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Custom 5" mini dolls of Odette from The Swan Princess and Anastasia ^_^

Odette was originally Arista, I believe? But she looked like Odette to me immediately so I didn’t feel the need to repaint her. And Anastasia was a Rosetta who I kind of intended to repaint, but then I realized that she already looks so much like Anya in that scene where she stands next to her younger self in her family portrait, so I just kept her original face ;)

I have literally a whole list of more 5" customs I’m planning to make, along with a box of dolls from ebay waiting to be transformed. In the works are:
-Giselle (planning to make her blue-green curtain dress, which is my fav)
-Megara (I have a Vidia doll with the perfect face, she just needs a reroot and to change her eye color)
-Jane Porter
-Wendy (maybe)
-Esmeralda (Not sure who to use as her base, maybe another Elena)

And princes!
-Snow White’s prince
-Prince Eric (I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do that but I think I’m going to have to start experimenting with apoxie sculpt)
-Aladdin (that one guy from the Elena set will be the perfect base)
-Phoebus (starting with Kristoff)
-Hercules (I’m REALLY stumped with this one. The bodies of the male 5" dolls are really skinny almost to the point of looking odd, so I really don’t know how I’ll be able to make a muscular Hercules doll. If anybody has any suggestions, like for a different 5" doll or figure that would work as a base, please pleeeeease let me know!)

This will just take ages to do, haha…so, eventually!!

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idk man the thing that sucks about not being really pretty is that no matter what you tell yourself and what your friends might say, you sort of always know that you’re just not. and i’m not talking about being stubborn and fishing for compliments, it’s just knowing that you’re not conventionally attractive, that people on the street won’t double-take when you pass by them, that people won’t be flustered trying to talk to you. and i know looks aren’t everything but damn it sure feels like it when you aren’t absolutely gorgeous

I see your “Julia survived instead of Magnus” AUs and I raise you a Chalupa and a Hekuba as her adventuring buddies …Trois Rowdy Gurls, anyone?


Ring! Ring! Sehun is calling! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

No need to hide your thoughts, boi.

Your face says it all.


The Doctor Donna