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RFA HEADCANONS: Your First Fight~


(Aha! Yes, thank you for the request. I haven’t done this yet, simply because I’m still new on tumblr :) there isn’t much I have done, really.

So, thank you again! Means so much to me <3 hope you like it.)

(OKAY SO I FINISHED THIS AND I REALIZED; CRAP IVE NEVER DONE A FIGHT THING LIKE THIS?? Plus I got tired. T_T Lmao, I’m sorry. These are kinda bad.)



While he was playing LOLOL, you decided you would get a head start on your homework.

Well, you haven’t really been paying attention to the lessons.

You knew nothing.

You probably sat there in silence for a good hour or so, before you just lost it.

Getting frustrated, you slammed your book shut, sliding it on the floor.

This gained Yoosung’s attention, so he quickly rushed over to you.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?”


He’d get really scared because oh my god? You were screaming at him? What is he supposed to do?

“Oh..! Uhm..I can help you!”


This..ohh, this was harsh.

You were too caught up in the moment to realize what you had said.

He started to tear up, but he tried brushing it off, just wanting to help you.

Still, he’d try to raise his voice..but just can’t??

“I didn’t know you felt that way, (Y/N).”

You looked over and saw the tears, and fELT SO GUILTY, P R O T E C T H I M.

“Wait..Yoosung, no..”

He’d probably try smiling, reassuring you that it was okay.

He legit picks you up, place you on the bed, and will just hold you in his arms for a while.

Then, once you’ve calmed down completely, he will actually help you with your homework.



Seven hadn’t spoken a single word to you all day. It was really starting to get on your nerves, but still, you tried to get him to speak.

He was trying hard to ignore you at this point, wanting to talk to you..but, he just didn’t want to continue getting close. He was scared of hurting you, really.

He would get up from his chair, going over to grab another bag of honey Buddha.

This is when you’d make your move.

You’d go up, and slap his ass playfully, just trying to get him to laugh, or make a remark..or something.

But he actually pretends to get all mad?

“Stop acting like a child, (Y/N).”

You’d feel a little hurt at this, because normally he was fine with it? So???

You’d raise your voice.

“Child? Luciel. You have been ignoring me ALL THE DAMN DAY? AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL ME THE CHILD?”

At this point, you would start tearing up a little bit.

He was fine with the yelling. He wanted you to get mad. He wanted you to realize that he was a terrible person, and that he didn’t deserve you.

But when you start crying?

His heart breaks.

He instantly regrets trying to ignore you, realizing that maybe it would be fine if the two of you were together.

He goes up, giving you a big hug.

“God.. (Y/N)..I’m sorry. It’s just..been a rough day, that’s all. I love you.”

“..I love you, too, Seven.”



The two of you were going on a date tonight.

Of course, it was really starting to dwell on you…that he is perfect. He’s handsome, and talented..and you’re just over here looking like a classy potato?


He literally comes up there, just to see what the hell you’ve been doing this whole time.

You’re in there, trying to look perfect, but to you..it just wasn’t working out.

“(Y/N). You look beautiful as always, come on. It’s just another date.”

“Just another date?! What do you mean just another date?”

He’d widen his eyes, like ‘o shit, no.’

“(Y/N). You know that isn’t what I meant..”

“Then what did you mean, Zen? What is it? Dammit, can’t you just see I’m trying be worthy of you?! And you don’t even care?”

At this point, he gets pretty mad at what you’re saying.

To him, you are perfect? So?? The hell?

“Stop acting like that, (Y/N). You know damn well you’re worthy of me. If anything, we are deserving of each other. You. Are. Perfect. I will never get tired of you. I. Love. You. Can’t you wrap your cute mind around that fact?!”

Of course, he called you cute while trying to win.

And it worked.

You couldn’t stay mad much longer. In fact, you were never mad at him to begin with.

You say your apologies, and go on your date~



She never came home.

After a long day at work, you were ready to cuddle your beautiful girlfriend..but where she at, tho??

You were frustrated enough, and knowing that she was just over working herself again was enough to make it worse.

So, you had to drive all the way to her work place.


“Jaehee. You never even called to tell me you were going to be late! I’m worried about you. Come home..you can fi-”

“(Y/N). I am busy. Leave me alone, please.”

MCSCUSE ME? (Reference. Ha.)

“What? Jaehee. I can tell yo-”

“I said leave me alone.”

You feel tears well up in your eyes, and you don’t know what to do, so..you just run out.

She quickly realizes her mistake, and instantly gets up, and runs after you.

“(Y/N)! Wait!”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap.”


“No, it’s okay. Let’s just..go home.”



You had broken Elizabeth 3rd’s collar whole trying to get it off. It was an accident, but Jumin didn’t see it that way.

“Jumin. I said I’m sorry, okay? I’ll buy her a new one!”

“(Y/N), you know damn well I can afford one myself. I don’t care about replacing it. She’s had that collar forever! It must have meant a lot to her..”

“Exactly. It was old. The part probably wasn’t in good shape, an-”

“Jaehee never had a problem with it.”

You would feel your blood boil at this.

“Then why don’t you date Jaehee, then?”

“Idiot..you know that’s not what I me-”

“Oh, so now I’m an idiot?”

This is when he’d say something stupid like “I knew I shouldn’t get involved with women.”



You don’t even try to fight back. You grab your purse, and you’re already going out the door.

Jumin quickly realizes his mistake, and while he doesn’t want to admit it..he needed you.

He would sigh, rushing over to grab you before you left.

“(Y/N)..I’m sorry, okay? We can get her a new one. Just..don’t leave me..”



He needed the eye surgery.

No doubt, you knew this pastel boy needed the surgery.

You tried to convince him..every day now. But, he never seemed to listen.

So, you go back to base one.

“V..I reall-”

“Want me to get the surgery? (Y/N). You’ve reminded me everyday. I appreciate that you care..but, please. I’m fine.”

You’d get a bit frustrated. I mean, you’ve been trying, and he doesn’t even give it a thought?

“You still love Rika..don’t you?”



“You love rika. Don’t you?”


“No. Answer me.”

He pauses for a moment, unsure of how to even respond. Did he love her? He didn’t even know, himself??

He sighs, not in the mood to fight with you, the one he truly loves.

“No. I don’t. In fact, (Y/N)..contact Jumin. I’m getting the surgery.”




You two would be walking hand in hand around town, when an old friend called your name.

You’d turn around, giving your friend a big smile.

You feel Saeran’s grip on your hand tighten, as he gives the person death glares.

Your friend and you talked for a good 2 or 3 minutes, before they said “See Ya later.” and ooohhhh boy. Is Saeran mad when they finally left.

“Are you?”


“Are you going to see that son of a bitch later?!”

At this point, you can’t help but just laugh. I mean, cute, jealous boyfriend alert~

“Probably not. I haven’t seen her for a long time. That’s just something people say, you know.”

“Hmph. I do- wait. Her?”

“Saeran. That was a girl.”

“But- they-”

“Oh my god. You actually- okay. ”

The two of you probably just walk in silence for a few minutes, before changing the subject, as if that whole thing never happened.

Vilde has been an islamophobic piece of trash since the begining; Eva stole her best friend’s boyfriend and then cheated on him; and Noora stole her best friends’ crushes. But Sana exposes a two faced rat and suddenly everybody is mad at her? They don’t like her as much anymore? Wtf Julie?

Superstore ramble

I guess the best word to describe the last episode of Superstore for me is - bittersweet. 

I loved it, i honestly loved it. I think it was amazing season finale, gracefully walking the line between fun and serious.

A few comments before I’ll turn into my Amy x Jonah ramble:

1. I just want to say that I really love Glenn. When I started this show he was annoying the hell out of me, but with time he found a way into my heart. And I just can’t help to find it really endearing how much he cares about his employees. Bless his kind soul.

2. Garret wants Dina to care about him! And Dina actually listens to him, which I find quite surprising, since Dina don’t listen to anybody. I don’t know if I ship them romantically yet, but damn I dig their relationship.

3. Sandra helping everyone to hide and closing the doors right in front of that bitch’s face! Good for you, Sandra!

4. I lost it at the scene where “The Final Countdown” was playing while tornado was hitting and dude with razors. Superstore customers wee at their best this episode.

5. Don’t even tell me that Brett is dead, find him show! Don’t joke like that.

Now let’s talk about Amy and Jonah, kids. Because damn this episode was so good for us.

Okay so first of all Garrets face when Jonah was telling him about all that wedding incident is so me. I also had that stupid smug grin on my face, when Jonah was trying to explain himself. And when he was trying to make ‘sexy’ work as casual word. Ahhh, classic Jonah, what a cute idiot.

But of course it was not what made me go all ADVNSJVDFLBJDGLKBJ during this episode and it was not even the kiss (even tho i was internall screaming during it). What I loved the most in this episode was that little shift in Amy and Jonah relationship, that was shown to us. Let me explain myself here.

From the very beginning we were shown that Jonah cares about Amy, he wants her happy, he suports and respects her. And I’m sure Amy’s aware of this too. Now she even knows for sure there is an element of attraction in all that (lmao how did you missed all that heart eyes he was sending your way all the time, amy?). But before this episode we always saw Jonah being there for her when, theoretically, she could handle situation by herself. He was her support (very welcome, but not not necessarily needed), but he was never the a crutch to lean on. Not untill now. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, guys, but this was the first time when we saw Amy reaching for Jonah both physically (taking his hand,when she’s afraid; kissing him) and emotinally. Maybe the emotional part wasn’t so prominent, but I read all this “We’re gonna die here”, “- So I’ll just keep talking? - Okay”, “You suck at being comforting” as “ Reassure me”, “Please talk, this will calm me”,  “No, you’re doing it wrong, do it the right way”. Amy was losing it, Amy was affraid and she needed someone to be there for her, to keep her sane. She needed someone who could at least pretend that they are calm and make her believe that everything gonna be okay.

And here comes the scene, that ended me

They way he said that, the way his voice sounded at that moment. So confident, so calm, so promising, so intimate, so… dare I say… sexy. (Ben Feldman what are you doing to me?) I think Amy actually believed him her. YOU GUYS, I THINK HERE IN THIS MOMENT WAS THE FIRST TIME WHEN AMY SAW JONAH NOT AS ‘COLLEGE BOY’ BUT AS A  MAN. She finally saw a partner in him and trust me, she won’t be able to unsee it now. THAT was the shift I was talking about. 

As gentle and silly and cute he is most of the time, now Amy also sees Jonah as someone who can protect her if she needed that, if she ask for that. He pulled her to his chest to hug and hide from tornado, just saying! And I think this is one of the reasons she kissed him. She finally snaped, she finally solved her Jonah - puzzle. Now she sees the whole picture and what she’s looking at is exactly what she needs and what she wants.

But they will take their time, getting there, right?

Because, even tho Amy was sure her marriage is over during last episode, we know it’s not exactly tru. Not yet. This kind of things don’t end so quickly. In this episode we saw that she and Adam still care for each other. They do, and it’s perfectly fine. I think they’ll always care for each other in some way, that kind of bond don’t just disappear, espesially when you have a child together. So I can easily see Amy and Adam giving their relationship one more chance in s3. For the sake of their family, for the sake of Emma. 

But now it would me even harder for Amy. Because it may have been okay to live in a marriage without love before, but it would be so much worse to do it, while falling for someone else.

And Jonah. Oh my poor Jonah. He now has his heart officially broken. because just for a second he held everything he wanted in his arms and that he had it swept right back away. But hang on there, buddy. She’ll come around.

                                            “I’ll come around
                                    If you ever want to be in love
                           I’m not waiting, but I’m willing if you call me up
                                 If you ever want to be in love
                                           I’ll come around”

                                                                                   - Jonah Simms, probably

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can you write about parents!evak OR maybe something about them getting married, or even engaged?? :D

oooohhhh i love that anon! i have a plan for the engagement/wedding but its a slightly bigger project so until then i will give you *drumroll* 


  • After they have been married for 2 years they decide its time to expand their little universe 
  • They adopt the cutest daughter (like for real, stinking cute) 
  • And its not one of them that caves or is a pushover that leaves the other one to be the “bad cop”, but both of them do it together - as a team
  • They both are a bit too gone for their little daughter tho
  • (ok but listen, she has the most huge eyes and the sweetest lisp and when she pouts Even swears she has Isak’s face “Evi, shes adopted” - “Babe, look! Thats you!”) 
  • And the boys all love her but the worst of them all is Jonas?? 
  • Everytime he comes over he has candy with him or a new present and he plays way more with her than with Isak (yes, this wording was used by Isak himself which had both Even and Jonas snort) 
  • And in the beginning when she cried a lot they were both a bit (A LOT) exhausted 
  • But they didnt try and get out of their share of it, but tried to take the burden off of the other one as often as they could
  • Even knowing Isak had to get up early so he took all the night cries
  • Isak knowing Even had a huge project due so he took all the diaper duty on himself 
  • (Until this one time where she had the grossest case of diarrhea which had Isak shake his head and push Even toward the diaper station “Du er alene with this”)
  • And it sometimes got stressfull but they managed without getting a nanny or either of them quiting their jobs
  • Even’s parents helped out a lot too 
  • Liv! Liv was the coolest grandma! (even tho she winced for a good 3 years everytime someone called her that “Im still a babe!” - “Mom, oh my god no” - “Yes you are” - “Isak!”) 
  • And on christmas they went and sang with Isak’s mom in the church and even tho she didnt see this grandma as often as the other one she loved every time they went over to the Valtersen home
  • Most of all she felt loved all her life and had the verdens bests dad and the verdens beste pappa 

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for ceo blurb night -- raising kids to not be stuck up even tho their dad is ceo, rival dad ceos and their son and daughter fall in love

When your daughter, Amber, came home with a goofy expression on her face, you knew something was different. Maybe it was the way she seemed happier - lighter, somehow, or the way her eyes seemed to radiate nothing but warmth.

But no, the thing that tipped you off was the puffiness around her lips.

You decided against telling Luke. As CEO of his own business, he had the unfortunate tendency to leap to the worst conclusions and begin threatening people. No…He didn’t need to know just yet.

You gave her a few minutes to settle in before climbing up the extravagant staircase leading to the third floor. Your fingertips glided over the bannister, remembering the day Luke had told you he’d bought a house, claiming ‘it has to be bigger with a kid on the way’.

Although you were initially reluctant, you caved in the moment you saw the place. The house was beautiful and you knew you’d be able to make memories in it.

However, your one condition for moving into the place was that you’d try to give Amber a normal childhood - not one of a CEO’s child, one of a normal girl. You didn’t want her to turn into one of those snobbish, entitled heirs that walked around with their noses upturned at everything.

You knocked on her door, hearing her yell for you to enter a moment later. Carefully, you pushed open the door and walked inside. “Hey, mum,” She greeted, barely looking up from her phone.

You rolled your eyes, moving to sit on the edge of the bed. “Who’s the boy?”

Amber froze, her eyes reluctantly drifting up to meet yours. “Um… What?”

“Or girl, I don’t care. But, you’ve found someone, haven’t you?” You asked, trying to hold back the smile that threatened to spread across your face.

Amber’s eyebrows stitched together as she thought, weighing out her options. “Yes, I have.”

At this point the smile weaved across your lips, a small sound of excitement leaving your mouth. “Really?! Tell me about them!”

Her eyes flickered to the door, noting that it was shut. “Well, he’s sweet and kind - he always looks out for me. And he’s smart, too, which is great because it means he can help me when I’m stuck with homework. His sense of humour is exactly like mine and…It just feels like it’s meant to be.”

You cooed, finding the way she gushed about the mysterious boy extremely endearing. “And you’re dating?”

Amber blushed, nodding steadily. “For five months.”

“Wow…” You trailed off, a mix of emotions working their way through your body. You were happy for her - so happy that she had someone who made her feel the way Luke made you feel. On the other hand, you were cursing your parental skills at the fact that she’d managed to keep it a secret for so long.

“Guys? Where are you?!” The sound of your husband’s voice broke through the air. Amber opened her mouth to speak, her face tense, but you’d already yelled back to inform him of your whereabouts.

“There you are! I was looking everywhere,” Luke walked through the door, ruffling Amber’s hair and giving you a quick kiss. You beamed, always finding yourself happy around him.

“Guess what!” You said, nudging his shoulder. At his bewildered expression, you rolled your eyes and barrelled on. “Amber has a boyfriend.”

Luke’s face pulled an expression of shock, jaw falling slack. “You do?!” He directed the question at your daughter who nodded, bashfully.

“She was with him just before she came home, that’s how I knew,” You explained, Amber’s mouth falling over as a dreadful realisation seems to fall over her. With the way she looked at you, you got the impression she wanted to hit you.

“What?” You held up your hands, confused. You looked to the side to see Luke scowling.

“I saw you at the park with that awful Clifford kid half an hour ago… Is he your boyfriend?” Luke’s lip curled around the word as if it were poison.

Amber nodded, looking a little nervous. “I know what you’re going to say-“

“The Clifford’s are bad people, Amber, they cheat their way to the top and use everyone around them,” Luke spat, bitterness seeping into his voice. You reached out to pat his arm.

A few years back, a business deal between Luke and Michael, CEO of Clifford Enterprises, has gone sour, resulting in a massive loss for Luke and a profit for Michael. Things hadn’t been the same ever since, Luke trusting no one with the last name Clifford.

“Dad, listen,” Amber interrupted, sitting up straighter. “Just because Michael was like that, it doesn’t mean Theo’s like that. He’s completely different and he knows what MIchael did was wrong. With the way he talks, it sounds like Michael feels bad too. Just because you don’t like his father, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed to date someone I love.”

You stayed quiet, knowing the exchange was between your husband and daughter. Over the past years you’d kept in touch with Michael’s wife and gathered the feeling that Michael regretted screwing Luke over.

Luke sighed, running a hand through his hair, his shining wedding ring catching the light. “I guess… If he’s who you want to spend your time with, I’m not going to stop you. Just be careful, okay?”

Amber nodded, her posture lightening as if a weight just fell off her shoulders. “I will. Thank you,” She hugged him, eyes flickering over to meet yours. You nodded, pleased the situation hasn’t escalated into a shouting match.

“I want to meet him,” You said, already planning the meal you’d make when he visited.

“Okay, I think he’d like that. I’ll call him later, see when he’s free,” Amber said, looking a little excited.

You got up off the bed, heading towards the door. Luke followed shortly behind you, only after ruffling his daughter’s hair once more.

The moment you both cleared the doorway, Luke grabbed your hand “We don’t have to have the safe sex talk, do we?”

You laughed, shaking your head. “I’ve already done it, love. She’s got everything she needs.”

Luke grunted, tongue between his teeth. “If he hurts her, I’ll kill him. Well, maybe not kill, but I’ll make him regret it and then I’ll make his life a living hell-“

“Chill, Lu,” You squeezed his arm. “She’s a big girl now. We don’t need to protect her anymore, she can make her own decisions.”

Luke nodded his head, agreeing somewhat reluctantly. “I guess you’re right.”

You laughed, pushing his shoulder. “Honey, I’m always right.”

Ceo!5sos blurb night with @felicityash and @pretendtobepunkrock!

dragontrainerdaenerys  asked:

Give us your top 5 (wait it was top 5 or 6?) kogkag tropes

OOOOO Luiza!! this is such a good one!! sorry it took me like. an hour to reply lmao i got excited and couldn’t just give simple answers ajknfjnfdsa i’ll do 5!

1. One head taller - i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove height differences!! and see, i found this tweet that had the iy character heights and i’m taking it as legit and kagome’s listed as being 158.8cm (…she’s STILL taller than me can u guys belie) and koga is 170.2cm SO BAM

2. No sense of personal space - tbh i’m on the fence with this one just because i hate it when ppl i don’t want getting in my bubble get in my bubble BUT i do think it’s cute how he started grabbing her hands when he sees her do her little hand motions

i scream over this one tho because kagome genuinely doesn’t seem to care that he just throws his arm over her shoulder:

(so begins the shift in her feelings!!)

3. NURSE KAGOME - koga gets his butt kicked so often but u know who always shows up to patch him up? Nurse Kagome. and of course he doesn’t need it but on when would he ever say no to kagome?

Nurse Kagome put those bandages on his face…. how lucky for koga to have such a cute attentive nurse! which leads me to-

4. koga calling kagome cute - one of the things i absolutely HATE is when the male protagonist says that the girl you know he’s gonna end up with isn’t attractive LIKE that’s such an ugly thing to say and my god does it make me angry! but koga doesn’t do that. koga’s like

and of course, his famous “and her beautiful cheeks which are usually so rosy” speech kinda tells u all u need to know. also in the filler where he meets sesshomaru he calls her pretty and it makes me so happy because she is and koga isn’t afraid to let everyone know that.♥

5. there’s probably a specific name for this trope but like. just the fact that it’s the ray of sunshine + this guy who’d probably be a gang leader in modern times lmao i’m WEAK FOR THAT. he’s obviously a ruthless demon but he softens so much around kagome like basically everyone else does and it’s just SO SWEET. that tender gaze of his truly only comes out for kagome, and as cliché as it is, i👏🏼love👏🏼it👏🏼‼️ i’m mad koga never got to experience the Kagome Smile™

imagine if he had seen this. he would have died.

as someone on the other side of casting, i want to reinforce that casting directors usually ARE super fucking racist in their choices of even who to include in who even hears about auditions, unless the client specifies that they want “diverse options”. they’ll deny it until they’re blue in the face and say that it’s “not racism,” that poc “don’t fit the right look,” for whatever reason, but it is racism. what goes on behind the scenes is racist. and it’s interesting, actually, that it’s easier to taft-hartley a poc into sag than a white person, because there are already so many union white actors. so, wouldn’t that mean they can go and get fresh poc talent that’s clearly not being included in the industry??? you can’t make excuses saying “oh there’s just not enough (x) [race] actors available” because there are plenty working, and even more new faces waiting for an opportunity.

 like it blows my mind someone like scarjo can take such a racist, blatantly whitewashed role (even tho she has been in extremely racist productions before, lookin @ u, lucy) and it’s absolutely her fault for doing so when she probably has her pick of scripts. for fresh (white) faces, it’s a lot easier to compromise your morals just for the sake of getting a foot in the door and money to pay the bills; but the fact of the matter is—- even if scarjo had denied the role, if the casting directors wanted a big-name white actress to give the movie a certified audience, they had no intentions of casting an asian woman to begin with. which is disgusting. with asian actors like arden cho being sidelined for no discernible reason, with mcu strange being a real thing that’s happening, with iron fist continuing its history of white savior appropriation, this kind of trend in media needs to be condemned, loudly. audiences need to be vocal about how we will not accept whitewashing and give these franchises the money that is their driving motivation. 


(TW for homophobia at the beginning =0)

Fang stood in front of her mother, doing her best to keep her chin up and her face placid as ever. A young man she only vaguely recognized stood beside her mother silently, staring down at Fang where she stood. Her mother’s eye was critical as ever as she looked her daughter over, a stony frown etched into her wrinkled face. Eventually, after what felt like hours of tense silence, she spoke. “Your excursions are the talk of the town.”

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Poem/Rap for Shuploc

((I saw a post saying how we should do something nice for the tumblr user shuploc, so I decided to make a poem/rap. I won’t record myself saying it so sorry. Hope you all like it! Oh and btw, check out her art. If you like Markiplier, or just plain curious, then check her out! Her art is super amazing and it’s like “holy crap this is awesome”.))

One day I was Tumblr, goofing off
Until I found this user, shuploc
Someone had reblogged her art
And I just had to stop

I was like

“Holy shit man! What the hell?!
They drew Markiplier really well!”
I just sat there frozen, my mind begins to race.
Checking out the blog there’s more well drawn
Pictures of Markimoo’s face.

“Holy crap!”

But then people came in and gave her a hard time.
From the left, and even from the right.
Luckily we came in and took her side.
And that’s about when
My mom came in
And told me to stop shouting ‘cause it’s past midnight.

“Oh. Sorry.”

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top clara/doctor (11 & 12) moments :) i'm on a claraxdoctor mood


  • “Is there a word for total screaming genius that sounds modest and a tiny bit sexy?” “Doctor. You call me the Doctor.”
  • actually basically all of their flirting without ever actually seeing each other
  • run you clever boy and remember
  • “Oh, Oswin. Oh, you did it to them all. You beauty.”
  • “Nice name. Clara. You should definitely keep it.”
  • “Doctor who?”
  • that whole scene on the cloud
  • “Pond.”
  • that scene where he’s waving up at her window like a dumb lovestruck teenager or something
  • “I am your governess’s gentleman friend, and we’ve just been upstairs kissing!”
  • the actual kiss
  • “You’re going to have to take those clothes off.”
  • the bit where they’re throwing the umbrella back and forth bouncing off each other
  • (really i should just say all of The Snowmen it’d be faster)
  • “My eyes are always front.” “Mine aren’t.”
  • “I never know why. I just know who.”
  • “WILL YOU COME AWAY WITH ME?” *lies on the floor forever*
  • “We saved the world, Clara, you and me. We really, really did.”
  • “Where are you going?” “To find her. To find Clara!”
  • “Clara Oswin Oswald! Watch me run.”
  • the whole phonecall
  • the fact that he TURNS UP ON HER DOORSTEP
  • “Not this time, Clara, I promise you!”
  • “You’re safe now, I promise.”
  • “Is it like a snogging booth?”
  • “I can’t fly a plane! Can you?” (and, later, “I learned to fly a plane.”)
  • okay look this is going to take forever bc EVERYTHING IS MY FAVORITE let’s try and narrow it down even more
  • the whole scene in the TARDIS where he asks her to come with him and she LAUGHS IN HIS FACE MY QUEEN and then tells him to come back tomorrow
  • rushing to his side in Rings of Akhaten
  • “You. No one else. Clara.”
  • the way he clings to her after the confrontation with the Ice Warrior
  • “Saved the world then?” “Yep.” “That’s what we do.”
  • all of Hide. ALL OF HIDE but especially “Everything ends.” “No, not everything. Not love. Not always.” and “This isn’t a ghost story, it’s a love story!” (that cocky smirk she has at the end god bless)
  • “You’re like one of those guys who can’t go out with a girl unless his mother approves.”
  • “You meant the ship. I meant Clara.”
  • the scenes on the cliff and in the heart of the TARDIS (i still maintain that the heart of the TARDIS is one of the most gorgeous scenes ever bc all the white and the suspended blast and man i love it) “you are beautiful”
  • like honestly can we talk about the fact that the Doctor was apparently like “ah yes clearly the best idea here is for us to pretend to be married it’s definitely a good idea and will work”
  • the whole nose tap and forehead kiss and basically actually acting like a married couple tbh
  • “Who’s Clara? Why are you thinking about her so much?”
  • remember when the Cyberplanner decided that the best course of action out of literally everything it could find in the Doctor’s brain was to flirt with Clara BC I DO
  • he definitely didn’t want her to marry Porridge lbr (and the blocking on that scene was fab)
  • this girl literally flung herself into his timeline to save him AND HE FOLLOWED HER KNOWING HE MIGHT NOT SURVIVE i wish i was dead
  • “Clara! My Clara!”
  • that whole beginning scene in the TARDIS in DotD where they’re definitely married
  • “Be a Doctor.”
  • that cheek kiss tho (it’s more a corner of the mouth kiss really)
  • “Emergency. You’re my boyfriend.”
  • “I’m an English teacher from the planet Earth and I ran off with a man from space because I really fancy-”
  • “Why did you send me away?” why am i lying face down on my carpet
  • “Were you always so young?” “Nah, that was you.” listen listEN I CRY OVER THIS ON A DAILY FUCKING BASIS
  • she pleads for his life AND THEY LISTEN
  • remember the way Twelve immediately zeroed in on her like she was the only thing in existence
  • “If Vastra changed, if she wasn’t the person you… liked….” and Jenny’s having none of that bs “I don’t like her, ma’am, I love her” and you’re in love too so don’t pull that with me
  • “If there was anyone who could flirt with a mountain range, she’s probably standing in front of you right now!”
  • how many times will i cry over the phone call? the limit does not exist
  • “I don’t think I’m a hugging person now.” “I’m not sure you get a vote.”
  • “Clara Oswald, do I really not pay you?” “You couldn’t afford me.”
  • all the Clara/Marian and Doctor/Robin Hood parallels tbh
  • “When did you start believing in impossible heroes?” “Don’t you know?”
  • “Do you have your own mood lighting now? Because frankly, the accent’s enough.”
  • she literally influenced his entire life and is the reason why he calls himself the Doctor DON’T TOUCH ME
  • “Beat that for a date!”
  • “You’re wearing a different coat!” “You saw right through that.”
  • “How can you think I’m her dad, we both look exactly the same age!”
  • that fight at the end of KtM was painful but important and v good
  • look lbr they were about .5 seconds away from banging against a wall all through MotOE so idk what you want from me
  • “I love you.”
  • “Then what are you waiting for?”
  • Clara with the tiny TARDIS was adorable.
  • “What are you a Doctor of?” “Of lies!”
  • “I could save you.”
  • on Clara’s balcony watching the trees disappear
  • “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”
  • she knows his entire history and i think that’s beautiful (especially since, given that her memories of her echo lives seemed to be sort of fuzzy, he probably TOLD her all of that)
  • “his best friend in all the universe”
  • “to save her soul?”
  • these idiots pulled a fucking Gift of the Magi on each other i hate them both
  • her faaaaaaace when she saw the Doctor again/got back in the TARDIS (Last Christmas breaks me it really does)
  • “How do we kill it?”
  • “Clara Oswald, you will never look any different to me.” THIS IS NEXT-LEVEL ROMANCE SHIT AND HE JUST SAYS IT LIKE IT’S NOTHING
  • “There was one other man. But it never would’ve worked out.” “Why not?” “He was impossible.” LITERALLY THE DOCTOR WAS THE ONLY OTHER MAN BESIDES HER DEAD BOYFRIEND SHE’D EVER MARRY HOW DO PEOPLE STILL DENY THIS IS A THING
  • “Please. Don’t even argue.”
  • literally on his knees beGGING FOR HER LIFE

oh god this is so long i’m so sorry anon

So I’m rereading Crown of Midnight and I found this quote
“Sometimes, it felt as though the darkness stared back at her- and the face it wore was her own.”
Which sounds a lot like this quote from ACOMAF
“When you spend so long trapped in darkness, you find that the darkness begins to stare back.”
And I honestly don’t know what to think because SJM is just here to ruin my life

Solas and Dagna Tho: part 4
  • Sometimes, he leans over her shoulder to examine something she is showing him; his hand on the back of her chair, his face next to hers as his eyes scan the text she is holding up for him.
    While she waits for a reaction, she begins to study all the odd features of his face; uncommon little anatomical anomalies that she’s certain someone else must also have but she can’t recall seeing before.
  • In particular, for reasons even she can’t comprehend, the odd change in curvature of his jaw fascinates her. not quite halfway down, the bone slopes ever so slightly upward before continuing down to his chin. She usually ends up staring at it until he removes his face from view or she realizes his contemplative murmuring has actually been directed at her the whole time and she has to scramble for a response.

  • One day, however, he leans in too close; lingers too long; and, by some irresistible force, Dagna’s eyes close and her lips plant themselves directly on this gracefully interrupted line of his jaw.
  • Solas’s murmuring abruptly falls silent with a nearly imperceptible inhale.
  •  His stunned face turns to look at her, pulling his anomalous jawline out of her reach. Already, her ears begin to burn with the crushing realization of what she just did. Her hand slaps over her traitorous lips.
  • His face is only mildly surprised, the rest of it is taken up by other emotions that are harder to place; all of them fighting for the opportunity to be expressed so that few really get to the surface.
  • Finally, his brow tenses into something indefinably sad, and pitiful

  • There is a whistle from the floor above them.
  • “Thatta girl!” Dorian shouts with applause and a wide grin.
  • Dagna, her entire face shaded crimson, abruptly drops her book and sprints from the rotunda. Dorian calling apologies after her.
  • “Proud of yourself?” Solas snaps before he takes off following after Dagna.
  • “…….No……” Dorian futilely defends himself to the empty room.

  • Solas finds Dagna in the, thankfully deserted, undercroft. Silhouetted against the sunset, leaning against the mouth of the open cave wall. her arms wrapped around herself tightly. She doesn’t turn to look when she hears him enter.
  • He approaches her slowly, trying to think of what to say before he arrives there. He fails.
  • He lingers behind her for a long moment before he finally lays a gentle hand on her shoulder, “Dagna, I am, truly-”
  • She spins to face him with a wide smile, “Solas, it’s fine.” she says, almost convincingly, if not for the wetness of her cheeks “I’m a big girl. I know how these things go. Sometimes you realize you’re just not into someone the way you thought-”
  • “No…” Solas stops her abruptly, “No, that is not the case. Dagna, I find you fascinating. More so than anyone I’ve met in… in a very long time.”
  • Dagna’s smile fades, “Then what’s going on with you?”
  • Solas sighs, his shoulders droop under the weight of the question posed. He leans against the same natural balcony to collect his thoughts.
  • After a long moment, he turns his face to the open mountain air, “Do Joy and Sorrow carry the same weight?” He wonders aloud, “Is one measured in a heavier unit than the other? or are they equal and we simply remember whichever lasts longer?”
  • Dagna thinks for a long moment. “I Don’t think that’s the way to think about it.” she posits, “Joy and sorrow aren’t the thing being weighed, they’re two sides on a scale. You can always add weight to one side or the other.”
  • “That simple is it?” He scoffs, “To simply decide what can and cannot harm you?”
  • “No..” She admits, resuming her place on the rock beside him, “I mean, yes… or, well, kinda… I guess you can’t really decide how much it’s going to hurt but you can decide which part is more important; the hurt or the happy. But you’ll never have one without the other. That’s just how it goes.”
  • Solas hums contemplatively but says nothing.
  •  “Look, we don’t get a whole lotta time to do what we want with our lives. How much worse would it be to avoid the things that made us happy just because one day they’ll be gone? To just live your entire life right smack in the middle? Being neither? Then what’s the point in any of it?”
  • “So it is worth it? To indulge in a joy you know cannot last?” Solas stiffly, cautiously asks the mountainside.
  • “Nothing lasts.” Dagna only just finishes her sentence before she is gathered up in long arms and a kiss is pressed to her lips; deep and desperate and hungry.
  • He has to stoop low to reach her and she cranes her neck and stands on the tips of her toes to reach him. They’re an odd fit. But soon their arms settle into comfortable nooks; her hands hold the nape of his neck; his cup her cheek and hold her waist close; After a moment or two of fumbling, they find their balance, and it’s worth the struggle.

Solas and Dagna Tho part 1, 2, and 3

When Niggas Stay Fuckin’ Up While Showin’ out for Their Boys

*Chillin’ with the crew and Bae gets home*

Her: Hon did you clean up the house?

Him: Naw I’ll get to it tho.

Her: That was the one thing I asked you to do.

Him: I said I’ll do it Damn. I’m hungry as hell tho. Make me Something to eat!

Her: Excuse me? 

**He’s already fucked up, His crew is present, He does the unthinkable**



**His crew sense the looming death and begin to dip out**

He tries to follow but is caught by the nape of his edge 

Guys don’t disrespect ya lady.. especially not for your boys…they will leave you face down is some foolishness

anonymous asked:

What's your perfect date ?

Hold on to your socks…👀

We meet up at a mutually agreed on venue, on time and dressed in our flyest outfits (preferably wearing all black) 💀
We both smell good as fuck! Our teeth, the whitest they’ve been all week.

We have a blast, enjoying one another’s company. The vibe is great, there’s no awkwardness. Even when it’s silent, everything is still cool

We go for a walk after the festivities just strolling around talking about random things (holding hands of course)

It’s now late, I suggest I don’t wanna keep her out all night, she’s totally fine with it, says she’s off for the next two days (in my mind im doing backflips)

I ask her what she’d like to do next

She hints at being tired, but not wanting to go home

I pause like a deer in headlights because I’m a freaking loser

She laughs and suggests we go back to my place because her family is in town and she doesn’t wanna be annoyed with questions

I pinch myself because this literally NEVER HAPPENS

(I’m lying it happened once)

(Okay twice, sue me)

I ask her if she’s 100% sure because ya’ know…I question everything

She’s totally down.

We get to my place, everyone is out for the night. the apartment is totally empty (except for my cat, who’s KTFO. Which is cool because she can be a huge cockblock sometimes, stealing the attention i should be getting 😒)

I ask if she needs anything, just being a good host or w/e…

Shes like nah, just something to wash with and something to sleep in

Boom. She showers.

I give her my most comfortable tee and shorts

Boom. I shower.

After allat

I put on some cartoons…(I’m a grown ass kid. Big whoop)

She’s cool with it.

We get in the bed and proceed to cuddle with the intensity of two lion cubs separated at birth

Boom. We fall asleep.

Hrs later, we wake up…it’s like 7-8 am

She yawns and arches her back, pressing her perfectly sculpted round butt against me…

nigga 😐


She turns to me and whispers “do you have any condoms?”

i get up and go to my stash…

The shit is empty 💔

I say no

she’s a little disappointed

I get back in bed and suggest that we don’t have to have sex and that it’s totally fine

She’s still disappointed

I ask her if she would settle for a massage

Intrigued, she’s totally down for it

I get my massage oil (i really have massage oil)

She completely undresses without me asking

I’m nervous as fuck now because her body is amazing 🙏🏾

I look up, asking the universe to guide my hands 🙌🏾

I begin to massage her with such fluidity that her soul leaves her body

My soul leaves my body

Our souls fuck like wild animals 🐯🐺

She turns over and looks at me with that face y'all be making (you know exactly what I’m talking about)

I read her body language like a book


I’m down there for like 20-30 mins

I flip her over 💦💦💦

I get underneath her 💦💦💦

I can’t breathe but it’s totally fine

I die

She dies

(Not really tho)

Fast forwarding

She’s getting ready to leave, i call up an uber

We kiss (very passionately) and she thanks me for the good time

I close the door and start dancing around my house like an idiot (we all do it)

She texts me “next time have some damn condoms”

The end.

And that’s my idea of a good ass night 😊

Oh wait, you said date?!

Oh then…none of that happens and we both go home disappointed and regret the whole night out. We never speak again. 😐

anonymous asked:

I have been puzzled why she made her rs with him so public recently with the trump/kushner connection looming, but making sure people know you had a bf for 4 yrs before u dump him sort of makes sense, bc face it a lot of people didn't know she had a bf. So close to tayv!n tho , I don't know. I suppose time is of the essence tho if she wants to cut that association with trump.

This seems like a puzzle, and the pieces are beginning to fit together too nicely for all of this to be a coincidence. 

See, I’m starting to think they had this plan made up at least 6 months ago, probably even more… From every front. Starting off with Taylor and Calvin specifically, I’m starting to think they weren’t meant to end in February like we initially thought at the time. I think they were dong what they did last fall… They cooled off because they had nothing to really promote , but once they did, they increased their stunting. They also needed to make sure everyone knew they made it to one year. But once the promo period for NR was over in March, and everyone knew they made it to one year? They started seeding the break up for 2 months. They increased before it ended. 

As for Karlie and Josh, I first want to talk about the lack of Josh’s presence on that NYE trip. They tagged him in one post (when they were heading home), but we never saw his face. He was not there. At the time, we all thought this was extremely weird considering they’ve gone on a trip every year for the past 3 years. Him being a no show is also why I think they’ve had this plan for at least 6 months. It was clearly an intentional move not to have Josh on that trip. Just like Taylor and Calvin did, Karlie and Josh cooled off right before they amped it up. Josh was basically non existent in January and February (as was Calvin). But right when Taylor started to seed her own break up, Karlie and Josh started increasing. The timing on all of this is again super intersting to me, especially now that it seems like Karlie is dropping Josh. Which, that might have something to do with the Trump association, but like I said, this plan seems to have been made up a long time ago. The way Karlie and Taylor are following the same pattern is what has me really looking back through the last 6 months. They both increased their own stunting before the “relationship” started to end… They even got papped mad/angry with their beards to help seed! 

Then you factor in how long Taylor has been planning this move back to New York, and things really start to click. Like I talked about in this post, the move back, renting the place in West Village, and the renovations have been in the works for months. So all of a sudden within 2-3 weeks we have one beard dropped, Taylor moves a  1/2 mile away from Karlie, and now there’s the potential for another beard to be dropped? It’s too perfect for this not to have been planned out long ago. 

Now, some of this depends on if Karlie really is getting rid of Josh. I personally think she is because if her team wanted those angry shots covered up, Daily Mail wouldn’t have mentioned it again in their last article on her. Especially since  that’s her team’s mouth piece. Only time will tell on this one. 

TL;DR - Nothing is a coincidence, and the girls seem to have a plan, one we are finally seeing.