her face is the best face on the face of the warth


(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, love making( light smut), angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff.

A/N; I am cursed! I can’t update in time for my life xd. Oh, and Yes. Yes, yes, there’s a lot of SPN innuendos *wink wink*

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Chapter 10

You have to take a couple of deep breaths before gather the courage necessary to open the door of Nana’s book store. With Steve on your heels you step into the small store composing one hundred different scenarios for which you could need a spell, being who you are, you know Nana won’t believe any of them. Tsk.

- Nana? - You call her name not finding her between the shelves. You hear fast steps coming from behind the store and you gulp when the old woman pokes his head out of the curtain his gaze glued on Steve

- Follow me - she says not even looking at you

Steve looks at you slightly intimidated by her and you nod reassuringly, even when you are not entirely sure of what you are getting yourself into.

Nana walks fast trough amounted boxes and old books. You realize that you have never been in this part of the store, after Nana took one corner to the left the hallway gets narrow and Steve struggle to follow your lead colliding everytime with the walls thanks to his big shoulders. Nana doesn’t seem to notice, or care.

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What is mcl boys reactions when Candy say: "I'm pregnant"? (Sorry for my language).

I hope you will like it ^^ They’re adults now but if you wanted me to do it in another form you can still ask me ~ Enjoy  \(=^^=)/ Don’t worry for your language ;D


          He was cooking something for Candy . He felt like she wasn’t okay as always ,she was a little down and he wanted to cheer herup and thank God he finished work a little earlier than usual. When he hearded the door opened he smile and went to great her. She was so pale.. He kissed her forehead and hugged her.

“ Candy.. Tell me , is there something which is bothering you… I don’t like seeing you like this..” he said whispering in her ears. Before he could react, Candy was crying on his shirt. He was shock. Was it her nerves ? Work ? What ?

“ I’m…I’m pregnant Nath…” she said while looking the ground.

Nathaniel froze… Pregnant ? Candy… Pregnant ? A big smile was on his face and he hugged candy even more.

“ This is amazing Candy ! Why are you sad ? This is …Wow… Just… I can’t even..!” he couldn’t even say a proper sentence, he has tears in his eyes and was so excited.

“ Yo- you’re happy…?”  

“ Of course I am ! Oh Candy , thank you !” Nathaniel said before lifted her up. Candy laughed , Nath was happy ! She was a little scared but she was sure that with Nathaniel everything will be alright.


         He was on the bed , playing guitar. Candy was resting next to him, these days she seemed really down or scared..

“ Say Castiel.. Do you want a baby ?” Candy asked out of the blues.

He suffucated with his own saliva. Where the hell came from this question ?! He looked at Candy who has her back facing him. He was about to shout at her but once he saw that she was shaking he stop himself. But why this questions … And why now ? He sighed and put his guitar on the floor before hugging Candy from behind. He stroked her arms gently , waiting her to be calmer.

“ A baby..? I’m not sure if I could be a good father..I mean.. Look at me Candy…The baby would hate me…” he said in a low voice. Candy turned around abruptly with an angry face.

“ What are you saying Castiel ? You would be the best father , I know ! Yeah, we are going to make mistakes but because we will be together , we will be fine! And our baby will love you ! I know it because I love you too!” she shouted at him with teary eyes while Castiel was blinking.

Wait what ?

“ You are pregnant ?!”

“ Of course you moron !” said Candy before Castiel took her in his arms, hiding his hapy face.


         He was talking with his brother. Candy was with Rosalya , he knew they were bestfriends but Candy was spending more and more time with Rosalya and… Even if he knew he did not have to , he was jealous. Leigh was watching him and sighed, he knew his brother and right now he was thinking about Candy and why she was spending so much time with Rosa. Well, he asked her about that but Rosa didn’t tell him a thing. They keep talking until they saw Rosa and Candy walking toward them speaking with passion. Lysander stood up once he saw Candy and looked at her. She seemed pale and a little stressed out…

“ Lysander.. Can I … Would you mind coming with me in the bedroom ?” she asked shyly.

Lysander nodded and follow her to their bedroom. She was playing with her hair and biting her lips, was there a problem ? He was about to asked her if she was okay but she bursted something before.

“ I’m pregnant !”


“ Oh my God, Lysander are you okay !”

Was he dreaming ? Candy has his baby…Their baby…He stood up and hugged with all his strenght.

“ Thank you… Candy, I’m so happy…”

“ Yeah, me too !…But your head’s okay ?”


        Armin and Candy were both playing video games, because of work it was difficult to plays together. But suddently Candy get out of the room and rush toward the bathroom. Armin blinked but followed her anyway. She vomited with tears rolling down her cheeks , he helped her , holding her hairs.

“ Are you ill ? Do we need to go to a docter ?” he asked worried, he never saw Candy like this , yes sometimes she was sick but never like that !

“ Hh…I’m fine..” she smiled at him. He helped her standing up before going to the bedroom. He ordonned her to rest and went to see his twins. His brothers was living with his boyfriend now , he hoped he would’t bother them. He knocked at the door and wait until his brother opened the door for him. Meanwhile Candy didn’t really listen to Armin and went to the pharmacy , buying a pregnancy test. Once she get back at home she did the test and wait.. Once she saw that it was positive she wanted to see Armin as early as possible.

“ Candy !” said Armin rushing toward the bathroom where candy was “ You have an alien in your belly ! That what Alexy and I find out !”

“ … I’m pregnant, Armin..” said Candy blinking

“ … Well that’s what I said no ?” said Armin before being hitting by Candy “ I’m sorry , I’m sorry but this is awsome ! We have a third player !” he sa id kissing her belly.


       Candy was her mother in law, Kentin decided to spend time with his family. Candy been talking with his mother for a long time now , he was talking with his dad about how Candy seemed to be more… He sighed , perhaps she was angry with him ? Had he made something who would have made her angry ? God damn it ! He ate her last part of cake last week ! He knew she loved this cake but he ate it anyway ! Such a bad husband ! He needed to apologize ! He stoop up from his chair , and went toward candy who seemed to be more tense when she saw him.

“ I’m sorry mom but can I borrow you Candy for a minute please ?” he asked.

“ Of course my baby” she said , letting candy go having an encouraging smile.

They went to his old bedroom , when he was still at highschool. He sat on the bed and wait for Candy to expressed her warth but it never came.. He sighed and began to speak.

“ I’m sorry for the cake…” he said looking the ground.

“ The cake ..? Oh no..Kentin..I’m…I’m pregnant…”

“ No , let me finish , I shouldn’t have taken this cake for you, I knew you loved it and- … Whatn ?!”

“ You are going to be father!” she said smiling at his face. Before she could react Kentin had took her in his arms and was spinning with joy. They were going to be parents ! It will not be a piece of cake but hey !

Different kinds of war

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), some Bruclintasha (Bruce x Clint x Natasha)

summary: Luckily, some confilicts can be solved by kisses and hugs.

length: 896 words

a/n: a short drabble, inspired by three things! try to guess them all! another fic in the series of ‘I want Tony and Steve together and happy’, which you can basically read as a fluff without plot. the best kind of fic, right ;D?!


Different kinds of war

The air around them was thick and heavy. They were together through so much, but there were some conflicts, words couldn’t solve.

“Are you sure you want to do this right now?” Steve asked in a heavy breath, his stance tense and gaze set on Tony. It seemed too drastic.

Tony narrowed his eyes, not crumbling under the blue eyes of the perfect soldier. “Oh, I want it, Cap,” he said in a strong voice. There was no way back. “Unless.. you’re chicken,” he added, just to antagonize the soldier more.

Steve’s eyes widened at such blunt display of cockiness. Alright, Tony was asking for it. “Well, let’s end this. Once and for all.”

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Spread Caryl positivity! What's a Caryl headcanon you have?

You asked for it… you got it.. i’m always up for some Caryl positivty  as you well know dearie :)

I’ve had this cute thing in my head for a while now only because I feel like Carol was the only who got deprived of witnessing a certain  adorable happenstance and I felt like rectifying that.. 

(and like everything else I write it’s a little a longer than a normal headcanon) 


She mad e the little noise again and Daryl cursed his good hearing, throwing his arm over his eyes to block out the light.

“No..” he grumbled. Why the fuck wasn’t anyone else there dammit.

Judith didnt care if he was trying to take a nap and cood again, a little louder this time. Daryl opened one eye and saw the little girl peering out at him expetantly from her pen.

“I said no..”

She made a hilarious cute pouty face that was almost exactly like Carols. It was eerie, like she taught her it or something. Daryl groaned, closing his eyes. But he could still feel her staring at him.

“Son of a bitch…” he cursed, grudgingly, sitting up. “You win..”

Judith giggled happily, victorious as he got up and and went over to her pen. She reached out her arms to him as he leaned over to pick her up.

“Don’t look so smug..” he told her as he lifted her out of the pen and sat her on his arm.

The little girl was positivly joypus , continuing to giggle happily as as he walked her around a bit.

“Happy now lil’ asskicker?” he asked her , bouncing her a bit.

Judith smiled and reached out one of her chubby little arms and touched his face with it and at that moment Daryl felt a wave of warmth go through him. It occurred to him that he’d never been a fan of kids or babies eapeicialy (with good reason) but Judith was different, had always been.  Since the very beginning it seemed. 

She was after all, family. And damn if he wasn’t a sucker for big blue eyes. He found himself smiling at her, as she kept her hand on his face. It almost seemed painful and foriegn because he’ d done so little of it lately. But it also felt right.

“Yeah I love ya too..” he told her, his normally gruff voice much softer than usual. He tapped her little nose with his finger, causing her to giggle again. “Don’ tell on me ok?”

The little smirk she gave him was almost she understood he had a persona to protect and all.

“Yup.. our little secret right lil asskicker?”  

Carol had heard Judith on the monitor as well and had automatically gone to the kitchen to warm up a bottle. Once she was done with it she went to tje living room and was stopped short at what she saw.

Daryl was walking around with Judith on his arm, his back to her. The baby was giggling and cooing happily as if this was the best thing ever. Carol put her hand to her mouth, thinking this was the sweetest, most adorable thing ever.  It was a different side of him, something she’d glimpsed but hadn’t gotten this good a look at.  

The way he was holding the baby, interacting with her, was such a beautiful thing to see for her, and she thought at that moment he’d looked a lot more at ease than he’d been in a long time. It was wonderful to see, and it made her smile as she watched it, one of the first real, genuine smiles she’d felt since they’d arrived.  

And she thought of Sophia and it was tinged with some sadness as well. She thought about how Ed hadn’t wanted much to do with her as a baby, leaving most of the work to Carol. And here was Daryl, walking around with, and looking after, even if a little grudgingly sometimes., children that weren’t even his.  She thought about how he’d relentlessly searched for Sophia, so long ago it seemed.  And these thoughts just made her love him that much more. 

Her musings were interrupted by Judith, cooing over Daryl’s at her, causing him to turn around and see her there watching him. He looked a little embarrassed and chagrined by it, as if she’d caught him doing doing something  awful.  

“She uh… she was fussin and..uh.. wouldn’t let me sleep..” he tried to explain, shifting the baby in his arm. 

“Uh huh..”  She replied, her eyes telling him he didn’t have to explain it to her. 

He  saw the bottle she was holding and made as if to bring Judith her. “Ya need to  um… feed her?” 

She smiled softly at him and held up the bottle,. “You do it.. she seems comfortable enough..” 

Daryl responded to the other set of blue eyes he couldn’t resist by giving a little bit of a crooked smile, before taking the bottle from her and  giving it to Judith. The little took the bottle in her hands and drank from it,l, looking up him the whole time she did. 

Carol watched for a moment and then leaned over Daryl’s shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. He didn’t flinch at all, hardly ever did anymore she noted. A very good sign.  

“Your pretty good at this..” She said softly with a little grin on her face. 

He gave her a sideways looked that showed some surprise and disbelief and then some amusement as well. Which was a welcome sight to her to see as well.  He snorted and smiled  and smiled crookedly. 

“ptff stop..” 

She chuckled and rested her chin on his shoulder watching him feed the baby. And for that moment at least it seemed. Nothing hurt.

Nothing at all.