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150 days of harley quinn — day 81

Batgirl Adventures (1998)


dctv ladies appreciation week: day six
favorite scene 

2.12, fast lane - what? no good luck?


(adj.) the dizzy exciting feeling you get when you think about or see the object of your affection.


“The Inquisitor, she’s… She’s got one troubled soul.”

Sometimes I forget there is actually a canon version of Ela too, but look, there she is! :D

ALSo I spent like six hours on painting and rendering this one, for the purpose of comparing it to my absolute first painting of Ela I ever did, which was in January this year

That feels like a really long time but it isn’t really that long, but I can confidently say I’ve improved loads (I almost didn’t want to link it because I cringe when i look at it. It was a painful journey to go back and get it. Like even the caption I cringe at help me)


more doodles of those gemsonas and a fusion of those two! (what a mess)

(more headcanons and backstories under the cut bc it got really elaborate)

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Merry Christmas to my amazing friend @airsay58259​ ❄️ you said “experiment some more”, I listened. 

Can we just talk about Lucifer’s expectant expression after showing Linda his true face?

I mean, he was finally letting someone in, he was finally trusting someone with his true form and he was just so hopeful that finally, for once, he would be accepted and recognized wholly as Lucifer, and not as the monster and ruler of hell that everyone knows just from the Bible and the myths.

And I think Linda’s reaction instead, pretty much destroyed him. He sees her face and he too, is scared of it. It makes him think “Then I was right. I really am a monster”

But my poor soul, Luci, YOU ARE NOT. You are loved and cared for, you have a family on earth and I’m sure that now it hurts a lot, but when the right time comes, that special someone that will understand you and accept you no matter what is right there beside you. It may take a while for her to understand but maybe it’ better this way. The longer the wait, the more satisfactory it will be in the end.

I believe in Chloe, and given her time, I think she will prove to be the one that you’ ll want and need by your side every second of your life.

So don’t give in. Don’t seal your soul and your heart. Let Chloe in. She’s the right one. Be patient. Have faith. All good things come with time.