#201 - Jaune’s Childhood 6… Well, Teen’s in this case (Commission)

Story Time!

Their eldest sister had just graduated from her hunter academy, and to celebrate, the sisters decided to have a graduation party. And what better way to celebrate than with a club, food, drinks, and their dear, beloved brother dressing up in cute clothes to cater to them.

Jaune, now older, is no longer keen to do their dressup games, but his sister wants to have one last glorious send off for this party.

Jaune refused their request vehemently. He didn’t want yet another embarrassing picture of him for his sisters to lord over him.

So they use Jaune’s weakness against him: Pumpkin Pete’s.

They know he couldn’t resist those tasty flakes of sugary goodness so they bet him that he can’t eat an entire box of it in one sitting. If he can, they hand over all of the dressup pics they’ve compiled and squirreled away over the years, if he can’t, he has to do one last (spectacular) dressup of the eldest sister’s choice for the party. 

It can’t be done! The sugar content alone would give a King Taijitu diabetes for days, but Jaune was unfazed by the challenge (plus wearing woman’s undies is starting to chafe his nether regions as a growing lad) so he accepts, thinking that he might finally be rid of dresses, racey undergarments, and those embarrassing pictures for good. 

Alas, though he struggled valiantly with the challenge, (and turned several shades of green 3 bowls in) he was defeated. 

For the sisters however, it was quite the victory indeed, their Schnee-D cards overflowing with pictures from that fateful evening.

Little did Jaune know, however, was that his sisters stuffed the box they procured with two boxes worth of Pumpkin Pete’s beforehand…

The second one commissioned by GreatCow. Idea all his. How racy! This was a fun and hilarious commission!

First Second Third Fourth Fifth

Friendly reminder that Jaehee Kang

• lost her parents at a young age
• has a black belt in judo
• did amazingly well in her studies, probably graduated early
• lived with her uncle and aunt-in-law after losing her parents and her aunt wanted to kick her out as soon as she got into university
• was blamed by her aunt of not helping her cousins enough and basically got accused of stealing their luck when all she did was work hard
• probably had longer hair before Jumin had her cut it off for her job because the assistants kept getting into things with Mr. Chairman
• was desperate for a job and to become financially independent - probably because of her aunt
• is an expert at Word, foreign languages and processing industrial engineering
• puts herself down - she has called herself a coward and thought that she’s not good enough

my point is that Jaehee Kang is a character that needs to be appreciated so much more by some parts of the MysMes fandom

Whatever you do, don’t think of a five year old Sally Jackson desperately wondering how her parents could leave her, not understanding why she was now all alone. 

Don’t think about a sixteen year old Sally Jackson having to drop out of high-school and take up several jobs to support her uncle, burying her dream of graduating and becoming a writer, because it was never going to happen now.

Don’t think about a seventeen year old Sally Jackson watching all her friends go on to college, slowly leaving her behind and forgetting about her. 

Don’t think about an eighteen year old Sally Jackson crying at her uncle’s funeral, because that was it, her family was fully gone, and she was all alone. 

Don’t think about a twenty year old Sally Jackson lying on the beach, after she found out Poseidon, the man she had fallen in love with so deeply and quickly, was a god, realising that he too would leave her. 

Don’t think about a twenty year old Sally Jackson finding out she was pregnant, and realising that her baby would be a demigod, and attract monsters… and then running into a man called Gabe at work that day.

Don’t think about a twenty-one year old Sally Jackson crying as she held her newborn baby, because if she was sure about one thing, it was that her baby was going to have a better life than she did, and she would never, ever leave him. 

Don’t think about her kissing her baby’s forehead, and, recalling all the myths her parents had told her when she was young of one particular hero, whispering, “I name you Perseus.”  

I can’t believe I had to read the sentence: “But Luke wasn’t a father figure in anywhere other than his head and Lorelai should have made sure he knew that.”

Lorelai literally said/wrote the words: “ Luke has been a sort of father figure in my daughter’s life.” 

It’s almost like this person thinks Rory was forced to spend time with Luke where as it’s the complete opposite. He didn’t have to make her a coffee cake or blow up balloons or come to her birthday parties. He didn’t have to go to her caterpillar’s funeral. He didn’t have to give her his mother’s pearls. He didn’t have to listen to her when she told him the car accident wasn’t Jess’ fault. He didn’t have to let her in the diner when she showed up suddenly when she and Lorelai were estranged. He didn’t have to attend her high school graduation, but she wanted him there “Okay, good, I want you there.” and he wasn’t going to let her down. Her biological dad was not there for any of these events but Luke was! That speaks volumes! He was there because he loves Rory unconditionally! She may not exactly see him a father figure, but she loves him too and if you try to tell me otherwise I will fight you. 

Rory may have had high hopes for Christopher to be a good dad, but he wasn’t and Luke was a good male role model/father like figure in her life! 

Good things about the Lego Batman Movie (spoilers):

-References, mocks, and embraces pretty much every piece of Batman media ever
-Remembers that everything is made of lego, and takes advantage of that
-Batman has a crush on Barbara, but the focus is on learning to work together as friends. She never notices, and he doesn’t pressure her about it.
-Babs graduated top of her class at “Harvard for Police”
-everyone says “pew pew pew” while shooting
-Harley Quinn is always on rollerblades. This is never addressed or alluded to.
-Superfriends Cameo
-Central relationships are Batfamily gen and Joker<3<Batman
-Voldemort is there. Ralph Fiennes is a va. Ralph Fiennes does not voice Voldemort.
-Commissioner Barbara Gordon
-Random D-List super villains
-Batman continues to write music about himself
-I didn’t have to watch Thomas and Martha Wayne get shot for the hundredth time
-A family can be a vigilante, a butler, a police commissioner, and a pantsless acrobat

think about how much clary loves luke

-since she was a baby all she has known was a father that showed love and support

-she probably bragged at her kindergarten class about how her dad was a detective

-when it was “who is your favorite superhero day?” she probably brought in luke and said that he is the worlds best superhero and saved lives

-when she was crying in bed over her grades, luke would come in and pull her in a big bear hug and tell her “grades don’t define you”

-on her graduation day all she wanted was jocelyn and luke to be there and she started crying when she saw luke with big tears rolling down his face as she walked across the stage

-when luke brought her into the office she would sit and tell alaric how luke burnt the toast but she acted like it was good so she wouldn’t hurt his feelings

acouple things i noticed after watching SING for the second time! (spoilers? probably. watch out)

  • i was looking out for that possible picture of meena’s dad, turns out its NOT her dad, its her graduation picture (and shes all shy and stuff how cute) there could be some other detail somewhere alluding to why her dad seems to be out of the picture, but what this DOES tell us is that meena is def out of high school at least
  • ms.crowley helping a nervous johnny backstage before hes about to go on (my boy is very nervous)
  • speaking of which, after johnny’s performance he looks like… really surprised! considering how hard he went and how much passion he put into that song, hes probably never done that before and was surprised at himself that he could even DO that (i love him so dearly)
  • i noticed this the first time i saw it but its such a good reference considering the theme of the movie: fkngn becky with the good hair. that must have happened during/after production and they were like WE HAVE TO GO BACK
  • ash changes guitars (or paints over hers?) from white and red to red and black (vurray nice) and theres a little sticker of a porcupine skull and cross bones :9
  • buster’s reaction to the very thought of just sitting around and playing video games with eddie for the rest of his life. not to say he doesnt like playing Driver™ for the PS1 with eddie! buster is just very driven (hurr) hes got passion for his work and all these ideas and literally the only time he ever sits down is when hes being a cheeky shit and scaring the daylights outta eddie.
  • johnny’s dad punching the speed bag in the beginning and johnny messing with it before he gets the call from moon. i feel like that says alot about his relationship with his dad? like the whole time he’s wanted to be his own person and not just go with what his dad wants but now that hes gone (atm) he still misses him. my poor gorilla son :(
  • i figure that all the kids are out of highschool (johhny can drive, ash is living on her own, meena’s graduation picture) so a nice thing to think about is alla them going to community college part time while working for the theater :9 im thinking that eddie and buster are out of college-age (buster meeting nana at eddies graduation, and buster’s Depression Big Shirt™ is deffo an animal college shirt from eddie) buster probably didnt go to college because of money and also the theater


“ I am traveling the world, falling in love with each landscape and capturing birds in its real ecosystem.”

  • “Diana Beltran Herrera (b. 1987, Colombia) is a designer and artist that has been working over the past years with ordinary materials as wire, cardboard, plastic, and paper, the primary medium in the production of her work. After graduating from her BA degree in industrial Design at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (Bogota, Colombia) in 2010, Herrera decided to pursue design as an experimental practice, researching daily about different materials that exist around us and are present in our everyday lives. For Herrera, there is a considerable distance in the relationship between human and nature, and throughout her work, she aims to repair this relation by producing elements that are constantly removed, altered and forgotten. Her work is presented as a resistance of time. Her sculptures portray the ideal state of a thing and also act like a model of representation of a reality that doesnt suffer any change.”

all images ©diana  beltran herrera