her face is just so priceless

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Omg! Akira's expression towards banjou after she woke up was priceless lol. And his face that follows after 🤣. Don't worry banjou, she's just not used to the sunlight when she first wakes up.

Hahahahah! xD Nah tho’…

I’m sure she was just surprised because she woke up to an unknown ghoul when the last thing she saw was Amon and Takizawa fighting against the Qs, so that gotta be disturbing. xD 

That’s Akira though, that’s just the way she is! Remember when she found Amon doing push-ups on her balcony? xD

It’s a similar expression, I bet she takes them after Maris Stella xDDDDD

Lol, have a nice day Anon! :D


Carrie Coon accepts the Best Actress in a Drama Series award for ‘The Leftovers’ onstage during the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on January 17, 2016 in Santa Monica, California.

Imagine this: Young!Dad!Draco waking up in the middle of the night because baby!Scorpius is crying and it’s his turn to calm him down. So when he thinks nobody is watching he’s just so affectionate and open with Scorpius - lots of hugging and kissing and cooing and baby!Scorpius is so happy and he’s smiling and laughing at his dad and it’s making Draco’s heart melt

And then he hears a stifled laugh from the door and there’s Astoria recording the whole thing and biting her lip because it’s such an adorable scene and Draco is so red in the face and gaping like a fish it’s absolutely priceless

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What were their first words? ☺

Pft, you’re going to get a kick out of Abe’s first word. His first word was “Jew.” It was the funniest shit ever, you guys. Abe got so mad at a Kyle for something when he was a baby, and he just pointed at Kyle with such a hella angry face, chanting, “Jew!” Over and over. *laughs* Kyle’s face was fucking priceless! He was so dumbfounded, I wish I had taken a picture!

Eva’s first word? Her first word was…I think “Daddy.” Eric was playing with her with her baby toys, and she just cuddled up to his chest and went, “Daddy,” looking up at him and smiling. Cartman started sobbing and cheering right after.

I’m so happy for Mila and at the same time the image of Otabek blushing around a girl as beautiful as her flirting with him is priceless

just let Mila bodily lift his blushing face and whisking him away be a think its delightful.


a series of unlikely crossovers


“So…?” Caitlin began, still clutching her chest and looking between both Barry and Cisco. “It wasn’t real?”

“No.” Barry laughed, pointing to the screen that Cisco had been manning. “That wraith was totally bogus.”

“We got you suckas good!” Cisco barked, holding a fist toward Barry to knock their knuckles together.

“You guys are assholes…” You finally growled, crossing your arms and shaking your head. “We thought we were going to die.”

“You’re just pissed you actually fell for it.” Came Cisco’s snark.

“Yeah.” Barry chimed. “Your faces were pretty priceless.”

(X) (X) (X) (X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine You and Caitlin getting Attacked by a Time-Wraith and Running to Barry and Cisco for HelpOnly to Discover that You’ve been Pranked with a Hologram*

@aeriseledhwen​: Hey ♥ For Spooky Week : reader gets freaked out with Caitlin because of something that happen in the lab and they run to Barry and Cisco for help, only to find them laughing because it was actually a prank. Maybe they could have use that hologram thing and turn it into a scary ghost-like apparition :) Thanks! & happy that you had this idea, I love Halloween! xoxo

Grease Off

Character: Moonbyul (Mamamoo)
Word count: 720
Summary: A grease off between Moonbyul and her girlfriend. The victim? Solar, of course (ft. Solar) | #fluff #slightsmut

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To describe the look on her face in only one word, it would be; priceless.

Of course, Solar always had the funniest reactions, the best facial expressions, the loudest screams. But, right now, in this moment, she was at her finest. Wide eyes blinked owlishly, jaw falling open. You wanted to laugh so bad, as did Moonbyul, but no, you couldn’t. You both had to stay strong, even while looking at her priceless reactions. Because you two needed to stay serious.

This wasn’t just a competition.

It was war.

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One day after getting off work I stopped in a particular craft store to pick up a few things. I was still wearing my name badge from work, but obviously didn’t work in that store. A lady saw my name tag and asked me where the restrooms were. I was so tired of dealing with customers from my *actual* job that I just looked at her with my dead eyes and said “I don’t know, you should probably ask someone who works here.” It felt so liberating and the look of surprise on her face was priceless.

“Luke, honestly, I’ll do anything, please help me out?” You asked your best friend over the phone. 

“Okay Y/N,” he replied, “so Friday, right?” 

The same question seemed to pop up every single year at the dinner table on Christmas, and it was always from the same person, your aunt Laura who would ask, “So Y/N, are you seeing anyone right now?” And you were tired of answering no. You were tired of the remarks of pity that followed after her question and you were tired of sitting through it all, every single year since you turned eighteen. 

And so this year, you were going to bring someone to your parents’ house to prove her wrong, your best friend Luke. Of course, you weren’t dating, just pretending.

The look on your aunt’s face was priceless. 

“So Luke,” Laura asked, “how did you and Y/N meet?” 

“Well,” he started. He noticed your hand shake a little and held it in his hands under the table. “I can remember that day in preschool when I saw her running around in the field and I remember how happy she looked, so I knew that was when I wanted to be her friend. And look at where we are now.” He squeezed your hand as he brought it up to his lips, lightly pecking it before shooting you a smile. 

The dinner went on well, and after it ended, you and Luke walked towards the living room to chat with your family. You mentally thanked Luke and his surprisingly good acting skills. 

“Lukey!” You heard your five-year-old cousin call Luke. 

“Hey babygirl, what’s up?” 

She giggled before saying, “You should look up! There’s mistletoe! You know what that means! You have to kiss Y/N!” 

He looked to you with a shocked expression, but in his eyes were a mixture of love and hope. He came over to you and put his arms around your waist, pulling you closer. “Well, we can’t break the tradition now, can we?”

He connected your lips with his and at first, you wanted to pull away because you know, you’re just pretending. But he kept kissing you, clearly not letting up and the way his lips moved against yours was going to make your legs as wobbly as your grandma’s jelly. 

He pulled away with a cheeky smile on his face, and you took the moment to thank him quietly, “Thank you, Luke, I’m surprised by your acting skills.” 

“Who said I was acting?”

holiday!5sos blurb night with @teenagedqueen! send in requests and tag us in your own blurbs !!

For my roommate, shinychrystal whom I pressured to finish a burger the size of her face by offering her a gift. Needless to say, that burger be REKT’D.

My roomie is actually learning the violin while I’m learning the guitar, so I thought it made sense to draw their instruments (even though I think vivi actually plays the electric guitar? lol). I knew I wanted to try a different wardrobe on them, so I went with something fancy and vintagey because we’re also kinda into that fashion currently haha. 

Also, surprised her with it just now and her reaction was priceless :D


My mom went with me and my sister to the ATL acoustic show in Baltimore on Friday and I dared her to wear her shirt that says “Master Baiter” on it, just in case we would see them. Idk, I thought it’d be funny. Anyway, later that night we went to The Rockwell and my mom went up to Jack and said “I wore this just for you” and showed him. He stood there for a second with this priceless look on his face and then pulled her into a hug. It was seriously one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. He is so adorable.


so today i met halsey AND SHES SO TINY AND SWEET OH MY GOODNESS okay so the first two pictures are of me giving her starburst and heR FACE WAS PRICELESS omg and then she was like “what do you wanna do” like picture wise and i was like well you met my friend yesterday and she did cat ears so let’s just hug so those pictures of me cheesing it while hugging her were those!! then she let go and was like “now let’s do cat ears” which I wasn’t prepared for so that’s why im laughing in those cat ear pictures while she looks like a goddess!! and then i hugged her saying i loved her and it was nice to meet her and she was like “I LOVE YOU TOO IT WAS SO NICE TO MEET YOU” and i am so happy rn

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I went to the grocery store a while back to pick up some beer. This middle aged women asked me if I knew where something was. This actually happens to me a lot, and if I know, I help. But I said I didn't know, sorry, grabbed my beer, and started walking away. She went OFF because it was MY job to help her and I needed to get over my attitude. So I turned and said, "Ma'am, I don't work here." The look of total humiliation on her face was priceless. She didn't say anything, just turned and left.

Just a little Daddy!Klaine fic involving certain holiday traditions! It’s their daughter’s first Easter egg hunt! Complete with sappy Klaine goodness! Happy Easter! <3

The sound of laughter trickles through the air, fluttering around a fenced in yard as a father runs along the garden hand-in-hand with his daughter, the two of them giggling up a storm as they hunt for a couple dozen brightly colored eggs. Kurt hovers off to the side, a blinding smile on his face as he watches Blaine stumble through the backyard with their precocious almost-three-year-old daughter Ava. Camera in hand, he snaps a few photos of Ava picking up eggs, the delight of her expression priceless as she waves them in Blaine’s face with a look that screams how proud she is of herself.

“She’s just so cute,” Carole coos for the millionth time that week, Burt nodding beside her as they watch their granddaughter drop another egg into the basket Blaine’s holding. Her squealing voice floats back to them, a triumphant shout of ’Daddy look’ spilling from her lips as she shoves a tiny finger out and points at a row of daffodils along the fence line - a lone lavender dyed egg nestled between their leaves.


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Look at Emma’s face tho

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Here she is, sitting in her bizzaro Underworld kitchen getting to meet Killian’s brother who has been dead for centuries.

This is just such a priceless opportunity and she looks so emotional over it. She knows how important his brother is to him and here she is with a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually get to know him.

Forget about her emotions … I”M really emotional about this!

IRIS BE SLAYING on the flash !!!

man i laughed so hard during this episode of the flash ! 

Iris was on fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ; she came into starlab like she own the place and proceeded to lay it into barry !

their faces esp barry when they realized iris just walked in is PRICELESS 

barry was like fuckkk where do i hide wifey is home and she’s not happy i didnt do the dishes  i can tell because she ‘s got her “you’re getting your ass serve to you and you’ll be sleeping in the dog house for the foreseeable future 

i just love love how barry behaves around iris when he knows he’s in the wrong, he’s such a puppy taking his beating but still looking at the owner of his heart with goo goo eyes  “yeah ok i get it you’re really mad at me ….but you still love me right ?”

not to be left behind IRIS was also displaying the same i’m in love but i’m super pissed at you behaviour but really shhhh its ok iris i feel ya i know what is really troubling you ? what is really riling you up ? more than the secrets its the what could have been already had the two most important men in her life not kept her out of the loop 

poor iris , she’s got a storm in her, she’s warring with her self between her reason and her heart , yes she’s mad about them lying to her but funnily the heart of the matter slips out of her mouth coming up from her gut ! 

 its all in the oh-so-not subtle subtext , lot of inversion dialogue , look how passionate she is , she’s never been this passionate about eddie ! recently we’ve been made aware iris would never have dated eddie if barry was not in a coma because he’s her anchor and with him being available she would never mess up chance of being free in case opportunity arosed , which is reiterated again in this episode very much the same way she is his anchor also !

these two are seriously the thing OTP ships are made of ! nearly perfect apart but flawless together !!!

Just been in Starbucks and there was a queue so I was waiting, minding my own business when the woman in front of me starting talking about me. Apparently I can’t sing, my lyrics are terrible and I’m such an ass. They started saying something about us but she turned to see me stood there. Her face was priceless, she couldn’t leave quick enough.

Sexy Results | Brie & Alli

Allison was super excited for the little field trip she and Brie had planned as part of Brie’s sexual education. This day was particularly exciting, because it wasn’t so much Alli sharing her own experiences as it was the two of them shopping and having fun at the store Brie had picked out. They were equals today, at least sort of, and that felt nice. It seemed like the kind of thing good friends did together, and Alli was glad she had a friend like that nearby.

Alli showed up late as usual, but not by much, and eagerly knocked on the door. A part of her hoped that Tristan would be the one answering it, just so she could see the undoubtedly priceless look on his face when she told him that she and Brie would be trying on lingerie together all day. That would have to wait for later, though, because she was greeted by the girl she was actually there for. “Hi Brie!” Alli smiled widely and hugged her. “Ready to get sexy?”