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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Eleven having strong positive female figures in her life is just as important as her relationship with mike. She’s going to need someone to teach her about periods and go bra shopping with. She’s going to need someone who will teach her how to shave and how to use makeup and what the right amount of perfume is. And i really really hope she finds that in Joyce and Karen and Nancy because it’s so so important

I feel like all the times people asked Noct if he’d be bringing Luna back to the Citadel with him, he was also so iffy about it cause like…

way to assume it was gonna go that way

when he was probably planning to stick around Tenebrae with her.

I just feel like, he figured, he didn’t have to be in Lucis for awhile… Luna has her duties, and… she’s been a captive of the Empire so long. And now technically he is as well. He didn’t think he’d be whisking her away to safety, he figured he’d be joining her in captivity. But I don’t think he was figuring it in a negative way, exactly?

More like, “Why dress it up in Insomnia when we know this is what’s up. I should experience what she’s had to the last 12 years. I can finally know some of what she has been going through.”

(and also the fact that she is super serious about being Oracle and he knows her duties come first and he’d rather be there with her than bring her to Insomnia where she’d probably feel MORE captive - behind the Wall and away from the people who need her. that’s not Luna. I feel like he was the only one who knew this, but he didn’t know how to tell others or if he even should…)

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Marcelieve... Hodelle.... Mairead

Theodore rubbed his chin, “Hrm, well, Lady Hodelle is certainly beautiful and she is definitely kind. Additionally, she is faithful to the Light. Hrm, maybe we could be a crusading power couple if we ever had to be married.” He nodded firmly, “As for which to fuck, well…Mairead sort of came up and kissed me one day. However…Marcelieve? I don’t…Is she the same person as that Marce person? Because if so, she has very nice…” The paladin cleared his throat, “She has a very nicely sarcastic personality. Crusade.” He looked about, “And a great figure. Yup, certainly her.” He admitted swiftly, “And that just leads to Mairead. Well…er…I suppose she won’t…Well, this is what happens when you kiss people without permission.”

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Darcy Lewis has her own fandom and I think that’s beautiful.

Shadowhunter Characters Season 2 Poster Colorizations

Main Characters: Clary Fray

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Coccinelle meets Black Cat.

when i was really little i knew this really annoying girl who went around calling herself merlin and she made my life a living hell and one time she hit me with a broom and i should have known right then and there that would be a metaphor for the rest of my life


TFA valentines for everyone you love…EVERYONE

[Image is a nine-panel comic. Two stick-figure girls are talking. The first says, “You’re always talking about how hard life is for you, but come on–it must be really nice to not have to go to work or school.” The other girl, shocked and slightly embarrassed by this, replies, “Um, actually, no–and that’s a really offensive and insensitive comment. And…it kind of makes me feel bad…” The first girl says, “Oh, you’re just being too sensitive! You know what they say–‘Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can’t hurt you!’” The fourth panel zooms out and we see that the girls are at a table with a book in front of the second girl. She says “Hmmmmmmm,” squinting at the first girl. She squints down at her book. “Mmmmmm…” She squints back at the first girl. “Mmmmmmm–” In the seventh panel, she picks up the book and THWAP! Nails the first girl right in the face. In the next panel, the second girl is yelling under the table, “What do you say to THAT, Susan?” From under the table, the first girl (aka Susan) replies with nothing more than a feeble, “Ow.”]

Shut up, Susan.