her face lol :3


OK BUT THIS IS SO GOOD like pearl has absolutely no idea and jaspers just  internally LOSING IT


i think ½ @hyuncakes + @ongeuigeon tagged me in the childhood photos selfie thing, but ive also been tagged by @memelordjisung / @dxnghyuns / @kangdan101 / @l-guanlin / @p-arkwoojin / @nohtaehyun / @eon1bugi / @kimsjaehwan for a bunch of different selfie variations

(all of you are so cute!!!! i love 💕)

& apparently i have a thing for using the same angle and lowkey matching with my background??? lmao

i dont know if you guys have done this variation yet but i’ll tag you anyway lol:

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Inktober #3: Poison

She’s a healer that got into poison-making when she signed up to fight evil.

This is mixed-media watercolor, ink, and metallic pen. 

missin these two ;__: havent played with them in like 1000 years 


*cries *  … it.. was all worth it.. *cries a waterfall* omg T___T  pics from in game, unedited and gahhhhh….

@aanhamdan93 .  

Okay, honestly, I’m not gonna care too much about these bone assignments. I can not deal with them.. LOL. I tried a few times, but man -__-  no.. just no.

It’s not so shoulder friendly as you can see >_<’ (it is chest slider friendly?! haha) I’m letting a few people test them out in their game to see how it appears in their game ^-^ but let me say.. I’m so excited.. it turned out better than I was expecting T_T

new bby simmie too! Still need to find her a better skin (as I only had 1 skin in my game lol) and tweak her face afterwards ^-^ meet Aminah! ♥

So I’m out with my seniors and coursemates in the car. And we fiddled with the radio till we ended up listening to a station that plays songs from the good ol days. And then that fucking song plays at THAT part specifically “..killing me softly with his song, killing me softly! With his-” and.. three of them started singing along like nothing’s going on but I was really quiet and then I looked into the rear view mirror and my senior was STARING AT ME and I knew that look. That look that bordered realization, horror and disbelief. I just found out who else had read Killing Stalking.