her face in every scene

Everyone whose calling taylor swift a fake feminist for not marching yesterday……,,,

You all realize that she would have been called out for that too right???

Y'all would make up some bullshit like

“Taylor Swift only showed up to help her image!”


“Oh wow look it’s taylor swift trying to prove how feminist she is.”


“How dare taylor swift come to the march and divert attention to herself and away from the actual issue!”

Y'all would seriously say these things, don’t doubt it, the only thing you guys do is try to find random ass reasons to hate on her and quite frankly it’s really fucking pathetic..

Let her live her damn life good god


Morgana in every episode:

  • 5x11 The Drawing of the Dark

Morgana: Emrys.
Mordred: I know where he is.
Morgana: Where?
Mordred: Camelot. And I have his true name. It is Merlin.

has this been done yet?


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get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite female characters => Haseki Hürrem Sultan (Magnificent Century)

When I look at this now, our fanbase was holding on 40% of what we saw on screen and 60% on our own fantasies.
The Magnificent Century did bury and step on many historical prototypes it was based on, however, it managed to show us something extra that no book would be ever capable to do: her daily charm, grace and “SULTANA” written all over her face. Every frame with her is precious. Every scene screams of her beauty and power. Just to think that she was dragged to Turkey after her whole family (and village) was slaughtered and she was made a slave.
We did enjoy her battles with this infinite “roalty” and the way she loved her husband, her children. Life made her play a cruel game in order for all of them to even have the honor to stay alive. She kicked major fucking ass, but sadly, Turkey has quite a complicated relationship with this lady, so all her in-show adventures were just nothing compared to her actual real life.
This lady, guys, didn’t only manage to draw sultan Suleyman’s attention almost right when she appeared in the palace (while most concubines never get a fucking chance to even see his face in their whole lifetime). She managed to control Istanbul’s finances while Suleyman was at wars. He left being broke, and came back seeing that she expanded local ports and trade to such extends that MOOLA started flowing in like it’s a second fucking Genesis flood.
She spoke like seven languages and was exchanging letters with other big monarchs of that time (good ol’ ~1525-1558), meeting with ambassadors, funding and building schools, mosques and other complexes, supporting art, doing charity. My, Suleyman was getting all the information about the civil world during his wars only from Hürrem.
Suleyman made her his only woman, dismissing the whole fucking harem in the palace - read Topkapi’s finances book, the expenses on harem during his rule were zero, because there was no fucking harem anymore, other women can just go and fuck themselves. Suleyman had approximately 13 children, 9-10 of which did exist, and six of them were from Hürrem. Their son Selim became the next sultan, y'know. He wrote so much poetry about her, and handmade so many jewellery (which is present in the show, thanks here). Moreover, he freed her, and married her.
Consider this, it’s the first half of 1500s, the Ottoman Empire, sultans had to have harems, prefered “one woman - one child” policy, and Suleyman in particular was the senpai all men and women were craving for - great in literally everything, the ruler we all deserve, the dream of any girl and the horror of all European monarchy. And he didn’t only make Hürrem a free woman - free, not a slave anymore, the status that stays with every concubine till the rest of her days - he married her. The Empire went fucking apeshit, it went against all unspoken rules for a sultan, it was considered a fucking disaster, Hürrem remained a “Russian witch” EVEN TO THESE FUCKING DAYS in the eyes of some Turks because of this sorcery - but Suleyman doesn’t give a shit. He made up a new title for her - haseki - and since there was no valide (sultan’s mother) around anymore she was the most. fucking. powerful. person. in harem, so the head of everything that operates in the palace. Thanks to foreign ambassadors, we know that a wedding took place - locally, any mention of it was erased, you will never find it in any Turkish source. They deny it, and it makes this even better.
Hürrem was the shit, she ruled the world, her and her husband were like Chip and Dale of the Medieval, working together to make Turkey the most powerful country in the world, making their rule truly deserve the name of “magnificent century”.

You’re even asking why she’s my favorite character, hoo-hoo.


westallen appreciation week: day five
favorite funny scene

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