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My Own Particular Brand of Phrack Madness: King Memses’ Curse

For: @lunalove-blr, @spitfirealiceagra, @missfisherscupoftea-blog-bl-blog, and all you other wonderful ladies. It’s been a long time? What can you possibly mean? XD

Ew. Ew ew ew. How I imagine I look at the dentists.

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daredevil062488 replied to your post: ill never understand karen’s thirst for matt when…

I fail to see that. Also I don’t get the bashing Punisher fans do to DD and pretty much ever other character.

He literally says to her face that she can’t take care of herself and needs to stop acting like a child??? when she can and she doesn’t. 

I love Matt, but he doesn’t treat his friends well at all in the show.  I have no idea where you’re getting that Punisher fans bash other characters, I’ve never seen anything like that. This is a roleplay blog and I didn’t tag anything, so my opinions and observations are my own, and I’m perfectly entitled to them.

I’m not bullying characters by pointing out that they aren’t perfect.


What My Everyday Looks Like 

I need to start posting more man. It’s just that if I’m not working or sleeping, this lady right here @qxeenkj has all my time. So just know, most of my post you will see her rude ass in them. Seriously don’t let her sweet face and the beauty fool you, she abuses me every chance she gets. Them hits sting cause she aim straight for the spine. 

This is what we usually do. Besides eat and…. Anyways freshness wants to go to the beach so thats on tomorrows agenda. Today I’m gonna show her how to make a cake Island style… yes theres a difference. 

I’m submitting this photo of my cat to all the cat blogs I like because 1) everyone needs to see this photo of her ridiculous face and 2)ohmygod look at this face. P.s. her name is kinnley – radioactiveredhead

Please stop cyber bullying my friend!!!

Okay i’m getting sick of chimire harassing and cyber-bullying one of my close friend till the point of depression. I don’t normally make this post but

“CYBER-BULLYING” SHOULDN’T BE TOLERATED HERE ON TUMBLR! They needs to leave my friend alone. Sending all them hateful anonymous messages about her because you’re to weak to show your own face is disgusting.

But the reason i’m saying all this is not for you my friends to send hate back to that ‘low life’. But to send supporting/positive messages to @misses-no-body-is-here. She is such a nice, kind, and sweet person. And seeing her being attacked almost every day has driven me to tears. 

And I just want you guys to support her in her time of need. We tougher need to put an end to cyber-bullying and the damage it can cause.

Thank you.