her flawless smile

Sex (Inspired by The 1975 song)

(This isn’t proof read! I’m really sorry!)

And this is how it starts,

Harry had known Y/N since college. They had a morning writing class together. Y/N sat next to him on their first day and was very talkative. “Hey, is someone sitting here?” he looked away from the paper he was heading and looked up to the voice. She was dirty blonde and barely had any make up on, her blue tank top and white shorts really brought out her lightly tanned skin. She was smiling at him and raised her eyebrows, waiting for his response. “Oh!-uh, no.”

He shook his head shyly and turned back to his paper that had barely any writing on it, and he figured he wouldn’t have any on it since a gorgeous girl was sitting next to him now. “I’m Y/N,” she smiled after she sat down, “Harry.” “Are you new here?” she whispered to him as she began pulling out her binder from her plain ‘Jansport’ book bag. “Nah, it’s my secon’ term.” he watched as her eyes grew wide after he closed his mouth, she was gasping now with her mouth wide open and Harry could only imagine how much wider it could go. He was slightly hard from the thought.

“You’re British?” Harry laughed in a low manner so he wouldn’t disturb the rest of the class. “Yah.” he spoke in his deep, raspy morning voice, “that’s amazing.” she spoke out with one of her hands in her hair while the other was opening her notebook to begin writing down what was on the board. He could feel a smile forming on his pierced lips as he tried to look down at his paper and begin focusing. They wrote for a while and it was nice, she smelt like vanilla and she was so adorable to him. “Hey, what are you doing after class?” her tiny voice spoke while still looking down at her paper, trying to make it look like she wasn’t talking to another classmate when she was suppose to be doing her assignment. 

Harry did the same as her, looked down at his paper and shook his head, “nothin’” he whispered softly toward her and looked at her flawless complexion as she smiled down at her paper. “Meet me in the hallway.” he nodded and that was the start of their friendship. He had never realized he was developing feelings for her until he was third wheeling with her and her boyfriend Liam, Harry’s best friend. He had introduced them only once and a week afterward Harry found out Liam had gotten her number. He wanted him to be happy, of course he did, Liam was his best friend, but this relationship just rubbed him the wrong way.

Take your shoes off in the back of my van.

Harry hadn’t seen Y/N since he last heard from Liam that they were officially dating, which was about a month ago. He didn’t have the strength to hang out with the both of them anymore, it was sickening to him. Seeing her nibble at his neck as Liam laughed lightly from her actions. How Liam’s hand would run up her thigh while they kissed, how her soft hands would hold his jaw and how her thumb would rub his cheek as the kiss deepened. It turned his stomach. And it wasn’t like they were never all over each other either, their tongues were always down each other’s throats. Harry just could not do it anymore, until he was starting to actually miss Y/N’s voice.

It started with a phone call, he called her one night while he had had a few drinks, he wasn’t completely wasted, but he definitely was tipsy. Harry had been at this house party that his friend Niall invited him to since he was being depressed. “Come to this party,” Niall told him before Harry was downing shots like they were water. It didn’t take much for Niall to convince Harry to do something, Harry loved Niall’s company, he found they got along really well after a few years of being in the same math class in high school.

“Hello?” his heart stopped as he heard Y/N’s voice on the other line. Harry’s eyes were wide at this point, he wasn’t actually expecting her to answer, hell, it was nearly one in the morning. “Harry?” he heard her speak again while he was running to the nearest room to get rid of the loud music and laughter that was in the background, the room happened to be a bathroom. “uh-h-hey!-Y/N.” he tried very hard to not sound like he had had a few drinks, but after he heard Y/N giggle on the other end of the line, he pretty much knew that she knew he had been drinking.

“Why are you calling me?” he could hear her smile on the end of the line, fuck, he could practically see it. Her cheeks would begin to turn the shape of a circle as a curve was shaped on her lips, causing her dimples to show slightly. The imagery was just making him crave her embrace, he would kill to have his tattooed arms around her waist right now, to kiss her neck softly, slightly pull away and seconds later bite down on her damp skin, causing her to gasp a moan from her lips, lightly pulling at his hair maybe while she moaned his name. “Harry,” she’d panted as he began sucking on her bitten neck, he could feel himself getting hard just from her imaginary moan.

“Harry? Hello? Are you there still?” he blinked several times and bit down on his lip from her worried voice, “uh-yeah, yeah I’m here!” he sat down on the toilet lid and tugged at his pants, trying hard to hide his boner so he wouldn’t try and do something stupid. “Why are you calling me?” he blinked and sighed, what was he suppose to say? That he missed her desperately and hated how his best friend got her and not him? “I-I just wanted-wanted to hear your voice.” He didn’t know what to say, that’s the first thing that came to his mind, he thought it was shit until Y/N spoke again.

“I haven’t seen you in a while, Harry, I miss you.” he pressed the phone closer to his ear, as if that were going to be a way to get her close to him without him actually moving. “I-I miss you too, petal.” he spoke back to her lightly, as if she were half asleep when she confessed to him and he was shushing her back to sleep. They were both quiet for a minute, Harry thought about what she could possibly be doing up this late, was she still with Liam? Or was she caught up in a really scary book like she to do whenever they were going to class. He remembered how she would come to class to tired because she was too terrified to sleep, he thought it was adorable. 

“Where are you?” she finally spoke to him, “I’m at this party-” “come over.” he was shocked at how fast the words spilled out of her mouth, like vomit from an extremely ill person. “Right now, love?” Harry asked as he took the phone that was pressed against his ear to look at his digital clock that read 1:35AM. “Yes, please, I miss you, Harry.” How could he say no to that? “A-alright, give me ten minutes.” “Okay, Hurry.” He hung up the phone and got up from the toilet lid. He looked in the mirror and fixed his curls before opening the door to reveal Niall who was just about to knock on the door it looked like.

“Harry! Hey! Where’ve you been?-” “I gotta go.” Harry was sobering up quick since the call, but he could notice Niall wasn’t anywhere close to being sober. “wha?-no way! You just got here!” Niall was shaking his head in a stern way as if he was his father and disapproving of something he wanted. “Yes I am, Niall. I’m going to see Y/N.” Niall stared at him and then soon began shaking his head in a disappointed manner, “whatever man, I thought it was ‘bros before hoes’?” Harry looked at him as if he had two heads while he quickly put on his coat that was at the front door, “Niall, you know how much I hate that word.” “what? ‘hoe’?” Harry covered his ears and shook his head, “stop! It’s abusive toward women!” “Hoe! Hoe! Hoe! Merry Christmas!!” Harry quickly opened the door with a murmur of “Goodbye Niall.” before closing it and getting into his car, heading toward Y/N.

Now we’re on the bed in my room,

Once Harry had arrived at Y/N’s house, he had grown very nervous. Butterflies were not flying in his stomach, they were dancing and having a full blown party. He didn’t know if he could do this. He was approaching her door at this point, slowly, feeling as if he were going to throw up if he moved any further. “No,” he told himself softly, “I have to do this.” he couldn’t back out now, he had come all this way, plus Y/N was expecting him late. He was just about to knock when Y/N opened the door. She was in wear a tight white tank top with her nipples clearly visible and black yoga shorts that were skin tight as well. Her hair was half up with a hair clip and the other half down, he bangs behind her ears and no make up. She was glowing to him.

“Oh!” she spoke in a shocked voice and then giggled to herself, “you scared me! I thought I heard a car pull up,” he smiled at her startled voice, “I just didn’t know you were right here.” “Hi,” is all Harry could get out, he was so lost in her beauty, he’d be surprised if he could make it throughout the rest of the night with her. “Hi.” she smiled brightly at him, she looked at if she hadn’t even been to bed yet, which Harry was relieved with. “ Come in.” she tells him as she opens the door wider and turns around, he steps in after her and closes the door while staring hard at her bum, she really did look appetizing.

Harry cleared his throat before speaking again, trying to distract himself from his dirty thoughts, “How-how are you?” he stuttered as she sat down on her couch, he noticed she had a thick book on her coffee table and he smiled as it read, “IT by Stephen King” on the front cover. “Good, I suppose,” he sat down next to her now, looking at her smooth thighs and then quickly back up at her eyes, hoping she wouldn’t notice he was checking her out. “You’ve been so distant, Harry. Why have you been so distant from me?” He sighed at her angelic voice and looked down at his shoes which he was taking off to get more comfortable.

“It’s nothing personal, love.” he started as he leaned a tiny bit closer to her. “Just needed some time to myself really.” he watched as she frowned, “did I do something wrong?” how could she think that? Was that how it was coming off? Harry quickly shook his head before putting his hand on her upper thigh to comfort her, “no, no, kitten,” he placed a piece of hair back behind her ear where the rest of it was before he stared into her eyes. They were watery and he wanted nothing more to just kiss her. To take her pain that he had caused her away. “Don’t-don’t cry, petal. Please.” he stated before he rubbed her cheek that held a tear, 

“oh, Harry.” she spoke in a sob before turning her head into his hand that was caressing her cheek and kissing it, which caused him to gasp lightly to where only he could hear, he watched as she pulled away slowly and then looked deep into his green eyes before saying, “kiss me.” he at first thought he was imagining her saying those last words to him, so he just stared at her with wide eyes. “wha?” she stared back at him, “I want you to kiss me.” she repeated what he thought he heard her say to begin with, “but-” before he could get the rest of his sentence out, her lips were pressed softly against his.

Harry kept his eyes open as he watched her, he needed to see that this was real and not a dream. Even though she did repeat the words he thought she said. So after she pulled away slightly and looked up at him, he stared at her for what seemed like hours, he didn’t know what to do, his best friend’s girl just kissed him, the girl that he was best friend’s with first before Liam even knew who she was. He stared at her eyes and then down at her lips before closing his eyes and slowly kissing her again, properly this time.

He felt her hands hold onto his jaw just like they did when she was kissing Liam, he slightly opened his mouth and brushed his tongue lightly over her bottom lip, wanting nothing more than to feel what the inside of her mouth felt like, and when she allowed him access, he moaned into the kiss, taking his hands and having them roam up her tight tank top, which caused her to moan from his cold hands. As the kiss deepened he laid her down on her couch and pulled away slightly to catch his breath, she looked so beautiful, even with her lips swollen and red from him kissing her.

Her chest was rising up and down, her breath trying find its way back into her lungs, just like his. He could feel his cock pulsating in his jeans from the kiss and he wondered if she was as aroused as he was from their actions. “You alrigh’, baby?” he asked softly, just inches away from her lips. She nodded and bit her lip as she stared at him, his hair was messy from her hands running through it just before he had laid her down. He looked extremely edible to her. He smirked, “Good,” he spoke breathless as he let his hands run down her stomach and to her yoga shorts.

He ran his fingers over her shorts and down toward her damp area, his eyes grew wide as he realized she was soaked through her shorts, he quickly whipped his head down toward his fingers and bit his lip as he rubbed them over the wet spot, “fuck- you’re soaked, petal.” she moaned from his words and nodded while taking her bottom lip into her mouth while closing her eyes. He watched as she quivered from his finger movements, she was whimpering to him as he teased her more, something he found out he loved.

“Ha- Harry!” she squealed with her eyes wide as she squeezed his wrist that was fiddling with her clit over her shorts still. He smirked at her reaction and stared down at her, “want me to stop, button?” he whispered to her, “st- stop teasing!” she demanded and with that he slowly pulled his fingers away from her, which made her pout and latch onto him even more than she already was. “What do you want me to do, baby?” his words brushed her lips as he was nearly inches away from her face, she was trembling in his arms, “t- take off my clothes.”

So he did as she requested, he slowly took the bottom of her white tank top and pulled it up as she sat up to help him take it off her. He raised the bottom of the fabric up more, exposing just below her breasts, he stared and then slowly began to kiss down her stomach slowly, feeling his cock twitch from her breathless moans. He left mouth-open kisses down to her belly button and then looked up at her as he noticed she was nearly trembling from just his mouth. He rose back up to her face and lifted the rest of the fabric above her head, with his bottom lip in his mouth as he watched her hair fall perfectly back onto her shoulders, and her bangs barely near her eyes, so he could see her whole face.

He stared into her eyes just before he look down at her pastel pink laced bra, which he assumed she got that one day he went into Victoria’s Secret with her and Liam. His eyes nearly closed half way as he groaned while he stared at her perfectly sized breasts, he slowly raised his hand that had nearly every finger covered with rings, and placed it lightly on top of her right breast, he watched his hand and then shifted his eyes toward her as she let out a soft whimper from his action. He kept his eyes on her for a little, with his mouth slightly open, then he looked back down at his hand that held what most guys dream of, and took his bottom lip into his mouth as he gave it a squeeze.

He shifted his eyes back to her after she gasped from his touch, her eyes were closed and her lip was tucked underneath her teeth, just like his. He couldn’t believe he was actually touching her still, he still felt as if he were dreaming. He then squeezed it some more, right before kissing the top of her breast, just above her bra. He groaned with his eyes closed as he began sucking on her, hearing her whimper above him and soon feeling her hand hold the back of his head, running her fingers through his hair in pleasure.

He then removed his lips from her, causing her to groan in a depressed tone, only to reveal a slight hickey, he bit his lip as he stared at his art and then stared back at her. She already looked completely fucked out and he hadn’t even been inside of her yet, he took his hand and had it reach behind her back and quickly un-clipped her bra with just one movement. He watched as her arms fell forward, which allowed the bra to slide off of her chest smoothly, giving Harry an image to die for.

Her breast rested perfectly on her chest, they were perky and everything he could dream of, plus more. He watched as she bit her lip and shifted her eyes down to her yoga shorts, something she still had on. He soon got the hint and moved his hands down toward the hem of her shorts as he kissed her, causing her to lay back down where she original was. She allowed his tongue to dance in her mouth as he slowly pulled down her shorts and she helped back kicking them off, onto the floor where the rest of her clothes ended up.

They both groaned through the kiss as it grew hotter between them, so hot that Harry had to pull away slightly to breathe properly. “Fuck, kitten,” he panted onto her lips as she ran her fingers through his hair, while watching him try to catch the breath that had left his lungs, her chest raising up and down with his too. “I could kiss you all day.” she hummed in agreement before watching his eyes shift down to her panties. Her black, laced panties that didn’t help him regain his breath that he lost and was trying to get back.

“Oh my, God.” he breathed out as he stared down at her revealing body. It was perfect, her skin was so smooth to his touch and he nearly came right there just from touching her, but he didn’t want to be like Jim from the classic movie ‘American Pie’. “Take them off too.” she demanded in a soft sexual voice, which gave Harry’s cock another twitch, he could nearly feel pre-cum forming at his tip now. He took the top of the fabric from her laced panties and slowly pulled them down, he had his bottom lip tucked underneath his teeth now, as he slowly revealed her bottom half and groaned with his mouth slightly open.

“Yeah?” she asked him in a moan and he nodded, not taking his eyes off her wet, pink center. “Fuck, you’re so wet fo’ me.” he spoke in a groan with his fingers running down her inner thigh. “It’s all for you.” he moaned as he felt his pre-cum leave his tip, her voice was just so sexy, he wondered if Liam reacted this way to her. But he didn’t want to think about Liam right now, the girl of his dreams was laying bare naked in front of him, wanting him. “C’mon,” she started in a whimper as she bit her lip while watching him practically melt from her revealing skin, “fuck me.”

With that, Harry’s clothes were off his body within seconds. He wasn’t thinking about anything right now, not Liam, not tomorrow, no, the only thing he was thinking about was how he was going to make her feel better than any other guy has. He hovered over her as she nearly pulled him down toward her, his tattoos were completely exposed now and she softly ran her fingers down his left arm as she stared at the ink, he was art himself to her. He kissed her and easily positioned himself for entree, he pulled away from the kiss before looking down at his legs, then back up at her, “ready?” He asked her softly and watched as she look him in the eyes and nodded with a whimper.

Before Y/N knew it, Harry was sliding into her slowly, causing her to have a gasp escape her lips, along with her fingers digging hard into his inked arms, she watched with her mouth still dropped open as he stared down at where they were meeting. His curly locks in front of her, causing her to smell his shampoo, it smelt like a wood forest fragrance, which helped her relax, causing her eyes to close as he pushed inside of her further. “Oh- God!” she gasped as he was completely inside of her now, his head nearly snapped off to see her, 

“Alright, petal? Just breathe fo’ me, it’s alright.” his voice was so soothing to her, she breathed in deep and then let it out slow before she gave him the ‘okay’ to begin thrusting. He placed his hands just above her shoulders as he thrusted slow, pulling out half way and then pushing back inside her, causing him to squeeze his eyes shut tight with a groan and her to gasp a whimper as she gripped him tightly to her. “So tight, button.” he groaned to her as his thrusting sped up, she was death gripping him now, and he could feel that she was already to close to her orgasm.

Did she always come this fast? Or was his cock just bigger than Liam’s and more pleasurable? She held onto the back of his head as he began kissing down her neck and biting down as she pulled his hair, feeling her walls contract as she grew closer and closer to getting off, “Harry- Harry!” she breathed out in a gasp and he pulled away from her neck, knowing she was nearly there now. “Cum fo’ me. C’mon.” He demanded as he rubbed her swollen clit with his left hand while his other was gripping part of the couch above her shoulder while thrusting faster now.

He watched as her eyes shut tightly and her grip on his arms tightened, her mouth falling open quickly, nothing but silence now, beside Harry’s praising and the sound their skin was making when slammed into each other. “OH! Oh!- H- Harry!” he could feel her walls pulsating now as she came around him, her body was quacking and her grip on him was tighter than earlier. “There you go,” he praised her while he still thrusted, “good girl,” he murmured just before he came.

He pulled out quickly and spilled thick white ropes of his cum all over her stomach, causing her to giggle as he bit his lip and closed his eyes tight while rubbing his cock still. When he opened her eyes, he watched as she took her finger and placed it in his mess and then slowly took it into her mouth, causing him to moan with his eyebrows raised as she sucked on her wet finger that was covered with his sperm. She swallowed and bit her lip as she moaned with her eyes closed, “so good.” she moaned out to him and he smirked before grabbing a towel that happened to be near them and cleaning her.

He didn’t know what to say now, this all happened and ended so fast, he was just now remembering that she completely wasn’t his, so he didn’t know if he was even allowed to cuddle with her, even thought he was inside of her. So he got up after cleaning her off and began putting back on his clothes. She sat up slowly on her elbows and watched him, “leaving already?” she asked him soft and he looked up from his shirt that he was button back up, to her. She was a hot mess, and he just wanted nothing more than to go for round to, but he knew this was wrong, he couldn’t do this, even though he already had, he couldn’t continue it.

So he looked down at his shirt and began buttoning again, “yeah,” he spoke and then grabbed his shoes, sitting down on the chair that he assumed she got with the couch since they matched. She put on a cardigan and wrapped it around herself before sitting up. “This was wrong.” he told her softly as he finished putting his shoes on, he was shaking his head now before standing up, “I shouldn’t have done this.” “stop.” she told him softly, placing a hand on his before he looked at her and quickly got up.

“No, okay? Liam is my best friend and I just- I just stabbed him in the fucking back!” his deep, scolding voice caused her to jump and hold herself tighter than she already was, “you need to make up your mind, because I’m not going to do this,” he told her before heading to the door, “Harry-” “It’s him or me, there’s no in between.” and with that, he was gone and Y/N was holding herself and beginning to cry.

when you... kind of meet zendaya coleman

pairing: tom holland x reader
requested: no
warnings: curse words

“i haven’t slept in three days, i’m pretty sure this stress is giving me an aneurysm and i’m going to die, but god hates me, so i won’t die until after my maths exam.”

you sit in silence, eyes scanning over your textbook as tom’s mouth opens and closes. his face is a little pixelated on your third hand mac.

“i was pushed off a very high building today.” he informs. as if he wasn’t pushed off high things everyday.

you scoff. “you have wires. i’m free falling here into a pit of papers and deadlines. i win.”

you listen to tom’s laugh and smile a bit. it good to hear him laugh. you continue to read through your textbook in silence as tom continues going through lines or arguing with literally anyone. boy could argue with a wall. boy HAS argued with a wall. he was drunk but, you know, point. you barely notice when he leaves the screen and someone else takes his place. not until a pointed cough is made. you glance up to see-

“you’re zendaya coleman.”

“i am!” she answers brightly. “hey, sis. how are you?”

you blink. you breathe. you say, “you’re zendaya coleman.”

zendaya’s smile grows. her make up is flawless. her hair is flawless. she is flawless. you’re in your pajamas and your hair hasn’t been brushed in like, three days. that’s shit is fine in front of tom, tom loves you. but zendaya? she’s an untouchable queen who deserves nothing but the best.

“i literally love you,” you blurt.

she throws her head back in a laugh.

“no, like. say the word and i’ll leave my boyfriend for you. you’re goals everything.”

she laughs harder, “wow! uh, thank you. but please, don’t leave tom. i don’t think i could handle broken hearted tom.”

you nod seriously. “yes, of course. but only because you asked me to.”

zendaya snorts. she runs her fingers through her, again, flawless hair and smiles.

“tom says a lot about you.”

you grimace. “oh no. look if he tells you i mean to him, it’s because he deserves it! i swear i’m not cruel-”

“no! no,” she chuckles, “he just… he talks about you. he sounds really, really happy when he talks about you.”

the nerves that you hadn’t realize took over your body fade. your shoulders slack. you smile softly.

“yeah.” you breathe, “he makes me really happy, too.”

zendaya’s smile mirrors yours.

“so, you’re in college? he says you’re wanting to do really great things. help a lot of people?”

“yes!” you light up.

and before you know it, you’ve forgotten all about the stress of school work and due dates and you’re discussing your goals and dreams and aspirations with zendaya like she’s an old friend. somewhere along the line the conversation flows to politics to snapchat filters to puppies, as it does naturally.

you’re both deep into discussion about maltese vs. pugs when tom returns. he’s sporting his full spiderman gear minus the mask.

“hey z. hey, babe. miss me?”

“no, not really.” you answer distractedly.

he doesn’t even bother to look offended as other people crowd around him. he disappears behind some folding doors for a moment before returning in a pair of loose jeans and a half buttoned shirt.

“can i have my girlfriend back?” he asks playfully.

he gets a playful glare from both you and zendaya before she hops up from her seat. he takes her place as she looks over his shoulder at the screen.

“have tom give you my number, we still have to hash out this whole “pug filters are cuter” thing.“

then with a sweet smile she’s out of frame.

"babe,” you hiss.

tom leans back in the chair and raises an eyebrow.

“yes, my love?”

“i just kind of met zendaya coleman,” you breathe. “oh my god.”

tom chuckles, “yeah, she’s pretty great!”

you’re still lowkey reeling over the conversation in awe. then you realize. tom looks worried as your face falls into your hands with a painful groan.


you groan louder.

“i made a fool of myself! my god- i. oh no…”

you can’t see him, but you hear some shuffling before tom whispers, “don’t worry. i got a little star struck too when i met her. she has that affect on people.”

“yeah, sure,” you snort. “butdid you offer to give up your boyfriend for her?”

you realize your second mistake when you look up to see tom’s wide eyes.



and then you hang up the phone.


How would I know how to get back to the future? Who do I look like? Marty McFly?

Perfect Match, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
Michonne Wright has a date with Rick Grimes. What happens when they have a successful first date and Michonne doesn't want it to end? All AU... NO ZA.

And another one…

Sneak Preview:

“I don’t do this normally, just to let you know,” she said in between kisses.

“No, neither do I.” Rick cupped his hands on her chin, her lips capturing back with hers.

After a successful first date and a lot of sexual tension. Michonne had invited Rick over to her home for what was supposed to be for a cup of coffee and getting to know each other better. But a part of her wanted to get to know him better without their clothes on. So as soon as her front door was shut Rick had wrapped his arms around her slim waist. He started caressing his hands over her stomach, and started to kiss on her neck at the same time. She rolled her neck over his shoulders, where he inhaled her scent of almond and honey milk. He lightly sucked at the side off her neck wanting to have a better taste.

“Hmm Michonne you smell so good,” Rick breathed into her ear, sending a wave of goose bumps down her flawless skin.

Michonne smiled biting down onto her bottom lip.


Anna Torv as Virginia
“Love Is Now” (2014)

i don’t really get 

why every time our hearts align

in that one moment

that one millisecond in time

my eyes are meeting yours

i remember things

i remember hurtful things like

the way you fix your gaze upon her

flawless, beaming smile

the way you toss your hair sideways

when she talks to you, 

like she’s seeing through your soul

your wholesome being that i 

always find myself reflecting upon

how much i long to be by your side

how much my heart twinges upon every gaze i dare to miss

just because

i know you

will never look at me 

just like that.

"We're so proud of you!" Justin Bieber imagine

Requested: “An imagine where Y/N is a famous singer and the squad go to her concert and justin and squad thinks she looks hot in her costume and squad cheer her on aswell and are really proud of her after shes done her concert”

Warnings: none

Word count: 783


A/N: I added Ariana and Kylie in here bc why not?

Y/n’s POV:

My world wide tour is finally here and I’m glad I have my friends and boyfriend here to support me and come on tour with me. I start the first city today, which is Los Angeles.

“Are you excited babe?” Justin asks as he leaves light pecks on my neck.

“Yeah…also very nervous….” I nervously laugh.

“Don’t be, you’re gonna do great. And just know that me and all our friends will be supporting you all the way through. We’re your biggest fans and we’ll be cheering you on in front row every city and arena.” Justin smiles. I wrap my arms around him and smell the scent of his cologne. Then Za, Hailey, Khalil, Kendall, Ariana, Kylie and Tyga all come from behind the curtains.

“Justin’s right babes” Ariana smiles her flawless smile. (Ariana is my queen ok)

“I love you guys so much, you guys are literally the best!” I chuckle.

To pass the 10 minutes it took to get to the arena (considering we live in L.A) we took ugly pictures of each other and posted on each other’s twitters for fun. By the time we got to the venue, there were about 100 girls and guys lined up at the entrance just aching to step in the place and see their idol, which is me because I slay. My anxiety started to start acting up and I started to over think everything. What if I forget the lyrics? What if I fall? What if I get booed off stage? Anything could go wrong. I silently mumble to myself while pacing back and forth and breathing heavily. As I’m over thinking I hear Ariana call my name.

“Y/n?? Come on love, we’re going in.” She says.

“Um…yeah..just hold on…” I hiccup, when the hell did I start crying?

Ariana walks over to me with genuine concern on her face.

“Are you ok?” She whispers in her sweet voice.

“Uh yeah just last minute jitters.” I sniffle wiping my tears.

“Aww bby…don’t cry. The first time I went on tour I was overthinking everything also. Just think positive, you’re gonna do great. Now let’s go so we can get you in your sexy ass costumes and do your makeup.” She winks at the end.

We all walk back stage when I get curious and peek through the curtains and see the whole arena filled up with all my fans just conversing with one another. Some are wearing merch, while others came all dressed up and fancy. Just then the whole arena starts erupting in screams. Oops.

“ITS Y/N!!” One girl points. Then everyone starts screaming, I quickly back up and start giggling to myself and head to my outfit section.

My costume was a black sexy body suit with a see through slit by my cleavage and then some short black spandex over, then to top it all off with some black knee high heels. My hair was in its natural state and my makeup was on point (as always) thanks to my amazing makeup artist.

*skip to the show*

Justin’s POV:

Y/n looks so hot in her costume, I just wanna do LOTS of things to her right now. The way she sings so perfectly and hits all her notes just right just turns me on. The way her body moves to her choreography. She’s just so beautiful and I love every single part of her.

“WOOO YEEAH BABY HIT THOSE NOTES!!!!” I shout from the barricade while she gives me a smirk.

I was so proud of my princess❤️.

*after show*

Y/n’s POV:

I say my goodbyes to the crowd as I hear some “awww"s and some cheers (not because I sucked). Right when I get backstage I get attacked with hugs and some kisses and sobs.

“WERE SO PROUD OF YOU!!” Kendall, Ariana, Hailey, and Kylie sob while telling me how proud they are if me.

“Yeah y/n were so proud of you. You made it so far and we couldn’t be happier, I mean it feels like just yesterday you were making covers on YouTube.” Kahlil chuckles.

“Aww thank you guys!! This means a lot! I love you guys!!” I cry.

“I love you baby..” Justin whispers while kissing my lips and wiping my tears. I’m so glad to have them in my life.

What I love about Apink Members ?

Okay so I’ve realized a while back that many pandas have not been liking Apink members equally.. I love seeing Pink Pandas that have their favorite bias but still love the other members, of course not as much but at least not to the point where you’d hate them. I’ve always thought that if you like a group, you should like all members (or at least accept them) because a group comes as one whole, it’s not just one or two members, it’s each and every member that makes up the group, even if they can’t sing or can’t act, or aren’t pretty, they all have their special place in the group. Liking one member and giving them more attention but still liking the others is perfectly fine, but liking ONLY one and hating the others, does not make you seem like a true and loyal panda..:/ think about it, wouldn’t your bias be upset to know that you hate, or dislike one of their fellow members in which they worked hard with to achieve their current place? And I think of a group as one person, So if you love Apink then you love that “one person”. Kind of like when you fall in love with someone, won’t you love everything about them despite their possible flaws? Apink is like that..it’s a whole..For example, if you like all but dislike the leader, it’s like you like that person, but don’t love their brain (or way of thinking, thoughts etc..) One member may stand as the brain of the group, while another may be the heart or the face, the personality, and so on. Apink is like that, it’s one, and we should like it as a whole.

In any case, I decided to make this post to point out and emphasize what I like about each member, dividing my attention equally amongst them in this post.

Park Chorong

Chorong, which is the leader, what keeps Apink strong and on their feet. Chorong is seriously something different..I just love hee nature, I certainly love everything about her, from her harmonizing soft voice, to her adorable face (kyaa! ~ (●♡∀♡) <3) Although she’s the leader and the oldest, she’s simply one of the most adorable things ever, whenever she tries to act mature with that baby face I just wanna hug her! And not to mention, one of the best girl group leaders out there, she never considered herself as a higher level than the rest of the members, she’s constantly putting her members’ priorities before herself, she’s always with them in everything, helping them out and loving them all, and I realized she’s always the first to compliment other members (esp. Namjoo & Hayoung) that don’t get the love they deserve, she compliments them in such a beautiful and delightful manner, she wants all members to shine equally and get love from everyone, she is definitely an awesome and perfect leader for Apink, her existence is very important, I repeat, VERY, important.She never tries to get the lights on her, she’s always praising the others so that they get attention as well (a true and caring leader!!<3) I hope to see more of her acting soon so she can get her spotlight as well. She’s one of the first to cry whenever the members are thankful or happy..it shows how much she must have been through to achieve it all..I’m pretty sure she stresses a lot, it’s not easy being a leader, and not to mention she’s at a young age so it’s bound to be hard for her, yet she still smiles and takes care of the other girls like her own sisters..My heart drops whenever I see her crying..it’s like, “noo chorongie show me that adorable smile :’{ ” Please stay strong and healthy and no matter what others say, you’re the best leader to me, I Love you Park Chorong ❤

Yoon Bomi

Bomi, the life of the party..a party called Apink! cx Bomi’s existence is one of the most important, seriously, I don’t understand when people hate fer for getting lots of variety or attention, guys, she deserves it, that girl is freaking hilarious. To be honest she never fails to make me laugh, just everything she does is simply adorable and entertaining. It’s so refreshing to watch her do aegyo with no shame, not to mention sexy dances and hilariously ridiculous derps xD She’s indeed ‘Sparkling Bomi’. Did I mention her hair? It’s beautiful!! I’m just mesmerized whenever I see her hair long and untied, I’m like “No bomi, you’re beautiful enoug-” and I end up dying. Haha but there’s more to Bomi than just the funny entertainer of apink. Bomi really adores her fellow members, all of them from Chorong to Hayoung, one by one, she loves them all and it’s not that hard to see it! <3 She just gives off this pure nature, and this may or may not seem weird but ..I’m in love with her talking voice..that deep tone is just so comfortable to listen to all day..it feels so comforting (Okay I probably sound like a creep now otl) it gives off the “Don’t worry everything will be fine” feel to it! Forever I will support and love you Yoon Bomi ❤

Jung Eunji 

Wahh Eunji, the main vocal of apink.. she seriously has one of the most powerful voices I’ve heard, very powerful, and her personality is no different, it’s also very powerful and ambitious. I fell in love with Eunji because of her casual, tom boyish like and cool nature..well she isn’t the Busan princess for no reason! She’s not your ordinary kpop female idol, Eunji is freaking cool, I swear there was a time where I fell in love with her for real..like no kidding..she’s indeed captivating. She can look extremely feminine yet still maintain her cool image. Her voice, her walk and just everything she does gives off the cool feel to it and I THINK I"M IN LOVE!!!! Haha.. Eunji is also known for caring for apink members as if she’s their mother..which reminds me of Apink Showtime episode 8, where she got gifts for all members even though she only had to get for one…And the time where Chorong and Jiyoung did a hidden camera prank on the fellow members yet Eunji handled it pretty well and somethings she said during that time really surprised me (in a good way!) Another thing about Eunji is that she never shows her feelings openly to others, especially when it comes to tears, like Bomi said, It’s so hard to make Eunji cry. She seems to maintain her smile to not appear weak when she cries, but the time she cried when she recalled a past event in school seriously made me burst into tears..it’s hard seeing her cry, I hops she’d always smile, I love you Jung Eunji ❤

Son Naeun

Naeun, or Son Yeoshin..Because let’s face it, that girl is a true goddess, and there’s no doubt about that. First of all, I don’t understand why anyone would hate such a sweet and caring girl like Naeun. You have to understand that a group is made up of different people with different personalities, And Naeun just happens to be the silent angel. She’s one of the most beautiful female idols I’ve seen, it’s not just her appearance, something about Naeun and her personality just give off the goddess-like feel and it’s absolutely charming..<3 Regardless of what anyone else says, Naeun’s acting was freaking awesome, no it wasn’t bad like others said, It was awesome! I loved her bubbly and outgoing character in her role, it’s interesting that she can pull off such role even though she’s the quiet type, so that alone makes her a good actress ^~^ Her smile is flawless, her voice compliments her looks and can’t forget her Disney princess hair..I didn’t know the right word to describe Naeun then I saw a post where it said “Naeun Has Disney princess hair” and I was like “Yeah!” That’s the word for it! She’s like a Disney princess..so pretty and flawless, her quiet and calm nature are very captivating and I can’t help but fall in love <3 I love how she’s always so quiet and laughing at the other girls while they’re being absolutely crazy, it’s like she’s just as entertained as we Pandas are! cx I know people say she’s not good at singing, but seriously? I love her voice, and I mean it! She has a nice melody to her voice that really drags me into it..<3
I love Naeun, and no matter what anyone says, she’s a goddess, she’s got the capabilities of being the visual and will always be Apink’s Son Yeoshin, I love you Naeun-ah! ❤

Kim Namjoo

Namjoo…. /breathes in and out/ is it okay to be a bit biased here?? haha xD Namjoo was the first to ever capture my attention in Apink, something about her just drags me more and more into her little world, making me have no choice but to fall in love. Where do I start with Namjoo? She’s perfect..her voice, I feel like it’s filled with emotion and you can immediately tell how she feels through her singing, its’ just simply mesmerizing and I can’t get enough of it..! Bomi described it best when she said Namjoo is a hidden gem..very true, Namjoo is a gem, and a hidden one at that, since not many people notice her charm and capabilities as an idol, and as a person as well. Along with Bomi, she’s hilarious and can ( I warned you) can get a bit too crazy at times and I absolutely love it. And her close friendship with Naeun is adorable and awesome combination that I’d love to see often <3 I love the way Namjoo treats Hayoung, you can sense that older sister feel in the way she says her name or wraps her arm around her shoulder making Hayoung look so safe and adorable! I’m in love with Namjoo in all aspects..be it her appearance, voice, abilities, personality and all! Her bright wide eyes and puffy bottom lids when she smiles are what makes me go through the day! <3 Not to mention her adorable deep dimples.. she’s a  complete cutie and everything about her compliments the other. Her imitations are probably one of her most favored things to show xD I’d love to see her acting soon..I’d really really love to see that, I hope she’d get that time to shine, and if possible I’d wanna see her acting as a main lead along side any apink member cause that’d be freaking awesome. I loved Namjoo’s adorable short hair when she impersonated Lady Gaga on Apink news along with Naeun which pull off a perfect Marilyn Monroe look, it was hilarious! xD I heard that Namjoo secretly cries at night because she knows she’s the least loved apink..when I heard that my heart sank…I can’t imagine my baby joo crying and me not being able to hug and tell her that there are in fact many that love her and notice her hidden charm :’( .. I will forever support namjoo..the adorable shiksin and of course, queen of outrageous facial expressions.. Please always smile and be happy, i will always love you Namjoo ❤

Oh Hayoung

Hayoung, the adorable maknae.. Hayoung is seriously the most innocent, pure hearted girl I’ve ever seen.. I know people say she doesn’t look like the maknae, but she certainly acts like one! And by that, I don’t mean she acts all cute, I mean she’s so gullible and innocent and over all just totally nice making her absolutely adorable..I admit I was late to notice Hayoung’s charms, but once I’ve noticed them, my eyes are basically fixed on her whenever she’s on.. I don’t think anyone, anyone at all could ever hate Hayoung..she’s way too sweet and I just couldn’t help but look at her as an adorable younger sister, even though she is in fact older, but she just gives off that vibe where you just want to take care of her like a little baby, and that’s exactly how her unnies feel, they’re constantly teasing her knowing she’s so gullible but always caring for her like their own little sister, and I love it, they way they treat her is awesome! <3 Hayoung is a born model hands down. She has long beautiful legs, her hair looks so smooth and her skin just speaks for itself, that girl is a natural and no one can say otherwise. Her innocent smile is that of young innocent children and she has no sense of fakeness in her, she always goes with the flow, getting all crazy and hilarious with her fellow Apink members and the bond she shares with each and every one of them is truly admirable. I love her husky voice, it feels so soothing and comfortable, it’s unexplainable, buts he’s perfect. I love how she looks up to her unnies as her sisters and role models that wants to learn from..Hayoung is another one that I’d love to see acting,i ’m pretty sure she’d rock an innocent, young, farm girl role that cares about her family but gradually starts to find her one and only, that will love and care for her! cx Hayoung is  freaking awesome, no one would dare say anything else about that, I love you Oh Hayoung ❤


I will always and forever love apink as a whole, they’re like my family that always keep me smiling and cheered up, going through the days.. insult any one of them and I’ll literally haunt you..no kidding, but seriously, if you give them a chance, they’d enter your heart and remain there forever as beautiful gems that shine in your heart, lighting up your days. I promise they’ll be the best you’ve ever known and you’ll never regret knowing them, Fighting to you Apink! I love you all!! Park Chorong,Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Son Naeun, Kim Namjoo, Oh Hayoung ❤ I love each and every one of them, and will do so forever ❤

-From a forever Pink Panda.

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