her face is just priceless


imagine trini sheepishly carrying a obviously bright pink prom sign that’s almost the size of her all around school; trying to keep her cool knowing she doesn’t look badass and angsty with it but when she shows up with the sign at biology it doesn’t matter anymore because the look on her girlfriend’s face is just priceless and trini’s a sucker for making kim happy and will at any cost


Carrie Coon accepts the Best Actress in a Drama Series award for ‘The Leftovers’ onstage during the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on January 17, 2016 in Santa Monica, California.


a series of unlikely crossovers

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Concept: a drunk Georgiana ends up in Niall's bed and is insistent on cuddling with him he tries to resist her "not wanting to take advantage" even though cuddling isn't scandalous. This results in a blushy Niall that night and a flustered Georgiana the next morning who for some reason stays in Niall's arms after she wakes up and doesn't have the heart to leave. But what she doesn't know is Niall is awake too and knows she enjoys his warmth. 😂😂😂

YES!!!! This times 1000.

Niall wakes up first and like has an out of body experience almost in the form of Casper’s “There’s a girl…on my bed…”moment. But he realizes who that girl is and he has a near panic attack trying to figure out what happen. He knows he wasn’t as drunk as she was but he slept so hard that his brain is nowhere to be found and he’s trying to remember something from the night before. It slowly comes back to him as she’s starting to cuddle deeper into his body and he thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. He then starts to go through scenarios in his head of what could happen when she wakes up. A lot of them end up with her punching him in the face or her chewing him out so he decides he only has two options: stay awake and creep her out or pretend to be asleep allowing her to control the situation.

By the time little drunky Georgie wakes up, it’s like late morning. She feels her head moving slightly but she credits it to the hangover that was definitely going to be present after the amount of rum she drank the night before. She opens an eye slowly but gives up quickly until she realizes something. The color of the walls around her aren’t the weird shade of avocado green that they are supposed to be. She opens her eyes and is met with a large stretch of chest hair. Panic starts to set in as she tries to remember the night before but the only thing she remembers is watching Mags and Jenna fail at limbo in the backyard and she danced a bit too much with a certain someone. She didn’t know where she was or who she was on. She didn’t think she left the house but who knows.

She looks up slowly, praying to God that it wasn’t Keith’s body beneath her. When she sees Niall’s face a small sigh of relief escapes. But it’s not long before alarms are ringing in her head.

She was asleep on Niall’s naked chest.
She shared a bed with a half naked Niall.
She was wearing the shirt she planned to steal from him before they left Aruba.

She knew she needed to leave. She should be in the queen sized bed in her avocado colored room with an eye mask over her eyes. But he was keeping her warm. And he was kind of really comfortable and he smelled good.

And… he was awake.

That little fucker was faking it. She could tell by the way he was breathing. If this was a ploy to get her to stay in his bed longer, she wasn’t with it.

But then there was that little piece deep down inside of her that wanted to give Niall that moment. She’d been too mean to him in the past. She couldn’t just up and leave. What if something had happened the night before and she wasn’t there when he actually woke up. He would be devastated. She didn’t have the heart to reject him like that. She knew she had a few more minutes in her.

Meanwhile, Niall could feel her shift on top of him and that was a sign that she was awake. He knew he had about maybe less than five minutes of uninterrupted cuddle time before shit hit the fan. His heartbeat stars to speed up because he feels like she’s on to. He tries his hardest to stay asleep but something inside of him wants to see her reaction because he just knows the look on her face will be priceless. She’ll be pissed but that’s when he thinks she’s the cutest. And okay maybe his plan of pretending to be asleep wasn’t the brightest idea he’s had but he didn’t have the heart to move and wake her up.

As he tries to think of some fun fact about plants to ease the tension that was bound to appear once they both woke up, he notices something. She’s starting to play with the hair on his chest and it’s doing things to him. Like really good things. And that’s the last thing he needs right now.

Like fuck not only does he have to pretend to be asleep but now he has to prevent his little friend from waking up and joining the party.

Cold showers. James Corden dressed as Mary Poppins. That scene where Mufasa dies. Nothing’s working.

Her fingers delicately dancing across his skin is making him start to get hard. And he can’t handle it. The first time he gets to spend the entire night cuddling with the girl he’s fancied for over four years is about to be ruined by his selfish penis.

Just when he least expects it, three hairs are ripped from his chest and the jig is up. A very manly yelp escapes his lips sending her into a fit of laughter.

He looks down to find her watching him smugly. Before he can get anything out, the look on her face changes and he knows he has to explain but he kind of doesn’t want to. He just wants to relish in the moment for one more second.

Georgina just lets out a sigh and cuddles into his neck knowing he’ll tell her when he’s ready.


…Good Morning.


Days are long and lonely anymore without her. It’s hard to move on when she keeps contacting you telling you how much you mean to her and then again treats you like crap. I know I’m a great guy. I bought her shoes, flowers and clothes for no reason just because the smile on her face is priceless. Everyone always stopped us and said how happy we look and wish they could have the same but they didn’t know the hell that went on behind the scenes of when she would just snap for no reason. Is there a woman out there that likes to laugh and be treated good? I’m looking for that one and I will fight to have her and keep her as long as she loves me for who I am because I will her.

Lauren Jauregui's cuteness appreciation

So I never really do my own posts and stuff but I was bored and also this is a REALLY important topic and I feel like I have the obligation to show the world just how cute lauren actually is…

Ok, let’s start with the simple “no makeup lauren” just look at her, i dare you to say she’s not cute

ponytail lauren is always cute lauren jUST LOOK AT HER LIL SMILE

i LOVE when she smiles like that like without showing her teeth ISNT IT CUTE

more small smile lauren pics<3345678

ughhhhh too cute

BUT ALSO don’t you love when she does that big smile face?????

asdfghjklaskkjdlkajsdlk sHE LOOKS SO HAPPY


BUT also lets not forget when she does that kinda “surprised” face when she like opens her eyes really wide and just

her face is priceless

i die everytime



precious angel

now prepare yourselves to high cuteness leves bc ur bout see laurens pouty (“sad”) faces

likEEE ???¿'¡!!!NOO PLSSSS

this is waaaay too cute

like really, pouty faced lauren is jst sooo cute


look at her little double chin iTS SO FREAKIN CUTE


now is time too see one of my favssss. ok so have you noticed those moments when lauren puts like a face that looks so extremley serious that is ridiculous ???? 

shes like whatcha say bitch

isnt it hilarious omg

and then when she does that at an interview or something and she like blantantly stares aT THE CAMERA LMAO


and also that face she does when she puts the corners of her mouth down ???

like oops i did it again



I KNOW this is getting long BUT it not my fault its hers for being so cUTE (im almost finished dont worry just enjoy)


cute little baby

and PLEASE NEVER GIVE HER A BABY TO HOLD AGAIN bc i dont think i’d be able to handle it


and like just her being lauren is cute

when she’s not in the “cool rocker girlfriend” mode and shes just 

and she puts her “misterious punk rock grunge girl” mode on pause and

just starts being all cutesy

i love those moments

dont you???

bc like everyone knows she hot

cause we all got eyes and see that.

but not everyone gets to see how cute she actually is…

wow yeah shes definitly intimidating…

just like a little puppy

so yeah… Even though i trailed off a little, I think I explained  my point. lauren might be hot af but she’s also cute as hell

I do not own any of the pics or gifs above, all of them belong to their respective owner/creator


Hi, 3631

Sorry I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find you. But after we met, you disappeared. Can we do this again?

Last Stadium of Boredom

“Being an Avenger is fucking boring when there are no robots or aliens trying to bomb away New York” you said bored as you zapped trough the channels.
“Are you seriously complaining about not to be attacked by aliens or robots?” Clint asked, shaking his head in disbelief.
“I get bored easy…” you defended yourself. Clint stared blankly at you as you turned your attention back to the TV.
“Y/N!” a familiar voice broke the silence.
“Hey Waaade” you greeted the merc, smiling to yourself. Immediately you felt the couch sinking down under Wade’s weight and an arm was resting on your shoulder. Clint was pushed almost violently away from you and Wade snitched the remote.
“I’m bored” you complained again and let your head drop on his lap while you changed awkwardly in a rather weird position, letting your legs hand down the rest of the couch.
“That’s not how to sit, little” Natasha said as she walked in.
“I know… This is the last stadium of dying from boredom.” You said dramatically and rested one hand on your forehead. Nat raised an eyebrow and looked asking at Clint, to explain this situation, who just drank coffee out of a pot. Her face was priceless.
“Let me safe you princess” Wade said and zapped trough the channels.
“I’m not a fucking princess… I am a king” you mumbled as Wade started playing with your hair as he found something okay to watch. He chuckled “Sure you are… princess”
You started a poorly try to slap him and ended up hitting a bookshelf with the back of your hand.
“Fuck” you whined as you felt the pain in your hand.
Immediately Wade pulled you on his lap and looked and your hand. “Would you like me to blow the pain away… even tough u have not dick?”
“Wait. You didn’t know about my dick?” you asked Wade with the most serious expression you could pull off. His head jerked a bit to the side and you bet his face was priceless.
You couldn’t held it back anymore and burst out in laughter. Wades lungs left a relived breath and he started laughing too.
What both of you didn’t noticed was Nat and Clint looking at you and smirking knowingly and Tony snapping pictures.

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I went to the grocery store a while back to pick up some beer. This middle aged women asked me if I knew where something was. This actually happens to me a lot, and if I know, I help. But I said I didn't know, sorry, grabbed my beer, and started walking away. She went OFF because it was MY job to help her and I needed to get over my attitude. So I turned and said, "Ma'am, I don't work here." The look of total humiliation on her face was priceless. She didn't say anything, just turned and left.