her face is so cute i can't

Tyler seeing Jenna in her wedding dress for the first time gives me life. Just look at his face. This is too precious.

A woman at the grocery store pointed me out and said, “She’s cuuuute!” I looked around (looking for cute girl) then looked back at her as she was walking towards me. She then said, “I’m sorry! You just have a cute face!” I tilted my head coy-like and said thank you.
I wish now that I would have hugged her and told her how nice that made me feel.

I’m watching say to the dress and this beautiful woc is the bride and is so excited to buy her dress to marry her wife, who is also a woc, in and she said her fiancée makes her feel like warm cookies fresh out of the oven and she can’t wait to be her wife and I’m on so much percocet and anesthesia I’m crying so much at how beautiful and cute they are there are tears steaming down my face


Alice and Mary talk about Rapunzel’s hair.

The way that Jemma has her arms around Catherine and Catherine is holding onto Jemma’s arms and Jemma has her chin on Catherine’s shoulder and Catherine’s face is turned towards her and they’re both smiling and ugh

A few days ago I make a commission to the wonderful @dahliadenoire, I asked for my KyoAni girlfriend Reina Kousaka from “Hibike!Euphonium” and today I got this!!

Look at her beautiful face!! Tammy is my favorite artist when it comes to girls designs. I am so in love with her girl version of makoharu btw (check them, they are perfect, like really perfect.)

So, if you’re planning on commission an artist and are looking for super good quality, go to Tammy’s (again username @dahliadenoire) and check her gallery and prices She’s also super nice, you won’t be disappointed.


eunji trying to take a picture of the fans


could literally roast emma watson for ten minutes now but instead: like the movie was otherwise reasonably cute, like i enjoyed it

i wish they’d toned down the NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS thing but instead they somehow made it worse

“all i wanted to do was teach a child to reeeead!” oh pardon ME madamoiselle i didn’t realize we were entertaining a SAINT

when the ASS was this movie supposed to be set. guns bows illiteracy rococo PLAGUE

why did they cut out the line in gaston’s song about being hairy. it’s fundamental to my arguments about his character motivations. dammit

i DID literally miss the hyped gay moment entirely, someone said it was dudes dancing ? but ya boi (ya girl?) pleased with the dress in the invasion sequence was cute

EMBARRASSING focus in on the dress appliqués

when the beast was hurt and they had his shirt off i was like, put it back

i liked his song after she left

literally the whole time i was wishing maurice had been billy connelly for some reason


I have a little headcanon that even though there’s a huge age gap, the nerd gang absolutely adore hiro and spoil him to bits

• gogo has a soft side for hiro. She’s obviously not some cold hearted bitter human but she’s very feisty so when the nerd gang see her soften when Hiros around because of his cute little face and because he’s basically her younger brother now they tease her endlessly

• cuddling. I have a massive headcanon that hiro falls asleep in his lab a lot, or if they gang are out late from a mission and just crash and Fred’s house hiro will automatically just cling onto whoever is closest to him and curl up beside them like a little koala and just sleep

• gogo and hiro fights. Like I can confirm that yes hiro and gogo always play fight 101% they definitely wrestle and obviously gogo goes a lil easy on him because she doesn’t want to wreck the kid but no matter what situation they’re in they always end up just rolling around on top of each other either starting world war 3 or laughing their asses off

• Honey Lemon bringing Hiro to go shopping with her and he really doesn’t want to go but he does because he doesn’t wanna make her unhappy and she buys him like a load of new clothes (the type he really doesn’t enjoy wearing - skinny black jeans and white t-shirts) and at the start he’s not particularly happy about wearing them because he’s aware of he’s thin and petite body but eventually when he sees thag he’d doesn’t look so bad he begins to grow on them.

• wasabi is obviously huge compared to hiro and I bet that he’s always just picking the little guy up and throwing him around upside down because he’s so light and hiro loves it and it makes him a lil giddy and the team love it

• Baymax is probably the best entertainer. Like Hiros a clumsy idiot and is always tripping over things and his own feet but Baymax always cheers them up if a mission goes wrong makes them laugh and helps them all the time and is becoming more human like all the time

• hiro and Fred are the giddiest in the group, obviously, being influenced by an older person Hiro finds it easier to get giddy and when they’re both high on candy the team just SIGH because this always happens. Then a video of them singing on one of the tables in the cafe and twerking with stashes of sweet bags in their hands goes viral on Instagram and let’s just say they’re much much more cautious now.

• honey lemon definitely gives hiro as many cuddles and so much love that the boy can handle and he definitely goes to her or Baymax first if he’s upset and if he needs or just wants attention

• needless to say, the gang love him and even though he’s quite a small person and a little clumsy and reckless they still adore him and wouldn’t change him for the world

INTP-ENFP One Last Awkward Interaction
  • INTP and ENFP are meeting for the first time in a few months.
  • ENFP: So, INTP...
  • INTP: Yes.
  • ENFP: What was it like after I left?
  • ENFP: Did you take it really hard, not having me around?
  • INTP: It was awful.
  • INTP: I cried.
  • INTP: A lot.
  • ENFP: You did not, shut up.
  • INTP: ESFP held me most of the time. I cried on her shoulder, most days.
  • ENFP: You're such a jerk! \(*^▽^*)/
  • ENFP: Hey, I like your tie!
  • INTP: Oh, thanks. Yeah, I'm really mad about the fact that this outfit is really smashing, yet the gown covers everything, so you really don't even get to see it.
  • ENFP: Oh my god, me too.
  • ENFP: I mean, look at this dress. I want some of the poofs to be visible, you know!
  • INTP: Mmm. A tragic shame.
  • ENFP: How am I supposed to woo all the guys.
  • INTP: Okay.
  • ENFP: And especially.
  • INTP: No.
  • ENFP: How am I
  • INTP: Stop.
  • ENFP: Supposed
  • INTP: Don't.
  • ENFP: To woo YOU??
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: *Sigh*
  • ENFP: Yeah, I haven't changed--
  • INTP: No, I know.
  • ENFP: ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ
  • INTP: (⊙_◎)

I can’t wait for the nights when I get to hold my beautiful girl so close to my body, hear her soft breaths leave her mouth while her scent captivates me.

And in the mornings be the first person to witness her cute confused morning face before she smiles and pulls me close to her warm body.