her face i cried

“I grab both sides of her face and force her to look at me”

“I don’t want to ever see you like that again.”
“I’m alright. I’m still here. Okay?”


Do you remember the last thing I said to you?




Solim Couple’s LAST Mission Card.

“Your virtual marriage will end today. Please spend your last moments together as a couple in this newlywed house that is full of your memories..”

I obviously don’t have a speck of the technical ability needed for this idea and clearly gave the heck up super early on so it’s just a sketchy thing but but…

I like to think that Kamil actually reaches his goals at some point and also competes in that flower dress festival using his wife as a model because lolol i shamelessly felt like it :’)

Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness – Erik Durm One Shot

For @fortheloveoffutbol​ – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for giving me the option to use my own prompt but I just couldn’t ignore the timely and inspiring prompt you provided. This is your first Christmas together. Hope you enjoy! :)

Thank you so much to @footballimaginewriters​ for this Secret Santa Football exchange! I enjoyed reading and writing! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! :)

“Excuse me! Going down! Can you hold the door please – oh hi, Erik!”

Erik stiffened at the sound of her voice. He knows it – he’s been imagining that voice say his name over and over again since he first heard it. This time, however, she’s shouting it because he fell into a trance and almost let the elevator door shut at her face.

“Sorry! I’m so sorry!” he cried, mortified. Thank god his reflexes didn’t fail him and he managed to push the open button in time.

“Thanks and sorry for shouting,” she huffed, carrying three huge paper bags in each hand. “Fourth please. Thank you.”

Erik pushed the button for the fourth floor and took a quick glance at her. She put down the paper bags and tucked her brown curls behind her ears. She looked flustered but was still very pretty. Erik couldn’t help but stare. She turned to him and he quickly averted his eyes.

“Uhh… what are those?” he asked, hoping she didn’t catch him.

“Calendars, posters, autograph cards. For tomorrow’s visit to the kinderklinik,” she said, beaming. “I’m going to pack them for you guys to distribute tomorrow. You’re coming, right?”

“Y-yes,” he answered.

“Great! How’s your knee?”

“Uhh good. I just finished my therapy today.” He shifted his weight between his feet and immediately stopped when he realized he must’ve looked silly.

“So you’re going home now?”

He nodded, keeping still and looking down.

The elevator dinged on the fourth floor and she picked up the bags again. “Well, have a great day, Erik.”

“You too, Tatianna,” he said, barely audible, his shyness getting the better of him.

She must have heard it though, because she gave him a huge smile in return.

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Not just memories. Every night at midnight, it deletes not only the irrelevant data, it deletes itself. Oh, the relevant threats and the core codes, those things are preserved. But its identity is destroyed. it reinstantiates, completely new. You mean it’s reborn. Because you kill it.

Truth or Dare

Summary: Your best friend, Meg, knows all about your crush on Sam Winchester. After playing Truth or Dare with everyone, things take an unexpected turn between you and Sam. 

Relations: Sam x Reader , Crowley x Meg , Jo, Charlie, Dean, Cas

Warnings: Smut

Words: 903

Meg walked out of the closet making a loud sigh, leaving the door wide open. Hair popping in all directions of her head, it was far messier than it was before she entered.

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Shadowhunters 1x09

*clutches heart, a tear rolling down her face*

The amount of gayness in this episode was so beautiful I cried.

We had:

Magnus/Alec: If anything would’ve happened to you-” [*tries to ignore what happened after*]

Alec/Jace:It’s about your feelings for me!” + gorgeous fighting scene [no srsly the stunts were soo good, and their faCES]

Raphael/Simon: “Welcome home” [excuse me while I go cry about this some more]