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Virginity Stories

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Aftermath of mission (slight not much description), drinking, language because I’m me, SMUT, Male and female oral receiving, loss of virginity, sexual intercourse, vaginal penetration

Word Count: 6284 (Sorry I know its over 5000, but its worth it I promise. Please don’t hate me I got carried away because its been forever since I wrote my Stevie :( 

A/N: This was written for Kate’s Cards Against Humanity Writing Challenge @emilyevanston. My prompt was “How did I lose my virginity?” Still new at writing smut so I apologize if it sucks. Also first time writing loss of virginity so please be gentle. Been awhile since I wrote Marvel so I’m glad to be back. Sorry this is late I’m a horrible person whose job keeps her hella busy and hella tired. No beta and feedback always wanted and appreciated. 

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The Queen

Wow! I’m super shocked at how much momentum this fanfic that I had totally forgotten has caught! Sorry this took so long, but here’s chapter five!

WC: 1986

Warnings: smut, liquor, lowkey violence, swearing

Chapter one! Chapter two! Chapter three! Chapter four!

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A loud knock on your door woke you up that next morning. You moaned quietly and began to sit up as the door opened and Amber stood in the doorway. She stood frozen as she looked at you, totally naked, and Negan, who was just waking up beside you. As you ran your fingers through your hair, she watched your hand, no doubt noticing the ring that rested a tad too big on your finger.

“I-I was just,” Amber started.

“Oh sweet fucking Jesus Christ is that Amber?” Negan groaned as he sat up, rubbing his eyes and nodding, “Of fucking course. Hey, Amber, grab me a drink of whatever is open downstairs in my cabinet, no ice.”

“Actually, I,” Amber tried again.

“Amber, it’s too god damn early for you to annoy me this much,” he continued, he then wrapped his arm around you and pulled you back down into bed with him.

“The wives want to meet y/n,” she stated, “Officially. We feel its best th-”

SMASH she was cut off by Negan hurling a glass from the night before at the wall. He sat up and walked over to her until he was towering over her. She maintained a straight stare, her eyes locked into yours.

“Now I know,” Negan’s breath was shaking, clearly not a morning person, “I promised all of you that no harm would come and all that fucking bullshit. But if you don’t stop with this fucking straight up god damn defiance, Amber, I swear to fucking y/n, it won’t be me, but whoever it is will be sent straight to you with a fucking card with love from Negan. You fucking get that? Get the fuck back in line. Go get us a fucking drink. And fuck off.”

“This is what’s coming,” Amber warned you as she turned to walk away. Negan grabbed her arm and ripped her back with such force that she hit the ground of your room. You bounced out of bed and began to walk towards her.

“What the fuck was that?!” Negan was suddenly calm, and even let out a chuckle.

“Stop,” you placed a hand on his shoulder, you felt his tension lift as he looked up at you, “Come back to bed. Take this out on me, instead.”

He stood and growled lowly, turning and walking towards the bed. You helped Amber up and she glared hard at you. She turned and walked away, slamming the door behind her. You skipped towards the bed and jumped onto Negan. His hands gripped at your hips so hard for a moment that you let out a low yelp. He smiled as he then kicked all of the blankets off of the bed and ran his hands up your body.

You reached down for his massive length, and began to stroke it slowly. His head slowly fell back as you circled your thumb around the head of his cock. You began to work your way down his body until you could take his cock into your mouth. The moment it hit your lips you could taste the salty precum, you ran your tongue around the head as he groaned.

“Enough teasing, sugar, I need it now,” he commanded.

“I wanna be the boss,” you whined.

“Remember what daddy said about talking back,” he warned.

“I thought you liked a bad girl,” you giggled, then suddenly taking his entire length down your throat. He gasped and punched the bed.

His fingers were then tangled in your bed head as he thrust mercilessly. His groans and growls were loud as he cursed out in pleasure. You used one hand to massage his balls as the other dug your nails into his side.

He released your hair and you eagerly crawled up his body and began to slide the head of his cock into your soaked womanhood.

“Woah, woah, woah sugar,” he groaned as he continued to pull you up his body, “It won’t feel good for daddy until I know it’s good for you. I want my queen to have a seat on her throne.”

You giggled before gasping quickly. With little warning his tongue plunged into your drenched pussy, quickly retreating to circle your clit slowly. You let out a cry.

“Fuck,” you quietly mumbled, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck.”

“Scream it, baby,” Negan commanded as his pace quickened, “Make the fucking windows shake.”

As soon as he resumed he hit the spot and you cried out loudly, “FUCK, daddy you’re gonna m-make me cum!”

With one swift movement he slid your body back down and slammed his cock into your throbbing pussy. You let out another cry as he moaned loudly between tight teeth.

His strong hands were literally moving you up and down his length in a loud, wet mess. You had no control over your body as you felt the heat in your stomach move down. He leaned up and began to suck on your neck as his rhythm became increasingly sloppy.

“You w-wanna cum daddy?” you asked with shaky breath, he knew you were just as close as he was, “You wanna fill this pussy?”

He bit hard into your neck and you cried out as you came, his orgasm pumping into you as he threw himself back into the bed and arched his back. You slowly rode it out, up and down up and down, until he pulled you off of him and onto his chest. Kissing the top of your head multiple times as you drifted back asleep.

Your eyes fluttered open as you felt the mattress shift, Negan was trying to sneak away. Without turning to see him you mumbled, “If you think you can just fuck me and then peace, I promise I’ll kill you.”

You heard him give a rough, throaty laugh as he crawled behind you and wrapped his arms around you, “I wouldn’t doubt that for a fucking second. I was just going to grab us some coffee, since Amber shit the bed on the liquor.”

“Coffee?” You rolled over so you were face to face, “What if we just stayed with your earlier plan and stuck alcohol? Celebrated a little bit? Last night was quite the victory for you.”

He smiled as he sat up and put a cigarette between his lips, “A victory? Huh.”

“Well, all of your other wives are at least thirty-five,” you smiled, “Your newest addition to the collection is much younger, I’d say that’s a victory.”

“You aren’t wrong,” he chuckled, “I can’t be drinking this early, kitten, I’ve remembered I’ve got some work to do today that was put off for too damn long already. Someone has been serving as a pretty little fucking distraction for the past little while.”

“Hmph,” you rolled away and sat up, the blankets falling off of you to reveal your still bare body as you stood and walked to your window, “I want you, though,” you sighed, “All to myself.”

He chuckled, and you could hear him buckling up his jeans and then walk over to you.

“Why don’t you fucking chill and take today to plan some wedding shit?” he kissed your shoulder.

“Because we’re supposed to do that together,” you pouted, “If you think you can ease me into the harem until I’m nothing special you’ve got another thing coming. I’m with you today.”

Frustration crossed his face, “When did I fucking say anything about you being like anyone else?”

“I can hear what you say before you say it,” you retorted, taking the cigarette from his lips and pulling a drag yourself, “I’ve always been able to.”

He laughed and threw his head back as you took another drag, “Is that how you managed to stay ahead for so long during our game?”

“You know it, baby,” you handed the cigarette back to him.

Negan’s POV

I watched her delicate fingers place the cigarette between my lips, and I shit you not, for a moment I was almost religious. This girl, this psychopathic angel, was so damn close to everything I had ever wanted that it was hard to think she couldn’t have been the work of some fucking higher power.

“When you cursed out Amber, you swore to me,” she giggled, looking up at me. Her y/c eyes were fire, and I was a fucking snowflake in her presence. It was something new, to love what wanted me dead a week ago.

“You’re the closest living proof I have that maybe there is someone up there,” I replied, her face burned red, “Go get dressed, I have a family meeting us from one of the communities for a bit of a picnic. You should come.”

Excitement erupted across her gorgeous skin as she broke free of my grip and ran towards the small collection of clothing she had. She threw bits and piece all around until she found an old pair of what looked like men’s jeans, and a plain tshirt.

“Knife?” she looked at me with doe eyes, giving her what she wanted the moment she wanted it wasn’t even something I needed to think about. I pulled a small knife out of my back pocket and handed it to her.

She smiled and cut the legs off of the jeans, making herself a pair of incredibly short shorts. She put them on with her top and smiled, doing a spin for me.

“Fuck kitten, your legs are something else,” I moaned lowly as she walked over to me, “I don’t want everyone else to see all of this, maybe try something a bit more conservative. Save this for daddy.”

She rolled her eyes and spun around, walking towards the door. She opened it and laughed, bending over and picking up two cups filled to the rim with liquor, “I guess she didn’t want to interrupt.”

She took a sip and I watched her face twist, but the moment I let out a chuckle she looked at me like she had been challenged and downed two good sized gulps. I walked over and took both cups, sipping from mine before placing them on her desk.

“Would you like to just grab something to eat quick then and be on our way? I’m planning to meet them at the halfway point in about half an hour. Daddy can’t be late.”

She nodded, walking over to the desk and taking another two massive sips from the cup. She stumbled and then smiled brightly, taking my hand.


The sun was warm as we walked towards the people standing in the field.

“Anything I should know, going in?” y/n asked, she squeezed my hand. It wasn’t nervousness, but she was definitely on guard.

“That you’ve never been more fucking safe than you are right here with me and Lucille,” I kissed the side of her head. She sighed and the smell of alcohol filled the crisp air for a moment, “Well hey there strangers!” I called. There stood Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Judith, “Sorry we’re a tad late, you know how ladies are.” Y/n shot me a look and smacked my abdomen.

Introductions were short and we were right into business.

“We have a green house coming up here, so we won’t be needed that canned shit anymore, but how about some fucking hunting, you guys do that shit? Well, I mean, now you will,” I chuckled.

Rick started talking some bullshit and Michonne was out trying to pretend like I gave a fuck about her ‘idea’. But what I was focused on was little Judith, who had crawled into y/n’s lap and was playing with her hair. I’d be lying if I said that a baby wasn’t on the list of things I needed. The whole meeting was pretty much a waste of everyone’s time, but fuck if it didn’t reaffirm all of the shit I already knew.

Let me know what you think! How do you want the wedding to be? How do you want the meeting with the other wives to go? Do you want to be added to my taglist? Inbox and follow me! I’m hoping to have chapter six up tomorrow!

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Prime example how y'all be letting tumblr Get to y'all head 😂

Peter Parker - Its Not An Internship Part 2

okay so a lot of people wanted a part two and there will definitely be a part three!!!! i hope you guys enjoy this:))

part 1

requests are open:))

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“and we’re closed” olivia smiled happily as the door chimed and the last customers of the night cleared out of the diner. a small frown was plastered on my face, i tried to hide it but the whole staff took notice. even the cooks.

“why so down?” gusto asked from the back peeking his head through the large rectangle cut out where you could see them working. his hat was slightly tilted and some crumbs were in his moustache.

“it’s cause lover boy didn’t come in” olivia laughed as my face turned a bright shade of pink. “that’s so not it!” i lied straight through my white teeth.

“my dad is having people over and i’m sad cause my uncle steve can’t come” i made up a complete lie. well not totally a lie, my dad tony stark is not having friends over he’s probably in the basement working on his suit but i do have an uncle steve. what they all don’t know is that my uncle is steve rogers.

“oh honey you’ve got a party going on at home” olivia smiled gently at me. olivia was beautiful, brown hair with the greenest pair of eyes i’ve ever seen. she was maybe 5'8, her skin was gorgeous and tan. she could have easily been a model but she chose the diner instead.

“go on” she shoved me out and untied my apron. “ill clean up tonight, go have fun” she folded up my apron and i gave her a thankful smile.

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I would love to read something where Jamie walks into a bar or cafe and Claire is up on stage singing something. They have never met and he is instantly transfixed by her. He wants to meet her but she has been burned before and he has to work hard to show her he is serious.

The damn phone was ringing again. Shrill in his ears with the sound of what could only be bad news.

But he couldn’t afford an answering machine, and was just about broke. So he reached over the side of the bed, fumbling in the dark for the receiver, spilling a pile of records to the floor.

“Hello?” he croaked, voice raspy with sleep and cigarettes.

“Oh good, you’re awake. What are you up to tonight?”

He rubbed his face with his free hand. “It’s six AM, Ian. What the hell?”

“I’m still out with Murtagh – he said he’s got a lead on a singer looking for a band. You in?”

*That* woke him up. Ian – his best friend and the finest damn drummer on the face of the earth – and Jamie had parted ways with their most recent band two months before. Creative differences, or whatever. They had picked up random session work here and there, but nothing steady since then. And it was damn hard to survive – even in Alphabet City where you crawled over junkies sprawled out on the sidewalk and dodged homeless ‘Nam vets panhandling on every corner just to get to the front door every night – when they both could only bring home a few dollars a week.

“Who’s the singer? Do you know him?”

The long blare of a siren wailed through the receiver.

“Are you on the street, Ian? Do I need to meet you somewhere?”

“No, it’s OK!” he shouted into the mouthpiece. “We can audition tomorrow. But the singer will be performing at Murtagh’s club tonight – 9:30. I promised Jenny I’d go with her to see that new Evita musical in the theater district – she said the orchestra may need a backup backup drummer…”

“OK, OK. I’ll do it. 9:30? Are you even coming back today?” Jamie slowly sat up, rubbing the back of his neck. Frowning at the plastic bag caught in the tree branch right outside his window.

“One more place with Murtagh, then straight to Jenny’s. I’ll say you send your love! And I’ll tell Murtagh we’re in. Gotta go!”

A click – then the dialtone.

Jamie carefully set down the receiver and then reached down for the neck of his guitar. He hoisted it to his knees, idly strumming. Thinking.

9:45 PM found Jamie Fraser half-way through his pack of cigarettes, sliding down the slippery vinyl bench that lined the walls of Murtagh FitzGibbon’s half-cabaret, half-comedy club where a few careers had been launched – and where many bright dreams had faded.

But Murtagh had taken a chance on Jamie and Ian, hooking them up with the MacKenzie brothers the previous year. It was a good gig while it lasted, but Rupert had let the bit of fame they’d garnered (if touring small theaters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire college towns could be considered “fame”) go to his head. He and his twin brother Angus – singer and bassist, respectively – hadn’t let Jamie contribute any of his own songs to the setlist. They wanted to go bigger, while Jamie and Ian wanted to get smarter.

So here he was, back in Murtagh’s club. At least he wasn’t paying him to find a new gig – not like he could have given him any money, anyway.

If things got really bad, he and Ian could always move in with Jenny – Jamie’s sister, and Ian’s fiancée. She had what their parents considered to be a “respectable” job, working as a bookkeeper at St. Vincent’s Hospital. She could always help him find work there, if push came to shove – and it would be a steady income, to be sure.

But Jamie knew he wasn’t cut out for that kind of work. He was creative – had always doodled drawings or written ditties on the piano and guitar from a young age. Mom and Dad didn’t quite understand it, but they supported it.

And this new singer – this potential ticket to a new chapter in his life – was late.

All Murtagh had said in the fifteen seconds they’d had to chat was that the singer would be on after the one-handed French juggler, of all things. And Claudel had just bowed to finish his act.

Jamie sipped the whisky he’d been nursing all night, tapping the heel of his boots impatiently. Watching the small woman with a riot of curly hair set up a stool behind the microphone at center stage. She had to be new – one of the many helpers who dreamed of the spotlight.

But then to his astonishment, she turned around, smiled confidently at the crowd, and climbed onto the stool.

The houselights dimmed, and the spotlight illuminated her gorgeous, creamy skin. She wore a short black dress, black stockings, and black heels.

And a dazzling smile.

“I’m Claire Beauchamp. And tonight I’ll be singing some of my favorites from Sondheim, Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Cole Porter.”

Show tunes? He had dragged his ass all the way to the Upper East Side for a woman who sang show tunes? What kind of joke was Murtagh playing on him?

Then Claire Beauchamp nodded at Ned Gowan – perched, as he had been for over twenty years, behind the piano at stage left.

And she began to sing.

And Jamie Fraser was mesmerized.

That voice. That *voice.* Beautiful and rich and pure. Expressive – evocative – honest. Joyous and sorrowful and a thousand emotions in between.

It spoke to him. Burrowed deep inside his ribs. Burst forth in a racing heart.

His fingers unconsciously curled to hold the invisible frets and strings of his acoustic guitar – itching to write.

Who was she? Why was she here?

And why did she want a guitarist?

He’d played some jazz music in high school, and could pluck out any tune on the piano – but he knew almost next to nothing about the music with which she was clearly so familiar.

But for that voice – he’d try anything.

Her set was exactly twenty minutes. As soon as she’d bowed to the tepid applause in the room and made her way backstage, Jamie found his feet following her. He’d played this club often enough to know the quickest way to large room where all the acts got ready. He dodged a man wearing an enormous sombrero, followed by a woman in a gorgeous, colorful dress clutching two maracas, and turned the corner to the prep room.

A long mirror hung on one side, and an equally long line of director’s chairs packed with men and women adjusting their hair and makeup huddled to one side. Coats and boots and props piled randomly on the other side of the room – and there she was, alone, winding a long scarf around her neck.

“Excuse me? Miss Beauchamp?”

She looked up, startled, and somehow he stood right in front of her. God, she had to be a foot shorter than him. She wore barely any makeup – so different and refreshing from the typical woman who performed here. And bravely met his eyes. Waiting.

“I’m Jamie Fraser.”

Realization dawned. “The guitar player? Murtagh didn’t let me know you’d be here tonight.”

“I like doing my research. I didn’t last time, and it came back to bite me in the ass.”

She broke his gaze to shrug into her blue peacoat. “Well then. And what did your research find tonight?”

“Why do you want a guitar player?” he blurted. “Ian – my drummer – and I, we don’t do show tunes. Or jazz, or lounge music, or whatever else seems to be in your repertoire.”

“Well that’s good, then.” She buttoned up her coat and shoved her hands in her pockets, chin tilted up a bit. Defiant. “Because I don’t want to do this kind of music anymore.”

Jamie waited, brows raised.

“Well, what *do* you want?”

“I want to be a rock and roll singer. And I want you to help me.”

He wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it – but thankfully didn’t.

“A rock singer? No offense, but have you ever sang that kind of music before?”

“Are you telling me I can’t do it?” She straightened up a bit, eyes narrowed. “Because I’ve heard that one before. And I’ve ignored every single person who told me I couldn’t. It got me here to New York, it got me here to The Broch tonight. And it got you to come backstage to find me.”

He flushed, suddenly embarrassed. “I’m not – I’m sorry if you took it that way. Only – you have such a beautiful voice. It’s just surprising, is all. Rock isn’t beautiful – it’s tough. Raw. And it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.”

“Well, I’m tough,” she countered, voice steely and fierce.” I’ve been through a lot more than you think. And believe me, I know that happy endings only happen in the musicals.”

She looked away for a moment – but not from shyness. Clearly gathering her thoughts.

He wanted to reach out and caress her face – right there, where her cheek met her jaw.

Then clenched his hand into a fist. What the hell was she doing to him?

“But it’s what I want,” she continued. “I’ve sacrificed so much for this. Murtagh says you’re the best guitarist and songwriter he’s found in a long time. And I need a musical partner – like Page to Plant, or Keith to Mick. I need someone I can work with, and rely on, and who can push me to be the singer I’ve always wanted to be.”

She pressed her lips, suddenly shy.

“Are you willing to do that?”

Jamie’s whole world tilted.

“Yes.” His voice was clear, strong, confident. It was the easiest decision he’d ever made.

Then she smiled at him, and he forgot all the other people in the crowded room.

“Good. I’ve got a rehearsal space down on the Bowery – can you be there at ten in the morning?” She pulled a card and pen from her purse and scribbled the address. He must have nodded because the next thing he knew she had wished him goodbye and slid past him – and he cradled the card in the palm of his hand, realizing he had no idea what the hell he was doing.

Stephen Sondheim, “Send In The Clowns”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI_nLz-rciA

Rodgers & Hammerstein, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DBTLN73TXE

Cole Porter, “De Lovely”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txBnEh-SpGg

Strike a pose


Harry Styles sat in the set, adjusting the light fixtures and getting it perfect. For this shoot, he was going to make it his best one.

Being one of the most famous photographers in the world right now, he always took pride in his work, but he wanted something to top that. And to top the crazy things he had done, he’s doing something simple.

His model was someone he had hand picked out of 3,000 girls who were begging for him to take photos of them. The girl had an a light to her that resonated on her face, but also the look in her eyes and smile that was slightly seductive. Harry knew the moment he saw her that he wanted to shoot her, despite her being a new model.

Today’s shoot would be in a studio apartment, with big windows showing off the cityscape, and hug bed with messy white sheets.

Harry liked to work alone. Another reason why he was so unique. No lighting people, no stress. Just him, the model and his camera. So that being said, he fixed his sets to perfect like he was doing now. After fixing the sheets to be perfectly messy, he sat on the bed waiting for her to arrive.

Jeanine was overwhelmed with excitement to be working with Harry Styles. Being a model who wanted to make it big, although she was just coming up in the industry, she knew how big it was to be able to say she’s even met him, let alone worked from him.

The fact that she was handpicked out of thousands of girls made her a bit dizzy. She wasn’t insecure, but she didn’t expect to be chosen, despite how insanely beautiful she was. She could act for the camera, she had the talent, but getting to shoot with him was like getting into Princeton, but only in the modeling industry.

She rushed up the stairs, heading to the room they agreed to meet in. She is out of breath from running once she gets up the stairs.

“I’m sorry if I’m late,” she sighs, putting her stuff down, walking up to Harry to shake his hand, “Jeanine,” she smiles. Damn, Harry is /extremely/ attractive.

“Harry.” He smiled, but Instead of shaking her hand, he brought it up to kiss gently. He knew /exactly/ how to drive women crazy.

He looked Jeanine loved carefully, loving what he saw. A perfect body, gorgeous face and beautiful smile. She didn’t have much makeup on besides the standard eyeliner mascara foundation.

“I’ve got to say, your pictures don’t do you justice… In then you’re stunning but in person… You’re quite honestly one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.” He says softly, observing her.

He wasn’t lying. She was. Her natural beauty was astounding, and he wanted to take hundreds of photos of her. He could imagine her in every setting. On the bed, on a runway, in the city and in a field. She had versatile beauty that Harry had never seen before.

Jeanine’s cheeks grow even more red as Harry compliments her. This is what photographers are supposed to do so that they’re models perform in front of the camera for them well. Make them feel confident and sexy to encourage them to just be themselves.

But Jeanine could tell that this wasn’t just Harry being polite for business. She could tell he said it with more intention behind his words, and it made her tummy flutter a bit.

“Thank you, thank you so much. I seriously can’t thank you enough for even choosing me. It’s truly an honor, every model in the industry knows how incredible of an experience it is to work with someone like you,” she says, voice soft like her gorgeous skin.

“Thank you for modeling for me.” Harry smiled at her softly, before taking her hand and leading her to the window.

“Now the concept of this is sexy natural mornings. So I have a large tee shirt of mine ready for you to wear, you can change into that. Basically like a boyfriends clothes type of thing.” He said handing her the tee shirt.

When she came back to him wearing it, and nothing else, he felt his pants tighten a bit. This was rare for him. He was surrounded by models daily, seeing then naked but fuck, she looked sexy and a bit nervous, her eyes big and she looked at him with doe eyes and thick lashes and he wanted to do filthy things to her.

He cleared his throat, eyes roaming her body. “Perfect, very sexy. Now stand here and just look out for me alright?” He said before rushing to his camera.

Jeanine was used to photographers calling her sexy, beautiful, but she could see the hungry way Harry was looking at her, and she could definitely tell that there was a bit of desire in his tone.

Her cheeks flushed again and she nodded as he requested she stand there. Jeanine was a natural, that’s why she was booking these types of jobs so early in her career. She can turn on the sexiness at any given time that she is instructed to.

Jeanine looks towards the camera and gives it bedroom eyes, acting as if she’s staring at a man she lusts for. But as Harry focuses the camera, she decides to do it for him instead of the camera. She tries to convince herself that she’s doing it for better photo results, but she knows that the sexiness she’s turning on is for him.

Her eyes were making it hard for him to keep his dick from popping out of his pants. The sexual tension was filling the room, as he shot photo after photo.

He cleared his throat and instructed her of her next place.
“So I need you on the bed now. I want the shots to look like you’re trying to lure a man or woman into bed with you, give them they eyes and the body language. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

She nods, understanding exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it.

She climbs onto the bed and sits up at first, making sure her back is facing the camera. She pulls his shirt up over her bare ass so that her ass cheeks are shown, before she turns her head around to face the camera, and only her head, bites her lip, and gives /him/ seductive eyes.

It’s known that there’s always got to be chemistry between said model and the photographer, however, this is more than just chemistry. This is literal attraction to one another.

Her ass was round and smooth and fuck, he just wanted to touch it. Maybe mark it up a bit. And he wanted to bite that damn lip… She was killing him.

“Mm, that’s good darling. Maybe turn around and face the front, lower your shirt a little bit.” He suggests. “Tease the camera.”

“Mhmm,” she hums, turning her body around. She grips onto his shirt that’s on her naked body, pulling the shirt down a bit so that most of her breasts are shown. A lot of cleavage, and almost a nip slip. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back, arching her head to the side a bit to give the camera a sexy, sleepy look.

She pulls the shirt down a bit too much, and her nipple becomes exposed, the cool air hitting the sensitive erection of her nipples.

“Shit…” Harry whispers under his breath.
“That’s good sweetheart keep it like that.” He whispers to her, snapping photos and moving around for different angles.

“I need to fix something..” He says before walking over to her and messing up her hair a bit, making it messy like sex hair. “That’s better doll.” He says softly, hand slipping down to stroke her cheek.

“Mmm, good, want to be as sexy as possible for this shoot. This is huge for me,” she whispers, leaning into his hand as it hits her cheek.

She’s extremely aware that her breasts are hanging out, but she doesn’t mind. In an odd and extremely sexual way, she kind of likes it. She does wish she was wearing panties, however, because there is a dull ache between her thighs, and Harry is in an extremely flattering outfit. God, he’s so sexy, and she knows he thinks she is as well. He’s achingly fucking hot.

Harry took the shirt and tugged on it a bit, making the other nipple pop out. He cursed internally, looking at the gorgeous breasts. He was sure he was fully hard now.

“Take your hands and hold them over your nipples, please.” He I trusted before backing up a bit and shooting several shots of her bare breasts and hands.

“That’s perfect. Sexy.. You could lure any man into bed with that.”

“Mmmm,” she hums, but it sounds more like a moan as she covers her nipples with her hands and looks directly at Harry.

Her cheeks flush, and any need of blush that she had before vanishes as she looks towards Harry’s jeans. She can see the bulge and she can surely feel the bit of stickiness between her thighs.

“Good. ’S what I’m going for,” she licks her lips, staring at Harry long after he’s taken the photo.

Harry smirked at her as he took the photos quietly, his hard on becoming more and more frequent. He had never had a model make him so crazy before, and she was doing it without even trying.

“And what else are you trying to do, kitten?” He asks as he lowers the camera, looking at her with lust blown eyes. He walks towards her slowly, the shirt falling even lower so par of her stomach is exposed.

She bites her lip hard at his question, her eyes widening a bit as he begins to slowly walk towards her. Her skin heats up and she squeezes her thighs together at the pet name.

“Mmm, dunno. It’s kind of hard to think, having such a sexy photographer and all,” she hums, trying to sound more confident, trying to play it cool. Which is quite hard, considering she’s not quite sure how this will go or where it will lead, and her heart is beating out of her chest

Harry looks at her with a smirk, putting down the camera and sitting next to her on the edge of the bed.

“Well, we must talk about this then. Am I making you uncomfortable or…distracting you?”

He looked at her with pure lust in his eyes, wanting to pounce on her at any second, but he wanted to wait for her to make the first move.

Her breath noticeably hitched at his question and she moves her hand to his chest where she rests her palm, looking into his eyes.

“Distracting me? Maybe a bit. Making me uncomfortable? Not at all. You’re just extremely sexy, I can’t help but want to put on a show for you, rather than just the cameras,” she admits in a whisper.

“Why don’t you do that for me then, love. I’ll sit back, show me what you’ve got.” He smirked challengingly, climbing up the bed and leaning leaning against the headboard.

He watched her with curiosity as she got up. She was so fucking gorgeous, he felt his self control completely slipping my away.

She smirks and moves her hands to the hem of his shirt, peeling it slowly off her body, stripping herself completely for him.

She raises an eyebrow before punching her nipples and playing with her tits, laying on her back before she reveals the money spot.

She shows him her pretty pink pussy, spreading herself open for him to take a look, “don’t think you’ve seen this part of me yet, though…”

Her tits were gorgeous, the perfect size and shape. He practically drooled over time as she ran her hands over then and pinched her erect nipples, leaving him aching to bite and suck on them.

Finally, she opened her legs and let him take a look at her gorgeous cunt. He moaned out loud and dropped a hand on his pants to palm himself.

“Holy shit… Baby, you’re so gorgeous. Your pussy is so wet, I can see it from here.”

“Aren’t I nice and wet and pink? Just for you,” she hums, beginning to rub on her swollen clit. She can’t help herself, he’s so irresistible and hot, and she was wearing his shirt and doing sexy poses for him. This was inevitable.

“I need some relief, but I don’t know where I’ll get it…” She pouts playfully

He watched her almost in a trance as she rubbed her clit, his eyes locked on her fingers as they circles the swollen nerve.

“Come sit on my lap darling, I might be able to help you out.” He whispered, watching her still play with herself.

She wanted to give him the best view of her swollen, soaked folds and clit that she was playing with gently with her fingers. She wanted to make sure he could see /everything/.

“Mmm,” she moans at his request, sitting up once again and licking her fingers to get any cum off of them.

She crawls over to him, before she climbs onto his lap as requested and spreads her legs over it. She moves her hands to rest on his shoulders and she looks into the green of his eyes. He is an absolute dream.

Harry’s hands moved to touch her breasts, squeezing them gently. Then his lips when to kiss her collar bones gently, sucking a small mark and trailing his lips down to her nipple, licking it teasingly, then suddenly sucking it into his mouth.

His other hand traveled to her swollen clít, rubbing it in slow lazy circles knowing she would buck into his hand for more.

He looked at her, her head thrown back in pleasure and her back arched as she suckled on her nipples.

This was the most erotic situation Jeanine had been in, in all of her years. It was not only dirty and completely unorthodox, it was with the most attractive man she had ever seen.

“Oh god, that feels so good, I love that so much….” She breathes out, her words coming out in breathless rhythm.

Her back arched and her legs shook a bit from the immense pleasure of him simply lazily rubbing her swollen, slippery clit in circles.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” Harry moaned before switching nipples. He played with them with his mouth, suckling, gently biting, licking. He could see it was driving her crazy.

His hand that was on her clít sped up, rubbing fast and hard against her as she gasped.

“How does that feel baby? You’re dripping wet.”

She nods quickly, whimpers slipping from her swollen lips. She wants to kiss /him/, and his gorgeous lips. She wants to do more than just touching each other’s genitals.

She moves her head forward and presses her lips against his hungrily, swiping her tongue against his bottom lip almost immediately. “So good baby,” she whimpers, her toes curling and her back arching even more.

Harry kissed her back deeply, their tongues swirling and exploring each other’s mouths.
He slipped a finger into her tightness, moaning against her lips at the feeling of her wet, warm pussy on his finger.

“You’re so tight, baby girl.” He cooed, sliding it in and out. “Bet you’d feel fùcking incredible around my cock, all warm and wet.”

His use of dirty words made her moan even more, her pussy clenching around his long, slender fingers that are used to snap the sexy shots of her on the bed. She begins rocking her hips and creating rhythm to intensify the pleasure.

“Oh god, I bet your cock is so big, shit…want it in my face,” she gasps, her eyes squeezing shut as she pulls away from his mouth to roll her head back.

“Do you want to touch me baby? I’m so hard for you. Absolutely aching. ” he moaned, thrusting his fingers faster into her.

“I’ve been hard since I saw you, you’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen… I want to destroy you.” He growled into her ear.

The word destroy, mixed with the growl in her ear makes her legs shake even more, she is so weak, weak for him.

“I wanna touch your cock, please, let me,” she begs, moving her hands down. She begins fumbling with the zipper of his pants and tugs them down before unbuttoning them, moving to his boxers where she palms him over the thin layer of cloth, “so hard baby…”

“Mmm fuck. That’s it baby, take it out.” He hisses as her small hand takes hold of his cöck through his boxers.

She takes it out, stroking it softly as he throws his head back and moans. “Such pretty hands on my big cock… Spit on it baby, get it all wet.”

Her eyes are a bit wide because of how big he is. She’s never seen a dick as big as Harry Styles’s, and she’s damn happy that she’s getting the opportunity to.

“Any of your other models ever do this to you?” She hums softly as she begins to jerk his massive erection, biting her lip as she looks into the green of his lustful eyes.

“No, just you… They don’t turn me on like you. Never got this hard over any of them.” He pants, catching her lips in a dirty kiss.

“Your lips taste delicious. I wonder…..” He trails off before taking his hand away and sucking her wetness off his fingers, moaning. “Mm, you taste amazing everywhere.”

Her confidence is instantly boosted by him once again, and she feels her stomach do flip flops at his answer. She moans softly as her brain scans through the possibilities.

“You want to find out how I taste, baby? There’s only one way…” She smirks, licking her lips as she brushes her thumb against his sensitive tip.

Harry looked at her with his eyes dark with lust. She looked so innocent but fuck, she knew exactly what to do to make a man go to his knees.

“You look like such a pretty, innocent angel at first baby… But those eyes.. You can see you’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

“I open up when I feel extra specially comfortable with the man I’m fucking,” she smirks, sticking her ass up in the air as she leans down to take him into her mouth.

She begins by kitten licking the head and looking up at him with innocent eyes, pumping his base and fondling his balls in the other hand.

His Hand reaches down to squeeze her ass as she licks at his tip gently. She looked gorgeous, big doe eyes with fluttering lashes while her pink tongue licked at his dick.

“Suck it angel, cmon.” He groaned and sure enough she took him into her mouth, the warmth and wetness making him moan.

She never thought she’d find herself in a situation like this. Sucking her photographer’s dick after a very sexy shoot. It’s frowned upon in the agency and seen as very wrong, but she could give less of a shit because it feels so damn /right/.

She also loves the adrenaline rush that it’s giving her. She takes more of him into her mouth and begins bobbing her head, getting his penis ass sticky and wet with her warm spit. She moves her head faster and moans against him to send glorious vibrations.

Her mouth was warm and wet, just right for him. She got him wet with her spit and dove right in, taking him into her mouth and sucking. It felt fùcking amazing.

“Shit, that’s it angel. Such pretty lips wrapped around me, such a gorgeous sight.” He cooed, taking her hair and fisting it in a pony tail to keep it out of her face.

She felt her hair being pulled up into a ponytail and she was grateful. She didn’t want her hair to get in the way of the incredible blow job she was giving Harry.

She massages his balls in her left hand as her lips pucker around his cock, her tongue moving up and down his shaft as she bobs her head.

She pulls her mouth off with a pop and kitten licks the head again before looking up to him.

“You like that? I love that I’m the only model who’s done this to you…” She growls, moving her head down to suckle his balls.

Her hands on his balls and licks on the tip made him quiver in pleasure. He had never gotten head this good in his life.

“Only one angel, and it’s so good. Fuck…” He groaned, before gasping as she sucked on his balls.

“Shit baby, shit… That’s so good, more.”

Some guys don’t like it when their balls are played with, so Jeanine is extremely pleased when Harry seems to like it. Her ex wasn’t into it and she had to pretend like she didn’t want to play with his balls during head.

She leaves kisses all over them, licking up the seam between them with a throaty moan. Her legs squeeze together to relieve some tension, her body feeling as if it’s about to explode with need.

“Baby, Fück me please.” He whined, pulling her up to his lap. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Need to fuck tou, come on.” He hissed, flipping them over and sliding into her. Loud moans left both of their mouths AT the stretch of his big cock inside of her tiny pùssy.

She had never been with anyone so big before in her life. The way her pussy was stretching around his massive erection made her cry out his name.

“Oh shit, yeah! Oh my god, feels so good,” she nearly screams as Harry pounds into her tight, warm cunt. “so fucking good, feels so fucking good,” she repeats, digging her nails into his shoulders.

No one could ever know about this. Ever. This was a very unorthodox and dirty situation, boning her photographer after a sexy photoshoot.

“How’s this baby? Hmm?” He purred as he thrusted in and out of her warmth, losing all self control.

“How do I feel inside you? You’re so fucking tight and I’m starching you open aren’t I?” He grunted, biting down hard on the skin near her collarbone. He wanted to leave marks.

“Such a gorgeous girl, fuck.”

“Oh yeah, fuck baby. Stretching me out so good. Fucking hell you’re so damn sexy,” she pants, her toes curling before she wraps her legs around his waist.

“Fuck me harder baby. Wanna hear your balls smacking against my taint,” she breathes, proud of the dirty words slipping from her lips.

Harry growled loudly, starting to pound into her. The bed was squeaking, his hands resting above her head. Her hands on his back, scratching down his back.

“Like this baby?” He grunted. The noises of their fucking filled the room, skin slapping skin, mouths smacking together.

“Such dirty words falling out of such a gorgeous mouth, I fucking love it.”

“Yeah baby, oh shit, that’s perfect!” She screams, her hands gripping the sheets and her back threatening to arch off of the bed.

Her legs shake as she gets even closer to reaching her climax, her head rolling back as Harry’s mouth moves to her neck to lick and suck.

“Yes baby, want you to cum okay? Gonna fuck you really hard, want you to scream for me when you cum.” He hissed between gritted teeth, returning her favor and sucking multiple marks on to her neck.

He was fucking her as hard as he could, headboard clashing against the wall and her legs shaking, the heavy breathing and skin slapping and their loans mixing together.

He felt her clench around him, signaling she was close. “Cmon baby, cum.”

Jeanine can’t hold out for much longer. She’s never felt this close, so quickly, in her entire life. It’s always taken a while for her to get there, or the guy just didn’t care to get her there at all.

“Fuck yeah baby, ’m so close….” She trails off, breathing heavily as she clenches around Harry’s massive dick.

One last hard thrust really gets her going, and she cums around his fat cock with a loud scream.

Harry groaned, feeling her clench around him triggering not his orgasm. Finally, he felt his stomach clench and the pressure was released.

He came, spilling inside of her while panting against her mouth.

“Well, fuck.”


Request: Thank you so much for writing off days, it was good!! Could you please do 6, 7, and 16 for any member of BTS, please?

6) “I never realized how much of a coward you are.”

7) “I think you’ve had enough to drink.”

16) You and your bias fake a relationship to make your crush jealous

Member: BTS Jimin x Y/N x (ft. Taehyung)

Type: sexy fluff

You leaned back in your chair, sending a drunken, but kind smile Jimin’s way. He nodded back in response before taking a long sip from his drink. His mouth formed a ghost of a smile as he looked away, watching the dance floor bumping only a few feet from his bar stool. 

It was rare that you would see him at a dance club, so you were pleasantly surprised when Tae had drug you out tonight. You had been cautiously loving Jimin from afar since the moment you had set eyes on him. Throughout the entirety of your attempted courtship, Jimin remained casually disinterested. That was when your best friend, Taehyung, had suggested you fake a relationship to draw his attention. Admittedly, you were a bit skeptical at first. You knew Tae knew Jimin just about better than anyone, and he was convinced that Jimin always wanted what he couldn’t have. If he couldn’t have you, Tae was sure that he’d become interested. 

“I never realized how much of a coward you are,” Taehyung laughed, setting his foot up on the nearby chair. He wiggled his eyebrows as he grinned at you. 

“And what do you mean by that Mr. Kim?” you slurred, ripping your eyes from Jimin and setting them on Taehyung. For a moment, his face went blank before his charming smile returned. 

“Stop being a dweeb and ask him to dance! Jimin loves to gyrate his hips on nearly anything,” Taehyung gasped, petting your knuckles with his finger tips. 

“You are probably the worst fake boyfriend  ever,” you groaned, rolling your eyes. 

“Should we stage a break up then? Let Jimin know you’re single and ready to mingle?” Taehyung giggled, sliding his feet from the chair and leaning toward you. “You know I’m an actor now.”

“I think you’ve had enough to drink,” you hiccuped, shaking your head and patting him on the shoulder. You stood, straightening your clothes, and sauntered over to Jimin. 

You gave yourself a pep talk as you walked while simultaneously praying that you didn’t trip. 

“Fancy seeing you here,” you hummed, leaning against the bar beside JImin. You immediately winced at your words before slowly turning to him. He gazed at you with eyebrows raised, amusement coating his handsome features. 

“Is that honestly what you want to open with?” Jimin chuckled. “I at least expected to hear, “Come here often?”” 

You stopped yourself from rolling your eyes, trying to remember you were attempting to be seductive. “Do you plan on dancing tonight?”

Jimin cut you with a side eye, chewing on his lip as he contemplated. “I guess it would depend…on if you asked me or not.”

You inhaled sharply, not expecting to hear anything like that fall from his lips. You silently reminded your heart to continue it’s beating and calm the butterflies wildly flapping in your stomach. 

“And why…couldn’t you ask me?” you croaked, attempting to play his game. As you said the words, a slight tremble to them, you immediately lost your confidence. 

“Now that wouldn’t be very considerate of my dear friend, Taehyung, would it?” Jimin said, a cocky smile on his face. 

For a second you cursed Taehyung. No way would Jimin even begin to lay a finger on you if you were his best friend’s girl. You then proceeded to curse yourself, realizing you had agreed to the whole idea. 

Jimin bit his lip again, his eyes searching yours, a hint of something mischievous behind his actions. 

That’s when you realized. 

He knew. 

He knew you and Taehyung weren’t actually together.  The arrogant smile said it all. 

“Would you like to dance Jimin?” you said, your words slow and calm. 

“What about Tae?” Jimin asked, lifting his brow. 

“What about him?” 

Jimin’s hand snaked around your waist as he pushed you gently toward the dance floor, shooting a fleeting look to the table Taehyung was sitting at. Taehyung watched with an amused expression. Jimin gave him a short nod, keeping a strong hand placed on your hip. Almost as soon as your feet stepped on the glowing tiles, the DJ switched up the vibe. A song you recognized to be Jay Park’s Metronome began to pump slinkily through the speakers. 

A shy smile found it’s way onto Jimin’s lips as you spun toward him with wide eyes. He looked away, his cheeks bright red as the song continued, the couples around you getting closer and beginning to grind to the beat. You looked over hesitantly to Tae who wore a wide grin. He wiggled his fingers at you, jutting his chin out as a symbol to get on with it. You looked back up to Jimin who had watched your exchange. 

“When are you going to give up the act?” Jimin asked smoothly, spinning you around so you back was pressed against his chest. He wrapped an arm around you, placing his hand just shy of your pelvic bone. His hips eased back and forth to the pulse of the song, guiding you in the process. His opposite hand slid down your arm, tugging it up so your free hand could rest on the back of his neck. Once in place, his fingers slid up and down your forearm, his whispers purring in your ear. “You two have no chemistry.” 

“Says who?” you grumbled. You were starting to get whiplash from Jimin’s shifts from cute to confident. “Taehyung and I’s chemistry is hot…red hot.”

“Is that why he told me you’ve been crushing on me for weeks now?” Jimin chuckled. 

Fucking Taehyung. 

You glared to the table housing your “boyfriend,” Tae. Where your seat was previously vacant, sat a pretty girl, her twists swirled up into a bun. She was gorgeous. Her dark skin glimmered underneath the club lights as if she was made of gold. Taehyung stared at her in aw, like she was a piece of art come to life. 

You spun to face Jimin, your lips pursed. You wrapped your arms around his neck and your bodies continued to slide against each other. He tangled his arms around you back, his thumb tracing burning circles into the light cotton comprising your top. “What did he tell you?” 

“That you two were dating,” Jimin nodded. “At first I was pissed. I never told him about how I felt for you, but I assumed he would catch on.”

“And then,” you hummed. 

“And then I realized he hadn’t caught on. He would drop lines about how cute you were, how funny you were. I knew this already. I was the one who liked you, not him. It seemed like it was a show and I wasn’t sure what he was getting at,” JImin continued. His hands roamed your body, the music taking control of his motions. Your breaths were ragged at this point, incapable of keeping up with Jimin’s close proximity. He smelled like spice, specifically cinnamon and something oddly like pepper. It was completely intoxicating, and it didn’t help that you were already drunk off of alcohol alone. 

“So finally, I told him that he was acting weird,” Jimin smiled. “And it took little coaxing for him to give up your arrangement.”

“Aish! What arrangement? It was all his-” you began, your words flying out of your mouth with an amazing speed. 

“You didn’t have to play games,” Jimin giggled, cutting you off. He leaned forward, his lips near your ear. “You could have had me whenever you wanted.”

You swallowed. Hard. You thought your blood had frozen in your veins and your stomach dropped as he growled the words. You leaned away from him, only for him to chase you as you moved. He dug his face into your neck, placing a light kiss on your heated skin before pulling away. 

“Does that still apply?” you whispered, afraid of the words before they were vocalized. 

“Do you still want me?” Jimin purred. 

You gasped as Jimin yanked you even closer, an act you thought nearly impossible as you were already chest to chest. His lips hovered over yours, waiting for any kind of answer. You nodded shortly, incapable of verbalizing anything. He had already taken your breath away. 

Jimin smiled slightly before closing the centimeter gap and pressed his plump lips against yours. You were surprised by the heat they created, moving against your mouth as if they were their own song. Your eyes locked shut and you thought your lungs would explode. You had never felt anything like this. Jimin kissed you as if you weren’t in the middle of a dance floor, surrounded by people, completely exposed. It was something intimate and intense. After a few moments, his lips reluctantly pulled from yours, his gaze concentrated on your face.

Your attention remained on him as well, your skin heating up from all of the attention. Jimin smiled, his eyes refocusing on something over your shoulder. You spun, beginning to laugh as you eyed Taehyung bopping on the dance floor, the pretty girl from earlier smiling beside him. 

“Don’t worry!” he shouted over the music, doing a slight shoulder dance as he spoke. “I give you my blessing!” 

“I guess that means you two have broken up,” Jimin laughed. “I have to say, I’d love to be your rebound.” 

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