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100 LF. It was simply beautiful. I read it twice before commenting. You have managed to capture all of the insecurities and fears of every woman who have had to start her life over. Of trying to get back on the "market" after being away from that scene with years of absence. Then to have your love think you're beautiful still is just priceless. Jamie is bewitched, but so is she. Thank you for this in-depth look into what Claire's feelings/fears are before she give herself completely to him.

aww thank you so much for this. It’s funny, until about a day and a half ago, the beauty/sexual attraction angle really was the main theme, the main thing on Claire’s mind. But in doing my 11th hour editing (as I always do) It hit me like a ton of bricks that that would only be the superficial manifestation of her fears. Beneath it would be this whole network of damage and anxiety around the very notion of sex, so I was very very grateful for that last minute inspiration. I think it really changed the tone of the chapter in a huge way, and I’m so much more proud of this final product than I was of that draft!

Thank you thank you! 


We Are Right Now

Peter Quill x Reader: fluffy smut. 

Peter’s feelings for you are outed out by Mantis. 

“You feel…love.”

Peter stumbled over his words, “Yeah. I guess, yeah. I feel a general unselfish love for-”

“No!” Mantis interrupted. “Sexual love.”

“No. No. I don’t!” Peter shook his head at the woman.

“For her!” she pointed in Gamora’s direction, to which Drax bursted into a loud rough laugh. You stood behind Gamora trying to stifle a laugh, because Peter’s face was fucking priceless. Also laughing to hide the sinking feeling in your heart, because of course Peter wanted Gamora; she was pretty hot. And you? You were just some Terran chick who knew her way around the galaxy; Rocket had been an old pal and asked you to come along with them for a while. And yeah, you weren’t blind. Peter was attractive; he was charismatic, funny, and most importantly, he had the right dance moves. So you weren’t surprised that he wanted Gamora, not one bit.

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Some lady tried to come up to me and say she saw someone shoplifting. Immediately began angrily describing a "big black guy" with a couple racist comments. So I just smiled and said I'd grab the manager... and came back over with the man she was describing. Who is, in fact, the manager. And repeated what she said to me, to him, while standing next to her. Lady was SO embarrassed as we politely thanked her for her concern. The look on her face was priceless and so satisfying. Fuck that lady.

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Hiya! Love your account it's great! I have a request though! Could you pretty please with Sprinkles on top do a RFA react to a bisexual MC. Please and thank you my fellow defender of justice

This was a very good request because I can very much relate, being pansexual. To all my queer friends out there- you rock and keep being gay you ~H x

RFA with a bisexual MC


-At first, this poor bean thinks that you’re telling him because you want to leave him for a girl
-So he gets all upset
-You’re confused
-“I- I understand if you want to leave me, MC,” he manages to choke out
-You have to explain to Yoosung that you don’t want to break up
-The reason you’re telling him is because you don’t want to leave this vital piece of information out of your relationship
-He understands after that and manages to compose himself
-Yoosung totally gets it, though
-He has friends at school who are bi and gay and pan and ace etc.
-He’s very happy to support you
-And as long as you’re not leaving him, he loves being with you no matter what


-C’mon we all know Zen is a ‘deny the bi’ kind of person
-We all see you flirting with Jumin, honey
-But when it comes to you, he’s absolutely thrilled to find out
-He thinks it makes you really interesting
-However, he also checks that you haven’t thought of leaving him for a girl
-Just to tease him you say that Jaehee’s been looking very hot lately
-His face is priceless
-When you crack up laughing he knows it was just a joke
-You weren’t really joking- she is very hot
-He’s not that up to date with all the terms, though so you have to educate him
-But he totally supports you


-Her initial reaction is to internally go ‘yessssssss’
-Because she’s in love with you and this means that you are actually into girls and gives her a chance!
-Meanwhile, you’re trying to drop a subtle hint that you like Jaehee as more than a friend
-So you’re nicely surprised when she responds
-“Me too.”
-Wait, what?
-The two of you end up hugging and laughing at the sudden confession
-“I only recently discovered it actually,” you said.
-“I did too actually,” Jaehee laughed.
-You’re getting your hopes up here
-A bit too up
-Naturally, you end up blurting out
-“It was you that made me realise.”
-Jaehee goes bright red
-Oh no, what did you do, you just ruined the friendship
-Until Jaehee replies
-“I really need to stop copying everything you’re saying,” she smiled, “But me too.”
-You stand there in shock for a minute
-Did Jaehee just… confess back?
-To answer that question, Jaehee steps forwards, cups your face in her hand and kisses you
-That coming out went better than expected


-He was raised in a homophobic environment
-And he only ever met people who had bad things to say about the LGBT+ community
-So you were very nervous about telling him
-Jumin himself is very opened minded compared to his colleagues and peers
-And he’s very happy that you tell him
-“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me earlier, Princess,” he said.
-“I was worried you wouldn’t accept me,” you admitted.
-“There is nothing you could say or do that would make me not accept you,” Jumin smiled.
-Awww now he’s making you blush
-“Maybe that’s why you can appreciate Elizabeth the 3rd’s beauty,”
-Ok, never mind
-You have to explain that No, Jumin, you are not into bestiality
-Just bisexuality
-You say that you’ll make sure to keep it secret from the reporters that come butting into your life
-But Jumin says not to
-He tells you this is a part of who you are and he doesn’t want you to hide it
-Not from him, not from anyone


-You have nothing to worry about around Seven
-He’s lived life as a secret agent- there isn’t really anything he won’t accept
-So when you tell him, his response is
-You’re a bit surprised by that
-“Well, I say I like all genders so I guess that would be pansexual, but we’re close enough!”
-Either way, you’re very happy that he accepts you
-And that would explain why he’s always flirting with Yoosung
-Next time you go on a date, Seven suggests that both of you point out hot boys or girls and the other has to rate them out of ten to see if your tastes are similar
-You’re regretting telling him already
-Because of the similarity, though, it really strengthens your relationship
-Until Seven jokes about a threesome
-At least you’re pretty sure he’s joking
-You quickly shut that idea down


-His reaction is a confused expression
-“What’s that?”
-Poor bean is too precious for this world someone please protect him
-You explain what being bisexual is and he looks even more confused
-“I thought you were just meant to go off personality, not gender. Why does that even matter?”
-You’re pretty sure that means he’s probably demisexual
-Or MC-sexual only
-You explain that most people usually go off the gender of a person as to whether they’d date them or not
-Saeran thinks that’s stupid
-But he’s very happy to support you because this is obviously very important to you
-You’re relieved because at least he isn’t judgmental about sexuality
-Even if he is about everything else


-As if this boy isn’t going to support you
-As soon as you come out, V starts a huge encouraging speech
-All about ‘embracing yourself’, ‘never being afraid of who you are’, ‘he loves and supports you no matter what’ and ‘always tell him everything about you.’
-He also mentions how thankful he is that you told him
-He would have supported you no matter what
-This boy just loves you so much
-But please don’t be a cult leader because that he might not accept

Lying to impress a girl is pathetic, but involving my friend is unacceptable.

A couple of years ago I was in the gym and I overheard this guy (we’ll call him “LT” for Lying Tool) “warning” a girl.  He said something to the effect of:

“Hey, sorry to bother you.  But I just overheard that guy in the red shirt (pointing at my friend who was across the gym) saying some extremely crass stuff about you in the locker room.  It was really sexual and graphic, basically talking about ripping off your purple spandex and violating you in front of everyone.  I couldn’t just listen and not tell you because you deserve to know what certain people are really like.”

Listing to this I was furious.  This guy had obviously seen my friend and the girl talking in the gym (she approached him) and gotten jealous because he wanted to get with her.  So he made up this lie to throw him under the bus.  I know it was a lie because 1) I was just in the locker room and nothing of the sort was said and 2) the dude he was lying about was actually a really nice, respectful guy.

So he finished up his tall tale and before the girl could respond I scoffed really loud and said:

“She knows you’re lying just to try to get in her pants.  That guy would never say those kinds of things about her because she’s his sister, you moron.”

The look on LT’s face was priceless.  He went pale and stammered something about how he must have gotten the guy mixed up.  But the girl (who had caught on and was playing along) pointed out how he had been very clear about pointing her “brother” out.  So LT shifted his story again and said he must have gotten the girl he was talking about mixed up.  So I pointed out that she was the only girl wearing purple spandex.  

He actually looked like he was about to cry, and I never saw him in the gym again after that.

At school, my teacher gave us some extra work to do and I didn't wanna do it so I just said I had some "Important Business" in Hobi's accent and got out of there!!

😂😂 Oh god!! Her face was priceless!! I don’t think she even understood what I said but I hope Hobi’s proud of my improvisation skills 😂😂

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Lol but what do Hunk and Lance say about getting caught?? Their faces are beautiful and priceless~

Hmmmm well, I picture Pidge is the one who caught them, so if it was her probably something like:

Pidge *catches Hance making out*: Watcha doing? :)

Lance: N-Nothing-

Hunk: Pidge,

Lance: We were just training, what you’ve never seen cpr before?

Hunk: Are you you gonna tell

Lance: And why are you always asking so many questions, Huh? Can’t two dudes prepare for a potentially life threatening situation in peace?

Hunk: She’s gonna tell 

let’s talk about this iconic moment in honor of its first anniversary

it’s incredibly sad that after the amazing supportive loving hug j2 had, it had to be tarnished because of bearding

so right after j2 hug, jared goes to gen to look less gay i guess but for whatever reason it’s not enough for gen and she leans back towards jared which leads to the audience laughing and jensen stops his speech to see what’s going on as seen below

and his reaction is just so sad look at him!

when he sees what’s going on you can literally see him swallow his bitterness and anger and hurt and disappointement. You know this feeling when you get so mad but you can’t express your anger and you have to swallow up those strong negative feelings because if you don’t something worse will happen. it’s what jensen’s doing there! with a disdainful nod like “no, i can’t believe this”

and it’s even worse because this happens RIGTH AFTER j2 had their beautiful hug in front of everyone with jensen showing off his akf shirt and support for jared and i totally get that jared had to go to gen because if she was here he wasn’t gonna ignore her and it was fine because jensen couldn’t see anything but then this bitch had to put all the attention on her bullshit OTT PDA which made jensen interrupt his speech to see his partner fooling around with a beard that doesn’t give a shit about him and can you imagine seeing your long term significant other being cuddly in front of everyone who see nothing and laugh and cheer as if they’re looking at a real couple being cute and you have to bottle up this jealousy because “it is what it is” and you can’t do anything about it. and knowing that you’ll never be able to do the same with him in public. It’s so fucking unfair and sad. i hate this so so much

look at how done jensen is after witnessing this bullshit

and jared’s reaction when he sees that jensen saw what he was doing is sooo telling, it’s like looking a switch turning off what the fuck!! just LOOK AT HIM he knows he fucked up and hurt jensen

he looks so sad and resigned and he KNOWS how jensen feels, he had to watch jensen with his beard too after all and jared didn’t want to make jensen feel this way but it’s too late and he knows it’s what their life is like: being constantly pissed and hurt at watching from afar their true love faking it with someone else 

it’s so sad


that being said 

you don’t piss off jensen ackles without getting some payback hahaha

so what’s awesome about this is that you can pinpoint the moment when jensen decides to throw some heavy shade on J/G he’s like “she… she’s” and he starts raising his eyebrows but keeping his eyelids low as if he’s unbothered and uninterested and the scornful smirk, it’s so condescending lol

look at his smile after he said it “yep i just did that, BITCH”  HAHAHAHA

and then he’s making fun even more with the way he says “so back off” (as in “yeah look at her with her “husband” wouldn’t want them to break up uh?!”) he’s completely exaggerating his face but just look at it in the video (every single frame taken separetely is PRICELESS) and i love THE COMPLETE AND UTTER DISDAIN in his “that’s what i’ve have been hearing” with the pursed lip and raised eyebrows just… it’s so beautiful!!! i love jensen so much. He was just so fucking done there it’s incredible. His face there is literally the face you make when you work hard on something and it’s someone else who gets all the congratulations for it like: oh yeah she’s totally the one who loves and supports him! and the one who sucks his dick after a long day of work! sure congratulate her she’s his “wife” that’s what we’ve all been hearing! lol

honestly this closing ceremony was incredible, i still can’t believe it happened but it is sad that this response only came because jensen was pissed and hurt in the first place, he just couldn’t help himself and though i don’t like seeing j2 hurt like that i’m so glad it happened because you simply cannot get any more obvious and blatant than that. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK there’s ZERO subtlety in that, NONE! that’s how pissed he was


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thanks, bub! :-)

20. “D…Did you just make that noise?”

It’s been a while since you had gone down on Harry.

The band had gone on hiatus, but Harry most definitely hadn’t. A couple of days after he’d arrived back home, he’d had to pack up all over again because, apparently, the shooting for the film he had been casted in was starting a month early. Right after the long while of filming with short breaks in between, Apple Music offered Harry to do a documentary on the last couple of weeks he would be spending finishing the album and his manager had insisted he take it, so he did. He’d jetted off to Jamaica for two months with an apologetic frown on his face, leaving behind a chocolate rose as an apology with a tiny note that read, “I’ll make it up to you, pinky promise. - H”

In his absence, you’d taken it upon yourself to build up as many distractions as possible. A new job at a small cafe that had opened down the road to your apartment, taken up a book club membership at a local Barnes and Noble, and you juggled uni classes on weekdays. And when Harry finally got back to you after his album release and promo, sexual tension could be expected, all though neither of you mentioned anything about it.

That is, until one morning you wake up in a particularly frisky mood, padding across the wooden floor of the kitchen to where Harry is lounging against the marble counter in his matching Hawaiian print pajamas with a massive bed head, scrolling through his phone and eating a homemade yogurt parfait out of a Ceramic-It-Yourself bowl that you had finger-painted with Lux at her last birthday party. He’s spooning a big mound of yogurt into his mouth when he spots you, smiling softly over the utensil and mumbling a muffled, “Mornin’, pet.”

Harry opens one of his arms towards you, hinting that he wants his signature morning snuggle. Instead, you drop to your knees before him and begin to untie the loose band around his pajama bottoms.

His arm stays frozen out in the air as his eyebrows crease down at you in confusion, the metal spoon hanging out of the corner of his mouth as he holds the bowl in the other hand. “No morning hug?”

“Was thinking something a little more…up close and personal.” You grin up at him, pushing your tangled hair away from your face as you give his shorts a rough tug, allowing them to pool at his knees. You tuck him out of his briefs, giving his prick few sharp tugs as your tongue wets your chapped lips.

“I mean…’m not complaining.” Harry pops the spoon out of his mouth, setting it in the bowl and pushing his breakfast away to the end of the counter. He locks his phone and puts it face down, his free hand already sifting into your hair and pulling you closer to his already semi-hard morning wood.

It’s pretty shameful how fast he comes. It only takes about five minutes of sloppy licking, wet kisses, a bit of nibbling at the tip and a few tugs at his balls to get him working up a sweat. He’s whimpering all low and broken as he worries his bottom lip under his two front teeth, eyeing you hazily as you sink your mouth over him hotly, stroking to meet halfway and twisting whenever you feel him twitch.

“God, you’re so fucking good…” Harry’s voice is thick and strained as he bucks his hips to meet your movements, the hand in your hair tightening as he props the other up against the fridge, pressing his face into his forearm to try and stifle the small mewls that stream freely from his throat. “Such a pretty little mouth, baby, nice and warm and– shit, jus’ like that! Mmmhh…”

And then he’s spurting out in hot milky ribbons into your mouth and you pull back a bit, opening your lips and sticking out your tongue, placing the head of his cock snugly in the center so he can see the whole show. You pump him fast with sloppy jerks of your wrist, feeling him pool at the dip of your tongue.

“Fuck, don’t do that. You know what that does to m-me- ughhhh…”

Harry looks so hot with his eyes clamped shut and his jaw all taut, face squished against his arm as he fists his hair roughly and he’s sweating buckets.

Everything’s going as planned and you couldn’t be happier, until a certain sound cuts through the sticky air like a knife.

Your head snaps up, eyes wide in shocked surprise and eyebrows raised in disbelief. You pull back and swallow, releasing his now flaccid cock to sway slightly over the waistband of his briefs. Harry’s returning your gaze, but his own eyes hold a mixture of shame and disgust instead as he bites into his fist, hissing out a defeated, “Shit.” under his breath.

“D…Did you just make that noise?” You ask, not being able to keep the mocking amusement from filtering into your tone, your slightly agape mouth tilting up into a disbelieving smirk.

“Yeah…” Harry’s face seems to want to sink into itself, his nose crinkling up in embarrassment as his eyes screw shut, cheeks blossoming with shades of pink and red.

And then you burst out laughing, clutching your stomach and keeling over because the sound he had made was something so totally and completely fucking weird that you never thought it possible for human vocal chords to be able to produce something of the sort. The last moan he has let out (if you can even call it that) had sounded like a cross between a goat bleat and a car horn honking, coming out high-pitched and throaty and nasally and it kinda-of reminded you of a fart and you’re laughing even harder now because the look on Harry’s face is so utterly priceless that it’s worth the stomach ache.

Meanwhile, he’s looking over at his half-finished breakfast, wondering if it’s possible to drown one’s self in a bowl of yogurt. Maybe if he just stuck his nose in and snorted it, he might just get lucky. His entire neck and face are stinging and Y/N isn’t helping by rocking back and forth on the floor, laughing so hard she’s beginning to wheeze.

“Okayyy, enoughhhh,” He whines, nudging her side with his foot and pouting with fake anger that isn’t really fake. “I’m not gonna let you fuck me ever again if you don’t stop.”

You push yourself up onto your feet, standing up straight and biting down on your lip to try and tame your giggles. “If that’s the kind of noises you’re gonna make, I don’t think I have a problem with that.”

And then she’s laughing all over again as Harry’s face contorts into an expression of deep hurt, huffing and shouldering past her to go anywhere but here, his dick still out and swinging like a pendulum.

“Wait, Har, come back! Come bahhhh-ck!”

“I hope you fucking choke.”

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8 or 11 (for the prompts list) would be super adorable if you're not too busy with these already... 😊

“She’s totally gonna cry,” Maggie whispered.

“No she’s not,” Alex brushed her off, hiding behind the sofa.

“Yes,” Cat joined them, taking pains to squat in heels and a tight skirt. “She is.”

No,” Alex rolled her eyes. “She’s…”

“Wanna bet?” Maggie smirked mischievously.

“Against you two? What is this? I don’t like it. I don’t approve of whatever evil alliance you’ve formed.”

“Extra cupcake says she sobs,” Maggie insisted.

Alex sighed, glaring back and forth between them, amused and tickled by their unholy union.

“Fine,” she relented. “Just shush. She’s coming.”

Everyone held their breath as keys turned in the door. Slowly, Kara opened it, flipping on the lights, crossing into the kitchen as James and Winn and Carter all sprang from the bathroom, the rest popping out from various hiding spots.

“Surprise!!!” they shouted.

“What!?” Kara gaped, taking a few steps back. “I didn’t even…I was just…”

“Happy birthday, sis,” Alex pulled her into a tight hug, patting her back a little as she allowed her to take in the decorations, her guests, the intense spread of food.

“This is…I really can’t believe you…did all this for me?”

“Of course we did,” Cat sidled up, brushing a few wisps behind Kara’s ear, lacing her arms around her neck as she pressed soft lips into her cheek. “Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

Kara continued to look around in shock, even as her eyes welled up, and she pulled Cat closer.

“This is…” she began to break. “…the sweetest…most amazing thing anyone’s ever…”

She turned to Cat’s shoulder, burying her face, letting go.

Maggie stepped behind Alex and pinched her sides, holding her hostage before she could squirm away.

“Happy birthday, Kara,” she offered.

Alex couldn’t help but laugh. She hated to lose, but knowing her girlfriend and her sister’s loved Kara just as much as she did was a gift all its own.

“Come on,” Alex grabbed Kara’s hand. “I have to show you what J'onn did. It’s priceless…”

They scurried off, leaving Cat and Maggie hovering over the cupcakes.

“So…” the detective tapped her fingers against the counter. “Should we split Alex’s, or…”

Cat was already grabbing a knife.

“Man, I like your style,” she nodded, rubbing her hands together, keeping a lookout as they waited to reap their reward.

Too Many Feelings Part 11 ( Final Part)

Summary: You and Bucky never get along one day Steve asks you to help him after on mission. Feelings could change?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1719

Warnings: Fuffly and Angst

Special Thanks @drinkfantasy for reading and beta this for me.

PART1, PART 2 , PART 3, PART 4 , PART 5 , PART 6, PART 7 , PART 8 PART 9, Part 10

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You look at yourself in the mirror; you are wearing a beautiful golden dress with some high heels. This wasn’t your weeding day, but you were super nervous, maybe more than Tony and definitely more than Pepper.

First off all, you had to walk with Steve down the aisle, you are too anxious about being a bridesmaid, then your parents would meet Bucky for the first time and you know your parents can be a little judgmental.

 You feel a pair of arms sneaking around you waist, you feel his lips kissing your neck “You look beautiful, doll.”

You turn around smiling seductively at him, Bucky is wearing a dark grey tuxedo looking amazing “You clean up well, Bucky; I loved your hair pushed back like this.” You say running your fingers through his chest.

You kiss him; his hands keep you close to his body while yours explore his. You swear that the world stopped for a moment, his smell is intoxicating and you feel lost in the kiss. The soft lips, the mint taste. You don’t even realize that you are taking off his jacket.

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Any Time (Connor Murphy X Reader)

WC: 2225

Warnings: Like one swear word, fluff, Connor can’t deal with his feelings

Summary: Y/N falls asleep on an outing to the orchard with her friends. Her dislike of flowers comes up in conversation, and shenanigans ensue

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @ahhhhamilton

A/N: For the anon who requested Y/N falling asleep in a park and getting flowers put in her hair. Also, I kinda forgot about Evan, so he’s not in this one. Whoops.

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Here we are! This was my favourite place as a kid!” Zoe said, gesturing around with her arms. I chuckled, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Trying to keep her from going here 24/7 was the biggest problem mom and dad had when we were young.” Connor muttered and I snorted, watching Zoe’s face fall.

“Shut up Connor!” Zoe said, shoving him lightly. Connor chuckled, ruffling Zoe’s hair as he did.

“It’s hard to believe that you two wanted to murder each other last year.” Jared mused, watching the siblings interact.

“I couldn’t agree more.” I said, resting my elbow on Jared’s shoulder. Jared flipped me off and I chuckled, sticking my tongue out at him.

“So, Y/N, how are you? I feel like we haven’t really talked to each other in a while.” Alana said, appearing in the other side of me.

“I’m doing pretty good. My sister Chloe just came up from DC to visit which is nice. I haven’t seen a lot of her since she’s been off at college.” I said, waving my hands about a little.

“That’s awesome.” Alana said, smiling brightly at me. I noticed that Connor and Zoe had already run off ahead of us, and I shook my head slightly.

“They’re ridiculous.” I muttered, running after them. Jared and Alana shook their heads, trailing after me.

“Hey… guys.” I puffed, doubling over slightly. Connor arched an eyebrow, looking at me judgementally.

“You are seriously out of shape.” He said, and he was met with a smack from Zoe. I stood up straight and glared at him as he rubbed the area where Zoe had hit.

“And you… are rude!” I said, still trying to catch my breath. Connor chuckled, and Zoe just rolled her eyes.

“Now we’re a gang.” She said, noticing that Jared and Alana had managed to make it to the base of the tree.

“Why’d you run Y/N? You could’ve easily walked.” Jared said and I rolled my eyes, sitting down and resting my back on the trunk of the tree.

“I wanted to run.” I muttered, giving Jared the finger as I spoke. Everyone chuckled, and I noticed that Connor had sat down next to me.

“Hey Connor. You remember when we were like 7, and we tried to climb this tree?” Zoe said and Connor chuckled, nostalgia crossing his face briefly.

“Yeah. You couldn’t get up to the first branch, and you had to get me to lift you up.” Connor replied, his hair flopping across his face.

“Those were the days.” Zoe said, looking out at the vast expanse of land that was the orchard.

“I hate to interrupt this beautiful nostalgia fest, but I’ve got snacks.” Jared said, chucking his backpack down into the middle of the circle.

We all cheered and I snatched the bag, violently undoing the zip. “Jesus christ.” Jared muttered, watching me with wide eyes.

“Dude, I’m starving.” I said, my mouth half full of the chocolate cake Jared packed. Everyone chuckled, and I felt my cheeks burn.

“You gonna share, Y/N?” Connor teased, plucking the bag from my grasp. I let out an annoyed sigh, swallowing the cake.

“So, Zoe. How’s school treating you, our little sophomore?” I said, crossing my arms over my chest. Zoe’s cheeks went pink and Connor chuckled, ruffling her hair.

“School’s alright. Mrs Waters is a bitch, though. She gave me a B- on my exam! It was clearly at A level.” Zoe said and we all erupted into laughter.

“I hate Mrs Waters. I’m so glad I don’t have her for any more of my classes.” Jared said and everyone nodded, even Alana, who normally hates bashing teachers.

“Does anyone else feel kinda tired?” I muttered, stifling a yawn. Everyone’s eyes turned to me, and there were a few muffled snickers.

“Nope. I reckon you’re just in a near sugar-induced coma.” Connor said, lightly punching my shoulder.

I rolled my eyes, letting out a loud yawn. “Wait, you’re seriously tired?” Jared said, and I nodded, my eyes half-lidded.

“You mind if I take a nap?” I murmured, and I heard Connor let out a hum of approval.

“Awesome.” I said, mostly to myself, and I closed my eyes fully. I tilted my head slightly, and I felt it hit something solid.

I could tell it wasn’t a tree based on the sharp inhale of breath I heard when I hit it. “What do I do?” I heard someone whisper, and I was a little too tired to register whose voice it was.

“Just let her rest there. She’s tired.” Another voice said, and I let out a sigh, feeling myself finally fall asleep.

Connor’s P.O.V

Y/N had fallen asleep on my shoulder, and naturally Zoe decided that it’d be fun to laugh at my reaction.

“Your face was priceless, oh my god.” Zoe said, wiping away tears she was laughing so hard.

“Shut up Zoe! I’m not used to this.” I said, glancing over at Y/N, her hair slightly covering her face.

“Yeah. We can definitely tell.” Jared said, laughing as he spoke. I glared at him and he flinched a little.

“Hey, you guys. I have an idea.” Jared said, and we all turned our heads in his direction.

“What’s the idea?” Alana asked, a curious tone in her voice. Jared smirked, and I began to feel slightly worried.

“You know how much Y/N dislikes flowers? I’ve never understood why, but she does.” Jared said and I frowned, wondering where this was going.

“Anyway, what if we get a whole bunch of flowers and stick them in Y/N’s hair? When she wakes up she’ll be super pissed, but it’ll be worth it.” Jared said and I chuckled, looking over at Y/N’s sleeping form.

“Ok. I’m in. How about you lot?” I said, looking over at Zoe and Alana. Zoe was smiling, and Alana looked like she was seriously contemplating it.

“I’ll do it. I know where to get some really pretty flowers around here.” Zoe said and Jared’s smirk widened.

“Miss Beck? Your vote is…” Jared said, raising his eyebrows in Alana’s direction.

“I think it’s a little mean, but it’s not like we’re hurting her or anything.” Alana said and Jared let out a whoop.

“Awesome. Zoe, Alana and I are going to go find some flowers. Connor, you kinda have to stay here because our victim is asleep on your shoulder. Sorry.” Jared said, shooting me a look of fake sympathy.

“Whatever.” I muttered, looking at Y/N who was curled up tightly against me. Her head was resting on my shoulder, and her body was pressed right against mine.

I felt the heat rise in my cheeks slightly, and I was thanking God that the other three had already left to go search for flowers.

“How dare you make me feel things.” I muttered, gingerly running a hand through Y/N’s hair. She stirred slightly and I froze, wondering if I’d woken her up.

Instead she let out a sigh and buried her head further into the crook of my neck, her hair tickling slightly. I let out a sigh and looked up at the tree whose branches provided a roof of some kind.

I tentatively slipped an arm around Y/N’s shoulders, and even though she was asleep, something akin to a smile crossed her face.

I let out a groan, feeling butterflies grow in the pit of my stomach. “We’re back!” I suddenly heard Jared’s voice, and I felt my cheeks burn.

“Shush. You’re gonna wake her up.” I said and Jared’s eyebrows arched, a smirk crossing his face.

“Since when have you cared about not waking someone up? You once physically dragged me out of bed.” Zoe said, a bundle of purple and white flowers in her arms.

“So what?” I muttered, trying to avoid making eye contact with any of them. Zoe just rolled her eyes and passed me a few flowers.

“You can put the first one in.” Zoe said and Jared snorted. My eyes widened when I understood the double meaning of what Zoe said, and I felt my cheeks burn at a temperature hotter than the sun.

“You guys are the worst.” I said, shaking my head as I picked up a flower. I took a deep breath and gently placed the flower behind her ear.

I took my hand away slowly, and paused when I noticed just how good the flower’s colours looked against Y/N’s skin.

“Ok, I did it.” I said, glaring at Zoe, who was smirking widely at me. She raised a hand in the air, the smirk still plastered on her face.

She kneeled down and wove a few of the flowers into Y/N’s hair, making an intricate pattern that left me wondering where she learned how to do that.

“Woah.” Alana said, watching as Zoe’s hands moved expertly through Y/N’s hair. I noticed that Jared’s eyes were wide, and I imagined mine were too.

“Your turn.” Zoe said, facing Jared. He nodded, looking at Zoe with disbelief before putting some pink flowers in Y/N’s hair. I was surprised at how well the colours went together.

Jared finished almost as quick as he had started, and Alana shook her head slightly before taking over. By the time she was finished, you could hardly see Y/N’s hair underneath all the flowers.

“Wow.” I breathed out, slightly surprised at how Y/N managed to stay asleep through all of that. 

“I know.” Alana said, a smile wide on her face. I looked down at Y/N, a peaceful look on her face, her hair littered with flowers.

Suddenly Y/N let out a hum, and slowly opened her eyes. She blinked a few times, before fully opening her eyes.

“Hi.” She said sleepily, her breath hitting my neck. I smiled shyly at her, and I suddenly became very aware of the fact that my arm was still wrapped around her.

“Hey.” I said, my voice a little shaky. Jared suddenly cleared his throat and I whipped my head around to look at him, Y/N following suit.

“Good morning sleeping beauty.” Jared said and Y/N rolled her eyes, clearly unimpressed.

“What do you want, Kleinman?” Y/N said harshly, and Jared held a hand on his chest in mock offence.

“Someone’s testy. Anyway, I just wanted to say that we left you a little gift. What it is, you’ll have to find out yourself.” Jared said, smirking widely.

Y/N glared at Jared before sitting up, lifting her head off my neck. I missed the feeling of her leaning against me, but I tried not to let anyone notice.

Y/N went to run a hand through her hair, but she stopped when she felt a flower. She slowly retracted her hand, a mildly annoyed look on her face.

“Come on you guys.” She said and everyone chuckled, including me. Zoe shot Y/N an apologetic smile, but Y/N wasn’t having it.

“I’m never going out with you losers again.” Y/N muttered, standing up slowly. I stood up as well, stretching my arms out.

“Don’t be like that, Y/N. You look wonderful, and I’m sure Connor would agree with me.” Jared said, turning to me with a smirk plastered on his face.

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as Y/N looked at me, her own face a dusty pink colour. “I, uh, um…” I stammered, running a hand through my hair.

Y/N let out a soft laugh, her eyes shining brightly. She leaned up and pressed a gentle kiss to my cheek, her lips soft against my skin.

She pulled away and smiled at me, as I raised my hand to where her lips were. “Thanks Connor.” Y/N said quietly, dimples appearing as her smile widened.

“Any time.” I whispered, still trying to process what had just happened. I was so caught up in my own little world that I didn’t hear the snickering from behind me.

“Get a room you two. Ugh.” Jared said, fake gagging towards the end of his sentence. I felt my cheek burn red hot, and I looked over at Y/N, whose cheeks were now red.

“Whatever Jared. Just cause you can’t get a girlfriend.” Y/N said, and Zoe and Alana laughed loudly. I smirked at Jared, who looked like he’d much rather be somewhere else right now.

“She does have a point, Kleinman.” I said, glancing over at Y/N. Jared sputtered for a second, desperately trying to find words to use.

“I’m sorry Jared, but this is too good.” Zoe said, throwing her head back with laughter.

“I hate you all.” Jared said before marching off, his face bright red. We all laughed louder, and I wiped away a tear.

“He’s such a softie.” Zoe muttered, still snickering. I let out a sigh and suddenly felt Y/N slip her hand into mine.

“How would you feel about maybe coming back here some time? Just the two of us?” Y/N asked, her voice a little shaky.

I gently squeezed her hand, and laced my fingers with hers. “I’m down if you are.”

A big, happy family

I combined the following prompts:

 the ballon squad joking about how yousef always had a crush on sana and elias being like “really?? i thought you just came over to help me with sth not because sana was sick and you casually brought soup and told me to bring it to her but tell her it was from somebody else? (…)

the Balloon Squad’s speech at Yousana wedding

sana finds out she’s pregnant and has to tell yousef but somehow she tells elias first and he tells the whole squad and then yousef accidentally finds out because they can’t keep a secret


Elias has always been one of the most important people in Sana’s life. He has been there for her whenever she needed him, even when she didn’t realize that she needed him. 

The fact that their ages are not too far apart helps a lot. 

Now, that Sana is with Elias’ best friend, Elias play an even bigger role in Sana’s life. She didn’t know that that was even possible.

Not only is Elias hanging out with Sana because she is his sister but also because she is the wife of his best friend. It’s great, honestly. Elias loves them both to death and couldn’t imagine anyone better for either of them. 

As great as it is that Sana’s brother is really close to her and her husband, it has its downsides too.

Going through some video files on her laptop Sana finds two of those not-so-great but at the same time really funny and memorable moments.

Clicking on the first video Sana remembers why having Elias be on her and also on her husband’s side can be … let’s say interesting. It’s mainly that he has a lot of dirt on both of them and can embarrass them any time. 

And apparently exposing them at their wedding is the perfect time to do that, according to Elias and his friends.

Sana presses play and remembers her wedding day and that particular speech as if it was just yesterday, as if she is reliving it right now.

When they did not start dancing yet, after the meal, Elias, Mutta, Mikael and Adam stormed onto the stage and each took a microphone. Yousef and Sana were sitting at their table taking a break after the meal. 

"Hello, everyone!”, Sana and Yousef hear, the background music turned off.

Sana and Yousef look at each other both very confused as to why their friends are standing on the stage. That was not part of their plans for this evening. 

“Do you know what they’re doing?”, Sana asks her husband.

Yousef looks as lost as she does and shakes his head. “No idea. Who knows what they planned?”

“As many of you know: I am the bride’s brother and all of us …”, Elias points to his three friends standing next to him, “.. are the groom’s best friends.”

The wedding guests, who are as confused as the newly-wed couple, start clapping because those four incredibly good-looking guys, are giving a speech for the bride and groom.

“Seeing as we love the bride and the groom more than anyone here probably…”, Elias says and looks over the tables with the bride and groom’s family. “I’m sorry, but that’s how it is.”, and turns his gaze to Sana and Yousef, “We thought that we would share some stories about them. We four were the people that witnessed them struggle to admit their feelings for years, after all.”

Sana’s mouth falls open in shock and with wide eyes she looks at her husband. He looks as surprised and a bit scared as Sana. This is going to be very embarrassing for these two, they know it.

“You know, Yousef was my best friend before he even met my sister. But once he saw her he was gone for her and my dear little sister stole my best friend.”, Elias starts the story time in a light tone, obviously joking. 

Yousef looks at Sana and they both just roll their eyes at Elias, but can’t help but smile.

Adam who is standing on Elias right side pats his shoulder and comments: “Yeah, Elias is still bitter about Yousef spending more time with Sana as the time went by.”

“Oh, and he is not jealous at all, if you were wondering.”, Mikael adds with a mischievous smile.

Elias narrows his eyes at his friends which makes Sana wonder if they even planned this speech or if they spontaneously decided that this is a good idea.

“I was not and am not jealous! I’m insanely happy for both of them and I think they are perfect for each other and I can’t imagine anyone better for either of them.”, Elias answers to that with a soft voice.

The whole hall ‘aaawww’s at the same time and Elias will be greeted with many phone numbers after his speech, for sure. He smiles to himself and continues talking.

“Why would I be jealous when I remember mentioning to Yousef that Sana is home, sick with the flue, and him coming over in half an hour with warm soup to give to her but insisting that I don’t tell her that it was from him.”

Everyone in the hall starts laughing, so does Sana but this is new information to her. Laughing she looks at Yousef who looks very embarrassed that Elias would tell this story in front of so many people.

“You did that?”, Sana asks, not being able to hide her amazement to make fun of him.

Yousef reaches out and takes Sana’s hand in his, squeezing it a little and nodding while scrunching his nose. “Yeeeah. Back then we were not even what could be considered friends and I didn’t want to freak you out.”

“Awww, that’s so cute!”, Sana gushes but Yousef just shuts his eyes and covers his eyes with his hands. 
Sana looks at him smilingly and puts her hands over his to drag them away from his face.
They smile at each other and direct their attention to the stage again.

“Or the time he ditched us the day before he went on vacation for two months to go and hang out with Sana?”, Mutta gives another example.

This one both, Sana and Yousef, remember.

“Or how the lovely groom went to pretty much all of Sana’s basketball games, which we all usually did, even when the rest of us couldn’t make it.”, Mikael says, obviously very happy about Yousef’s face growing red and Sana smiling from ear to ear.

“Yousef also came to so many of our family gatherings, which all of the guys..”, Elias points to the three other guys on stage, “… were invited to but all but the groom never came because they knew that those gatherings were pretty boring.”

Elias looks at the table at which his and Sana’s parents are sitting. He grins at them sheepishly: “Sorry, Mom and Dad. But that’s how it usually was. Love you!”, and averts his eyes again, looking at the bride and groom. 
“And I’m sure he was there just for me.”, Elias says with sarcasm dripping from every single word.

Sana wraps her arms around Yousef’s arm and leans over to him. She puts her chin on his shoulder and looks at him lovingly. Yousef looks down at her and also smiles, still a bit embarrassed.

“You’ve always been this cute! Even before I noticed it”, Sana says to him. This lets him forget all about his embarrassment. He would have wished some of those things the boys said would have been told in front of less people but it made Sana smile so how can he complain. “I love you!”, Sana whispers right before Elias continues.

“Sis, I see you’re having the time of your life there!”

This makes everyone look at Sana who raises her eyebrows at her brother now. She has a feeling that it’s her turn to be embarrassed now.

“Let’s be honest here, Sana was way more subtle with her crush on our little Yousef.”, Mutta says. 

Then Adam directs his eyes at Sana. He’s the one who Sana banters most with. Even before he opens his mouth Sana knows she’ll want to vanish in thin air as soon as the words leave his mouth.

“That’s true. But Sana … you know, you messed up when you were annoyed by us being too loud while you had work to do but as soon as Yousef smiled at you apologetically you melted. After that we bet on who would be the first of us to make you admit your crush.”

Sana first narrows her eyes at Adam but then bursts out laughing. So many things make sense now, with this new information.

“I won!”, Elias exclaims excitedly, “Just so you know.”, that is directed at his sister and best friend.

“Well, that wasn’t really fair. You lived with Sana and Yousef was always at your house or with you, even more often than us.”, Mikael rolls his eyes.

“Exactly! It wasn’t fair!”, Mutta calls.

Elias just shrugs, laughing. “Doesn’t matter! I won either way. And now my baby sister and my childhood friend are getting married. In all honesty, I couldn’t be happier for you two.”

“Now we should let all of you dance again. Thank you for listening. We couldn’t not tell you all a little bit about the bride and groom from years ago.”, Adam concludes and ushers all the boys off the stage, sending a smile towards Sana.

When the video ends Sana smiles to herself. She’s home alone, Yousef went out with the guys, and she wanted to have a quiet evening. She remembers her wedding day as if it was just yesterday but it was almost two years ago. 
That speech Elias, Mutta, Adam and Mikael gave made Sana laugh so hard that she almost cried of laughter. Especially because Yousef’s face while the boys listed all those things about him were just priceless. 

Sana had a very exhausting day but this video makes her smile and feel a bit more relaxed.

She clicks on the second video that was filmed just a few weeks ago. Mikael had sent it to her as soon as he pulled the file on his own computer.

Before pressing play she remembers that day. She knows exactly that it was a Saturday morning at her house. Yousef had an additional program at work, a dancing project with the kids, but Elias, Mutta, Adam and Mikael were already there. 
Elias was vlogging for their YouTube channel. Yes, after so many years they kept doing that. It was something that they could live out their creativity with in many different ways. 

Sana clicks play.

“Sana! How are you doing?”

“Hey, my favorite ex-Bakkoush!”

“Did you miss us?”, is how the boys greet Sana when she opens the door. All of them give her a short hug and directly go to the living room. They feel at home in Sana and Yousef’s house and that makes Sana really happy. 

While Adam, Mikael and Mutta walk to the living room, Sana pulls her brother with her into the kitchen. All that footage is a bit blurred so when Sana looks really nervous and a bit shocked, Elias puts down the camera on the kitchen table. It faces Sana and Elias so their whole conversation is being filmed. 

“Elias, I need your help.”, Sana says and wrings her hands together. 

Her older brother furrows his eyebrows. Sana seems really worried. “Okay, tell me. What’s up? Did something happen with Yousef?”

Sana shakes her head at first but then has to laugh and nods. Technically, yes. But nothing bad like her brother assumed. 

“Sis, what is it? You’re making me worried.”

She takes a deep breath and wonders how to phrase the next sentences. She opens her mouth and closes it again. Twice. 

“I need to tell Yousef but I don’t know how.”, she finally says.

Elias tilts his head and tries to think of what could be hard to tell Yousef. That dude takes everything so easily; it’s not hard to tell him anything. Except…

“Do you want a divorce?”, he asks with his eyes wide and not believing that that would be a possibility. But what else could Sana have difficulties telling Yousef.

Sana furiously shakes her head. “No, no, no. Not at all. I still love him very much. I just need to tell him that …”, she is so unsure how to say it. Her brother would be the first one to know. 

“You want to take a break?”, Elias asks because honest to god he can’t think of anything else. That his sister seems panicked doesn’t help at all. 

“Elias, no!”, Sana exclaims finally. “I need to tell him I’m pregnant!”

She just blurts it out, hands putting emphasise on pregnant and then instantly shutting up. She is very interested to see Elias’ reaction. His eyes widen, his mouth falls open for a second and he just stares at Sana for half a minute. Then, as if someone pushed a button, he jumps up and down and quickly embraces his sister in a big hug.

Loudly, not being to help himself, he exclaims: “I’m going to be an uncle! I’m going to be an unc..”

Sana interrupts him and shushes him. “Elias, ssssh. Don’t tell anyone else, yet. I just need your help on how to tell Yousef. I’m so nervous. I know he’ll be happy but ..”

“Don’t worry. Doesn’t matter how. He’ll be over the moon.”, he says calmly to his sister and then once again perks up, “I’m going to be an uncle.”, but while he tries to make Sana jump like he does, he slips and crashes into one of the chairs at the kitchen table. 

That loud sound brings the other three guys also into the kitchen. 

“What happened?”, Mutta asks.

“I’m going to be an uncle!”, Elias exclaims to only then understand what he did. 

His eyes widen and he hears Sana gasp. She hits him on the chest: “Elias! Thanks a lot for keeping it to yourself. Really!”

Mutta, Adam and Mikael look between Elias and Sana obviously confused but all of them realize what’s going on at the same time and storm towards Sana and crush her in a big group hug. Elias joins them immediately. 

Sana wants to be mad that they all know before her husband but she can’t. She is too happy. Happy that she’s pregnant. Happy that Yousef will become a father because that’s something he wanted for so long. Happy that she is going to be a mother. Happy that these guys are happy for her. 

“Guys, guys, Yousef doesn’t know yet. And you shouldn’t either.”, Sana faces her brother with a pointed look. He just shrugs and embraces her in a hug once more. He’s going to be an uncle.

“We won’t tell him. No need to worry.”, Mutta assures her.

“He won’t know until you tell him”, Mikael says.

“Our lips are sealed. We won’t tell him.”

“Tell who what?”, a new voice sounds in the room and all four people turn towards the door.

While Sana and Elias look shocked, Adam casually answers: “Tell you that Sana is pregnant.”

As soon as the words are out of his mouth he realizes what he blurted out. Mutta and Elias freeze. Elias looks from his sister to Yousef so fast that he might have gotten a whiplash.

And Sana. She just stares at her husband with wide eyes.

Yousef furrows his eyebrows and looks from Adam to his wife. Is it really possible? Is she really pregnant? Five seconds of suspenseful silence Yousef claps loudly one time and starts smiling broadly.

Mikael was the one who picked up the camera to film Yousef’s reaction so the shot that didn’t move at all in the last minutes is not static anymore.

“You’re really pregnant?”, he asks Sana when he stands in front of her.

Sana looks up to him, into his eyes and nods. “I wanted to tell you myself but these people can’t keep anything for themselves.”, Sana says and glares at the four guys.

Yousef doesn’t even care. He wraps his arms around Sana and lifts her and twirls her around. She starts laughing and seeing how happy Yousef looks makes her even happier. He sets her down and kisses her quickly, which he usually doesn’t do in front of other people because Sana doesn’t like PDA but neither of them care. She is pregnant. And the boys are family. Who cares?

Yousef still has his arms around Sana and looks at her with so much love in his eyes that Sana feels like just melting then and there.

He looks down on Sana’s stomach and puts his hands on it, and then looks at his wife again. Excitedly he exclaims: “We’re going to be parents!”, he looks to his friends around them and once directly into the camera, “I’m going to be a dad!”

“Dude, are you crying?”, Adam asks Yousef who obviously has tears in his eyes.

Sana takes his face in her hands and looks at him lovingly. Tears spring in her eyes, as well. She really is going to be a mother. And Elias who sees two of his favorite people on earth tear up, gets a little wet eyed himself. Mutta, who observes all that and is already emotional about becoming an uncle himself, almost cries, as well. 

Mikael who holds the camera points it at all the people (almost) crying and then at Adam. Adam looks into the camera with one eyebrow raised but quickly lets the facade fall and smiles so happily that one could think he is going to be a parent.

The video ends and Sana just sits there, on her couch, with the biggest smile. She looks down on her stomach and puts her hands on it. She sighs and leans back. This baby is going to be born into a big, amazing family and Sana couldn’t imagine anything else.

“Hey.”, Sana hears. She turns around and sees Yousef walking towards her, taking off his jacket. “You’re not asleep, yet?”

Sana shakes her head and leans up to kiss him. “No, couldn’t sleep so I watched some videos. Told you, you don’t need to worry about me." 

While Yousef’s eyes wander over the laptop screen, Sana remembers their conversation before he left the house a few hours ago. He didn’t want to leave her alone at home because she’s pregnant but she had reminded him that she’s only about three months pregnant and that everything would be fine. 

"You love watching me being embarrassed, don’t you?”, Yousef says with a smile after he realizes what his wife just watched. Sana scoots over and makes room for him on the couch. He sits down and wraps his arms around her, she leans back on his chest. 

“Well, it’s really funny, honestly.”, Sana laughs.

Yousef just smiles at her and kisses her cheek.

“Yeah, I’m really happy that we have those videos to show our children on day.”


a sidenote: I only know Turkish weddings but I know that speeches from friends or family are not too common there but people do that sometimes so I liked this idea a lot

And: I thought about making this a series. Like Sana or Yousef remembering big moments in their relationship that their friends and family were part of. I would love if you told me what you think about it.

Fighting the Thunder

Summary: You are part of the Avengers and have recently gone through a breakup with Bucky. In attempts to cheer you up, Natasha suggests a night out, which doesn’t turn out exactly how you expected.

Pairings: Eventual Dean x Reader, Past Bucky x Reader, Natasha Romanoff x Bruce Banner [mentioned] 

Warnings: reader has the ability to control the weather [atmokinesis], language, drinking, angst

A/N: I am slowly trying to get back into writing, this series is pretty haywire and is very different to my usual stuff, including the fact it’s a spn x marvel crossover. 

As always, feedback is adored!

    ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☀ ☁  

“I don’t think this is the best idea,” you fidgeted in the tight fitting jeans you were wearing, sitting in the passenger seat of the car as Natasha drove down the road, just passing the sign for Sioux Falls.

Nat raised an eyebrow at you before putting her attention back on the road. “Look, we both deserve a night out and you need to forget about Barnes,” she stated, matter of factly.

You let out a short sigh. “He lives in the same building as us, remember? Besides, we’re friends now,” gazing out the window as you spoke, trying not to think about the breakup with Bucky before cursing under your breath as the light rain starting hitting the windows.  

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Carrie Coon accepts the Best Actress in a Drama Series award for ‘The Leftovers’ onstage during the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on January 17, 2016 in Santa Monica, California.


    Natsu halted, smelling the familiar and soft scent of fresh flowers. He never tired of their sweet aroma, for they reminded him of his forested childhood with Igneel, and also of a certain best friend. The thought had crossed his mind before. Should he pick out flowers for her? Not wanting to appear sappy, he usually decided against it. Yet, today, he figured there must have been something in the air. Perhaps it was the brilliantly blue sky, not covered with a single opaque cloud. Perhaps it was the caress of the warm breeze, that reminded him of home, that reminded him of her. Her, who he missed so dearly. A woman’s abrupt laugh broke him out of his thoughtful daze. 

“Sir, why don’t you buy some? In fact, I’ll let you have a few for no charge.” The elderly woman gestured to her wide array of colors and textures.

    Natsu blushed slightly, not realizing he had been staring. Slowly walking over, he chastised himself for his future actions. Lucy would probably think that he was ridiculous, and he was horrifically unsure what type of flower to give her.

    The woman smiled, the lines on her face forming soft dimples and cracks, so fragile they looked as if they would break, yet firm enough to be perennial. Perennials! Would she smile at such a hopeful type of bloom? Such an everlasting flower would surely represent her. No matter how she suffers, she withstands, she survives, she persists, and with such interminable yet unrefined grace. Natsu gave the old woman a friendly smile. 

“I don’t know much about flowers and stuff, I only know them apart by smells, really. Could you show me the perennials?” he asked, narrowly moving out of the path of a strolling baker.

    Turning around, the old woman searched thoughtfully, before picking up three different blooms and setting them on the front table. Natsu noticed her wrinkled hands, covered in soil and softly calloused. “When did you decide to begin tending to these plants?” he questioned, hoping he wouldn’t sound rude.

    Clasping her hands together, her right thumb overtaking her left, she let out a small chuckle. “I’ve been travelling around the continents for nearly my whole life, with my wife by my side every step of the way. We met some fair obstacles, some requiring more perseverance and courage than others. Our mission was usually to carry medical supplies to those who needed them.” She sighed, a content and warm smile shaping her face. “We came by a family along the way, quite far from any major city or town. The man of the house was extremely ill, and there was nothing I, or Maria could have done for him at the house. He was quite the trooper for his children, though. Always smiled through his sickening pain when they came into the room. His wife was already gone, and I could tell how much he loathed to leave his children..but…” She paused, smoothing out the topsoil of one of the perennials with her forefinger, a small tear dripping onto the flower’s unique petal.

    Natsu, becoming somewhat emotional himself, inquired her further. “What happened to him?” The hum of the city was nonexistent, as he focused on her response. He faintly heard the merry song of a Warbler as he waited. 

    Swallowing thickly, she allowed herself to reply. “When I asked him if he wanted to come with us to the city for any kind of medical aid, he politely refused. He said his children, those he loved, gave him the best medicine. I was confused, as was Maria, but a few moments later we experienced why he said that. Two small girls, both not even the age of eight, entered the room, cheerful smiles plastered to their faces. In their hands, they each held a small bouquet of flowers, held them as fiercely as you would hold a loved one, yet as gently as you would with a close confidant. They passed their flowers to this man, as he lay on his deathbed. The man began to cry, holding his daughters closely. He died that night. But his soul was well for all eternity, of that I am certain. ‘When peace like a river, attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll. Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, it is well, it is well, with my soul.’ Perhaps it was not the flowers themselves which made the man so adamantly content, it was what they symbolized. They symbolized something that varies in size and shape, in series and in type. They symbolized Love. Yet, love is not simply an act, or an experience, it is a meaning. It is a definition of what is right, what is wrong, and what is real in this world. Love is tangible, for love is in these flowers, isn’t it? So, to answer your question, I realized that healing and nourishing the heart is the healing I cherished most of all. Maria and I put as much love as we can into our gardens, with the hope that someone can flow their own love into the blooming petals.” With a steady hand, she pushed one of the arrangements forward. “These are yours, dear boy.”

    Natsu unexpectedly wiped his tears away slowly, briefly tasting the saltiness as he licked his lips. Now, his heart was completely invested in this endeavor for flowers to give Lucy when he returned home. After being away for nearly a month, he was brought to tears by his loneliness without her, aided by the elderly woman’s story. “Which kind are they?” he spoke softly. Almost every bloom was a coin-shaped pod, with the beans seen inside through the sunlight. One of the flowers had bloomed early, the purple shade fading into a warm cream-like tone.


    Natsu started at the name. He opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off.

“She is a a celestial spirit wizard, no?” She smiled. “I saw you both nine years ago, running away from the army. She held keys, and you were the one who nearly burned this town to the ground.” Despite her seemingly vindictive words, her tone was sweet. “When you become my age, you remember silly things like that. Anyway, take these already. Go on.”

    Surprise still evident on his face, Natsu picked up the small pot, looking upon the blooms fondly. “Thank you so much, granny, are you sure I don’t owe you anything?”

    The woman slightly winced at the word ‘granny’, but continued to smile. “Nothing at all. Love is priceless.” 

Ah jeez I wrote this at 9 or 10 pm on a school night because i needed fluff and i love when i can just write the way i want to. i hope it was alright~

Dogs don’t wear clothes!

Request: Can you do #47 with Tom? Thanks!

Summary: Tom leaves you with Tessa for a few hours *insert smirking emoji*

A/n: Yo this is the second drabble within 24 hours bc I’m drowning in yours guys’ requests.

Tom trusted you with a lot of things, Tessa now becoming one of them. Tessa was his precious baby, and you both knew that if anything happened to her under your supervision, it would not turn out good. 

He was leaving her with you while he ran a few errands in town. A though came to your mind that brought a sly smile to your features. You bring your attention to the grey haired pitbull sitting next to you. Upon feeling your gaze on her, she rolled over exposing her belly, pleading you with her eyes to give her attention. You joined her on the floor and rubbed her belly, “How’d you like to mess around with Tommy, huh?” you asked her playfully. Her tail began to wag wildly and lipped her chops multiple times. You giggled thinking about how Tom will react when he returns home.

Surely enough Tom walked through the door with two bags in hand. Tessa raced to the porch to greet him, “Y/n, what is Tessa wearing?!” Tom called to you. You laughed from your seat in the living room, not giving him an answer. He came around the corner with Tessa prancing alongside him. You had fashioned a pink tutu, pink tank-top and pink bunny ears onto Toms dearest dog. His mother had bought the outfit for her for Halloween. But Tom did not allow that nonsense to be placed on his dog. 

“What did you do to my precious darling?” He asked you bewildered. You continued laughing at the priceless look on his face, ”I made her a pretty ballerina,” you spoke. Looking over to Tessa she was perched in the middle of the room with her tail waging back and forth, hitting one of the couches every so often, “No, no, no. Dogs don’t wear clothes! Especially Tessa,” Tom whined, flailing his arms around.

“Oh come on, look at her! She loves her new outfit!” you exclaimed,

“No she doesn’t. She’s just glad you gave her attention!”

“Oh come on Tommy,” you laughed, laying back on the couch.

“No, no, don’t ‘Tommy’ me. Your actions are unforgivable. You’ve lost Tessa privileges,” He made his way over to the pitbull, and gently took the pink ears off her head. She then attacked his face with licks, and then took off down the hall. 

Tom sighed and stood up straight, looking over to you. You brought your hand up to your mouth, hiding your growing smile, and muffling your laughs. He shook his head and started making his way over to you, “You’re gonna pay for that,” he muttered. 

Once he reached the couch you were laid on, he swiftly brought his hands down to either one of your hips and began tickling your skin. You squealed in protest, and pushed at Toms shoulders to get him off. “Thomas stop it!” you cried out in fits of laughter and giggles. His features lit up and a wide smile spread over his lips. “You tortured my poor Tessa!” he proclaimed.

All you could do was shake you head. You were out of breath, and all you could do was smile as you tried to squirm out of Toms hold. 

Tom grew tired from his tickle attack, and picked upt he pink bunny ears and slide them onto your head laughing even more at the sight. He then slumped in between your legs and rested his head on your chest. You both let out a few huffs, as you relaxed on the furniture. “I’m not kidding, you’ve lost Tessa privileges, and will not be left alone with her for a while,” Tom laughed to you, 

You placed a hand on his head and twirled a piece of his hair between your fingers, ”Oh you don’t mean that,” you giggled,

“You’re right. You’re lucky I love you,”