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Homecoming | Peter Parker

Summary: Peter Parker was suppose to take the reader to Homecoming, but something comes up involving the Vulture. After defeating his enemy, Peter tries to win back the reader. The reader doesn’t buy his dumb excuses anymore and it takes a certain Spiderman to convince her otherwise…

Warning: spoilers and sadness and fluffiness 

Pairing: Peter Parker (Spiderman) x reader

Part One/ Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five


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Dirty Bathwater--Imagine #23

Anonymous said: you should totally write an imagine where your crush wakes you up by neck kisses and then you have a warm bath together. idk you should make it heated. *coughs* its not your babe i swear *coughs*

A/N: I see through your disguise, babe. ;) I see through it! I’m so sorry that you asked for this months ago and I didn’t get around to it ‘til now. Hope you enjoy, dear “not my babe”. ;) <3 

Her eyes were closed, soft puffs of warm air escaping her slightly parted mouth and I felt my chest constrict with the pain that I could never show her how beautiful and precious she was to me. Of course, I told her as often as I could but words felt so weak and actions were still so inadequate in showing her how big my love for her was. 

Her hair was a gorgeous mess, and I smiled to myself as I remembered our passionate coupling last night. Every time with her was just as mind-blowing as the last. 

I shifted myself closer to her sleeping form, in awe of how the first rays of light streaming in through the thin curtains brought out different hues in her hair. Slowly, ever so slowly, I pressed my lips to the part of her neck where her shoulder met her neck. Inhaling her sweet scent, I savored the salty taste of her skin as I lightly flicked my tongue along her tender, soft skin. 

She shifted as I continued my trail of kisses up her neck, each slow enough for me to breathe her in and savor the feel of her skin underneath my lips. 

As I made it to under her jaw, I felt her hand lazily comb through my unruly hair, making me let out a soft moan. She let out a contented sigh in answer and pressed me closer to her in encouragement of my ministrations to her jaw. Lazily, but passionately, I sucked on the line of her jaw, not being able to stop the smile that graced my lips as she let out soft noises of satisfaction. 

Reluctantly, I pulled my lips from her skin, to look into her glazed over gaze, a sleepy, soft smile pulling at the corners of her lips.

“G’morning, love,” I murmured, grinning down at her.

“It sure is,” she replied, running her delicate hands up and down my bare back.

I laid there, half on top of her, staring down into her mesmerizing eyes. Something seemed to dawn on her face after a few moments.

“Last night, I never got to take my bath,” she said, pouting slightly, lightly dragging her fingernails down over my shoulder-blades. 

I shuddered. “Mm, I’m sorry I distracted you,” I gave her a cheeky grin. “On second thought, actually, I’m not sorry at all,” I added. 

She rolled her eyes, but her smile widened. I licked my lips and saw her eyes shift back to mine, a glint of mischief in them. 

“I think I’ll go take it now,” she whispered, slipping out from under my upper body and the sheets. 

I watched her in all her glorious nudity walk away from the bed to the bathroom. I gulped, my eyes dropping to her ass. When she reached the doorway, she turned giving me those fucking bedroom eyes.

“Join me?” she tugged her lip between her teeth. 

“Oh, fuck yes,” I hissed, jumping out of the rumpled bed.

Minutes later we were wet and immersed in sudsy bathwater. My legs bracketed hers, and I gently massaged her back. With a moan, she sunk against me even further, her body slipping down my body gloriously. 

I closed my eyes trying to lock in the sensation of her wet, naked body against mine. Opening them again, I picked up a loofa, soaping it up before raising her left arm in my left as I ran the loofa down it with my right hand. I watched the drops of water drip off her arm, and splash into the water, making it ripple around our bodies. 

She turned her head and leaned it back onto my shoulder to look into my eyes. 

“Something wrong, babe?”

I held back a groan at the way she was looking at me. Eyes hooded, mouth parted just the slightest, eyebrows crinkling with concern. No one had ever made me feel as wanted or cared for as she did. 

“Yeah, actually,” I put on a worried face, my voice rough with need. 

“What is it, c/n?” She asked, turning her body more, her hip now digging into my groin, making me hiss as pleasure shot through me from the friction of her body against mine. 

“You’re not on top of me,” I managed, my tongue heavy in my mouth. 

She looked at my lips once, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. A shy smile lifted the corners of her mouth as she looked back up at me through her long lashes. There was that hint of irresistible sexuality that burned in her eyes right before she took action. 

Using the sides of the tub as help, she twisted her body around. The hot water sloshed around us as she settled her open thighs over mine, resting on my lap. I was completely hard at this point and she knew it. Her heavy-lidded eyes lifted to mine, and she held my gaze as she swiveled her hips over me.

“Mm, sorry, just needed to find the right spot,” she smiled wickedly.

My head fell back as her movements made me involuntarily jerk up to rub up on her. 

“Find the right spot, my ass. We may be in the bath but you’re still playing dirty as fuck,” I hissed out through my lust, forcing my eyes to open so as to take in her beautiful face. 

She simply gave me one of those angelic smiles that would normally make me laugh from how it contrasted with her piercing gaze if I wasn’t under her influence. She was a drug to me, and I craved every part of her. 

She nipped at my bottom lip and I gripped onto her hips, rubbing circles into the soft skin there, pressing her harder over me. She gave into me and started swiveling her hips in a circle over my erection the way she knows drives me insane. The bath water sloshed noisily now, as I hungrily took her lips between mine, our tongues sliding against one another, tasting, savoring, moaning. 

Her wet fingers traced a wet trail of water droplets up my bare back and into the damp hair at the nape of my neck. As our kisses turned even more urgent, and her thrusts over me frantic, her grip on the ends of my hair tightened almost to the point of pain. 

“Shit, goddamnit, y/n,” I growled, moving my lips to her neck, nipping and grazing my teeth down until I bent her backwards so her neck rested on the opposite edge of the tub. 

“C/n,” she whimpered, her legs tightening around me, fingers grasping at me. 

I simply groaned back at her as I watched her hair fall erotically into the water, swirling in the blue-ish water. Her back arched as I cupped my hand to gather water in my palm, letting it poor between the valley of her breasts. 

“I’ve never believed in any god, but when it comes to you it’s all I can do to stop myself from worshiping your body any time I’m around you,” I breathed out, watching how her chest rose and fell frantically. 

“So do it,” she pleaded. 

Her eyes were glazed as I gazed down at her. I pressed a soft kiss to her lips, chuckling when she tried to pull me in for more. Instead, I pulled away, lathering my hands in soap, making it turn into a sudsy thick covering over my palms. 

Slowly, my eyes trying to memorize every detail of her, I trailed a soap covered finger down her collarbone to the middle of her chest. Bringing my other hand up, I smoothed both my palms over her tits and she gasped at the contact. I gave her a grin, as her eyes slid closed. My hands continued their journey down over her waist, swirling the soap over her wet skin. 

“Please–ah–c/n,” she whined. 

“I can’t just leave the soap on you, gotta wash it off you,” I smiled softly, adoration swelling in my chest. 

“Fuck that,” she smirked. 

Before I knew what was happening, she had tugged turned the shower on, letting the spray rain down on us and her body. I watched it wash the soap from her body, mesmerized by how it slid off her body into the water in the tub.

“Now, shut up and fuck me already,” She laughed, pulling me down over her in a searing kiss. 

Bucky Barnes Soul mate AU drabble

Summary: Bucky has a soul mate, but doesn’t know it until he, Steve and Sam come back from a mission

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader Y/N, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson

Notes: I am the worst at updating!!! But since it’s my birthday, you can’t yell at me! :p This one has been in my drafts for a while… Enjoy this cute fluff!

Soulmate. The concept had always been present in Bucky’s mind as it was in everyone’s, but he had never felt anything or recieved any sort of message from his person. He had tried writing a simple ‘hello’ once when he was in high school, but there was no reply. He saw so many people feel what their soul mate felt and talked back and forth through writing on their arms with marker or pen. He had seen so many couples stop and stare in amazement at meeting for the first time, almost undoubtedly kissing at first sight.

During Bucky’s capture, all he could think about was what his soul mate felt during the torture and whenever he had the chance and remembered, he wrote apologies all along his right arm.

And now, in the 21st century, Bucky still had no soulmate. Steve had found his, of course, and Bucky was glad for that, but also a bit jealous at times. He’d see Steve and Sharon look at each other in that way and he’d be so happy for Steve and then want something like that for himself. By now, though, the concept wasn’t something he thought about since he figured that maybe he wasn’t meant to have a soul mate. Maybe the universe made it so that he didn’t have that unmistakable feeling when he looked at someone for the first time and maybe he wasn’t supposed to feel what they felt.

Bucky, Steve and Sam were on a mission in France. It was supposed to be a simple extraction of intel and it was until Bucky felt a shooting pain that radiated from his foot to his kneecap on his right side. He looked down and there was nothing that could have caused such an almost debilitating pain, so he did his best to ignore it. Once their mission was complete, they all went back to the safe house in Germany to keep their payload safe and rest up for a day of traveling.

“You okay, Barnes?” Sam asked Bucky once they entered the house.

“What? Yeah, I’m good. My leg just hurts,” Bucky explained.

“You’re not bleeding, are you? How did you get hurt?” Sam asked.

“I didn’t, that’s the thing… Probably just a cramp,” Bucky surmised.

They each retired to their rooms and as Bucky undressed, he noticed that there was writing on his leg. His heart raced as he read the text that appeared on the inner side of his calf.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make your leg hurt. I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my fibula…” it read. Bucky’s heart raced. He had a soul mate and they were apologizing to him.

Not knowing what else to do, he threw some sweats on and knocked on Steve’s door.

“Come in,” Steve said.

Bucky opened the door and shut it behind him, his heart pounding out of his chest.

“Steve… My soul mate…” he managed out. He lifted his leg up and Steve read the writing.

“Bucky, we have to find this person…” Steve said, sounding happy. “Write back! But, not on that leg, it’s probably in a cast by now. Bucky this is fantastic!”

Bucky had no idea what to make of all this. Steve gave Bucky a couple of markers to write with and he started to write back on the opposite leg.

“That’s okay, get a cast on it. What’s your name?” Bucky read aloud to Steve as he wrote.

It was a few seconds before he recieved a reply.

“My name is Y/N Y/L/N. What’s yours?” Bucky read aloud as the words appeared on his skin. It was a girl. His heart leapt bounds and he froze, a million thoughts swirling in his head.

“Well, go on then!” Steve said, noticing Bucky’s hesitation.

“What if she knows who I am and what I’ve done… what if she doesn’t want to meet me…“ Bucky’s self-doubt spilled out of his mouth.

“Buck, she’s your soul mate there’s no way she wouldn’t want to meet you,” Steve explained.

With a shaky hand, Bucky wrote his full name and waited for a reply.

“The hero, Bucky Barnes? That’s you?” she wrote. Bucky studied the word “hero”. He had never thought of himself as one, always the villian if there had to be one, but when her first impression of him was that he was a hero, then he supposed it couldn’t be all bad.

By the end of the night, they had set up a time place to meet in person and Bucky was shaking with nerves by the time he was waiting for her. He had begged Steve to come with him to the Starbucks where they were to meet and after wearing him down, Steve finally agreed. It was mid-October, so the New York air was chilly and it didn’t help Bucky’s nerves at all.

Then he felt it.

His head started spinning and his heart felt like it was beating out of his chest as he looked around to see her. To his left, he saw a girl on crutches, her right leg wrapped in a purple cast. It was her.

“Steve…” Bucky managed out and gestured to her.

Before Bucky knew what he was doing, he walked over to her and their eyes met. Time seemed to stop when they looked at each other. His heart skipped a beat, he swore, and he could see nothing but her. Those eyes were the most beautiful he’d ever seen and he wanted nothing more than to stare into them for the rest of his life.

“It’s you… You’re Bucky,” she spoke breathlessly. “You’re my soul mate.”

Bucky smiled and nodded. “I’m.. I’m so glad to meet you…”

A huge smile spread across her face and Bucky couldn’t help but be mesmerized by how truly stunning she is. He wanted to know everything about her: her favorite foods, what kind of clothes she liked, even her favorite perfume. Interrupting his train if thought, Steve spoke from behind him.

“Bucky? Is this her?” he asked.

Bucky tore his eyes away from her face and looked at Steve. “Yeah, this is her… This is my soul mate, Y/N… Oh, Y/N, this is my best friend Steve.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” she said and leaned her weight on her good leg to stick her hand out to Steve for him to shake.

Bucky felt lighter than air when she spoke and he wanted nothing more than her happiness. The sun had begun to set by the time their drinks were finished.

“Well, I should get going. I have some medication to take and an exam to study for… It was wonderful to finally meet you, Bucky…” Y/N said in the sweetest voice he’d ever heard.

“I think you two should stay at the tower tonight…“ Steve said and smiled.

Bucky knew that he and Y/N had to spend the night together–it was a seal for their bond. At this point in their lives, their soul mate bonding is at its most fragile at the first meeting. There are some soul bonds that fall apart and take years of emotional labor to repair. Bucky looked at Y/N with pleading eyes and she smiled and nodded.


The following morning, Bucky woke up to soft skin against his own and a warm body curled tightly against him. As he breathed in, he smelled strawberries and vanilla, and it encouraged him to bury his head deeper into Y/N’s hair.

“Good morning, Bucky,” he heard her coo softly after she shifted slightly. Her cast made it hard for her to move freely in the bed, so Bucky made sure to move with her wherever she needed.

“Morning, doll..” he said and pulled back from her to look at her face.

She looked up at him and they smiled at each other as if the whole world had stopped just for them. Bucky’s heart began to pound in his chest and he placed a hand to her soft cheek.

Before he knew what he was doing, he followed the loudest voice in his head, screaming to just kiss her. So he did. He anchored his head down and let his lips fall to hers gently. She tasted of sweet mint, vanilla and decadent strawberries. Bucky was intoxicated and he couldn’t get enough. It was only when their lungs demanded oxygen that they parted from their passionate and time-stopping kiss.

“So… Breakfast?” he asked her and she nodded, giggling.

Protection : A Roman Reigns Series - Part 1


Part 2Part 3, Part 4

Hello kids! IT’S HEEERE! So this is the first part of this series, I have no idea how long it will be, and the title is probably temporary. 

A/N: As previously mentionned, it’s an AU which includes a lot of wrestlers. This part, which is somewhat of a prologue, features Seth Rollins, William Regal and Maryse! Also, I will be describing some of those wrestlers in a very unflattering light sometimes, but it’s only for the sake of the story and not because I don’t actually like them. If there are wrestlers I don’t like, I simply won’t write them into the story at all.

Before I forget: this story was slightly inspired from a movie called Maryland (2015) about an ex-soldier suffering from PTSD who’s hired as a security guard to protect a woman and her child. I won’t go into detail, but I borrowed the idea of the bodyguard thing with with the bonding between the girl and the guard (which also happens in the movie). It’s a French movie so I don’t know how much I can urge you to watch it but if you can, please do, it was fucking great. 

Warnings: None. Like I said, this is the prologue, there’s not that much going on yet, this is mostly to introduce the setting of the story.

Word count: 2865

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @insearchofsunlight @blondekel77 @caramara3 @alexahood21 @rocketgirl2410 @m-a-t-91 @flawlessglamazon @mrsamberlopezgoodanoai @xxmaddhatter39xx @ii-love-roman-reigns @romanreignsprincess @littlemissava13 @alexispoo @imagines–assemble @littledeadrottinghood @skyereignsrollinsmain

I hope you enjoy this, let me know if you do, and if anybody wants to be tagged in the future, holler at me!

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May I request a Photographer Jughead and a Modeling to pay her way through college Betty fic pretty please? With Betty becoming Jug's muse?

Girls On Film: Part 1

Summary: After insulting every major supermodel in the business, world renowned fashion photographer, Jughead Jones, is paired with up-and-coming model, Betty Cooper. 

Words: 2,966

Warnings: Swearing and drinking. 

A/N: I know nothing about the modelling/photography world. Most of my knowledge comes from America’s Next Top Model. I’m really sorry this is so long. Also, I have nothing against any of the models mentioned in this story. 

Part 2 is here. This is also on AO3

I also edited this myself so prepare for errors. 

“Cara cancelled.” Veronica Lodge informed her boss Jughead Jones.

“Why?” He asked, a hint of annoyance in his tone. He looked at a variety of different lenses with his assistant photographer, Sabrina Spellmen, a tiny, blonde wannabe photographer.

“She found out you were the one shooting and pulled out.” Veronica gathered her dark brown hair into a ponytail, faking nonchalance as she waited for more questions from the world most sought after fashion photographer.

“Why would she do that?” He questioned, handing Sabrina suitcases full of equipment. “We took such beautiful pictures together.” He lied.

“She doesn’t really remember it that way.” Veronica crossed her jean clad legs, letting her foot bounce. “She remembers a large argument where you called her ‘a fucking brain dead meat sack with a pretty face’ and she told you to go fuck yourself and then you called her a cunt.” Veronica raised her eyebrows. “Do you remember that, Jug? Cause I do and apparently so does Cara and she didn’t take so kindly to it.”

He placed his clenched fists on the table. “I asked her to look wistful and I asked her if she knew what that meant and she nodded.” He turned to look at Veronica. “And instead of wistful, I got constipated. Thank god she’s beautiful and I could salvage the shoot.” He pulled on his suspenders as he walked around his bright living room. “How about instead of giving the models free clothes at the end of each shoot we hand them a fucking dictionary.” He ran his hands through his hair. “Its bullshit, they go on about my temper but does anyone say anything about their mediocrity? Just because they are hot doesn’t mean they are models. We aren’t just selling clothes, we are selling a lifestyle and if I can’t get girls who can take direction then I can’t do my job.” He untied his flannel button down from around his waist, discarding it on the bed. “I need girls with fire in their eyes.”

“Well, I’m not sure what you are getting today but I’ve heard good things.” Veronica stood up and pulled out a portfolio. She placed it on the coffee table and pushed it over to him. “She walked the runway for Dolce and Gabanna, Elie Saab and Dior last season.”

“I don’t give a shit about runway.” He snapped approaching her.

“She’s a former ballerina but she quit because she was too tall.”

“How tall?”

“Six feet and because she used to dance she’s very flexible and good with her body.” Veronica informed.  “She’s done editorial in Vogue, Elle, W and Paper Magazine.”  

“Let me see her face.”

Veronica moved out of the way and let him browse the portfolio. The first thing Jughead noticed was her body, you could tell how tall she was without scale and Veronica was right, she knew how to move and pose it. The only problem was the photographers didn’t know to photograph her properly. They made her look awkward and gangly.

He turned the page to see a shot of just her face. Her blonde hair was slicked back and she had honey running down her face, dripping off her eyelashes and mouth. She had a strong jaw line, cheekbones that most models would die for, pouty lips, and green-blue eyes that looked like that were churning in the still image.

That is what he wanted. That was fire.

“What’s her name?” He asked.

“Elizabeth Cooper,” Veronica said looking at her nails.

“And we have her?” Jughead moved away from the table and grabbed his bag.

“She is on site right now in hair and make-up, waiting for you.” Veronica packed everything up realizing they were about to leave. Sabrina was piling bags and boxes up near the door.

“This is what I’m talking about.” He pointed at the portfolio. “Finally a model I can actually work with.” He grabbed his sunglasses and slung his bag over his shoulder. “I should start calling people cunts more often, this really worked out for me.” He grinned.

“I really wish you wouldn’t.” Veronica muttered, as the three of them left his house and headed to the site.

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Romione hesitant kiss :)

Thank you so much for the prompt - I hope you like this! 💕


Hesitant Kiss - The type of kiss where their lips brush against each other’s a few times, breath fanning across each other’s faces as one waits for the other to make a move.

Ron supposed it was his turn to make a move now, wasn’t it? It had to be. She had been the one to kiss him earlier that morning (Merlin, was it still the same day? It was all blurring together), the one to launch herself upon him in the middle of an active battle, right in front of Harry - yes, Ron decided, it was on him now. He had to be the one to show her that they couldn’t just leave this at one kiss, that he wanted her every single day for the rest of his life. Otherwise, it might be another seven years before the next one.

And so, when Harry left to return the Elder Wand to Dumbledore’s grave, the two of them started walking, silently, back to Gryffindor Tower. His hands were covered in dirt and grime and probably blood - definitely blood - but he still twined his fingers with hers. After everything that had happened, he simply couldn’t see the point in holding back from her anymore.

“Well,” said Hermione as they entered the common room, her voice small and tentative, “I should probably clean up a bit. I’m a bit of a wreck.” She touched her fingers to the ragged, singed-off edges of her hair, her lower lip between her teeth.

Ron gave a tiny shrug. “I always think you look beautiful.” Maybe he was just too exhausted at this point to filter his thoughts.

“Thanks,” she whispered back, her eyes not quite meeting his. She never had been good at accepting compliments that had to do with her appearance and not her intellect. “I’ll, erm, I’ll just meet you back here in a little while.”

Her smile was shaky as she turned toward the girls’ staircase, and for a second Ron thought he might let her go, might wait on it, but then… he had already waited for so long. And he could have lost her today, or at any point over the past year, really, and life was so short. He really didn’t want to let her go anymore.

“Hermione,” he called, making her whirl around. “Hermione, c'mere.”

He stepped toward her, closing the gap, but rather than crush his lips to hers as he so wanted to do, he found himself pulling her into a tight hug, just to feel her heart thudding in her chest, just to smell the smoke on her hair. Her hands fisted around the back of his jacket, holding him in place. She was okay. Even after everything, she was okay, and knowing that was almost enough. Almost.

It was one thing, though, to tell himself that he was going to make the next move, and another to actually do it. She leaned away from him just enough for their eyes to lock; she was so, so close. And was it his imagination, or was she tilting her face up toward his? Watching, mesmerized, as her eyes fluttered shut, Ron dipped his head down to her level. This was the point of no return, he realized. It was exactly as he’d told Harry back in the Room of Requirement: it was now or never.

Hermione’s upper lip just barely grazed against his, her breath puffed gently against his, and even this faintest hint of contact seemed to ignite his skin. A light sigh slipped out of the back of her throat, sounding vaguely like his name, and that was it, it had to happen and it had to be now. It had been nearly seven years of back and forth, of stifled words and sidelong glances and charged silences and now, enough was enough.

Ron claimed her lips, softly, like he feared she might break (even though she was the toughest person he knew), one large hand cradling her face. They fit perfectly, effortlessly together in a way that, were his legs not rapidly turning to jelly, might have made him think they had done this a thousand times. It just felt right, kissing Hermione, in a way nothing else ever had.

With a light little smacking sound, they separated, out of breath and in a stupor. Ron had done it, that thing he’d wanted to do since, oh, forever, he’d actually done it and now there was no going back. Not that he’d ever want to.

Hermione smiled, her lips glistening from rubbing against his (Merlin, he had really kissed her, he wasn’t sure he’d ever get over it), and then rose on tiptoe, kissing him determinedly once again.


you can find more kisses prompts here!

Gentle Touch | Sam Holland

Summary: One day, the reader catches Sam Holland playing the piano. She falls in love with his gentle touch, stating that she could listen to him play for hours on end. When caught in the moment, the reader asks if he could teach her a few things and the boy sheepishly agrees . Together, their fingers entwine with one another’s and dance across the grand piano…

Warning: none

Pairing: Sam Holland x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: @sebastianstan-theman


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“Wake up.”

At her Mistress’s command, Kes opened her eyes and came out of trance. The first thing she saw was her Mistress, smiling at her. Kes smiled back. She loved being hypnotised, and becoming Mistress’s submissve was wthe best thing that had ever happened to her. But as ever, her happiness was tinged with insecurity. Why had Mistress chosen her, out of everyone in the whole world? She was so ordinary and plain. Ugly, even. And weak, and awkward. Surely Mistress, sexy, smart, domineering Mistress, had her pick of so many girls. Why her? Why?

“Do you know where we are, Kes?” Mistress asked. Kes looked around, and realised they were in what looked like a dance studio. There was a mirror all along one wall, and while Kes’s first instinct was to look away from her own reflection, her attention was caught by what she was wearing. She was dressed in a tight-fitting ballet dancer’s tutu, with ballet shoes on her feet. She was confused. Why had Mistress dressed her this way?

“N-no, Mistress,” Kes answered, but she wasn’t sure if that was the truth. Her surroundings seemed strangely familiar for some reason.

“That’s right, you don’t know,” Mistress said. “But you’ve been here before. Many times, in fact. I’ve been bringing you here for weeks, always in a deep, deep trance so that you don’t remember.”

“Why, Mistress?” Kes asked.

“To train you.” Mistress said simply. Kes was about to inquire further, when her Mistress lifted her manicured hands and clapped, once. The moment she did, Kes’s ears were filled with incredible music. The music wasn’t actually coming from anywhere, she quickly realised. It wasn’t real. It was inside her head. Mistress had given her a post-hypnotic suggestion to hear music. But why?

Her question was answered when, at some musical cue, Kes’s body sprang into life. Not of her own will; her body simply moved without her needing to think about it. It was immediately obvious that she was dancing to the music. She had never danced before in her life, as far as she could remember, but her body knew exactly what to do. Her limbs twisted and beckoned in simple, elegant, effortless movements, and as the tempo of the music rose Kes found herself gliding across the floor of the studio.

“I’ve been bringing you here, while hypnotised, to teach you to dance,” Mistress continued. Kes could see Mistress’s eyes were glued to her. For a short time she lost herself in the dance, drinking in the way her body felt as she moved. But then her insecurity rose again. Why, why, why? Was this Mistress’s way of mocking her? Making her, a plain, uncoordinated girl, dance? Was Mistress about to laugh at her, break up with her?

“Why?” Kes gave voice to her question.

“You still don’t understand?” Mistress’s voice sounded suddenly very sad, although not disappointed, and infinitely kind. “Look, Kes. Look at yourself in the mirror.”

Kes did, and her heart stopped. It was… amazing. She was dancing with the grace and elegance of a professional ballet dancer. The patterns formed by her constantly-moving hands were skillful, artistic and mesmerizing. Her face was a sleek mask of concentration. Her sculpted legs formed gorgeous arches as she danced and leapt across the room. Kes couldn’t stop looking at herself. She’d never thought about herself or her body this way before. She knew now why Mistress had brought her here, and the gratitude swelling inside her was so powerful she found herself on the brink of tears.

“I did it for you,” Mistress explained, even though no explanation was necessary. “I trained you to dance while hypnotised, just so I could bring you here, today, and make you look at yourself. I know the kinds of thoughts that trouble you, and I wanted to help. Just for once, I wanted you to see yourself the way I always see you.”

Kes nodded, struck mute. She felt an overpowering sense of love towards her Mistress.

“So, how do you feel?” Mistress asked. It took Kes a long time to find her words.

“I feel beautiful.”

First Child (cuz i suck at titles) :P

Flicking an ear, Inuyasha heard shifting in the room. One golden eye creaked open. He would’ve groaned in exasperation if it weren’t for the only sleeping occupant in his home that he had built with the villagers. He looked over at his wife in the darkness. Light had barely crept in the windows yet and the birds were making their morning chirps and calls, telling him it was the hour to rise.
It was peaceful for the moment. His wife has finally caught more than two consecutive hours of sleep. Each time, all he could do was make sure she was comfortable, her back snug against him as she fed the whiny pup every few hours. He didn’t need the sleep anyway. A few hours every once in a while was enough to rejuvenate him, and he would deal with it for as long as he had to.
Kagome’s body was still changing, according to Kaede, her belly contracting back to its old size ever so slowly. It was painful but normal, but if he’d known this process that she would endure … No. There was no way he could’ve accepted being married to her without doing the activities they did, which, on occasion, would produce their offspring. He didn’t regret it, any of it, not one bit, and never could. He shook his head at the thought, pulling his attention back to the shifting of blankets nearby.
He wasn’t sure if the baby would understand any youkai things yet. When she was born, he was surprised at the softness of her skin. He was surprised at a lot of other things too, and that didn’t even include the dark ears that peeked out the top of her head amidst the super soft black locks. He was surprised at how responsive she was to her surroundings, instantly quieting when she heard someone’s voice until she got hungry and cried for her mother, of course.
When he heard her begin to whimper, he slowly got out from his shared futon with Kagome, hoping he could make it to their child before she would wail and wake up her protective, sleepy mother. Not bothering to fully stand, only to have to bend down again, the shirtless hanyou edged over on his knees towards the sound. He found her twisted up in the blankets near the wall, towards the end of their futon. Her legs kicked about as if she were stomping the air. She had spit bubbles oozing from her small smiling lips.
He had no idea that a child could make so much loud noise without even opening her mouth. He found that out the other day when she became fascinated with his hair. She was a grabber all right. He sighed at the thought of even possibly cutting his hair. He put up with having it up in a tail on hot days when he was working in the fields with the other village men. He even let Rin braid it ONCE, but cutting it? He didn’t have a sensitive scalp or nothing, but who knows how long he’ll being having his hair pulled? Years? Kagome had already said she was going to cut hers next time she wasn’t busy with the baby or sleeping, which could be a while. After all, there was no “formula milk” to switch the baby to, like they had in her era, and it won’t be until next spring till they could possibly get the baby on to mushy foods. She’ll be breast feeding for longer than her mother had for Souta.
At the sight of him, she gave an open smile. No teeth yet. Though he imagined her canines would be coming in long before the others. He sniffed her belly, checking her without peeking to look. She smelled clean, though he already knew before he’d even abandoned the warmth of the sheets. He just enjoyed her giggles when she felt his exaggerated exhale on her skin. She thought it was funny for some reason.
A sudden jolt shot through him. As he remained completely frozen, as he had learned previously that quick movements would upset the pup beneath him, he realized that she had grabbed his right ear. Her tiny stubby fingers pinched it slightly. He had refused to let Sango’s children even near the child, in fear of them going after her ears, but now he was debating if she was old enough for him to demonstrate just why he was protective of her ears in reprimand of touching his. However, the thought drifted away when he gave a soft whine and she let go. He sat back. Perhaps she was even more perceptive than he had expected. Her puppy ears were still droopy and Kagome would go on and on cooing at her about her cute floppy little ears. It hasn’t even been a year since the day he swears his hearing was permanently damaged somewhat by being next to Kagome as she yelled for him to “Get this baby out of me now!”
He had simply remained calm as Miroku had instructed him before, holding her hand and offering encouragement here and there before she told him to shut up and he did. Miroku had told him that what was most important of all was to do whatever the lady wishes within reason.
Towards the end, when he had felt his demon rising at the strong scent of his mate’s blood, she had asked him to wait outside. When he had refused to leave her side, she grasped her hand from his grip and sat him. They told him later that Kagome had become afraid since his demon marks had appeared and his eyes had tinged red.
His marks had never dissipated since then. When Sesshomaru had been passing through once again, Inuyasha had demanded an explanation. Apparently it was simply a sign of becoming a father. He could’ve sworn he heard the bastard breathe “congratulations” as he flew away. A squabbling and confused Jaken grasped onto his moko-moko confirmed it.
Hearing her shifting around again, his mind returned from those memories. Her arms were reaching toward him, fingers wiggling.
“Alright come ‘ere you.” He whispered with a smirk. She made that gasping open-mouthed happy sound that all babies make as he pulled her to his chest, arching his neck back slightly so that he could watch her.
In her weird baby musings, she stared at him and he stared back with a gaze full of love. He didn’t even flinch until she did something unexpected. Her small hands placed themselves on his face. One on his nose and the other on the mark of his left cheek. He was absolutely still, not wanting to ruin the moment and also because his brain was broken. Normally he could think, he could reason. But in that moment, all he could do was stare at the power this tiny creature held over him. Her hands rested there as she was mesmerized by his face for whatever reason. Her fingers pushed and rubbed at his mark.
He felt a warmth at his back and, a few years ago, he would’ve jumped at the unexpected sensation. But now, when he could become so absorbed with the little one, he wouldn’t even hear Kagome asking him to do something, much less her shifting out of bed.
Her arms wrapped around his waist since he had a baby in his face and he felt her lips turn upwards on his skin as she exhaled contentedly on his bare shoulder. She could fall asleep right there and he knew it. She’d fall asleep while standing up with the baby in her arms if he weren’t around to watch her twenty-four-seven.
A crow decided to croak right near their window and the pup’s attention whipped towards it. He nearly whimpered when the tiny hands left him. She looked all about, her golden eyes seeing more than most. He watched her attention flutter about the room, until they zeroed in on the dozing form beside them on his shoulder. Her lip started to tremble and he pinned his ears down as a precaution as he moved his shoulder slightly, trying to nudge Kagome awake before things escalated. His mate had become a very light sleeper thanks to this little one. When the pup murmured slightly Kagome lifted her head and she nudged noses with her daughter. “Good morning, you two” she said softly, still somewhat lethargic.
“Mmmuh. Mummmmu muh muh. Muummaaa!”
Kagome nearly squealed in delight. Inuyasha smiled as her wiggling hands reached out towards her. “She knows who has the goods, of course.” He chuckled handing her off to be fed.
Kagome smiled at her mate, but rolled her eyes a little, “Mama is always the first word, Inuyasha. I dunno though. She’s never touched me like that … … … Not without pinching me or sticking a finger up my nose anyway.”
As she sat, adjusting her kimono, he crawled around behind her and dragged her into his lap once again. The whole time she suckled though, her big golden orbs were latched on him, and he was pretty sure Kagome was right.

I’m sorry it was so good I didn’t wanna rush it as the plane was taking off! So yeah they say “write what you know” so I did. My sister’s first child came to visit this weekend and little Kelly became so absorbed with me! Oh gawd she was so cute. I haven’t dealt with babies in about 10 years (which is more than half my life), so I HAD TO WRITE INUKAG OMYGOD THIS WAS TOO PRECIOUS. YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THE URRGGGGEEEE!!!

Title: In too deep
Ship: Jughead Jones/Betty Cooper
Fandom: Riverdale
Episode: 1 X 03
Summary: Betty and Jughead are at the Blue and Gold offices working on the Jason story when they share an unexpected kiss and everything changes.
Rating : Mature

Notes: My first fic for this ship. I’m bughead trash. Please forgive any inadvertent errors; English is not my first language.

“It isn’t fair”, pouted Betty. He smiled at her petulant expression. They were at the offices of the Blue and Gold, looking at the story on his laptop. It was getting dark and the dim lights in the office cast spooky shadows on the walls.  

“You write so well. So effortlessly. You know just how to hook the reader in! You have a natural talent, Juggie”. She sounded so honest.

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Requested by @levycchi and @thenekowitch! Hope you guys like it!

Prompts; Eyes, the morning after and beautiful

Levy loved waking up early, especially just as the sun was peeking up over the horizon and casting gold rays full through the trees. She loved the way the light played through the sun-catcher, casting glittering rainbows all over her room. As the sun climbed higher she would bath in the light that eventually reached her, stretching lazily against the pillows before finally tugging the blankets off.  

Next to her, a low groan rumbled from the sleeping man, indicating that she wasn’t the only one waking this early. She tittered as she rolled over and snuggled into the side of her boyfriend. She winced when the more tender parts of her body twinged as he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close, but couldn’t resist smiling when he snorted before nuzzling her hair. Last night hadn’t been the first time they made love, but it was rare when Gajeel decided to spend the night in her tiny bed. Nevertheless, it had been a wonderful night, full of quiet murmurs and kisses and heat that could only be stirred by the other’s touch.  

And now, she had the wonderful chance of watching his eyes crack open in the sunlight, squeezing shut after only a moment and returning his face to her crown. It was mesmerizing the way they glittered as though a flame flickered in his ruby eyes.  

“So beautiful,” she murmured, wishing that she could stare just a little longer. He snorted, rolling away to grin cheekily at her, his fingers tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear.  

“Tch, that’s my line, Lev.”  

Making you Laugh

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 2 325
Reader has to ‘babysit’ Kai all day so he doesn’t do something stupid and Kai spends the entire day trying to get Reader to laugh… 

*not my gif

Caroline had called Y/N into the Salvatore Boarding House early this morning saying it’s an ‘emergency’.
When Y/N arrived there and walked inside , she nearly tried to turn back and walk away.
“What is he doing here?” she asked as her eyes fell on Kai who was innocently sitting on the couch playing with some figurine in his hands. He turned towards her and waved.
“Caroline … what …” she started to say as Caroline pulled her away to the side.
“We need you to watch with him today.” Caroline said , Y/N’s eyes widening.
“What ? No! Have you lost your mind ? I am not -”
“Yes you are.” Caroline interrupted her. “Look , Damon and I have to go pick up some things for Jo’s wedding… and someone has to watch him so he doesn’t go killing some innocent person just cuz they pissed him off.”
“You want me  to ‘babysit’ him ?” Y/N asked incredulous in a hushed voice glancing at Kai who was innocently sitting on the sofa looking around and touching things , annoying Damon. “No.” she shook her head pushing her way past Caroline , but Caroline blocked her way. Y/N sighed in frustration. “Why me ?”
“Because he likes you.” Caroline said.
“No,  he doesn’t. He doesn’t like anyone and you know that.” Y/N snapped back.
“No , no…  I think he does … or at least doesn’t hate you as much as the rest of us.” Caroline said rubbing Y/N’s shoulder. “It will be fine. We won’t be long.”
Y/N sighed. “There is no way to talk you out of this ridiculous idea is it ?”
“Nope.” said Damon dragging Caroline behind him. “Let’s go blondie.”

* * *

Y/N shut the door after Caroline and Damon left but when she turned around found Kai standing a step away from her. She jumped back a little.
“Hi.” he said grinning.
“Jeez, Kai … Don’t do that.” Y/N said , pushing her way past him. Kai followed her , a few steps behind her.
“Come on Y/N. There is no reason today can’t be fun.” he said brushing his hand against her waist.
Y/N stopped and turned around so abruplty , Kai nearly bumped into tackling them both over to the ground. She put her hands on his chest pushing him away.
“Look , Kai. I don’t like you , but for some reason my friends have decided that you need a babysitter and that I am the person for the job…” she said trying to sound calm but they’ve been alone in the house for less than 5 minutes and Kai was already starting to get on her nerves.  "So here is how today will go - I’ll go get a nice book from the shelf and sit on the sofa to read… and you will sit quiet , not doing stupid things.“
“Ouuchh..” Kai said mockingly. “You know there are about a dozen other things we can do … Play chess or do shots or -”
“Kai … ” she interrupted him. “If I promise to do one thing you want later ,  would you just please let me read my book?” There was no way to shut him up and Y/N surprised herself saying that.
Kai grinned. “Deal.”
Y/N sighed , taking her book from one of the shelf , tossing herself onto the sofa , Kai sitting on the other side. She opened the book and started to read.
A few minutes passed , Y/N kept glancing at Kai to make sure he hadn’t quietly left the room or something. He was starring at her. Y/N tried to ignore him but every time she glanced at him , he was still starring at her. She flipped the next page and tried to concentrate on the book.  Just when she thought that maybe he’d listen and actually stay quiet … “You are so boring.” Kai said breaking the silence. Y/N glanced at him again and found him more near the fireplace playing with some vase.“I see why they left you to ‘babysit’ me. They probably think you can bore me to death.”
“Ha.Ha. Funny.” she said scastically. “Would you put that down please? Damon would kill me if he comes home and finds out something has happened to his things….”
“No , he won’t. They all like you , even tho you are a human which still doesn’t explain why they decided to leave you with me today…” he thought about it for a moment and shrugged his shoulders. “I could gut you and no one would even hear your screams.”
“Kai ..” Y/N said taking a deep breath. “I thought you promised to keep quiet while I read… ”
He made a gesture as if to zip his lips and sat back on the sofa. Y/N returned her attention to the book , but 5 minutes later when she glanced up Kai wasn’t there.
What the …  she thought. Y/N shoot up confused looking around the room and then suddenly saw him slowly popping up from behind the sofa , only his eyes showing at first. He was grinning , she was sure of it. Kai glanced at her and winked before dissapearing again.
“What are you doing ?” she asked.
“Trying to get you to laugh. Isn’t it obvious? You are too serious for your own good.” he said.
Y/N rolled her eyes. “I am not 'too serious for my own good’…” she said , a crinkle showing on her face.
“Yes , you are. ” he said , his gaze drifting to something behind her. “I will make you laugh.” Kai said , determination in his voice.
Y/N locked eyes with him for a moment. “Good luck with that.” she said getting up and walking over to one of the small tables. “You wanna play games ? Lets play games..” she said waving a chess board in the air. Kai grinned.
“Finally , something fun !” he said. “If I had to watch you read that book for 5 more minutes , I might’ve had to toss myself off the Wickery Bridge.”
Y/N rolled her eyes.
They sat on the floor , Y/N ordering the chess pieces and Kai helping her. He kept glancing at her smiling.
“You will lose tho..” he said suddenly. “I just hope you won’t cry when you do , I hate it when people do that.”
Y/N scoffed. “Please.. I always win.” she said glancing at him. There was determination in Kai’s eyes… “Black or white?” she asked.
“Black. White ones always go first and I am a gentleman.” he said winking at her.
Y/N glanced at him , the corner of her mouth twitching for a second. In the end he was probably get his wish and make her laugh , as much as she didn’t want to admit it.

They played chess for a while. Y/N actually having fun watching Kai concentrating and trying to figure out what her next move is going to be. At first the game went well for her but soon after Kai figured out her strategy and now he was 2 moves away from beating her.
“Checkmate.” he announced , a grin on his face. “I win. You are not going to start crying now are you ?” he asked , a hint of amusement in his voice.
“No. You won fair and square. Congratulations.” she said getting up. “I’m going to the kitchen , do you want something?”
“I’ll come with you… Don’t want you hurting yourself and getting blamed for it later.”  he said.
“Oh-kay then.” Kai followed her to the kitchen and his eyes lit up.
“Yum , cupcakes !” he said grabbing a chocolate cupcake from the counted. “Love those !”
Y/N suppressed a smile. He was like a little kid , swishing his finger on the frosting on top licking his finger.
“Want some?” he asked after noticing Y/N was starring at him. She just shook her head and opened the fridge to get out some orange juice. It took her a moment to find it , she took it and closed the fridge but …  when she turned around something squishy smashed her in the face.
“Boop !” Kai said amused. Kai had smacked a cupcake on her face , frosting covering her nose. Y/N  locked gaze with him , pressing her lips in a thin line trying very hard not to laugh.
“Oh come on , that was funny !” he said disappointed , wiping some of the frosting from her face before reaching for some wipes and cleaning it all off her face.
Y/N stood there mesmerized by his eyes , forgetting for a moment she didn’t like him.  
“Y/N?” Kai’s voice snapped her back to reality. “Are you OK? I cleaned it all , I promise …”
“Yeah yeah , I’m fine.” she said , pouring herself a glass with orange juice.
Y/N didn’t want to admit it but she was starting to like him a little. He wasn’t so bad when he wasn’t going off killing people… then again all her friends were vampires who have done things just as awful.
Maybe I judged him too fast. she thought.
“You are not going to make this easy on me , are you?” he said suddenly serious.
“Nope.” she said “But you are going to pay for smashing that cupcake in my face…”
“Oh am I ? Can’t wait.” he said amused.
Y/N suppressed a smile. There she was planning to get back at him and Kai couldn’t wait.
“Wanna play another game of chess?” she asked suddenly. “I wan’t a rematch.”
“You are going to make me lose , is that it ?” he laughed. “You really are boring.” he said getting out of the kitchen.
Oh yes , I am very boring. she thought , a smirk on her face.
“You go ahead , I’ll be right back.”  she called out after him and ran upstairs to one of the many bedrooms , grabbing two pillows. When she got downstairs , Kai had already ordered the chess pieces and was sitting with his back to her. He hadn’t even heard her come in.
“What the -” he said suddenly ,  knocking over half the chess pieces on the chessboard. “What was that for ?” he asked , a spark of anger in his yes.
Y/N just smacked him with the pillow again , her lips pressed in a thin line.
“That ..” she said sitting on the floor next to him. “.. was for smashing that cupcake in my face.”
Y/N started ordering the chess pieces again when Kai hit her with the other pillow.
“If that was your payback …Why are there two pillows?” he asked with a little smirk. She didn’t answer , just looked at him as if daring him to try and hit her again.
Kai seemed to figure out he was about to get what he wanted and he hit her again , knocking her over. Y/N reached with her hand trying to grab the other pillow but there was nothing there. Kai had grabbed it and was hiding it behind his back.
“Ohhh…did you want that?” he said mockingly. “Come and get it.”
Y/N took a deep breath , her eyes still locked on his and launched for him but he kept the pillow out of her reach. He was enjoying himself so much , he got distracted for a second and she finally grabbed the pillow knocking him on the floor , feathers flying everywhere.
Kai eyes lit up. “Come on … you know you want to laugh.” he said seeing her trying hard to stop the smile that was trying to find a way to show on her face. The more she stared at him the harder it got. Kai left his pillow on the side , suddenly looking all distracted as if he was thinking about something and in the next moment he tackled Y/N on the ground tickling her.
“Laugh,  please laugh ! ” he said laughing and Y/N couldn’t contain herself anymore and started laughing uncontrollably. Kai laughing along with her.
“Finally !” he said tickling her stomach. She tried to push him off her but Kai was two steps ahead of her. “Oh , is someone ticklish?” he said grinning.
“No. I’m not.” she said laughing , nearly out of breath finally able to push him off of her. She got up straightened her shirt and fixed her hair , sort of. Y/N took a deep breath looking all serious. “I’m not ticklish…” she said turning around trying to get ouf the house to get some fresh air but Kai came after her chasing her.
“I’m gonna get you!” he said laughing.
Oh , God.  she thought and ran down the hallway making a few turns , Kai at her feet laughing , before she found her way back to the living room. She grabbed a pillow and hit him.
“Hahahah” she started laughing , Kai laughing along with her. “Got ya.”
Y/N had caught him by surprise and for a moment he got all serious, a startled expression on his face before he started laughing again.
“You are not as boring as I thought and you have a nice laugh , should laugh more often.” he said , his eyes glowing with happiness. Suddenly Kai tackled her over and started tickling her again. “But … I am not going to stop tickling you until you admit that you are  ticklish.”
Y/N had to admit it , Kai was fun and it was pretty nice spending time with him.
“Fine fine , I am ticklish.” she said laughing. “Could you maybe stop for a moment , I gotta catch my breath.”

  *   *   *  

The doors opened , Damon and Caroline walked in carrying a few bags and boxes , freezing on the spot with shocked faces.
Kai and Y/N were laughing uncontrollably , Kai on top of her tickling her. Feathers mixed with chess board pieces on the floor around them. They hadn’t even noticed someone had walked in.1
“What is going on here ? Why is the living room such a mess ?”
Y/N and Kai looked at Caroline and Damon , then at each other serious expressions on their faces and then burst out laughing.

NOTE : (to the anon who requested it) 
I’m sorry it took so long , not sure if this is what you wanted but I hope you like it anyways :)


anonymous asked:

What about an Au with no titans, no walls just them in a small village. Mikasas parents are still killed and she's taken in by the Jaegers. 17yr old Eren takes a job that will take him away from home. Mikasa is sad and upset he's going to leave her behind, she gives him the silent treatment the day before he leaves. Before he leaves heshocks Mikasa by promises to make enough money to marry her when he comes back.


Pairing: Eren/Mikasa || Rating: K  || Words: 1,469 || [AO3]

Warnings: none

A/N: I loved this request ;-; Thank you very much for sending it to me! <3 A little side note: Grisha isn’t in the picture. For Eren to take this job, I would think it’s because he wants to be able to support Mikasa and Carla (I hope that’s okay). I’ll leave the reasons behind his absence to your imagination :) 

Nothing is, or ever was, meant to last. Not the bank she walks along, the garden her and Auntie have tended to for years, or the tears blotching her skin. She knows this, has known it. So she can’t help but feel foolish for wishing her relationship with Eren could ever defy this merciless law of nature.

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A/N: ahh~ i worked so hard on this so i hope everyone enjoys reading =^~^= don’t hesitate to get to my inbox and let me know how it is!! thank u to @mvnyoongis for encouraging me through the whole thing !!

** anaxiphilia: (n.) love of or attraction to unsuitable mates; an act of falling in love with the wrong person

Word Count: r.i.p


|| ANGELS + DEMONS AU || Demon!Yoongi ||


Originally posted by classysuga

They say that the yin and yang represent the good and the evil; Yin being the dark energy with a sliver of light, and Yang being the light energy with the sliver of dark. For the Yang angel who fell from Heaven, her dark energy had been too much in the eyes of God. It didn’t help that Y/N was so fascinated with the living; if she wanted to live again, then so be it.

Long, flowing, blonde hair; bright, blue, clear eyes; glowing, radiant health: these were the things that made Y/N so physically beautiful that the other angels had actually become envious. But of course, envy isn’t something that’s encouraged in the land of the promised. Her pure white wings would take her anywhere she pleased, and that’s precisely what she did in her time.

All good stories come to an end, only her ending wasn’t too desirable. Her fair skin became paler at God’s words, and the pain she felt when her beautiful wings were ripped off was incomparable. As she fell from the Heavens, blood was spread all across her back, staining her once perfect dress. Tears fell from her eyes, floating in the whooshing air past her head. Before she hit the ground, she whimpered her last words as an angel from above.

“Forgive me.”

Yin: The dark energy with light found inside. That’s exactly what Min Yoongi was, and the light in his heart was exactly what sent him to live with the mortals on Earth. From the fiery depths of Hell, the Devil himself deemed Yoongi “too good” to live amongst his brethren, and so he banished him to be with the living; Heaven didn’t accept an entity like him, which left him with only one choice: to live among the mortals on Earth.

His platinum blond hair that stopped in front of his eyes, dark hollow eyes that seemed to sink into his head, and the dark aura that surrounded him; He was Min Yoongi. The things he had done, the crimes he committed were things even the other people in Hell didn’t dare to do, practically making him the Devil’s right hand man, but the moment Min Yoongi showed weakness in the face of a battle, the light in his heart started to spark.

His departure wasn’t the most pleasant way, even for a demon. Brutally taking back the wings he had given, the Devil tore them off so barbarically that Yoongi knew that no other pain could compare to the flesh ripping off of his skin. His horns weren’t any less painful. In fact, they were just as painful as the wing removal. The Devil’s burly hands gripped Yoongi’s horns so tightly and so roughly, that upon grabbing them, Yoongi could already feel the skin lift off of his skull, blood trickling down as he cried out.

When Yoongi was finally stripped of his horns and wings, a force so powerful took Yoongi to the surface of the Earth, dragging his near unconscious body through the dirt and the rough terrain. His ear-piercing cries were muffled by the ground surrounding him, his body repeatedly taking beating after beating. As the force pulling him to the surface stopped, there Yoongi laid on the concrete, his body aching and bleeding, covered in bruises and cuts. His quiet, coarse voice cursed out the very words that brought him to Hell.

“Damn you.”

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Right Girl - Part 1

Request: Could you do something with the song Right Girl by The Maine?

Pairing: Reader (Y/N) x Harry

Word Count: 814

The last thing Harry’s friends wanted to do was to shove him in the back of a cab, thanking a stranger who simply watched in horror. Anyone would be a little startled as he or she watched a drunk man resist a seat in a cab, tightly holding onto the door.

“This isn’t quite fair, mates,” Harry slurred.

“Harry, you’ve spent enough money tonight on drinks alone. So just go along for the ride, okay?” one of Harry’s friends leaned into the cab, telling the driver an address and spilling a bunch of money onto the passenger seat.

The cab driver, who was clearly annoyed with the situation he was put into, lightened up at the money and nodded his head, locking the doors and pulling out onto the street.

Harry glanced over at the woman next to him. She had her eyebrows raised and her legs crossed. There was a small tear in her dress near her outer thigh.

“What ‘appened to yer dress?” Harry asked.

The girl glanced down and placed her hand on the fabric.

“Just an accident. It’s not a big deal.”

“Oh. Well, I’m Harry,” he coughed.

“I’m Y/L/N.”

Harry nodded and scratched his neck. He asked a few more questions, which she answered. When they arrived outside of Harry’s flat, they were discussing her decision on if she wanted to go to a university near home so her parents would pay for it, or if she wanted to go farther away but her parents only pay for half of it.

“What a silver spoon mess,” Harry chuckled. She gave a confused look before scratching her arm awkwardly.

Harry reached for the door handle, opening the car door and swinging his legs into the sidewalk. He started to stand but fell back right away. The cab driver glanced back, concern in his eyes.

The girl scooted towards Harry, resting an arm on his back and giving him a light push. “Can you make it to your flat on your own, or will you need some help?”

Harry stood on his wobbly legs, placing a hand on the cab to steady himself. He gave a small chuckle, glancing at the girl with embarrassment in his eyes.

She laughed and gave the cab driver a bit more money for dealing with herself and a drunk Harry before stepping out of the cab and draping one of Harry’s arms over herself.

“Don’t you need to get home?” Harry asked as he put some of his weight on the poor girl.

“My fiancé won’t mind, I’m sure,” she commented.

“Fiancé?” Harry stumbled, lurching both of them forward. “You’re married?”

She laughed loudly and Harry was taken back. The way she threw her head back and squinted her eyes shut when she laughed a real laugh was mesmerizing. Some of her hair fell onto her face, and her mouth was wide open.

“I’m not married yet, hence why I called him my fiancé and not my husband. But yes, I will be getting married.”

Neither of them spoke for a while except for Harry giving directions. He was suddenly feeling sober and, what’s this? a little jealous.

His thoughts meandered for a while as the girl under his arms dragged him about. Was she happy with her fiancé? What would he think if he knew his future wife was dragging a drunk man up to his flat at nearly midnight?

“This is mine,” Harry said, pointing to a white door. He grabbed his keys from his pockets and tried unlocking the door without success. The girl chuckled as she took the keys from Harry and opened the door for him.

The few seconds that her hands touched his left Harry mentally gasping. This whole time, they’ve had layers of clothing between them.

“Wow, it’s very neat in here,” she commented, pulling Harry over to the sofa.

“Oh, thanks. It’s nothing, really. Hey, is your fiancé okay with this?”

She plopped Harry on the sofa before standing up straight and stretching her back. “He doesn’t need to know about it,” she nearly whispered.

The sentence itself brought up questions that would go unanswered, but even the way she said it made Harry’s ears perk up.

“Oh. Okay.”

They both awkwardly sat in silence for a few seconds before she clasped her hands softly.

“I should be going. I have work tomorrow.”

“Alright, well, thanks for bringing me back to my place,” Harry smiled, extending a hand. The woman gladly accepted it and shook it, laughing.

“Well, see you later, Harry,” she said as she made her way to the door, looking back once at the mess of Harry.

He waved right before she turned around and closed the door behind her. His heart beat fast and he couldn’t stop fidgeting with the rings around his fingers. All he could think about was her.

There will be a Part 2, maybe a Part 3!

Ladynoir July Day 2: Banter

“I’ve had enough, Chat!” Ladybug whirled on her partner, an accusing finger pointed in his direction. He took in her flushed cheeks and irritation, his teasing grin slipping just a little.
“What, I can’t compliment my Lady?” He held up both hands to protest his innocence, stopping short on the rooftop they’d been loping across.
She gripped her small hands into fists and stamped one foot. “That’s not what I mean, and you know it.”
“All this because I said you look meow-velous?” Chat Noir smiled at the reprise of his own joke.
“Augh! The puns! Always with the puns! I can’t stand any more!”
“Maybe you should sit, then.” He watched as Ladybug’s face went from red to white then back to red again. She seemed like she might explode, if her expression was any indication. Chat Noir pursed his lips, amazed. His puns were great! And they added an important flair to their superhero work. What could be wrong with them?
“Say one more word. I dare you.” Ladybug walked slowly toward him, feeding out her yo-yo. Good Lord, had she been akumatized? Surely the power of puns wasn’t this strong.
Paw-don me, Bug, but the puns are purr-fect and I’m feline a little too much hostility from you. I’ll grant there’s a paws-ibility I overuse them, but you’re obviously the su-purr-ior hero here, and I gotta use my best tail-ent in the field.” As the words left his lips, he could see he’d gone too far. Their partnership was officially over, and he was officially a dead body on an anonymous Paris rooftop. He backed away from Ladybug’s dark expression as she stalked him across the small roof. He stopped short as something painfully barked his back - the chimney of the home below. Uh-oh.
Ladybug continued to advance, looking furious. “You look furr-ious,” he murmured. Oh, geez, he couldn’t stop. Purr-haps she had a point - a small one. She stepped into his awkward stance and poked her nose right up into his face. Chat couldn’t move, mesmerized by the boiling emotion in her -
Ladybug’s grimacing lips locked onto his in a hard kiss. Shocked, he stayed still, but then his senses returned to him and he threw his arms around her, pulling her close to breathe in her scent and return the enthusiastic salutation with his own. Without taking her lips from his, Ladybug reached both hands up and combed her fingers through his hair, causing a cat-like shiver to tingle down his spine. He sighed at the pleasurable touch and tightened his hold to lift her and bring her closer, but she broke away. A slightly dazed look fogged her features as she leaned back, signaling the moment was over. He reluctantly released her to the rooftop, breathless.
“Maybe that will shut you up for a while,” she growled, affecting a sulky tone.
“So if I keep talking… does it mean you’ll do that again?”

anonymous asked:

hey! so I guess you're pretty busy and i hope things are going find and wish you nothing but good luck ☺️☺️. I have a prompt! Im watching s3 of rtte and an idea just came to my brain. When Heather arrives in ep 7 of s3 Fishlegs says that she's staying with Astrid, what if at night Hiccup is like overwhelmed by thoughts, totally forgets abt that and decides to go to Astrid's hut and the two of them have to make a silly excuse or you know

A/N: Hello! <3 Thank you so much for your kind words, and for this lovely prompt! I sincerely appreciate it, and I hope that what I’ve whipped up suffices. Please do feel free to send in another, my dude! :’) 

(*Note: Takes place during 03x07. Not S4 compliant.)

Emergency (Alternatively titled ‘Future’)

Hiccup was seated at his desk with several pieces of parchment spread out before him: one depicted the immediate waters surrounding the Edge, while another was a census of Nadders, organized by time, flock number, altitude, and direction. The third, however…

The third was simply a myriad of scribbles and doodles and scribbled-out doodles, all completed while he made fruitless attempts to connect disparate dots and mismatching puzzle pieces. Hiccup stared down at the map and furrowed his brow, glancing between two documents, trying to make sense of the numbers–

(He tapped the metal of his prosthesis against the wooden floorboards of his hut. He drummed his fingers on the surface of the table. He cast his gaze toward the corner of the room, momentarily letting it linger on a slumbering Toothless… Before scrubbing a hand down his face as he rose from his seat.)

–Even after half an hour of trying to analyze the data, the figures glaring up at him still didn’t make sense.

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Dance With The Devil (ii)

word count: 1 688
warnings: none

*gif by me

previous part: here

Part II

Kai had been intrigued by the girl he had just met. Even though he knew she’d probably hate him like everyone else, he wanted her to see his true self. He wanted to show her that he wasn’t the person everyone said he was.

Although he couldn’t feel her magic, he was sure she was a witch. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to tell he’s a Siphoner. She wouldn’t even know about them.

He just needed to arrive home earlier than her. At least he would see her one more time this way. Once she was back, he was sure she wasn’t even going to look at him anymore. She would treat him like everyone else in the Coven, he believed.

Impatiently, he awaited her arrival. He had cloaked himself not to catch too much attention when he sneaked around near the door.

Suddenly there was a knock. Kai lifted the spell up, opening the door with a smirk on his face. Like he thought it was her.

“Long time no see.” He chuckled, seeing her startled expression. She certainly hadn’t been prepared to see him again this fast.

“Y/N! There you are!” Never has she been happier to hear Jo’s voice. She stood in the corridor, looking at her brother’s wide grin and Y/N’s apparent confusion.

Y/N made her way past Kai who lightly - nearly unnoticed - brushed his fingers against her hand. But she did feel it. His touch short as it lasted seemed to ignite a fire deep inside of her. She shook the feeling away, following Jo back in her room. Lucas and Olivia continued playing in their own room instead of Jo’s so that the brunette and Y/N had more space when they closed the door behind them.

“He’s your twin brother, isn’t he?” Y/N asked. That’s why he had seemed familiar; she must’ve seen him at one of the coven meetings before.

Jo’s face turned dark as she slowly nodded.

“Just ignore him, that’s what I always do.” She explained, shocking Y/N with that answer.

Although she was an only child and therefore had no idea how she’d handle siblings, she knew ignoring someone completely wasn’t right. Especially if it’s someone in your own family. “But he is your brother. Your twin even.”

Jo turned towards her, a hint of bitterness showing on her face.

“No, he’s an abomination. Trust me, Y/N, I know him better than you do. He’s no good.” She said, and in a sudden change of expression, she smiled again. “Anyway, enough about that. Is there anything you’d like to do?”

Y/N didn’t answer right away. She was still thinking about what Jo had said earlier. A bad feeling crept up on her - she knew why Jo called his own brother an abomination. It was all because he was different. Because he was a Siphoner. Just like her.

Automatically her hand had reached towards the amulet around her neck, tightly holding the pendant filled with magic. Nervously she played with it hoping Jo wouldn’t read too much into it. If they even treated her own brother, their own child, like this because he was different, what would they do to someone who didn’t even belongs to the family? What would they do to her?

“Y/N? Is everything alright? You’re really pale.” Jo was worried, bringing Y/N back to reality. 

Quickly she came up with an excuse, “Yeah… umm… I’m just… hungry. I haven’t eaten in all day.”

It was evident that she hadn’t convinced Jo but nevertheless, she stood up, asking Y/N to follow her. They walked downstairs again, directly heading into the kitchen. A boy not older than twelve currently prepared a few sandwiches. 

Y/N heard her stomach growl at the sight of all the different sandwiches. Until now she hadn’t even realized that her subterfuge wasn’t just a pretense but the truth, too. 

“Hey Joey, do you mind if we take some of these?” Jo asked, tousling his brown locks. 

“Mother said they are for our guests.” He answered looking around like someone who got caught doing the wrong thing. “She also said we’d have to wait until everyone else arrives.”

While Jo tried to convince her brother, Y/N glimpsed someone else quietly walking through the corridor. It was Kai. At that moment something hit her. He knew about her secret. How could she even think for one second he wasn’t going to spill the truth about what she was? Why came it just now into her mind that he even could’ve done it already? Joshua could already be on his way to send her away. 

Her breath got caught in her throat, as fear started to creep it. “Jo? Do you have any idea where I can find my parents?” Her voice was high, and she spoke faster than usual. 

Jo raised an eyebrow, obviously confused. 

“They’re probably in father’s office. It’s the second door on the right if you walk through the hall.” She replied.

Y/N muttered a “thank you” before she left them alone and went to Joshua’s office. But ere she arrived she was pressed against the wall. 

“This definitely ha-” Kai put his index finger on his lips, implying she should shut up. The girl rolled her eyes; nonetheless, she kept quiet. 

Again she felt his touch on her cheek as he leaned forwards to whisper something in her ear. “There’s an old well near the place we met. Meet me there tonight.” 

He hadn’t even given her time to answer or to even think about it; he had just vanished into thin air before she could say anything. Y/N stared at where he had stand moving her own hand against her cheek. She still felt the warmth, and she was sure she had blushed. 

Kai wanted to meet her, privately. Maybe he didn’t talk to anyone about her. Maybe her family’s secret was his secret now, too. A small smile appeared on her face, hoping that finally, she had someone outside her family she could come to. After all these years of hiding maybe she’d finally found the one person she could trust. But could she trust him? Despite anything he must be going through, he still was the son of the leader of the Gemini’s. 

Y/N couldn’t tell how much time had passed after Kai had left since she was lost in thought. She even forgot what she originally wanted to do. At least that was the case until the door to Joshua’s office had been opened and her mom walked out. She was astonished to find her daughter sitting there staring at a spot on the wall. 

Only after she had called her name multiple times, Y/N awoke from her thoughts.  

“Hi, mom.” She greeted her, flashing up a little smile. Standing up again she brushed off the dust from her trousers. “Can I talk to your for a sec? It’s about… it. Kind of.”

“I don’t think it’s the best time or place. Can’t it wait until later when we got to our hotel?”

“I thought we’d stay in the guest rooms.” Y/N marveled. As far as she could remember they had always stayed at the Coven’s headquarter never before had they booked hotel rooms. 

Even though she hadn’t made her mind up if she really wanted to go to meet Kai she was sure it would be impossible if they stayed at a hotel. Depending on how far away it was there was no way she’d get to the spot where they were supposed to meet. 

“Not this time. We thought it would be better not to stay the night. Just in case something happens. But the hotel isn’t far away. It’s nearly two miles from here; we can even walk there.” Her mother explained. 

Y/N nodded. Maybe it was possible to meet Kai. 

“We will soon go.” Her mother promised. “In an hour at the latest. But I need to go now.” 

One last time she smiled at her, turning around and walking back into the office. Y/N, unsure of what she should do now, decided to go back to the kitchen. Perchance Jo had managed to steal some sandwiches from Joey. 

Like she hoped both of them were still there, now together with another girl with blonde hair. 

“Here, I finally got you some.” Jo said as she saw Y/N standing in the door frame. She handed her plate with three ham sandwiches. Y/N thanked her and sat down, the plate in front of her. 

“Hi, I’m Lena.” The blonde girl introduced herself as she sat down across from her. “I’m their sister.” A big smile on her face, she shook hands with Y/N. 

They all talked and laughed while Y/N was slowly eating the sandwiches. She liked the Parker kids (at least the ones she had met already, she knew there were two more children) but was afraid how they’d behave if they find out what she was. 

Nearly an hour later people were walking out of the office. People Y/N recognized as coven members. Here parents were the last ones to come out, waving to Y/N. 

“I need to go now. See you tomorrow?” She said, the last part sounding more like a question than a goodbye. 

She walked up to her parents, following everyone else as they left the house. 

Meanwhile, Kai was standing in his room looking out the small window from which he could see every departing person. Just as he thought she wouldn’t be with them, she appeared in his field of view. 

He watched her every step, a smile spreading across his face. There was just something mesmerizing about her he couldn’t quite understand. Suddenly she turned her head around, looking at the window like she knew she was being watched. If he hadn’t gazed at her closely, he wouldn’t have realized she was giving him a small, hardly noticeable, nod. 

She had made up her mind. They would meet again tonight. Just the two of them, free to talk about whatever Kai wanted to tell her. Or whatever Y/N wanted to tell Kai.

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