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A Simple Suggestion

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So I had a dream last night. A dream that Ladybug and Chat Noir moved out of their homes into a studio apartment together so they could be around each other and get to akuma attacks quickly and always be alert.

But they never detransformed. They were always suited up and just lived together like two best friends and kept the city safe.

@philosophy-and-coffee said it’d make a neat fic idea and had a few cute ideas to add on to it, so…naturally, I wrote it. 

A Simple Suggestion
Summary: Breaks from patrol often allow time for Ladybug and Chat Noir to talk and be themselves. But when a silly joke starts to seem all that…well, not silly, the two find themselves considering something neither of them had ever before: moving in together. 
The tricky part is still keeping their identities a secret.
Rated: G (might change to T later)
Pairing(s): Ladybug/Chat Noir

Chapter 1 - A joke
Word count: 1,464
Read on: ao3 

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It had started out as a joke.

Chat Noir had thrown the idea into the air one night when they’d taken a break from patrol. The city was quiet, the breeze that danced through the open sky was refreshing, and the laughter that had accompanied his voice had made Marinette smile all too wide.

“What if we moved in together?” he’d asked with a nervous twitch of his tail. “I’ve been preparing to move out for a while, but…I don’t know. Something about the thought of living alone makes me nervous.”

“You mean-” Marinette’s eyes widened. “Us? Move in together? Like, Ladybug and Chat Noir living together?”

“Yeah,” Chat laughed. “What if?”

At first, she’d given her partner nothing more than a chuckle and a dismissive pat on the shoulder, shaking her head at the simple notion. It had been such a funny thing for him to suggest that the giggles that rose from her throat had been all too hard to suppress. Even if she secretly didn’t despise the idea, she knew it would never work out.

“How would we even manage that?” she asked, swinging her legs over the ledge of the apartment complex they had paused upon and taking in a breath of the atmosphere. She could detect a small hint of food cooking somewhere, and in the distance music played, which added to the comforting ambiance of the city she adored so much. “We’d just walk around in our own home transformed, like it was a completely normal thing?”

Chat Noir offered a shrug, looking a tad sheepish. “Hah, yeah, I guess that does sound kind of stupid.”

A frown replaced Marinette’s smile, and she felt a small hint of guilt for her previous comment. “Well,” she said in an attempt to fix her blunder. “I don’t know about stupid…”

“It would probably be weird,” Chat continued, “and awkward at times…and it wouldn’t be easy…”

Marinette nodded.

“…but I dunno,” he sighed, shifting his gaze. “Part of me thinks we’d be able to make it work.”

Allowing the thought to process, Marinette tapped her finger along the aged paneling of the roof they sat atop, teeth nibbling on her bottom lip as she sought for a reply.

Would they be able to make it work?

After all, she’d been thinking about moving out of the bakery soon due to space, and she didn’t like the idea of living alone either…and Alya was already sharing an apartment Nino…

“Maybe,” Marinette said, a hint of humor in her voice. “But we’d be together all the time, and I can’t exactly picture myself cooking dinner wearing a skin-tight suit. Even if it would protect me from burns.”

Chat supplied a small snort of laughter at her statement. “I guess that’s a bonus. Would living together be so weird, though?”

Marinette opened her mouth to answer with a “yes, of course!”, but paused as she couldn’t exactly find an explanation why it would be so odd for them to live together under those circumstances. Sure, it’d feel a bit off to walk around an apartment with her suit on, but by now Marinette was used to wearing polka-dots for long hours. She felt more natural in her transformation than she ever had five years prior when she was fourteen, freshly new to the world of superheroes and saving the city, and for a brief second the thought that maybe Chat’s idea wasn’t such a stupid one passed her mind.

It would be a hell of a lot more convenient for the both of them. They wouldn’t have to worry about when the other would show up during akuma attacks, or struggle going through a battle alone while one of them was on their way.

(Or, on the rare occurrence that a certain Ladybug slept in late during a rather difficult akuma attack, Chat Noir wouldn’t have to suffer through another hour of holding a violet butterfly within his paws and panicking over what he should do with it.)

A small grin twitched at the corner of Marinette’s mouth before a second thought passed her mind, causing the hint of a smile to fall.

She knew Chat Noir was dying to get out of his house. Nineteen years old and still suffocating under the watchful eye of his parents (parent?), Chat often expressed his sorrows about his home life with a forlorn sigh. Though he never delved too deeply into personal details, Marinette could tell just by the carefully worded sentences that he was having a difficult time staying happy in the house he’d lived in since he was a baby.

And, although she couldn’t relate, Marinette did feel for her friend. There were often times where she had considered begging Tikki to let them reveal their identities to each other just so she could take Chat Noir to the bakery and gift him a place to live that he looked forward to coming home to.

(Too many nights had she found Chat patrolling the city when there hadn’t been a scheduled patrol, after all.)

And now the words were on the tip of her tongue; the confirmation she knew her partner was secretly hoping for notwithstanding the fact that he was writing it off as a joke.

A joke that tugged at his lips in a sort of dejected smile that did not—would not—reach his eyes.

“I wonder how that would work,” Marinette whispered, eyes falling to the city streets below, where cars trailed lazily down the two-way street in a pale river of yellow lights. “Maybe we could make it work.”

One of Chat’s velvet ears twitched against his shaggy blond hair, and his eyes met hers for a fleeting moment. Even in the second of shared eye contact Marinette could see the tiny spark of hope that glowed within them, and she couldn’t stop the smile that began to spread across her face.

Maybe they could move in together. Sure, she’d have to talk to Tikki about it first, and they’d have to find an inconspicuous apartment in the middle of the city together, and it would wouldn’t be easy…


But…no. That was just silly.

A silly, silly idea. It wouldn’t work out. How would they keep their identities secret? How would they be able to live life as normal civilians and go about their daily duties—work, university, grocery shopping—without revealing themselves?

You’ll never know until you try, a little voice peeped in the back of Marinette’s mind. What could be so bad about it?

What could be so bad? Well, they could accidentally come home destransformed, or sleepwalk in their pajamas, or both walk up to the front door at the same time without their suits on, or, or-


All of those situations could easily be avoided. They could set rules. Marinette could make masks so they wouldn’t have to be transformed all of the time, or they could turn out the lights every now and then. Or maybe they could set certain days where they would stay transformed so they could hang out.

Huh…the whole idea was beginning to seem a lot simpler than it had been three minutes ago.

Yeah, Marinette replied to the earlier thought, what could be so bad?

She knew of plenty of things that could be bad, as her anxiety had ways of creating the most outlandish situations. For now, however, she ignored them.

Looking over to Chat Noir, Marinette smiled, giving his back (which was slumped over in a sad sort of way) a gentle pat. He responded by sitting up straight, a question on his lips and hope in his gaze, ears perked up in interest. They stared at each other for a breath or two before Marinette exploded into a fit of laughter, her stomach clenching with the force of of her chortle.

Chat flinched at first, obviously surprised by her sudden outburst, but a second later he joined her in the ocean of giggles that had flooded between them. His smile was so wide that Marinette could see the white glint of his teeth and lovely crinkles around his eyes, as well as the shake of his shoulders and a single tear—whether it be from laughter or relief—that slid down his cheek.

And that was how Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Ladybug, nineteen-year-old baker’s daughter found herself transformed and heaving box after box into a two-bedroom apartment smack dab in the middle of Paris a month later with a black cat trailing just a step behind her, placing a few of his own boxes on the wide, empty wooden floor.

It had been a crazy, crazy idea.

But sometimes, Marinette knew, the craziest of ideas were the best of all.

i like you (this is a problem)

“Here’s the thing-” Lily said, marching into the pub and pulling out a stool.

“We’re closed.” James interrupted without looking up from wiping down the bar.

“I want a dog.” Lily barrelled on without hearing him. “But my landlord doesn’t allow pets so I was wondering-“

“I’m not getting a fucking dog for you.” James said firmly.

Lily blinked at him. “I was going to ask if you thought it was morally wrong to raise it in my air-vent.” There was a silence. James was caught between hoping she wasn’t serious and knowing that she was. “Your idea seems better.” Lily admitted.

“Really. Talk me through that, is it because there is no animal abuse involved?”

“I was thinking more along the lines of then you’d have to clean up the poo, but the no animal abuse is also good.”

“Y’know” Sirius was lying on top of the bar, waving around a beer and staring at the ceiling. Nobody looked up. “I always thought once we owned a bar we would spend a solid 60% percent of our time drunk, and that hasn’t happened.” 

Remus, still wiping down tables, said “I shudder to think what you’d be like on your own.”

“Since we bought the bar we spend more time drunk than we used to?” Peter consoled, baffled.

Sirius sat up. “I would say we spent about 15% percent of our time drunk before the bar, and after the bar we spend about 25%. That is an increase of only ten percent.”

“Where are you pulling these numbers from?” Lily asked while holding the ladder for James, who was avoiding the dishwasher by pretending to fix the squeaky window.

“On top of being an excellent barman I double as a statistician.”

“You are neither of those things.” Remus said. Sirius glared.

“Fuck you Moony. At school you were always saying I didn’t do enough math, and here I am, doing math, and you’re abusing me.”

Remus threw a dishtowel at him and gestured to the kitchen. “Go unstack the dishwasher.”

“Fantastic.” Sirius said, throwing his hands in the air. “This is what I get for my brief foray into math. Insulted and unloading dishes.” He jumped off the bar and mockingly gave Remus’ back the finger. James laughed.

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My Enemy’s Woman - Request

Requested by anon:  I would love to read your version of Moriarty becoming interested in the reader (either sexually or just typical Moriarty) and Sherlock gets upset and protective because she’s his girlfriend/fiancé/wife. Flirting, Innuendos, and everything that makes Moriarty the beautiful human that he is

Pairing: Sherlock x reader / Moriarty flirting with reader.

Word count: 1,132

Warning: Sexual innuendos.

A/N: Jim is such a complex character… Feedback is highly appreciated, guys!


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Sherlock had never run faster in his whole life. Not even the pouring rain could stop him; no matter how much he slipped, he would get up and continue to run. The people around him would either move to the side, freeing the way, or be pushed by him. He had to get back to 221B.

The fear, the anxiety, the nerves got over him, taking over the bit of control he had of himself and his own emotions. His hands, forehead and armpits were sweating and his heart was beating faster – and no, it had nothing to do with his current running marathon – without mentioning the fact that he was looking paler than usual.

He was human, after all, and knowing that the one person who could get him to feel, to embrace his humanity, could be in mortal danger was more than enough for him to forget about everything else and act like a regular person would. If it had been someone else, except for John of course, he would’ve acted as chill as possible; but it was (Y/N) and there was no time to play-pretend when it came to her.

It was just one text message, a very simple and annoyed one that made him lose all control. She had sent it, or so it seemed, because Sherlock received it from her phone. It could’ve been a trap, or worse, but that didn’t matter because Sherlock would become even more reckless when she was involved.

If he exploded, if he got murdered, or trapped or kidnapped, it didn’t matter. As long as she was safe… he would go to the end of the world and sacrifice himself to the Gods if necessary.

His fear was such that his whole body turned off the physical sensations, and so he didn’t notice the muscular exhaustion that was caused by him crossing London by foot in less than ten minutes. He also didn’t feel the scrapes on his knees and elbows, as well as that little twist in his ankle. No, all he could focus on was saving (Y/N).

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Warmth || Peter Parker Imagine

Paring: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,498 words

Request by anon:  hello i would like to request a peter parker x reader imagine where there dating and he has a nightmare about her dying and he goes to her apartment and cuddles her and the next day he’s all clingy but she doesn’t mind it at all? can you make it really cute please?

No Homecoming Spoilers (I mean, I mentioned Adrian Toomes as the villain but I mean, that’s kind of implied)

A/N: RIP Tom’s curls. i edited it but my computer did something weird so some words could be scrambled.


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“No, please! Please don’t hurt her.” Peter screamed at the top of his lungs as he was in his Spider-Man suit with his mask off, chained to the wall behind him. He was pulling and tugging the chains, trying to get out of them to hold his girlfriend.

Y/N sat before him, leaning against a wall not chained down due to the hours of torture she endured that made her body too weak to do anything. Tear streaks laced her cheeks as a man, with his back to Peter, was leaning over a trey of tools. ​"Now, Mr. Parker,“ the man turned around with a knife in one hand and electrically charged wires in the other, the man was the Vulture, “which one should I use?”

Peter screamed while he pulled at the chains again, his wrists bleeding profoundly. “You don’t have to do this Adrian. You don’t have to. Please don’t hurt her. You want me remember?! So, just hurt me!” Sweat was sticking to his forehead and tears were falling from his eyes.

“We won’t tell anyone. No one has to know what happened, if that’s what you want, just please stop hurting her.” Peter begged, wanting to end the pain that Y/N was feeling so intensely. Adrian sighed, putting the knife down on the trey, placing the wires in both of his hands. “Sorry Peter, but you know I can’t do that.” He stated with a hint of sarcasm. He then placed the wires onto her abdomen, smiling wickedly at her screams of pain.

Peter screamed with her, his eyes filling with more and more tears. Adrian pulled the wires away, tossing them recklessly onto the ground. He picked up two more weapons, turning to Peter once again, “I think you should answer me this time, kid. Which should I use to kill her?”  He pulled one hand out from behind his back, “this one?” directing Peter’s attention to the knife. “Or this one?” He asked, revealing his other hand to show the silver gun.

He heard Y/N sob, making Peter pinch his eyes closed. “Please don’t do this,” He whispered, looking up at the man with watery eyes as he looked at him from where he was kneeling.

Adrian ‘tsk'ed as he put the knife down again. “Why don’t you ever answer me? I hate having to decide these things on my own. You have no idea how hard it is.” He pointed the gun at Y/N’s temple, making her sobs turn even more frantic. “Please! Just stop this!” Peter shouted, pulling and tugging at the chains.

Adrian glared at him, shaking his head slightly as he looked back at the gun in his hand, “Too late.” Before Peter knew it, Adrian pulled the trigger and Y/N’s eyes closed for the last lime.

Peter screamed at the top of his lungs when he saw her body fall on its side. “I’ll kill you you son of a bitch! You here me?! I’m gonna fucking kill you!” He shouted while Adrian laughed menacingly. Before Peter knew what was happening, the man came closer and closer to him, everything suddenly turning black.

He sat up, sweat drenching has back with the pale moonlight shining through his window. Peter was letting out quick and jagged breaths as he threw the covers off his body. He stumbled out of his bed, searching for a pair of pants to wear. He pulled the grey sweatpants over his legs before throwing on his Midtown sweatshirt and stepping into his shoes.

Grabbing his phone and stuffing it in his pocket, Peter opened his bedroom window. Climbing out of the warm, cozy room and into the dark,cold night.

The walk, or run, to Y/N’s apartment felt like it took hours, even if it was only around 10 minutes. The entire way there, tears kept flying out of his eyes. Peter just wanted to see her, hold her and never let go. He arrived at her building, climbing up the fire escape that was by her window. He pulled the glass upwards, enough to get his body through.

As he steadied himself in her room, he was able to see her asleep on her bed. Her chest rising and falling as she let out short breaths. Peter sighed, taking off his shoes and climbing into the bed behind her. He held her body closed to his chest, placing his forehead in between her shoulders.

“You’re okay,” He whispered, closing his eyes as a few tears escaped. Soon, sleep met Peter’s mind, along with peaceful and happy dreams.

Y/N woke up the next morning when her alarm started blaring. She moved her body to turn of the noise but she wasn’t able to move far due to arms wrapped around her body. She looked over her body to see Peter, his soft curls covering his eyes while he snuggled closer to the pillow under him.

She stretched her arm further to turn off her alarm. She didn’t want to disturb Peter, but she had to wake him up for school. “Peter,” she whispered softly, shaking his shoulders a little bit. He stirred, pinching his eyes before slowly opening them. A soft smile appeared on his lips, “Hey Y/N.”

“Hey, Peter,” She chuckled, running a hand through his curls, “Why are you here? Not that I don’t want you here. His smile dimmed, "I just really needed to see you.” Y/N stood up off her bed, holding his hand to drag her with him.

“I have to go home, and uh, get ready for school.” He stood up and held her in his arms. She turned her head up, standing on her tippy toes to connect their lips together. Peter relaxed at the feeling, not ever wanting to leave her grasp. She pulled away, patting his arm lightly. “See ya later Spidey.”

The entire day, Peter couldn’t keep his hands off of Y/N. On the subway to school, he kept falling asleep on her shoulder. At lunch, he had his arm around her waist to keep her closer to him. When he walked her to class his lips lingered on hers longer than they usually did. He even gave her his grey sweater so that she could have a small piece of him while he wasn’t in her classes. In the classes they had together, he had his hand clasped around hers.

As much as Y/N loved the small acts of his affection, she knew that Peter was acting weird ever since she saw him this morning.

After school, Y/N went over to his place to watch movies, do homework and just hang out. It felt like the perfect time to ask him about how strange he’s been acting. “Hey Peter?” Y/N asked, laying on the couch with her head on his chest as he was playing with her hair. He mumbled a small, ‘hm’ admiring her while she turned down the volume on the T.V.

She sat up a little, turning her body so that she could make eye contact with him. “Is everything okay? You’ve been acting super weird today.” She asked as she was playing with his fingers as their hands were held together. Peter sighed, sitting up on the sofa, with his legs crossed. Y/N sat in front of him with the same posture.

He held both of her hands in his, rubbing his thumbs across the back of her hands, not looking into her eyes. “Last night,” he started, but cleared his throat, “I had a nightmare. A-A terrible nightmare. Vulture, he came back. And I don’t know how we go there but we were both in this small room. I was chained to a wall while he-he was torturing you.” Peter sniffled, and Y/N’s eyes softened.

“He held a gun to your head, Y/N. And he pulled the trigger before I could stop him,” he looked up at Y/N with tears filling up his eyes, “That’s why I went to your house last night. I was scared and I thought I actually lost you, Y/N.”

Y/N moved from her position to configure herself in his arms. His tears soaked her shirt as he nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck. “You didn’t lose me Peter and you never will.”

He leaned back, pressing his forehead against hers. “I love you so much.” He whispered, pressing their lips together. He loved the feeling of their lips together. It made him feel content with to world. It made him feel like he could do anything he wanted. They pulled away at the same time. “I love you too, Pete.” She smiled, joining their lips together again.

Tequila Works Wonders

Pairing/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, The Avengers (mentioned)
Warnings: Swearing, drunk reader, fluff Summary: You and Bucky are best friends, the thing is, you’re in love with him. What happens when you’ve drank a little too much?
Word Count: 1.2k+
A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble lmao

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“Traditions” Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2,742

Carl Grimes x Reader, Maggie and Glenn x Adopted Daughter Reader

Summary: When you and Carl sneak out of Alexandria to “explore”, you find more than you bargained for in an abandoned house.

Warning: Fluff, drug use (marijuana), mentions of sex, implied smut, language, angry parents lol

Originally posted by monasax

“Are we still meeting up tonight?” You ask Carl as you hold Judith, bouncing her up and down on your hip.

“Yeah. We just have to be more careful this time. My dad almost caught me sneaking back in last time.” Carl says, taking Judith from your hands.

You and Carl had been dating ever since you got to Alexandria, and ever since you two got here, you’d sneak out a few times a week to go “exploring” outside of the walls. More often than not, you’d end up just going to the cabin that was a few miles outside of Alexandria to have sex, but occasionally you two actually went exploring around the abandoned neighborhoods. It was sort of a tradition now.

“I’m surprised I haven’t got caught yet. Maggie and Glenn are always up at random hours of the night for god knows why.” You respond. You and your parents were a part of Rick’s group ever since the beginning, but they had gotten killed during the attack of Hershel’s farm. Ever since then, Glenn and Maggie have acted as parents towards you, and you couldn’t be more thankful.

“Probably because they want to wait until you’re asleep to-“

“Ah, stop there.” You put a finger to Carl’s lips, making him laugh. “I don’t want to think about that.”

“If you can’t talk about it, you shouldn’t be having it.” Carl said in a mocking tone, repeating what Maggie had once told the two of you when she had walked in on a rather heated moment.

“Ah, shut up.” You playfully roll your eyes.

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Do I like Him?

Pairing; jungkook x reader || Dancer kook!au + Jealous kook!au

Summary;  “I’m not your princess.”  You fall in love with your best friend dancer Jungkook, and sexual tensions grow until something happens.

Word count; 3.2k 

 warnings; smut, language, slight bondage, princess and daddy kink

A/N; sorry for not writing anything for the longest. :( THIS HAS A LOT OF FLUFF THO TOO. (and sorry if there are some mistakes lol) i need jesus from this omgg

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You sauntered out the door, being exposed a new day. The bitter cold wind hit you which felt like a thousand needles against your skin since you had to wear a stupid skirt for the uniform. You were on your way to school trying to keep alive and warm in the process. “Ugh winter is going to be the death of me.” You groaned to yourself as you shivered.

You hugged yourself only to notice you forgot your coat. Time was ticking and you were quite far away from home already. Making your way down the icy street with the pure white snow in your hair, you noticed your best friend Jungkook. He was also walking to school. Jungkook lived a few blocks away from you. His face lit up and he ran up to you. He seems so happy to see you, everyday.

“Hey y/n! How are you princess?” He greeted you. You froze up even more at the word ‘princess’
“Hi, but will you stop calling me that? I’m not your princess.”
“Uh, well it’s just because you act like one, that’s all.” he explained to you.
You continued to walk and hug yourself trying to keep the cold away. Suddenly Jungkook slipped off his coat being left in his white button up shirt that seems to be way too small. It contoured his toned body perfectly. You looked away and shook your head.
“That’s wrong, no, stop it”, you told yourself.

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Having a baby with Remus Lupin would include
  • Telling him you were pregnant for his birthday
  • Him thinking you were joking at first but finally understanding you were not
  • Not so manly tears, lots and lots of hugs and kisses
  • Him being the happiest man on Earth but still terrified your baby would end up having a « furry little problem » too
  • You telling him to stop worrying and that if it happened, you would handle it like bosses because that’s what you were, a team
  • The boys and Lily being so excited when you both told them, immediatly starting to fight to know who the baby would be named after
  • « You stole my man so you could at least name the baby after me Y/N ! » Sirius would tell you
  • Remus and you agreeing on making Sirius the godfather so he would stop whining

Originally posted by couplenotes

  • Remus watching your belly grow day by day, whispering sweet things to your future baby while you would play with his hair
  • Him being overprotective during all your pregnancy and insisting on doing all the chores
  • « I hope he will have his mother’s smile, because I love it. » he would say, « What if it’s a she ? » you would laugh « … it can be a she ?! »
  • Preparing the future baby’s room together, and Remus being very clumsy would surely hurt himself trying to build the bed and the rest on his own
  • Laughing so hard at his overdramatic reaction « I think I broke my nose with that stupid shelf, that’s not funny Y/N »

Originally posted by alevay

  • Finally, you would give birth to a healthy and beautiful little girl
  • Remus wanting her middle name to be Hope, like his mother
  • Remus first being petrified, overwhelmed by too much happiness to think straight
  • Him not knowing how to touch her because he would be scared to do something wrong and hurt her
  • Your babygirl crying whenever he would leave the room and touching the scars on his face with her tiny fingers, making the both of you smile
  • Lily and James giving you a dreamcatcher as a present, Peter offering a small pair of shoes and Sirius shyly handing you a stuffed animal that looked more like a potato than anything else
  • « I made it myself, it’s me as Padfoot. I know it looks a bit weird but I did my best… »
  • It would be the only toy your daughter wanted, and she wouldn’t be able to sleep without it
  • Remus singing her to sleep, making you fall in love with him a little more everytime

Originally posted by loversareeverywhere

  • Living in a small and cozy house in the middle of nowhere, but not that far from Sirius and James and Lily’s place
  • Remus changing her diapers for the first time
  • He would pass out
  • Sleeping together, your daughter between the two of you on the bed
  • Remus watching you both sleep peacefully, finally feeling home and truly loved
  • During his first Full Moon since you became parents, he would go as far from your home as possible, the boys coming with him as animagi like when you were at Hogwarts
  • You being relieved when he would come back safe, helping him healing his wounds before going to bed and cuddling
  • You would still have your little moments, just the two of you while Sirius would play the role of the babysitter (he loved it)
  • « Who’s gonna have the best time of her life with uncle Sirius while mommy and daddy make you a little bro ? Yes baby that’s you. »

Originally posted by in-da-tardis

  • Your first Christmas as a family, wearing horrible Christmas pullovers and secretly liking it
  • Decorating the Christmas tree together, your daughter on Remus’ shoulders putting a little star on top of it
  • Spending wintery nights by the fireplace
  • Taking a lot of pictures and filling many albums with them
  • Sirius secretely trying to make her say his name as her first word, and he would succeed
  • Remus being in shock when she would say « Sirius » before « daddy » or anything else
  • Having a snowball fight with him as a revenge, while you watched the two young men from the inside of your house with your little girl in your arms
  • Just being happy
  • Being home
  • Being a family

I’m sorry I had to delete it and post it again ! 

Because Remus as a dad is just too good, thanks for requesting anon, I hope you like it.xx

I just hit 70 followers, you guys are amazing. Credits to the gifs owners/makers.

Link to my last Remus would include.

Language Nuances You Don’t Learn in a Classroom

Conjugation, subject-verb agreement, verb tenses…is there anything more clinical than learning a language at school? While these are all necessary elements of language learning, real fluency is born from listening to native speakers in their natural element.  

I’m talking about the type of mannerisms and peculiarities even native speakers don’t know about themselves! Sure you can write a 10-page essay in impeccable french, but can you gab with the girls at the hair salon? Here are the five language nuances your teacher won’t teach you. 

1. Inflections 

Languages don’t sound the same. That’s an obvious statement. But even the inflections and vocal tones don’t necessarily translate. For example, in english, depending on the context, we don’t necessarily need to go up at the end of a question. But in french, its essential. I’ve even been told before that even though my american accent is often undetectable, I speak in an american rhythm. I’m not sure what that means but it just emphasizes how these subtle idiosyncracies can make the difference. 

2. Interjections

I always thought interjections were intuitive. Actually, I never thought about them much at all until I moved to France. But I quickly realized that interjections are a learned part of language. If you stub your toe, you’re not going to say “ouch”. You should say “Ouïe”. If you eat something gross, you’ll get quite a few looks if you say “yuck” instead of “Beurk”. Even animals aren’t safe. Ducks don’t quack and pigs don’t oink. One of my classes (embarrassingly) had me imitate the entire animal kingdom because they found the differences so peculiar. At any rate, it’s definitely worth looking these interjections up because they’re a huge part of language. 

3. Facial Expressions

The french are quite facially expressive people. It’s quite entertaining as an outsider and all expats notice this right away. My favorite expression is the dumbfounded look my students give me when they have no idea what I’ve said. They widen their eyes and puff their cheeks like a blowfish…it’s hilarious. You can see that look HERE at 0:49. But what struck me most is how uniform that look is, which indicates that is cultural more than it is individual. 

4. Hand gestures

The french start counting with their thumb instead of their index finger, the “Ok” sign actually means “zero”,  and rubbing your nose means you’re drunk. Hand gestures are definitely cultural. It’s recommended before going to any country to look these up because you may think you’re giving the thumbs up but instead you’ve just started a fight in public. Typically, you won’t find these cultural differences in a textbook. 

5. Idioms 

One day I asked a friend what she thought of this guy she was seeing. 

Her response: “Il est sympa, mais il se regarde le nombril (He’s nice but he looks at his bellybutton). 

My first thought: “….That’s weird” 

What I didn’t know (and didn’t find out until a week later) was that se regarder le nombril is an idiomatic expression that describes someone as egotistical or narcissistic. 

Idioms are a little harder to prepare yourself for because the possibilities are endless and often the expression holds very little indication of what it actually means. However, whenever you hear one try hard to remember it and challenge yourself to use it in another situation. 

The Dinner Party

just a random idea that came to me in a fever dream earlier this week. rated E for explicit smutty smut smut. enjoy!

“You want me to do what?”

Peeta frowned at her foot, wielding the nail polish brush threateningly. “First, I want you to hold still.” Katniss wriggled her toes defiantly but then obliged, hardly daring to breathe when he swiped the coral nail polish onto her big toe in nice, even strokes. It looked perfect, of course. He could always paint better than she could, even nails.

“Seriously, though. You want me to go to a dinner party with you?” she asked. He glanced up at her with a crooked smile before he started painting her next toenail.

“You make it sound like I’ve asked you to strip naked and run around the block or something,” he said, focusing on her toes. She snorted, then clamped her lips shut when he shot her a warning look. Snorting made her foot jiggle, apparently. “It’s just a dinner party. Delly asked everyone to bring a guest–someone, and I quote, ‘interesting.’ So I’m asking you.”

Katniss stared at the top of his head, his blond curls falling across his forehead as he worked. “But I don’t really know her. And what a weird stipulation,” she said with a laugh.

Peeta shrugged. “Delly likes her theme parties,” he muttered, tongue poking out the corner of his mouth as he delicately painted her pinky toe. Satisfied with his work, he shot her a triumphant smile. “And you’re the most interesting person I know.”

She rolled her eyes. “Says the guy who paints nails better than any girl I know.”

He gave her a look of mock offense. “Are you questioning my masculinity? You know how I feel about rigid gender roles.” Then he held up his hand, palm flat, fingers spread. “And who’s got a steadier hand than me?” She kicked playfully at his hand, and he made a noise of protest, grabbing her ankle to place her foot down on the coffee table. “Don’t mess up my hard work.”

Katniss slumped down into the couch, chewing on her lip. “You know I don’t like people. How am I supposed to be interesting around a bunch of strangers?”

Screwing the nail polish bottle shut, Peeta sat back on his hands. “Just think of it as a challenge. See how often you can work into the conversation that dry wit and razor-sharp sarcasm of yours without them realizing you’re insulting them.”

“Do you want people to hate me?” she asked wryly, folding her arms over her chest. He grinned.

“Delly said interesting. She didn’t say anything about likable.” He laughed when she flipped him off, then pushed off the floor to stand up. “I should head home. But I swear, if you just be yourself, people will love you.” She didn’t think it was that simple. Peeta never had to worry about getting people to like him; it just came naturally to him. But she didn’t argue the point, letting him pull her up from the couch. With cotton balls stuffed between her toes, she wobbled after him to the front door. Grabbing his jacket from the coat rack, he turned to her. “So you’ll come?”

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If Everything was Different

So, I usually post drarry fanfics but I’ve been obsessed with DEH lately so no you’re getting an Evannor fanfic (I refuse to call it tree bros, it sounds like a crack ship). Next one shot will be drarry I swear.

So this is basically what would happen if Connor never saw Zoe’s name on the letter that he handed to Evan. Enjoy!

Connor didn’t know why he had stayed there that day. He just saw Evan walk in and decided to stay, even if he would have to walk home because his sister took the car. He didn’t mind though, he quite liked walking home. It gave him time to think and be alone. At home he always had to worry about his parents or his sister banging on his door, but outside he could truly think and process everything that jumped around in his mind.

His train of thought was interrupted by the whirling of the printer next to him. Dear Evan Hansen was written across the top of the page. Connor swiftly grabbed it and tentatively walked up to the shorter boy. Something white was wrapped around Evan’s arm. A cast. He wondered how he didn’t notice it before.

Connor cleared his throat. “So, uh, how did you break you arm?” He asked, still slowly walking toward him.

Evan jumped a little. “Oh I, uh, I fell- out of a tree.” He was looking down and picked at the hem of his shirt.

“You fell out of a tree?” Evan nodded, still not meeting Connor’s eye. “Well, that’s just the saddest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.” He chuckled a bit before observing that no one had signed his cast yet. “No one signed your cast.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Well, I’ll sign it.” Evan looked up at Connor shyly.

“Oh, no, you don’t have to.”

“Do you have a sharpie?” He stepped towards Evan as he pulled out a black marker from his pocket and held it out to Connor, his hands slightly shaking. He took it and pulled the cast so that he could easily write on it. Evan let out a yelp of pain. Connor tried to force out a sorry but all he could manage was a sympathetic “oh”. He uncapped the pen and wrote his name in big capital letters across the plain white cast.

“Oh, thanks.” Evan said sarcastically.

“Now we can both pretend we have friends.”

He nodded and started walking away. Connor called out to him, realizing he still had the paper. He was really enjoying the other boys company and found himself craving more conversation. Maybe this could turn into Conner’s first real friendship. Well, that’s what he hoped, anyway.

“Is this yours?” He held out the paper to Evan. “‘Dear Evan Hansen’, that’s you, right?” Connor gave him a small smile.

Evan gave a little look of panic. “Yes, that’s mine.” He grabbed it from Connor. “I- it’s nothing really. I- I mean obviously it is something because why would I print it out if it wasn’t something but like it doesn’t really matter…” He went on to ramble a bit more until Connor stopped him.

“You don’t have to explain, I mean, it’s really none of my business.”

Evan looked at him gratefully. “Um, d-do you you maybe, um,” He scratched the back of his neck and huffed out, “do you wanna maybe, um, w-walk home with me? You know, s-since Zoe went home a-and we live close to each other?”

“How do you know I drive home with Zoe?” Connor asked dubiously.

Evan looked up at the taller man, his face significantly redder than it was before. “O-oh well, um, you know, you guys live by me and I see you get into the car with her every day on my way home and also sometimes I have to walk by your car and I see you two there like getting ready to leave that sound like I’m a stalker but I swear I’m not that’s so weird sorry.” He looked back down, his fingers immediately finding the hem of his shirt.

Connor gave a small chuckle. “It’s not weird, you don’t have to apologize. And yeah, lets go. It’d be nice to have company on my way home for a change.”


“Yeah,” Connor pushed the door to the computer room open and held it for Evan. “It should be nice.”

Evan stood there, wide eyes looking up at him. “Sorry, I’m n-not used to people wanting to hang out with me.” He stepped through the door and they started walking toward the front entrance of the school, both boys eager to get out and go home.

“Well buddy, I’m not people.” Connor took a deep breath when they finally stepped outside of the poorly lit school.

After walking for a while in comfortable silence, Evan, much to Connor’s surprise, was the first to break it. “I, uh, I like your h-hair. It- it looks good.” Connor turned to look at Evan, red diffusing onto his cheeks. “I- I mean because J-jared said this morning a-and I completely d-disagree. I think that the length looks great. Not to say that it didn’t look great before because it also looked good when it was shorter it’s just that now it also looks e-equally a-as good.”

Connor was certain that his face had gone completely red. He gave Evan a ‘thank you’ and a small smile before letting his hair fall in his face to hopefully try and hide his blush though he wasn’t sure it was working. He cleared his throat. “So, uh, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’. Is that like a therapy thing?”

Evan nodded hesitantly.

“I used to write letters to myself, when I actually went to therapy.”

“You went to therapy?”

Connor nodded. “I used to go for my borderline personality disorder, but it didn’t really help even with the meds. As you can tell, sorry I pushed you by the way.”

“It’s okay. It was my- my fault. I, uh, provoked you so,”

“You really like apologizing, huh?” Connor joked.

“Did- did you just make a joke?” Evan asked with mock surprise.

“Don’t act so surprised, Hansen. I’m a joy to be around.” They both laughed at that comment. “Hold on, did you just make a sarcastic comment? Woah.” He asked with the same mock surprise as Evan.

“I- I don’t even know why I said that I usually don’t say things like that so-”

“I was actually impressed. You’re ruining it.” Connor chuckled. “Also, you don’t have to apologize so much.”

“Sor-” He caught himself. “Well, you know what I mean.”

Connor spotted his house. He was almost sad that this had to end. Hopefully, Evan would still want to talk to him tomorrow. “Well, this is my stop. This was… pleasant.” He stretched out his hand. “See you tomorrow?”

“D- definitely.” Evan went to shake Connor’s hand but the pulled back and wiped them on his pants instead. Connor rolled his eyes and grabbed the other boy’s hand anyway. He shook it firmly before letting go and walking towards his front door. Once he got inside, he saw Zoe sprawled across the couch in the living room. She looked up at Connor expectantly.

“Well?” She said.

Connor shrugged. “What?”

“Aren’t you going to yell at me and threaten to kill me for leaving you at school?”

He shook his head. “Nope. Hansen walked me home.”

Zoe’s eyes were practically bugging out of her head. “Evan Hansen? The Evan Hansen? The Evan Hansen you’ve had a crush on since seventh grade, that Evan Hansen?”

“The one and only.” He lips pulled into a faint smile.

“Holy fuck, are you smiling?”

“Yeah, I am.” He let his smile grow. “And it feel good to be able to genuinely smile again.”

“Oh my god, you are so smitten!”

“Fuck you!” He said dramatically, but none of the venom was there like it usually was. Connor ran up to his room, still smiling, and just layed in his bed until he fell asleep. For once, actually wanting to wake up the next morning.

The Styles Effect Pt. 2

Part One

Requests Open

Warnings: Cursing, a little smut (teacher Harry), feelings, multiple parts (slowish burn)

Pairing: Reader x Harry(s)


Y/n finds a notification on her phone asking to make a wish.

Little did she think that her wishing all her Harry fanfictions to come to life would actually come true, and the craziness it would bring.

*Y/N = your name *Y/L/N = your last name *Y/F/N = your friend’s name *Y/O/F/N= your other friend’s name

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7 years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook x Reader - Part 3

In all honesty this series was only going to have two parts but cause you guys are so damn cute I extended it.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 - Here  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10.1  Part 10.2  Part 10.3  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20 - Final

When you had gotten home, eyes puffy from crying tears of happiness, you immediately video called Areum. When she had answered, she briefly panicked at the sight of your tear stained face and you reassured her that everything was alright. You spent an hour explaining the whole ordeal to her and then another explaining your relationship with Jungkook.

“Wait… so I, your best friend, did not know You and Jungkook are practically soulmates?” You choked on your bottle of water whilst having a mini coughing fit. When you had recovered, you snapped your head up and glared directly at the screen of your laptop.

“Soulmates where? We’re just childhood friends.” Areum tutted and shook her head. She the went on to give you a sly smile as if she knew something you didn’t.

“Oh come on Y/N. We all know which way this relationship is going. You have seen ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’ right? The childhood friends always end up together.” You aggressively shook your head whilst you blushed heavily at the thought of dating Jungkook. It’s not that you despised the idea, it’s just it had never crossed your mind. Not with all the drama you’ve had to put up with for the past 2 years.

“Areum, your mouth is moving but all I hear is bullshit right now.” It was her turn to glare at you and she twirled her hair around her fingers innocently. “Okay fine, when you start dating you have to buy me… Ah! You have to buy me Shinee’s new album. Deal?” You couldn’t believe the nerve of Areum, making bets on your love life.

“Deal!” That didn’t stop you from agreeing because let’s be honest here, there was no way you were going to date Jungkook. You’d probably be killed by Hye Mi if you so much as hugged him within her sights. Actually, pissing off Hye Mi was a very tempting idea.

Scratch that. You could care less about her.

After bidding Areum a good night, you logged off and lay in bed. You were excited to go back to school but this time as Jungkook’s untouchable childhood friend.

This school year was beginning to look like a good one.


When you entered the classroom the next day, Jungkook was already sitting down in his seat, staring out the window. His ears perked up at the sound of your chair against the floor and he smiled when he realised you had arrived.

“Morning Y/N.” The slight rasp of his voice was enough to tell you he wasn’t used to arriving at school this early. He stood up and made himself comfortable on the chair in front of you, once again placing his head on your desk.

“Good morning Jungkook.” He chuckled and proceeded to pinch your cheek. Slapping his hand away, you flicked him on his forehead. “What? So you’re not gonna call me Kookie anymore?”

“Not in school.”  He pouted at you in a playful manner and nudged your shoulder.

“Why not? I thought we were friends.” You couldn’t stop the smile that spread on your face from his whining tone. Just as you were going to reply, Hye Mi stepped into the classroom, eyes taking in the close proximity between you and Jungkook. To your surprise, she just scoffed and made her way to her seat, sitting down and pulling out her compact mirror.

Jungkook completely disregarded her presence and continued to pester you, ruffling your hair. “Come on, you’re literally my oldest friend. You’re the only exception when it comes to calling me Kookie.” Out of the corner of your eye you noticed Hye Mi’s shoulders tense at what Jungkook had just said.

Whatever. It’s not your problem.

“Fine. Okay Kookie, just stop messing up my hair.” He grinned at you and began patting down your hair, making sure you looked presentable. You made small talk with Jungkook whilst your classmates began arriving, some giving you confused looks whilst others envy. The questioning stares proved to be too much as you groaned and hid you face in your arms. Jungkook simply laughed and left you to wallow in your self pity.


Lunch had once again arrived and you found that your table was still occupied by Hye Mi and her friends. You were debating whether you should confront her when you heard Jungkook call out to you. When he realised he had gained your attention, he began to gesture to the free seats on his table. Sighing in relief, you grabbed Areum’s hand and dragged her to the table.

Jungkook greeted you with a big smile and his friends followed suit. You returned their smiles and sat down, Areum cautiously sitting down beside you.

“Y/N! You decided to join us!” Taehyung literally screamed in your ear and you flinched. Yoongi whined at the loud noise and hit him on the head. “Shut up you idiot. Can’t get some damn sleep.” He went back to laying his head on the table and Taehyung stuck his tongue out at him. Areum was sat next to you, noticebly tense and you realised it was because she was literally sitting on a table with a bunch of strangers, save for you.

“Guys, this is my friend Areum. Areum meet Jungkook and his friends.” Jungkook beamed at her and pointed at Taehyung. “I’m pretty sure you know this is Kim Taehyung by now. Min Yoongi is the one who is sleeping and Kim Seokjin is someone you will always find either eating or looking at pictures of himself.” To emphasise his point he nodded his head in the direction of Jin, who was currently stuffing his face with rice.

“These three go by the names of Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok and Park Jimin. Although Namjoon hyung has a high IQ, we all tend to lose a couple of brain cells because of him. Hoseok and Jimin are always having dance competitions so that’s another thing to be aware of.” Areum giggled at his words and you sighed in relief, happy that she seemed to be comfortable.

“Guys, come to Jungkook’s party on Saturday!” Taehyung piped up from beside you, throwing an arm around your shoulder. You made eye contact with Jungkook, silently asking if it was okay and you saw him avert his eyes.

“Uh, yeah come if you want.” You didn’t particularly go to parties often but since it was Jungkook’s you were sure everything would be fine. Smiling, you turned back to Taehyung.

“Sure, we’ll come.” Taehyung cheered and Areum snickered at his antics.

You’d be as happy as they were if you hadn’t sensed Jungkook hesitate before. Why he seemed reluctant was beyond you.


The days slowly passed by and you along with Areum became closer with the boys, your old friendship with Jungkook coming back to light. Hye Mi became more jealous but seemed to notice Jungkook’s willingness to protect you so the weekly bullying came to a stop. She still found opportunities to slip in snide remarks but, as usual, you didn’t let it bother you.

When Friday arrived you began to feel suspicious over what could take place at this party. Jungkook had constantly asked you if ‘you were sure you wanted to come’ and that 'you didn’t have to come if you didn’t want to’. It was off putting but your desire to know why he was behaving in this way was stronger than the warning bells in your head.

He had given up by now and despite the guilty looks he occasionally sent you, you began to feel excited. You had obviously gone to parties before but none of the, were hosted by the most popular boy in school and you were eager to see what it had in store for you.

Lying in bed, you watched the screen of your laptop with intense concentration at the dilemma you were presented with.

“Okay Y/N. This skirt and top or this above the knees dress? I need you to concentrate on this.” Areum slowed down each sentence as if she was talking to a child and your eyebrows creased.

“The skirt and top combo, that dress is too formal.” Areum gave a firm nod, giving a dimpled smile. Dropping the clothes on her bed, she drew closer to the camera.

“But what about you? What are you wearing tomorrow?” Shrugging your shoulders, you rolled onto your back. “Whatever I pick out in the heat of the moment I guess. Areum… has Jungkook seemed a bit, I don’t know, off?” She placed a finger to her chin, clearly reflecting on the past few days. Eventually nodding, Areum eyes widened in realisation.

“Now that you mention it, he did ask me to try and get you to focus on your studies instead of coming to the party. It’s really weird…” The questioning look she gave you made you tilt your head in confusion.

“Don’t look at me like that! I have no idea why he’s acting like that too. To be honest, I think he doesn’t want me to come.” Areum stayed silent, allowing you to continue with your explanation.

“He seems like he’s hiding something from me… Ah whatever! I don’t care.” You received a look of uncertainty which had you nodding your head vigorously.

“Yes, I’m sure Areum!”

“But I didn’t say any-”

“Yeah, see you tomorrow. Good night!”

Closing the video call, you slammed your laptop screen down and huffed.

“Gosh I don’t want to think about that!” Deciding that it would be better to sleep instead of dwell on the situation, you crawled underneath your covers and shut your eyes tight.

Maybe if you ignored your thoughts enough, the uncertainty would disappear.

My Own - Stiles Stilinski

word count: 2414
warnings: swearing, angst, depression (it’s a vent imagine)

[ tell me this does any of this love exist / or is it just a fire / keeping out the cold fear of the unknown / turning us to coal ]

Stiles dragged himself to his front door, his body tired and worn out from the long night he’d had.  The long four months, supposedly, that he’d had.

How had he been gone for so long? Having not eaten or drank anything, not being able to sleep.  Four months passed? Without his friends, his Dad, without y/n? How had he done it? How had he survived? He wasn’t sure.  Just that he was absolutely desperate to get back to the girl he loved, even if she didn’t return the feelings he’d harbored for her.

He’d fallen in love with her the moment he met her, as cliche as it was.  When she’d clumsily ran straight into him sophomore year, her first year at Beacon Hills High having just moved.  He was embarrassed at first sure, but when he’d looked into her eyes and took in her flawless features his face became a tomato and he babbled out apologies.  She’d begun laughing, brushing it off as an accident and introducing herself as y/n l/n.  Since then, he’d grown closer and closer to her until today, three years later, where they were best friends.  

Some might even argue that she was closer to him than Scott.  She spent more nights over at the Stilinski household, was at every single lacrosse practice, game, and tournament, always cheering on her boys.  When Stiles had no one to go to homecoming with junior year she gladly offered her hand to dance with him for the night.  She would wear his flannels and sweatshirts like it was no biggie, saying he left them at her place and should’ve thought to get them back before she claimed them.  Though Stiles began to purposefully leave them behind in hopes of her wearing more of his clothes.  They’d cuddle, hold hands sometimes, hug before leaving or in greeting.  y/n and Stiles were virtually inseparable.

She was his everything, he couldn’t bear to be without her.  When they weren’t together they’d text or call or FaceTime constantly, all he ever wanted out of life was to just keep talking to her, hear her voice, watch her speak to him excitedly.  She was all he ever wanted, he loved her, more than friends love friends.  But there wasn’t much he could do about that, so he settled for the placement of best friend if it meant he could have her in his life permanently.

And his plan had been going great, until the night the Ghost Riders ripped him away from her.

[ I’ve seen it all go your way / but now you fall every day / your tired, unfamiliar face says it all ]

y/n stood at the doorway of what used to be her best friend’s room.  Since Lydia and Noah had ripped away the wallpaper and revealed the room left behind, she had come everyday, and everyday, her memories flooded back over her. She’d sit for hours in the space, looking over the things left behind, all over the room.  Usually she would sit and cry, begging quietly for him to return, that she’d give anything to have him back.  His voice, his protective hold, his smell of mint and coffee, his whiskey colored eyes that would stare adoringly into her own.

She stepped inside what felt like the hundredth time she’s entered the vacant-of-Stiles room, her tired eyes looking over everything he’d left behind.

“You’d be upset to know all your Star Wars movies have collected dust” She whispered to no one but herself, letting her fingers run over the dvd cases on his shelf.  “I was… I was going to do it for you but I don’t want to ruin a thing for when you come back”  y/n stared at the clutter that covered his dresser and shelves.  “I put back all your flannels, and even your lacrosse sweatshirt” She said.  “It’s weird sleeping without it, but I wanted you to have it back for yourself, I don’t think you’ve worn it once since I stole it last year”

She waited a few minutes, hoping for some sort of answer.  But she was still in dead silence.

“I was thinking maybe I’d let you wear it so it would have your scent again and then I could take it again.  I really do love the way you smell, as weird as that sounds aloud…”

Again, she waited.  But no answer came.

“It smells like home” y/n sighed, and collapsed on the floor, her back pressed against his bed as she began to cry.  “Come home, please come home” She whimpered.  “I can’t keep doing this it’s too hard I can’t- I can’t-”

Choked sobs and cries echoed quietly in the empty room, a muffled sound throughout the desolate house.  She had started coming over when the SHeriff wasn’t home so she wouldn’t embarrass herself with her crying.

“I need you Stiles, Mieczyslaw” She said to the room.  “You belong here, you’re supposed to be here, right here, sitting right next to me! And-and holding me! So I don’t feel like an idiot for crying so much” She yelled slightly, hoping it would spark something, anything.

The silence continued.

“I need you to hold me” She whimpered, drawing her knees to her chest and putting her head down in her arms, body shaking as she shivered and sobbed.

[ even though we all grow old/ love will never die / love’s ignorant of time / but those words were your own / and that was long ago, that was long ago ]

“No, Stiles, no” y/n said sternly, gripping onto his hands tighter than she ever had before, and she’d clung onto him many times before.

“We have to go, right now, you’re not safe” Was all he said before sprinting off into the parking lot of the school, y/n running next to him and not daring to let go of his hand.  He didn’t stop till he got to the jeep, the both of them getting in.

“They can’t- they won’t-”

“They’re going to get me” Stiles told her seriously, turning to face her.  Only to find her big wet eyes, tears threatening to spill onto her cheeks.  “Look, they will-”

“No” You whimpered out pleadingly.

“They will, and you’re going to forget me”

“They won’t- I can’t- I won’t forget you” She stammered, sniffling quietly.

“You will” Stiles repeated himself in a murmur, and he cupped her cheek with his open hand, the other still held tightly in hers.  “But you’ve got to find some way to remember me, any possible way that you can” He told her, feeling her tears falling onto his hand.

“Stiles don’t leave” y/n begged, reaching forward and gripping her hands to his shoulders, sliding them around his neck, to his jaw, his cheeks, as though she were mapping him out.  She held his face in her hands, her y/e/c eyes boring into his honey brown ones.  “Don’t leave me”

“Baby I wish I didn’t have to” He told her, pulling her closer to press his forehead against hers.  Neither thought twice about the pet name, the one he used when she was in distress, and she certainly was.  “You’ll remember me, you will” He assured.  “You’ll find a way, I know you will”

“Stiles” She cried out, her arms wrapping around his neck and hugging him closely, breathing in his scent so she couldn’t forget it.

“It’s gonna be okay, you’ll be okay”

“I won’t- I won’t be” She sobbed.  “Not without you” Stiles closed his eyes, running his hands through her hair and wished with everything he had that he could kiss her.  Just once, just one soft, passionate, loving kiss.  But he just held her and cradled her head into his chest as her tears soaked his shirt.  “Don’t leave me alone Stiles, please” She begged desperately, not knowing what she could say or do to make him stay.

“It’s not a choice y/n” He replied solemnly.  “They’ll be here, they’ll find me” He pulled away from her, holding her face in his large hands and attempting to wipe away her tears.  “You can remember, I know you can” He told her, but from her broken expression, he knew she didn’t believe him.

“Kiss me” y/n said, her eyes flickering between his and his parted pink lips.  “I need you to” She told him.  Stiles nodded his head, shakily, and pulled her in closer, both of their eyes falling shut as his lips lightly brushed over hers before initiating the kiss.

But there was no kiss, because in a matter of seconds, the door of his jeep had flown upon, and he was dragged out.

“STILES!” y/n screamed, but it was no use, because just as quickly as he was taken, the door was shut.

And she was alone.

[ i’ve seen it all go your way / but now you fall every day / your tired, unfamiliar face / says it all ]

y/n had always known about Stiles’ feelings for her, she could see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice, and feel it in his rapid heartbeat.  But her own feelings for the boy weren’t confirmed until he was being taken from her.  And by then, it was far, far too late.

“I’m sorry” She cried out to Stiles’ room.  “I’m sorry, I’m so so so sorry” She stood up, wiping her watery eyes and smearing the makeup she’d forced herself to put on this morning.  She’d thought that maybe she’d feel normal if she had, but it did nothing to fill the hole in her chest.  She walked back towards the door backwards, not wanting to tear her eyes away from the room.  Everything was in it’s place, not a single thing set off.  “I’m sorry” She repeated again, softly.

Her eyes wandered the place one last time, before closing and taking a deep breath.

“I loved you” She whispered meekley.  “Please come home”

Stiles climbed the stairs, stepping as softly as he could, knowing that y/n had to be up here.  Her car had been in the driveway when he’d arrived earlier that night.  He stopped at the open door of his room, watching her as she stood with her back to him.  And when he’d heard her speak those last few words, his heart hammered in his chest.

“Okay” He spoke.

y/n’s eyes snapped open, a tremble going through her body as she slowly turned around.  When her eyes landed on him, you blinked slowly, not believing that he was standing there at first.

“St-Sti-” She didn’t even get his name out before he crossed the small space between them and took her in his arms.  He lifted her up, and her legs wrapped around him as he rocked her back and forth, crying as he buried his face into her neck, leaving a small kiss there as well.

“It’s okay” He whispered when her sob erupted from her throat, still being held in the air by him.  “Baby it’s alright, I’m here, it’s okay I’ve got you” She took in a deep breath, wiping her tears on the shoulder sleeve of his flannel.

“You left-you were gone- you were gone” y/n lifted her head, meeting his eyes.  Stiles carefully hooked one arm under her legs to keep holding her up, the other raising so he could brush his palm across her cheek.

“God I missed you so much” He mumbled.  “So fucking much y/n” His hand cradled the back of her head, both of them crying and smiling so big at one another.  y/n cracked out a short laugh, leaning into him, her forehead pressed against his and nose pushing against his cheek.  His mouth barely grazed over her upper lip, and he stared at her closed eyes, her long lashes with tears slipping off them, a few landing on his face and a few landing on hers.

“I love you” Her voice cracked.

“I’ve always loved you” Stiles replied, and a short laugh left both of their lips, before she leaned forward more, barely pressing her lips against his.  It wasn’t even a full kiss, not for a few seconds when he set the girl down so he could fully press his mouth against her, slanting his lips quickly against hers and kissing her hard, and passionately.  A small moan was elicited from her lips before they parted, and Stiles stared down at her with loving eyes.

“You’ve owed me that for four months” She told him, her head tilted back so she could look up at him.

“It’s very long overdue” She nodded, leaning forward a little and his lips pressed into her forehead as she gently linked her arms at his waist, nodding her head a little.

“It was” She whispered.  “When did you- why didn’t anyone call me-”

“Earlier tonight” Stiles said.  “Scott was going to but I uh- I told him not to” Her brows furrowed

“I don’t get- why? Why didn’t I get to know?” Stiles chuckled a little.

“I wanted to come surprise you” He said, and she punched him in the shoulder.  “Ow-”

“Surprise me? Stilinski I’ve been here everyday for the past four weeks I deserved a phone call! Even a text, just something to know you were back the second you got back!” Stiles laughed again, making y/n want to punch him again but she he caught her wrist before she could.

“I love you” He said, and she raised her eyebrows.  “I love you” He said again, placing a small and quick kiss between her eyes.  “I love you” A kiss on the tip of her nose, making her crinkle it and giggle instinctively.

“Stop it” She tried to scold but she was still laughing.

“I love you” Stiles repeated again. She shook her head out of confusion, unable to wipe the smile off of her lips.  “I’ve been waiting to tell you that for three years, I think you can bear with me so I can catch up” y/n shook her head again, bringing his lips down to hers once more.

“You’re something else Stiles Stilinski” She mumbled, gently capturing his lips with her own.

[ I used to call you my own, my dear ]

sorry it’s small i needed a vent

~ jordie

First Encounters.

This wasn’t requested by anyone but I saw a prompt on tumblr and I thought it would be cute to write about. So whoever posted the prompt thank you for the idea! @tvshows-obsessed all done!

Madi had been out adventuring as Clarke liked to call it, she’d left Clarke to fetch the fresh water. Madi knew Clarke didn’t mind collecting the water alone because she’d take a moment to radio her friends on the Ark. Madi knew almost everything about them now, Clarke would tell her stories every night before bed and sometimes Madi envied Clarke, she wanted to have as many adventures as her mother-figure, Clarke had been teaching her all she knew but she was eager to explore the scorched Earth. It was something she was unable to do when her parents were alive, her father would forbid her to leave her village, it was too dangerous they would say. Granted they were right, she was a night-blood and if someone had found out they would’ve dragged her to Polis.

Madi clambered up a tree to get a good view of the dead trees, the entire land except where Clarke and her had taken care of the land, was dark. It reminded her of her nightmares, a place where only demons lie but yet it intrigued her. Clarke had told her when she turned fifteen she’d take her to explore the world. So far they only been to Polis, most of the rivers and lakes near by, they’d searched for supplies that survived Priamfaya, the rover being amongst the things they found. Clarke had taught her to drive, although Clarke wasn’t exactly an expert herself. She said it was just a precaution just in case something happened to Clarke, Madi couldn’t imagine life without Clarke anymore. She’d found her and taken care of her as her own when she was fragile and still slightly sick from the radiation. Clarke had still been covered in boils herself, but she pushed herself to take care of the pair of them. Madi had found Clarke crying most nights, she didn’t open up for weeks but when she did Madi crept into Clarke’s bed to sleep beside her. It only helped her nightmares slightly but she didn’t mind them so much now.

A snap of a twig caught Madi’s attention, she almost slipped out of the tree when she saw a large metal object landing in the rotten trees, crushing them and landing softly on the ground. She’d never seen anything like it. She remembered Clarke had told her that her friends had gone up in a rocket–a metal object much like this one–but she wasn’t sure if this was what a rocket looked like.

She was quick to climb down from the tree–climbing was her strong suit. And she landed with a thud on the floor, leaves crunching beneath her feet. She hesitated on whether to go rush to get Clarke but it was far and she was worried these people would leave if she left. Madi warily took a step forward, the ship was just ahead, behind a bunch of bushes. She heard a clank and a bunch of voices they sounded slightly echoed, like something was covering their mouths like a mask.

When she stopped behind the bushes her eyes were fixed on the suited humans, there were three women and by the looks of it three men. Madi flickered back in her memories, Clarke always named six people other than her mum but she had told her her mother was in the bunker. Madi stepped out of the bushes, she had to take a risk. This was for Clarke. She’d want to know if her friends were finally home. The sound of her muffled movements made the seven spin to face the little girl fast, almost startling her but she stood her ground, hands raised when one of the boys, one quite small pointed a gun at her. She and Clarke had ones familiar to it and she knew the harm it could do. But she remained still. One of the men in the suits stepped forward, pushing the other mans gun down.

“Monty, she’s just a kid.” The deep voice scolded, Madi liked whoever it was already. But when she heard the voice she smiled, she’d found them. Clarke would be over the moon. The tallest man looked towards her, eyes meeting her, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “How are you here? Are you from the bunker?”

Madi lowered her hands and shook her head. “I’m a night-blood. The bunkers been unreachable since Praimfaya,” Her words made most of their eyes widen, confused on how she knew about the contact with the bunker. “The air is safe, it’s been safe for a year now. Clarke’s been waiting.”

The name made the tall male perk up against, one of the woman too. The girl pulled off her helmet and stepped closer to Madi, Madi didn’t step back, from Clarke’s story these were good people.

“Clarke’s here? She’s alive?” The brunette spoke, her face filled with disbelief. The tall one had now gone silent, the others seemed to be intrigued now, all listening to her. Madi nodded.

“You’re Raven, right? Clarke’s best friend?” Madi questioned, she was trying to decipher who was who but it was hard with the glare of the mask. But seem as Raven had removed hers she could tell by the characteristics. Raven glanced down at the floor then back up at Madi, her defense shield going up as she moved angrily closer to Madi. This time Madi backed up, she knew an angry face when she saw one.

“Raven, hey! Stop!” Another voice broke out, lurching forward to grab Raven’s arm keeping the brunette away from Madi. One by one they took of their masks, within seconds Madi identified them. Bellamy had been the tallest one, the one with the tattoo over her face was Emori, Murphy had been the one holding Raven back and Monty was the small male who’d been stood closely beside a girl of medium height which she guessed could only be Harper and the final female could only be Echo.

“Where is she? Clarke?” Bellamy asked, he didn’t meet the child’s eyes but his voice was telling her he was eager to see her, to see for himself that the blonde was alive. Madi had heard about him most and she remembered Clarke’s drawings, she drew him perfectly, getting the freckles too. Madi glanced at Raven anxiously but she stood straight and smiled.

“She went out to collect water, but she’d probably be back home soon. She’s been talking to you everyday, waiting ever since she found me six years ago.” Madi gestured for Bellamy to follow her and he stepped forward but Echo spoke up her voice wary and sharp.

“What if she’s lying? This could be a trap, Bellamy and your just about to walk into it.”

“Are you lying?” Bellamy asked Madi, Madi shook her head. Bellamy nodded, giving her a gentle smile and placing a hand on Madi’s shoulder. “Then let’s go.”

The others were hesitant but they trusted Bellamy’s judgement and followed.

They reached the cave and everyone but Madi seemed exhausted, she figured they weren’t used to climbing and walking so much seem as they’d been up in space for six years. The cave was seemingly empty but the others didn’t seem to panic, they just nonchalantly sat down against the wall to take a breather. Except Bellamy, Madi could feel his anxiety radiating off of him and she gave him a reassuring smile when he glanced over at her.

“She’ll be home soon, I promise.”

Bellamy simply nodded, still holding doubt. “How did you two meet?”

Madi smiled at the question. “Praimfaya had swept over my village, it killed everyone. Except me, I guess. Clarke had came to me village looking for things that had survived and she found me instead. She’s been like my mum ever since.” Bellamy was looking at her now, a genuine smile plastered on his face.

“I didn’t know the princess had it in her,” Bellamy smiled softly, “And there are no other night-bloods?”

“No, just me and Clarke.” She answered, twiddling her hair with her fingers, eyes dropping to her lap. She almost forgot the others were there but a voice spoke up and she looked at the others.

“How old are you?” It sounded like the question had come from Harper.

“Eleven.” Madi smiled, she found it weird thinking she was only five when Clarke discovered her, she remembered being frightened, terrified and knees to chest in the corner of her fathers shop, her mother inches from her boils and blood covering her body. She blocked out the memory when she heard Clarke’s humming and she was on her feet and darted to the entrance of the cave to greet the blonde. Clarke stopped humming and smiled at Madi. She loved it when the young girl ran to greet her.

“Hello my little night-blood,” Clarke beamed, “I thought you’d still be out exploring.”

“I found something, you’ll love it.” Madi told her, wanting to surprise her. Madi quickly took the water out of Clarke’s hands using both hands seem as it was really heavy and place it to the side and snatching Clarke’s hand pulling her excitedly.

“You didn’t bring home another two-headed bunny, did you?” Clarke muttered, but when she was pulled into the flame lit cave and her eyes landed on the seven people all stood, eyes on her. She froze, Madi squeezed Clarke’s hand with a squeal.

“I found them, Clarke!” She exclaimed happily, she couldn’t tell if Clarke was going to tell her something because her mouth had fallen open, eyes scanning the room over and over again as though it was a dream. But her eyes were looking for a particular person.

“You’re really here…” A low voice rang out throughout the cave, Raven had snapped out of her shock and she stepped aside, she knew Bellamy had been waiting for this moment for six years. Clarke felt as though her feet were stuck to the floor when she saw him, his shaggy hair only a couple inches longer and  slight stubble growing on his face, but he had the exact same burning brown eyes, ones perfectly matched to hers. She felt herself hold Madi’s hand tighter for support but she was careful not to hurt the child. “I thought I’d never see you again.”

Before she could do anything Bellamy was before her and his arms had wound around her middle like he’d never left, his arms returning the safe, happy feeling to her body. His familiar warmth unfreezing her and she wrapped her free arm around Bellamy’s neck whilst her hand remained in Madi’s hold. Clarke practically melted in Bellamy’s hold, tears brimming in her eyes until she could no longer fight holding them back and her hand slipped out of Madi’s so she could fully wrap her body around Bellamy until there was no space left between them.

“I was wondering if you’d ever come down,” Clarke said but it sounded like a mumble in his shoulder, choking out a laugh. Madi had stepped aside now, letting the two have some space as they reunited. The others had been watching the two, smiling at the pair. But patiently waiting for their chance to greet their old friend. Clarke pulled out of the hug, her hand cradling Bellamy’s jaw, her eyes tracing every inch of his face although she had already memorised it, her thumb brushed his own wet cheek, swiping the tears away and smiling through watery eyes at him, letting her forehead press against his head before bumping noses with him to press her lips against his. Reveling in the feeling. She’d been waiting longer than she could remember to do this, she’d promised herself if she saw him again that she wouldn’t hold back not anymore, not when they always get separated. “I love you so, so much.”

Bellamy had made a promise similar to hers and hearing her words, he planted a quick kiss on her lips once more, a grin smeared across his lips. “I love you just as much, Clarke, I can’t believe you’re alive, you’re actually here.”

“I’m really here.” Clarke let out a laugh, her hands still holding either side of his face. Madi cleared her throat, knowing the others wanted to see her too but Clarke’s eyes snapped away from Bellamy, her hands falling to her sides and cheeks running red when she realised the young girl had seen the kiss. “Sorry, um, I see you’ve already met Madi.”

Clarke ran her hand through Madi’s hair before tugging the girl gently into her side, a smile on her face as she looked down at the small brunette. Bellamy smiled, the child reminded him of Octavia when she was small, Bellamy knelt down to Madi’s height which wasn’t exactly small and held out his hand. 

“Time we officially met then,” Bellamy grinned as Clarke beamed at the pair before moving to greet Raven, colliding with the girl in a bundle of laughs, they were happy to be together again, Clarke had missed all of their companies. “Bellamy Blake.”

“Madi or as Clarke likes to call me, Little Nightblood.” Madi grinned straightening her beanie before extending a hand with a friendly smile. “It’s good to finally meet you after all this time.”

“It’s good to meet you too, Madi.” Bellamy said with a light chuckle. He liked her already.

Belle x Reader #1

Prompt: Having had had a rather huge crush on Belle for a while now, you often visit the library just to see her.

Originally posted by despairingfever

You grabbed a dusty book off a random shelf, peering around to make sure you had not lost your sights on the beautiful brunette sitting on one of the only two tables in the small book room.

Indeed, Belle was still sitting there, right where she had been for the past few hours, eagerly engrossed in a, rather thick book.

You furrowed your brows and glanced down at the book in your hands. How did she do it? How could she stand sitting there for count less hours with a smile on her face?

You had tried, for several months now, to read and learn so you could have something to approach Belle about to no avail. Of course, Belle is extremely intelligent… s'why she’s such an odd ball of a lady around here…

You hadn’t noticed the brunette get up from the desk as you turned your book this way and that, trying to find a way to understand the mysterious language written in its pages.

You heard a soft giggle behind you and your turned around abruptly, your heart fluttering and beating against your chest as your eyes met amused chocolate ones.

“Oh- uh, hello, Madam Belle,” you greeted, waving awkwardly.

Bloody hell. That was embarrassing. Way to go, [Y/n].

Your blood froze and your brain short circuited when she smiled at you shyly. “Pardon me if it is not my place to ask but, do you need help with something?” She asked kindly.

You raised a brow, scratching the back of your head in a very un-ladylike way. “Oh- er, uh… um… why do you ask?”

Belle giggled and shook her head, her eyes dancing with mirth. Gods, she’s adorable.

She motioned toward the book in your hand, “You seem to be struggling with something involving your book,” she explained.

“Er, yeah. About that… I’ve been having a bit of a problem…” You lied, your cheeks glowing under her undivided attention.

Belle placed her book on top of the counter and moved closer to you, her brows furrowing in concern. “What’s wrong?”

“Uhhhh… I can’t read,” you blurted nervously.

Your cheeks flamed and you looked down at the carpeted floor, wishing the ground could swallow you whole.

“Oh! Don’t be ashamed! I could help you if you want,” she replied excitedly at once. Finally another adult to speak with who won’t see me as odd, she thought to herself.

You knew that she typically taught children to read, specifically young girls since they were the ones who were never allowed to go to school, but somehow the thought of spending so much time with Belle despite having had been wanting to approach her since forever now seemed terrifying.

Apparently you stayed silent for a bit too long.

Belle’s face fell at your prolonged quiteness. “It’s alright if you don’t want to,” she mumbled quietly, wringing her hands together uncharacteristically.

You felt your heart clench at the barely concealed disappointment in her tone.

“N- no!-”

“No?” Belle asked, her face falling even more.

“Ms.Belle that’s not what I meant. I meant ‘no’ is in 'no, I do want you to teach me’. Only if you’re up to it of course, I mean… I’d understand if you were too busy or- well, I am a woman. I might no be able to learn-”

“[Y/n]!” Belle gasped, sounding scandalized.

You looked at her in alarm. “Wha- I mean yes?”

“You can learn to read and write just as any man can!”

“Thank you, but really think it just might take too long-”

“Nonsense!” She said passionately. “You can learn easily if you just put your mind to it, and I’ll prove it to you! I’ll teach you, [Y/n]!” Belle grinned brightly, grabbing your hand and pulling you toward one of the tables before you could respond.

You gaped, surprised at the sudden turn of events and the fuzzy feeling that went through your arm at her touch and sat down wearily next to her.

You watched in rapt fascination as Belle recited every single word from the page without even pausing to study it.

You were leaning against the desk, your head in your hand which was propped up on your elbow. Your eyes glistened as you watched adoringly the way puffy pink lips moved over each syllable and your body shivered in response to her smooth voice.

You were just staring at her freckles, a light dusting on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose when you felt her tapping your shoulder gently.

You shook yourself from your daze and looked at her apologetically. She merely shook her head in amusement and gave you a knowing smile before repeating her question.

“I said 'What letter is this?’” She pointed at a small phrase at the top of the page and looked up at you encouragingly. You blinked, and leaned over the book to look at the weird shape.

“Uh… is it a… a… 'c’?” You asked, feeling dumb.

Instead of answering Belle simply gave you a charming smile (it nearly made you collapse because it was so beautiful) and nodded, sliding her finger under the next letter.

“Er… is that a…,” you scrunched up your nose in concentration and Belle bit her lip, trying to mask the look of pure fondness that flickered across her face at your expression with indifference.

You stayed silent for a moment, not noticing her struggling to keep a straight face and looked up at her, nearly catching her off guard. “Is it an 'a’?”

This time Belle did answer, and her voice wavered slightly but she composed herself quickly. “I- uh… yes! That’s right, [Y/n]! See? I told you you could learn.”

You grinned proudly and went ahead to guess the next word. “Is this one a ’t’?”

“Yes! Now what’s the whole word?”

“C-A-T… is it… is it… 'cat’?” You wondered, squinting slightly.

The young woman smiled gleefully and pat your arm gently. “You’re doing wonderful.”

You shuffled your shoes lightly against the ground as you waited for Belle to finish locking up the library behind you. She’s so beautiful.

She slinked up next to you and, when she praised you once more, you turned away so that she wouldn’t see the blush rising up to your face.

You offered to walk her home as the streets were becoming darker with each passing moment and after all, it was really no bother to you at all.

She took your arm gratefully and the two of you walked down the cobblestone path down to her home in comfortable silence. She didn’t seen at all nervous to be seen walking so intimately with a woman and that gave you a small bout of hope to ask her out.

You stopped outside her small yard and turned to look down at her. She was already looking up at you and your cheeks glowed under her attention. So did hers but you didn’t notice as you dragged your eyes away from hers and looked at your hands.

“Madam Belle?” You asked quietly.

Belle hummed, studying the way you fiddled with your fingers anxiously.

“W-would it be too much trouble- er, that is to say… would you fancy going out with me some time for some pastries and a cup of tea? I know you don’t want money so, would you allow me to treat you to something in thanks for you teaching me to read?” You inquired, not meeting her eyes.

Belle bit her lip and felt her insides melt. She knew you were asking her out, she’d read more than enough romance books to know that you were making an advance on her but, strangely enough, she found herself not minding at all. You were being shy and adorable and polite and not forcing her to do anything she didn’t want to, not like someone else did. She found herself answering honestly before she could help it.

“I wouldn’t mind at all,” she responded softly, a hand tilting your chin gently to face her.

She placed a kiss on your cheek and turned rapidly, walking up the steps to her door as you stood there dumbfounded.

“[Y/n]?” She snapped her fingers as if she had forgotten something and you snapped up, “Yes, Madam Belle?”

“There’s no need for formalities. Just call me Belle.” She turned around and pushed her door open. You nodded lightly, sounding out her name under your breath.

“Goodnight, [Y/n],” called Belle, glad that you couldn’t see the tinge on her cheeks as she shut the door with a click.

“Goodnight!” You called, but she was gone.

You were glad she had gone inside because the next thing you did would have been far too embarrassing for her to witness. You whooped loudly, again in such an un lady-like manner, and did a slight jig, sending you uncharacteristically into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

On the other side of the door Belle looked around her small home and, seeing she was alone, slid down and giggled into her hands, her fingers doing a poor job of preventing her lips from curling into a simper.

A/n: Here you go guys! The awaited first live action! Belle oneshot! @pleasemakeitgayer @dunkinhoenuts @thewinterscallison 💕

A/n/n: How was this? Yay or nay? I wasn’t sure how to approach this one shot and I hope I didn’t mess up on Belle’s personality too much. It was a bit complicated to write her as she’s not a character I’m completely used to writing about and more often than not I found myself backspacing from ‘Hermione’ 😂 If this isn’t too bad I just might give her a go and take more requests for her. Also this is the first love action!Belle x fem!reader oneshot (on ANY social platform 😱 that’s kinda cool) so I didn’t really have anything to look at or anything to read as an example or just to get a feel of this character so… ya know, sorry if it sucks. Please give me tips or correct me on anything I did wrong! That way if you want to see more of her I know how to write her correctly. Constructive criticism is very much welcome and very much needed, thank you all💖

Exchange Student -1- Jungkook

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Exchange Student - Jungkook

Parts; Masterlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 |

Pairing; Jungkook x reader

Genre; Fluff, Romance

Word count; 3.650

Synopsis; having an exchange student living in your house, shouldn’t be a problem unless this exchange student is Jungkook from BTS. 

“Good morning everyone, please take your seat.” You quickly did what the teacher asked and sat down. “I’ve got some news for everyone. We will start our new program of exchange students. A few of you will be hosting one of the students.” You knew that your mother signed you up for this new program so this wasn’t really a surprise. You were curious though because you didn’t know where this person was coming from. You just knew a few languages which existed out Korean, English, Spanish, and Japanese. The reason why you learned Korean was because you loved Korean drama’s, just like your mother so last years she gave us up for night school. We learned Korean together and now we could speak it almost fluently. So I must be a student from either Japan, Korea and a Spanish country.

“Y/n,  I believe that you are signed up for this program right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, could you come over here, I will give you some details about this exchange student.” You got up and your best friend Sophie thought it would be funny to trip you, This backfired though as you saw it coming from miles away. You quickly took a sip from your water and as you passed her desk she stuck out her leg and as you stopped next to her, you turned and spit out the water right over her. At first, she was horrified and then she burst out in laughter and you couldn’t help but follow her and as you both were laughing like crazy, you walked towards the teacher who was just shaking his head. He wasn’t laughing but he also didn’t say anything about it, probably because he was used to it.

“Sorry about that sir.” he shrugged and smiled at you “I’m used to it.” You chuckled because this was true. It was not like you were the only ones who pranked each other but the entire class liked to goof around. Not that it was a bad thing because your class was above average in scores, so this was allowed, as long as we cleaned up after ourselves.

“So the student that will be staying at with you is from South Korea and his name is Jungkook Jeon.”

“If he is from South Korea, shouldn’t you say Jeon Jungkook?”

“Technically yes but this is America, so he should say it the right way.”

“Sure but don’t you think it will be hard for him?”

“He has to get used to it really fast, so please call him by his first name.”

“Whatever, Just know that I’m not going to disrespect his culture.”

“I’m not asking you to but he has to get used to the western way’s.”

“I’m sure he will do that, without throwing away his own culture.”

“I’m not going to discuss this with you. He will be arriving at 11 a.m. tomorrow. You will get two days off, to get him settled, then he has to come to school with you. You will be his guide and you are responsible for him, do you understand this?”

“I understand, thank you, sir.” You grabbed the information and walked back to your seat. You immediately told Sophie about what the teacher had said.

“Wait, what is his name?”

“Jeon Jungkook.” She blinked a few times and you couldn’t help but wonder if you had said something wrong but when she started to blush, you couldn’t stay still. “What are you thinking off.”

“Jeon Jungkook right?” You nodded and that’s when she started to smile but it was her fangirl smile, which scared the hell out of you. “Why are you smiling like that?”

“You really don’t have a clue do you?”

“I really don’t know what you’re talking or thinking about.”

“You know that I have been talking about this group called BTS right?” You had to think back but you could remember her saying something about BTS. “Yes, I heard you squeal about them yes.”

“Well, Jeon Jungkook is a member of that group unless there is another Jungkook.”

“Look I really don’t know but I will see this tomorrow.”

“Can I come?”

“No, I don’t think that’s allowed.”


“No, I will let you know if it’s him okay?”

“Ah come on.” she was literally begging you, which was really cute but you had to disappoint her. The last thing Jungkook needed if he really was in that group, was some weird ass fan. “Nope.” you put your finger on her forehead and pushed her back. “Just focus on your assignment.” you chuckled when she stuck out her tongue. “You are too cruel.”

“I know, just deal with it.” She did turn around but within no time she turned back again.

“I can’t focus now.”

“Figures, just go watch bts on youtube then.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea. I can show you a mv of bts, so you can prepare.”

“Ladies is something wrong?” The teacher stood next to you and you knew it was your own fault for not paying attention. “She can’t concentrate sir.” you didn’t want to throw her under the bus but you panicked.

“Oh really, well I know some things you can do.” Sophie groaned because this usually meant nothing good. You had to pay her back for this eventually and as she followed the teacher. You went back to your work, you were studying music, you had piano lessons and you played the drums in your band. At the moment you were trying your hand at writing songs, which wasn’t that easy but the band was really enthusiastic about it. You kept practicing, which led to one complete song but the song made no sense at all but they still liked it, we used the song for sound check, which was hilarious.

“Y/n, you can go home early today. You probably have some things to arrange before Jungkook Jeon arrives.” You couldn’t help but cringe when he said his name like that but you knew better than to say something about it.

“I do actually, thank you, sir.” You didn’t expect to walk out after only three hours of school, not that you minded because now you could skip Math and chemistry so this turned out well.

“Mom I’m home!” You yelled the second you walked through the door.” She popped her head through the open kitchen door. “Already?”

“Yes, I know. Remember when you signed us up for that exchange student thing?” You asked her whilst walking into the kitchen. “Yes I remember, why?” You ruffled your little brother’s hair before you sat down. “Well, we have been chosen to be a host to a Korean student.”

“Wait, Korean?”

“Yes, his name is Jeon Jungkook and he will be staying with us for at least six months.”

“Really, do you have a picture?”

“No, but apparently he is really famous.”

“He is?”

“Yes, Sophie said he is one of the members of BTS.” You shrugged and grabbed the iPad, you went straight to YouTube and searched them. Apparently, they were really popular as they had millions of views and followers. You clicked on the MV which was called “Fire”. The way it started with them chilling out and then this super handsome guy jumping over a fence and then he just put some guy on fire well that grabbed your attention but then the others came into view and by the end of the video you were deeply impressed and you were wondering how you managed to not know about them earlier.

“So which one was Jeon Jungkook?”

“I really don’t have a clue mom.”

“Aren’t there introduction videos about BTS?”

“I guess there are.” You searched and found a lot of videos and the second you found out who Jungkook was, you were fanning yourself because damn he was hot and around your age. So this would be fun. “This is Jungkook mom.” You showed her and even she blushed.

“He is really handsome.”

“Yeah and about my age mom.” She nudged you gently and you both started to giggle. “Let’s go shopping for this handsome fellow.”

“Let’s do that.” You lifted your four-year-old brother out of his chair and walked to the car.

“What do we need?”

“A bed and maybe a desk?” You suggested when you suddenly got an idea. “Sophie knows what he likes, shall I give her a call.”

“Please.” You immediately pressed her number and after two rings she picked up. “Traitor!” She always cracked you up and this wasn’t any different. “I know but I know a way to make it up to you.”

“Really? I doubt that.”

“We’re going shopping for Jungkook and we need your help.” It was quiet on the other side as she was probably imagining stuff about Jungkook, which was kind of adorable. “Are you still there?”

“What, yes, when are you picking me up?” She was definitely hurrying.

“We will leave now.” Which meant she had five minutes until we would be there and with that, she just hung up the damn phone. “And?”

“She is helping, so let’s go.” You made sure you brother was tucked in safely and after sitting down yourself, your mother started the car and drove off. “So this Jungkook, he is really famous but we aren’t that rich and we don’t have a big house, do think he would mind?”

“I’m sure he doesn’t mind mom.”

“I just don’t want him to feel uncomfortable.”

“Mom really doesn’t worry about it, our house is bigger than the average house there, I mean those houses in drama’s, I think it’s like that in real life as well. Sure there are really big houses but overall I think it’s like in drama’s, so please don’t worry.”

“If you say so, I’m just nervous, I never met a famous person.” She was cute when she was nervous but there was nothing you could do about it because to be honest you were also a bit nervous and to think you had to act normal around him. You were wondering why he was coming here though, Aren’t kpop groups really busy all the time? When you stopped at Sophie’s driveway she came running out of the door,  it was so funny, usually, she hated working out but Kpop groups made her do the weirdest things ever.

“Let’s go!” she quickly hugged your mother who was giggling about her enthusiasm. “Alright let’s buy this boy some furniture.” After a few minutes you were walking through the IKEA and that’s when you let Sophie loose, she was running around like crazy, talking to herself, texting people to make sure she was picking the right items. “Why don’t you give Dylan to me, so you can assist her.” your mother nodded towards the crazy person and you quickly handed over Dylan and skipped towards your best friend. “So do you think we have enough, it’s not like we have a lot of money.”

“I do, so don’t worry, this is on me.”

“Are you crazy?!”

“I’m not, this is for Jungkook, so there is no limit today.” You shook your head and slapped her arm. “You are crazy.”

“I know, just let me.”

“I will but only because I can’t stop you anyway.” she smiled and stuck up her thumb. “You’ve got that right sis.” you rolled your eyes and after an hour you were finally done. You were going to get it delivered because she really got a lot. They would deliver it tonight, which meant there was no sleep for you, as you were the one who had to put it all together but luckily for you, you were in a band so you texted your bandmate Christian and begged him to help you. He arrived after the delivery guys left and you immediately went to work. You made sure there were snacks and drinks, otherwise he would never forgive you. “So why are we doing this?”

“Ah, we are getting an exchange student tomorrow.”


“Yeah and you know he is from South Korea.”

“Really? That’s awesome.”

“I know right, now I can test my Korean.”

“I already told you this but your Korean is really good.” It was good to have a Korean friend but he had been living in America since he was really young so it was just different. “Yeah, yeah but he lived in Korea his entire life so it’s just different.”

“Whatever, just put that desk together.” he focused on the bed and after six hours you were finally done. The walls in this room were white, so you decided that black furniture went best with it and after everything was set up, you were really satisfied, it wasn’t really your taste but a guy could live here right? “Yah Christian? Do you think a guy will like this room?”

“I think he will like it.” h ruffled your hair and after that, he left. You made the bed and dusted the room before you went to bed. It was already past 2 a.m. and you had to be on time to get him from the airport because somehow you didn’t expect for a thing to go easy as he was famous. Your mother woke you up the next morning and she was stressed out. “I can’t come with you!”

“Why not?”

“They need me at work, there is an emergency.”


“I know sweetheart but they are understaffed in the hospital, so I really need to help them out.”

“Alright, I will take care of everything, don’t worry.” This was going to be awkward because you had to bring Dylan with you as well, what if he thought he would be your son. What would he think of you, this was going to be great and when you saw the time, you quickly buckled up Dylan and told your mom to jump in and after you dropped her at work, you drove to the airport. You had your sign with Jungkook’s name on it and with Dylan, you walked to the arrival hall and waited. You didn’t have to wait long because you recognized him right when he walked out, he wasn’t alone though as a guy followed him. You quickly held up your sign and Jungkook immediately noticed it and pointed at it. He was even more handsome in real life and as his eyes checked you out, a smile appeared on his face and it stayed there even when his eyes landed on your little brother. He stopped in front of you and the first thing you did surprised him. You bowed whilst introducing yourself in Korean. “You speak Korean?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Oh yeah, I’m Jeon Jungkook, please take care of me.” he bowed as well and after he introduced himself he introduced his manager. “He won’t be staying, he is just here to go over a few things.”

“Ah okay.” He looked around as if he was looking for someone. “Is your mother not here?”

“She is at work, something came up so it’s only my little brother Dylan and me. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I’m fine but can you drive?”

“Of course I can.” you smiled at him and his eyes lit up a bit. “Can we go then?” he politely asked and you nodded and as you walked towards the car, you couldn’t help but think that he was just a normal guy, there was nothing really special except for his good looks and the fact that he was in kpop group.

You first buckled in Dylan and then you got behind the wheel. Jungkook sat next to you and his manager sat in the back. “Do you mind if I put on some music?” Well, at least he was being polite. “I don’t mind.” Not long after you heard Justin Bieber fill up the car with purpose and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at this. “You’re a Bieber fan?”

“Yes, I like his songs a lot.”

“Of course you do.”

“You don’t like him?”

“I do but I’m not his fan.” That was the best way to explain this. “Why?”

“I just don’t like him. He does make good songs but I don’t like him as a person.”

“Do you know him personally?”

“No, but I don’t want to.”

“So you judge a book by its cover?”

“Apparently I do.” You felt embarrassed as he pointed this out and the thing was you couldn’t disrespect him as he was older, this was not going great so far. “Do you know me?” This threw you off for a second.

“I know you since yesterday.” You felt the blush on your face because you felt like you did something wrong but he just smiled. “So you haven’t been binge watching my mv’s?”

“No, I only watched “fire” and “dope” they were really good!”

“Thank you, you know it’s a relief that you don’t really know me because if you were a big fan then I couldn’t stay with you.”


“Because you might sell information to reporters.”

“Fans really do that?”

“Of course they do.”

“Well, just so you know my best friend is a really big fan and she will be coming over frequently.”

“That’s okay, she just has to sign some stuff then.” You sighed because this could only mean one thing and that was confidential docs. Probably to protect himself. There was nothing you could do though but he was much more business like than you had expected. “Do I have to call you Oppa? I mean you’re a year older.”

“In Korea you do but it’s maybe weird if you do that here. You can call me Oppa in private.” You nodded and as you drove home you kept thinking about why he was sent here but now was not the best time to ask him about it. When you arrived home, you were worried he didn’t like the house, you first unbuckled Dylan, who climbed out himself and ran to the garden to play with his toys. You opened the door but waited till Jungkook got his stuff from the car. “Please come in.” you moved out of the way and as he walked in, you were already trying to make up an excuse for the smallness of your house. “It’s cozy.” your mouth dropped on the floor because this was absolutely not what you expected.

“You think so?”

“Yeah, it’s nice.”

“Thank you, do you want to see your room?”

“Yes please.” you walked up stairs and stopped at the door next to your room. You opened the door hoping he would like this too, he better though as you spent the entire evening putting stuff together. You walked in and Jungkook followed you, as you turned around he was looking around and a smile played on his lips, which made him even more handsome. “I like it, are these furniture new?”

“Yeah, My bandmate and I put them together yesterday.”

“Really? Well, it looks really good.” he touched the bed to see if the mattress was good and you crossed your fingers because this was the best mattress they had. “This feels soft.”

“Do you like soft mattresses?”

“Of course I do.” you smiled and walked to the door. “I will leave you so you can get settled. I mean your manager is waiting for me anyway.” you bowed slightly before leaving the room. You walked to the kitchen where his manager was waiting. “Sorry about that, do you want some coffee?”

“No thank you, I’m in a slight hurry.”

“Ah yes, I’m sorry, what do I need to sign?” He pulled out the documents “I’m sorry for doing this but it’s really necessary.”

“Ah it’s fine, I understand.”

“You’re mother when does she get back?”

“I really don’t know, she is a nurse so she works a lot.”

“I see, well then you are responsible for now.”

“Okay, that’s fine.”

“Jungkook will be staying with you for six months, this is the time he is allowed to stay away from Korea. You are probably wondering why he is coming here, well it’s simple. He needs to finish school and his schedule allows it, he has a comeback scheduled in October and he needs to graduate this year, without any distractions.”

“I understand, well this is a private school and it mayors in different music classes but also in math and chemistry, he can even take lessons in English or Spanish.”

“That good to hear, he will be attending the music classes and he can choose what he wants to do besides that.”

“Okay, I will notify the teacher.” you smiled and as he pointed where to sign, you didn;t even read it and signed the papers, it was not like you were going to tell anyone that Jungkook from BTS was staying at your house. “Thank you and please get your mother to call me.”

“I will.” you bowed again and as he said goodbye to Jungkook, you quickly made something to eat. You decided on something he knew and as you were making the fried kimchi rice, you couldn’t help but think there was something more to this whole moving countries thing. Dylan came back into the house and ran towards the tv and this time you decided to just let him watch it. “Dylan do you want to watch Mickey?” he nodded and started jumping on the couch. “You immediately put on Mickey and friends which made him quiet for at least thirty minutes but this gave you enough time to go check on Jungkook. You walked upstairs and without thinking, you opened the door but you stopped when you saw him without a shirt. He noticed you right away and he couldn’t hide the smirk.

“You like what you see?”

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Birthday surprise and Hope - Old Man Logan x Reader

Well first, thanks :-). And second, here’s your request (I’m using the movie version of Old Man Logan), might be a bit long, and again, I feel like I could have written something better, that maybe I didn’t write quite what you were expecting anon’ but…Yeah, that’s all I got right now. Hope you’ll like it anyway (don’t hesitate to drop a message to tell me so) 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


Before the world all went to shit, before you lost all of your friends but Logan and Charles, before you had to run away to stay safe…you were doing some research about your boyfriend’s past. About where Logan actually came from.

The only information you had was that his real name is “James Howlett”, and that he was born somewhere in Canada, probably in Alberta. Which wasn’t really much. You didn’t even had an estimate of the year he was born in, his healing factor making it impossible to guess his age…The research weren’t easy. 

But, finally, right before Charles had his massive seizure that killed most of the X-men a year ago, you had a lead. You found his birth date, and the place he supposedly grew up in. Everything fitted perfectly, there was no doubt that you found the right date and place…but you never got the occasion to take him to Canada and show him your findings, because of what happened that dreadful day in Westchester county…After the death of almost all of your friends, Logan, Charles and you fled the school, and since then,  you just kept on the move almost all the time. 

Caliban joined in pretty early on, and you finally settled down at the US border near Mexico. Your idea of taking him to his birth place and all, forever buried away…Until she arrived.

Laura. His daughter. He could say whatever he wanted about it, but you considered her his. She looked like him, she was “made” with his DNA, and was born naturally with the help of a Mexican girl that birthed her…She was his daughter, no questions asked. And from the moment she entered your life, everything moved faster than ever. 

You guys lost Caliban. But you didn’t even have time to mourn him, running from Transigen, trying to be as far as them as you could. 

Charles had another dangerous seizure, Logan refused to speak to the kid, who obviously wanted nothing more but to bond with her father, you were tired of all this pain and misery…life wasn’t really the greatest. 

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*Tease* (Chapter Two)(1000 Follower Fic!)

Welcome back! Thanks so much for all the love on Chapter One, this is so much fun to write!
This Chapter is more of Nat/Tony because them as besties is the CUTEST!!!
I tagged everyone who liked/commented yesterday, sorry if I missed anyone! If you want to be added to the list just let me know!


Enjoy :)


“This.” Natasha handed Tony something in a dark red, and something else in pale blue. “Wear this.” She took another sip of her champagne, which was really half the reason she even shopped at this store. A glass of champagne as you browse the lace and silk and satin lingerie in the intimate little shop.

“Um, Nat.” Tony held up the two hangars, raising his eyebrows. “I will admit to being new to this whole, lingerie thing? But baby girl there’s literally nothing here.”

“Nonsense.” Natasha pushed her hair off her shoulder and grinned a little wickedly. “This is the top.” she slid her fingers through the lace. “And this is the bottom.”

“No.” Tony shook his head. “This is a string.”

“It’s a thong, Tony.”

“It’s a string, Natasha!” Tony retorted and she giggled–legitimately giggled at him.

“Tony. Just– okay, you obviously can’t try on the bottom, but please just try on the top. I think the red will be so pretty on you and Bucky wears red all the damn time. And that pale blue will make Steve’s perfectly shaped head explode.” She giggled again, tipping her glass up to empty it and taking the mostly full glass from Tony’s hand. “I’ll take this. You go try things on.”

“Okay. So red for Bucky, blue for Steve. So what do I wear if I want them both drooling over me at the same time?”

“Ah.” Tasha rifled through the lingerie rack in front of them. “This.” She held up something black and skimpy with a triumphant smile.

“I don’t even know what that is.” Tony said, his eyes a little wide and Natasha sighed.

“So you know when I wear those little dresses you boys all like so much?”

“Oh my god, like the leopard one you wore at my birthday?” Tony groaned a little. “Nat that killed me. Killed me. I’m dating two super soldiers, and I would still just–” he cleared his throat awkwardly. “Anyway. Leopard dress.”

“It’s alright, Tony.” She winked. “I wear those dresses for a reason. And I wear stockings under all those dresses, remember?”

“No.” Tony shook his head. “No, honey, my eyes stop moving when they land on that ass of yours.” He took the champagne from her and drank it quickly. “Explain this little…this little thing. Keep going.”

“Alright, well I always wear stockings. And this—” she held up the little black item. “is holding my stockings up.”

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On Purpose

Requested By: @cabinetxbattles

Can you do a Peter imagine? The reader is trying to hide her love for Peter, but Ned finds out and sets her up so she tells Peter? And they kiss and stuff? Does that make sense?

Like always, I have a song, if you want to listen click, here

Song also influenced the title of the imagine.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You had developed feelings for your best friend Peter last year, but you did your best to hide them and not let it show. One day you accidently mentioned your feelings about Peter to Michelle, what you didn’t know was Ned overheard. Ned knew it was time to work his magic.

Warnings: Nothing, it’s just cute and dorky

Word Count: 2,025

A/N: This was fun to write, but it took a while cause I kept changing how I wanted it to go. I think this version turned out the best! Hope you like it! :)

Originally posted by fyeahmarvel

One year ago, you had developed feelings for your best friend Peter Parker, how it happened you didn’t really know, maybe it was the heat of the moment or when you realized how much you really paid attention to him.

Nobody knew of your secret though, you didn’t really want anyone to know, your friendship meant too much to you.

So for that entire year you had to act like you were okay, not thinking about how his hand would fit in yours, or the way his lips would feel if they were to connect with yours.

You had to act normal, act like his best friend that he knew.

“Y/N, are you alright? You’ve been zoned out this entire time.” Peter waved his hand in front of your face, making you blink a few times.

“Wha- Yeah, sorry.” You laughed nervously, stealing one of his chips from his food tray.

“You don’t look okay.” Ned added on, making you glance at him.

“I’m fine, really.” You muttered, taking a sip of your water, seeing both their eyes on you.

You raised your eyebrows, as if saying ’can I help you?’ Which they responded with a shrug and went back to their conversation.

You internally sighed, relieved that they didn’t press you further.

Months passed and you still managed to keep your secret a well hidden one.

It got tough at times, you could of sworn he could see it in your eyes how strongly you felt for him.

Sometimes you thought maybe Ned could tell how you felt about Peter, but he’d never acknowledge it, so you let it slide.

“Y/N, what’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird for months.” Michelle pulled you aside, giving you a look.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about MJ.” You crossed your arms, refusing to look at her.

“Y/N, you’re clearly lying, tell me what’s going on.” Michelle placed her hand on your shoulder, doing her best to show that she was there for you.

“Look, if I tell you, you have to keep this a secret, nobody can know.” You pointed your finger at her, making her hold her hands up in defense.

“I promise.” She gave a small smile, making you let out a shaky breath.

“I uh- I l-like Peter..” You mumbled, looking down at your shoes awkwardly.

“Well I already knew that, w-wait that’s the secret?” Michelle asked, completely baffled, making your head snap up.

“Wait, you knew?” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Well yeah, it’s obvious, but boys aren’t exactly the brightest when it comes to seeing when girls have feelings for them.” Michelle shrugged, making you nod slightly.

“I just feel like I’m wasting my time you know? Like it’s obvious he doesn’t feel the same.” You sighed, leaning against the wall.

“I think you should tell him.” Michelle gave you a look, making you groan.

“I can’t, if he doesn’t like me back, it’ll ruin our friendship.” You rambled, making Michelle roll her eyes in annoyance.

“Y/N, just try.” Michelle patted your shoulder, before entering the cafeteria.

You sighed, thinking she was right in a way, then walked into the cafeteria, not knowing Ned had heard everything.

You sat down at your table, talking to Michelle when Ned rushed in, grabbing Peter by the arm and dragging him off.

You glanced at Michelle who gave a look as if saying ‘I don’t know, don’t care either.’ Making you laugh.

Ned had pulled Peter into an empty classroom, Peter being extremely annoyed Ned had taken him away from his lunch.

“This better be good Ned, it’s taco Tuesday and I don’t want Y/N stealing it.” Peter whined, frowning at his friend in front of him.

“I just overheard Y/N talking to Michelle.” Ned grinned, but Peter didn’t understand why he was so excited.

“You remember a few months ago, we were talking in your room about-” Ned was starting to explain, before Peter covered his mouth.

“Hey, hey, hey, no, you promised me remember? We made a deal that, that, would stay a secret and nobody would find out.” Peter looked at Ned, his full focus on him now.

Ned pulled Peter’s hand away, rolling his eyes at his best friend.

“Y/N likes you too, you idiot.” Ned muttered, seeing Peter’s eyes widen.

“You’re joking.” He replied, not believing that it could be true.

“She told Michelle, that’s what I was trying to tell you.” Ned smirked, making Peter’s eyes light up.

“There’s just one issue, she believes you don’t feel the same way and thinks she’s wasting her time.” Ned spoke quickly, making Peter’s smile disappear off his face.

“What! No!” Peter shouted, before covering his own mouth, he didn’t need anyone hearing him.

“Don’t worry though, I’ve got a plan.” Ned grinned, making Peter groan in concern.

“I just want my taco.” Peter whined, walking out the door, Ned following behind him.

“Y/N, did you take my taco.” Peter glared at you playfully, as you gave him an innocent smile.

“What? Noooo.” You bit your lip slightly, making Peter’s heart beat a bit faster.

“There is a bite missing out of my taco, and I know for a fact it wasn’t MJ, so you’re the only one left.” He pointed at you, making you laugh.

“Fine! It was me. But it was your fault, you left it there out in the open.” You shrugged your shoulders, a playful smile on your lips.

Peter shook his head at you, laughing before eating the taco he had wanted so dearly.

Ned was watching the two of you the entire time, now that he knew your secret he could see everything so clearly now.

“Hey Y/N, Peter and I are planning on having a movie night tomorrow, do you want to come?” Ned smiled, looking at you, who was a bit confused.

“Yeah, uh, sure, can Michelle come too?” You glanced at the brunette haired girl, who looked up from her book, giving you a look.

You returned the same look, as if saying 'there’s no way in hell I’m going alone.’

“Yeah, she can come too.” Ned smiled, making you smile and nod in agreement.

“See you there then.” You smiled, hearing the bell ring meaning lunch was over, you got up and ran over to Liz, walking with her to go do homecoming decorations.

The final bell finally rung, and you were eager to get home, you made Michelle go with you that way you both could arrive at Peter’s together.

“You need to tell him.” Michelle brought up on the way over to his apartment.

“I can’t MJ we’ve been over this.” You sighed, walking up to his door, before knocking on it.

“I’m just saying, you’ll be a lot happier if he kne-” She was about to finish her sentence when the door swung open, Peter smiling brightly at the both of you.

“If he knew what?” Peter grinned, making your eyes widen.

“If he knew how excited we were for movie night! Right MJ?” You looked at her, making her roll her eyes.

“Yeah. Thrilled.” She shook her head, before walking into his apartment, you following her.

“Do you guys want anything to drink?” Ned asked from the kitchen, Michelle instantly going into the kitchen, leaving you alone with Peter.

“Hey, I need to talk to you.” Peter pulled you aside, making your heart race.

“Yeah, uh, what’s up?” You avoided his gaze, looking around his apartment instead.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you something.” Peter rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

You gave a quiet 'hmm’ signaling for him to continue.

You were so concentrated on his apartment that when his fingers touched your chin to make you look at him, you felt like the world stopped.

Your eyes crashin’ into my eyes,

Was I accidentally falling in love?

All these days I never thought,

That I would need someone so much,

Who knew?

“Y/N, I like you, and I mean I like you more than just a friend.” Peter whispered, making your heart beat quicker.

“Y-You do?” You stammered, this couldn’t be happening, could it?

“Yeah.” He laughed nervously, making you smile.

You’re scared, I’m nervous,

But I guess that we did it on purpose.

“I really like you too Peter.” You mumbled out, making him grin.

“I know, Ned actually told me.” Peter admitted, making your eyes widen.

“WHAT.” You shouted, looking at Ned who had a huge grin on his face, as did Michelle.

“How is that possible? Only MJ knew.” You looked at Peter who was smiling at you.

“Ned overheard you tell Michelle, and then he told me.” Peter laughed, making your face flush red.

“This whole thing was a set up wasn’t it?’ You looked at Ned who was still grinning like a kid who had too much sugar.

"Indeed it was.” Peter laughed, pulling you into a hug.

“Yes, I Ned, did all this myself, I did this all on purpose so I could bring you two together.” Ned laughed, taking a bow.

“Sometimes, I’m really thankful we have friends like them.” You mumbled to Peter, smiling.

“Me too Y/N, me too.” He grinned, watching his two dorky friends fight over which snack to eat first.

You’re my focus,

But I guess that we did it on purpose.