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Breakfast In Bed (And Out) - M.C.

Request: Hey I really enjoy your writing and I’m a hardcore Michael girl. So could you write something smutty bc Mikey is daddy af and I need that in my life.

Summary: It’s the morning of Michael and Y/N’s four-year anniversary, and Michael has something planned for her.

Pairing: Mikey x Female Reader

Warnings: SMUT !!!

A/N: I wasn’t sure if this request was wanting a daddy!mikey thing or not so I just went with smut, but if the requester/anybody wants me to do the daddy one, just shoot me an ask/message and I’ll get it done for sure. I am so far up Michael’s ass it’s insane.

“Good morning, my queen,” Michael grinned sleepily, rolling over into Y/N’s side of the bed and hovering over her smaller body. “Happy anniversary.” Their lips connected in a soft kiss, neither of them caring about the repulsive morning breath they both shared. Spending four years together really changes the way you see each other. You see the ugliest parts of them, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to stick with it or not. 

Four years ago, Michael met Y/N at a house party. Y/N was drunk and threw up on him, so he changed into a pair of his friend’s clothes and walked her home. Though she blew chunks all over him, he still thought she was the sweetest angel on the entire planet. That was when he knew he loved her.

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