her face is the feeling you get when you drink hot chocolate on a really cold day

Bravery and Bullets

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Reader has an awful week at work, a run-in with an ex, and an experience with the supernatural that she’ll never forget. Thankfully, the Winchester brothers are there to help.

Word Count: 7,848

Warnings: Angst (gasp! Ash writes angst? It’s light. Give me a break it’s my first time), language, violence, attempted (threat of) rape, death (not major characters), smut, dry humping, fingering, squirting, protected sex (I know you dirty ducks, some must be prepared!)

A/N: The commands given are German dog training commands, the meanings will be at the end of the fic. Thank you to my fantastic beta @wheresthekillswitch, your help is priceless. Hope you all enjoy this, it’s taken me over a year to finally finish it.

This week has been the week from Hell.

To kick it all off, while driving the remote stretch of highway that you travel to work on every day, your car had decided to take a shit on you. And in the time it took for the tow truck driver to show up, load your car, and drop you off at the office, your sleazy coworker Randy had stolen the new account right out from under your nose. Then, while he was gloating, and you were battling the urge to clock him right in his pretty boy face, you got word that your boss wanted to see you, immediately. Sitting behind her big ass oak desk with you standing there like a teenager facing detention, Sue lectured you on how important it is to be prepared, in every way possible, for such a big project. She finished the meet letting you know just how disappointed she was with you.

The rest of the day, and week for that matter, was spent trying to redeem yourself while dick-face Randy strutted around the office like a goddamn preening peacock. Then, to top it all off, you find out this morning that your ex is engaged to some beautiful, successful small business owner. Your own mother had called to rub that one in your face. Not that she was upset with you still sitting it out from the dating game, oh no, not at all.

And that’s what led you here, drinking a beer as the hot, pulsating spray of your shower head beats down on your back. Thinking about where things all went downhill. Heaving a sigh, you chug down what’s left in the bottle and set it aside to rinse the conditioner from your hair. Your life had been going so good, following your carefully laid out plans; a dream job in a field you loved, a loving boyfriend, and a quaint country home the two of you shared with your dog, Mac. But when you found out the loving boyfriend was actually a cheating dick, you kicked him out on his ass. Leaving you with a job that was starting to be less dream-like every day, a house payment you can barely cover every month, and the furry form of the only male you trust anymore. You hang your head, arms wrapped around your waist, letting the water beat down on you until your resentment clears and the water runs cold.

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  • hi, it’s me, back at it again w/ the (mostly) non-sexual intimacy
  • I would very much like to discuss soft baths and andreil today bc i had a fucking fantastic bubble bath and i think everyone should have more of them so buckle up my dudes
  • (also we’re operating in a little au in which college dorms have baths bc i do what the fuck i want) 
  • it starts mostly just bc andrew likes to have baths, he likes to sit there for ages in the soapy water and let it relax his muscles after tough training for stupid sports and adds hot water when it gets cold and he is short enough that his whole body can be under water (lucky bastard) 
    • he likes to hold his breath under water and enjoy how everything feels muffled and distant and separate and like nothing else matters for a minute so he usually has baths when he’s having a bad day, with a locked door and soft pyjamas and hot chocolate waiting for when he comes out
  • it also happens in part bc Allison likes two things a lot 
    • 1 - buying things for her friends
    • 2 - lush bath bombs 
  • so she combines this and decides that neil Needs some bath bombs bc we all know this boy is shit at self-care so allison is trying to get him to take actual care of himself bc she is an Excellent friend 
  • one day she comes to visit armed with a bag of lovely smelling stuff, shoves it at neil and tells him to take a fucking bath 
  • neil is sorta stunned (poor boy still isn’t great at accepting gifts but between andrew’s eden’s outfits and allison’s enthusiasm for gift-giving he’s been getting better) and he just sort of mumbles out a thank you and allison gives his cheek a soft pat
  • neil takes them all back to his dorm and lays them all out and smells them all and some are too strong but most of them are so nice and he actually likes the idea of them a lot and makes plans to take an actual bath this weekend for the first time in years 

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when stars cross (m)

Originally posted by yoongbeans

words: 14,307.
pairing: yoongi x reader.
genre: fluff, smut. 
summary: yoongi doesn’t believe in christmas miracles until you walk into his life.

↪ a/n: here’s day 2 from the christmas collab I’m doing! feel free to read the other stories here.

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Vice Versa // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: Since I’m already up in your requests, may I request a Jaehyun scenario. Maybe about him meeting you for the first time at a coffee shop then it winds up being yall’s meeting place.

words: 1605

category: fluff + drabble (?)

author note: since its jaehyuns birthday and also Valentine’s Day I thought I would write this first! it’s really simple but also kinda cheesy and idk how I feel about it haha. please enjoy it anyway and look forward to more requests being written soon!!

- destinee

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

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Debut I/II


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Someone being called a bitch and a jerk. Kicking someone in a very sensitive, male spot.

Word count: 2k

Summary: You’re a small town actress catapulted to fame when you land a role in an immensely popular TV show. After turning down the flirtations of the lead male character, the media paints you as a bitch and you end up being bullied by his fans. Struggling to stay true to yourself, you find comfort and friendship in one of actors who makes his debut on the show.

This is a two-part mini series! No tagging sorry x

All Sebastian Stan’s characters & fics can be found here

A/N: Written for @bbparker

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anonymous asked:

soft mileven headcanons? cuddling and soft kisses and all that jazz please

  • el loves it when mike kisses her and he does it a lot!! he’ll kiss her forehead when they’re standing up and kiss her nose when it’s red because it’s so cold outside and he’ll kiss her lips when he bends down to say “hello” or “goodbye” or “ i love you”
  • mike loves it when el kisses him and she does it a lot!! she’ll kiss the corner of his jaw when talking and lights up the room and kiss his hand when they’re walking together and she’ll kiss his lips when she gets on her tippy toes to say “hello” or “goodbye” or “i love you”
  • el is a baby when she gets sick and mike always goes over and tries to comfort her by covering her in blankets and making her soup and basically forcing her to take medicine (“el, please. it’s for your own good” “mike, no! it tastes gross! if you love me you won’t make me drink it”)
  • he’ll get under the covers with her and let her head rest on his chest while he plays with her curls and they watch musicals on the tv until they fall asleep
  • in the summer, they’ll go outside and find a big, shady tree to sit down under. and mike will either sit down and rest his back on a tree trunk and el will get in between his legs and lay down on him or she’ll rest on the tree and he’ll lay his head on her lap and let her play with his hair
  • they always bring a book that they can easily finish in a day and take turns reading from it, always using dramatic voices for the different characters
  • in the winter, el and mike will make hot chocolate together and sit in front of the fireplace, sharing quiet kisses in between sips of their drinks and admiring how gold they both look by the firelight
  • el also really loves the winter for the specific reason of borrowing mike’s sweaters. he thinks they’re hideous but she loves how it constantly feels like he’s hugging her when she wears them
  • another thing el loves? stickers!! mike is always buying them for her because she loves putting them everywhere and especially on him. he’ll tell her about how well he did on an exam or essay and she’ll cover his face in different colored stars and people are always like “mike, you have something on your face” and he’s just like “yeah, i know. my girlfriend gets excited easily” and leaves the stickers on
  • that’s another thing about them!! they love calling each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”, especially when they’re introducing each other to family or other friends and they go “this is my boyfriend, mike” or “this is my girlfriend, el”. they never get over the feeling of saying it and hearing it from each other
  • sometimes el will call mike in the middle of the night when she can’t sleep and he’ll drive over and take her to the 24 hour diner and they’ll eat waffles and drink coffee and basically be dead during school but it’s always worth it when they snuggle into a booth and el kisses the stray syrup away from mike’s face
  • their first night away from hawkins, when they move into their small little studio apartment, they make a fort out of their kitchen chairs and blankets and their mattress that’s still on the floor, and they fall asleep in there, mike’s arms wrapped around el and both of them with smiles on their faces from the excitement of starting this new part of their lives together
Worth The Fight

Summary: A life threatening encounter finally brings you and Dean to the realisation that you’re better off together than you are apart.  

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: + 3k


demons being demons, kidnapped reader, SPN type violence, injured reader, mentions of blood, language, angst, smut, unprotected sex, fluffy fluff

*gifs are not mine

Based on this request- I saw that your request are open may I request a deanXreader . The reader and dean are more than hunting friends and he ends up saving the reader from a demon attack. some smut and fluff - @captainemwinchester

A/N: Thank you for the request. I hope you like it! <3 

As always, feedback is loved!


It was dark and cold when you eventually woke, a dull throbbing pain at the back of your head. You tried to move your hand to check for injuries, but it was no use, they were bound behind your back with you lying on your side, your ankles also tied together and the ground beneath you becoming increasingly uncomfortable in your current position.

You groaned, eyes squinting closed as the lights were suddenly turned on, the brightness making it hard to adjust.

Once you got your bearings, you soon realised you were in some sort of barn. Wooden beams ran across the ceiling and dirt covered the ground, the only exit being a large door at the other end of the barn and with your arms and legs tied, you were sure breaking out would be an unlikely concept.

“I would apologise for the accommodation, but I don’t really want to.”

Looking up you saw the large wooden door slide open, a woman stepping inside wearing a long coat with jeans and boots. She strode towards you, a cruel smile over her face. She blinked and in an instant her eyes turned pure black, a sickening feeling soon washing over you.

“You’re a long way from home,” you gritted out, glaring back at the demon with pure disgust and hatred.

“Well, I’m having a lot more fun up here. You hunters are just a blast to play with.”

She squatted down in front of you. “And do I have a great game for us girls to play. It’s called truth or truth, and if you lie to me, well,” she clicked her tongue, “I’m just gonna have to get creative with the little torture techniques we have in hell. Your boy Dean-o knows all about them.”

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19th January 1985: Ice Skating.
  • In January of 1985 Joyce and Nancy found the perfect secluded, frozen lake in Hawkin’s proximity to surprise the party with an ice skating trip.
  • At first, Hopper was against Eleven taking part in this, as she was still meant to stay inside their cabin – but after enough persuasion on Joyce’s side he agreed. Of course only after checking the safety of the lake and making sure it was not so frequently visited.
  • So, on a Saturday noon, Joyce and Will drove to the Wheeler’s house. There, Lucas, Dustin and Max had already arrived. Those three hopped into Nancy’s car, and Mike joined Joyce and Will – as they had to take the detour to Eleven’s cabin to pick her up.

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Summary: You’re cold, and Bucky wants to make sure you’re okay. 

Word Count: 1440

Warnings: swearing, angst if you squint reaalllyyy hard, kinda shy/sad!bucky but it’s cute, butt touching, mentions of sex, insecurity (?),

A/N: Not gonna lie, I’m not so sure how I feel about this one. Please let me know what you thought!

“You a little cold there Y/N?” Nat teases with a smirk, Steve and Sam chuckling with her. “F-fuck you Romanoff.” You growl under your breath and stick up your middle finger, instantly regretting rolling up your sleeve.

The tip of your nose flushes, sniffles scrunching it up every few minutes. You tuck your hands back into Bucky’s hoodie, bunching the sleeves up around your fists.

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Don't reject me|1

Genre: Fluff|Angst- ManagerAu

Word count: 2281

Part: 1

Time had really flashed past you like the movie marathons you proudly took part of when you weren’t fulled with layered schedules. It felt like just yesterday, you had just landed in a foreign country where you would spend most your youth in, South Korea.

Lately, you’ve been brutally busy with work. Bighit, the company you worked at, was gaining more attention and success, well the group that is under BigHit, BTS. You were lucky enough to be a manager for the seven members. But due to risk of starting rumors, your employment was kept undercover, people mistaking you as a make up artist (though you weren’t so good). 

You were excited for the upcoming months, Bang Pd announced that there would be another world tour two months ago, and the day had finally arrived. You were prepping for transportation and where the boys would be accommodated at in the multiple countries that you would also adventure through. You finished earlier than expected so you packed all the necessary equipment that is vital for traveling: monthly protection, your laptop, various types of clothing and your nikon d3400 camera. You fell asleep really early, as it was your turn to drive the members to the airport.

9:15PM BANG P.D: Just a reminder that it is your responsibility to pick up the members. They depart at 10:00AM. If possible, could you be at the airport by 7:50? Our last flight was delayed due to paparazzi.

9:16PM Y/n: Of course. Ill make sure they get there safely as well. Sejin, Hyunsoo, Hobeom, Jigaemae and I have it all undercover. Don’t worry too much.

9:17PM Bang P.D: Thank you y/n. Enjoy yourself for me yes? Once you return, you’ll wish you would’ve…

9:17PM Y/n: :) I will, thank you Bang P.D enjoy your free time as well…

You slept peacefully in your studio apartment. Though you were still, you felt that you could explode, overwhelmed by the events that would take place. Imagining all the famous landmarks and traditional foods you would experience, you dozed off to La la land…

The song, ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City (a childhood song) greeted you awake. It was currently 3:00AM and it took you an hour to drive to work then pick up the boys. You only had an hour to reorganize yourself so that you would arrive at the airport on time. As much time as it sounded like, you were still in a hurry, fearing you would disappoint your boss. You threw your luggage inside your car, remembering to grab everything, then dashed to the building to transfer cars in order to pick up the boys.

As expected, you were at the members apartment 1 hour earlier than you intended. You rang Jin knowing he would be awake. After two rings the call was answered…

Y/n: “Hey Jin, are the others all up?”

Jin: “No, "Hi Jin did you sleep well?”“

Y/n: "Ohh gosh I am sorry my lord, did thy lord sleep peacefully?”

Jin: “Yess~ I did”

Y/n: “You’re such a dork… Are they?”

Jin: “Yeah we’re all awake, Jungkook woke us up. Are you here yet?”

Y/n: “Wow Jungkook did? And yeah”

Jin: “Cause it’s you (mumbling), I mean were on our way”

Y/n: “K see you then, peace out~”

It didn’t take them long to arrive at the car. You exchanged greetings with each and every member but Jungkook. He shrugged your greetings away merely giving any attention. Jungkook gave you mixed emotions, as if he was still a stuck up teen. Somedays he can be very bubbly and cheeky, enjoyable to be around with (though you both didn’t talk to each other much). Somedays he would be overly bitchy, his famous stone cold eyes plastered onto his face. Unfortunately, it was one of “those” days.

Y/n: “We’re pretty early and I didn’t eat breakfast, down for some burgers?”- eyes observing the empty roads.

HS: “Who the hell eats burgers for breakfast?”

Y/n: “Me, unless you have a healthier decision”

NJ: “Let’s just go to a Café”

Y/n: “Fine~ what you all want”

TH: “Hot chocolate please”

JM: “Iced Green tea”

HS: “Coffe for me, large i didn’t get much sleep. Hixtape…”

YG: “Americano”

NJ: “Yeah me too”

Jin: “mmm I want juice”

Y/n: “Guys i aint gonna remember anything just text me it, im driving here.”

You looked for the closest Café in sight, finding one a few stores down the road. As concentrated as you were, you felt a set of eyes burning behind your head. You knew it was Jungkook. Jungkook stop looking at me. Moments later you parked up the car and headed into the Café to order what they desired to snack on whilst also buying you something to eat. You returned to the van, passing out the drinks to all the members.

Y/n: “Man the lady was giving me hella attitude. She was like "Is that just for you, it seems like too much”. Even if it was mine, why would it matter to her, I’m the one that pays for her pay check".

After taking small nibbles from your sandwich, you continued your destination towards the airport. Traffic was slowly building up, so you took the shortest route possible. Out of pure instinct, you looked up at the rear mirror, there he was again. Jungkook’s eyes dark and mysteriously scrutinized on your eyes. As tempting as he looked, you couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. Stop looking at me! It was as if you said those words aloud because all the members were looking at you, than back to Jungkook in a rather awkward and confused expression.

After 45 minutes you parked up the van in it’s designated location, a smile across your simple features. Remembering that you were a girl, you slipped your phone out of your pocket dialling Sejin’s number into your phone.

Y/n: “Hey Sejin, I’m here.”

SJ: “You are? Wow your early it’s only 7. Im gonna be running a little late… Girlfriend, but I’ll text Jigaemae, he’ll escort them inside.”

Y/n: “Hah I can’t relate. How long will he take?”

SJ : “mmm approximately half an hour?? 40 minutes no later.”

Y/n: “Then what do I do?… Gosh, sometimes I wish I was a man so I could just walk with them casually.”

SJ: “Yeah, sadly it will cause false rumors. I have no clue just, I don’t know make sure they have everything I guess?”

Y/n: “For 30 minutes?”

SJ: “Just do something… I have to go, see you there.”

Y/n: “Suppose so, catch ya later”.

You hung the phone up and banged your head against the head rest out of irritation and boredom. The vibration of your phone grabbed your attention which you opened, surprised by a notification by Jungkook.

7:16AM Jungkook: Why are you banging your head like that…

7:16AM Y/n: U do realize were in the same car, breathing the same air…

7:17AM Jungkook: It’s more private.

You left him on read as Jigaemae also sent you a message.

7:18AM Jigsaw: Why me?? Out of all the manager’s. Sejin chooses me. Does he know how small I am!?! ILL GET CRUSHED

You sniggered at his cry for help, grabbing Jungkooks attention

7:19AM y/n: Too bad :p Im a girl. I can just imagine you getting squeezed between the paparazzi and a bodyguard. How fascinating ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

7:19AM Jigsaw: Im on my wayy ㅠㅠ By the time we get in the plane. Im gonna b in pieces.

7:19AM y/n: Hey at least we r travelling!! Plus we get paid too so win win!

7:20AM Jigsaw: For u! U can just walk in without a mob tackling ㅠㅡㅠ u!! Wish me luck, im gonna need it

7:20AM y/n: 후후후후 화이팅 Good luck shorty!

You locked the screen, satisfied with both the conversation and the reoccurring thought of Jigaemae crammed between a bodyguard and a metal pole. Jungkook however, was completely the opposite to how you felt. He oozed Jealousy and bleeded rage, he hated that anything he did never caught your attention. He wanted you, he didn’t want the thousands and hundreds of girls that loved and worshiped him, or the most prettiest, smartest, open-minded women on earth, he wanted you. Honestly, you didn’t have any features that made you stand out from the crowd, but to him you glowed everything he couldn’t find in other people.

You asked the members if they had everything and if they wanted anything from the airport before you went.

Jk: “Can I come with you, please?”

Y/n: “I would say yes Jungkook but its too risky of a move”.

Jk: “I have my mask?”

Y/n: “But your build. Every fan knows how well maintained and sculptured it is. Its just too risky”.

Nj: “Cut him some slack man y/n. Just let him it’ll be more interesting”.

Y/n: “Okay~”

You were partially frustrated with Jungkook, he always asked if he could accompany you. Sometimes you just needed air away from work.

Jk: “So who was that you were texting? Boyfriend?”

Y/n: “Jungkook, you know im as lonely as your chilly pepper. Just like youse, I’m too busy working.”

Jk: “Haha chilly pepper…”

The weather was cold and wet, it had started to pour, hitting the roads and uncovered pavements. The rain always made you feel at ease, melting your worries and stress with one drop of water.

Jungkook scanned your features, watching you admire the scenery. Why are you so…y/n. He was crazy for you. Whenever you entered the building wearing skirts or business shirts he would imagine himself ripping them off you and pounding into you until you basically scream his name. He couldn’t help himself, he was a man after all. He really wished you would show some interest in him or at least reply to his cheesy flirting skills.

You and Jungkook strolled around the airport hoping to kill time. The mini journey was silent, none of you dared to ruin the comfortable atmosphere. As you were on your way back to the van, You spotted Jigaemae and Hyunsoo a few cars before the van.

Y/n: “Jigaemae, Hyunsoo!” - waving your hands, recklessly.

Jg: “Y/n! Jungkook!”

Hy: “Hello.”

After exchanging each others presence, you strolled back to the van blabbing about business. From the corner of your eye, Jungkook was bulging his tongue from inside his cheeks, eyes focus on nothing but your small steps.

15 Minutes past, the boys were supervised by both their managers and the bulky thick men, muscles filling in every space between the boys. You couldn’t control yourself and chuckle at the scene that unraveled before your eyes: the flashing of lights and bodies touching each and every person thirsty for a glimpse of the kpop sensation. Meeting up with your coworkers, you finalized any trips, hotels and management needed for the upcoming “vacation”. Though one of your colleagues were gossiping about another colleague, you heard another discussion take place that interested you more.

Yb: “Someone told me that Jungkook likes someone in the company…”

Lp: “Yeah I heard about it too!” - whispering

Yb: “Who do you think it is? My eyes are on the new intern, she’s always coming back with hickey’s on her neck these days”.

Lp: “I doubt it, I reckon he’s into noonas that are dominant, you know?”

Yb: “Who like y/n?”

Your ears flinched with the sound of your name, intrigued that people thought you were 1) that sort of person 2) stimulating enough for a worldwide idol to see you in such light.

Lp: “Exactly yeah, just like her. I’ve seen the way he looks at her. When she’s busy talking to another guy, he does that tongue thing. We all know what that means.”

Yb: “Actually I’ve seen it too. I wish he liked me. I mean she isn’t that pretty, I actually look more decent than her, V told me so.”

Stop being so full of yourself. He only said you look pretty not better than my sexy body. You thought to yourself. The buzzing of your phone indicated that they were in the waiting room, ready for department. You informed everyone that it was time to go, effortlessly treading towards the room that held the seven members.

Y/n: “Is that everyone? Okay so we are all lucky enough to ride business class due to Bang pdnim so In favor for the big boss, let’s enjoy ourselves and work hard as well!”


You all entered the airplane pleased that you wouldn’t be spending 12 hours with a knot in your neck and sweaty arms colliding into each other. As you were Jungkooks personal manager, you were given the chair closest to the window, next to Jungkook. A big fat bunny grin planted on his face. Jungkook took this opportunity to know you better.

After the plane took off into the air you unbuckled yourself, snatching your camera from your bag. You snapped numerous photos of Seoul, watching the city minimize as the airplane flew higher into the air. Jungkook did not hesitate to appreciate your piquant side profile repetitively reminding himself why he fell for you in the first place. After your satisfied approval to yourself, you placed the camera back into your bag and sat back, letting the sofa chair massage your tense muscles.

Jk: “So, how’s life?”

Without realising, your eyelids gradually grew heavier, which you cowardly admitted defeat. Jungkook was head over heels for you, even though you were snoring and drool dripped from your chin he couldn’t help but think that one day he would wake up to this you…

Jk: “Hey, I like you. Please don’t reject me.”

A/N: It is I, the author. I am planning on doing a series for this.. Since it’s the holidays nxt week. Ill do regular updates just simply comment if you want me to so I know I’m not doing this for nothing you know?

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Sundays at Sarah’s

Pairings: Reddie

Summary: Eddie Kaspbrak was having a bad morning. But, it later turned into the best when he set foot in Sarah’s diner.

A/N: This is my first fic that I’ve written that I’ve posted, so it might suck?? This was inspired by me going to ihop on sunday, lmao.

Word count: 2145

Eddie Kaspbrak was having the worst morning ever. Actually, no, he was having the worst day ever.

It all started with him waking up in a cold sweat, thanks to the nightmare he had.

Then, it was him stubbing his toe with his dresser that was placed beside his bed; in which he swore was not there two seconds ago. To make things worse, instead of turning on the hot water in the shower, he accidently turned the cold one.

Freezing cold water attacking your face early in the morning isn’t the most pleasant way to start your day. He screeched when the water hit his face and chest, he stepped back quickly and almost slipped on one of the many shampoo bottles that were scattered on the shower floor.

And finally, the thing that most certainly did not make his day, was his coffee.

You could see the relief on his face when he safely placed the mug in the microwave and pushed down on the numbered pads. He grabbed his sugar and instant coffee from his pantry and placed them on the counter. Retrieving the hot milk from his microwave was easier said than done.

Placing the milk in the microwave was easy, the milk was cold. But now, the milk was heated up and Eddie knew the mug was going to be warm. Also, his microwave was placed somewhere he could barely reach; over the stove. His girlfriend, Myra, could easily reach it.

But Myra was asleep, and Eddie didn’t want to wake her up because he couldn’t reach the fucking microwave.

Standing on his toes, Eddie reached up into the microwave and

retrieved his milk successfully without fucking up.

He placed his mug on the counter and began to drop teaspoons of coffee and sugar into it. Once he was satisfied with the taste, (which, in fact, was sweet enough to give someone a toothache just by looking at it) he placed the sugar and coffee jars back into his pantry.

Grabbing the mug cautiously, he began to walk towards the dining room, expecting to be able to reach the dinner table and drink his coffee in peace. What he didn’t expect was his girlfriend sneaking up behind him and placing a hand on his shoulder while saying, “Good morning, honey.”

“Shit!” Eddie squealed, flinching harshly at Myra’s hand. His very, extremely hot coffee then toppled over the rim of the mug and spilled onto his right hand.

“Fuck!” He shouted, instantly letting go if the mug. It dropped onto the wooden floor and instantly shattered, brown coffee spilling everywhere.

“Are you alright?!” Myra shrieked, clutching Eddie’s shoulder with a tighter grip.

“No!” Eddie shook Myra’s hand off and ran towards the sink. He quickly turned on the cold water and placed his under the faucet. He could feel his skin begin to irritate and the cold water wasn’t doing much, it only made the uncomfortable warmth spread.

“Fuck this shh, fucking, fuck fuckity fuck.” Eddie cursed as he turned the water off. He grabbed a paper towel and started to wipe his burnt hand. Eddie winced as he touched the burn, it felt hot and bumpy, it made him feel sick.

“Are you okay?” Myra asked, walking towards him slowly. “I’m fine.” Eddie sighed. He could feel his pulse throb under the irritated skin of his hand.

“Are you sure? Are you upset?” She asked, a worried look plastered onto her round face. “Yes, i’m fine. I’m not upset.” Eddie answered calmly, closing his eyes.

He could feel it. Throbbing; it wasn’t his own heartbeat, he felt his pulse in his throat now, he heard it in his ears. Throbbing; as if it had a heartbeat of its own.

“What’s bothering you?” Myra asked. Eddie shook his head. “Nothing.”

Myra asked it again, and Eddie now felt his heartbeat his hand once more, colliding with the pulse of his burn.

“It’s you now!” He shouted.

Myra froze. Eddie had never yelled at her before. Eddie would never raise his voice at her.

Eddie sighed at his girlfriend. He saw her lips quiver and her eyes begin to water. Eddie avoided her stare.

“Eddie,” Myra started, her voice shaking audibly.

Eddie shook his head quickly. “I’m going out for a bit.” He stated, rushing towards the front door, swinging it open.

“Eddie!” Myra yelled after him. Eddie ran outside and kept running until he couldn’t see his girlfriend run after him. He was so glad that he had good stamina.

Open 24/7

It was around six or seven in the morning, it was still dim outside, and there were barely any people around and about. Eddie shrugged to himself as he walked into the small diner, Sarah’s.

He figured that it wouldn’t hurt to treat himself to a small breakfast. I mean, he did have a nightmare, he did stub his toe, he did mistake the cold water for the hot, he did drop his coffee and burn his fucking hand. He deserved this breakfast.

Stepping inside, he was hit with the strong scent of cinnamon and chocolate. It was a nice and homey smell.

The inside was nice and clean with light blue floor tiles that clashed against the red of the booths lining the walls.

Eddie took notice of the christmas decorations and scrunched his nose. Small white and blue snowflakes dangled above everyone’s heads and there was tinsel covering the edges of the tables. Christmas lights dipped downwards as they ran along the sides of the walls.

Eddie sat down in a rather large booth, not really caring because of the lack of people. He had picked a seat where he was able to look of one of the diner’s windows. Outside, he could see, it began to rain.

Sighing, he looked at his right hand. He could feel his pulse again.

“Woah, that’s sick. Does it hurt?”

Eddie looked up from his burn and straight into the eyes of a curly haired man. Eddie rose an eyebrow. “Where did you come from?” He asked the stranger.

The diner was practically empty when Eddie walked in. “Over there,” The brunet pointed a thumb towards the left, where there was a table for two. “Anyway, how’d you get it?”

“Coffee,” Eddie scoffed. “Really hot coffee.” He rolled his eyes at the thought. “Gee-sus Christ! That raht theh must’ve hur.” The man exclaimed.

Eddie chuckled at the voice. “Damn right,” He agreed. “It is was just fucking coffee, not like, a flamethrower or something.”

“Psh, don’t worry about it! It happened to me once. But it was ramen, not coffee.” The man said, smiling wide. “It hurt like a bitch.”

Eddie smiled, clearly amused. “Ramen? How the hell does that happen?”

“Okay, so, I was cooking up some ramen right? Well, microwaving it, but whatever.” Eddie snickered as the man continued.

“So, I put it in the microwave for like three minutes ‘cuz that’s what it’s supposed to be, and when I took it out, I realized I had put too much water in it. So, my dumbass thinks, ‘okay, i’ll just pour some out at the sink.’

“I go the sink to pour it out, but…! Plot twist! I grab the fucking cup of ramen too hard, and the hot ass water spills all over my fucking hand!”

The man shows Eddie his right hand and waves it. “I fucking screamed like a bitch and Righty was red and bumpy for like a week. It still feels bumpy, and this was like, two months ago!”

As Eddie laughed at the stranger’s story, a waitress walked up to the two. “Welcome to Sarah’s, here are your menus.” She said, handing them the laminated pamphlets.

“Thank you,” Eddie smiled, watching the waitress walk away.

“I’m Richie,” The brunet said.


“Hold on, we’re not gonna split if that’s what you’re gonna eat for breakfast.” Eddie scrunched his nose and pointed at Richie’s food with his fork. Since Eddie had left his house in a rush, he didn’t have much money on him. Turns out, neither did Richie.

They both decided to order as little food as possible and combine their money to pay for both of their meals.

Eddie was now currently judging Richie’s poor food choices. He had ordered a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a fucking chocolate milkshake. For breakfast.

“Hey, you can’t judge! You don’t see me complaining about your ugly ass french shit.” Richie exclaimed.

Eddie gasped. “The fuck?! French toast is amazing!” He protested.

Richie shook his head. “It’s disgusting, you mean. Look, it’s all soggy and covered in bananas and strawberries. Gross.” He gagged fakely. Eddie stuck his tongue out and loudly munched on his french toast. Richie did the same by shoving his greasy burger into his mouth. Both of them ate in silence for a good forty five seconds.

“How the fuck don’t you like french toast?” He huffed. He picked at his toast with fork.

“Well, for one, it’s fucking dis-gugh!” Richie’s sentence had been cut off by Eddie shoving a piece of french toast into his mouth with a fork.

Richie instantly gagged and slapped at Eddie’s hand. “I swear to god, if you spit that out…” Eddie threatened. Richie then grabbed Eddie’s plate and spit it out right on top of the rest of the toast.

Ew! What the fuck, Richard?!” Eddie shrieked, pulling his plate back.

Richie grabbed a napkin from the table and proceeded to wipe his tongue. “That, was, fooking gross, Eds!” Richie complained, a smile finding its way onto his face.

You’re fucking gross. Don’t call me Eds.”

Richie would’ve thought he was being serious, if it weren’t for the small smile on his lips.

Both brunets finished their breakfasts in silence from then. Eddie thought it was nice, he had never felt so content before, especially not with someone he just met.

Both of them pitched in when the check came by, about twenty five dollars each. Sarah’s might have been a little too expensive for Eddie’s taste, but the food made up for it. The milkshakes especially. Richie had shared his with Eddie, and the smaller brunet was whipped. He ended up drinking Richie’s milkshake by himself.

Richie and Eddie both ended up walking outside, (it was no longer raining, Eddie noted) shoulders brushing against each others.

“Thank you,” Eddie murmured. Richie furrowed his eyebrows. “For what?”

Eddie looked up at him and almost melted under his gaze. Richie was just so tall, Eddie hadn’t realized when they were sitting, but fuck.

“Um, I was having a pretty shitty morning till you sat and ate with me.” Eddie admitted. “This made my day, really.”

Richie could feel his cheeks turn red. “Oh, um, yuh-your not guh-gonna get all soft on me, are you E-Eds?” Richie stammered.

Eddie’s cheeks were dusted pink as rolled his eyes and groaned, “Richie!”

Richie only laughed. “You’re welcome Eds! It was so nice to meet a cutie like you!” He grinned, reaching over to pinch Eddie’s cheeks.

“Shut up!” Eddie blushed, swatting Richie’s hands away.

Both of them smiled.

“Shit! Almost forgot!” Richie then exclaimed. The curly haired man ran inside of Sarah’s again, confusing Eddie. He frowned as Richie came back with a marker in his hand. “What?” Eddie questioned.

Richie grabbed Eddie’s arm and uncapped the marker with his teeth. “Nummer, silly.” Richie said, the cap muffling his words. He quickly scribbled down the ten digits and signed with a flourish.

“There!” He grinned, placing the cap back on the marker. “I could’ve given you my phone.” Eddie said. Richie rose and eyebrow. “Do you have your phone?” Eddie went to pat his pockets and then groaned. He left his phone on top of his dresser.

“No,” He pouted. Richie smiled, shaking his head. “Me neither.” He said.

Eddie scoffed. “Is that supposed to–”

The smaller brunet wasn’t prepared for it, at all. He yelped as Richie’s lips were pressed against his cheek. They were so soft.

Eddie felt his pulse in his throat and felt a odd warmth spread from his back up to his freckled cheeks. Richie pulled back, still smiling; but now his cheeks were pink as well.

“Later Eds.” He whispered, turning on his heels and walking down the street.

Eddie gulped, still not able to process what had happened. “Bye,” He breathed shakily, although Richie was long gone.

Eddie bit his lip, looking down at his arm, down at the numbers Richie had written. Below the numbers were two words.

Look up.

Eddie glanced upwards, and there, on the doorway of Sarah’s, hung a sprig of mistletoe. Eddie didn’t think his face could become any hotter, but of course, he was wrong.

Eddie Kaspbrak was having the best morning ever. Actually, no, he has having the best day ever.

A/N: …And then Richie walked back to Sarah’s after Eddie finally left bc his dumbass forgot to return the marker he borrowed from the waitress, lmao. Anyways, there might be a part 2?? Maybe???Idk yet,,

Hearts on fire - Sirius Black[and the Marauders] x Reader

Request: Hello could you write a marauders x reader, where she is feeling under the weather and so the guys go to her bed all cramped and just lay there talking making her feel better(maybe she and Sirius are like a thing or sth)🔥🔥❣ 
Warnings: My English/not that great. Oh, and NO Peter(sorry, not sorry).

It was a bad day. Like a very bad day. One of those days you wanted to crawl inside of a cave and die. 
You had wormed your way to the Great Hall, trying to accept that you were coming down with a cold- you felt your eyes burning up. As much as you tried to hide behind all the makeup, you were feeling dreadful. 
You sat down next to your friends, but keeping some distance at the same time. You would feel really bad if you infected them. 
“No good-morning kiss?” Sirius fake pouted. You really, really wanted to kiss him but you didn’t want your boyfriend to be sick too. 
“Not today, baby. I think I’m sick” you whispered-you didn’t seem to have the energy to speak any louder. All of them snapped their heads towards you, looking genuinely worried.
“And why are you here, little one?” James asked all fatherly while signaling everyone to get up. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. What was going on inside their minds? That was a question you kept asking yourself.
“You are taking her to our room and we will bring everything!” Remus told Sirius. You were about to say something in protest but you sneezed and you knew that whatever you would say, they wouldn’t listen as they had already decided your future. They were giving you a very pointed look because you were sitting down. 
“Fine!” you scoffed. Before you could put your feet on the ground, two strong arms were wrapped around you, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulders.
“Put me down, Black” you demanded but your voice was weak even in your own ears.
“No can do. I enjoy the view” he mocked. How mature of him.
“What are you? 12?” you asked no one in particular.
“On a scale of 1 to 10″ he said with that ridiculous cocky smirk of his that you were sure it was plastered on his mouth, even if you couldn’t see it. You just rolled your eyes, waiting patiently to reach the dorms.

Once you were under the sheets of his bed, you found yourself thankful to those idiots you called friends. 
True to their word, the guys had brought all the blankets and all the candy in the world, tea(too much of it) and books(Remus)… oh, and the worst jokes they could muster(James).
When they walked in, you held back your laughter because the sight was ridiculous. They were trying so hard to establish the fame of the bad-cool guys and yet in that moment they were the biggest, fluffiest and most adorable marshmallows you could think of. 
They placed their findings onto the bed and proceeded with their great plan to make you feel better. 
“Okay, okay. Where do dogs go when their tales fall off? The retail shop”. It was so stupid, it actually made you chuckle a bit. Sirius on the other hand, threw a chocolate bar at James as Remus handed you a cup of tea that smelled like caramel.
“Thank you, guys. Really” you softly said. They were exactly what you needed. Friends. 
Sirius forgot about the insulting joke and climbed next to you, hugging you tightly and pressing a kiss on your neck. 
“I’m gonna infect you, babe” you warned him. He smiled brightly at you and you wondered if it was your fever or not that made his so angelic. 
“You already have-I’m intoxicated” he cheekily said and you playfully slapped his arm.
Sooner than expected, all the boys were lying on the bed. It was crowded but you would never complain. Remus had given you so much chocolate that you had to ask him if he sabotaged your diet. He looked shocked and he defended himself by saying ‘It’s chocolate you sacrilegious witch!’ in which you couldn’t help but laugh so hard that caused you to cough like crazy. Jame had come up with more bad jokes such as ‘What do you call a fake pasta’. Sirius obviously knew the answer because he laughed silently-you felt his body shaking a bit. And the answer was ‘An impasta’. He said it with such an emphasis and thick accent you laughed at him and not the joke. 
You had slowly zoned off, fever getting the best of you. Something that Sirius noticed because his hands never left your body. 
“Love, you’re burning up” he said rather worried. And loud. You shush him, once you noticed that Remus had fallen asleep. It hadn’t been long since the full moon and he hadn’t properly rested. 
Sirius rolled his eyes but placed a sweet kiss on your forehead.
“You should sleep as well, love” he whispered tenderly. James pretended to throw up and you just saluted him-with your middle finger. 
“Sleep with me?” you asked but soon you realized what was the exact meaning of what you had said. He wiggled his eyebrows and smirked with confidence. You hid your face in your palms.
“I know I’m irresistible, doll, but the boys are too innocent to watch”. You wanted to slap him.
“Come and cuddle with me and while you’re at it, shut up” you said grumpily. He would have responded if not for James’s snores. 
“How could I resist?” he retorted cockily. 

“THANK YOU, Y/N! Now we are sick too” James complained for the millionth time.
“Do I really have to remind you that this-all of this-was your idea?” you answered calmly. 
He let out a dramatic breath and fell back on his bed.
“I’m dying. I know it”.
“At least, it will be quieter” Remus retorted sarcastically, causing James to gasp in a mocking way.
“I feel hurt and abandoned.Thanks, Moony”. One thing was for sure. When James was sick he was even more of a drama queen than usually, And he was ten times as annoying.
“Just drink the damn tea” Sirius raised his voice. He was so moody but he was cute.
“You’re grumpy and hot” you whispered. His eyes were shining and leaned to kiss you.
“You’re hot as in you have a fever, babe” you chuckled as his face fell.
“So, I am not hot like you wanna have s-”
“Mr. Black, what are you still doing in here and why on earth aren’t you with Madam Pomfrey” a stern but concerned voice interrupted his dirty remark. You looked towards the door and froze. 
“Hello, Minnie!” the boys greeted her in unison, happily.
She raised an eyebrow in question but gave you all a worried look.
“All of you. Follow me” she said, leaving you no other choice. 

“Well, at least, we are together” Sirius proclaimed, grabbing your hand.
“Shut up Pads” the rest of you answered simultaneously. You were too ill for that but you still held hands all the way to the hospital wing.
They were idiots and you loved them.
‘What would I do without you?’ you thought and a smile was formed on your lips. 

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This Will Be

Summary: Some things come to light when Dean takes care of you when you refuse to do it yourself.

[Ao3 Link]

Square Filled: Geek/Jock Pairing

Rating: PG-13ish

Characters: Dean Winchester x Fem!Reader, Sam, Charlie, an OC here and there

Warnings: Slight-ish Angst maybe but not really, Fluff, Pining™, Mom!Dean, No Monsters or Hunting… technically?  

Word Count: ~3392

A/N: Created for @percywinchester27​’s PJO Quotes Challenge (prompt is bolded in the fic) and @spnaubingo​! Also, if you’re wondering later, a manananggal is a vampire-like monster (or witch) from the Philippines.

(gif source)

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I’d Rather Choke: 3

Pr  1  2  4  5 /// Masterlist

Sorry for the two-week delay! This post should explain what happened.

Originally posted by rebel-bee

Pairing: Yuta/Reader (Female)

Series/Fluff/ANGST/smUT/College AU

Warnings: Cursing/minor sexual content/like it’s barely there/it’s just at the end and it isn’t bad so please read it/it has importance to it 

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The Ghost of Hawkins: Part Two

Steve Harrington x Reader

This was originally a request and you can find the original request here.



“I’m just in it for the free ice cream, don’t get it twisted,” You said curtly, arms crossed.

“Whatever you say,” Steve said arrogantly.

You rolled toe eyes and the car ride continued with just the music to distract your brain from this utterly confusing situation.

When you got to the ice cream place, you got out of the car, and followed Steve through the heavy glass door and into the cold room. You slowly inspected the flavors and decided that you would get you’re favorite flavor. Steve was looking out the window and away from the counter when the girl behind the counter came over she said, “What can I get you two-“ Steve turned around, she dropped her train of thought and continued, “Oh hey Steve, how are you?” You could practically see the hearts in her eyes.

“Oh hey- uh hey you! I’ll have a medium chocolate please and she’ll have-“ Steve stopped looking over at you.

“Umm a small Y/F/F, Please,” You said, pressing a small thin smile.

Steve paid for your ice cream and dodged the flirtatious remarks from the girl behind the counter, that Steve couldn’t remember the name of. You guys sat at one of the small picnic tables that was out side of the shop. “So, what’s your deal?” You said, happily eating your ice cream.

“What do you mean?” He replied, seemingly confused by the question.

“I mean like, who are you, why are you hanging out with me, why does that girl at the counter know you, did you get back with Nancy? I know nothing about you,” you explained, you noticed that his faced dropped when you mentioned Nancy, and immediately regretted saying it.

“You know stuff about me! You know I care about the kids and that I have fantastic hair!” Steve objected.

“Just answer,” You said exasperatedly.

“That girl at the counter knows me because we may have dated? I think? I’m really not sure?” Steve said, his voice increasing in pitch with every word.

You let out a laugh, “are you serious, and you don’t know her name, that’s low Harrington !”

“I know, but I was a douche before Nancy, you remember that, and yeah we’re not together, after she uhhh, said she never loved me she started dating Johnathan Byers two days later.”

At that your face dropped, two days, two days. You almost felt bad for him, you knew that she was close with Byers when you were at the house with everyone, but oh didn’t realize that they were a thing.

“Oh and I’m hanging out with you because I want to know your deal,” Steve said, popping out of his reverie and returning to his usual jaunty self.

“My deal? Well, after everything, I dropped out, went on a drinking binge, passed out in a ditch and was close to death. Hopper found me and made sure I had a place to stay and helped to get me a job as an EMT, I work a lot in the next town over, but when I’m not working I’m home. He brought in Eleven and I found out about everything. She is my sister now, I care for her more than I care for myself, and all her friends after what just happened. They’re good kids, they don’t deserve what’s happened to them. Steve I know that the door is closed, but that can’t just be the end, I want to believe that it is, but every molecule in my body is telling me that it’s not,” You we’re serious now, on the verge of tears and we’re shaking, and Steve didn’t look too hot either. His eyes were also watering as he got up and moved to the seat on the bench next to you. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled your head under his chin.

“Me too,” he whispered,”me too.”

You got back into the car and as Steve started driving you sat in a comfortable silence knowing that your two now understood each other. He pulled up to the house and you noticed the curtain open and a small face appear in the window.

“Thanks,” You said quietly, “I needed this.”

“Anytime, Y/N, you’re really cool, we should hang out more,” Steve answered.

“Bye, I guess,” You said.

“See ya,” Steve replied as you closed the car door and started walking towards the house.

When you approached the door it was already opening and you saw El standing about 5 feet back. Hopper wasn’t home yet, and by the massive smile on her face you could tell she had probably just talked to Mike via the TV. You knew the girl loved you, but not enough to warrant an ear to ear smile after not seeing her for a couple hours. “How’s mike?” You asked smugly.

“What?” El said, blushing furiously.

“You know what I’m talking about!” You answered, laughing a little, making your way down the hall to your room, you missed your sweatpants. You shut the door and we’re searching through your drawers for your favorite pair. You pulled them on just as you heard a small voice outside the door.

“How was your date?”

You ripped the door open, it was your turn to blush, “it was not a date, you said it yourself I just needed friends!”

You stormed out of your room and into the living room. You sat down on the couch and El quickly sat down next to you.

“I saw how he looked at you,” she explained.

“What do you mean,” even though you knew exactly what she meant, but you didn’t believe her.

“He cares about you.”

“Yes, because he’s my friend,” You said, exasperatedly.

“No,” she paused, trying to find the words that she needed, “He looks at you, the way I catch Mike looking at me,”

As frustrated as you were, you couldn’t help but feel an influx of joy for your new sister. She found someone who truly and unconditionally loves her at such a young age. She’s like 13 and there is a guy who will take literally bullets for her, even though she could stop it with her mind. You took a deep breath, and stopped trying to find an answer for an unwinnable argument.

The door suddenly opened and Hopper walked through with a nervous expression on his face. “Hey Hop!” You said while watching TV.

“Y/N, why are you here?” He said in a slow confused tone.

“Calm yourself, Steve took me out earlier, I have one friend,” You answered

“Oh! Oh.” He said switching from happy to concerned.

“I’m not mad, you were right, I needed a friend,” you agreed

“You’re, agreeing with me?”


You got up to go get a snack and saw nothing but shock across Hopper’s face.


Hey hey I hope you enjoyed and if you wanna request something like this lovely human did you can find the link to do so in my description or if you wanna read something else I’ve written you can do that from my masterlist whos link is also in my description, or you can do both, whatever floats your boat!!!

Home for Christmas (Auston Matthews)

Prompt: Can you do an Auston Matthews one where you haven’t seen him in a while due to you being in college in the states and you go and surprise him? Just super fluffy please :)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Requested: yep

Includes: fluff, surprises

Note: disclaimer, this has nothing to do with christmas and lets pretend its cold enough to snow already

Originally posted by mapleloafs

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Caramel Mocha (Coffee Shop AU)

Summary: One of your favorite things about fall is that coffee shops instantly become cozier. When you visit one of the newer shops, you find the barista to be very cute. Of course, he thinks the same about you.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1680 (just a lil something)

Warnings: Major fluff, mild embarrassment, & like one instance of language.

A/N: This idea came from the lovely @caplansteverogers while we were texting. For a badass angst/mob AU queen, she has some pretty cute ideas, so thank you so much for helping me out with this, Jess! I love you <3

Originally posted by butteryplanet

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A warm night

Lights flickered in the midst of a solemn and tranquil night in London. Fireflies shone brightly and proudly in the night, dazzling districts of the barely visible sky. The moon was a spec of light that faintly glistened at the peaceful city below. The city had tiny glimpses of snow and the grass that sprouted in a splendid lush color now froze and grew into a pearly white shade. The wind ceased its quiet whispering and it seemed as if time stopped.

That would be if it weren’t for two people.

The towering sapphire eyed girl transformed into an ordinary young Londoner shivering in the freezing cold. Her petite hair, which reached until her ears, swayed in the wind gently as she walked towards a bench with a can of hot chocolate. She shuffled the scarf on her neck and tucked it tightly so she could snuggle her face underneath it.

The young woman brushed her knees against each other and warmed her hands with the hot can she held. Gradually, she then opened the can and drank a sip of the hot chocolate. Satisfied, she sighed in relief and a transparent smoke released into the air. She gazed up above and admired the atmosphere she was in; the soft sound of her hair gently moving made her perk up the edges of her mouth in happiness. It was another long day for this young woman, surprisingly longer than any other.

Her gaze traveled towards the lamp that flickered as though it was on the verge of dying out. Then it suddenly shut and the apricot beam that brightened her face was gone. A tiny source of light approached her way and the girl gasped in excitement. She rose up and tried to touch the firefly slowly. The firefly then wandered towards another street lamp, where the navy haired woman followed. Her focus was right at the firefly and she was amazed at the sight.

That was where she bumped into someone. The woman jumped back in surprise and stared up at a slender and lanky blonde haired man. His face was illuminated by the street lamp that trapped them both. The blonde man had flashing turquoise eyes that struck right through the shivering girl’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, are you alright?” The young man questioned worriedly as his expression softened.

The young blue eyed woman was surprised as she saw his face. “Adrien?” she muttered, slightly tilting her head to the right.

“Oh, uh how do you know my name…? Ah! Are you a fan by chance? Nice to meet-” Adrien asked awkwardly as he lifted one of his hands to shake with hers.

The young woman gasped and untightened the scarf that covered half of her face. “No, no It’s me Marinette” She said happily and smiled.

Adrien’s eyes grew wide and he covered his mouth unconsciously. “WOAH! Marinette ah sorry I couldn’t recognize you because the light was so bright. Why are you out so late anyways? Isn’t it dangerous?”

“Oh trust me, I’ll be fine, plus I was just on my way home so its fine” Marinette smirked at the worried blonde, blushing slightly at the edges of her ears.

Marinette then saw the floor and stared blankly at her hot chocolate spilled on the ground. She hesitantly kneeled down to pick it up, only to gaze at it in dismay. “My hot chocolate….”

Adrien kneeled down surprised. “It must of spilt when we bumped into each other…” He stopped in the middle of his sentence to see Marinette’s face obviously stating:

No shit Sherlock

“… Why don’t I buy you another one?” Adrien quickly said while picking Marinette and himself on their feet.

“Oh no, it’s fine I can live without it” Marinette said while continuing her stare down with the can of hot chocolate.

“No! I must make up for it, come on let’s go get one” Adrien cheerfully said whilst he took her wrist and dragged her to a vending machine around the corner of the street.

Adrien who was unfamiliar with vending machines stared at it while squinting, wondering what the hell he should do. Marinette caught on to the situation, remembering that he has been served drinks instead of this. Marinette clicked the number which had the hot chocolate and gestured Adrien to insert the £1.50 in the machine. She kneeled down and took the hot chocolate, warming up her hands.

“This is really warm; you can warm your hands with this” Marinette handed the hot chocolate to Adrien.

“No its fine, I have gloves” Adrien lifted his hands next to his ears revealing his Navy blue leather gloves.

“Try it at least, you’ll feel warmer, I get this usually when I forget my gloves” Marinette chuckled as she grabbed Adrien’s hand gently and placed the can on it. “Warm right?” she questioned.

“It sure is” Adrien nodded and gazed at her pale prolonged fingers fidget in her pocket. “But I think you need this more than me” He smiled gently as he gave back the can of hot chocolate. “Oh also take this too, I have plenty at home” Adrien spoke as he took of his gloves, stacking them on top of each other, and giving it to her in one hand.

“Thank you, I’ll repay you when we meet again” Marinette grinned as she tucked her face back into her scarf out of shyness.

Marinette gradually reached her fingers into the glove, which was a size bigger, and held the hot chocolate while sipping a bit from time to time. They walked together only inches apart as Adrien suggested walking her home no matter how many times she refused.  The night was subtle and tranquil; it was like the whole world disappeared before them.

Their breath was transparent and could be seen while they walked together. Adrien shuffled his hands in his pockets, trying to keep it warm. He slightly ducked his head so that his ears could be warmed by the warm wool of his coat. Adrien peeked a look at Marinette, anxious because of the deadly silence that filled the air. His eyes grew misty as he gazed at her. He gazed with somber and wistful eyes like he had been watching her for all these years with those same eyes. Marinette slightly turned her head to sneak a peek at Adrien as well and by then he was staring at the concrete. She stared as a strand of his blonde hair slid down to hover over his eye. Marinette hesitantly looked at her hand and took off the glove on her right hand. She unconsciously stopped Adrien by gripping onto his left arm.

“Oh ah… Your hair” Marinette mumbled as she stepped towards him.

Marinette reached to brush her pale hand against his hair, and gradually hid it behind his ear. Adrien who was startled glanced at her eyes as she suddenly brushed his hair. His hands crawled out of his pocket and reached each side of her face. Adrien’s breath grew a bit heavy as he stared into her eyes.

So familiar, these eyes are so familiar.

Marinette struck up by surprise as he held her face and looked at his eyes stunned. Her eyes were wide in bewilderment and her heart skipped beats and grew louder.

“Adrien..?” She finally spat out quietly.  

Adrien was confused and flustered but he didn’t let go, and he didn’t want to let go.

“Who… are you?” Adrien spoke as his breath appeared in the air. His voice sounded so weak and curious and scared. He drew her closer to him, their faces centimeters apart. Adrien’s eyebrows furrowed as he spoke and his eyes wouldn’t withdraw.

“Are you her….” His voice grew heavier. “The one … who I’ve been looking for?” His hand twitched and her hair drew back behind her ears, he glanced at her earrings and his eyes grew wider than before.

Marinette gasped as she realized her ears were revealed. She got out of his grasp and walked back gradually clenching onto her shirt. Her teeth shivered as her hair curtained her shocked face.


Adrien’s broad voice struck her in agony. She jolted at the name and raised her face to meet his.

“No! No Adrien why would you think I’d be Ladybug? I’m weak and quiet; you especially know that, so haha, why would I be Ladybug?! Adrien-”

Adrien grabbed her shoulders and closed the gap between them. There was no distance between them anymore. His lips locked with hers underneath the sky full of fireflies. The silence of London was finally back and tiny specs of snow were passed down from the sky.

Although the night was frigid and quiet, the warmth between them was much more to keep them from being cold.

- A short shitty piece by moi

It’s easier to do a scenery of London because it’s where i live so yeah :)

walkingsaltshaker  asked:

The members (+ V & Saeran) discovering MC had a child/children? Or their reactions of MC admitting she wanted children? (You don't have to do both, either one would be nice. I just didn't want to send 2 asks.)

Doing the first one because it is!! Super cute! (I work in a toy store so I LOVE KIDS lmao.)


  • Your hands are shaking from your nerves when you finally work up the nerve to type up the text. Her name is Iseul. She’s two, and her dad left me just before she was born.
  • His reply was near instantaneous. Can I see a picture?
  • You turned to your daughter and put on a grin. Say cheese, honey!
  • “Heez!” She reached out to you, her little chubby fingers fanned out, and you snapped a picture of her face, of her red cheeks and big, broad smile. The little smiley face in the caption when you sent it to Yoosung felt like a lie.
  • You told him that you understood if it was a deal breaker, seriously you did. Even if you did date, you didn’t expect him to become her father. You got it, you got it, you understood, he was young and you’d -
  • You can’t even finish your string of messages before you get one back from him. She’s precious, just like you, and I’m not going to let you struggle raising her alone.
  • Yoosung’s desire to grow up and become a man increases twofold. It isn’t that he’s really excited about a kid - honestly, he’d never thought of it - but he’s so, so determined to support you that he’s willing to give fatherhood a go.
  • Despite his determination, it’s a bit… rough at first. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing and he often panics about little things. 
  • (am I feeding her enough? Am I feeding her right? why is she crying DID I BREAK SOMETHING OH NO HELP)
  • she’s chewing on the keyboard wire omg no stop
  • “oh shit i’m in the middle of a LOLOL match and she’s cry ing fuck”
  • (you come home one day and yoosung is in the fetal position because drew ALL over the apartment walls and he doesn’t KNOW WHAT TO DO)
  • After learning the ropes though he is great at being a dad. He’s just this big huge kid paling around with your kid and it makes your heart melt. Sometimes he’ll sit her on his lap and she’ll watch him play LOLOL. (at first it annoys him when she presses keys and paws at the screen but eventually he chills out and thinks it’s adorable)
  • He’s so proud of her. He never once thinks of her as being anything but his child, and he brags about her SO MUCH to his guild. (sometimes he’ll turn on voice and let them say hi to her)
  • (she always babbles back)
  • (they love her protect ur daughter 2k16)


  • You have a daughter?
  • Can he see her?
  • Oh god she’s the cutest he loves her already. Wait, that’s not weird, is it? He’s not weirding you out?
  • Great - first time he meets her, he brings her hair clips and buys her ice cream and dotes on her like the happiest new father imaginable.
  • Zen doesn’t hold back on either his love for you or your child. He is so happy to be a dad. He’s always taking photos of her, taking photos of you, taking photos of BOTH of you and just… grinning. He has a family.
  • He has a family.
  • like seriously this is Zen
  • When he finds out her father left you he is S T E A M E D. He wants to hunt him down and give him hell but respects you when you say you just… want that period of your life to be over now. It’s done.
  • He’s here.
  • He does puppet shows for her. He acts for her. He does all the funny voices for the bedtime stories and takes her to amusement parks when she’s old enough.
  • Daddy loves playing dress up with his little princess
  • (When Isuel starts imitating daddy while he’s performing he M E L T S.) 
  • If the media says an goddamn thing about u and your PERFECT DAUGHTER he will cut someone
  • (seriously he has like a million photos of her in his wallet his coworkers are sick of it)


  • She is understandably nervous when she learns you have a kid, and you tell her it won’t affect her relationship with you. You’ve been doing the single mother thing for two years now, you can manage it.
  • She’s not really expecting to get attached, only thinking of your child as something akin to taxes or a loan you’re paying off. She cares about it because it puts a burden on you, and she’ll help put when she can, but there’s no maternal affection there…
  • …Until, both by bit - your daughter, worms her way into Jaehee’s heart.
  • It’s the little things at first. The way she grins when she finishes a puzzle, the way she wiggles and dances to the music Jaehee plays while she’s working… and the way she sits right in front of the television whenever Zen is on screen. it’s just cute.
  • (seriously she touches Zen’s face and Jaehee LOVES IT)
  • Jaehee thought of children much like cats - messy and just… a burden - but watching the way the two of you smile at each other when you’re holding her… she’s just…
  • She’s filled with love - for you, for her, and she can feel that love that she’d forgotten, of a parent who deeply cares for their child.
  • (One day she offers Jaehee a cookie and says ‘mama have cookie!’ and JAEHEE ALMOST STARTS CRYING AHHH)
  • Jaehee learns how to make really killer hot chocolate for her since she’s too young to drink coffee, and the way she wipes the whipped cream mustache off your daughter’s face is just… precious…..

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