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can you talk more on what you like about the renaissance and the artists? i find them so fascinating

i answered a more specific one about leonardo alone here, but here are some of my general favourite things about the important figures of the italian renaissance

  • on her deathbed, caterina sforza said to a monk: “se io potessi scrivere tutto, farei stupire il mondo" (if i could write everything, i would shock the world) which i think just makes her the second coolest person in the entirety of italian history
  • speaking of the coolest person in italian history, da vinci took so long to finish the last supper that when the prior complained, leonardo said that the reason it was taking so long was because he couldn’t find a face that was so filled with evil that would fit judas, but if the prior was so desperate to have it finished, leonardo said that he would use him as a model
  • lucrezia borgia was said to have a hollow ring that she used for poisoning drinks
  • michelangelo hated everyone. he mocked leonardo for his failed statue in milan and had a bitter grudge with raphael ever since raphael looked at one of his paintings before it was released
  • leonardo, in turn, wrote bitchy comments about michelangelo in his diaries
  • seriously if someone were to make a show about the renaissance artists, it wouldn’t be some high brow drama, it would be something along the lines of mean girls crossed with the office
  • leonardo: “omg michelangelo, i love your fresco. what inspired it?” 
    michelangelo: “the bible” 
    leonardo: “vintage, i love it!”
    leonardo [after michelangelo walks away]: “that is the ugliest fucking fresco i have ever seen”
  • da vinci himself was really well liked by everyone but he was such a fucking DORK he used to buy caged birds and just to release them and was a chronic procrastinator. he was also gay af and the love of my life
  • machiavelli’s ‘the prince’ is the biggest piece of mancrush literature since plato’s symposium
  • also they were like, all gay, all the renaissance artists except for raphael who was tragically heterosexual. michelangelo wrote really over the top romantic letters to some dude, and da vinci was arrested for sodomy
  • @ historical fiction that tries to make my guys into aggressive womanizers: fuck off
  • so if the artists were the sitcom of the renaissance, caterina sforza is the blockbuster politics heavy action film. she literally occupied the vatican on behalf of her husband by riding across the tiber river on horseback while seven months pregnant
  • she was honestly so fucking savage when the orsis family threatened to kill her children she ‘exposed her genitals’ and said  “do it, if you want to: hang them even in front of me…here I have what’s needed to make others!” and they were so fucking shocked they didn’t dare touch her children
  • i could make a whole post about her, she was so fucking cool i adore her she is incredible
  • moving on, this: “the theory is that people were generally not too enthusiastic about the catholic church’s regular massacres of jews and muslims, because the people they were killing looked like jesus.  pope alexander vi then ordered the destruction of all art depicting a semitic jesus and commissioned a number of paintings depicting a caucasian jesus. his son, cardinal cesare borgia, was the model for these paintings.”
  • cesare tried to kill lucrezia’s first husband and probably did kill her second. he also apparently came to her wedding dressed as a unicorn, the symbol of purity which is just about the most laughable thing he ever did in his life
  • botticelli claimed that the prospect of marriage gave him nightmares

this kinda swayed a lot from being just about the artists, but i hope it was what you were looking for!

Parental Instinct

Jiyong lifts your daughter, pulling her up to rest on his hip, her eyes scanning the shelf of candy in front of her.

‘Which ones do you want, princess?’ He asks her, swaying her backwards and forwards.  

‘How many can I have?’ She casts her round, almond eyes at him, blinking her butterfly eyelashes.

‘As many as you want.’ He chuckles, his lips dusting her forehead.

‘No, Ji…,’ You warn him sternly, your hand coming to rest gently on his bicep. ‘She will make you buy the whole shelf.’ He shrugs ambivalently at you, a single eyebrow dancing upwards.

‘Yeobo, let me spoil her, huh? I haven’t spent time with her in two weeks…’ You shake your head, knowing that not matter what you said, your daughter would get what she wanted from her father. Her four year old self was the apple of his eye.

‘I want that one.’ Your daughter points to a coffee chocolate bar, and Jiyong reaches for it, slightly taken aback.

‘You picked this one? Do you know what it is, Jaeeun?’ His asks curiously as his hand wraps around it, bringing it closer to her face.

‘Yes. It’s coffee and chocolate together.’ She replies with confidence. Jiyong’s eyes furrow in confusion.

‘But Jaeeun, you don’t eat coffee, huh?’ The bar hovers in front of her.

‘I know. But I thought about Mummy. You didn’t say you would buy her one, and I wanted to get her that one because it is her favourite.’ She blinks at him as if her decision was the most obvious thing in the world. Your husband nods in knowing, a pleased smile spreading on his face, mimicking the pleasant feeling inside your heart.

‘Ahhh, my daughter.’ He sighs contently, pressing his lips against her cheek. ‘You have such a kind heart.’ She squiggles against his kiss.

‘Not you. You forgot Mum.’ If there was one thing your daughter had inherited from your husband, it was his confidence. She was never one to let her voice go unheard.

‘I didn’t forget.,’ Jiyong states calmly. ‘I was helping you pick first.’

‘But Mummy needs help too, and sometimes you don’t help her… like when she asks you to wash the dishes.’

‘Jaeeun, pick some candy, huh? We’re going to be late to see Uncle Youngbae.’ You press her into a decision, and she picks another candy bar, wrapped delicately in a pink wrapper. Jiyong reaches for it, clutching it in his hand.

‘That one is for Uncle Bae. He likes strawberries. And Dad, you can have… the same one as me.’ She pauses, contemplating the choices, before pointing to Jiyong’s favourite - a mint chocolate bar. He adds two of them quickly to his now stretched fist.

‘Good choice, Jaeeun!’ He nods in pleasure, before dropping her slowly down from his hip, handing her two of the candy bars to carry. She toddles straight to the counter, her balance perfect as her hands wave the candy bars excitedly. Jiyong had picked her outfit today - black skinny jeans tucked into her miniature doc marten boots and a blue and white striped t shirt peeking out from under a green army coat. The coat waggled after her, and you noted the content look on your husbands face, satisfied with his wardrobe decision. You both followed her to the counter, Jiyong taking it upon himself to lift her up so she was able to place the chocolate on top of it. He adds his two, smiling at the old woman behind the counter.

‘How many are there?’ He asks her, his English twinged thickly with an accent. Despite his lack of complete fluency, Jiyong made every effort to immerse your daughter in English. It was something you were both trying to do - talk to her in English, so she became bilingual quickly. Her Korean had inexplicably developed far more rapidly than you’d expected, and she was sometimes still mixing her words when she spoke in English. As your parents only spoke English, it was important to you that she became fluent in your native language as well. Her face furrowed in concentration as she counted.

‘One, two, three… sa!’ She giggled in glee, knowing the annoyance the Korean would bring to her father.

‘Yah, Jaeeun… Am I speaking Korean?’ He presses gently, tickling her in a non-aggressive fashion.

‘Dad, I want to give the lady the money…’ She switches back to Korean, holding her hand open, palm flat for Jiyong to place money in. He reached into his back pocket, balancing your daughter carefully on his hip.

‘Okay, Okay. Wait a minute, huh, princess.’

‘Oh, wow. Your Korean is very good!’ The woman behind the counter comments happily as she begins scanning the items, the smile on her face crinkling her eyes. You can see Jiyong’s body tense instinctively, his movement for his wallet pausing in a split second.

‘Of course it is.,’ Your daughter comments confidently. ‘I’m Korean.’ Her statement is one of fact. Jiyong continues to withdraw his wallet, his movement strained slightly.

‘No you aren’t.’ The woman replies, her tone equally as confident. Jiyong’s head, which had been tilted slightly towards your daughter, snaps forward to look at the woman. If there is one thing he was sensitive about, it was the perception other Koreans had about his daughters race.

‘I am… I’m Korean.,’ Your daughters brow furrows slightly, confusion flooding her face. ‘My daddy always says…’

‘Look at your Mum. Look at you… You can’t be Korean.’ Despite her pleasant tone, her voice was becoming more forceful. Your daughters eyes begin to fill with tears, her face turning as they pooled in her wide set eyes.

‘Dad, am I Korean?’ She questions, her voice unsteady.

‘Of course you are, Jaeeun. This woman doesn’t know what she is talking about.’ He cuts in sharply.

‘Ji, let’s just go, huh? Youngbae is going to be waiting for us…’ You knew what was coming. The tension leaching from Jiyong’s body was becoming palpable. Your hands reach for your daughter, and Jiyong passes her to you willingly. Her face burrows into your scarf as you pull her into a hug, her wet tears mixing into the wool.

‘My daughter’s Korean isn’t good - it’s great, because its her first language.,’ His voice has become louder and more blusterous with anger, and your daughter retreats further into you, her tiny arms climbing inside your coat. You cradle her, turning away from Jiyong and the woman. ‘You, though, have an extremely narrow minded view of the world. Of course my daughter is Korean. She has lived here her entire life and has only left the country twice.’

‘But…’ The woman, taken aback by Jiyong’s confrontation, opens her mouth in an attempted rebuttal.

‘No buts. She is Korean. Who the hell are you to say she isn’t and upset her?,’ He opens his wallet, removing a few bills of cash. You catch them out of the corner of your eye, a handful of hundred thousand weon notes. ‘Keep the change. Use it to buy some damn empathy, huh?’ He flicks the notes onto the counter roughly, his fist in an easy swoop, before turning to stalk out of the store. You follow him, your daughter still clinging to you, her face not showing. You coo gently in an attempt to encourage her out.

‘Jaeeun? Are you okay?’ You switch to Korean in an effort to console her, your voice nervously stumbling over the syllables you could usually pronounce without effort. Her head shakes a negative response. Jiyong continues his rapid pace, his long, thin legs carrying him quicker than you could keep step with. He stops abruptly, his body coming to a halt just in front of you. You pause, approaching him. ‘Ji, slow down, huh? I can’t keep up.’ He turns, his head shaking is disbelief, collecting a deep breath.

‘Sorry, I’m just…,’ He huffs, unable to articulate his words correctly. Your head nods down to your daughter, to draw his attention to her distress. His eyes close, his face crinkling to draw inner strength.

‘Jaeeun-ah.,’ He steps forward, his voice low in comfort. ‘Daddy’s not mad at you, huh? You know that right?’ Her small head peaks out from the grooves of your scarf, eyeing Jiyong suspiciously.

‘I don’t know.,’ She replies honestly. ‘I’m confused.’ Jiyong lets out a lengthy sigh, before offering his arms to your daughter. She twists, shifting her weight into him so he was able to swing her onto the ground, allowing her to come to a standing position. She turns to face him, and he bends on his knees to crouch down to her level. His hands clutch her shoulders gently.

‘I’m not angry with you at all. I’m angry at that woman. You did nothing wrong, okay?,’ His hands smooth down her arms, coming to clutch her tiny hands. ‘She was being very rude to you, and when someone is rude to you that makes me angry. No one should be allowed to make you feel bad by being rude to you. Ever. Do you understand that?’ Your daughter blinks her wet lashes at her father, a small nod coming from her head.

‘Why did she say that I’m not Korean? You always told me that I am Korean.’ Her brows furrow, confusion threaded over her face. You can’t bare to look at her, so your eyes flick to Jiyong. To his credit, his face remains staunchly calm.

‘Some people think that if your Mum or Dad is from a different country, you can’t be Korean.,’ He responds. ‘But those people are just stupid. When they say that you aren’t Korean, you have to tell them they’re stupid, okay? In your biggest, loudest voice.’ His fingers reach up to nip her cheek in a pinch, and she giggles excitedly.

‘I can call them stupid?’ Both her eyebrows arch in surprise.

‘You can. I’m going to let you say that to them, but only them okay? I don’t want to hear you calling anyone else stupid.’ She nods her head in understanding, her little secret agreement between her father and her bringing a widening grin to her face.

‘I won’t. I promise. But she was stupid!’ She shakes her hands, unable to calm her physical excitement at saying the world. A deep chuckle rumbles from Jiyong’s throat.

‘Who loves you?’ Jiyong asks, kissing his palm and balling his hand, holding his clenched fist out for Jaeeun. She leans forward, and he opens his palm, pressing it into her exposed, plump cheek. His fingers burst into movement, dancing down her neck to tickle her. It was their secret greeting. You’d had no idea where it had originated from, but they both adored it.

‘You do.’ She giggles happily, her shoulders shrugging up to avoid his fingers.

‘I do.,’ He pauses, looking at her, his hand cradling her face. ‘Come give me a hug, my Korean princess.’ She moves quickly into him, slotting easily between his crouched knees as her hands reached up to wrap around his neck. He pulls her close, lifting her feet slightly off the ground with the power of his hug. He holds her, longer than usual, the emotion he was feeling seeping through him. He settles her down again, his arms still holding her, but loosening slightly to allow her to step back.

‘Are you sad, Daddy?’ She questions as she studies his face.

‘A little bit.,’ He answers truthfully. ‘I don’t like it when people make you upset or when you cry.’ Her hands reach up to his face, squishing his cheeks to purse his lips. She leans forward, mushing her lips into his happily, planting a loving kiss on them.

‘I’m not sad anymore, Dad.,’ She says simply. ‘That lady was just stupid.’ She pushes his cheeks once more, before letting him go.

‘Ahh, my smart Jaeeun.’ He replies with a smile. She wiggles out of his arms, taking his hand.

‘Uncle Bae is waiting for us. Let’s hurry.’ She chugs him into motion, her legs thundering on the path as they break into a run. Jiyong stalls, his eyes flicking back to you to ensure you were following, hand reaching out to clasp yours excitedly, and you take it, running after them both.

A heavy sigh leaves his lips as he removes his t shirt, discarding it neatly into the wicker washing basket at the end of the bed. His head folds down, his hands running through his hair, haphazardly spraying the black strands in multiple directions. Despite his resolve in front of Jaeeun, it was obvious his mind was still lingering on the incident earlier in the day. You place your kindle on the beside table, peeking at him over the rim of your reading glasses. Jiyong had put Jaeeun to sleep hours ago. You’d watched him lay her onto the bed, the new stuffed unicorn from Youngbae taking up most of the space. He’d kissed her goodnight and told her she was beautiful, staying to let her hug his arm until she’d fallen asleep. He’d disappeared into the study shortly after and you hadn’t seen him since.

‘Do you want to talk about it?’ You press lightly, eyes scanning him. His frame sinks lower, head bobbing further still.

‘No.,’ His answer is short and simple. He stands, deep in contemplation, and you throw back the covers, swinging your feed over the edge of the high bed frame. You pad your way to him, your silk sleep dress swishing against you lightly. You approach Jiyong, your arms wrapping warmly around his sunken body, your head coming to lay on his wide shoulder blades across the top of his back. ‘Do you think I scared her? I mean, she has never really seen me angry before.’

‘You didn’t scare her at all, Ji. She was just a bit confused. You didn’t do anything wrong.’ You murmur the words into his back, a kiss pressing against the bare skin of his tattooed neck, your lips tracing the lines of ink. Another sigh leaves him, and he sinks into your embrace. Throughout your relationship, you’d learned very early that Jiyong was much more sensitive than he let on. It was one of the most endearing traits about him. However, you understood how hard it was for him to grapple with the copious amounts of empathy he felt for others. He’d often wear their struggles longer than they would. ‘You saw her with Youngbae… She was over the moon. I doubt she is even going to remember it tomorrow.’

‘I know she seemed okay… I just got so angry about it I couldn’t control myself. I can’t stop thinking about how easily that woman shot her down. I want her to have confidence and we’ve both worked so hard to surround her with positive influences. It’s upsetting that in one second someone can say something so casually and it can have such a big impact on her. How could she say that to our child?’ You cradle him, rocking gently back and forward, your head resting on him.

‘We can’t protect her forever.’ Your response seems simple, and he chuckles slightly at your words.

‘You mean I can’t lock her in a tower away from the rest of the world?,’ He shifts your arms gently, his palms pressing to open your hands. He turns, coming to face you, his arms connecting around your body. He meets your eyes, carefully considering your face. ‘It’s not that I want to do that. It’s just I know people are going to see her as less of a person because she’s only half Korean. I know what the lady meant when she was saying she wasn’t Korean. She was saying she wasn’t good enough to be Korean. It made me upset… It made me really, really angry that someone could say that to my daughter. If people say things like that to her, she is going to start doubting herself.’ Your hand reaches up to cup his face, drawing it close to you for a sweet, lingering kiss. The amount of love Jiyong had for your daughter was boundless, and it was something you found intensely attractive.

‘I know, Ji. I know it’s hard. I didn’t know what to say when it happened because I was angry too. It’s difficult, and her life will be difficult. I can’t deny that. But we’re teaching Jaeeun to be a strong, thoughtful, caring person. That’s all we can do. Maybe she won’t get angry about this kind of stuff, but simply feel sorry for people who were taught such a narrow minded view.,’ You kiss his lips again, the fluffy cushion pressing against you with more vigour. ‘I know she has an amazing father that is going to fight for her whenever she needs it. I know she is going to be just as sympathetic and have the same amount of empathy as he does. I can already see it in her, Ji. We don’t have to worry about her.’

‘You’re right.,’ He nods, his gaze shifting off you. ‘You’re totally right. I just hate seeing her upset.’ He shakes his head to snap out of his daze.

‘You wouldn’t be a good father if you didn’t, and it’s one of the reasons she loves you and trusts you as much as she does.,’ Your hand reaches to his face, cupping his cheek to stroke your thumb across it. ‘And one of the reasons I love you as much as I do, too.’ He leans forward, enveloping you in a long, drawn out kiss. His lips rub softly against yours, his tongue exploring your mouth. His hands slip low over your hips, coming to cradle the rounded cheeks of your bum. His kiss continues, building in passion.

‘Daddy… Mummy…’ Your daughters voice shatters the moment, calling from behind the closed door. Jiyong breaks apart, his shoulders sagging in disappointment.

‘Damn it… that was going somewhere.,’ He let’s out a low sigh, breaking from your hug. ‘Yes, princess?’ He calls.

‘Daddy?’ She calls again. Jiyong walks quickly to the door, peeling it open.

‘What is it, Jaeeun? You’re meant to be sleeping…’ His voice trails off when he sees her, her own face quivering as their eyes meet, her wet cheeks flooding with more tears.

‘I… I had… I had… a dream… and the… unicorn… died.’ Jiyong sweeps her up in his arms, her wet cheeks burying against his skin.

‘It’s alright, Jaeeun. It’s still there in your bed, huh?’ He coos to comfort her.

‘Daddy… I’m scared.’ She manages to splutter out. Jiyong bumps her gently up and down, shifting to the bed as he attempted to ease her worry.

‘That’s okay, princess. You can sleep here with us.’ You couldn’t fault his suggestion. Your daughter was rarely scared, and for the most part slept through the night. For her to be this upset was unusual. With his free hand, he threw back the covers, before gently laying her down between the crisp whiteness of the Egyptian cotton sheets. She let out a groan, holding her arms out to desperately to Jiyong as he let her go.

‘Daddy, no… You have to stay.’

‘I know, Princess. I’m just getting into bed.,’ He climbs next to her, snuggling himself up to her, and she accepts his hug gratefully. ‘Do you want Mummy to join us too?’ He suggested, his fingers sweeping over Jaeeun’s face to wipe the tears off her eyes. Your daughter nods eagerly, sitting up slightly to encourage you into the bed.

‘Come on, Mummy.’ Her voice is still croaky from her tears. You oblige her request, walking to the other side of the bed. You adjust the covers over both your daughter and husband, pulling them up to their necks, before peeling back the corner of your own side of the bed. It was spacious enough, and Jaeeun was small enough, that her presence made no difference to your comfort. However, you found Jiyong shifting closer to you and sandwiching your daughter between you. She rotates slightly, her sleepy head curling into your shoulder while her arm reaches back to touch her father. Her face is full of innocence and you again can’t help but think how a complete stranger could have been so forceful with her today.

‘Good night, Princess.’ You whisper to her. She leans forward, her lips pressing into yours in a goodnight kiss.

‘Goodnight, Mummy. I love you.’ 

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Sansa Stark :)

tagging @ashavgreyjoy​ since you both gave me Sansa ^_^ 

  • First impression: I thought she was spoiled, naive and annoying. 
  • Impression now: I think she’s resilient, strong, compassionate, intelligent, astute, cunning, beautiful inside and out, kind, loving, nurturing and deserving of every good thing in the world.  
  • Favorite moment: As a Jonsa shipper, my favourite moment was when she’s sitting with Jon after they’ve reunited and she’s asking him to forgive her. The teasing and the shared laughter made me so happy. They both deserve that.
  • Idea for a story: Sansa goes to King’s Landing for the Dragonpit meeting. She finally faces Cersei as her equal, a queen in her own right, and stands up for herself, making up for all the moments Cersei stole her agency away. The two exchange cutting words masked in politeness but laced with scathing meaning, while everyone looks on, unsure of what to do. Danielle gets angry for being ignored and tries to assert herself, only to be effectively shut down by the combined sass of Sansa and Cersei. 
  • Unpopular opinion: Apparently thinking Jon and Sansa will end up together in a beautiful romantic relationship is unpopular so there we go ;D
  • Favorite relationship: Lmao… Jon and Sansa of course, but since that’s so obvious, I’ll say Sansa and Brienne. 
  • Favorite headcanon: That Sansa and Ghost are inseparable and are seen walking through the castle together. She talks to him like she would to Jon, she feeds him far too much and in the privacy of her chambers, Sansa brushes his fur like she used to do with Lady, telling him all her secrets. Ghost curls up around her in bed or he sleeps at her feet, ready to pounce anyone who would dare hurt her. 

Thank you for sending this in!

Send me more characters ^_^ 

William loved colour.

Scully hadn’t had him long enough to find out which was his favourite, but one of his first gurgly smiles had been inspired by the day she wore an unusually bright blue shirt, her sons grabby hands reaching out for this bold new mommy, driven back into colour by a laundry basket overflowing with her mourning clothes.

She’d paid attention after that; to his happy face when she gave him the neon alien plush that the Gunmen had dropped off, to the cooing noise that was his cheek on the soft yellow blanket he had for naptime at Grandmas. Her favorite was the tangled caress of one strand of red hair, caught in chubby fingers as he slept on her shoulder, a vivid umbilical holding them together even as she fell apart.

Strange, she remembers thinking, that the child of two people who made their home in the dark, finding only shades of gray in their search for light, should yearn for colour.

Scully burned the blue sweater the day she came back from leaving him. She painted over the stencilled stars on the wall and expunged colour from her life. Things were easier in black and white, strong monochrome walls she could put her back against, empty spaces for an empty heart.

Even now, years later, she rarely wears anything bolder than navy blue, reds with enough black to weigh them down, colours no baby would reach for. It’s easier, though nothing is easy. Some days she’ll catch sight of a young patient colouring, face bright with concentration as they add brilliance and joy to their little world and she will miss her son with a white hot intensity, biting her lip against the tears until she is alone.

She told Mulder once that if she could know one thing about William it would be his favourite colour. Mulder didn’t understand.

Scully prays that it is red.

Friends to lovers - Kai Parker Imagine

Hey! this is my first time writing smut so it isn’t very good but i tried my best and i am planning to get better at it so i can write a lot more.

Word count: 1285

Warnings - smut

Originally posted by babyblueeyes1864

Y/N and Kai had been friends ever since they were little. They basically grew up together since they’re parents were friends due to their similar powers. Y/N always knew that Kai was troubled and was a cast out of his family but she didn’t care, he was her best friend and she wouldn’t leave him. That was until the day he was forced to leave her due to his little outburst which included him killing 4 of his siblings and attempting to kill the other three.  His family sent him to a prison world because of this. I only know this because I watched it happen as I was walking to his house for his birthday.

It had been 20 years and Y/N still missed her best friend, Kai, every day. Even though she moved to Mystic Falls, made new friends and made a new life for herself, she still couldn’t get the image of Kai’s face when he realised what his family were doing to him, on his birthday of all days. It was heart-breaking. In spite of all of this, she had moved on with her life. Since then, she hadn’t experienced the loss of a close friend, until the day that two of her best friends died.

Damon was the first person that Y/N had met when she moved to Mystic Falls 19 years ago. Once she had found out about vampires and the perks of being one, she convinced her friend to turn her into one and she loved it. She could move faster than any human, she could never die and she could heal people with her own blood, and if she wanted to, she could turn all of her feelings off with just a button inside of her head. Shortly after she moved, Damon left Mystic Falls and she left with him until they both came back 3 years ago and that is when she met all of her best friends; Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Matt, Tyler and Bonnie. 

After Bonnie and Damon had died, she felt exactly like she did when she witnessed Kai become imprisoned in his own world, all by himself. Every since that day, she regrets not telling him her true feelings towards him and she never thought she’d have a chance, not until Damon came back and explained that he had met Kai. Y/N couldn’t believe it when he said that he could bring back Bonnie and her best friend, Kai. 

One day, Damon came through the door of his house, shouting for everyone to come into the living room.

“What do you want, i was taking a nap” mumbled Y/N.

“Today is the day that we bring back Bonnie, my dear Y/N. And your weird murderous friend that you never shut up about” Damon exclaimed while rolling his eyes.

Originally posted by theeskyisthelimit

‘This is it’ Y/N thought to herself ‘This is the day that i get to tell Kai that i love him’

Kai’s POV:

I missed her so much. No matter how long ive been in here, which is a long time by the way, so long that ive lost count how many days, i still love her. The only thing that has kept me from going crazy in here is the image of her face, her smile and the hurt on her face when she watched my family betray me 20 years ago. 

At the minute, im stuck in this terrible prison world with a girl that hates me and no way of getting out anytime soon as she sent all her magic away. If only i didn’t almost kill her. Not being able to talk to someone who actually likes me is boring. I miss Y/N and im going to do anything i have to to get back to her, no matter how long its been for her. 


Waiting around is my least favourite thing to do although it does give me a bit of time to think of what i’m going to say to Kai when he comes out of that prison world. 

After a long wait, Liv and Luke managed to get Damon into the prison world to bring back Bonnie and Kai. Y/N would of went but Damon snapped her neck before she could even walk into eye sight of Liv and Luke.

When Y/N woke up, she noticed a figure in her doorway. After a few seconds of allowing her eyes to adjust, she noticed it was Kai. She ran into his arms and stayed like that for a few minutes before getting down.

“My god i’ve missed you so much Y/N” croaked Kai, struggling to keep the tears in. 

And in that second, Y/N looked up at Kai with so much love and finally did the thing she had longed for ever since Kai disappeared from her all those years ago.

“I love you Kai Parker, i’ve never stopped loving you and i never will”

Their lips collided and it felt like heaven for both of them. They both started walking towards Y/N’s bed, their lips never leaving each others.The only time they did, was to take each other’s shirts off and throw them across the room. 

Kai slowly lowered Y/N down on to the bed, hovering over her and staring into her eyes. 

“I love you too” Kai admitted back to Y/N

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What The Stars See  (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: Bucky writes about his adventures with the love of his life as they travel the world together. 

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sad pasts, otherwise just fluff! (for bloody once)

This fic can be read alone, although it is part one of my new series which you can read more about here!

I’m really excited about this series, and I hope you guys enjoy it too! 

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I never thought I’d get here. I remember lying on that stale mattress, staring at four moulded walls and knowing that my only release would come with my final breath. Or that’s what I thought, at least. Times have changed since then. Steve found me, protected me despite everything, and gave me the life I have today. Those days of being painfully alone are just a memory, haunting my dreams, yet so far away when it really matters. Most importantly, I have her. Y/N. Looking back, I think that I’ve written about her in every page of my many journals since I met her.

I was going to stop writing in these, you know. I had no real reason to jot down everything I remembered, instead looking forward to the memories that were sure to come. Y/N convinced me otherwise; she said that when we’re old we can give these journals to our kids, and even our grandkids, telling them all about the years we’ve spent together, and the years we are yet to. I cried when she said that. To hear that she thinks about starting a family together as much as I do means more to me than I can put into words.

Our first anniversary is tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve never celebrated a year’s anniversary before, and I think I’ve driven the whole team mad with my ramblings about it; what can I say? This past year with her has been the best of my life, and that’s coming from a guy who’s lived a hundred of them.

Coming up with a gift idea has been difficult. I’d give her the stars if I could, but they’re already in her eyes. I’d give her the moon, but she already holds its grace. I’d give her the sun, but it already shines for her.

I think I searched near enough every shop in Manhattan before I got the perfect idea. Well, I guess she gave it to me.

Bucky watched Y/N as she gazed upon the stars, lost in her own head. He loved moments like this, where he could just stand back and admire her, like a piece of art in a gallery.

“Isn’t it beautiful, Buck?”

“You sure are, doll.”

Y/N laughed, punching Bucky’s arm softly. “Not me, Buck. The stars.”

Bucky chuckled under his breath, unable to contain his smile as she spoke. Her voice was like velvet to him, soft and smooth. He loved to listen to her voice.

“I wish I could see what they do. Every ocean, every mountain, every sunset; from anywhere in the world. Can you imagine that? To be able to see the whole world?”

My heart ached as she spoke. I know all about Y/N’s desire to travel, to see the beauty in a world that had treated her so cruelly. HYDRA had stripped her of everything she had, confining her like a bird in a cage, unable to spread its wings. She was going to do so much, and they fucking took it from her.

It was at that moment, under the stars, that I thought of the perfect gift. I may not be able to give her the stars, or the moon, or the sun; but maybe I can give her the world.


One of the greatest lessons Y/N has taught me, of which there are many, is that happiness is not selfish. During my younger years, I chased happiness like a dog does its tail. I searched for it in bars, in women, in armies. Ultimately, my search was fruitless. It wasn’t until I met Y/N that I realised all those years were wasted, because my happiness came with hers. It came with the smile on her face when I make her favourite breakfast, or the giggles that escape her mouth when I make a joke. So, when we sat together on our bed this morning, my cheeks hurt from smiling so damn much, and yet I couldn’t care less as we exchanged anniversary gifts.

I would never admit this anywhere else, but only Y/N reads these journals and I trust her with my life; I cried when she showed me her gift. She had lifted the left sleeve of her (my) t-shirt that hung over her shoulders, unveiling a red star that lay stark against her skin, the area still looking sore. Do you know how much that means to me? That she etched the most painful part of my past into her own skin? It means everything.

She cried too when she opened the manila envelope I had given her, with her name on it in my neatest handwriting and a heart beside it.

Bucky… I don’t… are these plane tickets?”

Bucky grinned as realisation dawned on Y/N’s face.

“You’re taking me to Toronto? I’ve always wanted to go there!”

Y/N went to hug Bucky, but he lightly held her wrists and brought her backwards just slightly, still smiling uncontrollably despite her obvious confusion.

“Yes, doll, I’m taking you to Canada. And then, I’m taking you all around Europe, and Asia, and Australia, and Africa, and South America, and then back home. You’re gonna see what the stars do, baby.”

There’s a huge sense of pride at knowing that I’m the one who made her so happy today. Even more so, I can’t shake the utter joy I feel in the moments like this morning where I realise that I mean as much to her as she does to me. I keep looking down to her left arm; infected, yet so stunning. I still admire how she can make anything beautiful, no matter how ugly, and I often wonder if that’s why my life has become so much brighter since she entered it.

We had the perfect day today. After spending the morning crying into each other’s arms, we made breakfast together and danced to shitty 80s pop songs, lost in our own world of love and light. 

I feel so weightless with her. 

We already had a pile of movies picked out, alongside enough snacks to keep us going for weeks, and the rest of the day was spent pigging out on the couch and just being together, away from the glare of the outside world…

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Y/N and I are going to spend our day tomorrow planning our trip around the world, and I’m so excited at even the thought of everything we’re going to see and do together.

Yeah, things have been tough. But truthfully? I’d do it all a hundred times over if it meant I got to see the earth move beneath my feet with the love of my life by my side.



Writer in the Dark

Written For: @earthshake

Written By: @goldbravado

Pairing: Harry / OFC

Word Count: 13,064

Warnings: language, mild sexual content, alcohol consumption 


they always say behind every great man is a great woman. sometimes, they say behind every great song, there’s a great, untold story

or, a story about sweet creature and the woman behind it

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I’ve been asked for quite a few ~*~themed~*~ book recs recently, and I thought rather than expending the energy of answering a billion (four) different messages I’d just answer them all in one post and everyone can steal each other’s recs! yay!!

summery reads for swanky beach holiday: 

  • CALL ME BY YOUR NAME BY ANDRÉ ACIMAN – if one of those trashy, sizzling, whirlwind summer romance books you can buy at the airport had a lovechild with nuanced introspective literary fiction then it would be this, the best, book.
  • THE BEACH BY ALEX GARLAND – possibly an obvious one, but reading about the eventual ruination and collapse of a secluded hipster beach utopia in the 1990s is what every beach holiday needs. 
  • THE GOLDFINCH BY DONNA TARTT – this book is pure summer to me, possibly because a) I read it in summer, some of it on a beach, and b) a big slice of it is set in Nevada. fantastic beach book because it’s BIG! THRILLING! UNPUTDOWNABLE! but also heartrending in the best way.

gateway drug books/YA primers:

  • THE RAVEN CYCLE BY MAGGIE STIEFVATER – I honestly think this is the best YA SF/F series out there right now. it has absolutely everything: magical realism, magical magic, intense and realistic friendship, romance, Ronan Lynch, robotic bees. show me a more iconic quartet. I’ll wait. 
  • THE ALEX CROW BY ANDREW SMITH – I love absolutely everything Andrew Smith writes. his books are weird and wonderful and, I genuinely think, really important for Teen Boys. I know generally Teen Boys are The Worst, but these books are gonna help them be Not The Worst. 
  • BONE GAP BY LAURA RUBY – love that magical realism life. plus, Bone Gap was a National Book Award finalist for YA and won the Michael L. Printz Award, which… damn. 
  • THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN BY HOLLY BLACK – I get the feeling everyone looks at me funny when I rec this book, but I’m serious. it’s a new take on old tropes, breathes life (lol) into vampires again, and stars an incredible female protagonist, her bisexual ex-boyfriend, a bunch of nutcase vampires and a trans babe. it’s Everything. 
  • BOO BY NEIL SMITH – so many middle grade/YA books have ~messages~ that smack you around the face all the way through, but this isn’t one of them. it has some Quite Obvious messages, and it sounds like The Most Trite And Predictable Thing In The World, but it is unbearably wonderful and subtle and absolutely stunning. 

funny, sweet, generally feel-goods: 

  • GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE BY ANDREW SMITH – this is my favourite book. I always fall back on my original one-sentence synopsis to sell it: ‘half bonkers McCarthy era sci-fi b-movie, half high literary introspection, narrated by a bisexual teenage boy who talks like The Perks of Being a Wallflower written by Stephen King.’ [ETA: the group chat dragged me for including GJ in this section, so YMMV…]
  • THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE BY PATRICK NESS – this one is packed to the brim with overdone, predictable YA SF/F tropes, except it’s about all the normal kids on the fringes who aren’t Chosen Ones and don’t have magical powers but do have anxiety disorders and shitty burger jobs. it’s HILARIOUS and absolutely lovely. 
  • A HERO AT THE END OF THE WORLD BY ERIN CLAIBORNE – imagine Harry Potter having a panic attack at the last second and Ron Weasley saving the world instead. this is that, except a thousand times more diverse and also hysterical. 
  • THE WATCHMAKER OF FILIGREE STREET BY NATASHA PULLEY – this is the single most gentle book I have ever read. it’s a sweet, loving caress of a book. there’s also explosions and science and clockwork and civil war era Japan, but trust me. it’s a soft embrace. 

A/W collection reads: 

  • WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE BY SHIRLEY JACKSON – apparently I was the only person in the world who didn’t already know why the villagers hated the Blackwoods. I was completely in the dark until the book revealed it and yo. yo. if you haven’t been spoiled for this book, then run don’t walk to your nearest bookshop IMMEDIATELY. 
  • UPROOTED BY NAOMI NOVIK – this is a classic high fantasy ~girl stolen away to a far-off tower~ thing except it’s SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT and also LIT. low key Beauty and the Beast/high key Koschei the Deathless and Marya Morevna vibes, except with less Stockholm Syndrome and less murder.
  • THE CIRCLE BY MATS STRANDBERG – this book is about a bunch of normal yet very different girls from the same school in small-town Sweden finding out that they’re witches, and it is absolutely amazing. I haven’t read the other books in the trilogy because I’m trying to drag it out as long as humanly possible. it’s that good. 
  • THE GRAVEYARD BOOK BY NEIL GAIMAN – baby toddles into a graveyard; baby is raised to young adulthood by an entire graveyard’s worth of ghosts and one lone vampire. ultimate nice Halloween read. 
  • THE SECRET HISTORY BY DONNA TARTT – I’m always torn between ‘this book is an absolute masterpiece and deserves to be lauded among the classics’ and ‘a bunch of hipster fucking idiots murder a douchebag’. it’s probably somewhere in between. the first time I read it I was on a deckchair in Spain, and yet it’s still the most A/W book I have ever read. 
  • STATION ELEVEN BY EMILY ST JOHN MANDEL – the human race slowly being wiped out by a not-at-all-sci-fi superflu, juxtaposed with a post-everyone-dying-of-the-superflu band of nomadic actors putting on Shakespeare plays for small villages of survivors and contemplating the universe. made me feel very small and irrelevant and human. 

Cat Grant Appreciation Week 1/7 
Obviously one of the big reasons I love Cat Grant is that she’s one half of my OTP and like 9 of the reasons that SuperCat is my OTP is Cat Grant but there is so much more to Cat than that. This Cat Grant Appreciation Week I will refrain entirely from using any supercat moments, in order to highlight how much I appreciate Cat Grant even without all the great shipping.

Favorite Scene: Cat x Kara scenes aside, Mrs. Grant, Queen of All Media, CEO of CatCo and spectacular journalist, is so amazing, in part for her ability to inspire others. Besides inspiring an unbelievable amount of fan art, she also inspires people. Thats why this is one of my favourite scenes because it’s one of the first times we see that side of her without the stone-cold boss persona she so easily hides behind. We see her brilliance in action, and the side of her that wants to do good and make the world a better place and inspire people to do better, which is one of the things that made me fall in love with her as a character in the first place.

this beautiful face she makes whatever she’s doing

maxpowersimpsonskywalkerspock  asked:

Light Yagami

  • What I like about them: Predictably, I like everything about Light. That’s not to say that every trait he has is objectively likeable, but I enjoy how his good qualities (relentlessly hard working, having a strong commitment to fairness/justice, caring about family) combine with his more negative traits (rationalizing his mistakes, being unyielding in his self perception, and failing to understand that being able to rationalize does not make something rational) to create a person so wonderfully misguided despite having all the noble intentions in the world. I could ramble about this for a very long time, sob. He is a precious Tragic McTrash Muffin. 
  • What I dislike about them: Okay, I lied. Sometimes Light uses really fucking cheesy lines and I die on the inside. 
  • Favourite moment: I keep saying this but Chapter 1 of DN when he’s trying to convince Ryuk that he’s interesting and comes up with “I’ll become God of the new world” still makes me -w- 8 years later. 
  • Least favourite moment: My least favorite moment of late is when he’s on the phone with Sachiko telling her he can’t visit home on new years and his face is turned away from the panel. It’s far from the worst moment in terms of the things Light does, but it’s just such a sad look into the state of Light’s mind late into the second arc and it’s done in an understated way. He starts off so close to his family and you can tell that they’re the people he thinks about when he’s picturing “good people” but after every terrible thing that’s happened he can’t even bear to think about them at all. 
  • A situation with this character that I want to see explored more: I WANT TO SEE EVERYTHING ABOUT LIGHT EXPLORED MORE. Specifically in canon, I wish there was more said about his relationship to Sayu over the timeskip. But more broadly, I think it’d make a more interesting character study if his convictions were tested from within or by the people who are actually close to him rather than as a response to a third party – someone whose views he can’t and doesn’t demnnize off hand for being an enemy. I’ve said this before but I do think had the second arc gone in a different direction  and you didn’t get Mello or Near and instead focused on LIght being the engineer of his own decline that it would have made for a more interesting story. 
  • An interesting AU for this character: I have so many AUs for this boy, hahah. I think the most interesting one psychologically would be the one I outlined above, but otherwise I’m generally really fond of this one AU where Light ends up an idol instead. 
  • A crossover; I also have so many crossovers, omg. The obvious one is DN/Psychopass the crossover, but I am also still really fond of ASoIaF influenced crossovers too…..
  • OTP (fave ship): At present that’d be Mikalight, but it oscillates between that and Light/Light. 
  • Other ships? I am fond of Light/Yamamoto. 
  • BROTP: Well Sayu, hi. 
  • NOTP: Lawlight. So much Lawlight fatigue. 
  • An assortment of headcanons! Surprising nobody I have a lot of these, uhm. It might actually just be easier to ask for headcanon on specific topics, haha. Clearly the most important one is that Light is ace. :|
The Terminal, Ch. V

Well now it’s clear you’re the wind and I’m the wave.
Together we can brave all the things we never knew.

The rain came in buckets. It came in furious tantrums and spurts like a toddler in a sea of pots and pans, placid and docile one moment with big, fat drops that generously splattered methodically, to angry, tiny little stings with little to no rhyme or reason the next. It came in gushing gutters and spitting spigots and pulpy papers passing through relentless rivers. It came into the city, illuminated by the lights and shortening the gap between sky and scraper until the world glowed like a nightlight, until streets were strings of Christmas lights, dutifully blinking and the neon hung like lightning frozen and bottled in its spot.

The rain even came in through the slightly open window, kicked back up from tires in the street, bouncing off of umbrellas and leaves. Clarke watched it accumulate on her windowsill before looking back at Lexa, who remained oddly perplexed by her inability to find all of her stuff.

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anonymous asked:

If you're still doing the top 5 meme can you please do top 5 martha jones moments for all the people who unfairly hate her and her storyline

gonna do this quick n dirty! there are probably plenty of other contenders but. hoo boy. a bit rusty.

5. Martha on the spot in a life-or-death situation busts out “expelliarmus”


4. Martha making some weird-ass tea in Family of Blood/Martha in Family of Blood, like, generally

shows off Martha’s cool thinking under pressure; she knows something is wrong and confirms it for herself without raising any alarm bells. Martha’s so smart

also martha slapping john smith & naming all the bones of the hand get it martha

3. Martha wanders around becoming the Doctor in “The Doctor’s Daughter”

this ep is such a weird combo of enjoyable and silly, and it’s a bit of a shame Martha doesn’t get to spend more time with the rest of our protagonists, but on the bright side Martha ends up fulfilling the Doctor role on her own – making friends with the alien species, figuring out the mystery, gaining a companion, losing a companion tragically in a weird quicksand pit

2. Martha laughs in the Master’s face

gotta be real w/ u when i first watched the s3 finale, I was marathoning the whole thing, and I totally bought into the silly gun-hidden-around-the-world plan, and then Martha laughed at him and I felt like an idiot. Martha spent a year walking through a hellish dystopia with her loved ones as prisoners and she laughs in the Master’s face because he has no idea what she’s actually been doing this whole time. classic. 

1. Martha’s “getting out” speech

This is still one of my favourite companion departures. Maybe my very favourite? It’s so good. This is the speech that makes Martha’s unrequited love arc worthwhile, because it completes it in such a great way, with Martha realizing and verbalizing that she wants and deserves better and that she understands her own worth and accomplishments independent of the Doctor’s feelings. Maybe until this scene you could argue that the text itself is presenting Martha as second-best (I… wouldn’t, but maybe you could), but here we make it clear that nope, Martha is her own person,  she doesn’t need the Doctor’s validation, and she is good, tyvm. She’s still the only New Who companion to walk away from TARDIS life for her own sake and it’s just such a good scene. 

catsoul2  asked:

Do you think toukas gonna die?

I dont think she is going to die. Im not saying it because i like her but because it is not right time, why would she is gonna die? 

1. Is it because she has death flag around her?

Not just Touka, every characters are not safe around that world. It doesnt matter who is having so much spotlight. I mean we sometimes believe that if some characters die when something flashback happens or sometimes have bigger spotlight. But i believe that thats not the case. I believe that characters die at the right time, it doesnt matter who is strong or not. It does matter who is author trying to make her/him live or die. All characters are not safe in that world, so i dont care about her deathflag around her. Especially Ishida always does it with his characters. Some of them die or some of them didnt die but make us guess that whether that character dead or not.

2. Is it because she is currently having so much spotlight recent arc?

Touka was always one of the main characters of the story. But thats not the case, she is important not because she is one of main characters but because she is another big player of this story. We couldnt have her spotlight during RE: that much, but i think Ishida doesnt make that for her that much time is not because she wasnt insignificant character but Ishida was waiting for to give her role again. Up until now RE: was most likely about CCG especially about Quinque so that Ishida was waiting for the time give her role again just like in Part 1. But no matter what Touka was still there, she didnt had arc just like Tsukki or some any other characters in RE:, but Touka was still there, doing the things that she can, trying to make it better. It doesnt matter who is having bigger spotlight or not, but it matters whats character is important for the story. In tg most important characters are still there, no matter even if they die or just hiding just like Hi/de. So i dont care about her spotlights, she was always important, she is another mc just like Ken, so Ishida is just giving her the time her character deserves and should have.

3. Is it because she is currently weak because of her body?

Touka is pretty much strong girl, But she is now weaker because of the food that she is consuming, but she is still trying her best because she is strong. Touka is not just physically strong but she is emotionally strong character in this story. Her strongness dont lays on her body but in her emotions. Even if she have weaker body than as always she has been, i still believe that her current weak body wouldnt gonna be reason that she is gonna die(even if she has to die). No matter what, she can make it. She is bearing another life in her body, how can she die just for the sake of any others characters despair?

4. Is it because she parallel with Ukina and Hikari one way or another?

Nobody is safe in this world, but that doesnt mean they can make it through from dangers. Ukina died leaving her child and husband. Hikari died leaving her childrens and his husband. But what does their death bring? Despair, tragedy nothing but a sadness for their beloved ones. So Touka and Ken has to be like that because they parallel with them? No, both Touka and Ken are trying to live for the future, just like Ukina family and Hikari family. But unfortunately they failed because of worlds cruel system and nature. But Touka and Ken gonna be biggest proof, also the characters that break all those despair that happened in the fast. Not just these characters find hope and trying to live for the future that they are not gonna die but because it is author himself chosen that these characters gonna be our “Hope and Proof” that make it through to the future. They are not gonna be fail just like history itself. If they are finding hope, making a hard decision just for the sake of tragedy? I mean, whats this story is standing for? 

5. Or maybe is it just like me scared that what Ishida might do to her?

As i said i dont think she will die, but that doesnt mean she is safe. She will gonna be injured one way or another, since they are having war. I dont know what Ishida might do to her, but death is not the one. Also Touka currently made a big decision, choosing her baby over Yoriko. How sad was that for her? She faced so many things, but it was just leading for her death sounds legit? Is Touka chosen the big decisions just for the sake of dying? Is Touka was just there to become other characters tragedy? Thats just not makes sense from my point. She will gonna face so many things in the future, she will not gonna die. Especially before her child make it through this world. No matter how this story has a tragedy elements, that doesnt mean some characters cant have happy life. Also this story is about seeking the future, finding the hope, accepting their flaws. This story is not about who is strong or who is weak at physically, as i believe. It is understandable that we concerned about our favourite characters death, but it is important that willing to let go your fave when the time comes. But you can concerned about your fave characters death, if your fave may gonna die just for the sake of another tragedy or when their death butchered. Im more concerned about Yomo more than any other characters. But he has to tell himself about for Touka and Ayato. Touka and Ayato the people that Yomo wanted to protect found their hope and family, striving for the future. But Yomo is not character that make all that in vain, he protected it all this time and will continue to do it. So if the person that he always protected will die? What is gonna he believe it, who is gonna lay upon? Is this another tragedy and despair again? Is Yomo has to through that sadness again? To make that not happen, just like Arima who leave something for Ken, i believe that Yomo will gonna leave the “Hope and Seed” that he always wanted.

“The sky next to the tragedy is clear blue”

I want to say it again, im not thinking like this because she is my fave, so she shouldnt die but because she shouldnt die any moment. I personally myself who accepts my favourite characters death more than anything. I believe that my fave characters deaths are one of their part. So i dont have to upset about because i cant see my fave character anymore. I can upset about my fave characters death not at the right time, or didnt get the death that they deserve, or sometimes when butchered. Also i upset about something like when my fave already dead but suddenly comes out alive make me cringe. Thank you for asking, i hope you have a wonderful week. :D

Could i have a fic for the RFA+ v and it’s where they get into a fight with mc and later find her/him at a bar? And then like you can take it from there(but bonus points if she’s in danger or something)

This got so long, so it’ll be under a read more!

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I’ll never forget the look on that Nephrite’s face when you pulled her out of the cockpit!

Pearl clearly put a whole bunch of points into the vehicles skill so now she can drive, pilot, fly, and operate (and hijack and reverse engineer!) anything. It’s one of my favourite things.

Not Ready | Kim Minseok

GenreAngst, Fluff

Word Count2.1k

Summary - You and Minseok stumble across a life change. You’ve spent years without him and one lucky day the past you’ve tried so hard to avoid, shows up at your doorstep 



The heavy lump in my throat never seemed to disappear from my throat as I continued to breathe through the tears threatening to fall from my eyes. I had to seem strong in front of him; even if I was completely shattered at his response of the news he’d received from me. Being pregnant and carrying our child seemed to be the best thing in the world to me, but apparently he didn’t feel that he was ready enough to be a parent. The thought of him regretting this for even a single moment made my world crumble into a place where I didn’t know who would support me in anything anymore. But this last argument was it. Him completely stating the fact that he does not want the child to be a part of his life, pushed me to take the decision I never would’ve considered in the past 4 years of our relationship.

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Well I feel a bit guilty about disappearing for over a month without any warning so I have decided to post this further extract for the School planner AU. I am determined to get this done eventually but with a move to university now being completed and the resultant work and social expectations that I now have I don’t have anywhere near as much time to just lock myself into my room and write anymore. Fingers crossed I’ll have the next ROTPQ chapter out within the month, as I have started writing it. Until then enjoy this ridiculousness.

“Annabeth! Are you there!”

She winced at the thumping music that was blasting out of her phone as she moved it away from her ear.

“Jason, where are you?”

“At a party at the Stolls, listen. You need to come pick Percy up.”

Annabeth sat up quickly. “Why!”

“He’s pissed Annabeth, seriously pissed and he’s going to do something he regrets soon. He needs to go home, I’d take him myself but I’ve already had a drink and was planning to stay overnight.”

Annabeth shrugged on her jacket and began hunting for her keys. “What’s he doing there anyway, he never goes to the Stoll party’s, he normally hates them.” He hates drinking too, she added silently.

“I don’t know, he just turned up and headed straight for the drinks cabinet. I don’t understand what’s up with him, I’ve never seen him drink at all before never mind how much he’s drunk tonight.”

Annabeth shook her head. “Right, I’m leaving now, make sure that he doesn’t leave before I get there. I’ll be about fifteen minutes.”

“Thanks Annabeth, see you soon.” The phone went dead.

Annabeth threw the door open and jogged out to where her car was parked just down the street. Percy hardly ever drank alcohol, and he never got drunk. He’d never said it outright but she had always thought that being around drunk people reminded him of his ex-stepfather too much. He must be seriously cut up for him to resort to touching the stuff. Why would he go to some random party afterwards anyway, that in itself wasn’t like Percy at all. The drive itself was easy enough, the traffic at this time of night was pretty much nonexistent, the only people out were designated drivers or people like herself who had been sent for to pick up drunk friends or family. This was a first for her though, that duty had always fallen to Percy himself amongst their group of friends.

She could hear the music already as she turned onto the street, there were so many cars parked outside the Stoll brothers house that she wasn’t able to park anywhere near it. The door was wide open and as she walked through the door she was forced to dodge past a couple far too interested in eachother to look where they were going. Rolling her eyes she walked into the house proper, spotting Jason’s blonde head in the slightly more well lit kitchen she dashed forward tapping him on the shoulder.

The look of relief that appeared on his face as he turned and saw her increased her nerves even further.

“Percy look who’s got here!”

It was only then that she saw the tall person behind her, talking enthusiastically to Piper.


The next thing she knew she had been gathered up in Percy’s arms and pulled against his chest. On nearly any other circumstance she would have enjoyed the feeling of being wrapped in his arms, but the way they were clearly swaying suggested that he wouldn’t remember a single thing of this in the morning.

“I can’t believe you’re HERE Annabeth.” He beamed at her, his eyes attempting to focus on her face. “I was just talking about you to Piper.”

Annabeth stepped back and glanced at her over his shoulder. Piper shook her head slightly and rolled her eyes.

“Yes Percy, I’m here, come on let’s get you home.”

“Home! Why would I want to go home when i’m having sooo much fun here?” He exclaimed throwing his arm over her shoulder and starting to lean into her.

Annabeth grimaced and attempted to work out how to get him out of this house. “But Percy… It’s so loud in here we can’t talk, and it feels like we haven’t talked in ages.”

He perked up immediately. “You’re right, we haven’t talked for EVER.”

He staggered forward heading towards the doors. Annabeth waved a hand towards Piper and Jason before rushing after him. In this state she didn’t trust him not to attempt to get into the wrong car. She grabbed hold of his arm pulling him away from where he was about to walk into the door frame and steering him out of the door.

“Come on, I’m parked further up the road.” He grinned up at her and followed her down the road.

“You know you’re the best Annabeth, like the actual best person that anyone could have, ‘cause if you don’t you need to know.”

“Percy you’ve really dru-”

“No I mean it!” He interrupted her. “It’s not just because I’ve had a lot to drink, it’s the truth you are like the best person ever, even Rachel thought so and she kind of had a point earlier when she said that I -”

“PERCY!” She shouted. He fell silent, shooting her his baby seal eyes and she immediately felt guilty for shouting at him. “Come on, let’s get you in the car.”

She pulled open the door and half pushed, half carried him onto the passenger seat before running round to the other side of the car. She glanced across at him as she pulled away. “Percy, where does your mum think you are tonight?”

“She think’s I’m staying round Jason’s, she doesn’t expect me back until about lunch tomorrow.”

Annabeth groaned, she knew that Sally would not be happy to see him in this state, and would be even angrier if she found out he lied about where he was going.

“You’ll have to stay round mine then, the rest of my family are away so I’m there alone anyway.”

She glanced back across at Percy when she heard him gasp. The expression on his face could only be described as horrified. “You’ve been alone!”

“Yeah? Percy it’s fine, if anything I’ve been enjoying it.”

“But you could have been with ME Annabeth, you would have had even more fun with me.” He grinned at her and she desperately attempted to hide her blush. He didn’t understand just how true that statement was.

“But you had plans Percy.”

“I would have cancelled them,” he shrugged as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “You’re my favourite person Annabeth.”

She didn’t know how to respond to that so drove on in silence. It wasn’t until she deposited him on her sofa that he spoke again. “You really are my favourite person, above everyone Annabeth. Rachel said I loved you more than her.”

She froze as he yawned, staring at him intently.

“I think she might have been right.”

Before she had a chance to respond he was fast asleep.

Call out post

-incredibly kind
-talented as fuck
-one of the most creative minds I have ever met
-a genuinely hilarious and fun person
-did I mention talented? This girl can write a goddamn story
-like seriously I’ve read her stuff that ISNT fanfiction and oh boy 👌🏻👌🏻 quality content
-she’s a top quality person all around to be honest
-also shes cute as fuck. Have you seen her? that face? That’s an A+ face right there.

(Honourable mention:
-draws cool things and supports me and all of her friends
-will cosplay fanfiction characters which is absolutely amazing and one of my favourite things about her
-will work herself into the fucking ground because she’s so dedicated to churning out quality content, and while she definitely deserves breaks more, it always pays off)

I could honestly make this post 5x as long and still not cover half of what I love about this person, and I’m sure other people would have more to add.
She deserves the world and I love her.

Our lovely mothers

One of the best people in the world is my mum. She cares about me a lot and she is so loyal. My mummy is also passionate about knitting. Her favourite things to make are jumpers. When she doesn’t knit, she likes to do some gardening. In our garden she is making my favourite flowers - sunflowers look beautiful. We both like to listen to George Michael and The 1975. What I like about her is that she is a really strong woman. My mum is the most modest, devoted person I know. And I love her.

The Best woman in the world is my mum. She is loving and really patient. In free time my mum likes reading books and watching films. I love my mother very much. I like spending time with her, going for walks and talking about various topics. I know that I can always rely on her and she will never let me down. She is a wise person and has a broda life experience. This is the person I admire most in the world. Her the biggest dream is a trip to a tropical island.  I really love my mum and i have always admired her for what she make for me and our family.

I can’t imagine my life without my dear mom. She cares about me like nobody else and she can do everything for my safety. My mommy’s friendly and she doesn’t want anyone to be unlucky. I think that she’s so strong, because she can reconcile heavy work with household duties. As a woman, she’s my pattern to follow. Her the biggest dream is travelling around the world. I hope I will make this dream come true and take her to places where she hasn’t been yet. I know that raising me is hard, so I want to thank her for everything she does for me.  

I can’t imagine my life without my mum. She loves reading books and tries to keep fit and healthy so she goes to the gym. I admire how brave she is. She always looks for new challenges. The most I love about her is the fact that she’s tolerant that’s why I can talk to her about everything. She’s also working very hard to make all the best for me and my brother possible. Her biggest dream is traveling around the world with the nearest family. My mum is fascinated with Zumba dance. Once she even took part in a Zumba competition. She always supports me and she is the most important person for me.

One of the most important person in my life is my mum. She is really helpful and I can tell her a lot about my problems. My mother is very friendly. She talks with everybody and always has smile on her face. On top of that mummy is a typical bookworm. She loves reading and she reads in every spare moment. What is the favourite thing which I like in mum? Definitely that she always pursues a goal and never gives up. My mother’s biggest dream is speaking English very well and visiting as many countries as it is possible. I’m very proud of her!

One of the best women in the world is my mum. I can’t imagine my life without her. She is very nice and spontaneous. She likes driving car a lot of. Her favourite place to spend holidays is the seaside. She likes to spend time there because she loves walks at sunset. She likes dealing with flowers.
I most like in her the fact that she can start every day with a smile and that she doesn’t care what others say. I like it her that she can understand me and can help me or my brothers.
I love she so much.

My mother is my heroine, I can always count on her. She is very selfless and moral. My mum usually understands me really good and she is helpful. She is also hard-working, she always does something in an house, that’s why she doesn’t have a lot of time just for her which makes me sad and I am trying to help her as much as possible. My mum is a homebody, but I think she dreams about a journey abroad and I hope I will take her somewhere in the future, because she really deserves it!

The best person in the world is my mum.She is loving and beautiful.My mum in her free time likes reading  books, spending time with her family and cooking the best food I have ever eaten.I love her she is my best friend.I like spending free time with her.She cheers me during  my basketball matches and in my life.I like talking to her about many topics.My mother’s biggest dream is a trip  to Australia .I wish such a wonderful family like her.I love my mum she is the best in the world I am proud of her.

My mum is my best friend. She always listens to me and we talk a lot when I have a problem. My mum is a teacher and she’s a really hard-working person. She’s usually cheerful and smiley. In her free time she reads historic books and biographies. What’s  more ,she hangs out in the garden with a cup of coffee and a good book. In the evenings she like watching a cabaret on television. My mummy would like to visit the whole Spain – but the most Andalucia.

Written by

1C Students