her face is so pretty and he is so dumb

sort it out

genre: hotel!au

star of the show: NCT’s Johnny

word count: 1,609 words

author’s note: I was scorned and ridiculed for having this idea but we’ll see who’s gonna be the one wishing this had become a thing earlier =_=

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opening line: “I don’t know about you but I know what I’m doing.”

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Rain Drops

Draco Malfoy x Reader

a/n; I really like this one, so i hope you guys like it too! I enjoyed writing it, despite the fact that a bit of writer’s block made it difficult. 

Warnings: trigger warning! just a small mention of self harm! (Nothing actually happens tho) Bullying! 

         Pitter patter echoes throughout the halls of the old castle. Little droplets running down the glass panes, and along the walls. Rain drops make the funniest of noises, don’t they? Like someone tapping at the window, curious, inquisitive. What’s wrong? Are you ok?

         Fine, perfectly fine.

         Like any old storm, start off slow. Pitter patter droplets, then comes the thunder. It’s a beautiful art.

         Thunder rolling like a heartbeat, bouncing off the walls and ringing through the air. Feet meet the ground hard, rhythmic, at such speeds it’s difficult to see why she’s running. But thunder seldom comes without rain.

         A streak of flying hair vanishes out of the corner of his eye. The flash of lightning that you never quite catch no matter how long you try not to blink. Just to see for a split second, the complex detail of the light in the sky.

         (Y/n) stands in front of the Mirror of Erised, the door only slightly ajar behind her. The air is a tense melancholy, ready to snap at any given moment. She looks up into the mirror, expecting to see her tear-stained face and wild hair, and the irritated red of a hand across her face. But the image of what she desires most stares back. A version of herself who can fight back, and stand up.

She doesn’t even hear the door creak open. Back to the pitter patter, like clockwork.

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Mark’s Little Nightmare

He had no idea on how he got here. One minute Mark had just finished helping Ethan edit the last episode of Little Nightmares, and the next he woke up in a strange room with an all to familiar eye on the door. “Wait,” He asked to no one,”Am I in Little Nightmares? Shit.” Besides the strange decor and the weird eyes everywhere, he noticed that he wasn’t as small as the main character. In fact, when one of the chefs hobbled by, Mark plainly noticed that he was at least two or  three feet taller than he was.’Fucking finally!’ Mark thought,’I’m taller than every one else!’ After getting over this thought, his next step was to find out what he was supposed to do. Which was pretty easy, considering that a picture of the main character was on the nightstand next to the bed. Looking inside the drawer, Mark found a smallish zip-lock baggy with little pieces of meat inside, and a note that says “Wait for her” on one side and “Mute” on the other. “So, am I supposed to just wait here?” He pondered out loud,”I assume so, and what does mute mean?” He pondered for a moment then face-palmed himself.”Duh! It means she can’t talk ya big dumb idiot!”

Six’s POV

She had just gotten away from the chef brothers, and back into the vents when she heard someone talking to themselves “…Ya big dumb idiot!” Six wasn’t sure why someone would call them selves that, but she didn’t really care. All she cared about was getting around and away from this next monstrosity. Carefully climbing out of the vents, she looked around. Nightstand, bed, door, and some giant muscular creature sitting on said bed. In all honesty, this new monster wasn’t as gruesome as the rest, but he was still a lot bigger. Still looking around, Six found no obvious places to leave, besides the door of course. But the handle was way to tall for her to reach, and there was nothing she could drag over to stand on. ‘I have to hide and wait until he leaves’ Six thought, quickly solving the puzzle. Putting her plan into action, she dashed towards the bed. Almost immedently regretting it when the monster called out to her. “Hey, wait!” Thankfully she made under the bed with out him catching her, but unfortunately he was smarter than the rest too. Getting down on his stomach and looking under the bed, she came face to face (er, well eye) with the giant’s chocolate brown eye. Six saw that it had no malice in it, but with all these other monsters trying to kill her, she couldn’t be so sure. They continued staring at each other until she was suddenly scooped up and brought out from under the bed. Six didn’t struggle at first, knowing that her respawn ability would soon activate(As it always does when she gets caught) but when it didn’t, that’s when the panic set in. ‘Why didn’t it work this time? Is he gonna kill me? How am I gonna-’ “Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.” Said the monster, in a soothing deep voice. Six did as she was told and relaxed in his hand before thinking, ‘Is this what was supposed to happen?’

Mark’s POV

I sat there waiting for what seemed like forever, until I notice a small speck of yellow dashing across the floor. “Hey, wait!” I called. That’s gotta be the girl I’m supposed to help. Before I could get to her, she dove under the bed. ‘Shit,’ I thought as I lied down on my stomach and looked under the bed. Finally being able to get a good look at her, I saw that she was actually pretty cute, and that her raincoat seem a little bit dirtier than it did in the game. Also the fact that she was scarily underweight. ‘No wonder why she always seemed starving’ After a while I decided that I had enough of our little staring contest and scooped her up in my hands and took her out from underneath the bed. First thing I noticed was her size compared to me. Literally, no bigger than my pinkie finger! I marveled at her for a moment until I realized she had starting panicking. Quickly telling her to calm down and promising that I won’t hurt her in a soft voice, she relaxed. ‘This is gonna be a long adventure, isn’t it?’

Note: Inspired by @tzds-gt‘s JSE TLG fanfic and @markiplier‘s lp of Little Nightmares. Up for adoption, so if you wanna continue it you’re own way, you’re welcome to. Just tag me

KakaSaku Week: Salty

Can also find this tossed up on FF or A03

Kakashi’s dark gray eyes were unreadable as he held his weapon’s blade less than an inch away against his opponent’s throat. Ignoring the sweat that rolled across his temple, green eyes glared back at him, daring him to move any closer. Feeling the tip of a kunai pressed against his chest, he wondered how in the hell they ended up like this today.

Sakura was straddled against his abdomen, her lips slowly tugging into a small knowing smile. Her face was slightly smudged with dirt, but by the way she was grinning she couldn’t have cared less.

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“I know it’s sad, but you guys have to remember, it’s not necessarily going to end badly. They said everything else in my body is doing perfectly fine, and considering my age, I should recover pretty well. So no sad faces today, alright?” looking around, all Parker saw were depressed ones. “C’mon now, chin up. Liz, tell me about your engagement. How did he propose?”

“Parker, I don’t think -”

Parker shot her a goofy looking grimace, the same one he’d been using since she could remember. It always came around when she wouldn’t do something he wanted her to, but being so exaggerated it caused her to laugh. She couldn’t help it, that dumb smile always got her giggling.

“I guess I could tell you…” she looked to her other two siblings for help, but they didn’t offer her much. Robin signaled for her to go on, as uncomfortable as it may be, and Rory was staring at Parker, worrying about him no doubt.

Promises & Constellations (V, You)

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Yes, this is a Laws of Motion & Attractions au, taking place a few months after the story ended. Enjoy! And Happy 2nd anniversary everybody! :))

“Hyung, do I look okay?”

“You asked me that question for the hundredth time, Tae.” Namjoon sighed, eyes focused on the graduated cylinder in front of him as he placed the dropper over its mouth. “You look fine.”

“Are you sure? I think my hair—”

“Taehyung.” Namjoon stood up and looked at the younger with serious eyes through his goggles. “I swear to God, if you don’t stop asking I’m going to dump this solution over your head till your hair turns pink.”

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EXO Reaction To You Being The Main Vocalist Of A Girl Group That Beats EXO

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Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Exo reactions to you being the main vocals of a girlband and your girlband beating them at an award show❤️❤️

Xiumin: *he’d be cute and adorable, all smiles because his girlfriend won an award. And behind him on the sceen you could plainly see EXO also having expressions mixed with amusement and traces of disappointment.* Aw, I’m so happy my girl won! They deserved it.

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Luhan: *He’d have giving you a congratulatory heart as you walked to the stage so when the camera panned on him, he was blushing, laughing with awkwardness. Sure part of him was disappointed that they didn’t win, but most of him was proud of you.* Hahaha, this is kind of embarrassing, but it’s so nice to see her getting an award she deserves

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Kris: *As he’d left the group, the expression on his face when the camera panned to see his reaction would just be like ‘am I supposed to care that those guys lost to my beautiful girlfriend, because I don’t. Obviously my girlfriend slays, she is my girlfriend.”*

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Suho: *As leader, he’d probably feel more disappointment than the others but he’d still be really proud. The two of you would both be incredibly hardworkers and he couldn’t help but be happy to see your hardwork pay off.* Congratulations Jagi!

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Lay: *I feel like he would be the most professional about it, not showing too much of either of his emotions (disappointment and pride). He’d applaud with a smile on his face and only you could tell just how proud he really was by the emotion in his eyes.* It’s so great that she won, she’s worked so hard

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Baekhyun: *He’d be turning to Chanyeol, who would be more disappointed in the loss than he would be, with a big and dumb smile on his face as he clapped loudly.* Look at my beautiful girlfriend going up there to get her first MAMA award! I’m so proud!

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Chen: *He’d pretty much be cheering like all get out. It’d be hard for the other members to get him to maintain his composure as he cheered loudly. He couldn’t help letting his emotions out though.* Oh my god! My baby won! 

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Chanyeol: *The blend of disappointment and pride made him act awkward, with strange fidgeting paired with a big smile and bright eyes. You’d be getting his signature happy virus smile though.* Oh, I can’t believe she won, if anyone else deserves this award, it’s her!

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DO: *he’d just be smiles, as he is one of the more reserved members, he wouldn’t be showing just how proud he was. But as soon as you returned to your seat, your phone buzzed with a long, sincere congratulatory message from him, one that made you tear up.* You’re just incredible Jagi, I love you.

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Tao: *He couldn’t help but laugh. Admittedly, he’d been expecting EXO to win but he wasn’t at all disappointed in the result. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling or clapping until you’d returned to your seat and the next performance had begun.* My girlfriend really is incredible.

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Kai: *He’d be smiling and cheering with the other EXO members. He had already started thinking that maybe, if your career kept on the pace it was on, maybe you’d be able to work with EXO one day, but for the time being, he’d just be proud of you and look forward to the bear hug he’d give you later.* I can’t wait until I can congratulate her in person.

Originally posted by kaibility

Sehun: *Well, if anyone was going to beat the great EXO and the incredible Oh Sehun, it would be his girlfriend. He couldn’t help but smile and laugh from happiness, even if he didn’t cheer (Baekhyun would be cheering loudly, to tease the Maknae).* Of course the only person who can compete with us is my own girlfriend. I’m so proud of her.

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I Know // Brett Talbot Imagine

Request:  Brett fluff, you confess you like him (he knew bc wolfpowers) and cuddling :) i love your imagines btw!

Pairing: Brett x Reader

Warnings: N/A (well there’s cursing because I curse a lot when I’m nervous, so I used that)

Yo idk why but I really think this is cute not gonna lie.


Holy shit I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” (Y/N) curses into the phone talking to her best friend, Lydia, “My hands are clammy, oh my gosh, they’re never clammy, this is disgusting. Ok, I’m not doing it!” (Y/N) yells.

“Oh yes you are. If you don’t tell him, I will.“ 

“Honestly, I’d rather that!“ 

"Ok so you want me to say ‘Hi, Brett, (Y/N)’s been crushing on you for the longest time! In fact, she’s dreamt about you. Not just cute little dreams. I mean sexy dreams where you guys-”

“You wouldn’t." 

"Oh you know I would.” (Y/N)’s jaws drops and it’s like she can practically feel Lydia smirking through the phone.

“Lydia, this isn’t easy. I can’t just come out and say ‘Brett, I like you.’”

Lydia rolls her eyes, "Actually yes, you can! That’s what you’re supposed to do!”

“I can’t. It’ll make it awkward, and he’ll never talk to me again and he probably likes some hot girl who lives in his neighborhood-”

“Ok where do you get these things from? Has he even talked about any girl who lives in his neighborhood?”


“Oh my goodness, you’re insane. (Y/N), tell him. You never know what could happen.”

“I just-,” the doorbell rings cutting (Y/N) off, “Oh god, fuck, he’s here. What do I do?” She ask.

“(Y/N),” Lydia laughs, “take a deep breath and answer the door. Call me after you do it. Bye!”

“Wait-” the line ends and (Y/N) groans. God why does Lydia have to be such a fucking pain. She checks her hair in the camera of her phone, rubs her hands on her jeans so they’re not sweaty, and makes her way to the door. She counts to three and opens the door with a racing heart.

“Hi.” She whispers with a smile on her face. She mentally rolls her eyes at how good Brett looks. He’s not making this easier for her. 

Brett can instantly hear her quickly beating heart, “Hi, you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Why?" 

"Just wondering.” He shrugs. (Y/N) knows Brett is a werewolf, but she almost always forgets he can hear her heart or sometimes sense what she’s feeling, and right now, he knows for a fact she’s nervous about something. However, he decides to let it go, he’ll get it out of her eventually.

“Oh come in.” She smiles and moves out of the way for him, “do you want anything to eat or drink?" 

"I’m good, thanks.” He smiles but Brett notices she’s acting weird. They’re at the point where going to each other’s homes is a lot less formal than this. Usually he would just go into the fridge and help himself.

(Y/N) sits down on the couch and nervously starts playing with her fingers. She feels fidgety so she stands back up, and Brett just watches her with an amused expression. He doesn’t know what she’s nervous about but it’s cute as hell.

“So what movie are we watching?” Brett ask. Yes, that’s the dumb invite (Y/N) used when she asking Brett if he wanted to come over.

“I have to tell you something.” It comes out just as fast as her heart is beating and she hates herself so much right now for letting it slip.

Suddenly everything clicks in Brett’s head. He recently discovered (Y/N) has feelings for him. At first, it was just an idea. But then he started to test it out. He knows it was diabolical but he wanted to know for sure. After all, he’s been crushing on her for god knows how long, and the possibility of her liking him back made him extremely happy.

He would compliment her honestly and listen to her heart when he did it, noticing how it skipped a beat. One time when they were out together, someone told them they made a really cute couple and (Y/N) blushed and her heart sped up. These little things were what he needed to know that she did have feelings for him, and he couldn’t be more happy.

“What is it?”

“Nevermind.” (Y/N) says quickly.

“Please tell me." 

"I can’t." 

"Please…” He pouts his lip and widens his eyes.

“No no no don’t give me that look,” Brett knows what he’s doing. He knows (Y/N) always gives in when he gives his best puppy look, “I know what you’re doing and it’s not gonna work.” She crosses her arms.

“Why can’t you tell me? What’s bothering you?”

“It’s-I don’t know-I just-ugh!”

Seeing (Y/N) this nervous and distraught because of something so silly has Brett smiling. She’s just too adorable for her own good. If she would just say it, everything would be ok. 

“Are you laughing at me?” She looks at Brett and he knows she’s not completely serious.

“I just think it’s cute when you’re nervous.” He smirks when her heart skips a beat once again.

“Oh…um well I’m not nervous about anything. Why would I be nervous?” She ask.

He walks closer to her, “Because you want to tell me something but you’re too nervous to do it. Babe, just tell me.”

(Y/N) notices the pet name but decides to ignore it and wow is he making this hard for her. Brett takes another step closer to her. When she doesn’t step back, he takes another. Next thing they know, his hands are on her waist and she’s looking up at him.

“Whatever it is, you can tell me.” He says softly.

“What if it’s awkward after? Or what if you hate me after?”

“I could never hate you. Never.”


“No buts, (Y/N). Please tell me.” He pulls her in closer and this is the closest their bodies have ever been. (Y/N)’s hands are sweating once again, and her throat is dry, and god why can’t she just come out and say it. 

(Y/N) opens her mouth, “I…I…”


“I think I’m gonna pass out." 

Brett chuckles and he seriously can’t believe this girl right now. "Well if you do, which you won’t, I got you.” He squeezes her sides reminding her of how tightly he’s holding her. “(Y/N), whatever you want to say, please tell me.”

(Y/N) nods and looks down at the floor. She rest her forehead on his chest, burying her face into his sweatshirt, and sighs. She doesn’t know how she does it, but one second she was silent and the next, she said the three words that she’s been practicing in her mirror for days, “I like you.” She whispers. If Brett didn’t have werewolf hearing, he wouldn’t have heard it. And for once, her heart isn’t the one who skips a beat, it’s his.

“Babe, look at me.” Brett says as he rubs her back. She shakes her head and tried to escape from his arms, but he holds her tightly.


“You don’t like me back, I get it. It’s fine. Please just don’t make this harder for me.” But if (Y/N) would just pick her damn head up, she would see that Brett is smiling and he has love in his eyes. 

“I wasn’t going to say that.”

“I know. You’re nice so you would come up with something a little nicer but it’d be along those lines. Probably something about how you’re crushing on your hot neighbor. I don’t know why I thought it was an ok idea to tell you this. Why would you ever like me? Now I look so dumb and-”

Brett’s had enough. How can someone so perfect think so low of herself? (Y/N) should think that every guy likes her because well she looks like that and she has this perfect personality and goodness he really likes her. 

“(Y/N),” he says sternly. He cups her face into his hands and tilts it up to look at him, “I know you like me, and I like you too. Probably even more than you like me. There’s no ‘hot neighbor’, I don’t even know where that pretty head of yours gets these things. But there’s no other girl, there’s only you.”

(Y/N) eyes light up and although she’s shocked, a smile starts to form on her face, “You do? Wait what, what do you mean you know?”

Brett smirks, “Werewolf hearing. That heart of yours, you should really get that checked out if it’s gonna keep skipping valuable beats like that." 

She smacks his chest, "You just stood here while I was a nervous wreck trying to tell you this, and you knew? God I hate you! 

"No you don’t,” He smirks, “You like me.”

(Y/N) smirks and rolls her eyes, “I do,” she nods, “and you like me? I didn’t hear that wrong did I?”

“No,” he smiles, “you didn’t.” And then his lips are on hers and her eyes widen in shock but then she melts into him and her eyes close softly. They pull apart, both smiling like idiots. “So,” Brett starts, ‘how about that movie?" 

anonymous asked:

Can you do the 2p's reaction to a super sad scene in a movie? Pretty please?

((i stg you people wanna see these dorks at their worst–))

you: *is watching a movie with a 2P in your living room, suddenly there’s a heartbreaking scene*

2p!america: *obnoxiously tries to laugh so you can’t hear him choking up* that’s so… cheesy, a-and… dumb… I-I don’t even ca– aaaAAAWWWHHH THAT IS SO FUCKED UP, SO FUCKED UP *starts bawling at the tragic scene*

2p!china: no… n-no way… that can’t… be happening… he just told her he loves her and– nOOOOOOOOO *clings to you and starts sobbing, buries his face into your lap* pROMISE YOU’LL NEVER DO THAT TO ME, PLEASE PROMISE ME–

2p!england: *sniffs* h-how horrible… *wipes tear* those poor precious babies…! ;; - ;;

2p!france: *continues to watch it with a bored expression on his face* …i’m a horrible person

2p!russia: well… they had this coming… *unaffected*

2p!italy: tch, i’ve had worse happen to me… but i’d still say i appreciate this film’s artistic ambiance.~

2p!germany: holy fuck *groans, covers face* that is sO FUCKING SAD–

2p!japan: *rolls eyes* i knew this would happen

2p!canada: that character is pissing me off

2p!romano: *tries to stay quiet as not to disturb your experience of the movie, but starts weeping and hugs you close* h-h-hOLD ME Q ^ Q

2p!austria: *is enjoying seeing the cast’s misery* now this is entertainment~

2p!prussia: *gasps at the plot twist, covers mouth to keep from crying out, tears are spilling out of his eyes* n-no… *tries to wipe his tears away, then checks to see if you’re doing okay*

WenDip Week: Day 1 Naked

I have a lot of strong feelings for Wendy’s character. I absolutely adore her and sometimes I don’t know if the fact that Alex didn’t delve too deeply into her character was a disappointment or if it was a good thing.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I like to throw out a few headcanons for Wendy sometimes because I enjoy studying her character and wanting to know the reasons why she does the things that she does. 

This somewhat goes into that. It’s a side of Wendy we don’t ever see, but it’s something I wanted to write for this prompt because I wanted the readers to feel what Wendy might possibly be feeling herself. 

I didn’t take the prompt literally, in the sense, but more figuratively. 

I hope you enjoy.

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grabby-hands-for-benedict said:Hello! Would you write about Josh being constantly inappropriate with Chris on public places? :)


“Why does it always have to be me helping you out with this crap?” Chris is huffing, arms burning as he holds a wooden plank over his head.

“Cuz Josh is too short, man.” Mike is up on a ladder, biting screws between his teeth while he maneuvers the end of the plank against the wall, eyebrows knit together in concentration.

“Listen, broskis, being short works out in my favor sometimes. Like now, for instance.” Josh, the bastard, is leaning against the opposite wall, watching the other two sweat and struggle to put up the cabinet while he drags lazily on a joint. “Besides,” he puts on a fake Southern drawl, lips curling up into a crazy smile, “I like to watch the new guys sweat.”

“Shut up, Josh,” Chris grumbles, feeling a bead of sweat work its way down his neck and into the collar of his t-shirt. He turns to throw a glance at his older friend, and shifts just enough that it makes Mike bark at him.

“Hey, keep it steady, man! I can’t screw it into the wall if you keep fuckin’ around.”

“Shit, man, sorry,” Chris goes to right it again, focuses in on the task at hand. Tries to ignore Josh’s muffled snickers behind him. Holds the plank as steady as he can despite his muscles aching. Shit, he’s barely doing anything and he’s this exhausted already? Time to start hitting the gym with Matt again…

A vibration runs through his leg, and it makes the blonde jolt, just a little. Mike gives him a sharp glare, and Chris tries to swallow down his instinct to drop the plank and grab the buzzing phone in his pocket. It could be Ashley, texting him about their history project. It could be his mom, with news about his grandpa or something. It could be Sam, in desperate need of someone to fix her computer.

“Josh, man, do me a favor?” He can’t help it. He’s not patient, he needs to know now.

“Sure, dude, what’s up?” Josh’s tone sounds almost serious, and a little excited. He always likes it when Chris asks for help with stuff, makes him feel useful or…something.

“My phone’s buzzing, can you grab it out of my pocket and see what’s up?”

A short silence, Josh’s footsteps coming towards him. A cool, “Sure, bro.” Mischief. Aw shit, what’s he gonna–

Chris feels a hand dive into the back pocket of his jeans, and he lets out a yelp. He’d like to pretend it’s a dignified yelp, but it isn’t. Not even close. He feels breath on the back of his neck, and he can just picture the shit-eating grin on Josh’s lips.

“This pocket, bro? Is it in this one?” The hand squeezes his ass, then leaves and jumps over to his other back pocket. “What about this one?” Squeezes that cheek, too, and Chris all but drops the plank.

“Dude!” he squeaks, overlapping with Mike’s angry shout of, “I will end you, Chris!” He struggles to keep the plank steady, and Josh is laughing as subtly as he can. Which is to say, not very.

“Alright, alright, sorry man. Jesus, take a pill. I’m gettin’ it.” Chris watches Josh’s hand out of the corner of his vision, watches it slowly creep down to his front pocket, slip inside. He feels fingers wrap around his phone, but the hand doesn’t move, just stays still. Josh presses up against Chris’ back, snickering.

“Want a quick tug, Cochise?” It’s barely a whisper, a throaty mumble next to his ear, and Chris feels his face light up. He tries to bat Josh away with his elbow, and nearly drops the plank. Again. Mike yells something angry in Spanish, it sounds vaguely like a threat on his life. Josh slips his hand out of Chris’ pocket, taking the cellphone with him, giggling the entire time.

It wasn’t that Chris didn’t like Josh’s special brand of…erm, attention. It was just that it had been more aggressive as of late, a little harder to ignore. And more public. The rest of their friends never said anything, oddly enough. Must’ve figured it was par for the course, knowing the friendship they had.

Usually, it was tame enough to pass off as a weird joke. Chris would bend over to pick up a notebook he’d dropped, Josh would stand behind him and mime thrusting motions. Before gym class, Chris would take his shirt off in the locker room, and Josh would yell something loud and embarrassing, something like “love me some whtie bread!” (Funny, sure, but really dude, white bread? He’d tried to call him multi-grain in retaliation, but that just…hadn’t worked out.) Everyone was used to Josh’s stupid jokes. It was never something a well-placed ‘no homo’ couldn’t fix.

But lately it had just gotten…different.

March 18th, 3:17 pm

Chris was trying on a sweater at a store in the mall. He slid it over his head, tugging at the soft material a few times til it sat comfortably on his frame. Twisting this way and that, he gave himself a long glance in the mirror, then shrugged. He’d never been good at this stuff. This is why he had to shop with Josh or Emily, he never knew what looked good. On this trip, it was Josh, who had been all too happy to pluck a few (overpriced) sweaters from a display and usher Chris to the fitting rooms to try them on.

The one he was trying now was cozy. A heavy lambswool sweater, the color of moss, and it was ridiculously soft. He liked it well enough, he supposed, but decided to ask a second opinion. He straightened his glasses and unlatched the door, stepping out into the bright hallway to search for Josh. His dark hair popped into view immediately, followed by bright green eyes and a broad smirk.

“What d’you think?” Chris murmured, glancing over Josh’s shoulder for a moment at the cute blonde girl that was refolding merchandise. She gave him a quick glance and smiled. Chris grinned in response, then looked back to Josh. Who was narrowing his eyes ever so slightly.

“No. No, not this one. No way. Can’t buy it.”

“What? Why not?” Chris had thought it looked pretty good…plus it was warm as hell. Huge plus in Chris’ books.

“Cuz it looks too good. I’d just rip it off you the second you put it on.” Josh’s grin bloomed wider, and Chris felt his cheeks burn red. The blonde worker whipped her head up to stare at the pair of them, eyebrows raised so high they may as well have rocketed off her face. Tongue suddenly thick and dumb, he spun on his heel and marched back into the dressing room, Josh’s snickers trailing behind him.

He doesn’t buy the sweater.

April 4th, 10:14 am

One of the mistakes teachers often made was sitting Josh and Chris beside each other. Chris was a good student…mostly. He got in trouble for looking at his phone during class, but otherwise, he was attentive. It was Josh that caused the issues. He cracked jokes, bugged Chris, one time he even tried to make it a point to crawl, on his stomach, across the entire room, unnoticed. Just to pass Emily a note.

Josh mostly liked to focus his attention on Chris. Because Chris could take it. He could absorb the jokes and let them pass. No amount of pencil pokes or passed notes could make him emote large enough to get them in trouble. And Josh loved to push his boundaries.

The assignment was simple: read a chapter of the textbook, write down a few questions or comments, and there would be a class discussion. Josh, as always, had forgotten his book in his car, so he slid a chair over to Chris’ desk to share with him. Normal occurrence. But there was a gleam in his eyes, like he was planning something. He was always planning something.

Chris started to read, pen scratching tiny notes and questions on his open notebook. Josh read a few sentences, then placed a hand on Chris’ knee. The blond looked up, gave him a long stare. A ‘don’t-do-whatever-it-is-you-want-to-do’ stare. Josh smiled, and looked back down to the reading. His hand stayed on Chris’ knee. Chris returned to reading. The hand scooched up his leg, maybe an inch. Neither boy said anything. The hand inched up again. And again.

“Imma grab your dick,” Josh whispered, his hand edging up to lay on Chris’ thigh. Chris jolted his leg up, slamming Josh’s hand (and his knee) against the underside of the desk with a loud bang! Both boys groaned in pain, and the teacher glared at them.

They were sent to the Principal’s office. Josh wouldn’t stop smirking.

December 12th, 12:32 pm

Christmas was just around the corner, and Chris couldn’t wait. He loved Christmas time. Lots of warm sweaters and hot coffee and all the cute people at school bundled up against the Southern California cold? It was, without a doubt, his favorite time of year. Not to mention it meant that the annual Blackwood Mountain trip was only a few months away.

He was walking to his locker with Beth in tow, chatting about plans for the trip, securing transport, what sort of wintertime fun they could have. When they finally got round to his locker, he started to spin the lock on it, putting in his combination. When it popped open, he swung the door open, and was promptly smacked in the face by a piece of felt on a spring.

“Is…that mistletoe?” Beth asked. Chris didn’t even respond, just stared at the green and red hot-glued monstrosity that was stuck against the locker door. Who the hell broke into his locker and stuck mistletoe–? It didn’t make any sense.

“Does that mean we have to kiss?” Beth’s voice brings him back to reality, and he stares down at her, eyes blown wide with shock. Shit. Shit, shit, did she think he set this up? He didn’t, he wasn’t trying to mack on girls at his locker, that would be so dumb. She has her eyebrows knitted together, looking at him with a mixed expression, and he puts his hands up defensively.

“I didn’t do this,” his voice cracks when he says it, and a shiver runs down his back. “I swear I didn’t–”

“Aw, man, you beat me here!” A gravelly voice behind him makes Chris jump, and he whirls around to see a slightly out-of breath Josh. Josh looks between his sister, Chris, and the craft-store hellspawn mistletoe, and lets out a huff. “You tryin’ to kiss my sister, man?”

“No, no no no, I have no–”

“Well, I guess the best idea would be for me to take the fall for her. Y’know. Keep her safe from your wily womanizing ways.” A smirk lights up the sharp edges of his face, and Chris starts to wonder if maybe, somehow, Josh is connected to this whole thing somehow. But there isn’t time to think about that now. Josh is pressing up on his tiptoes and Beth is covering a grin with her hand and Chris does just about the only thing he can do at this point.

He kisses Josh.

seventeen in melbourne hi touch fanaccount

let me tell you about seventeen

they are all smiles and joy and meeting them was so heartwarming! they must have been exhausted after performing and playing around with us for 3 hours but they still seemed so happy and excited to be there.

it went by so quick that its all still a bit of a blur and i sadly only clearly remember my interactions with like 6 of them and i dont 100% remember the order the members were in, but i know for certain joshua was first!

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Imagine Maya keeping a sketchbook that she brings to school everyday. So, instead of paying attention in class, she just draws pictures. 

So now, Lucas keeps looking over her shoulder because he really wants to see what she’s drawing because he secretly loves her art, but he’s way too embarrassed to ask to see them (plus, maya is really private about her art because they hold a lot of meaning to her). 

So, one day, Maya realizes he’s looking, so she writes something dumb on the page like “having fun there, huckelberry?” and pretty much after that Lucas doesn’t try and peek at her drawings ever again.

Immortals (1/8)

[Originally posted on my fanfiction.net account back in May, before I had a tumblr, but since the Bubbline fandom’s pretty lively here, thought I’d share. It’s been turned completely AU by Stakes, but still works pretty well as an alternate history. Romance/Angst/Tragedy

[As it turns out, Marceline and Bonnibel have more history than all of Ooo, and back in the beginning, Marceline still had a moral code, and Bonnibel still had a heart. But a thousand years is a long, long time, and nothing lasts forever.

[Adventure Time belongs to Pendleton Ward and the song “Immortals” to Fall Out Boy.]


(they say we are what we are

but we don’t have to be)


“Why isn’t there any…chicken…soup?!”

That plaintive cry echoes throughout the dead city, ricocheting off busted cars and broken buildings, and muffles in the freshly fallen snow that clogs one of its alleys. In the alley’s center, an elderly man, his skin tinting to blue, shakes his fists at the unsympathetic leaden skies.

And nearly gets concussed by the falling can of chicken soup.

“What? I’ll freeze you!” he yells, spinning around with his hands extended, crab-like, but there’s nothing there—no threats, no oozing monster. Just a deep divot in the snow, shadowed blue as his skin. He lowers his hands, the fear fading from his face, and fishes out the miracle can. “Er…”

“Simon? Simon, what’s going on?”

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Don’t Go Where I Cannot Follow Part 3 [Bucky Barnes]

A/N: Just a fair warning there’s some bad words, making out and implied sexy stuff. 

Here’s part 1 and part 2 in case you haven’t read it yet.

Bucky kept his eyes on mine as he pushed a dark-skinned man covered in dirt out of the way. He didn’t blink. He was only a few metres away from me but the distance between us felt infinite. There was something cautious about the way he approached me. It was almost like he was waiting to be yanked awake and this was all a dream. I couldn’t help but smile. He studied my face, trying to remember every small detail so if he did wake up he would still have my face burnt in his mind. His blue eyes were glassy and his face was covered in dirt and blood but he never looked better. “Buck.” I breathed when he stopped in front of me and let out the deep breath he had been holding in. He wrapped his hands around my waist, lifted me off the ground and pressed his lips onto mine.

It was everything I imagined it would be if not, better. Bucky kissed me like he was a dying of thirst and my mouth was a drink of water. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly and wondered if I was dreaming. After a few minutes, he stopped kissing me and just stared into my eyes before burying his face into my hair. Steve cleared his throat roughly but Bucky clung on to me for a few seconds more before reluctantly letting go. He clasped my fingers in his. They were rough and calloused compared to mine.

Steve pulled me into a tight hug but Bucky refused to let go off my hand. Even though I only had one arm wrapped around him, I poured all my gratitude into the hug. I owed Steve my life for bringing Bucky back to me.

“What? I don’t get a kiss too?” Steve teased and Bucky glared at him,

“Just because you’re a little taller now don’t think I won’t kick your ass, punk.” I held on to his hand tighter and stepped away from Steve who was grinning widely. He too, was so happy to have his best friend back. Bucky pulled me into him again and kissed my forehead.

“Captain Rogers! Sergeant Barnes! If you two are done acting like school boys, get your asses to the briefing room and Barnes, get that ear checked out with the medic.” Colonel Phillips barked and both Steve and Bucky responded with a formal ‘yes, sir.’ When the Colonel disappeared, Bucky pressed his lips on mine again. This time, it was slower. Steve ran after the Colonel to give us some privacy.

“You should go.” I said between kisses and Bucky murmured but didn’t stop kissing me. I moved my lips up to his ear, kissing his stubbly jaw along the way. “Seriously, Sergeant.” I whispered and he dragged my mouth back to his and deepened the kiss. He ran his hands down my sides and it was becoming pretty steamy. I didn’t want him to stop but I finally gathered the courage to break away from the kiss. I took a few steps back – out of his reach – and our fingers lingered together until they slipped away from each other.

“We’re going to finish this later.” Bucky warned and I felt my cheeks turn crimson. He ran his thumb along his bruised bottom lip and looked away shyly. I heard his boots crunch against the gravel as he moved towards me. I held out my hands and pushed into his chest, keeping him at an arm’s length.

“Later, Buck.” I assured him and he groaned before taking my hands in his, and raising it to his lips to plant soft kisses on my knuckles. It made my heart flutter. Bucky looked up at me as he did this and I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Holy cow. I needed his lips on mine again. He let go off my hands and they fell at my side. My throat had dried up and I was breathing deeply. He winked at me playfully,

“Later, Anna.” His voice was low and raspy. Oh my God. He turned on his heel and jogged towards the infirmary. I watched him for a few moments before heading back into my tent. Peggy was sitting on my bed with her legs crossed. She was smirking at me and I felt all the blood from my feet rush to my face.

“I thought he was just a friend.” She remarked and I groaned, turning my back to her. I still couldn’t stop smiling. “But then again, one does not fly across the world for ‘just a friend.’” I turned around and leaned against the drawer.

“You’re one to talk. You love Steve!” I blurted out and her eyes widened in surprise. “Yeah, I saw the way you look at him and your whole ‘I believe in you, Steve’ speech.” I mimicked her British accent and she woke off the bed and cornered me.

“Firstly, I do not sound like that and second, you will not say a word to Captain Rogers.” Her eyes brightened at the mention of his name and I smirked at her suggestively,

“Oooooh…Captain Rogers, that’s pretty kinky. Go easy on him though. The big dope’s a virgin. Something about waiting for the right partner and all that.” Peggy fumbled over her words, it was the first time since we’d met that she became so flustered. She was almost as bad as Steve. She tried to regain her composure.

“Miss Williams, I find your information irrelevant and inappropriate in future, please refrain from divulging any personal details about Captain Rogers’ affairs.” I burst out laughing and pushed past her. “Also, I would like it if you would accompany me to the local pub tonight. I believe Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes will be out celebrating with their men and I’d hate to be the only lady there. I have laid out one of my dresses for you since I noticed you haven’t brought much with you.” Peggy gestured to a shimmery gold dress on the bed. “I shall be heading down at 1800 hours. Don’t be late.” She warned before heading out of the tent.  

The Colonel kept Steve and Bucky busy for the rest of the day, going over plans of attack or discussing the location of the HYDRA bases they had seen while in Austria. I felt nervous as I pulled on Peggy’s dress. It fitted snugly around my chest before sliding effortlessly down the rest of my body. Peggy had be kind enough to leave a pair of shoes and a red lipstick. She arrived inside my tent at exactly 1800 and I turned to look at her nervously,

“Do you think he’ll like it?” She kept a straight face but nodded. I followed her out of the tent and down to the pub. It was loud and smelled strongly of Bourbon. There were soldiers everywhere. They were singing and laughing, merrily but when Peggy and I walked in the noise died down. The only sound that could be heard was our heels pressing against the creaking wooden floorboards.

Bucky and Steve leaned back in their chairs to see us walking through the crowd and quickly rose to their feet.

“Captain.” Peggy said confidently before walking towards him and I hung back with my arms folded across my chest. Bucky moved to stand beside me and cheekily peeked over the top of my dress to catch a glimpse of my cleavage. I elbowed him in the side and he raised an eyebrow at me. His eyes trailed along the rest of the gold fabric hugging my dress and I could feel my skin starting to burn under his scrutinising gaze. Peggy looked at Bucky but he kept his eye on me,

“Mam.” He greeted her, acknowledging her attention. She smirked and turned back to Steve.

“Howard has some equipment, he’d like you to try.” Peggy informed him and I felt Bucky reach for my hand. Steve nodded and Peggy turned to Bucky. “Will you be asking your lady to dance?” Her tone was condescending and Bucky frowned at her.

“What? You don’t like music?” It came across a tad defensive and Peggy smiled at Steve.

“Oh, I do. Quite a lot actually.” Bucky broke eye contact with me and scanned Peggy’s body with a mischievous look in his eye. I scoffed in disbelief before stalking away. He didn’t notice. God, he hadn’t changed. “I’m just waiting for the right partner and I think yours is getting away.” Peggy teased and Bucky looked around and cursed. The pub was crowded by tall, well-built men who easily concealed me but it was easy for Bucky to spot the only other lady in the room. He ran after me, caught my arm and dragged me outside the pub.

“Annie, where are you going? I thought we could have a drink.” He turned me towards him and I shot him a murderous glare. “Holy cow, when did you become so terrifying?” I wanted to slap him but I bit down on my tongue until I tasted blood. “Did I do something to upset you?” Perhaps, I was being overly sensitive but I knew Bucky’s track record. He wasn’t the most loyal type.

“I can’t believe I was so stupid to think you’d change.” I thought, not realising I had spoken the words out loud. Bucky doubled over and gave me a questioning look.

“What do you mean by that?”

“You know exactly what it means, James. You were checking Agent Carter out and I was right there! I can’t believe I was so dumb to fall for the puppy dog eyes and cheesy smiles. Again.” I turned away from him and he jerked my arm back, making me face him again.

“I wasn’t checking her out! Oh yeah? I guess I am pretty dumb too then.” The fingers of his left hand twitched in irritation. I knitted my brows together in confusion. I had no idea what he was talking about. “What? You not even going to deny it?”

“Is this about Howard Stark again? Because there’s nothing between us…” He laughed humourlessly and let go off my arm.

“Howard Stark…” He snorted. “…No! I’m talking about you and Steve.” WHAT! “You know you were quick to judge me but at least I didn’t claim to love someone and then fuck their best friend.”

“Have you lost your bloody mind?!” I screamed at him. “What the hell is wrong with you? Steve is my best friend too. I wouldn’t do that to him… to you! Just leave me alone, James. Go finish the rest of your drink.” I resigned before walking back to my tent, leaving Bucky standing there. I got to my tent and screamed out in frustration. “Why does he have to be so goddamn annoying? Does he just lie awake at night thinking of ways to drive me crazy? Ugh, what is wrong with him?” I complained as I paced back and forth in the dark like a caged tiger. Suddenly, I felt someone press up against me.

“Because he loves you.” The voice whispered in my ear and I felt a smile tug on my lips. “I wasn’t going to let you walk away from me. Again.” Bucky admitted and I turned around to look up at him. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything, Anna.” Bucky leaned his mouth to my shoulder and planted a soft, innocent kiss before rising to his full height again. I sighed in defeat, stood up on my toes and peck his lips. I snaked my hands around his neck and moaned into the kiss,

“What am I going to do with you, Barnes?” Bucky walked me over to the bed, still keeping his lips on mine.

“I can think of a couple things.” He smirked between kisses and I pushed him away, giving him a serious look.

“I am not one of your whores, James.” I warned him and he pressed his lips onto mine again before laying me down on the mattress. He crawled on top of me and I locked my legs around his waist.

“Of course not, darling.” He moved his mouth along the crook of my neck and I arched into his mouth as his hands began to remove my dress and then his own clothes before bring his lips back up to mine. “You’re my red sun.”


Dawn came seeping through the tent flaps and pearly streaks of sunlight dancing across Bucky’s cheek. I lay across his bare chest, tracing the lines of his abs when Steve burst into the tent, not expecting us to be indecent. He let out a strangled shriek before ducking behind the tarp. Bucky stirred in his sleep before opening his eyes slowly to look at me trying to pull on some clothes. He smiled as I hopped around the room trying to find my blouse. He grabbed his pants from the floor under the bed and rolled it up his legs.

“Steve, you can come in now.” I announced when we were semi-dressed and Steve stepped inside, cautiously. He looked from me to Bucky and shook his head before telling Bucky that they were leaving for a mission in a couple hours and he should get dressed and meet him down in the briefing room. Bucky groaned and cracked his neck before pulling me into his arms and kissing the side of my neck.

“Jesus, guys. Can you wait till I’m gone?” Steve grumbled and covered his eyes. Bucky chuckled but didn’t stop. “Dress warmly, Buck.” Steve said before leaving.

“Your buttons aren’t done correctly.” Bucky whispered in my ear and I glanced down at my blouse. The buttons were mismatched and the one hem was longer than the other. I blushed and fumbled to correct them. “Did you enjoy…last night?” Bucky asked as he watched me unbutton and redo my blouse. I nodded shyly and watched as he used a bit of water to wash his face and brush his teeth. Bucky ran on ahead to meet up with Steve and I stayed behind to perform my morning ablutions.

I met him at the entrance to the base a little before mid-day and he was already in his uniform. Steve was standing at his side with a round, red, white and blue shield in his hand. It had a big star in the middle. Colonel Phillips was briefing the troops and I ran over to Bucky and hugged him tightly. “I don’t know how long this mission is going to last, darling. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He promised and I sighed and wrapped my arms even tighter around his waist. I didn’t want him to go. I had just gotten him back.

“You called me your ‘red sun’ what does that mean?” I asked remembering his words from the night before. He hung his head, shyly and his hair fell over his forehead. I brought my hands up to his chest and fidgeted with his dog tags. Suddenly, he reached up and pulled it over his head. “What are you doing?” I asked as he clasped it behind my neck.

“Wear it for me. I’ll tell you what it means when I get back.” I tinkered with the metal and tucked it inside my blouse.

“I don’t have anything to give you to remember me by.” I replied sadly and he pulled out a photograph he had of us in his jacket pocket. It was the same one from Coney Island except, he had cut Steve out and it was just the two of us. I laughed and buried my head into his chest. He cradled me in his arms protectively, before Colonel Phillips shouted at the troops to move out. Bucky slowly let go off me before planting a soft kiss on my lips and running after Steve.

I didn’t see him for three weeks after that and it was during this time that I realised the anxiety hadn’t gone away. In fact, it seemed to have gotten worse. When I had arrived at the camp, I hadn’t slept much so I didn’t know how bad it was but as I spent more nights sleeping alone, clutching Bucky’s dog tags, it began to show.

“I’m sorry, Anna but Bucky didn’t make it.” Steve tried, consolingly and I felt my eyes move up to his, slowly. There were filled with tears. The rest of the Howling Commandoes offered me sympathetic looks as well and I grabbed a bottle of whiskey from my night stand and cracked it against the side. I slammed the glass shard into Steve’s neck and watched him clutch the wound and shrink to the floor, bleeding. The rest of the Howling Commandoes charged at me and I spun around, dodging their grasps and stabbing them just as I had done Steve until they were all dead at me feet.

I felt a wave of relief spread over me as I looked down at my blood-stained hands. I turned around and watched as Peggy ran in and knelt down beside Steve. She cradled his lifeless body in her hands before looking up at me, enraged. I felt nothing. She came at me but I wasn’t holding the shard anymore and was defenceless. She gripped my shoulders and jerked my head back and forth chanting over and over again,

“He’s dead because of you.”

I was being shaken awake by Peggy as I thrashed around in the cot. I knocked over a bottle of water and the sound of the glass shattering sent me into a frenzy. I sat up with a start and bumped my head into Peggy’s nose. She yelped in pain and clutched her face.

“Peggy. Oh my God. I’m so sorry.” I said frantically as I rushed to her side and she turned her back towards me.

“It’s quite alright. It isn’t broken.” She assured me but it did little to ease my guilt. “I heard you tossing about and thought I’d check on you.” She turned around and looked at my sweat-drenched face. “You’re burning up.” She rushed to my side and the tent began to zoom around me. I couldn’t hear what Peggy said after that as the blood and pooled up inside my head and blocked out my hearing. I sank to my knees before my vision began to fade.

I awoke strapped to a gurney. I tried to pull my hands free but they were locked at my side. Peggy was sitting on a metal chair and unlocked my hands when she noticed that I had awakened. “Goodness, Anna, you gave me quite a scare. Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes would have killed me if something happened to you on my watch.” I looked around the room in confusion.

“Where am I?” I hadn’t seen this place before. “Have they returned yet? How long was I out for?” I tried to sit up and bright fluorescent light stung my eyes. I blinked a couple times and looked away.

“Easy.” Peggy said before handing me my glasses. “You were having a panic attack. We had to strap you down after you lashed out at Doctor Heinrich. It really was for your best interest.” I studied the bruises on my wrist. They were purple and roughly made. “Captain Rogers and the others are expected to return tomorrow. You were only out for a couple hours.” Peggy explained and I nodded before swinging my legs off the bed.

“I’m going to wait for Bucky.” I informed her before heading out of the room. I stalked up to the church and walked up to the bell tower. It was quiet and hardly anyone ever came up all the way up but it also gave me a good view of the entire camp.

I sat awake the entire night. I couldn’t afford another panic attack. It was about 04:51 when Bucky and Steve marched through the camp gates. Bucky had his sniper rifle in his hands and looked slightly frazzled. “Bucky.” I called and he looked up to me. I waved at him and he handed his rifle to Steve before running to meet me. I heard his footsteps pounding up the stairs and he appeared in the doorway. I rounded the bell and he held me tightly, burying his face into my hair. “God, I missed you.” I breathed and he nodded.

“You look tired.” He observed and I nodded and teased that he looked like he’d been to war. We both chuckled until his expression grew serious. He led me over to the chair I had brought up. He sat down and pulled me onto his lap. “How are you, darling?” He inquired and I shrugged nonchalantly. I hadn’t told him about the panic attacks and didn’t plan to, either. “I called you ‘red sun’ because when I arrived in England I saw this poem and there was this line that just sort of reminded me of you and the red sun is the last thing you see before the night and when HYDRA took me, every time they experimented on me and I thought I was going to die I would see your face. You were my red sun.” He explained and I looked away shyly. He tilted my mouth to his before kissing me, hesitantly.

“What’s the matter, Buck? You seem… off.” I noted and he sighed. I got off his lap and kneeled in front of him. “Hey, you can talk to me alright? I’m here for you always.” I massaged circles into his tense shoulders and he began to loosen up.

“There’s something wrong with me, Annie.” I bit my bottom lip and waited for him to go on. “I have these thoughts, these murderous thoughts. Not just about the bad guys about Steve too, even you. Sometimes I just wanna… god. I am so fucked up.” He shot to his feet and slammed his fist into the wall. I heard a few of the stones cracked and the knuckles of his left hand were bruised. I laced my fingers through his and raised it to my lips, kissing the bruises softly which made him flinch. “We were on a mission and I was watching Steve’s six. My finger was pressed against the trigger. I was so ready to pull it. I thought ‘no one would know it’s you, Barnes’ if that HYDRA agent didn’t charge at Steve I would have killed him. I would have killed my best friend, Annie and it was like I couldn’t stop myself.” He sounded so hopeless.

“James Buchanan Barnes, you are the sweetest man I have ever met and you listen to me now, okay?” He nodded and kept his eyes averted. “Look at me, we all have bad thoughts and having bad thoughts doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s a trait of being human.” Bucky met my eyes.

“How would you know about being human when you’re an angel?” He gave me the cheesiest grin he could manage and I burst out laughing before punching him playfully in the arm. He groaned as if it had hurt and I shook my head at him.

“Come on, you idiot. Let’s go see what Steve’s up to.”


Bucky joined Steve and the others for a game of cards in the pub. I was getting pretty bored and decided to go find Peggy. I pecked Bucky on the cheek before excusing myself. I heard the roar of the soldier’s laughter. I hadn’t seen Peggy since that day in the infirmary and decided to go back and ask the doctor if he had seen her. There were a few soldier’s clutching various ailing body parts and moaning in the dark as I passed them to head to the backroom. Doctor Heinrich’s white coat could be seen through the small glass window and I knocked on the door before entering. Doctor Heinrich had a thick white moustache and blonde hair. He had a square jaw and wrinkles.

“Hi… Err… Do you know where I could find Peggy Carter? I haven’t seen her for a few days.” The Doctor spun around, startled by my presence. His eyes flitted to Bucky’s dog tags around my neck.

“I thought it was her… but it’s you.” He hissed in a German accent and I back away from him. “You’re the girl Zola wanted.” Okay, what the hell? I tried to run out of the room but the doctor slammed on a red button and the door shut behind me. I pulled on the handle but it would not budge. I spun on my heel and the doctor was right in front of me. He had a large needle in his hand. “Don’t worry, we don’t want to hurt you… a lot. We just need Sergeant Barnes.” That was the last thing I heard him say before he shoved the needle in my arm and I passed out.

The room was dark and I couldn’t see. There was a noise. I couldn’t quite figure what it was. It was loud, perhaps it was thunder but the sound was more consistent than that. The lights flickered on and I squinted at the sudden brightness. I heard the clinking of metal and a small, stout man with glasses stepped in front of me. He gazed at me, almost lovingly.

“You are going to bring me, Sergeant Barnes. He is positive results. I need to run more tests on him.” I spat at his feet and suddenly he grabbed my face and pushed me back into the chair. I looked out the glass panels at the mountainous terrain whirring past. I was on a train. The man still held on to me. The chugging of the engine seemed to have become louder. Two guards ran into the room and addressed the man as ‘Zola.’ They informed him that ‘they’ were on their way, who ‘they’ were… I didn’t know. I heard a thud on the roof and Zola looked up in concern before running out of the room, leaving the guards with me. They pointed their guns at me and I glared at them in contempt. The door on the right side of the carriage wheezed open and there was a succession of bullets. Maybe ten or fifteen rounds. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain of one of them hitting me, but none did. I opened my eyes and the HYDRA guards were on the floor. Gabe and Jacques stepped in. I sighed in relief as the two undid my chains. I massaged my wrists and looked up at them.

“Bucky? Is he here?” I asked them worriedly and they pointed towards the door from which they entered. “Zola, he…” They nodded as if they understood but in reality they had no idea.” I had to warn Bucky that it was him they wanted. Not Steve. I bounded through each carriage, running faster than I ever could. Steve and Bucky were in the last compartment together. “Steve! Steve! Bucky!” I called to them and slammed my fists onto the glass. This temporarily distracted Steve and he got knocked down, dropping his shield. Bucky picked it up in his right hand and began firing at the guard with his pistol. It didn’t even scratch his armour.

The guard raised his gun at Bucky and a bright blue light – like a laser – shot at him. I gasped in horror as Bucky dropped Steve’s shield and hit the side of the train before flying out. I screamed in horror. Steve quickly rolled and knocked the guard out before running to the side of the train. He reached out for Bucky, trying to pull him in but gravity would not comply. All I could do was watch as the handle of the train broke off and Bucky fell. I screamed out loud and Steve looked back at me. He rushed over to open the door and comfort me but I pushed him out of the way and eyed the rope harness on the floor. I picked it up and knotted it tightly around my waist. Steve was beside himself. I could see the guilt he felt but I didn’t have time to console him. He looked up at me apologetically as I stood at the edge of the train and stared down at the moving ravine. I had to act fast.

“Anna! NO! You’ll die too!” Steve screamed when he realised what I was doing. I looked at him with tears in my eyes.

“I have to, Steve. It’s my job to follow him… even in death.” And I jumped off the train after Bucky.

A/N: First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who takes the time out of their day to read this. What did you guys think of Part 3? I hope you like it. There will definitely be a part 4. 

EXO’s reaction to their little sister being very flirty at a party

Anonymous said: Exos reaction to their little sister being very flirty at a party?

Thank you for the request! I totally stole your title too, haha I hope you don’t mind :) —– ALSO I took it as like… A lot of flirting. To the point where it seems like she wants to have sex with everyone.


I’m gonna say that the sister is around 17 yrs old.


Baekhyun: He sees his sister in the corner with some random dude. His sister is drunk, which is already upsetting. She wasn’t supposed to get drunk at all, nor be flirting with a random douchebag. He keeps his distance for some time, just keeping an eye on her. When the guy begins pawing at his sister’s butt, Baekhyun gets up from the chair in disgust, but keeps his head cool. The sister is enjoying the pawing and the sight is disturbing Baekhyun. After the party he asks her a lot of questions about the guy, and if anything happened.

Chanyeol: He is drinking a few beers and enjoying the party with his friends, but then spots his little sister making out with a guy he hasn’t seen before. His mood immediately changes from happy to angry. His over-protectiveness kicks in, and he marches over to the sister and pulls her away from the guy. Both the sister and the guy groan, but Chanyeol keeps pulling his sister in the arm, and brings her to the bathroom. When they are alone he shouts at her, and tells her how dumb it is to drink so much that you don’t know what you are doing.

“I’ve tried it myself, and it didn’t end well.” he says with a very serious tone.“What happened then?” she asks with a very playful and wobbly voice. He makes an angry expression at her. “Well, I ended up having sex with a girl I didn’t know.” he answers in an even more pissed off voice than before. The sisters eyes widen, and she now understands that what she did was dumb. She pouts and tries to look innocent. “Sorry Channie.” and he then looks at her with friendlier eyes. “It’s okay, just don’t do it again, got it?” and with that he hugs her tightly.

Chen: Chen wouldn’t have the same older brother instinct as some of the rest. He would poke at one of his friends when he notices her and a guy together. “Ey dude, see that? My little sis is popular!” and then would keep a little eye on her for the rest of the night, just to make sure she didn’t do anything too stupid.

D.O: Kyungsoo would be sitting in a chair taking a break from human interaction when his little sister and her boyfriend comes stumbling into the room, making out heavily. He puts his drink down and chases the two. He then separates them easily and forcefully pulls his sister to the car. “We’re going home.” and when the sister pouts at him and begs him to let her back into the party, he shakes his head and starts driving without hesitating. “You’re not going back there little lady.”

Kai: Jongin has his eyes on his sister from start to end, because he knew she would do something stupid. She’s making out with a random person, and when Jongin gets eye contact with the guy, he signals that he is keeping an eye on them, and that he better not hurt his precious sister.

Kris: Yifan was never really loving the idea of going to the same party as his little sister, but when he sees her having very extreme flirt sessions with every guy there, he can’t take it anymore. He sighs and walks over to his sister. “S/N you gotta stop, you will regret this later” but she just shakes his hand off her shoulder and whines at him. “It’s my life and my choices. Keep away from me” and in that second a guy comes over to her and snatches her from Yifan. He is left bitter and annoyed.

Lay: Lay would be confused on what to do. Should he stop her or let her do what she wants? He decides to call her over after some time, and tell her that her behavior is not appropriate, and then advice her to stop. He wouldn’t force her to stop but he would make sure she knew that he didn’t like what she was doing. She would respect his opinion and probably tone it down a notch.

Luhan: ManlyManLuhan will not tolerate this at all. The second he sees his little sister dancing a little too sexily and a little too close to a guy he would shout from the other side of the room. “S/N! Come here right now!” and when she arrives, he scolds her. “You are being so stupid right now! Do you even know the guy?” he shouts. “No, but why do you care?” she snaps back at him. *Luhan is offended* “Go home right now young lady.”

Sehun: Sehun suddenly leaves his friends, and doesn’t tell them why. He then comes back a little later. “What were you doing?” they ask him. “I might have poisoned that guys drink….” *points at sisters guy friend*

Suho: *The sister is making out with multiple random dudes* Suho doesn’t do anything at the party besides from keeping close to his little sis without her knowing, just to make sure that if something happens he’s there immediately. But when they get home, he sits her down and makes her tea. “Do you think it was responsible of you to make out with so many people?” he asks her in a calm but disappointed voice. “no…” she says, looking very guilty. “Good. Cause it wasn’t.”

Tao: He would basically just annoy her when they get home, because she’s drunk and she did things she’s embarrassed about. “I told you not to kiss that boy! Everyone could see he was about to throw up!” he says while poking her stomach with a toy. He then laughs at her, and when their mom comes downstairs because she heard them coming home and asks what he’s laughing about, he quickly tells her what the sis did. “S/N made out with someone she didn’t know and he threw up on her!”. “What the hell Tao!?” she screams and then hits him in the face. He keeps laughing until she is almost about to cry. He then comforts her, but still laughs a little. (evil Tao is evil)

Xiumin: Xiumin is casually drinking a beer when he hears someone throw up behind him. He turns around to look, and sees her sister and a guy - frozen. His sister is very red in the face and the guy has puke all over him. Xiumin sighs, stands up and grabs his little sisters wrist and pulls her to the toilet. “I told you not to drink so much!” he says while holding her hair back while she throws up in the toilet. He pads her back to show her he’s there for her. When she’s done she tells him that she also kinda made out with more than one guy. Xiumin shakes his head at her. “You’re really a dumb teenager, you know that right?” …. she nods. “I know. Sorry Oppa…”. He continues: “And what did I tell you about drinking so much?” he asks her. “That it’s stupid and that I would throw up…”.

“And what happened?” he says while making a face at her that tells her she’s very stupid. “I got very drunk anyways….” she answers with a guilty face. “Sorry to say this, but I told you so.”

*btw sorry xiumins was more to the drunk reaction side, but I thought xiumin would pretty much do the same as Lay, just a little more aggressive*

ficlet: Questions and Answers

“I am going to fail.”

Varsha sighed. “You are not going to fail. You are always like this.” She looked up, pointing a pen in Lucy’s direction. It had a pink puffball of a heart on the end of it. “Always. And it is tiresome.”

“Is it too much to ask for a little reassurance from a friend?” Lucy asked.

“It is when you get a better score than me,” Varsha said, but she was smiling. “Study.”

“Hey, I can-” Her phone vibrated on her desk, and Lucy rolled to her knees, fumbling for it. “I am studying, I am studying hard, what the hell do you think I’m doing here?” She glanced down at her phone, and she flopped back down on her ass with a grin. “I am going to take this.”

“Not supposed to,” Varsha said, her back braced against the wall, her legs tucked neatly under her.  Her books were spread out on the floor around her in a precise semi-circle. “Study session. No distractions.”

“You going to tell on me?” Lucy challenged.

Varsha looked up, a smile curving her lips. “Is it him?” she asked, her eyes bright.

“Maybe,” Lucy said, clutching her phone to her chest. “Maaaaaaybe.”

Varsha let out a small, high pitched squeak of glee. “I hear nothing. Take it, take it!”

“You are the absolute best,” Lucy said. “Let me know if you hear someone coming.” With a flick of her thumb, she answered the call. “You’re not supposed to be calling me now, and you know it.”

“Question,” DJ said, and she grinned down at her notebook.

“Hello to you, too,” Lucy said. She tucked her pen behind her ear, flicking through her textbook with her other hand. “To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

“I have a question,” DJ repeated, his voice patient.

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When the Clock Strikes 12:17 - CS FF

Sure there are plenty of CHRISTMAS AUs but what about DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS AUs? Here is some day after christmas FLUFF and ANGST. I gave my secret santas their fics already however I told them I would write more because I was inspired by them and the holidays so I am dedicating this baby to @darkswanling and @captain-saviours-heart, CSSS and OUATSS respectively. I hope you like your extra fics bbs because more is coming your way!

Rating: E but this gets kind of sad so Word Count: 4200
(Spoilers/TriggerWarnings: Car Accident, Liam’s Death, Sadness basically)

SUMMARY: Emma Swan is not a grinch, she just doesn’t like Christmas. Her roommate Killian Jones however, cannot wait to decorate the flat. They agree that he can do absolutely whatever he wants the moment Thanksgiving ends, but when tragedy strikes it might be up to Emma to save the holiday she has so many issues with. 


Emma Swan was NOT a grinch or Scrooge , contrary to popular opinion. Just because she was apathetic to christmas did not means that she was a heartless monster ready to steal all the christmas lights- she just didn’t particularly like the christmas lights. Or the trees or the stockings and fine she didn’t like christmas but she wasn’t sure many people with her childhood would.

Emma had been in the foster system- bounced back and forth and back and forth for eighteen years of her life. She was never with a family twice for the holidays, more often than not more than one between thanksgiving and the christmas. No foster parent was paid well for bringing in children, so gifts were an exception rather than the rule, and they were never as nice as what her schoolmates had. She found out santa wasn’t real right when she was four, an angry foster father with an affinity for menthol cigarettes and violence had been furious with the fact that he didn’t get credit for buying her a set of pencils with his money. People always talked about the magic of the season, but magic wasn’t something Emma had ever encountered before, and definitely wasn’t something she believed in. Christmas was full of painful memories of houses that could have been homes and houses that definitely should not have been homes but haunted her all the same, and of course it was a reminder that she didn’t have a real family to go home to after twenty eight years.

Killian Jones, however, had a completely different way of viewing things.

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[FAN ACCOUNT] 151122 In the Heights

Hello all! First of all, for the few who wanted a fan account, thank you for waiting so long. And thank you to all the kind souls that have only said good things after the big meet. I seriously love this fandom (international and korean) cause I didn’t get even one rude comment. Anyway, I decided to write a brief account on the encounter I had with both Sunggyu and Dongwoo at the last show for ‘In the Heights’.

So, first things first. Seoul is a much smaller city than it seems and you can always find someone (or a few someones) who knows someone in the industry. With that being said, my friend is friends with a cast member that was also in ‘In the Heights’. We were randomly talking when she mentioned her friend and that she was in this musical in which I was like ‘WHAAAATTTTT’. Long story short, she was able to get my friend a ticket to the last show and we were able to go backstage to greet her and give her flowers. Knowing that at least Sunggyu would be there and I’d have the possibility of seeing him or even meeting him, I brought ‘27′ and ‘Reality’ (just in case Dongwoo showed up too). I was so nervous though I almost threw up on the subway on the way there… I’m getting anxious now just thinking about it. It didn’t help that we got the go ahead at the very last minute so I didn’t have any time to prepare myself for what was coming ahead. But anyway, we were led to the back area and waited while the cast took their last pics together. I swear it was like slow motion when I saw Sunggyu walk out followed by Dongwoo. Sunggyu turned towards our direction and walked straight to his mom and gave her a big hug. Yup, that’s right, turns out I was standing by his family the whole time. I’m not going to go into much detail about his family or what they talked about or did since he tries to keep his family on the down low compared to some of the other members, and he also probably didn’t think a fan was in the proximity. But, I will say that I didn’t think he looked like either of his parents too much and I didn’t get a good look at his sister. Sorry, I’d love to share but I want to respect his privacy even if it was only for a moment. After he sent his family out, my friend asked her friend if we could get pics with the boys and she must’ve caught on that I was a big fan (prob cause I was beet red and staring at the ground) so instead of taking a group pic, her friend suggested one with just me and Gyu. And that’s why I look so happily dumb in that picture. He was so nice though guys. I told him I was a big fan and he thanked me and his face was like 5 inches away from my face… I don’t know why he was so close but it was overwhelming to say the least. I also remember thinking “I really hope he can’t feel my heart racing through my shoulder” but I’m pretty sure he could cause it was like pounding through my whole body. We took a couple of pics and I think I thanked him (I kinda blanked out and my friend had to walk me through what had happened) and as he was turning to go I had a million things running through my head but I couldn’t get any of them out. And then… that was that. He was extremely busy and I didn’t want to be a bother.

After that, Gyu disappeared and Dongwoo was just hanging out with the girl manager and some others. I finally worked up the courage and asked for a picture during a pause in their convo. Which resulted in my awkward awkward pic with Dongwoo lol. (Please don’t judge me too hard on how I looked… I’m very self conscious about those pics) Anyway, I asked for an autograph which he obliged and we had some trouble with the spelling of my name but it’s okay. The girl manager was so cute, she was helping him hold the album so he could sign steadily and she asked him why he signed so small and he said so that Sunggyu would have room (though it didn’t matter in the end since I didn’t get Gyu’s sign) Anyway, I think I was much less nervous so I word vomited a few things at him, like that I had seen him perform at a different showing and that he did really well and the character suited him in which he thanked me. And I suddenly remembered it was his birthday so I kinda blurted a “Happy Birthday!” at him and he thanked me and shook my hand. And that was the end of that. My friend’s friend had to leave, so not to overstay the welcome, I thanked her and we left maybe a good 10-15 minutes after we arrived. The awkward thing is we had to leave through the doors that all the fangirls are waiting in front of… so that was interesting lol. 

In the end, the boys were extremely sweet and very good looking in person. Sunggyu, even with the heavy stage makeup, just made the room shine, and Dongwoo with no makeup was so perfect looking. His bare face is really nice btw, like his skin is so clear. So yeah, it was a good day. Sorry, I just realized that this ‘brief’ account was not very brief. And I did leave out some details, or this would be a 10 page essay and I would have nothing special left for myself. Hope you guys liked it and thanks again for the supportive messages. Through this experience I’ve realized a few things. One, the boys are sincerely amazing, I don’t think they’re fake at all. Two, this fandom is one of, if not the best at supporting each other and having great attitudes. Three, life is crazy. 

Anyway, for those who may not have heard, we will be subbing INFINITE’s Showtime, so please look forward to that and please keep supporting the boys through the end of the year award shows!!!!