her feet!

[BTS] “I got issues, but you got them too”

They almost all their classes together, but Namjoon never talked to her. She was known around for being clumsy. Everywhere she went, she either broke something or she would trip over her own two feet. It was fun having her around in class. Without her the classes would be so dull in a way..? Like something was missing. She was like the sparkle in glitter. 

Without realizing it himself Namjoon had a crush on [Y/N]. Some people saw her as weird, but he liked her clumsiness. It reminded him of himself. What he liked the most about her though, was that she didn’t really care about what others thought of her. She showed her true self to other. He on the other hand was trying so hard not to let others see how clumsy he was. As the class president he didn’t want to come over as imperfect. 

That day you weren’t in class, he was wondering where [Y/N] could be when the teacher asked him to bring him some important papers that he forgot. Namjoon was worried about her. Hopefully she was alright. He went to the teachers lounge and picked of the stack of papers the teacher had asked for. When he went back to class again, he noticed how empty it was. It felt like it missed something. Just when he was walking around the corner, he bumped into someone and the papers fell on the ground.

He fell on top of someone.“Ouch! Look where you’re going” Confused Namjoon shook his head. That voice seemed familiar. He looked up and saw he was on top of [Y/N]! “Oh, I’m so s-sorry,” he stuttered. He couldn’t believe he was so close to you! “Yeah, it’s alright Namjoon, but could you maybe get off me?” He quickly got off her, all flustered. He started apologizing. “hahah, it’s all right! Don’t worry. Let me help you with these,” she said while picking up the papers from the ground. “Here you go!” 

“Seems like I’m not the only clumsy person in class.. I always see you trying you’re best Namjoon, not to break anything and holding back. It’s okay to not be perfect all the time you know.” She saw through him so easily. He didn’t expect their first conversation to go like this. He was lost for words. “I got issues, but you got ‘em too,” she said before leaving him there alone in the hallway. 

-Admin Tae

PS: This was my first ever scenario! I hope you guys liked it. If there’s any feedback I would love to hear it. Positive or negative so long as it helps me get better in writing great stories for you guys <3

Shonda How Many Porn Awards Are You Winning? written by @deenabraun

She’s the Titan. The whole world is at her feet. Awards are pouring in from all over the world. Didn’t she tell us that a while back? What grand writing awards has she won recently?

Oh, I have an idea:  Gold statute for GROSS PORN

Got news for you. Scandal sex scenes are GROSS. Vomit-worthy.

Shonda just doesn’t get it. Olitz was first and foremost about LOVE. There is a HUGE difference she doesn’t seem to understand. Hook-ups are NOT love. These recent episodes are downright smut.

And ABC sanctions this?

There is no plausible storyline. No decent development of MAIN characters. No sense about anything other than continuing sex pairings devoid of anything anybody other than herself want to see. They are cringe-worthy and meaningless.

Maybe she simply wants to cater to teeny boppers who don’t know the difference while losing Millions of Adult Fans. Big Mistake. Future undertakings will suffer.

Hey Shonda, I have another idea for you: STOP writing vulgar Sex and start Writing Compelling Storylines.

ABC, what are you going to do about this?


Note:  the commentary above was written by @deenabraun

anonymous asked:

Hi, I see requests were just opened today! can i request MC and Jaehee doing those yoga activities together? Like those funny yoga positions that couples do? It'd be funny to see jaehee and MC doing it ahaha thanks!

Oh my gosh, sorry this took so long! This is super cute, so of course we’d do this^^ We were cracking up writing these.

  • You guys thought this one would be an easy one to do 
  • At first you were the one on the bottom, since Jaehee was stronger than you 
  • But, you were exceptionally ticklish where her feet needed to rest 
  • So you kept banging your head on the ground 
  • Poor Jaehee went tumbling sideways 
  • You decide to switch places
  • The first few tries, your feet keep sliding down her shirt 
  • “MC! Wear some socks next time! Your feet are so cold.”
  • Finally you two succeed

Photo Cred

  • Okay, so you requested to do this pose
  • Jaehee didn’t know why
  • You’re just like “But it’s cute!” 
  • She obliges and you two work on it
  • You get it pretty easily, so you want to take a picture
  • You have those timers on your camera, so you set it up
  • But it takes so many tries because you two fall out of position before it snapped 
  • A lot of awkward shots followed 
  • You guys were disappointed at first, but you were crying in laughter when you zoomed in on your faces
  • When you finally got a good picture…
  • “MC, it looks like a weirdly shaped dog bone.” 
  • “Listen…we worked hard on this dog bone. That’s what counts!” 

Photo cred

  • This was a difficult pose
  • You were the one on top, because you were slightly more flexible
  • It took so many tries
  • You usually said weird things that made Jaehee lose her balance
  • Like one time, you were getting into the position
  • “Wow, Jaehee! Your butt’s getting firm. Have you been doing squats?” 
  • Jaehee just collapses because she’s laughing so hard 
  • It becomes a little game between you two 
  • Who can say the weirdest thing to throw the other off the yoga pose 
  • She hates it because she can never seem to get to you whereas you send her on the floor with one comment 

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I dare these assholes call Iris useless again. In 3x17, the woman took charge! When Wally, Cisco and Martian Manhunter looked for Music Meister, she was in command. When Barry and Kara were in trouble, she did some quick thinking on her feet and convinced Cisco to vibe her and Mon-El into the dreamworld. She's resourceful when she needs to be and it's like what Kevin Smith said "Iris is the one true superhero without any superpowers whatsoever."

They can say whatever they want anon…Iris West will remain queen and yes as Kevin put it “the one true superhero without any superpowers”😊

Originally posted by westallenolicitygifs

The last two episodes have made something very clear to me, so i’m going to get real motherfuckin personal for a hot second to try to get through to all the karamels out there.

My friend is dating a real life Mon-El. He’s actually quite a bit better than Mon-El because he wasn’t antagonistic and disrespectful from the get-go, but that’s another story. He seems, on the surface, like a decent guy. She gets along with him, he seems to worship the ground she walks on, they cuddle and fuck a whole lot. #relationshipgoals, right guys?

But four months after they started dating, something came out of the woodwork that revealed him to be very much not the epitome of respectful, stand up guy he’d made her believe he was. She was fucking devastated. For months. Even while she stayed with him because every time they had a talk about it he would cry and prostrate at her feet and make her feel so guilty for making him sad that she couldn’t feasibly break up with him.

That was about six months ago. Since then, he has disrespected her in front of her colleagues, made whack ass assumptions about the nature of their relationship, and done countless other things - from tiny to enormous - that either ignore her wishes directly or show that he doesn’t care enough about her to find out what she would actually want. These innumerable stupid things he does consume a truly unhealthy amount of her time and emotional energy. And she stays with him. For a litany of reasons, but mostly because she’s afraid she’ll never find someone better, and because she believes she can “train” him to be the right person for her.

She has not seen season two of Supergirl, but she is so steeped in this mindset that she has spent almost eight months of her life with this fuckboy, trying to twist “but at least he doesn’t hit me” and “but he might get better” into valid reasons to stay with someone who is so, so clearly toxic.

This is the kind of relationship the Supergirl showrunners are propping up. Defending, with their terrible, terrible screenwriting (which is a whole ‘nother post that I will make because good lord how the fuck did the crossover episode’s ending make it past one person’s eyes, much less the dozens involved in shooting this episode). If someone lies to you about something that’s important to you, that hurts you, just let it go! It’s no big deal! Your standards are just too damn high, that you should expect people you care about to not actively hurt you!

I’ve been sad about what this show has become for a long time, but this might just be too fucking much.

Fëanorian Week - Maglor (I’m Elrond)

Summary: First meetings in Middle-Earth are never ideal. Maglor’s first meeting with Elrond and Elros certainly isn’t.

Length: 1,120 words

Characters: Maëdhros, Maglor, Elrond, Elros

Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Dysfunctional Family, Angst

Fëanorian Week Prompts: Elrond & Elros

He kneeled in the bloody grass, cleaning his sword with mechanical movements and trying not to gag. Oh Eru. Maglor slid it back into the sheath. Oh eru, oh eru, oh eru. Amras was gone; Maglor himself had seen the killing blow being delivered just before Eärendil had escaped. Oheruoheruoheru- a weak cough drew Maglor’s attention.

Behind a scarred tree trunk, an elleth stumbled to her feet. Blood stained the side of the tunic and scratches and bruises marred her torso, but she didn’t appear to be mortally wounded. At her side, two terrified twins stood, holding hands with white knuckles and quivering slightly. Blood trailed from the nose of the one wearing a blue overcoat. Maglor recognized the three as the wife and children of the silmaril thief. The three didn’t appear to have noticed him.

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punkpoemprose  asked:

Anna hates having to wear heels to balls, but doesn't mind so much after she tells Kristoff how much her feet ache and he makes it a point to sneak them both off to the library. Once they're there he has her sit on a settee and he removes her shoes and stockings to rub her feet. His hands are rough and strong, but they're gentle as they rub away the pain. When she asks him, with a blush on her cheeks, he rubs her calves and she kisses him as payment. After they do it once, it becomes a habit.


dude but when her feel are swollen when she gets pregnant tho…….

Johnson County Blues: Chapter 4, Rocks And Water. Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 4 is a-go! 

Darcy gets her feet wet, Steve gets pulled over by the cops, and Tony gets himself all riled up. 

Black Sails Sorting (with season 3 spoilers)

John Silver: Slytherin. John lives for adaptation. His silver tongue and quick wit are just tools he uses to survive. He oozes charisma and he knows it, but he is best at going in with no plan, flying by the seat of his pants. Though gutsy, and somewhat impulsive, he is no Gryffindor. He starts as a Slytherin with no people, then becomes beholden to his crew– they need him, and he in return, starts to need them. Using his adaptability and other charms, he does what he can for his crew’s best interest, even being tortured to save them. His loyalty to this select group marks him squarely in the Slytherin camp for me. 

Eleanor Guthrie: Gryffindor. Sure of herself, impulsive, and quick on her feet when faced with decisions, I originally struggled to put her into the Slytherin category. However, her lack of loyalty dissuaded me from doing so. Then, it hit me. Her instinct to fight (even towards self-destruction when she kidnaps the stolen governor’s daughter against Vane’s wishes) for what is within her moral compass started to cinch it for me. She feels Nassau should be free from England, not because they are equal, but because she can hammer law from piracy. To her, law is civilized, even through stealing and fencing. She finds an ally in Flint because their visions align, not because of shared morals and gut feeling. For Flint, a free Nassau is an obsession, whereas for Eleanor, it makes sense to her gut. This is an important distinction because her personal feelings get in the way of her own clumsy machinations more often than not. She grows bored of romantic entanglements when it suits her because she can’t find someone with her same values on the island. Though she in initially drawn to Charles’ power and self-possession, they are ultimately not enough alike because Charles’ inward compass points more towards loyalty and freedom while Eleanor’s points towards law, order, and she WILL be the one to put things to right–not because it’s good for her people, but because it is what needs to be done. Then she is drawn to Max, who shares her penchant for affairs being in their proper place– but Max’s innate Slytherin-ness for upward mobility and adaptability turns Eleanor off and she is cast aside. Eleanor is not adaptable. She goes by her gut, but she is fixed in what she is– a catalyst for what she feels SHOULD be in the world. 

James McGraw/Captain Flint: Ravenclaw. Though a brilliant tactician and strategist, that’s not primarily why I sorted him in Ravenclaw. The first real “Yep. DEFINITELY a ‘claw” was when he killed Mr. Gates for getting between him and his plan for the Urca Gold in order to make Nassau not beholden to England. It broke his heart, but his Truth that Nassau should be free just meant so much more than his own mental sake, or the life of anyone. Throughout the series, he strives to attain his current “truth.” First he finds his life’s truth in Thomas’ vision of Nassau– even as a pirate, he never lets go of that vision. He paints himself as a villain to the New World for that Truth, even to the point of turning himself inside out because even his own life isn’t worth what a Free Nassau is. THAT is the tragedy of the broken Ravenclaw. He is overshadowed by what he sees as the Ultimate, seeking it above all else. Flint doesn’t want to be a King in Nassau. In fact, he wears his Flint persona like a familiar coat instead of actually BEING Flint. However, this mutability is not Slytherin in nature. It’s not adaptability that makes Flint do this. It’s necessary in order to bring about Thomas’ vision, and he is willing to do anything in order to succeed. The singleminded obsession fits Flint squarely in the Ravenclaw camp. 

Charles Vane: Gryffindor. Charles is a reactionary. He is strong, and lets people know it. He charges to get a crew by asking his old slave-master for recruits. People rally behind his quietly seething confidence. Though not a braggart, he does follow through with his promises. He sees his reactionary nature and personal strength in fellow Gryffindor Eleanor, and loves her for it. Where they clash is HOW they Gryffindor. Charles fights for freedom and wildness because he knows what slavery and oppression feel. He rebels against “order” which he just sees as a stupid status quo. His two tenants are that the strong survive–whether that strength comes from the ability to lead men, physical strength, or strength of will– and that freedom is everything. With both strength and freedom, Charles sees the world ready to embrace him with open arms–and is willing to fight for that embrace. This chafes at Eleanor, who just as passionately believes in an orderly Nassau that breaks from England legally. While Eleanor laments at their differences, he just sees their difference of opinion as their mutual wildness and strength of feeling. He doesn’t care that they’re different of opinion, in his mind, they are made of the same fire, and he loves her for it– but ultimately, he has to break from her because she betrays his ideals. She makes him weak to his crew. Charles does come back with a vengeance, but it is his strength of will and passion that rules his actions. 

Max: Slytherin. I really don’t think I need to explain this. She and Silver are two sides of the same coin. Loyal, crafty, charismatic, and adaptable, Max needs to elevate herself from being “just a whore” to the Madame. She likes things neat, tidy, and in proper place, but only where it concerns her own affairs and the affairs of those she wants to protect. She is so loyal that she is willing to give up her own romantic happiness for the happiness of Anne, who she does love. She really is the planner of the triumvirate, and knows it. 

Jack Rackham: Ravenclaw. While Gryffindor’s Charles Vane and fellow Ravenclaw Flint butt heads, Vane does care for his Ravenclaw second-in-command… probably because Jack’s Truth is to simply have a Legacy– it is more flexible in nature than that of Flint’s truth. Jack doesn’t care WHAT his legacy is, as long as it will stand the test of time. Smart, and persuasive (though not as well-learned as Flint, or as persuasive as Silver) Jack knows that his truth is that he will be forgotten in time. He wishes to subvert this any means he can– which is why he and Max agree to have a partnership. For Max, it is stability and power. For Jack… he wants to build something bigger than himself. He willingly becomes demeaned in order to see this through, and though his plans to become the boss of Nassau fails as of the episodes I’ve seen, he still holds the universal truth of leaving behind a legacy as the highest form of success. 

Anne Bonny: Hufflepuff. Anne is so much a broken Hufflepuff that it hurts people, most notably including herself and those who love her. A fierce fighter, she becomes so to complement Jack’s noncombat wit. She, inside, is actually a broken baby bird cinnamon roll who just wants to be complete. She sees herself in Max as she is raped in the town square and rallies to save her, and when she sees Max is not broken the way Anne herself had been broken with her previous husband, she cleaves to Max as a way to fill the hole inside her. She kills her crew members at the behest of Jack because she and Jack don’t exist without each other in her mind– she is broken so badly that she only sees herself, Jack, and Max as her community. She will not choose between Jack and Max, as she believes they both are what makes her who she is. She is a Hufflepuff that only towards the end of the series, is so burned and broken, she can’t see herself without being a reflection of them. Finally, she snaps at Jack: she wants to be happy and left alone with him anywhere in the world, peaceful and not having to fight anymore. She just wants to live out her days with the one person she has left–how the hell is that bad? They have each other, they are loyal to each other. That’s all that matters. 

Harlow was twirling the pack of smoke on her thumb and index finger, while intently staring at the fire in front of her. She doesn’t even smoke - anymore. She did years ago though. There’s unopened cans of beer, cold as ice? resting on her feet, but the tin can holding asguardian mead was on her lap. Harlow avoids drinking when she has problems, but de at least owe herself a celebratory drink because of the things that happened this week. When she felt someone near her she grabbed the beer and offered it without looking up. “You can have the beer but I’m not sharing my smoke.”

anonymous asked:

Helloo Can you do a part 2 for the crack of SD and GRM serving justice against add or something like that again? It was really fun to read lol Thanks!


Ara flashed through the air like the fox which possessed her, tangling Lu gracefully in her spear and sending the little empress sprawling.  Lu struggled.

“Unhand me, peasant!  Ciel!  Help!”

“We know what you did,” Elesis accused, appearing from practically nowhere.  Lu squinted.

“What the hell are you talking about?  Ciel’s cookies are mine! You can’t yell at me for taking them!”

“Wait, you didn’t take Elesis’ whetstone?” Ara asked, sitting up.  Lu scrambled to her feet and took several large steps away from them both.

“Why would I want your whetstone?  My claws are too fabulous to require sharpening!”

A bit late, Ciel arrived beside Lu, glancing at Elesis and Ara before turning his attention to his small mistress.  “What’s up?”

Before Lu could say anything, Ara pointed with her spear. “You!  Ciel! You have blades!  Did you steal Elesis’ whetstone?”

Lu scoffed.  Ciel blinked.

“My blades are Lanox steel.  They require a special sharpening method.”

Elesis sighed, then made an over-exaggerated curtsy.  “It appears we were mistaken.  You two are free to leave.”

“What, like we weren’t before?” Lu grumbled, then turned around and flounced off.  “Ciel, I’m traumatized.  Give me cookies.”

Ciel gave a slightly reproachful look – now see what you did – at Ara and Elesis before following Lu.

“So it’s not them,” Ara said after the demon duo was out of earshot, getting to her feet and brushing off her leggings.  “Hmm… Who’s next?”

Elesis shrugged.  “Probably Elsword.  He’s been known to take my stuff.”

“Why didn’t we start with him?”

Elesis grinned.  “Oh, you’re telling me you didn’t want an excuse to tackle Lu?”

Ara blinked, then sighed.  “Fair point….”

BSD Rarepair Week Day 4

Pairing: Gin/Higuchi
Prompt: Fairy Tales
Rating: G
Word Count: 698
Summary: Life isn’t like a fairy tale, like Higuchi had once hoped it to be, long ago. When she’d been young and thought there was more to life than what was sure to come, when she’d been foolishly hopeless. One might argue that she’s still a little foolishly hopeless today, but she’d beg to differ. She was no longer a wide-eyed and innocent child, in love with the idea that there would one day be a metaphorical Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet and take her away to a world where all was good.

Life isn’t a fairy tale, but she can work with what she has.

Read it on ao3.

Submission below cut:

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SO, I’m making a cartoon style turnaround sheet for my sona, Prince

A few note about her changes:

  • Considering that her setting is also space themed, I wanted to make her design reflect that. More sleek solid tones as well as a mixture of grey and black
  • Her hair changed, it’s now a big ole curly lock of hair that can be swapped either way (I’ll make a model sheet for that too)
  • A skin tight black shirt that makes her look more space-themed
  • Shiny grey skirt because pretty
  • Removed the wings on her feet
  • Less rainbows in parts of her design, the main focus is her socks in terms of the color
  • Grey glasses, colors change based on what ability is activated (I’ll also go into detail on that)

being a brown gay girl is pretty fucking difficult lmao ….sydney airports are the worst for me being a brown muslim person bc i ALWAYS get randomly selected lmao or gross idiot white people ask me if i have anything gross to declare like this white binch went up to my 11 year old sister and spoke in a loud ass voice, insinuating that she couldn’t understand english and asked “DO. YOU. HAVE. ANY. RICE. OR. DIRTY. SHOES” while shes wearing the freshest pairs of nikes and like literally thats not even the point if she was wearing rags on her feet it still isnt appropriate. yt ppl in australia like to act like they’re a post racism society but rlly they’re just overwhelmingly racist but just subtle abt it (and this is just to me, a brown girl thats assimilated to western culture a lot with an american accent meaning ppl like indigenous australians are not rewarded with the same subtlety lmao) but also bangladesh sucks for my gay girl ass and i hate it. its like when im in bangladesh i look forward to coming back so i can wear shorts and tank tops and not have that be scandalous but then i come back and the racism and xenophobia hits me in the face and im like huh i just traded in misogyny for racism, wow



characterized  by  deep  curves,  long  legs,  and  eyes  the  blue  of  unforgiving  ice.   there  is  a  lot  more  to  her  appearance  that  just  what  is  easily  seen.  there  is  a  certain  spark  of  cleverness  within  those  bright  eyes.  the  way  her  smile,  usually  painted  scarlet,  is  crooked  –  lifting  higher  ‘pon  the  left  side  than  the  other.  the  arch  of  her  brows,  how  neatly  trimmed  and  groomed.  the  way  stand-alone  freckles  decorate  her  back  in  an  almost  constellation.  sparse  and  far  between,  but  filling  the  vast  space  of  her  pale  skin.  stars.  the  way  her  black  curls  are  thick  and  wild,  purposely  so.  the  way  the  curls  bounce  with  each  movement,  how  they  fall  into  her  face  at  the  most  inopportune  of  moments.   the  pout  of  her  lips,  and  how  it  increases  whenever  she  is  unamused.  the  way  tiny  wrinkles  gather  at  the  outercorner  of  her  eyes  each  time  she  grins  and  laughs.   the  delicacy  of  her  hands,  the  smallness  of  her  feet,  the  cold  silk  of  her  skin.   the  tone  of  her  muscles  from  training,  be  it  in  fighting  or  dancing.  the  surprising  strength  she  carries  in  such  a  small,  lithe  figure.   how  she  carries  herself  with  elegance,  standing  tall  –  chin  elevated.  as  if  she  had  not  crawled  from  the  gutter.  how  she  is  power  given  form.  each  step  purposeful,  each  sway  of  her  hips  delivered  with  undeniable  grace.

things hayley “actual goddess of the heavens” kiyoko does in concert:

  • dances. like, the way she does in her music videos.
    • spoiler alert: it’s really really adorable and hot at the same time
    • finger guns
  • a really fucking attractive thing where she raises her arms up like she is the ultimate queen
  • gives heartfelt little speeches about being gay and what songs mean to her and makes the audience tear up
  • if a person in the audience gives her a rainbow flag, she’ll WAVE that fucking rainbow flag!!!!
  • she’s so fucking humble and grateful and so so sweet
    • like she thanks us all for coming and says we’re the ones fulfilling her dreams instead of the other!! way!! around!!!
  • sticks her tongue out while she dances
    • honestly just. fuck me up.
  • does that adorable little dance move where she like jumps in place!! i don’t even know how that’s cute but it is!!
  • is generally the hottest person in the universe and knows that every person in the audience wants to kiss her at all times
  • blesses anyone in her presence like honestly i could kiss the stars right now i could die and rise up to heaven and be thanking her all the damn way