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Drabble request. Xena: Xena/Gabby.

Thank you for this. :D This request officially makes Xena the 10th fandom I’ve written in! <3

Xena x Gabby, Xena: Warrior Princess. Also on AO3:

“Xena, you want to hear my new story?”

She turned over to face Gabrielle. “What’s it about?”


“No thanks,” Xena scoffed. “Whatever you wrote, I already lived through it once.”

“But…” She frowned down at her scroll. “Don’t you want to hear about it, the way I witnessed it? Don’t you want to know how I see you?”

Xena smiled, facing back up at the sky. Today it was as sunny and cheerful as her best friend. “I don’t need a story to tell me that.”

Gabby’s disappointed silence was palpable.

“Oh, all right.” She settled in. “Go ahead.”

it’s my birthday week!!! send me drabbles

Let Me Introduce You To Someone Named Amanda Ripley.

Today we’re looking at the main character from one of the best horror games in recent memory: Amanda Ripley from Alien Isolation. Keeping in with the Alien series tradition of female leads, [even in the shit films like Requiem] this horror gem follows Amanda as she searches for some sign of her missing mother only to cone face to face with a Xenomorph and wind up the sole survivor of an alien attack rather like her mother.

A character that was originally meant to be brought up in Aliens but was cut for time, Amanda bears many of the Ripley genes: strong-willed, determined, sarcastic and while she’s initially terrified of what she finds, she soon found her courage to try to help others and save the station and escape the alien [though she only succeeds at one of these] and her desire for closure on finding out what happened to her mother leads her to maintain her composure and combat the threat of the Xenomorph just like the other heroes of the franchise.

Next Time: The defenders of anarchy…until the end.


Coming out is scary just like battling You Know Who. But once you’ve done it, you can say you’ve faced Voldemort.

I’m hella potterhead since I was five years old so I chose Harry Potter to help me say that I’m hella gay too.
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Sense8 | You Want a War?

Before I get on a plane and go anywhere, before I discover what it actually feels like to be in the same room with you, before I know what it really feels like to have these lips against mine, and not just in my head, something I might be imagining… I need to know something. Something true.