her face when he calls out her name

The Storm Within

Shawn was happy to have a few sunny days in LA to relax. A little break from the hectic tour schedule was good for him, and he might deny it but he had missed her. He denied it, just like he had ignored the fluttering of his heart when she had replied to his message with a simple: I’ll be there.

She was waiting for him and when he called out her name, she turned towards him a big toothy smile spreading across her face. Her eyes crinkling as she pranced towards him. He felt like someone had run him over with a bulldozer. She animatedly talked, bringing him up to date with all the gossip he had missed out on. He listened, enraptured by her voice, as she laughed and smiled and talked about everything and nothing. She spotted a record shop and begged him to go in to see if they had his album. He relented and followed her into the shop a smile curving his own lips. She started searching methodically through all the racks until she found a copy of Illuminate.

She examines the cover and when she looks at him again, her eyes have a mischievous glint in them. Oh no… She asks him questions and pokes at him, commenting on his hair, the guitar, the chair, his soulful expression.

Yes, he was asked to look into the distance.

Of course it’s a real guitar!

Yes, he still has it.

No, he doesn’t think his expression is that of a  “dramatically tortured soul”.

She keeps making fun of him, but he knows she doesn’t mean it. He remembers how she called him in tears when she had first listened to Hold On. He understands she is just trying to make him feel comfortable. After a lengthy discussion about his boots  - Yes he really does wear them in public – they exit the record shop only to get caught in the rain a few minutes later. Y/N shrieks when fat drops of rain start falling on her. He pulls her along as he starts running to his apartment, holding hands and laughing as they get soaked to the bone. Reaching his apartment, he pries the keys out of his wet jeans. He opens the door ushering her inside.          

Panting, laughing, desperatly trying to catch their breath, Shawn closes the door of his apartment. Locking the storm out, turning to Y/N only to hear his breath hitch. Wringing out her hair, her makeup washed away by the torrential rain and her wet shirt clinging to every curve, he had never seen her look more breathtaking.

She is beautiful.

She is off-limits.

She is gorgeous.

She is forbidden.

She is a goddess.

She is untouchable.

She is his.

Only she wasn’t, Shawn desperatly tries to keep himself together. But she was making it so difficult, looking at him with bright eyes full of trust and laughter. A private smile, reserved for her closest, truest friends. Swallowing thickly he looks away from her fearing what he might do should she look at him with her trustful eyes again. She is not his. Shaking his head he keeps his eyes fixed on his shoes.

“Shawn…” her melodic voice was a sweet drug wafting towards him, enchanting him, a poison slithering on his skin ruining him for any other woman. Pressing his eyes closed, he asquiesces with a barely managed nod. He jolts when he feels her small hand touch his arm, searing his skin. Still he doesn’t look at her, he can’t look at her.

Anger and disappointment were rearing their ugly heads as she grasps the edge of her shirt and pulls it over her head. Shawn was still refusing to so much as look at her. Look at me. Unbuttoning her pants she peels them from her damp skin and discarding them on the floor. Still, Shawn’s shaking form does not look her way. She feels a sudden rush of courage fueled by anger roar through her. Look at me. She grasps his face in her hands forcing him to look at her. Startled Shawn’s hazel eyes fly open. His eyes skirt her figure. She feels his jaw clench shut even tighter at the sight of her bra clad breasts. Look at me. Determined to show him that he could not simply get away with furtive glances and heated gazes when he thought she wasn’t looking, she brings his face closer to her own. A panicked expression settles upon his features.

“We can’t… Y/N we can’t.” he feebly protests, his gazed fixed on her pink lips.

“Shawn I want to…” she breathes against his lips. “Don’t you?” He feels the confidence seeping out her. He feels her determination leave her. He knows in this moment, if he says no she would never again look at him the same way. She would move on, she wouldn’t look at him with the hint of a promise of more ever again. She would settle for friendship with him. A better man maybe would come along and would treat her the way he wanted to treat her.

A fierce pang of jealousy echoes through his body. She was his. His. Not anyone elses. He let loose a low moan as he brought his lips to his. Finally, finally, finally he is tasting her. Her breath hitches in the most delicious way as he wraps his arms around her waist lifting her up and pressing her against the door. Her arms wrap around his neck, and her legs lock around his waist. Perfect. She fits against him perfectly.

“I do, I do, I do.” He moans into her mouth. Her mouth opens on a silent plea for more. His calloused hand slides across the skin of her smooth back, bringing her body closer to his. Not close enough, Shawn lets out a frustrated groan. Detaching himself from Y/N, he quickly takes his shirt off. Y/N barely has time to let loose a whispered wail of discontent that Shawn is already reclaiming her mouth with a bruising force. She sighs happily into his mouth, but he is not close enough to her. He has to be closer, much closer to her. He moves his lips to the glorious column of her neck. Mouthing kisses against her skin he feels her throat vibrate on a hushed moan as her nails dig into his shoulders.

He breaks. He stumbles through the apartment, towards the bedroom. He needs to be able to lie her down, to bare her completely to him. He needs to see her body, he needs to feel her body. Gently lying her down on the bed he sits up and takes off his wet jeans.

“Take it all off.” She whispers, looking into his eyes.

“You’ve never…? Have you?” He breathes the question. She shakes her head, a blush blossoming on her cheeks and making it’s way down her neck.

“Are you sure about this?” he asks holding his breath, expecting, knowing she will say no as she realises the extent of what is about to happen.

She squares her shoulders, looks him straight in the eye and affirms:

“Yes I want to. I want to with you.” Her answers shatters the last of his decency, as he discards his boxers. He quickly fetches a condom from his bedside table throws it on the bed next to her and crawls up her body.

Fuck…” Shawn kisses her cheek, her mouth, leaving a trail of fiery kisses down her neck. Her breathing coming in fast puffs as he slowly makes his way towards her breasts. He sucks a deep purple bruise between them. A bruise that will remind her of this instant for weeks. A proof for this unbelievable moment. He slips his hand behind her and manages after a few tries to undo her bra, throwing it aside. She is turning her eyes away, shying away from his gaze. Don’t. He hadn’t realized he had said it out loud until she turns her head looking down where his hot breath fanned over her breast. As he licks at her nipple, he watches with delight as she tries to squirm away from his touch only to realise she cannot escape his touch as his arms are on either side of her body. She is at his mercy. He sucks her nipple into his mouth and watches her mouth drop open, a murmured Shawn escaping her lips. He lets his teeth graze the tip of her nipple, the genuine cry of shock she lets out, music to his ears. He can’t quite believe that he is here with the girl he calls his best friend.

Seeking support her hand grasps the nape of his neck. Beautiful, he thinks as he moves lower on her body, continuing his exploration of her body by leaving kisses on her soft stomach. Her hand curls more firmly around his neck, he reaches for it, clasps it in his own and presses it into the mattress at her side. His right hand sinks lower towards the hem of her underwear, panting, he slowly removes the wet garment from her body. And oh so slowly she is revealed to him. So fucking perfect, and his, always his. In a sudden bout of hesitation she tries to close her legs, but no she can’t, he won’t allow her to hide herself. No. He wraps his hand around her round thigh and settles himself between them. His erection nudges the soft skin on the inside of her thigh, he bites his lip a muffled moan of her name slipping through. He looks into her eyes, had she not known him for so many years she would not have detected the hesitation in his gaze. But she confirms her intentions by very slowly letting her hand travel down the planes of his stomach, over his abdomen until finally she reaches his thick cock. She wraps her hands carefully around his shaft. Fuck.This moment, how long had he dreamed about this precise moment. How many times had he woken up, a palm pressed against his crotch and her name on his lips. Too many. He cannot stop his hips from thrusting into her small fist. He drops his forehead to hers, closing his eyes and thoroughly enjoying the feel of her hand against his hot skin. A broken moan leaves his mouth as she flicks the tip with her thumb, his other hand still entwined with hers tightening its grip. His arm trembles with the sheer effort to keep his weight from crushing her smaller frame. He squints his eyes open, looking into her eyes, her pupils blown wide with desire and wonder. He had tried to ignore his feelings, frantically pushed them aside when they bubbled up in his chest at the thought of her, of her smile, of her eyes. And yet she had long ago bewitched him, casting a spell on him. She had never asked for his heart, yet he realised she had always owned it. She bites her soft pink lips, taunting him, tempting him to kiss them. He crushes his mouth against hers in a violently desperate kiss. Swallowing her mewls of pleasure, he revels in her taste. He pulls back, leaving barely an inch between their lips.

“Are you sure?” he breathes against her swollen mouth. He closes his eyes, not being able to bear the thought of a rejection. Her hand squeezes his cock lightly, increasing the torturous pressure. Her lips trail up his jaw before resting against his ear.

“Teach me.” She whispers. Christ. His eyes snap open, dazed he looks at her for a moment. She trusts him, she feels comfortable and safe with him. The realization sends blood rushing to his cock, he reconnects their mouth in a tender yet sloppy and uncontrolled kiss. His hand leaves her thigh to blindly search for the condom, as he frenzily grinds into her crotch. He barely manages to put the condom on correctly as he looks at her flushed body crying for more. She murmurs incoherrent pleas of please, Shawn, oh god Shawn please. He positions himself at her entrance. Her breath hitches, he stops breathing. Slowly, gently, lovingly he presses into her. Her free hand grips at the sheets as he finally finally bottoms out. She heaves out a strained breath.

“Am I hurting you?” he whispers, his breathing ragged from the effort it requires him to stay still as she gets used to the feel of having him inside her. She shakes her head, looks up at him and utters a barely audible “It feels weird.” She clenches and unclenches her muscles familiarising herself with the feeling of fullness. Shawn barely manages to stop the involuntary thrust his hip gives. He lets his head fall into the crook of her neck. Too much.

“Y/N you will be the death of me.” He says in a pained tone. He waits patiently, anxiously for her to adjust to his size. He kisses her neck, mouthing at the sensitive skin, desperately trying to distract himself from the delicious torture of her fluttering walls, stretched around his pulsing cock.

“Shawn… please move.” She begs him quietly. He pulls out a few inches before slowly pressing back into her welcoming body. Her leg wraps itself around his middle, the heel of her dainty foot pressing into his tailbone urging him to do more… He barely pulls out now, just grinds into her body, his pubic bone rubbing against her clit in slow torturing motions. Her softly moaned Shawn penetrates his body, settling like a warm blanket over his heart. Her hips try to rise, seeking more friction, his hand grabs her waist and pins it to the mattress. His. He grinds into her more forcefully, her walls clench down, holding his shaft in an iron grip. A gasped oh leaves her bruised lips. Her back arches, pressing her breasts against his hard chest. Her free hand flies to his shoulder, nails digging into his skin. His own broken moan leaves his mouth, mingling itself with the wet sound of his cock pressing deep into her. He whispers her name over and over again as he grinds into her. He feels her walls clenching violently as he presses his forehead against hers.

“You’re close.” He breathes.

So am I.

So am I.

So am I.

He thrusts into her. She shatters. Her unrestrained moans ring in his ears as he presses into her. Her head twist to the side, her eyes squeezing shut. He lets go of her hip to grasp her chin making her look at him again. Guiding her through her orgasm, he feels the tight pressure in his abdomen become almost unbearable.  As she clamps down on his cock riding out the final wave of her orgasm, he comes. Her name a sinful prayer on his lips, he spasms in her body.

Her hand releases his shoulder, five crescent moons imprinted into his flesh. He gently pulls out of her, untangles her leg from around his waist and slips out of the bed to get rid of the condom. He quickly crawls back in, instinctively reaching for her and pulling her closer to him. She cuddles into his chest as he draws shapes onto the skin of her back. Her small palm rests against his chest, he breathes in her smell and presses a kiss to her head.


Dark Secrets - Draco x Reader Imagine

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PairingDraco Malfoy x Reader

Warning/sJust sad really

Word Count747

Life goes too fast. Draco remembers when he and Y/N had their first play date. The way her bun bounced as the ran through the house or even how her smile seemed to brighten the room. She was perfect and she was his. His life felt somewhat right… that was until he received evil. Living on his forearm was a dark mark, a flaw he has had since the start of sixth year. A secret he has kept since the start of sixth year. Not even Y/N knows it exist just on his forearm. He flinched when she called his name, the way his name rolled off her tongue was too perfect.

“Draco?” Y/N called. He turned around and saw her. Her hair hung loosely around her face, her pink lips pursed in an attempt to find him. Draco stepped out into the illuminating moonlight. This caught her attention, making her saunter her way up to him. Y/N noticed how different Draco looked. His face was more pale, he looked gaunt and he had worry lines. She was worried about him. He didn’t have that same twinkle in his eye anymore. Draco wasn’t himself, Draco just wasn’t… Draco.

She thought of third year. When herself and Draco went to Hogsmeade for the first date. He was so youthful and energetic. Now, all he did was lock himself away from the world and disappear. “Draco, what’s the matter?” her voice echoed through his mind. Draco, himself, didn’t have the answer to that. What was the matter? From the fact that he was trying to save his family; therefor having to serve to the Dark Lord or that he was going to lose Y/N because of his decisions.

He just looked away from her. He couldn’t seem to look at her. Her face was laced with worry and anxiety. She had a frown that made the room darker than what it was. He lost the light that was her smile. He was causing her to frown. “I… I have something to tell you,” he stuttered. Y/N saw his once vibrant grey eyes become a dull shade, his once beautiful pink lips turned to a pale pink. He wasn’t colourful anymore. She wanted to know why. She nodded her head, her hair bouncing as she did, wanting him to continue.

She noticed how terrified he looked. She intertwined their hands. Draco wouldn’t give Y/N eye contact, making her feel more anxious. He didn’t know how to tell her. He inhaled a shaky breath. He gripped her hand tighter as he spoke. “I did something. Something terrible. I had… I had to do it otherwise he was going to kill me.” He cried. Y/N heart ached and trembled at the sight Draco was in. She just wanted to take his pain away.

“Who, Draco? Who is going to kill you?” Y/N questioned. Her anxiety levels were through the roof. Draco bowed his head down and started to roll up his sleeve. That’s when you saw it. The evil that lurked under his sleeve, the darkness that covered a small proportion of his forearm. Tears started to cascade down Y/N’s face. Her life crashed all around here. The love of her life was on the opposite side of her.  She felt so far away from him but yet so close. She gripped his hand tighter as a strangled sob escaped her throat. Draco looked up, his face tear-stained, and hugged Y/N.

She couldn’t leave him. She loved him. Draco was her world, one of the only people she truly loved. Her heart was aching for him. “I understand if you want to break up with me” he whispered, his voice cracking as he does so. He was exhausted and frightened. Draco was just a boy but he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. He was saving not only himself, but his family.

“Draco I could never. I love you too much. I’ll stay with you. I will help you,” Y/N soothed him. She placed her hands on either side of his face and kissed him. The world was full of evil, but they felt as if the good was on their side. Two young lovers who were on opposites sides could only barely touch. Life is torturous and it destroys people. Life is tough. Life is short. Although that doesn’t mean young love will weary out

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I don't know if this is an headcanon or not but how about the S boys trying to win back their lover after cheating on her because they realize that they love and miss her.(if you have time, can you do the M boys too)

[Mun] マリ: I kinda did it reacts/headcanon style. Hope you like it!

Ayato would become completely silent when he faces his lover, an anguished expression plastered across his face as he forcefully takes her hands in his and confesses his love for her, begging her for forgiveness as he remembers how he himself had been betrayed by his parents. If she accepts his apologies, he’ll just stand there holding her close for several minutes.

Laito would joke around at first, but feel genuinely guilty as he saw his lover’s contorted, wet face and he’d desperately call out her name over and over again with tears in his eyes, telling her that she’s the only one for him when he realises she’s actually trying to get away from him. “It’s my fault!” he’d cry out as he clings onto her. “I’m a complete whackjob for betraying an angel like you!”

Shuu would try his best not to make too much of a fuss about it, but he’d take his lover aside and shed a few genuine tears, showing her that he’s angry with himself just as much as she is angry with him. He’d allow her to slap him square across the face before embracing her, after which he’d take her home. Long story short, it ends up in slow, sensual make-up sex.

Reiji may seem as cool as always, but he would be absolutely torn on the inside. He’d call her to his room for tea, and have a polite conversation with her before offering her his most sincere apologies, as well as a confession of his love. His calm facade breaks right there on the spot as he holds his lover’s hands from across the coffee table and tells her that she’s the only one for him, subtly kissing her on the cheek if she gives in to him.

Kanato would guilt trip his lover, telling her it’s her fault for not pleasing him well enough; he does this because he’s at his wit’s end and thinks that’s the most effective. As soon as she’s back in his arms, he’ll break down completely, kiss her all over and apologise for his actions.

Subaru might also consider guilt tripping his lover, but he’d be too cross with himself to do so. He’d forcefully drag his lover to someplace quiet and yell at her; he says he’s not good enough for her, as he would not want her to wander off with someone else either. Because he’s so rough with his apologies, his lover starts crying and hitting his chest as she gives in to him, allowing him to kiss it better.

but can you imagine one day when Mike’s alone for whatever reason at school, Troy and his gang find him. Now that they’re in high school, naturally they’re all bigger and stronger, and take no hesitation in beating the crap out of Mike, brutally punching and kicking him to their liking.

can you imagine him trudging home, his stomach and legs too bruised to be able to bike home.

can you imagine him trying to hide his black eye from his mom as Karen starts freaking out about how black and blue his face has become, Nancy rushing down upon hearing her mom’s cries.

can you imagine as he silently leans into his sister’s hug as Karen calls Joyce to send El over immediately.

can you imagine her face when she sees him, her voice breaking on his name as she whispers ‘oh Mike,’ her hands hesitantly brushing over his forehead and hair matted slightly with blood. he tried to assure her that he’s fine but she just silently begins to cry, wondering how anyone can hurt someone as kind and caring as Mike.

can you imagine her refusing to leave his side and gently rubbing her hands on his abdomen and arms when the other boys rush in, anger rolling off their minds and fists as they see their best friend bruised and battered and barely able to look at them.

can you imagine them staying the night next to him, sleeping silently on the floor, their mere presence a blessing to Mike.

post-reveal headcanons
  • after Pidge’s reveal the team asks her what she wants them to call her (like, should we call you Pidge like we used to? Or do you prefer Katie instead?)
  • she says she doesn’t care either way
  • and she responds quickly to both names
  • Allura and Hunk slip into calling her Katie pretty easily
  • Keith still calls her Pidge because it’s easier to say but also because he slipped up once and she said she was fine with him calling her that
  • Coran tries to remember to remember the smol salty earthling’s name but it just comes out as Pidge anyways but it doesn’t matter, Pidge knows it’s the thought that counts
  • Lance just
  • poor Lance
  • it depends on the day, sometimes he calls her Katie and sometimes Pidge and sometimes both and sometimes neither like poor boy
  • privately Pidge doesn’t mind but she finds it kind of funny (and cute)
  • Shiro calls her ‘Katie’ very casually mid-conversation and apologizes with a rather red face when he realizes (who knows why?? I sure don’t, do you????)
  • of course there are changes in the way the team interacts after she tells them
  • Allura, Hunk, Keith, and Coran treat Pidge the same way they always have (the entire squad pretty happy knowing that she trusts them enough to tell everyone and Allura is very enthusiastic about having a fellow female on the team - cue Alluran fashion, heart-to-hearts, etc.) but with a little more caution on Keith and Coran’s part
  • Shiro is really gentle towards her but knows she can hold her own so he doesn’t baby her
  • Lance just isn’t sure about anything anymore
  • he’ll be in the middle of breakfast one day and remember every embarrassing thing he ever said or did in front of Pidge which, had he known she was female, he would have never done (example: changing, talking about girls in their class, making not so appropriate jokes, making suggestive faces, etc.)
  • Shiro gradually gets used to calling her ‘Katie’ and tries not to let memories of a fuzzy-faced little girl clinging to Matt’s shoulder distract him
  • the most important thing about post-reveal tho is that their entire view of Pidge has dramatically changed, basically the team’s new motto is YOU TOUCH PIDGE AND YOU DIE
  • Hunk, Shiro, Lance, Keith, Allura, and Coran are all members of the #ProtectPidge squad
Proof that Natsu has feelings for Lucy....

One of my favorite Nalu moments is when Lucy got badly hurt in a fight against Minerva and first person to her rescue is Natsu calling out her name so loud that the whole stadium can hear him. 

Then while everyone is fighting in the games, Natsu was obviously there by her bedside the whole time until she woke up because the first face Lucy sees when she wakes up is Natsu’s. Then as Natsu is leaving to fight in his match against Sting and Rogue he asks Wendy to take care of Lucy for him.

Then after that Natsu fights for Lucy and makes them pay for hurting Lucy when she battled against Minerva. Natsu taught sabertooth just how protective he is over Lucy. 

:::developed on a ship:::

Fandom: The Chronicle of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Character: Edmund Pevensie

Reader: Pirate!Fem!

Summary: Caspian considered you as a great friend, almost a sister and took you onto his voyage on the Dawn Treader. But as the younger Pevensies return to Narnia with their cousin, a certain boy took a liking to you.

Notes: THIS MOVIE IS ALSO MY FAVORITE. I enjoyed writing for this, I loved this movie, I was so emotional. Anyways, hope you enjoy.

Requested by anon

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I Just Want You For My Own

A  Joshaya Fanfic

Written by: @hoffkk

Written for: Joshaya Week (Day 3 - Josh and Maya Talk About Music)

Summary: Music sparks some fun, jealousy, and one very heated conversation between Josh and Maya.

Notes: Sorry this is late, but it is worth the wait! Promise!  Enjoy and let me know what you think! :)


Maya had just exited the school and was heading in the direction of the nearest subway station when I familiar voice called her name.

“Hey, Maya, Wait up!” Zay called out.

Maya stopped in her tracks and glanced over her shoulder to find Zay running to catch up to her. Turning completely to face him, she replied, “What’s up?”

“Not much… can I just say that you look ravishing today.” He complimented, offering her a cheesy smile.

Maya just rolled her eyes. She was wearing her usual sweater and ripped skinny jeans with  matching ankle boots.  That, along with the fact that Zay was the one complimenting  her tipped her off that something was up.

“What do you want, Zay?”  She asked, giving him a no nonsense look as she cocked her head to the side.

Zay fiddled with a crumpled sheet of paper in his hands and answered simply, “I need a favor…wait,”  He cut himself off as another thought occurred to him.  "Where is Riley?“

"Cheer practice.” She responded.  "What’s the favor?“ Maya added hastily, growing impatient.

"All right, so, the thing is, I’m performing at Open Mic Night this Friday at Topanga’s.” Zay started to explain.

“Of course you are.”  She nodded in understanding.  Every Friday, the gang hung out at Topanga’s, and every Friday, Zay sang a song for Open Mic Night.  It was a tradition they started at the beginning of senior year.  Zay was actually a pretty good singer.  Sometimes he even played the guitar or piano.  Maya suddenly found herself intrigued.  Where was he going with this mysterious favor?

“Well, I really wanna do this one song, but I need some help with the vocals, so I was wondering if you could help a guy out?” Zay trailed off nervously.

“Wait a minute,” Maya started, holding a hand up to signal him not to talk.  "Are you asking me to do a duet with you?“

"No…okay, yes.” Zay replied, shaking his head for emphasis.

“I- I don’t know. Singing isn’t really my thing.” She reasoned.

“Come on,” Zay goaded.  "I’ve heard you sing hundreds of times.  Your voice is great.“

"Singing to the radio isn’t the same as singing on stage, Zay.”  Maya explained.  "Why don’t you ask Riley?  She has a good voice too , and she loves helping out a friend in need.“

"Well, you see…that was my original idea, but I figured she would probably say no to my song choice.”  Zay answered. “And if by some chance she did say yes, Lucas would probably kill us, and by us, I mean me.”  He added.

“What song did you pick exactly?” She wondered aloud.

Zay just smiled tentatively and handed over the paper he had been holding.

After unfolding it and smoothing it out a bit, Maya noticed it was a lyric sheet.  Her eyes fixed on a few lines in the middle of the sheet and that was all it took to figure out what song it was.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” She remarked dryly.

“I know what you’re thinking…”  Zay began, trying to explain himself.

“That you’re a perv?”  She retorted.

“I was gonna say that the song is a bit risque…”  Zay continued.

“Just a tad.” Maya said sarcastically.

“And yes, maybe it is,”  He relented. “but it’s also an awesome song with a good beat and killer harmonies.”

Zay wasn’t wrong.” She thought to herself.  The song was actually one of her favorites for all the reasons he said and more.  She even knew the lyrics by heart, but that didn’t mean she was going to belt them out in front of her friends and family.

“Come on, Maya, pleeeeeeease!”  Zay begged, folding his hands together for dramatic effect.  "I’ll be your best friend!“

Maya smirked and shook her head playfully, commenting, "You already are.”

Everyone who knows Maya, knows that her best friend is Riley Matthews.  However, what might not be as obvious is that Isaiah Babineaux was a close second.  They just got each other in a way the others didn’t and bonded over their love for making wise cracks at their friends’ expenses, all in good fun of course. They were always coming up with new made up games to play, making dirty jokes, and seeing who could come up with the best cheesy pick-up lines.  They definitely made quite the pair, and the best part?  They didn’t have to worry about feelings getting in the way and making things awkward because they were totally and completely platonic.  It was kind of funny, even though they have only known each other a few years, Maya felt like she has known him her whole life. She didn’t know what she would do without him.

“Even more reason for you to help me.” Zay retorted, nudging Maya’s arm.

Maya let out a long breath and conceded, “All right, I’ll do it.”

“Sweet!”  He cheered, making a small “cha-ching” gesture with both of his arms.

“But you owe me.” She said sternly, point a finger at him.

“Deal.”  He agreed, his smiling doubling in size as he threw his arms around her.

“We’ll meet up tomorrow and practice, while the rest of the group are busy with their extracurricular activities.  It’ll be our little secret.”

“Whatever you say.”  Maya replied, adjusting her backpack on her shoulder.

They proceeded to bid their farewells and then Maya made her way to the subway station, hoping the whole way home that, come Friday, she wouldn’t live to regret the decision she had just made.


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Again, I’m not really in the BSD fandom, but I wrote this drabble awhile ago to emotionally compromise one of my best friends and after months of it collecting dust, @sarasanddollar ordered me to post it. I hope you enjoy it ^w^

Junichiroi looks for his sister in darkness.

He shouts her name as loud as he can but he gets nothing in response. That’s when he gets blindsided by a bright light, he holds his hands in front of his face to shield himself from the bright light.

“Naomi?” He called out. “Naomi! Naomi! Naomi!”

Her brightness still blinding but that doesn’t stop him from running to her. “I am so sorry for failing you.”

“I’m not Naomi.” She said.

“But-but you look like her, you sound like her so you have to be her!” He spluttered out.

She cocked her head to the side. “You mistake me, I am Naomi’s ghost, but I am not Naomi.”

“Then where is she? The real Naomi?”

“Gone. You failed her twice, she had to go. But she left me behind.”

“I WANT THE REAL NAOMI. THE ONE WHO WOULD SQUISH ME TO DEATH, THE ONE WHO WOULD-” His voice broke as he crumpled to the ground, harsh sobs shaking his frame. “I want her not her echo.”

When They Lose the Kids- TW Preference

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GIrls are next 


Scott was panicking, he had managed to lose your four-year old in a crowded mall, and he couldn’t find her. At first, he thought she might be hiding in one of the stores, but when he checked every store she could have gone into and didn’t find her, he started hyperventilating. He was running around, calling out Allison’s name, tears dripping from his face. He had already lost one Allison, he couldn’t lose another.

About another hour went by, and he gave up, sinking to the floor with a sob. He had lost her, and you were going to kill him.

“Daddy, why are you crying?” He heard a sweet voice, and looked up, looking at the little girl right in front of his face. He smiled in relief, pulling her into a really tight hug, ignoring her pouting and whining.

“I thought I lost you.” He mumbled, pulling back to look into her mother’s eyes, relief flooding his own.

“It’s okay Daddy, I’m not going anywhere.” She reassured him with a kiss to his cheek, a laugh bubbling in her throat. He smiled and hugged her again.


“How do you lose a three-year old?!” You screamed at Stiles over the phone, pulling into the driveway of your shared home.

“I don’t know! He’s not in his room, and I can’t find him.” You groaned, shoving the door open before hurrying into the small house. Stiles was freaking out, looking in cabinets and under the table. You glowered at him from where you stood, anger rising in your chest.

“You are so irresponsible!” You yelled at him, slamming your car keys down. “You can’t even watch yourself, so I don’t know why I even asked you to watch Ian.” Stiles shrank down underneath your harsh gaze. “I can’t trust you with anything, can I? Cause you always let me down!”

“Mommy, mommy, mommy!” Your little boy cried, running out from a closet, his arms wrapping around your waist. “Please stop fighting. It’s not Daddy’s fault.” And then came the dragon tears, the big fat ones that always made you feel guilty. You sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry Little Man.” You cooed, looking back up at Stiles with an apologetic look. “I’m sorry, I know you’re trying your hardest, but I can’t lose anyone else in my life.”

He nodded understandably, walking up before wrapping his arms around you. “It’s okay.”


You and Isaac weren’t together anymore, so it was understandable that he flirted with other girls. What was even worse was, he used your two-year old son to pick up chicks. You hated when he did that, but there was nothing you could do, after all he did have custody over Boyd over the weekends. So when you got a call at your work from Isaac, you began to panic.

“He’s not here.” Isaac kept saying, over and over again. “He’s gone, I can’t find him!” He yelled over the phone.

“Isaac, where are you?” You asked, trying to calm him down. After he didn’t respond, you got up, grabbing your coat before hurrying out your workplace. Your boss would be pissed off, but something was wrong, and when Isaac panicked, he never got anything done. “Isaac! Where are you? I’m coming.”

He breathed heavily. “L-Lydia was having a party, and I lost him inside.” You growled, getting in your car before speeding off, not caring that you were breaking the speed limit.

When you got to Lydia’s house, Isaac was pacing outside, relief flooding his face when he saw you. You growled at him as you shoved past him. “Boyd!” You called, pushing your way through the dancing bodies. “Boyd!” You called again, looking around.

You spotted a head of curly hair, and those blue eyes and you cried in relief, running towards him before scooping him up in your arms. You weren’t sure if you were crying because you were happy you found him or scared he had gotten lost in the first place. But that didn’t matter, because before you knew it, you were screaming at Isaac, drawing attention to the two of you.

“What the hell is your problem? Bringing a two-year old to a drinking party! You make me sick, I’m so glad I dropped your ass when I had the chance.” You had tears rolling down your face as you sniffled. “Stay away from us Isaac, and don’t even think about coming to pick him up next week, because I want you out of his life!” And with that, you turned and stomped away, a crying baby on your hip and a sad Isaac staring after you.


Losing one kid was bad enough, but losing two was even worse.

Derek had taken Ethan and Aiden to the park, letting the two five year old twins play around when all of a sudden Aiden disappeared. At first, Derek tried to track his scent, but it was like it disappeared, and what made matters worse was when Ethan turned around and disappeared. And now, Derek was panicking. You were going to kill him when you found out.

“Ethan! Aiden!” Derek yelled, looking in the slides and behind trees, but he just couldn’t find them. He slumped forward, burying his head in his hands with a panicky breath.

“Dad. Are you okay?” A small voice piped up, and he blinked, letting his head raise to look at the two boys standing front of them.

He got mad, grabbing the boys roughly by the arm before hugging them tightly. “Where the hell did you go?” He was angry, but he was relieved.

“Bathroom.” Aiden answered honestly, tilting his head. “I’m sorry, but I had to go really badly and I didn’t want to go alone so its my fault.”

“I don’t care.” He growled, hugging them tighter. “As long as your safe.”


He took his eyes away from her for three seconds, and poof! She was gone. At first, he didn’t panic, he had to keep a level head. She couldn’t have gone far, and maybe he was lying to himself for a little bit, because the little eight year old could haul ass if she needed to. He checked everywhere in the store, behind clothes racks and in the toy section, but she wasn’t there. He tried to keep a level head, but after searching and searching, he lost his cool.

“Hayden!” He yelled, jogging through the store, looking down food aisles and in the clothing section. Turning in a full circle he tried to focus his hearing, but he couldn’t find her heartbeat. “Hayden!” He called again, walking to the front of the store.

“I’m right here.” She mumbled, coming out of the bathroom with an annoyed expression. He sighed in relief, picking her up before spinning her around. “Dad! Put me down, you’re embarrassing me.” She growled, a small smile peeking on the corner of her lips.

“I don’t care.” He whispered, squeezing her tight. “Don’t ever walk away from me again. Something bad could have happened and I don’t think I could have handled it if something bad happened to you.” He swallowed his spit, tears rising in his eyes. “I can’t lose you like I lost your mother.” He whispered, cupping her face.

Actually another reason besides jayden why tobias prefers being called by his full name (and not by any means toby or he’ll eat you alive) is auntie paris who (when he was little) used to squeal “aaaaaaaaa look who’s here it’s my little toooooooby!” and kiss his face smudging her lipstick all over it. and she would do this until he turned eight and called her out on this
In fact being the youngest of three his main wish has always been to seem more mature than he actually was

you’ve got a friend in me

Pardon the cheesy af title, I have no originality looool. 

Since we’ve got amazing spoilers about the Captain Book/Beauty friendship, I wrote this thing about how it all started during the 6 weeks of peace.

Basically deleted Captain Book and Captain Swan scenes from the 6 weeks of peace (season4). 

Killian exhales loudly, clenching his jaw, as his fingers tighten on his coffee cup. It was, perhaps, a bad idea - maybe he should get Henry to check out the books and he could spend that time researching in Regina’s office with her and Emma, or at Granny’s, or quite literally anywhere else –

He shakes out from his nervous thoughts as Emma calls his name, offering him a little smile when he blinks cluelessly at her.  

“It’ll be fine, Killian.”

“I hope so,” he replies, his eyes sweeping across her face as he still can’t believe that he is well and alive, and Emma forgave him after the stupid deal with the crocodile –

- right, the crocodile.  

Emma takes a step towards him, a little smile pulling her lips up as she rests her hands on his shoulder and stands on her toes, pressing her lips against his scruffy cheek.

Killian feels himself blush at the contact and just before he can say something or put his arms around her waist or do anything so to not embarrass himself as some blushing school boy, Emma presses a quick kiss to his lips before her feet are back on the ground, her hands still clutching his shoulders.

He knows the tip of his ears are traitorously red, and that his cheeks are flushed, and the way she’s grinning at him, she knows he’s blushing.

“See you at lunch,” she squeezes his shoulders.

He looks up at her smiling face and smiles back, his gaze landing on the way she’s biting her lower lip.

He wants to kiss her. Properly. But it’s still pretty new, and he isn’t sure if Emma would appreciate being kissed by him in the middle of the street where anyone can see them – their beloved Saviour with the Pirate who trapped some of them in a bloody hat and it’s just been hardly a week since Gold left town – 

- and right, Gold. Belle.

So he settles to just squeeze her hand as he watches her walk away from him, her hair swishing as she turns back once to wave at him - Killian being proud that his eyes were actually at her eye level then and not further down.

Once Emma is away from his sight, he turns and with a deep exhale, opens the door.


He doesn’t find her anywhere.  

There’s a half-cup of tea which is still a bit warm sitting on the desk beside the computer, meaning she’s definitely been here, but she’s nowhere in sight.

So Killian sets out to work.

He grabs all the books his hand and hook can support from the Fairies and Ancient Magical Objects sections, and sets them down on the big desk in the middle of the library.

Killian’s half-way through his second book when he hears the clicking of heels, and he figures it’s Belle since the only ones wearing those infernal shoes in this town are Belle and Regina.

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Here’s a bunch of Winter x Qrow headcanons I thought of 

~ He asks Weiss for her blessing before proposing to Winter and asks for her help to hunt down the perfect ring
~ He teases her a bunch just to stir her up and get her to loosen up
~ It’s his constant goal to make her smile, or at least get her to literally loosen up
~He notices small little details about her. Like tiny little movements and changes in her expression.
~ When they eventually get together, he vows to work on giving up drinking because she’s worth it
~ Out of nowhere Qrow will drop compliments to her and walk right on past her 
~Although she doesn’t say it, she does appreciate his presence despite his mischievous tenancies. Again, she won’t admit it, but its a nice change of pace
~ He is the only one allowed to call her pet names: Ice/Snow Queen, icy, Snowy, Queenie, Sweet cheeks, Doll face, Little Snow Bird etc. 

epistaxisxjensen  asked:

Y) Tears; Adam and Drac~

Adam stood by the broken statue; brow furrowed and a frown of concern set upon his face. By his feet, curled up in a little ball against the concrete base of the monument was a small form dressed in unusual, brightly coloured clothing. 


He wasn’t expecting to see her there; of all places.

Crouching down, Adam reached out a black and gold hand, gently touching the vampire’s quivering shoulder and calling out her name. She did not respond at first, and it was not until Adam leaned closer, shaking her gently by the shoulder, calling to Alice again, that Adam was able to illicit a response.

The vampire started when shook as her name was called the second time and her tightly curled form released; twisting to face Adam. Reddened golden eyes set above wet, tear stained cheeks are what stared back at Adam.

What had happened to her?

A third time the aug called out her name and this time asked if she was alright. It was a moment before the response came, and when it did the vampire’s voice was quiet; pained.

“I had a dream, Mr. Jensen. I had a dream he was here; that he was going to meet me here. That I would see him again! …but he’s not here. It was just a dream; just a dream. I won’t see him again. He’s gone.” The vampire’s lip began trembling as she struggled to fight off a new wave of tears, but it was too much and she began to sob quietly again.

Furrowing his brow, Adam looked around awkwardly a moment and then turned his attention back to Alice. He didn’t know who the vampire spoke of; though she’d alluded to others close to her in the past. What he did know was that she was here, in his world, cut off from everything familiar to her; isolated and alone. He tried to reassure her, tell her everything would be OK, but his efforts were futile and tears continued to find paths down Alice’s cheeks.

A sigh escaped Adam’s lips and his hands began searching the pockets of his coat, his utility belt, his pants…

Ah, a napkin. 

Crumpled, but clean. A remnant of their trip to eat cinnamon buns. That would have to do. Adam pushed it into Alice’s small hands.

A napkin.

The vampire couldn’t help herself on seeing what Adam had given her. Tears faltered, giving way to sniffles and the hint of a smile began to show at the corner of Alice’s lips as the dark memory of her dream was pushed aside by a brighter one. She wiped her cheeks and eyes. 

Adam smiled in response.

“Let’s go, Alice. We’ve got work to do.”

running to you.

Rated K

Her body screamed at her to stop and take rest, muscles straining from overuse as her lungs burned with the need of breath, but Sakura simply couldn’t stop her body from running when she knew she was only mere minutes away from seeing Sasuke. It had been five months since she had last seen his face, and Sakura couldn’t manage to be patient.

Especially not after what he’d done the morning he had left, brushing his lips to the corner of her mouth when he thought that she was still asleep, three precious words of confession lost in a breath. He was gone by the time she had fully processed the moment, jerking up with wide eyes and a call of his name that he was too far to hear. 

It was the first time she had ever heard him say those words.

Sakura snapped out of her reverie when she felt his chakra, her heart thundering to the beat of her staccato of breaths, lips splitting with a grin. She could tell that he had sensed her as well with the way he flared with eagerness. When she saw his form standing from his seat by the campfire, she let out a sound that would have probably been a laugh if she hadn’t been so breathless, and slowed her run to a shaking walk.

When she came into the clearing, Sakura pushed hair out of her face and grinned even wider, unmindful of the exhaustion of her body. Her heart fluttered when their eyes met, cheeks aching with the force of her smile as he stood there and watched her, taking her in. His gaze softened with something so lovely, and Sakura swore she could have crumbled with the weight of it.

(”I love you.”)

Eyes crinkling as she recalled the moment, Sakura opened her mouth to say something–only to catch her breath when a soft, tender smirk grew to his lips, dark eyes shining with light, teasing mirth.

“You’re late,” he said, cocking his head a little bit.

Sakura felt a pleased blush rising to her cheeks, the smile to her lips glowing and full of love.

“You liar,” she said, eyes crinkling. “You never gave me any deadline.”

“I would have thought you’d be too eager to see me to make any stops.”

“Did you? Or were you the one too eager, hoping I wouldn’t make any stops?”

He didn’t say anything to that, but there was something in the way his features softened that told her she had been right. Giggling, Sakura closed the few steps between them and threw her arms around his shoulders tightly, tucking her face in his chest. The way he didn’t stiffen at her embrace had her heart pounding, speaking deafeningly clearly about the way he expected the gesture. 

“I missed you,” she finally said, pulling him closer.

His arm snaked around her waist, and he sighed contently, nuzzling her hair. “You should get some rest,” he said, one long moment after. “You look exhausted.”

Slowly pulling herself away, Sakura looked up at him and smiled, nodding softly. And when he started guiding her towards their tent, she couldn’t help but to tug at his wrist, calling gingerly, “Oh, and Sasuke-kun?”

He turned to her and blinked, attentive. She smiled wider, and whispered with all the warmth in her heart, “I love you, too.”

With the way his eyes widened, and how his jack slackened considerably, she knew he understood exactly what she had been responding to.

Sasuke’s hand reached for hers, rough fingers twining with her much softer ones, and he tugged, eyes locked onto hers with a look she knew she would always remember. 

Things you probably forgot about Jaune Arc

1. Without any prior training he was able to identify and move a group of perfect strangers against an enemy he was clearly afraid of and helped secure the kill.

2. Wanted to be a hero and decided the best way to do that was to face down literal monsters instead of just joining the army or being an accountant. 

3. When forced managed to do the class work of two people with enough differences that no one could tell it was him.

4. Stood up for a man who would have left him for dead against an enemy that would murder him.

5. Did 4 despite realizing that no one else was around to call him out on it.

6. When shot down by a girl doesn’t insult her, but instead finds different ways to show her that he likes her legitimately and not for her name or money. (He likes her singing voice and her strength, his own words)

7. Has a celebrity friend but doesn’t exploit her or treat her differently from anyone else.

8. Grows as a person and admits he was wrong.

9.  When the guy his crush has a crush on was acting basic as hell he doesn’t try to turn the situation to his advantage, but instead encourages the guy to go back and give his crush a good night.

10. Instead of running he orders his team head first into a Grimm invasion without a second thought.

11. Improved enough in a few months to the point where he can fight one on one against an Ursa Major.

12. In a world of people with guns, weapons that turn into guns, and magic he is a normal ass guy who wants to make a difference. 

Tommy and Maggie

Maggie Shelby was taking a middaybstroll pushing baby Charlie around in the pram, he was bundled in blankets and she in her coat the air was refreshing no matter how cold.

Even for a simple stroll she looked thewhole nine yards in her fancy updo and beautiful new hat courtesy of her husband, it was fur and Russian like her roots and met the trim of her coat like a perfect kiss, her makeup was smoldering and made her cat eyes stick out more, men bowed their heads in awe at the beautiful young bride of Tommy Shelby and women narrowed their eyes but didnt dare call her any of those street names to her face.

When she stopped to rest and sit on a park bench a priest approached her and being raised Orthodox she smiled at the man but as he neared she had this pang in her gut, her smile remained but her jade eyes flickered with suspicion, he talked to ehr about the winter and complimented her dedication to church he stared at her oddly and the spoke about God, ten minutes later he left and she was on her way to the Garrison, hopefully Tommy would be there…what a strange priest…


Okay! That’s really cute! Like Touka already used to call Kaneki with his last name – and when they got married, she still using it out of habit – and Kaneki tease her like, “Your name is also Kaneki, Touka-chan.”

Touka have to live for the next few weeks practicing using his first name and she was so embarrassed to death – but apparently get used to it and she also used to called back when their neighbors visited them and called her Mrs. Kaneki – and sort. So – back in their coffee shop, Hide stop by and he was so happy to see his best friend again, and just greet him with a loud voice, “Hey, Kaneki!”

–but Touka was the one who talked back, “Yes ?”

and everyone was deadpan –before Kaneki and Hide burst out laughing, and Touka screaming at them as she tried to hide her face behind Kaneki’s back.

“I know I told you about your name – but you don’t have to call back every time people called out Kaneki.”

“Why the hell it’s so complicated!”

Fresh Blood - Part 1

Word Count: 2178

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Who was that?” You asked as Dean hung up his phone and you all got out of the car, grabbing your machetes and flashlights. You’d been on a vampire hunt in Albany for a few days now.

“Bela.” Dean’s face contorted in disgust when he said her name. “Wanted to know where we were. I have no idea why.”

“That’s…weird.” Something about her just randomly calling and asking where you were bothered you, but you shook it off to focus on the hunt.

You walked briskly through an alley shining your flashlights around, spotting a pool of blood on the ground. You walked over to it and followed the droplets until you found a man with a huge chunk taken out of his neck laying on the ground. He looked at you with pleading eyes.

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