her face is really important guys

Picture this:

Leo Valdez lands in the centre of Camp Jupiter, valiantly striding his giant bronze dragon.

People are whispering.

“Who is that?”

“The son of Vulcan- Hephaestus. I heard he died in the war!”

“Then how is he here?”

“Is that dragon… metal?”

Leo smiles brilliantly, and raises a hand in a wave.

With surprising agility, he hops to the ground, dusts off his coveralls, and speaks. “I need to see the praetors of Camp Jupiter.”

There is movement in the crowd, two people dressed in purple togas over armour come forward.

One is a girl with light brown skin and thin fierce eyes. Her hair is braided down her back and a golden laurel is placed atop her head. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that she could kill the most dangerous of monsters with a single glance.

The other is a young Asian man, tall and broad shouldered with a look of awe on his face. His muscles let you know that he could snap your neck as easily as a twig, but his kind face says that he also would never want to hurt a soul.

Leo smiles uncontrollably, and holds his arms out wide at his friends. “Reyna! Frank! It’s so good to see you guys! I have something really important to-”

“Leo,” interrupts the male praetor, Frank, his dark eyes full of worry for his old friend, “if I were you, I’d run. Fast.”

A frown finds its way into Leo’s face. “Ouch, man. I just got here and you’re already telling me to leave.” He brings his hands to his heart jokingly. “I thought we had something special, Frank.”

Reyna shakes her head, her eyes wide, but before she can say a word, a different voice speaks, softly, “Leo?”

It was like music to his ears. Leo had wondered when he would hear the kind voice of his dear friend again. Excited, and ignoring the advice of his friends to flee, Leo turns around to see a girl.

She is quite short, with chocolaty dark skin and curly hair. She has bright golden eyes that hint at her real age, though no one would suspect her of it.

Leo can’t stop himself from smiling, and he holds his arms out again for a hug.

Running towards him at full speed, instead of a hug, Hazel Levesque, with all of her might, punches Leo square in the face.

This Is War [9]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1274

Warnings: It’s a little angsty.. And there is bad language!

A/N: All of the support and comments that I have been receiving on this series has really made me feel so great and totally inspired!! I’m sorry this part is.. Well.. You’ll see.. Feedback as always would be amazing!! Thank you for reading xoxo

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the fuckboy scheme

◇ You’ve just waged war on renowned fuckboy Jeon Jungkook.

◇ Jungkook x reader

◇ fuckboi!au + college!au

tfs 2

◇ based off unforgettable by french montana even tho he’s trash just because i could lol

◇ ahsjksks I’m not dead my dudes don’t worry im just studying which is the same thing but!!! Anyway i made this because of procrastination so don’t expect another one right away lol ❤️❤️❤️💟💖💖


You were proud to say that college wasn’t kicking your ass as much as it probably could. You finished three of your four essays due, completed a project that was 35% of your final grade, and managed to study for at least 10 minutes in the passed week.

And now, here you lay, your laptop perched on the bed in front of you with Netflix pulled up in the screen and a large bag of Doritos beside you. Your well-earned reward — and you’re enjoying it, too. Well, until—

“Hey!” The bubbly brunette you fondly called your roommate plummets onto your bed before you register her presence, and the presence of her red headed girlfriend who trails in after. “Guess what?”

“You and Rose decided to take a spontaneous trip to Hawaii and leave me to watch Luke Cage?” You try with a wishful smile, knowing damn well what she was about to propose as soon as she pulled up her Twitter. “A party? Really?”

“Yes!” Jennie grins brightly, shoving the screen in your face. A tweet from the man himself, Jackson Wang, is on the screen, and you barely catch the words party and insane before she yanks it back. “Jackson is throwing another party this Friday and since there’s nothing too important coming up, I demand that you attend—”

“I don’t think so,” you laugh in disbelief, turning back to your relaxing setup. “No more parties for me—”

“Oh, come on,” Jennie’s face drops as she groans, slumping her body over your back dramatically — it was times like this that her fine arts major really came out. “The last party you went to was weeks ago! The last guy that you slept with was ages ago and it was terrible and it’s making you cranky—”

“I am not cranky!” You interrupt in indignation, eyes wide. At the pointed look that’s shot at you from both girls, you deflate. “That guy wasn’t that bad. What’s your point?”

“Our point,” Rose speaks with a furrow of her eyebrows, “is that since you slept with You-Know-Who—” Her eyes narrow warningly when your mouth opens to make a Voldemort joke— “You’ve been in a slump. And it’s making you angry at everything.”

“So you think I should go to a party to get wasted and fuck someone?” You retort, rolling your eyes, “I don’t think so.”

“You don’t have to get wasted,” Jennie whines, tugging at your arm. “Look, me and Rose are going too. We’ll stay with you until you get some nice piece of meat to play with—”


“And then you can be happy and we’ll be happy because you’re happy!” She concludes with a cheeky grin.

You ponder her offer, swimming between whether or not you should listen to your ultracrepidarian best friend. Your hesitance shows obviously on your face, and Jennie pouts. “Please? I haven’t been to a party with my best friend in weeks—”

You sigh, pulling your arms from your grip and wriggling your body to roll Jennie off of your back. “Whatever, whatever. Can I watch this in peace now?”

Squeals and whatnot ensue, but you can only roll your eyes and push your earphones in further, grabbing another handful of Doritos.


Nothing had ever irritated Jeon Jungkook as much as this particular thing was.

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Okay, but honestly I love Doctor Wong. I’m sure the Smith family won’t be going back to see her, but she really made the episode for me.

Rick and Morty surprised me by portraying therapy as a valid thing. Most of the time when I see a character in therapy in a comedy, especially one as dark and irreverent as Rick and Morty it’s portrayed as useless or worse, and the character is usually portrayed as someone weak and worthy of mockery for it. I was 100% expecting that from this episode.

And the episode seems like it’s going in that direction with Rick’s typical berating of Doctor Wong, but then it takes a hard left turn. It turns Rick’s attitude back on him and all but states his takedown of therapy is based in his unwillingness to do the work of therapy. He’s not being a cool, edgy smart guy who sees through the bullshit, he’s being a petulant child who dismisses everything he doesn’t want to do as stupid and a waste of time.

Also, poop jokes aside Doctor Wong is never portrayed as anything other than intelligent, insightful and sincere. She remains calm and never raises her voice even when Beth and Rick insult her to her face. It doesn’t come off as some fakey-happy calm either, just the professional attitude of someone who’s used to talking to people who have a low opinion of her vocation. It was honestly really important to me.


so for anyone who may be curious: pidge is talking about alan turing, an incredible english computer scientist from the early 1900s - pretty much known as the father of artificial intelligence !! he played a major role in world war ii, his ingenuity allowing the allies to crack intercepted coded messages and defeat the nazis. he was a hero essentially ??? but during the 50s he ended up getting prosecuted, forced to undergo chemical treatment, and was then poisoned and killed by his own countrymen … because he was gay.

so pidge mentioning this guy in canon is a big deal !! i mean just look at her face the moment she starts to talk about the ‘age’ turing lived in. she might have gone on about the injustice for hours had keith not interrupted and reminded her of the like, really important task at hand.

rfa-gifs-deactivated20170709  asked:

can i request rfa helping MC out of a really tight dress but then transitions into xtra spicy jalapeño rough sex? ;o; omg i feel kinda shy requesting nsfw -runs away into the abyss- PleAse dOnt FinD mY tUmblR mOm

GUESS WHO IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER ;D someone out there but not me I’m trying to get back into the groove of things lmao :,) sorry y'all I’m a bit rusty 😩


  • He notice you were taking a long time in the bathroom but he was hesitant of checking up on you because he wanted to start learning to give you space. He finished taking of his suit and he was laughing to himself because you always made fun of him for taking forever to dress. He was getting ready for bed and he just left himself with his briefs on waiting to cuddle with you :3
  • NNnuuuUUGHH JUMIN HELP ME I CAN’T BREATHE” holy mother of god.. He was scared because he thought you were dying D: he didn’t even open the door he just kicked it down worried what was happening to you. When he saw you in the middle of the bathroom hallway *best believe this man bathroom is like a fucking house* he just chuckled because the zipper was out of your reach. He enjoyed seeing your struggle but you gave him those adorable puppy dog eyes with your beautiful (e/c) that he finally made his way towards you. He gripped your shoulder firmly giving you a sense of security that he was going to help you in this predicament
  • You moved your hair out of the way and he gently tugged the zipper making it glide towards the floor… he notice you didn’t wear any underwear. He was feeling the blood quickly go towards his cock making it want to plunge himself inside of you. “Babe.. um.. Why.. aren’t you wearing underwear?” You had a tint of pink forming across your cheeks nervous of the truth you were going to tell him “ I was um uh hoping we could fuck at the grand opening party but… i notice you weren’t in the mood so.. Yeah” You closed your eyes afraid of his answer but you felt his fingertips slowly tracing your spine… making his way to your ass giving them a good squeeze. You felt his body heat spreading around you. You leaned back onto his chest and he leaned towards your ear “ My dirty dirty girl–slaps your ass– Im going to make it up to you. Bend over over” It was your instinct to follow his commands because god you love it. He got his cock  and smacked it on your ass and you already felt your clit become sensitive. Shit this man had too much power over you. He was teasing your pussy by rubbing his cock against your folds and you decide to wiggle your body trying to get my friction “Fuck baby, my princess is needy” He slammed himself in you giving you deep and fast strokes. You kept yelling harder and harder till he picked you upped and took you to the shower. He turned on the shower head and placed it on your clit and continued fucking you. You were fucking gone. You were dead, done, bye, anti bonjour
  • Yall fucked for a good hour and yall knocked out on the bathroom floor.

Zen: *shout out to pandora for playing grind on me c:*

  • You saw this to die for dress but it only had a size *one size smaller than your normal size* and you were like fuck it i’ll just suck in. You bought the dress and forced your way into it because you wanted to look good as Zen’s girlfriend. It was a bit of pressure always having paparazzi, and crazy fans but you didn’t care you loved him but there was always this voice in your head that you must look beyond presentable at all times.
  • You legit slowly waddle your way to the theater sit waiting for one of his musicals to start. You decided not to sit in the front because you didn’t want to ruin the dress because you felt like your body was going to burst out of it any minute and just imagine the zipper hitting zen and ugh.. Just no.. When the musical was over you notice Zen kept looking at crowd for you and you decide to go backstage quickly to his dressing room waiting for him. The short walk was hell you felt like you were gonna die. He notice you seemed stiff??? So he ran to you and picked you up and kissed you “My queen how did i do my darling! And why didn’t i see you in the spot i always reserved for you?” you just kissed him deeply to shut him up. He finally took you to the dressing room and he was trying to unzip your dress but he couldn’t find the zipper. He put you down and you knew the fucking zipper just exploded somewhere and now you are stuck and you were gonna cry till this fucking sex god ripped your dress and your panties, unhooked your bra, pinned you against the wall, spread your legs and put one finger inside your pussy. “Baby look at me please–fingers faster– I love your shape and I’m in love with you now promise me you wouldn’t hurt your body but sucking yourself into that dress baby because 1) i care for you and 2) *brings your body closer to him and picks on your legs up to give better access* your ass looked so perfect baby that so many men were looking at you and i don’t like that baby want to know why?” You were in fucking heaven. His bulge was grinding against you and you were thrusting yourself on it giving yourself more pleasure “because you are fucking mine and right now i’m a bit thirsty” He picked you up even further and your back was against the wall and your legs were on his shoulders and he was licking your pussy as if it was an oasis. You had nowhere to hold onto but  the fucking air so you just grabbed his hair and made his tongue go deeper into you.


  • “ (y/n) do you need help with that my life?” Jaehee slowly made her way towards you and brushed your hair out of the way lovingly. You always loved how Jaehee always had so much passion with everything she does. From the way she walks to the way she sleeps. When she sleeps, she has this scrunched look in her eyes as if she was doing reports in her dreams. You just wished… she was a bit more rough when it comes to you to being intimate. You were lost in your thoughts when you realized you were already naked in front of Jaehee and well she has always seen you naked but this time she was more in awe. You looked like a complete goddess to her and she had to show the world that you were hers. She grabbed your hand and led you to the bed. She kissed your forehead and you grabbed her hair and guided her face towards your lips. The kiss was full of hunger and Jaehee was already feeling her sex become wet. She wasn’t use to the roughness of the kiss but she wanted to give you what you craved. She grabbed your tit and massaged it gently and gently brought her mouth closer to ear and bite it gently. Your senses were going crazy because holy fuck she is doing it and well you couldn’t take the agonizing pain anymore.
  • You lowered yourself on the bed and you saw the expression on her face changed dramatically.

  • She was trying to figure out what you were planning to do and you just guided her hips upwards and you kept going lower. You saw your love turn redder than a tomato and she was realizing you were insisting on her riding your face. 2 mins later she came lmao


  • This poor bean was grateful you went to an event his coffee club was holding. It was rather an important event because some near by coffee shops were considering sponsoring the club so they can go on a trip to italy to learn more about the coffee culture over there. You knew he was going to be nervous, so you went with him c:
  • The event was suppose to last 3 hours but since many sponsors came it lasted about 6 hours and you guys were exhausted. He really felt bad because he knew you were tired but you were pulling through for him. When it was finally over, he told you to go back home but you refused, instead you helped him clean up the mess and he just wanted to show you love D: when you two got home, you went to the bed and you were too tired to move. Yoosung took of your heels and massaged your feet in silence. He thought you were asleep but you were just enjoying the damn massage. You stood up a bit so yoosung can take of your dress, which he did…. With many conflicting thoughts.. He then offered you a back massage and when he went to go get the lotion you were already but naked waiting for him. He just chuckled and gently massaged your back. Your pleasured moans that were being caused by his hands made him have a little problem. He was getting turned on knowing you were feeling good because of him.
  • Yoosung started to work on your lower back and your moans were getting louder. You were wondering why he doesn’t become a massage therapist but then you wanted his hands to yourself. You were trying to see how far yoosung can handle so you kept telling him to go lower and lower till he reached your ass. He even massaged your ass and you were hoping for a happy ending till you felt his slender fingers playing with your clit. You were breathing heavily until he stuck a finger inside your pussy and you gave a small sudden shriek. He just smirked and added another finger. He released his fingers from within you and motioned you to lay on your back. While you were positioning yourself, you felt his thumbs put a bit a pressure on your hips and suddenly you were jerked towards him and while you were recollecting your thoughts, you felt his teeth gently pull your pussy lip. You saw lust in his eyes and your juice was running down his lips gently, “let me take care of you and only you tonight (y/n), because you been a good girl for daddy”
  • You. Were. Fucking. Shook.


  • you dragged him shopping with you and he usually loved it because he can find outfits to dress in but this time you only stayed at one store ._. And the store only had your size and not his but he was trying to make the best of it :D So he helped you pick out dresses to wear and he was happy seeing your eyes light up
  • You were took about 8 mins trying on each dress but you were taking a bit longer and he got worried and he snucked in the dressing room whispering your name in a high pitch voice till he heard you say here. You unlocked the door and he noticed you were struggling to take off the tight red dressed he love on you. He went in and locked the door behind him and unzipped you. He notice the marks from the last good fucking yall had disappearing. Unconsciously, he was tracing the bite marks and hickeys with his fingertips reminiscing about you two fucking like animals. You were staring at his face from the mirror and you were getting the same flashbacks “ fuck me saeyoung” he turned you around and kissed you deeply. Your tongues were dancing in perfect rythm while your hands unbuckled his belt and pants. You needed him in you. Not some lovey dovey type of shit. You needed that hard core sex, the type of fuck that makes you feel like you two are animals. He gently pushed himself in you and he let out a small roar.
  • You thanked god for birth control while he was biting your shoulders and sucking your neck. He was hitting the good spot and you two forgot you were in public till you heard secuirty coming in. LMAO
The Great Paper Stealer(Reader x Steve Rogers)

Word Count: 2194

Summary: College AU: Reader is an English Major and Steve is an Art Major, and the only reason that the reader knows his name is because he often steals the reader’s paper

Warnings: none

A/N: I love college!Steve and I wanna date him so hard heeheehehe. hope you guys enjoy this, it was so much fun to write <3 (don’t judge me the title is stupid bc i couldnt think pls love me)

not my gif but i luv it

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House archetypes - Attack on Titan


Eren – Bold, determined, hot-blooded – The Avenger

Reiner – Follows his own moral code, literally cannot face himself if he doesn’t, weird discrepancy between his ideals and his behaviour – The Knight

Connie – HIS HONOR !!!, family guy, importance of balanced relationships – The Warrior

Nanaba – Brave but modest, will protect you whatever the cost, responsible and reliable – The Savior

Jean – Really cares about doing the right thing, acts tough but believes he’s not but in reality is, will punch your face anytime – The Fighter


Christa – Puts other people’s problems before hers to escape them, whole-hearted lover, dutiful – The Promised

Marco – Fair, trusting beyond reason, deserved  b e t t e r – The Sacrifice

Moblit – Responsible, loyal, caring & worrying – The Companion

Petra – Humble, devoted, secretly an absolute badass – The Soldier


Armin – Thinks outside the box, values strategy more than force, has two modes either really calm or really passionate – The Successor

Bertoldt – Quiet, focused, represses his emotions but is really sensible – The Isolated

Mike – Introverted, believer in mankind’s freedom, has his own method that few understand but everyone respects – The Analyst

Hange – Eager for discovery, bold of mind and temper, still a very capable and tactical leader – The Scientist


Mikasa – Will crush you if you get in her way, dependant on one and only and a single person, a talent for dramatic entrances – The Guardian

Ymir – Brutally honest, values independence above all, is actually the most selfless wannabe punk you will ever meet – The Armored

Annie – Smart and cunning, cold blooded, most likely to be the villain with daddy issues™ – The Snake

Sasha – Strongly attached to her land and her traditions, stubborn as hell, can function in group but puts herself first – The Survivor

Erwin – WILL SACRIFICE YOUR BABY FOR HUMANITY AND DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT, womanizer without trying, most likely to be the good guy with daddy issues™ – The Leader

Levi – Despises You And Will Let You Know, control/clean freak, selective but absolute trust – The Efficient

I know there are two (2) more Slytherins but I couldn’t see any of them in any other house so. Fight me. The palm of the most difficult character to Sort goes to my baby Armin Arlert who I almost put in Gryffindor (he’s the bravest of them all according to Mikasa and also did you see how he just *clutches his heart* with that mad glistening in his eyes and also his indestructible hopefulness are both very Ravenclaw and very Gryffindor to me but his realistic and collected side won him the Ravenclaw ticket).

Playbook (Reggie x Reader)

“Bye Ronnie” You shouted as you ran down the hall not wanting to be late for your ride home.

“Bye Y/N, see you tomorrow”

“What’s going on in here?” Veronica asked as she walked into the Blue and Gold paper office.

“These girls” Betty started to say as she waved her arms in a pointing gesture “Also had been victims of slut shaming from boy on the football team.” Veronica looked at Betty for a moment before turning her attention to the girls.

“Are you serious?” She questioned not wanting to be lied too about something like this. All of the girls nodded their heads and Veronica let out a breath. Looking at the girls she wondering how many more in this school had been shamed. There were about a dozen here and she knew not everyone would come forward. “Well ladies what are we going to do” But before anyone got a chance to answer her, in came two students.

“Guys welcome” Betty greeted as they entered “Veronica this is Valerie and her brother Trev who use to be on the football team. I’m pretty sure this will answer your question on what to do.” Trev looked at the girls in the room and spoke

“There’s a book it’s umm called the Playbook” Trev reached up to touch his neck nervously as all eyes were on him “The team uses it to write down and keep track of all of the girls they hook up  with. They keep score for themselves and how much each girls is worth.” Most of the girls let out a gasp, shocked that the football team was at something like this. “It’s not all of the players but it’s a enough that I quit the team over.”

“Do you know where the book is?” Veronica asked wanting to get straight to the point.

“Yeah I do”

 That’s what led the girl’s here in the school at night. A few of them came to find the book in the place where Trev said it would be to make sure it was true. As Betty searched the supply closet for it, everyone was on edge, not really wanting it to be true but also that Cheryl had showed up. As she knew her brother she knew that there was no way he would do this.

“Guy’s I found it” Betty shouted as she came rushing out with a book in her hands. Everyone gather around her as she opened the book. Reading down the pages there were many names of girls that lived in Riverdale also the football teams members next to them.

“There’s my name” Veronica said as she pointed to it next to Chuck’s name.

“There’s Polly’s” Betty let out. Cheryl stepped back from everyone not really believing it even with proof right in front of her. Veronica scanned the book even more, coming across names of the girls that she had met earlier but one caught her eye.

“Betty isn’t that Y/N?” Betty and Veronica looked over to the player’s name and it was Reggie.

“Since when was she seeing Reggie?” Ronnie asked but Betty just shook her head, she didn’t know anything about it and she had been friend with you for years. Not once did you ever mention anything about Reggie let alone hooking up with him. Flicking to more pages the girls found your name even more, which left them wondering until Cheryl let out a laugh.

“You guys didn’t know? Betty really I thought you would of, you guys have been friends for what? Like ten years.” Letting a smirk come across her face she started again “I didn’t think poor Veronica would know but Betty you. How about I save you the fun. Go asked your best friend all about their little hook ups you would love to know the details trust me” Turning on her heel Cheryl made her way out of the building happy that they were now thinking of someone other than her brother. With one finally look the girls took pictures for proof and also made their way out but now there was a bigger thing to solve.

“Y/N” Betty and Veronica shouted as they saw you at your locker. You turned facing the two, giving them a wave and a smile. The girls looked at each other before they walked up to you not really knowing how this was going to go.

“Morning guys” You said as you took some books out of your locker and into your book bag.

“We need to talk to you” Betty spoke as she looked around the hallway seeing tons of students.

“Sure go on, I’m all ears”

“We shouldn’t do it here Y/N” Veronica told you as she grabbed your arm. Giving her a strange look you pulled your arm back.

“Whatever you guys need to say, you can do it here” You argued not really wanting to go somewhere if it wasn’t that important, class was going to be starting soon.

“Did you have sex with Reggie” Ronnie let out, not wanting to put up with your attitude this morning. You made a face then asked

“Where did you heard that? That’s bullshit” The bell for class rang so you close your locker wanting to go but the girls wouldn’t let you. “Can you move?”

“No not until you tell us the truth”

“I just did” Betty heart was breaking with every word that came out of your mouth, she didn’t want to believe that her best friend for years was lying to her. You guys told each other everything or so she thought. Pushing your way pass them you didn’t want to be late but as you got a little far away Betty spoke as her voice crack

“We have proof”

“You what?” You whipped around and walked back over to the two. Betty could tell in your voice that your were slightly panicked.

“Ever hear of the playbook? When you were to busy fooling around with Reggie, the football team was keeping track of you and others you know. Have to get the highest points right?” Ronnie sassed out but you didn’t speak. Everything was running through your mind. But Betty knew you, she knew what you were thinking.

“You knew” Betty whispered, Ronnie looked over at Betty


“She knew that’s why she not saying anything. She doesn’t know what to. How long?”

Betty asked but when you didn’t respond she yelled.


“Would you be quiet so we won’t get in trouble” You stated looking around to make sure the hallways were clear. Letting out a sigh you spoke once again “I knew about the list or whatever it is. Reggie mention to me after one of the guys said I must be a good number. I hook up with him a few times”

“You never told me” Betty said ready to let out tears.

“How could I Betty? With everything going on with your sister and now this, it just wasn’t the right time. I promise you that I never knew about Jason and Polly in the book. I never really knew what it was I thought it was some joke between the guys but I guess not.”

“Not is right” Veronica informed you.

“Don’t blame me for this. I’m not the one who made it and I’m damn well not the only person who knew”

“They were slut shame Y/N because of this.”

“I didn’t know that Veronica.”

“You didn’t bother to care”

“Would you girls get to class” A teacher shouted down the hallway, making you guys drop the subject and move on to your guys classes.

“Reggie” You barked as you pulled him into a empty classroom.

“Who knew, you couldn’t wait to get a piece of this” Reggie let out a laugh “Didn’t take you for the girl who would do it in a classroom” With a roll of your eyes you let out

“We need to talk about the playbook” The last word made Reggie stop joking around and look at you in the eye.

“What about it?”

“People know about it Reggie. They know it’s a real thing. I know it’s a real thing. I thought this was just some big joke, nope you guys actually put it in a book” Taking your hands in his Reggie started to explain.

“Chuck started it last season to see how much action everyone was getting on the team. We’re supposed to put it in every time we do it with a girl, we got to write her name and the date. I stopped putting your name in as soon as we got serious because I realized how stupid it really is. Chuck and them take it as a big deal, to them the more girls you got the better. If they know about some one on the team doing it they will put it in just so the whole team knows what we’re doing”

“You need to come clean” Reggie stepped back wide eyes

“I love you I really do but I can’t do that. If these people know they need to do it. This team is what gets me through college and without I can’t go. I’m not risking rating for my future.” Giving him a nod you truly understood him reasoning. You knew what his parents were like.

“Just tell the truth when asked Reggie please, the people who know already took action and you can’t be caught up in this.”

“If they asked babe your the only one with my name in the book, you’re my girlfriend they can’t doing anything about me hooking up with you” Letting out a laugh you smiled and agreed. Reggie pulled you into his chest so he could wrapped his arm around you. You lay your head on his chest to listen to his heartbeat.

“Always tell me the truth from now on alright” you mumbled against him. Reggie nodded his head not wanting to risk losing you to anything so stupid again. You both wanted this fix not just for you but for the girls who got hurt by it.

Can we all talk about how much of a gentleman yousef acar is? Since we’ve met him all he’s been is sweet to Sana. In ‘the best of Islam’ clip we see so much more of that. Starting off with ‘I’m gonna walk you home’, he doesn’t take no for an answer when he asks. And maybe it was chivalry or just an excuse to be with her, but we all had major heart eyes. As they’re walking they’re playing around and joking and 'I can handle balls better than you’ and who won’t love a guy that puts that big of a smile on our Sanas face. And then the basketball clip, and they look so happy and carefree. He makes her feel this way, happy and carefree, and I absolutely adore it. Then the deep and meaningful talk on religion. He explains why he lost faith in the most respectful way. And it was so heartbreaking and really showed yousef’s character when he tells her that he lost faith because it lead Even to try suicide. He understands that religion is something extremely important to Sana, and he explains to her his point of view without trashing hers. If it were me I promise you I would’ve been yelling and screaming my opinion in a conversation like that. Then it’s her turn to say her opinion on religion. He listens to her, really listens, and takes in what she’s saying. He understands her perspective and respectfully replies his thoughts and 'I feel I’ve taken all good from religion and thrown the rest away’. There’s the flower meadow clip, we have yousef giving her a flower and 'oh my how I care about this girl’. He really does care. You can see it in the way he looks at her, they way he talks to her. My heart melts every time they’re together. Finally they’re at her house and, like I pointed out earlier, he wanted to kiss her. But when she says no, he respects that and doesn’t try anything else. And when she’s going into her house we see his little smile watching her go, and I don’t know about you but to me that said 'is this what love feels like?’

GSC, Basically

So this story begins when we meet Trainer “my bangs are as long as my dick” Gold and he is just a really pervy ten year old ok? But whatever, what’s important is that this ginger bitch steals something and nearly breaks some random guy’s spine. Gold, naturally, only cares about the fact that he MAY have stolen his backpack so he vows to pound this ambiguously gendered emo’s face into pudding. Literally nothing else happens between them except Gold being a petty ass bitch. Anyway then we get Señorita Thunder Thighs, who proceeds to attempt to kick everything causing her problems. She’s a badass and a Mom so she’s got no bad qualities but she’s apparently not too strong bc…. plot and shit. She gets depressed and we get our first taste of abusive parenting. Spicy. Anyway, there’s this masked dude who is so obviously this OTHER creepy old dude, but seeing as Johto’s combined intelligence is comparable to that of an overripe banana, no one figures it out. Gym leaders fight, Yellow is there I think, and Pryce reveals he’s a massive dickwad. Shitty motive….. still child abuse. The other appear, side characters get a moment to shine, teashipping proves to be the only pure and good ship in the entire franchise, and Gold dies. Blue conquers her fear by capturing literal gods and Green tries to arrest a literal child, but who cares about that Gold actually isn’t dead and he’s a Daddy now.

My Best Friend’s Wedding Part Five

Originally posted by stuckybarnesrogers

PART FOUR: http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/154522794564/my-best-friends-wedding-part-four 

You were twelve years old when you got your first kiss. All of your friends had gotten kissed already making you the last one in the group who hadn’t. It stressed you out a lot more than it should’ve at your age. You wanted your first kiss to be special and magical like it was written about in all those sappy teen magazines. 

Since your first kiss, you had gotten kissed more and by different types of guys. There were the typical sweet kisses, the sloppy ones that made you feel nauseous just thinking about it and countless others. 

Bucky’s kiss was….. different. His lips were soft and the kiss itself was passionate without being sloppy. You were surprised at how much you enjoyed it. It didn’t seem forced or awkward. It was like the two of you had kissed thousands of times before. 

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Jonsa Battlements Convo Analysis (for the worried shippers)

I actually wrote this when replying to a thread, but figured it would reach more of you if I tagged it appropriately and posted it as a meta (bear with me, I kinda suck at these). I see a lot of asks floating around about what many feel is Jon’s ooc behavior while conversing with Sansa, so I’m here to (hopefully) put some of you at ease.

I went back and watched the beginning of this ep. again so everything would be fresh in my mind.

So let’s start from the top at the Stark town hall meeting lol - Jon’s laying down the game plan, and Karstarks and Umbers come up along with the word treason (I feel like this is a good time to mention that this is probably a touchy word for Jon considering what happened on the Wall). So we all know the convo, we all know that Sansa interjects her opinion. She’s not wrong, but I’ve mentioned before that I agree with Jon’s reasoning on this matter. But, let’s break this down a bit more - a war is upon them and the WW are coming and Jon KNOWS they don’t have the numbers (as clearly mentioned when he ordered that girls/women would have to take up arms as well) -he needs everyone united.

Taking this a bit further, we all know that Jon’s KitN status is tenuous at best, and so he needs it to be clear to his “subjects” that he is a STRONG leader and that his say is the final one. At the end of this scene, when Jon talks about living by Ned’s words: “the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword” he lets everyone know that he’s been betrayed and executed men for not following his orders, but he’s also a fair man, and doesn’t believe in bestowing the sins of the fathers onto the children. It’s a moving speech really, and when he beckons the children forward and they bend the knee and swear to house Stark, the camera pans to Sansa’s face TWICE - the first time she’s looking up at Jon and then afterwards, her eyes are lowered and she’s looking down and the scene cuts with LF smirking in his creepy Chester way. Now, I get the impression that Sansa’s expression is ambiguous for a reason- and we are left to interpret it in two ways: she resents Jon for going against her, OR she realizes that what he says rings true and therefore lowers her eyes a bit shamefully (and maybe that’s not exactly the best word to use, but I hope you all pick up what I’m throwing down here -like when someone brings up a better point than you, and you know deep down that they’re right). I’m going with the latter, and I’ll explain in a bit more detail below.

I know I’m not alone here in thinking that Jon, Sansa and their advisors should have probably discussed this prior to the meeting, however, they are new to this “ruling Winterfell together” thing, and are learning as they go. I think the writers wanted to make that painfully obvious.

So moving along, and now they’re walking through Winterfell and Jon seems tense and agitated, walking a bit ahead of Sansa, as they hash out their differences. I reiterate: they are talking about it, NOT burying their disagreement and allowing it to fester and drive a wedge between them. That’s an important distinction, even though I believe the writers are trying very hard to tease a “growing conflict” between the two of them -but not exactly the type of conflict that you would see at face value. Does that make sense?

Sansa is more bold here in her home, she doesn’t have to keep her mouth shut like she did in KL -she feels safe in Winterfell, and safe enough around Jon to express how she really feels about things. That’s really fucking important you guys!!! And so, she DOES.

J: you are my sister, but I am king now.

S: will you start wearing a crown?

This is blatant sarcasm. Don’t let the power go to your head, Jon. He may be the KitN but she is also the true born heir to Winterfell, and NOT ONCE has she made mention of that or tried to wield her power over him. She just wants to be heard. She brings up Joffrey as a warning -he was a cruel little selfish shit who did what he wanted, when he wanted, with no thought to consequences or how it would affect others. He let no one question his authority. He wasn’t a good king.

J: do you think I am Joffrey?

Jon says this with utter disgust -in both inflection and his facial expression. He’s insulted, visibly upset, and it stops him dead in his tracks. Sansa comes around to stand before him, she looks away and sighs, her features soften. Of course Jon is NOTHING like Joffrey. She tells him so in a very sincere and heartfelt way.

S: you are as far from Joffrey as anyone I’ve ever met.

Jon thanks her sincerely for the obvious compliment and quickly looks away and down at the landscape. Why is he having such a hard time looking at her lately? Especially when he couldn’t keep his eyes OFF OF HER last season?? What’s with all this Starkbowl tension of an unusual kind?

Now earlier I said I’d explain why I felt Sansa’s expressions (and looking down) in the last scene meant I felt the latter -that she believed Jon was right in what he did even if she didn’t fully agree with it - what she says next pretty much seals the deal for me.

S: you’re good at this, you know?

J: at what?

S: at ruling.

J: no. (He sighs and looks away again).

S: you are. YOU ARE (I’m on mobile, so pretend my caps are italics for inflection instead).

Sansa is persistent. She really does believe he is a good King. A good man. Our sweet Emo Jon really has the lowest of low self esteem. He wants to be worthy of the name Stark. Worthy of Sansa. His expression here is so fucking important, guys! His eyes are downcast, and he drags them up to look her in the eyes. Sansa believes in him -the approval he always sought from Lady Catelyn (who Sansa is portrayed so much as very similar to her mother), who never let him forget that he was an (unworthy) bastard. And here’s where it gets sticky -

S: they believe in you, they really do (a sort of eye-roll) but you have to ….

Jon gives a sardonic shake of his head and a laugh to accompany it. He almost believed her and he feels like the joke is on him. Sansa asks why he’s laughing, because she TRULY is being sincere, but Jon feels like she’s just placating him. He brushes past her and starts walking again. Their gait is a bit slower now, but he still walks in front of her, explaining what Ned said/meant about “anything that comes before ‘but’ is horse shit”.

S: the world is dirty -father couldn’t protect me, and neither can you, so stop trying. (I can handle the truth, remember the chat we had about being honest with each other -heed your own advice Jon).

J: right. I’ll stop trying to protect you when you stop trying to undermine me.

S: I’m not trying to undermine you. 
(Dammit Jon, listen to me. I’m on your side.)

She grabs his arm and forces him to stop and face her. He sighs again, looks down at where she’s holding onto him, and again drags his eyes up her body before meeting her gaze (FYI: this in itself is a romance trope and it’s funny that the cameras pan in on her grabbing his arm -like “hey! See what we’re doing here in plain sight?”). She tells him he has to be smarter than Robb and Father -they were good men, honorable men, she loves and misses them, but they made stupid mistakes which cost them their lives (and she doesn’t want the same fate to befall you Jon, duh!).

Jon: and how should I be smarter? By listening to you?

Sigh. This is an asinine statement, and I agree, quite OOC for Jon, but okay, bear with me here, Jon needed to say something to keep this “tension” bubbling -and I think this was tossed in here simply for her reply.

S: (voice so very soft and imploring, her pretty blue eyes boring into him) Would that really be so terrible?

Jon sighs again -like a full-on, heavy body sigh. His own expression softens (note how closely and intimately they are standing now?) and he looks like he’s about to say something, and then they’re interrupted. (Ned/Cat parallel from S01xE01).

I was getting a manicure today and there was this little girl that I know at the salon who just started watching Supernatural so obviously she wanted to talk about it and proceded to ask me all about Jib8 (which I attended). So of course I was totally game and I gave her my phone so she could look at the pictures I took, which I saved under a folder called “Spn” with all other kinds of random stuff from the show. She was fangirling so hard over Jensen, it was adorable, and she was super happy to know that he’s the nicest guy in real life too. She came back after a while and asked me “who’s this?” while pointing at a photo of Jensen and Misha from SDCC. She doesn’t know about Castiel yet so I simply told her he’s also an actor on the show who’ll play an important character later on. She kept going through the pictures on my images (mostly cockles from that point on) and looking at them intently until finally she gave me back by my phone and said with the biggest smile on her face “they’re really cute together! They must love each other very much!” and then innocently walked away leaving me speechless and heartbroken over THE AMAZINGLY OBVIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL THING THAT IS COCKLES AND ALL IS WELL IN THE WORLD.

I’m doing it, I’m reading the Whedon Wonder Woman script. Wish me luck.

Update 1:

Ok, so yeah the descriptions of the women are all about beauty so far, it really DOES start with Steve instead of Diana and I’m pretty sure Diana’s bff just whispered in her ear something sexual about Steve? Like, while he is being lead to face the Amazons.

Update 2: So he has been given the lasso of truth and Hippolyte asks him if he would tell the location of the island; no. For gold? No. Power? No. To save your own life? No.

At this point I’m like… Why? He doesn’t know anything about the island other than Amazons, he has no idea if it’s important but in order to tell us how awesome a guy he is joss is saying that he would literally DIE to protect the secret of an island that he has NO idea the value of… Ok? That’s not a shorthand to show how brave and noble he is… It is just ridiculous.

Of course then Hippolyte asks if he’d tell if someone threatened to kill his family and he said he would in that situation and everyone is shocked, like…Why would that be shocking?

Also neither they not the script have given us context for this. Is someone able to tell that Steve has been on the island? I mean, if someone was WATCHING the island they would know where it was, so how are they going to know Steve was on it if he never tells anyone? How would anyone know to find his family and threaten them? The scene just makes the Amazon’s look ridiculously paranoid for no reason.

Update 3: Steve just agreed to sacrifice his life of Hippolyte made sure the rations he was carrying got to the refugees he was trying to deliver them to. I get this is supposed to, again, make him look like a hero but instead it just makes him look really cavalier about his own death.

Also, how are Hippolyte and co going to get the rations to these people? Leaving the island to do that would be risky… You can’t get someone else to go there, soooo?? This just seems really sloppy.

And Hippolyte said that the first law is that no man shall set foot in the island lest the Amazons perish. . Thus he has to die. The thread used to tie this desperate conflict together is frayed as fuck.

Update 4: “There is an attraction between them that neither of them mentions - - or possibly even knows about”

…what? That’s. . Not how attraction works?

Update 5:

And the terrible trainwreck that is Steve’s “personality” begins.

Diana has saved his life once and has tried to save it again, she’s come to his room to try and understand why he’s willing to die, clearly showing that she cares and he has become a complete jerk, telling her to get out of his face because he doesn’t want to spend his last night alive being a learning opportunity to a “debutante”. He knows NOTHING about her, literally all he knows about her is her name, that her mother is in charge and that she called them Amazon’s. Despite not knowing anything about her he asserts she has never gone without anything in her life, she’s never been hungry or cold or worked hard, he then tells her that the “real world” would “eat you alive” and calls her princess as an insult.

Oh, he also threw a piece of fruit at her and was dismissive of the fact that she has super strength and she just… Left. Which leaves us figuring that, by this script, Steve is right. Joss would have us believe that to become an elite Amazon you live an easy, charmed life.

Update 6: 

Diana’s best friend, Aethra, was with her when she had the conflict with her mother and finds Diana at the temple of Athena, despite the conflict and her friend’s distress her first words are “At least tell me you looked at it.” Because apparently nothing matters more to Aethra than Steve’s junk. 

Diana talks about how she prays every night to Athena for guidance, to understand her purpose, her reason and that maybe Steve is not a coincidence, that Athena answered her prayer, to this Aethra says:

“You really think you’re the only woman on this island thinks that was her prayer being answered?”

Diana somehow manages to not murder her bff in this scene. The rest of the updates will be below a read more. 

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AU from MCU Civil War in which Bucky doesn’t choose to go back into Cryo but gets passed around the Avengers for looking after, or babysitting as Darcy calls it.

“So, who’s tall, dark and brooding over there?”

Jane’s gaze flicks up from the desk in front of her at Darcy’s question, and just as quickly, it drops back to the laptop she taps at on the tech-littered table.

“You really did keep out of everything this past year, huh?” Jane says, hushed, like half the people here don’t have super-hearing.

Darcy frowns, at Jane, at the guy leant in the doorway with his arms crossed, and wonders what her year break from aliens and scary space stuff, making mac ‘n’ cheese with her grandma and not having to worry about, y’know, dying or anything, has to do with the new face around their place in New Mexico.

The Avengers came to pick up Thor in their giant jet for some super important mission and stopped for pizza night at Jane’s lab, which is a huge step up from her trailer now thanks to Stark’s big stacks, and Darcy had thought that was weird at the time, because hello, the guy can just lift his hammer and be on another planet.

But now it makes sense.

The jet, the pizza, the sly low looks towards this dude in blue jeans and a sweat shirt with stubble up his jaw and his dark hair falling in his low-lidded eyes despite the fact he has it pulled back into a bun. They’re dropping him off and trying not to make an obviously big deal about it.

So Darcy picks up her red plastic beer cup, takes a long slurp, and walks over to the guy everyone seems to be treating like a ticking time bomb. His eyes meet hers and she steps up to meet him, a foot shorter, tilting her head back to keep his gaze.

“So who gets to babysit you? Because I would be all about that.”

The room goes quiet. The new guy looks her straight in the eye, and he smirks. She feels a thrill all the way down to her toes in her boots.

“They couldn’t pay you enough,” he tells her in a low drawl, his accent reminiscent of Steve’s when he gets talking about baseball.

“Hell, for you, I’d do it for free,” Darcy replies, watching him from behind her red framed cells as she slurps again from her cup.

In the time it takes for him to huff a laugh, and all the toppings to have slid off the slice of pizza in Clint’s grasp while he avidly watches the exchange, Darcy realises she’s flirting with the guy who they accused of bombing the UN peace summit, the big bad assassin that Tasha had told her about once, the–

“Snowflake Soldier, or something, right?”

“Says Who?” [Archie Andrews] [1]

Plot: Archie Andrews finds himself crushing on an old friend of Jughead’s only she may not at all be who he thinks she is

Word count: 800+

Status: Unedited

[A/N]: I haven’t written in awhile because I’m still grounded, but this idea has been in my head for a couple weeks now. Enjoy!

The dance was foreign to her. The clothes she was wearing, the people around her, the music, everything. It was all so unusual for her to be caught up in. [Y/n] had never even laid eyes on the expensive things her grandmother had dressed her up in, and even though she was dressed much like the other Riverdale teens in the gymnasium, she felt so out of place. It was almost as if people could just look at her and sense that she was the daughter of two Southside Serpents. It wasn’t until almost an hour of standing in the corner by herself that she saw an unexpected yet familiar face. She could feel the tension in her body wash away.

She waltzed over to where her friend stood near the exit. He was so busy glaring out at the dance floor that he didn’t even notice her presence.

“Jughead Jones the III, what are you doing here?”

Jughead’s eyes widened as he turned to look at his old friend, and once he did, he stretched his arms out to hug her.

“I could say the same to you, Stranger.” As he pulled away from her, he took a look at her appearance. “You know, out of all the years I’ve known you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in anything other than a leather jacket and a pair of blue jeans.” Jughead smiled. “And is this purple you’re wearing.”

“It’s actually lavender,” she corrected jokingly. [Y/n] peered out onto the dance floor just as Jughead had been doing earlier. “So really, what are you doing here?”

Jughead sighed, “Girlfriend dragged me here, you?”

“Grandma dragged me here.” She paused before continuing. “So this girlfriend of yours…she a serpent?”

“Far from it,” Jughead spoke. “You’re not jealous are you?” 

“I think it’ll take a little getting used to, but I guess I can get over it,” she joked. She began to walk over to the snack table, and Jughead followed. Just as she was reaching over to grab a cup, he spoke again.

“So…that rumor going around back at the trailer park..”

“You mean the ones about my grandparents trying to get full custody of me and take me away from my parents?”

“That would be the one.” Jughead reached up to scratch the back of his neck.

She nodded for a second before responding, “Yeah, they’re true.”

Jughead sighed at his friend’s sudden quietness and reached out to place a hand on her bare shoulder. “Look, [Y/n], I know we haven’t talked in awhile, but I’m here if you ever need anything.”

[Y/n] gave him a brief, genuine smile and nodded. “Thanks, Juggie.”

Another voice chimed in as a girl around their age approached them.

“Jughead, where have you been?” A perky, blue-eyed blonde asked as a smile crossed her face.

“I’ve been back here with [Y/n].” A confused look crossed the girl’s face.

[Y/n] stepped forward, trying her best to exercise the polite manners her grandparents had made her work on, “I’m [Y/n]. You must be the famous Betty Jughead has been talking about for all of ten minutes.” Jughead gave her a look as she continued talking. “I’m an old friend of his, by the way.”

The conversation was cut short as a frantic redhead ran over to the three of you. You recognized him as the boy who was just upstage singing.

He look between Jughead and Betty as he spoke, “Guys, have you seen Veronica. She and I…” he trailed off as his eyes landed on [Y/n].

“What about Veronica, Archie?” Betty questioned, hinting for him to finish, yet his eyes stayed planted on [Y/n] even as he spoke.

“She wanted to talk to you guys about something.” He finally pulled away from his stare to look at Jughead. “Yeah, she–uh–said it was really important.”

Both Betty and Jughead gave him weird looks. Betty was the first one to respond. “O-okay.” She turned to face her new acquaintance. “It was good meeting you, [Y/n].” And with that, they both walked away.

The boy, Archie she presumed, waited until the both of them had disappeared around the corner to turn around to look at her again.

“So what was that all about?”

The redhead shrugged, “Just some drama, nothing important.” He stuck his hand out for her to shake. “I’m Archie.”

“I figured,” she stated. She shook his hand “[Y/n].”

“Well, [Y/n],” Archie started as the beat of the pop song that had been playing in the background faded out into a slower one. “Would you like to have this dance?”

[Y/n] offered a small smile, “I would like that very much.”

Just tell her already ~ Fred Weasley imagine

Hey lovey, is there any chance you could write me a Fred imagine where I’m best friends with him & George and Lee lock us in a closet together cause they want him to admit he likes me. He eventually does and I like him back <3 Thank you so much hun x

~Just tell her already~

“Professor Snape needs to calm down with the homework he’s giving us. I mean, a 3 page essay about the shrinking potion? I can barely write 3 paragraphs!” You said, walking out of Potions class with your best friend, Fred Weasley. He laughed and said “Maybe he should spend more time washing his greasy hair than giving us homework” which made you laugh along. 

“At least it’s the weekend. We have plenty of time” You said as you both walked into the Gryffindor common room. You walked over to the couch in front of  the fireplace and sat down, dropping your bag onto the floor. Fred followed and sat next to you. You pulled out one of your books and began reading, while Fred was dying of boredom. 

He groaned and laid down on your lap. “(Y/N)” He mumbled. You ignored him and kept reading. He groaned louder, trying to get your attention. “(Y/N)!” He said louder. Still, you ignored him. Then, he snatched the book out of your hand. “What, Freddie?” You asked, trying to sound annoyed. He looked up at you from your lap. “I’m bored!” He said. “Well, find something to entertain yourself. My mum sent this a few days ago saying that I might like it and I want to read it" 

"What book is it?” He asked, handing the book to you.

“Romeo and Juliet" 

"Oooh, a romance” Fred chuckled, making a kissy face.

“Oh, hush” You laughed, flipping back to your page. 

You were about to continue reading until your other friends, George Weasley and Lee Jordan walked into the room. “Hey, you guys” You said, waving at them, not removing your eyes from your book. Fred sat up and walked over to them. They had a conversation in a whisper so that you couldn’t hear, Fred glancing back at you to see if you noticed. 

Finally, you couldn’t help but try to listen. You ran up to them, jumping into the middle of their circle. “Watcha talkin’ about, boys?” You asked. George and Lee both looked at each other with smirks on their faces. Suddenly, George picked you up, Lee grabbed Fred, and they pushed you both into a closet, and shut the door. “What the bloody hell?!” You yelled, banging your fists on the door. “Not until Fred does what we told him!” Lee shouted back. 

Fred’s face became red. “Come on, you guys. Let us out!” Said Fred (hey, I just rhymed!) 

Fred turned to face you and an awkward silence began to linger. George and Lee noticed it and they both yelled:

“Just tell her already!" 

You looked up at Fred and he sighed. ”(Y/N), I need to tell you something… It’s kinda important" He said, running his fingers through his hair. “…Okay… What is it?” You asked. He took in a deep breath and slowly grabbed your hand. His hands were shaking like crazy, and now, so were yours. 

“(Y/N), I really like you. A lot, actually” He said, his voice trembling.

You were silent, gazing up at him.

“Well, say something” He said, a worried expression taking over his face. “Fred, I like you too” You giggled. Lee and George cheered outside the door. “Really? Your being serious?” Fred asked, a smile forming on his face. You nodded, also smiling. 

Then, out of nowhere, Fred pressed his lips against yours. You happily wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed back. While you two kissed, Lee and George opened the door. Your face turned a deep shade of red.

“Come along, Lee. Let’s let the happy couple continue their snog-fest” George laughed, shutting the door. You both laughed once more and kissed again.


Thank you for requesting!