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[ Tom Hiddleston - Extended imagine ]“Cigarettes and Divorce Forms”.

Based on: Imagine: Filing for divorce from Tom, and him signing the papers even though he still loves you, because he knows you aren’t happy with him and all he wants is to see you smile even if its not him who can make it happen anymore.

Written by: A.Wölf.


Tom stared at the clock before lighting his 5th cigarette in the last 67 minutes. The ticking noise seemed to echo in the room.

The lawyer adjusted his cufflinks for the 3rd time and took a deep breath glancing at his impatient client with a worried look.

“How much longer are you going to wait, Mr.Hiddleston?”

Tom glared at him with the cigarette burning between his fingers.

“She’ll be here”, he murmured clenching his jaw.

“It’s been-”

“I’m sorry”, Tom cut him off, “Am I not paying you enough, mate? Because you sure as hell know how to charge”.

The lawyer shifted in his seat awkwardly and interlaced his fingers before him with a softer expression, understanding his client’s bad mood.

Well, what I mean is… that maybe this is a good thing. You know… maybe she doesn’t want the divorce after all. Many people avoid these things because they don’t really want to get divorced”, he stammered.

Tom narrowed his eyes and cocked his head.

“Oh believe me. She wants it”, he said holding smoke in his mouth.

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Help - Enoch O'Connor imagine One Shot (request)

a/n: hiii this was requested by someone (sorry i forgot, this is old) and uhhh it’s short, so sorry if anyone doesn’t like that :/ :D

request: can you do a enoch preference where reader has a peculiarity that they can control lighting and electricity or something and she is not in control and Enoch helps her or something please! :) btw I like your account!!!

y/n screamed. “ah!” she yelled, throwing her hands in the air and making the light bolts disappear. “i can’t do this, i can’t…” she whispered the last part and held her face with her hands.

enoch walked over to y/n and held her to his chest, soothing her back. his eyebrows were furrowed.

y/n and enoch were training y/n’s peculiarity for about an hour. the girl was now exhausted and annoyed. she tried to be in control over her power - that was what they were training now - but she failed constantly. y/n felt so miserable without any control over what she could do.

enoch felt y/n’s insecurity and being unsure of herself and sat her down on the bed with him. he wasn’t the best at comforting people or giving them the heads up, so the boy just kept quiet while holding y/n. the girl rested her head against enoch’s chest and sighed. 

“why can’t i control it?” she said quietly. “why am i such a horrible trainer for my power? i’m supposed to be good at this.”

“you’re not a horrible trainer.” enoch spoke. “you’re just… a beginner at it. there’s nothing bad about that. i used to be like you, too.”

“yeah, but since what age are you able to do this?”

“uh… i was seven or six.”

“see? that’s the problem.” y/n sighed and furrowed her eyebrows quite hard. “i’m sixteen, and it’s supposed to be a power i don’t have to worry about controlling. i could hurt someone any time because i don’t know when can i get the sparks out.”

then enoch sighed. “what if it’s anger? that, like, activates your peculiarity?”

y/n hummed, but she had turned back on hope, anyway. “maybe. not that i could get angry on an exact time.”

“what if someone angers you?” enoch suggested. 

“who - you?” y/n chuckled lightly. “sure, you annoy everyone, but you can’t anger me.”

“no,” enoch smiled, “not me. could a memory make you mad?”

“uhhh…” y/n furrowed her eyebrows again. “how do you get these ideas?”

enoch shrugged his shoulders. y/n wrapped her arms around his body and laid her head down on his chest. “yeah, i could try that.”

Don’t Let Me Go

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 856
warning : angst (you may want to grab a chocolate bar before reading this)
summary : Kai and Reader break up and Reader tried to go on with her life even tho she is hurting. Months later she goes out on a date with someone who she thinks is the ideal guy , but things do not work out quite as she had hoped …
*gif by lightwoodxalec

Y/N ran upstairs to their bedroom hearing Kai’s angry footsteps following her.
“What are you doing?” Kai asked , grabbing her wrists forcing her to look at him.
They had had their worst fight yet. At first everything got started because Kai was jealous of a random guy at the bar who had had the nerve to talk to Y/N and now somehow the fight had turned into how she wants him to be something he is not. It was completely ridiculous because that was not the case. Ever since Kai turned into a vampire all his emotions were heightened and he was on edge constantly. It wasn’t just this time … whenever someone looked at her in a way Kai didn’t like , things got ugly. He had broken a guy’s nose , nearly broken another’s jaw…
“I am moving out. What do you think I’m doing?” she yelled , pulling away from him. “You said you don’t want me here , remember ?”
Y/N tossed a few pairs of jeans  and a couple of shirts in her bag not even bothering to fold them , looking around the room picking up a pair of high heels from under the bed , going back into the walk in closet taking out the last of her clothes.
Kai rested against the wall , watching her throw things in her bag. He didn’t want her to leave , he loved her and regretted the fight already. When they had first started dating she had promised him that she will love him forever , that he will never be alone again… Now she was packing… and his pride was standing in the way of him admitting his mistake.
“Fine , leave. What do I care… ” he said. “You probably have been waiting for me to screw up , haven’t you , so you can leave me ? What a fool I’ve been to care and love you and to think that you cared and loved me too. You are just like everyone else. All you see when you look at me is a murderous sociopath who killed his own family , maimed your friends and put your best friend into a sleeping curse ! I can’t believe I waisted a second being in love with you !”
Y/N stared at him , her heart breaking to pieces at his words. She couldn’t believe what he was saying , it was as if he was a completely different person… There was no trace of the Kai she had fallen in love with. They had been so in sync ever since they had met , and now …
“It goes both ways.” she said angrily , closing the zipper on her bag , taking it in her hand heading for the bedroom door. She walked past him , stopping a step behind him , fighting back the tears. The last thing she wanted to do was leave , she loved him and cared about him more than she could ever put into words… but it was starting to get clear to her their relationship was doomed. “I don’t ever want to see or hear from you again. ” she said going through the door , running down the stairs and out the door slamming it with a loud bang.
Y/N walked to her car blinking back tears , tossed her bag in the back seat and got in. She wanted to leave as soon as possible before the tears started , but it was too late … she broke into sobs , tears streaming down her face , her hands balled into fists hitting the steering wheel.
It was as if her entire world had come crashing down , the pain in her chest growing with every passing second remembering Kai’s face , his last words to her echoing in her mind breaking her heart all over again until there was nothing left.

Y/N woke up suddenly , shooting up straight in her bed , sweat covering her forehead and tears streaming down her face. It had been the 3rd time the past few days she had had that dream …the moment she and Kai broke up. Whatever people said about pain getting easier with time , it was a lie. She had tried for months to move on and was still trying , but it was harder than ever. Back when they had been together she hadn’t realised how many things actually remind her of him … until their relationship had ended. All the little things - someone would walk by wearing the same cologne as him or would order the same drink as him. Literally everything reminded her of Kai…
She wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand , her gaze falling on a shadow in the hallway. There was someone inside the house , she got up fast trying to catch whoever it was but the person was long gone by the time she got up.
“Great. Now I am hallucinating.” she muttered , walking downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water. Y/N looked around trying to figure out if someone had actually been inside the house or not , but everything was just as she had left it before going to bed. In the end she didn’t want to go back upstairs and just crashed on the couch for the rest of the night.


Kai couldn’t stay away from Y/N , no matter how much he tried. He still loved her… and knew he’d never stop loving her. The only thing that kept him semi sane was that he got to see her … He’d sneak into her house at night , watch her sleep. Sometimes he’d take a peek into her head to see what she was dreaming about. Usually it was school stuff , but that night when he had peeked into her subconscience it had broken  his heart all over again. Tears were streaming down her face and he gently wiped a few of them away. Y/N was dreaming about their break up ,tossing and turning in her sleep. He wanted to wake her up , wrap his arms around her and comfort her like he’d usually do when she had bad dreams … but it wasn’t possible. She started to wake up and he ran out of the house before she had had the chance to see him and kick him out.  What he had seen and felt while peeking inside her dream that night had brought back the memory of that night for him too…

It took him less than an hour to realise what a huge mistake he had made letting her leave. He used his vampire hearing , listening to her sobs in her car , wishing things hadn’t gone the way they had. Y/N had said she didn’t want anything to do with him … and it had all been his fault.
“AARHHHH .!!!!” he screamed , grabbing the lamp from the night stand tossing it across the room at the wall  smashing it to bits, turning around and picking up the next thing he could find which turned out to be a picture of them together. Kai looked at it for a few moments , touching her face on the photo.
“I’m so sorry…” he whispered , crumbling on the ground still holding the picture in his hand as tears started streaming down his cheeks. He wiped them away as quickly as they were falling , giving up a few minutes later. Kai hated the tears , they always made him feel like some sort of an alien creature. He had felt pain before , but none of it compared to what he felt in that moment  when she had left their home , slamming the door shut behind her - like the air was being pulled out of his lungs , his heart being torn away from his chest.

*  *  *

The next day Y/N woke up from her phone ringing - ZACK said the called ID. She couldn’t help but smile for a moment. Zack was a british guy she had met a few weeks ago at Whitmore. He was sweet , kind and as far as she gotten to know him , he was absolutely perfect. When she was with him the pain vanished for a few hours and she had started liking him so when he had asked her out on a date a week ago she had said yes. Zack had taken her out for a dinner and a movie and tonight was their second date.
“Hey.” she picked up the phone. “What’s up ?”
“Morning gorgeous.” he said in his perfect accent. “Just checking in to see if we are still on for tonight ? I can’t wait to see you.”
Y/N giggled. “Yes , we are and … I can’t wait to see you too.” she said smiling. “What do you have planned ?”
“It’s a surprise.” Zack said , Y/N heard voices around Zack calling for him. He was at work. “Hey , I gotta go love .. see you tonight.”
Y/N hang up the phone starring at her screen saver for a moment - a picture of her and Zack making funny faces behind the teacher’s back.
Maybe this is it. she thought. My chance to be happy again…
She walked upstairs , opening her closet looking for the perfect outfit for the evening , rummaging through her dresses pulling one after another.
“And as usual .. I have nothing to wear.” she laughed nervously after trying a few outfits. Somehow none of them seemed to work to her liking. Y/N sighed and walked back to the closet , looking through her things and that’s when she saw it…. one of Kai’s t-shirts. She froze on the spot , unsure what to do at first.
When they had broken up , she had packed all Kai’s things in a box and left them in his house along with the key to their house … his house. Somehow his shirt had stayed in her closet this whole time. Carefully she picked it up , holding it in her hands as if it’s the biggest treasure , a small smile spread across her face. Y/N brought it up  to her face , feeling the soft material and taking in the scent.
It still smells like him. she thought.
She sat on the bed , holding Kai’s shirt close to her chest , closing her eyes.
Y/N remembered when he had left it here … it was one of the first times he had stayed the night. In the morning she hadn’t been able to find where her clothes had fallen the night before , she hadn’t even been sure they were still in one piece …and then her gaze had stopped on his shirt , she had put it on walking downstairs where Kai had already started making breakfast. He always made breakfast. Y/N remembered clearly the look on his face when he saw her in his shirt , how he had pulled her close softly whispering in her ear how sexy she looked in it before leaning in to kiss her and tossing her over his shoulders…
A few tears rolled down her cheeks at the memory. She wiped them away quickly , holding onto the shirt tighly as if it might disappear. They had been so happy together , every moment felt like magic. How did it all fall apart in the end?  
Y/N took off the dress she had been wearing tossing it onto the floor and put on Kai’s shirt , looking at her reflection in the mirror , wrapping her hands around her drowning in the memory of that day. Whatever happened in the future , whoever she got to spend her life with … she knew one thing for sure - she’ll never stop loving him.
“I miss you …” she whispered.

The first few weeks after the break up Y/N spent mostly crying. There was no way to stop the pain or the tears. She went to sleep at night haunted by nightmares reliving their breakup, except when she woke up in the morning the nightmares never ended. Each day was worse than the previous. Her life had turned into an endless ocean of pain and she was drowning in it. She didn’t want to eat , to sleep or to go on in general.. Life without Kai didn’t exist for her.
A few times she had found herself wandering the streets in the middle of the night , her heart pulling her towards Kai until she ended up in front of his house. She’d get there around 3-4am , sit on the porch for a while glancing at the windows which were always dark , as if no one was inside. For all she knew Kai had left town and gone back to Portland and it was breaking her on the inside knowing she had lost him. One time she fell asleep on the porch and woken up back in her house unsure how she had gotten there.
About a month and a half later after the break up, Y/N decided it is time she pulled herself together and start moving on.. so she went out with her friends , ending up making out with some guy who had been an absolute stranger to her. Instead of moving on , she felt worse than before … like she had cheated on Kai , which was ridiculous considering they had broken up.
Later on her friends had set her up on a date with one of Tyler’s old high school friends from the football team who had rolled back into town. Things had been going well up until the point Kai had walked into the Grill. It had been the first time she had seen him since their break up and he looked wrecked. Kai looked paler than usual with dark spots under his eyes , his hair was messy , his shirt untucked and he even had grown some facial hair. The moment his eyes had fallen on Y/N and her date he visibly crumbled on the inside. He sat at the far end of the Grill not looking at them , Y/N glancing a few times in his direction trying to catch his eye … All her feelings had come rushing back and her only wish was to run into his arms. She hadn’t even realised her date had been talking for a few minutes but she hadn’t heard a word , all her thoughts consumed by Kai.
“Hey , are you OK?” the guy said , reaching across the table to touch her hand.
“Yeah … yeah , I’m … I’ll be right back.” she said getting up , heading towards the restrooms. Y/N looked at her reflection in the mirror , the hole in her chest opening again causing her pain so strong she nearly fell on the ground. It took her more than 10 minutes to recover enough to walk back outside only to find her date gone. She looked around for a few moments , searching for him but there was no trace of him so she grabbed her bag and jacket , heading outside and that’s when she heard the screams. Y/N ran to the small alley behind the Grill , finding Kai punching and kicking the guy she had been on a date with , before pulling him up and feeding on him until the guy stopped fighting.  Kai turned towards her , his eyes filled with anger and pain , before disappearing.

Y/N had no idea how much time had passed until the doorbell returned her back to reality. She pulled over her head Kai’s shirt and quickly got dressed in her PJ’s , carefully tucking in under her pillow before rushing downstairs to open the door.
“Zack ! Hi ! W-what are you doing here ?” she asked surprised , noticing the flowers in his hand. “Oh God … ” she muttered.
Zack laughed nervously. “You are not ready yet ? I can go wait in the car if you need some extra time…” he said looking at her wearing her PJ’s , licking his lower lip.
Y/N smiled awkwardly. Somehow she had completely forgotten about Zack’s existance , not to mention their date.
“Yeah sorry. Um … something came up. Come on in , you can wait inside…” she said , as Zack gave her the flowers. “Thank you , those are beautiful.”
“Not as beautiful as you.” he said leaning in to kiss her , wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling her close. Suddenly his kiss felt wrong to her , his lips on hers felt wrong. Y/N pulled away giving him a small smile.
“I better find them a vase.” she said tiptoeing into the kitchen , Zach following her closely behind. She looked through the kitchen cabinets for a vase and in a few minutes she found one and filled it with water , placing the flowers in leaving them on the table. “How did you know I like white roses ?”
Zack took a few steps towards her , backing her against the kitchen counter.
“I know a lot of things.” he said , his lips smashing against hers as his hands found their way down her waist , squeezing her ass pulling her closer to him. Y/N had wrapped her hands around his neck tugging on his hair. He didn’t seem to want to pull away or let go off her. Her phone rang and she tried to wiggle her way out but Zack grabbed her wrists holding them tight together behind her back. She looked up and his expression scared the hell out of her. His eyes were black and he had this crazy look on his face - the same look a predator has looking at his pray. Zach’s other hand pushed down her PJ’ bottoms along with her underwear.
“What are you doing?” she asked trying to get herself free. In all the time she had known him , he had never done anything like it. “Sto-”
He smashed his lips against hers again , shutting her up. Y/N managed to kick him between the legs with her knee , giving her a few seconds to pull away from him.
“What is wrong with you?!” she asked raising her voice. “Whatever has crawled up your pants - watch it. THIS is not going to happen. Not tonight and definitely NOT like this.”
Zach took a step towards her. “Why not , Y/N? I want this , you want this … I see the way you look at me , you want it…” he said , his voice completely different than the sweet sound she was used to.
“I-I think you should go.” she said stepping aside , pointing towards the door. “Go before I call the cops or worse - one of my friends.”
Zach laughed and took another step towards her. “Your friends? What are they going to do to me ? Report me to the dean ?”
“Trust me , you do not want to find out.” she said , her voice trembling , taking a step back from him trying to get to her phone.
He pushed her onto the couch pinning her wrists over her head , kissing her neck while his other hand pushed down inside her underwear.
“Stop ! I don’t want to do this … Zack , get off me!” she cried out trying to push him off , tears started streaming down her face. “Get off me , please…”
It didn’t matter what she said , he kept going .. pulling down her PJ’s and undoing the buttons on his jeans.
Y/N felt so helpless in that moment , unable to do anything but wait for it to be over. Every attempt to fight him off failed , all her words went poof in the air… She had thought Zack was this nice guy and it had turned out that he was anything but.
“Stop please ..” she begged him again in between sobs , trying to pull herself away from him.
There was a loud bang coming from the front door and suddenly Zack started choking , his body lifting up in the air a few steps off the ground , his legs kicking at nothing while his hands tried to free the invisible grip on his neck.
Y/N looked around , her eyes falling on Kai who looked ready to tear Zack apart, his eyes burning with anger.
“I believe she said she wants you to stop. You should’ve listened.” Kai said , fury in his voice. “How should I end you ? Should I break your neck or rip out your heart?” he paused for a moment thinking. “Maybe first I will break every bone in your body as a punishment for laying a finger on her.”
Y/N stood frozen for a moment before pulling back up her PJ’s and running into Kai’s arms.
Kai pulled her close , tearing his eyes away from Zack , who’s face was already purple / blueish , looking at her with tears in his eyes. The girl he loved , who had nearly been raped by someone she had trusted. Kai didn’t even dare thinking what would’ve happened to her if he hadn’t decided to come to her house that evening and try to talk to her. His heart broke all over again looking at Y/N. She looked so scared and shaken to the core.

A few days after their break up , Kai came home finding a box with all things he had left in Y/N’s house - t-shirts , pictures …and the key he had given her so she could walk in at any time , even if he wasn’t home. He sat on the floor unable to bring himself to look through the things in the box. He had expected to find a ‘surprise’ like this one at some point but not this soon. Part of him had hoped they’d be able to repair their relationship , that this wasn’t the end …
Kai sat alone in the darkness , unable to fall asleep or even close his eyes because every time he did , Y/N’s face showed up behind his eyelids … The moment he had told her he regretted every second spent loving her ,the cracks in her heart visible through her eyes… He couldn’t believe how stupid he had been in that moment , talking without thinking not realising the consequences of his actions.
His days were mostly spent trying not to go looking for her ,except he failed miserably at it. A few times he had used a cloaking spell , sneaking up into her house or following her around town. It hurt him seeing her like this - she looked like a ghost , walking down the street or sitting on the couch curled up into a ball crying. She’d look in his direction or walk past him , he’d reach out to touch her before stopping himself.
A few times he had seen her come to his house in the middle of the night , just sitting on the porch… Kai would sit by the window in the dark , looking at her trying to work up the nerve to open the door and talk to her. To apologise for all the pain he had caused. One time she fell asleep and he carried her home. He didn’t think Y/N would be happy if when she wakes up finds herself in their old bedroom with him leaning over her.
None of those moments compared to the ones when he saw her with other guys. He liked seeing her smile , but hated that it was someone else making her smile and not him. His jealousy always won in the end.
Y/N had been the light in his life … and now he was living in literal and metaphorical darkness. He barely fed , not unless it was on one of the guys trying to take her away from him forever.

Kai flicked his wrist , breaking one of Zack’s legs , then the other not once but twice. He loosened the grip enough for Zack  to take a breath before breaking one of his ribs. Y/N reached for his hand , lowering it down.
“No … don’t.” she said , her voice trembling. “He will get what’s coming …Let him go.”
Kai looked at her as if she were insane. “That guy just tried to … ” he swallowed hard, unable to even say the word. “.. he deserves to suffer and bleed out for what he did.”
“No , he will stain the carpet.” she said , a small smile on her face. “It will be hell to clean up afterwards.”
Kai laughed , a genuine laugh for the first time in months. Y/N brushed away a tear rolling down his cheek , her fingers tracing every inch of his face as if seeing him for the first time. Kai let Zack down on the ground watching him squirming in pain. Y/N walked over to him , kneeling down.
“You wanted to know what’s so scary about my friends…? Compared to my boyfriend ,” she motioned to Kai ,“ my friends are harmless fluffy kittens.”
Kai’s eyes lit up when she said ‘my boyfriend’ and he smiled for a moment. He loved hearing her say those words.
“What are we going to do with you now , Zack? … ” she muttered more to herself than to anyone else.
“What kind of a freak is that guy ?” Zack spit out , pointing at Kai. “I’ll report you to -”
“To who ?” Kai interrupted. “The cops ? I think they’d be more interested in what you tried to do to her. Be grateful she stopped me or you would’ve been 2 meters under ground right now…” he knelt down next to Y/N , grabbing Zack’s shoulders. “Listen to me very carefully you little piece of … … You were in a car accident on your way to Y/N’s house to tell her you are not interested in her. You will forget all about me and what I did to you .. and you will move so far away from here , you’ll fall off the edge of the map. Got it?”

*   *   *

“I’m going to burn that couch.” Y/N muttered after they had dealt with Zack and he was sent on his 'marry way’ in an ambulance with compelled doctors. “Are you going to help me or what?” she said glancing at Kai who laughed at her comment.
“It’s not the couch’s fault this happened …. It’s mine.” he said taking a step towards her. “I … I never should’ve let you leave that night. If my pride hadn’t gotten the worst out of me , none of this would’ve happened.” His gaze fell on the ground.
Y/N took his hand in hers. “You can’t blame yourself for this… it was my fault too.” she said , Kai lifting his gaze to meet hers.
“No! No , it wasn’t. It was all me.” he raised his voice. “I said so many things I didn’t mean that night , pushed you away and didn’t follow you after. I should have followed you , I … I should’ve done everything I could to get you back and I didn’t… and then when I saw you with all those guys , it felt like I was losing you all over again… and then you met this idiot. I saw you happy with him and I knew I had lost you forever.”
Y/N looked into his eyes , seeing her pain reflected in them. Now that she saw him up close , there were dark circles under his eyes , his skin was grayish. She ran her fingers through his hair , watching him close his eyes for a moment enjoying her touch. Her hand resting on his cheek , Kai’s hand reaching for it to hold it. He opened his eyes , blinking back tears. It broke her heart seeing him like this. Kai never liked tears , not in her eyes and definitely not in his eyes.
“I am so so sorry for everything , Y/N. I’m sorry for causing you all this pain , putting you through hell … I …”
“Stop talking.” she said suddenly.
“No , you need to know. … and then you’ll never see or hear from me again , just like you wanted. Y/N , I -”
Y/N shut him up with a kiss , wrapping her hands around his neck , running her fingers through his hair tugging on it , pulling him closer.. Kai looked surprised for a second and then pulled her closer to him too , his lips hungrily wanting more. In that moment all the pain from the past few months disappeared as if it had never happened. It felt like two pieces of the same heart had finally connected and everything in the world seemed right again. Their lips perfect match for each other , their bodies perfectly fitting together.
“I never stopped loving you… ” he said softly , pulling away from the kiss with a wide smile on his face. “I love you … I .. I always will.”
Y/N smiled widely back at him pressing her lips to his again before speaking.
“I never stopped loving you either , Malachai.” she said. He didn’t even wince hearing his full name like he usually did… She pressed her lips against his again. “I love you! Always and forever.” she said smiling.
He let out a small laugh. “I missed hearing you say my name.” he said cupping her face , his thumbs gently rubbing her cheeks and resting his forehead on hers. “I missed seeing the spark in your eyes , your lips .. everything. I missed you.”
Kai kissed her deeply , wrapping his arms around her tighter than ever.
“I am never letting you go again.”
“I wouldn’t let you even if you wanted me to.” she said smiling.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


     - Part III

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 648
warning : slight smut
* gif by lightwoodxalec


Y/N and Kai sneaked around a lot the following few weeks. Kai would wait for her in the morning driving her to school when her parents thought she would get a ride with one of her friends. Then later in the day he’d wait for her classes to end. A couple of times he had even sneaked into her classes , startling her. He had worked his magic in a way that she’d always be able to see him when he is cloaked.
It was distracting when he was around , specially when there were tests and he kept telling her all the right answers. Kai wasn’t doing it on purpose , he just wanted her to exit the class room early so they could be together. Y/N protested always , glancing at him , giving him warning looks but he’d only grin at her.

“You know this stuff anyways. I am just speeding up the process…” he’d say with an innocent expression on his face. “I am just selfish and I want to be with you every minute of every day.” he’d whisper in her ear , getting her to lose her concentration completely so she’d have no other option but let him tell her all the answers.

It was barely Monday and Y/N wanted nothing to do with school. All she wanted was to be with Kai and this time on the test , she didn’t even protest. Barely 15 minutes into the class , she got up handing her teacher the completed test.
“Keep this up and you will be valedictorian.” she said , glancing at the paper.
Y/N only smiled awkwardly , feeling a peck of guilt, and walked towards the door with Kai following barely two steps away from her.
As soon as they were outside the classroom , he pulled her into the cloaking spell. Kai snaked his hands around her waist , resting his chin on her shoulder.
“What do you want to do now , princess ?” he asked. “ We are cloaked and I bet there is an empty classroom somewhere … Yep , down the hall there is one.”
“Kai , we can’t … someone will hear. We’ll get caught.”
“No , we won’t.” he said spinning her around and slowly backing her against the lockers. “No one would even know what had happened. We have … like 25 minutes before the bell rings.” said Kai , his hand slowly sliding under her dress.
Y/N could feel his fingertips slowly tracing up her thigh and her mind started to get foggy. Kai grinned at her knowing well the effect he had on her, leaning in to whisper in her ear.
“I want you … here. Now.”
His fingertips traced her folds through her panties for a few moments before he pushed them to the side.
“And you are already so wet.” he whispered again , just as the tip of his middle finger pressed a little at her entrance. Y/N could feel her cheeks flush , a low moan escaping her lips as Kai pushed in slowly his finger inside her warmth. He dipped his head , leaving wet kisses on her neck pushing another finger inside her. There was no way she’d say no to him , her self control had slipped away completely.
“20 minutes…” she whispered , her hand sliding between their bodies into his jeans. A low growl came from Kai’s throat and he pulled out his fingers. Y/N grabbed his hand , licking wet his fingers while looking at him in the eyes watching him lick his lip , a low groan following.
Next thing she knew Kai had whooshed them away into the empty classroom , locking the door behind them.

* * *

A few days later Kai sneaked into her bedroom in the middle of the night.
“Y/N?” he said , laying on his side on her bed , stroking her cheek gently. “Wake up…” he whispered to her , lightly shaking her shoulders , his hand covering her mouth making sure she wouldn’t scream.
Y/N’s eyes fluttered open and the closed again , catching a glimpse of Kai in the darkness. Suddenly she shot up straight in her bed , her eyes wide. She grabbed his wrist , pushing his hand off her mouth.
“Are you crazy ?” she said in a hushed voice. “It’s 2.30AM , I don’t mind being woken up by you but … my parents are down the hall!”
Kai tried to say something but Y/N shushed him with a kiss rolling on top of him.
“Lock the door.” she whispered , waiting to hear the lock. “Why are you here ? Is everything OK ?”
Kai sighed ,his hands holding onto her hips.
“I had .. a nightmare.The worst one ever and .. I had to come see you. I know it’s risky… I just..” he swallowed hard. “I hate being away from you , not being in the same place as you at night.”
“What was the nightmare about?”
“You.” he said so quietly , if she hadn’t been listening probably would’ve missed it. “I dreamt that I lose you. We um … we were walking down the street at night and this car showed up. I tried to stop it but my magic wasn’t working and I wasn’t a vampire anymore … couldn’t heal you and you … … you died in my arms.” said Kai , his voice breaking at the last words.
Even in the darkness Y/N could see tears in his eyes at the memory of the nightmare. She rested her head on his chest , her fingers brushing through his hair.
“It was just a dream. We will always be together… I won’t let anything or anyone separate us.” she said softly , kissing his cheek. “Tell you what , I’ll talk with my parents… No , no calm down.” she said seeing the terror in his eyes. “I’ll come up with something and I’ll stay over at your place some nights of the week… and after graduation , it will be just you and me.”
Kai’s eyes lit up at her words and a small smile showed on his face. He seemed to calm down a bit from his nightmare and the idea of spending his nights with Y/N was more than appealing to him. He pulled her in for a kiss , rolling on top of her.
“I would love nothing more than to wake up beside you in the morning…” he whispered to her. “Every single day for the rest of my life.”
Kai hessitated for a moment before continuing. His nightmare earlier in the night had impacted him more deeply than he cared to admit , he needed to tell her.
“I love you , Y/N.” he whispered to her , Y/N heart skipping a beat at his words. “I should’ve said it before…but I need you to know this. I don’t want something bad to happen to you without you knowing how much I love you.” he kissed her forehead. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
“I .. I love you too , Malachai , more than I could put into words.”
Y/N could see the devilish spark in his eyes even more clearly in the dark. He leaned in , kissing her fiercely. She pushed off his jacket , pulling him closer before remembering where they were and that they couldn’t do anything , yet … she didn’t stop him.
“I can’t wait until tomorrow … so I can have you all to myself.” he whispered tracing her jawline with his finger before rolling onto the bed next to her pulling her towards him , her head on his chest and her hand where his heart is.

In the morning Kai had woken up before her. He loved watching her sleep. Around 7AM he heard footsteps down the hall. He kissed Y/N awake before quickly getting off her bed, taking his jacket and cloaking himself.
Y/N woke up from the sudden disappearance of Kai from under her and just as she was about to call out for him , there were knocks on the door.
“Y/N? Are you awake ? You are going to be late for school …” Elena’s voice sounded through the door , trying to open it. “Why is your door locked ?”
Y/N quickly got up from the bed , rushing towards the door.
“Sorry , mom. I was so tired last night , I must’ve locked it without realising.” she said popping her head in the hallway. Her mother held a cup of coffee , handing it to her. “Thanks.”
“You must’ve been really tired , considering you slept through your alarm… you have 10 minutes to get ready and head to school unless you want to be late.” her mom said with a smile before heading downstairs.
Y/N closed the door , resting her back against it while taking a sip from her coffee.
“That was close…” she muttered under her breath , glancing at Kai who was grinning at her.
“See you at school ?”
Y/N left her coffee cup on her desk , hooking her hands around Kai’s neck before kissing him. “How about I skip school … and we spend the day together ?”
Suddenly Kai tightened his grip on her waist , a low growl escaping from his throat.
“Go downstairs. Now. I’ll call you later.” he said , kissing her briefly before disappearing through the window.

Y/N had no idea what was happening downstairs but got dressed as quickly as she could , grabbed her bag as if she’d be going to school and rushed into the living room quickly pulling her hair in a ponytail.
“Hey .. I’m off to - ” she said freezing on the spot noticing Bonnie was in the house. The past few months Bonnie hadn’t visited them and her being there made Y/N nervous , specially after the way Kai had acted upstairs before he left. “W-what is going on ?”
“Nothing , sweetie … just go to school.” said Elena , but Y/N didn’t buy it.
“Dad ?”
Damon glanced at his daughter with a pained expression on his face. He took a sip from his coffee looking at the ground.
“You always tell me everything… why not tell me now ?”
Damon cleared his throat. “We are going to spend a few days at your mother’s cabin. Come right back home after school.”
“It’s the middle of the week. I am a senior , I can’t just skip classes plus there are tests coming up…”
“It’s all taken care of.” said Caroline popping into the living room with a lunch paperbag.
Y/N let out a frustrated sigh. No wonder Kai had left in such a rush. Caroline was a vampire , she could hear him upstairs… or maybe she already had. Y/N knew what all of this was about. They knew Kai was back in town. How had they found out ?
“Well , have fun at your cabin get away trip. I am staying here and its not up for discussion.” Y/N said with a serious look on her face. “OH and before any of you try anything … just remember what happened last time.”
She turned on her heels heading for the door but Caroline blocked her way.
“Klaus is coming. He found out Elena is a human again and he wants to give his hybrid army another shot.” she said , opening the door for Y/N. “We can assume he knows about your existance too. So , yeah. You are going away with your parents until this all blows over.”
Y/N walked outside , her mind spinning , and turned around.
“Maybe he doesn’t.. and if he doesn’t know , then it is for the best to keep it that way. So again - NO. I am NOT going anywhere. I can just stay over at a friend’s house until this all taken care of.”
Everyone glared at her as if she was insane.
“Trust me , I’ll be safer that way. Don’t wait up for me.”

Y/N got in her car , dialing Kai’s number as soon as she was out of vampire hearing earshot. He picked up almost instantly.
“I did not see that one coming.” Y/N said , listening to him laugh.
“You can stay over at my place until this blows over. I am the friend you were talking about right ?”
“W-were you listening in ? Where are you ?”
A few seconds later Y/N saw Kai pop up on the side of the road. She stepped on the breaks so hard , the tires screeched and lightly started to smoke. Kai laughed and got in the car with her.
“You are not allowed to drive my car.” he said with a serious tone. (‘Shut up.’ Y/N mouthed to him , laughing.) Are you still going to school today ? If so , I am coming with you. No way I am letting you out of my sight until Klaus is out of Mystic Falls.“
“I have to.” she sighed , “Otherwise if someone calls them and tells them I never showed , they’d think Klaus kidnapped me or something… ”
Y/N started the car and headed for her high school.
She parked the car on the school’s parking lot. For a few moments she just stared out the front window trying to figure out how her life had turned out so complicated all of the sudden. Everything had been perfect and something just had to happen to mess it up.
“You can still change your mind …”
“No. There is not enough time.” Y/N turned around smashing her lips against his. “Cloak yourself , we have to go. The bell will ring in … 3 , 2 ,1.”
… and just by que the school bell rang marking the start of another school day.

First period went well. Or as well as Y/N could’ve hoped. Things started going south around noon. Kai had gone to pick up their lunch leaving her alone for a few minutes in the crowd on the front yard.
“What does a beautiful girl like you does sitting all alone at lunch , love ?”
Y/N glanced towards the direction the voice had come from. The guy had an unmistakable accent. The moment she lay eyes on him she knew who he was.
“Enjoying the sunshine.” she said as calmly as she could , knowing well he could probably hear her heart beat getting faster. “It’s a lovely day , don’t you think?”
Klaus sat across from her , his hands clasped on the table in front of him. He met her eyes realising she hadn’t dropped her gaze for a second , following his every move.
“Yes , it is.” he agreed.
“You look too old to be a student. … and too old in general , Klaus.”
Klaus looked surprised she knew who he was and hadn’t ran away yet. Her hands were clasped on the table in front of her too and he wondered why she was acting so calm.
“My reputations preceeds me , fantastic. Let’s skip to the fun part then , shall we ?”
“I don’t think so.” Y/N said getting up and taking her bag. “I have classes which I do not intend on missing just because a psychotic stranger decided to use me as bait to try to get to my parents.”
Klaus grabbed her wrist , his grip so strong it felt as if he might break her hand just to make a point. “Sit down.” he said , his hybrid nature showing for a moment. “Or I will make a spectacle of your death right here in front of all your friends.”
Y/N glanced at him. “What would Caroline say … when she finds out you killed me ? Do you think she will ever forgive you killing her god daughter ?”
He let go the grip of her wrist , anger clearly written on his face.
“That’s what I thought… ”
Y/N took a few steps towards the school , noticing Kai coming straight at her with their take out. She smiled relieved to see him and the next moment his eyes widened in terror. Someone grabbed her , putting a hand over her mouth , the world around her going dark in a second.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017


Aisle 13

by Justina Ireland

It’s two days before the last day of school, and I’m sitting in my Combatives class ready to die of boredom.  Mr. Vaughn is showing a demonstration video on how to slay a basilisk. Again. It was the last question on our final. Only half of us got it right.

I was not one of the lucky few.

No one is paying attention as the warrior in the party uses her reflective shield to distract the basilisk while a mage makes a big deal about putting the creature down with a sleep spell.  We’re all talking and thinking about the summer.

“What did you get in here?” Jeb asks from across the row.

“C,” I say.  “What about you?”

“D minus,” he says, waving his test at me.  His ears droop a little like a chastised puppy. Demons are so sensitive.

I shrug.  “At least you dodged a bullet. No summer school.”

“Yeah,” Jeb looks down at his test morosely.  “But still, you can’t kill a basilisk?  Who knew they were an endangered species?”

Mr. Vaughn is clip-clopping across the front of the room now, arms crossed as he gives one of his “these are skills for the real world” lectures once again. As fun as it is to watch a centaur go off on a tear, I’m over Mr. Vaughn and I’m over this school year.  

I don’t really care about the test, but I do hate when Jeb gets all emo.  “Look, we’re never going to use this anyway.  No one goes adventuring anymore.”

He nods and incinerates his test with a simple fire spell.  No one even glances at him.

“What are you doing this summer?” he asks after a long while, his voice low. He’s still bummed about his bad grade. Maybe I’ll take him out for frozen yogurt after school.  Cheer him up. Sprinkles would cheer anyone up.

I slouch down in my desk, stretching with a yawn.  Mr. Vaughn has given up on his lecture and has retreated to his desk to eat an apple someone brought him.  He’s much calmer now.  It’s probably the apple.  Centaurs freaking love apples.

“Nothing dude,” I say, finally answering Jeb’s question.  “Absolutely nothing.”


The second day of summer vacation my mom tells me I need to get a job.

We’re sitting at dinner eating Mom’s famous tavern stew, which is really just a bunch of random things boiled down to mush.  She’s still dressed in her work clothes: low cut white gown and flower crown.  I asked her once why the clinic makes her wear such a ridiculous outfit, and she just shrugged and said “It’s tradition. This is how healers dress.”  The men have an outfit that is just as stupid, tight white breeches and a flowy tunic, but I still think it sucks that my mom has to dress like a sex object to help people. Like, where is the self-respect in that?

“So, Caitlyn, what are your plans for summer?” Mom asks as I’m about to shovel in some of her stew.  My mouth is full so I just shrug and say “Uhnano.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? No big plans?” Mom is giving me this tight smile that means she wants a specific answer, but I have no idea what she’s looking for here.  It’s summer.  It’s two and a half months of not thinking about magic spells or chemistry or monster identification or algebra or anything, really.  So why is she hassling me?

“I was thinking of maybe taking my mage’s test or something,” I say, hoping it’s enough to distract Mom from whatever she’s about.  Dad isn’t even paying attention to the conversation. As usual he’s nose deep in Berserker Weekly.  Dad used to be this big time adventurer, walking through forests and bashing in heads for fun and profit.  That’s where he met Mom.  I think he saved her from an evil wizard or a druidic cult or something. It was a long time ago, though, and now he mainly consults for a living.

“Oh, that’s a good idea.  After you get your license maybe you could call Marcus and see if he’ll let you work in the Hex shop.  I mean, you should really get a job this summer.  Don’t you agree, Brock?”

A frown creases Dad’s dark face but he grunts in assent.

I take another bite of stew and look down at the bowl to avoid answering. There’s no way I’m going to work in my Uncle Marcus’s Hex shop. The thought of untangling curses all summer makes me want to turn myself into a frog and hide out in the forest.  Not to mention that my Uncle Marcus is the cheapest man alive.  I’d be lucky if he even paid me.

Mom pushes her bowl of stew away and jumps to her feet.  “Good! Caitlyn, I’ll send Marcus a note letting him know you’ll be there tomorrow bright and early—”

“I don’t want to work in the Hex shop. It’s gross.”

Mom stops and turns to me slowly.  Her skin is pale as usual but two spots of color have appeared high on her cheeks.  She is pissed.  “Removing hexes is not gross.  Your uncle gives those people their lives back.”

“A woman with boils all over her face is pretty gross, Mom.”  Last year when I had to pick a concentration Mom took me to see Marcus to convince me to pick cursework because it pays pretty well.  I chose spellweaving instead.  I’d rather work in a factory making love charms or fire spells than to have to turn frogs back into snotty princes all day.

Mom purses her lips and turns to my Dad.  “Brock, will you please talk some sense into your daughter?”

“Cursework is disgusting, Mel,” Dad says, lowering his paper.  “Why can’t the girl go adventuring like everyone else her age?”

“No one goes adventuring anymore, Dad,” I say.  Because it’s true. Adventuring is something your parents make you do because they don’t understand that it isn’t cool to slay dragons anymore or that maidens can rescue themselves.

I mean, adventuring is just so lame. Walking around, looking for a prophecy to fulfill, and then working really hard for something that may or may not come true? Yawn. I have better things to do.

“No one goes adventuring, huh?” Dad and Mom exchange a look, like they’re about to laugh at some inside joke.  Then Dad raises his paper again.  “Either way, you’re not going to sit around the house all summer and play video games.  Get a job, Caity-Bird, and if you can’t find one then your mother will call Marcus and you can spend all summer waking princesses.”

And that’s how I end up working at the Shop Quick.

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Harry Potter wasn’t the only one displaced by the events on Halloween 1981 in Godric’s Hollow. His twin sister Leila was forced to reside with the Dursleys as well. Often in Harry’s shadow, Leila tries to mark her own path along her magical journey through her years at Hogwarts.

                                              Year 1: Blood Ritual

It was nearly time for lunch when Daphne shook Leila awake. The Potter girl groaned and slowly opened her eyes to find her blonde friend’s face inches from hers. Leila gently pushed Daphne away from her before she flopped onto her stomach and buried her face in her pillow. “Leila,” Daphne groaned.

“I nearly died last night. I think I’m entitled to a little sleep,” Leila muttered into her pillow. While her words were truthful they were laced with a tone of sarcasm, but Daphne couldn’t understand what Leila was muttering.

Daphne hopped onto Leila’s bed and began jumping on the mattress at the end of the bed. “C'mon, Leila. It’s nearly time for lunch.”

Leila groaned and looked over her shoulder at her bouncing friend with a furrowed expression. Lunch. There was something about lunch that seemed important. Aside from the obvious sustenance, of course. After a few moments, she finally remembered. Harry said that they were going to go for a walk. She smiled before she practically flew from her bed and raced to her clothes. Daphne fell forward in a flop onto Leila’s bed and giggled before she rolled off.

The Potter girl dressed in a jumper Daphne had given her after Christmas and a pair of jeans. She dragged a brush through her hair and left it hanging down her back in gentle waves before she ran over to her desk to grab the picture Mr Flume had given her. With all the tension between Leila and her brother, she had never gotten a chance to show him the photograph. She was very excited to show him a piece of their puzzled past. Even though Harry wasn’t in the photograph, Leila knew he would love it just as much as she did. Especially since he had an uncanny resemblance to their father.


Soul Mate 25

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Oh god…I can’t believe…I CAN’T BELIEVE WE HAVE LIKE 5 PARTS LEFT I AM SCREAMING?! Anyways…this honestly was one of my fav parts to write, especially the ending. All these emotions, brb, i’m gonna cry my eyes out…ENJOY! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 3.4K+

Warning: None…


The sound of Kylo’s boots stomping against the cold metal ground of the First Order’s new base gave off a warning to those in a nearby radius. It was obvious he was one of those moods, each time his strides were rather swift and miscalculated, with the fact he had balled fists and a slight hunch in his back was a dead giveaway that something was wrong. Ever since his return, he hadn’t spoken a single word to Phasma nor Hux–aside from that slight interaction early. Hux was well aware of Kylo’s change in demeanor, along with the fact that he had actually been in his quarters for longer than an hour like he usually had. There was something up and Hux was afraid it had been about that girl, Kylo had only feared that maybe the General was the reason why Snoke had sensed something off about Kylo. After all, not even the Supreme Leader could read his own pupil that easily.

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“Dean…what’s with the pouty face?” Jody questioned, sipping her wine. 

“Y/N took the last slice of pie.” Claire and Alex both piped up and rolled their eyes while Dean looked down at his empty plate. You didn’t say a word, not realizing he didn’t get a slice. He never said a word to you either, letting you take it. 

“Now, Dean…” Jody sighed. “If you ask Y/N nicely, I’m sure she’ll share her pie with you, won’t you Y/N?” You hadn’t known Dean or Sam very long, but you had a massive crush on Dean ever since he’d saved you from a pack of werewolves and you knew he loved pie. 

“It’s ok.” Dean shook his head and you grabbed your knife, cutting the pie into two slices, one noticeably larger than the other. You gave the bigger piece to Dean and went about eating your dessert, still not saying a word.

Once dinner was done, you were alone drying the dishes when Dean approached you in the kitchen. “You uh…you didn’t have to do that you know.” 

“I know.” You smiled back, laying down the dish in your hand. “You did save my life though. The least I can do is repay you with some pie, right?” 

“I already told you…you don’t need to thank me for saving your life.” Dean cupped your face and you leaned into it. It felt so natural and so right. “But…I gotta repay you for the pie.” He leaned in quick and his lips were on yours, taking your breath away. You kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“It’s about time, Winchester.” Claire rolled her eyes from the doorway. “Didn’t think you’d ever make a move.” 


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 I’m re-using the gif from my This is War post, mainly because I’m too lazy to make another.

 So this is going to be a Sato rant, mainly focusing on Asami’s character development and her relationship with Hiroshi. Avatar-lovato sort of asked me to write about this when I mentioned in my tags that I wanted to, and I finally feel like doing the thing.

 As lots of other people I am too overjoyed at the Korrasami ending and just at these two awesome queer women in general, but I also think that the most important thing to happen to Asami during the finale was this. Getting her father back only to lose him for good.

 Because you see, Hiroshi Sato was the most important person for Asami for the majority of her life. She was like 6 when her mother died, imagine a little 6 year old girl who is still so young but will never see her mommy again. I think Asami and Hiroshi always had a good relationship but after the death of her mother she grew even closer to her dad. And as the only child his daughter was the only thing left from Yasuko, so I can see Hiroshi adoring her and doing everything he could to keep Asami safe. And although losing her mother must have been horrible for Asami, something she would never forget, and the emptiness left behind would be something even her father could never heal… I think he did try his best. Asami must have felt like nothing could seperate the two of them, no firebender and certainly not hate.

 Unfortunately, Asami was wrong. All those years Hiroshi kept thinking about revenge and he hated benders more and more, until Amon and his revolution came. Hiroshi Sato truly believed that the Equalist movement could make a difference, that it could create a world where he wouldn’t have to be afraid for his non-bender daughter in a world full of benders. Only, by the time Asami found out about this he was too obsessed with revenge, but his daughter never let hatred consume her. Asami never, not even once blamed every bender for her mother’s death, she knew that that was just wrong. So when she had to choose between the father she thought she knew, between the life she had for 18 years and between the right thing, guess what, she did the right thing. She saved everyone, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Tenzin and Lin (and probably the whole city) by turning against her father, against all she had. People sometimes say that Asami’s choice was too easy for her, that she immediately knew she had to betray her father and despite their good relationship it only took her seconds. I don’t think that’s true. Well, she did choose quickly, but it was definitely not easy. See Asami’s face when she makes that decision? It’s everything but an easy choice. That’s why she says “I love you, Dad” before “betraying” him, she does love him, but she knows that there is a greater good.

External image

 That’s why I think she still had this little hope inside her up until the finale. Every time she mentions her father Asami’s expression is hurt, betrayed or bitter. But I still think that a little part of her hoped that Hiroshi could change, that he could love her more than hate benders and want revenge. I also have to mention that by this point Mako is basically treating her either like she doesn’t exist or like shit. I don’t want too much of shipping in this but it’s important with Asami’s character that she had to get through this on her own. So her father really is the only one she could hope to get back. When the time comes and she gets to confront him, Hiroshi pretty much thinks the same. Remember his conversation with Amon in Turning the Tides? Hiroshi Sato wanted his daughter to be with him, to see his cause. As he told her in Endgame, he wanted them to be a family again. Well, yeah, he was kinda too obsessed with his revenge and we don’t agree with him, but at least he still wanted his daughter to be a part of his life. The thing that makes him snap is Asami mentioning her mother, saying that she would hate Hiroshi for what he has become. I know it’s weird, but I can see why this makes him angry. He believed this was right, he believed what he was doing was for his family, his dead wife and their only daughter. And then that daughter tells him that it’s all wrong and the love of his life would hate him.

 Of course, this does not justify what he does next. The battle between the two Satos is one of my favourite scenes in the series, mainly because it is heartwrenching. Asami still refuses to support this madness, she still protects all these benders who frankly did nothing for her in return. Because that’s the kind of person she is. But that makes Hiroshi even more furious, and he chooses hatred and revenge over his own daughter. He chooses to believe that what he’s doing is right, and chooses to kill Asami because “there is no chance to save her”. If not for Bolin he would have killed his own daughter, the only thing left to remind him of his wife, because he was so consumed by revenge. Asami also has the opportunity to end this for good, but unlike her father she doesn’t give in to hatred. She admits that he really is a horrible father, but she remains better than him.

External image

 They only meet like four years later, but those four years are important for Asami. After the whole Equalist business she only had Future Industries left for her, and even that was struggling to stay alive. As she tells Mako in The Sting, it still is the only thing she has left from her family, and the incredibly strong person she is she fights for it. But then Varrick steals everything from her and she breaks. “Just stop. It’s over. I give up.” The only reason I’m willing to consider accepting Masami 2.0 is because Mako was the only person in six months who refused to give up on her. For six months she had to fight for her company, for the name Sato not to be a dirty one. She had to wake up every morning with the fact that her father attempted to kill her and she had to go to sleep with it. And she was all on her own, basically, while Team Avatar had other stuff to deal with it. So at this point Asami was this close to give up, to break and just stop trying. But Mako, probably for the first time since Tarrlok had kidnapped Korra decided to fight for her. And she kissed him, she trusted him again, she wanted to be loved again. Even Varrick was trying to help her to get Future Industries back on top! Or at least that’s what she thought. But then Mako just left her again for Korra, Varrick tricked her and she was left only with the company. Again.

 It’s pretty much my headcanon that this was when she said fuck you, and managed to build a new Future Industries. Once her company was more or less stable, she was back helping everyone in any way she could, because you know, once again, that’s just who she is. Her relationship with Korra deepened, they really were friends this time, they were always on good terms with Bolin, and although things were a bit awkward with Mako they managed to remain friends. Book 3 is actually the only one where nothing horrible happens to Asami Sato, her life seems not to suck in this one. Then the finale happened, and don’t you dare tell me that it didn’t hurt Asami to see Korra suffer that much. Her own life was okay, but her best friend just suffered a trauma and needed time to heal. So Korra went to the South-pole, “just for a couple of weeks”, right.

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 And while Asami’s life continued to be better than terrible, she still spent 3 years being concerned about Korra. Yeah, she spent the majority of that time rebuilding Republic City and being an awesome and succesful  businesswoman, but she must have missed Korra. And I don’t even mean that in a Korrasami, romantic way, not neccessarily, I just think that the bond between the two of them was so strong that it must have hurt Asami to know that Korra was not at all okay. She wrote her letters and hoped they would cheer her up. Then after two long years Korra wrote back, and though she told the older girl that she was scared and feeling awful, Asami still knew that she was on her way, she was healing. And she waited for her, no matter how much time she needed.

 Another year later Korra was supposed to come back, but instead it turned out that she spent the last six months Spirits know where. She was supposed to come back but disappeared. And of course Asami gets that she needs space and time and patience, but it was sure a lot easier when she knew where Korra was. Now she feels alone again. (This is the part we get back to Hiroshi I promise.) My headcanon is that Hiroshi first wrote to Asami  about a year ago, when Korra replied. She didn’t want to read Hiroshi’s letters, she threw them away, not wanting to know what he wanted to say. He didn’t care enough when he choose revenge over her. And Korra’s letter helped to not think about her father, working in Future Industries helped (even if it reminded her of Hiroshi daily), doing something, anything else helped. But when that boat arrived without a certain Avatar, Asami felt alone again. It was a last resort, visiting her father and facing him. She only did that so she could be the one to end a relationship for once in her life, she wasn’t the one getting hurt for once in her life. This sounds cruel out of context, Asami trying to hurt her dad, but we have to remember that the last time she saw him he tried to murder her in cold blood. In the name of her mother. But Asami is way too nice to do something out of malice, we know that. So she made the first step, she was willing to at least try to forgive Hiroshi. Even that was incredible, but Asami desperately needed someone she once loved back in her life, so when her father seemed genuine enough she decided to give it a go.

 Important things happen, like the whole Reunion episode, but that’s more Korrasami and shipping stuff. From a Sato father-daughter relationship point of view (and Asami’s character development point of view) the most important moment in that episode was Asami telling Korra about visiting her father. And yes, even getting upset when Korra suggested it might not be as genuine as Asami wanted it to be. I can totally see why that hurt Asami, like she had people playing with her trust and then throwing her away for like four years, she knew she couldn’t just trust anyone. That’s why she made sure Varrick would not dare to trick her again. But she also desperately needed her father back, that one person who stayed with her for 18 years. Asami wanted to believe in her father.

 In the finale Hiroshi is willing to help them defend the city, and it’s his idea that helps defeat the Colossus. By the time they go out to fight Asami’s just glad she got her father back, for the first time in four years she feels like she really does have her father back. And Hiroshi loves her too, it’s like old times for a few glorious hours. But, as it is the life of Asami Sato we’re talking about, all things just have to go wrong. Hiroshi dies helping to defeat Kuvira, he dies for Asami, he dies telling her that he loves her. Asami Sato has one more desperate cry, “DAD!” as she watches the Colossus kill her father. The father she just got back. The father who was ready to love her again, the father who finally chose her over anything else. The father she was also ready to love and trust again. She just got back the most important person in her life and he was taken away from her so cruelly.

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 One way to look at it is the redemption of Hiroshi Sato, how he was doing the right thing in the end. But I actually think that he never stopped hating benders, even if it was not as strong as it was a few years ago he still felt an instinctive hatred. But during his years in prison he learned to love his daugter more, he realized what was the most important thing in his life. Hiroshi Sato died saving Republic City, essentially the world, but I think that all that mattered to him was saving Asami. Who had to live with this for the rest of her life. She later tells Korra that she’s glad was able to forgive him, which is of course crucial even to Korrasami. As Korra had to let go of her past trauma in order to find happiness, to let Asami make her happy, the other girl also had to let happiness in. Forgiving Hiroshi was the first step she had to take. That’s the Korrasami part, but Hiroshi’s death had another serious consequence. He died saving Asami, he died loving her. And she knew that, his daughter knew that he loved her, so whenever Asami thinks back she can finally remember Hiroshi as her dad. I’m not saying that his Equalist years and the attempted murder will never come up again, but at least he was her father in the end.

At least she was able to forgive him, and he was able to love her.

Anyway, this was a rant, because I really really fucking love Asami Sato and I don’t think she gets nearly enough love. She’s strong, she’s a survivor, and I’m sure that with Korra she’ll finally find happiness. I’m sure she’ll miss her father and wish he would be a part of her new, happy life, but she also remembers him as her daddy again, not as Hiroshi Sato, the evil mastermind behind the Equalist weapons.