her face here tho


bernie wolfe + @ao3tagoftheday (2/?)


So I was looking through @somethingsimplexox ‘s text posts and I found this gem.

But I looked closer at those two love birds and what I saw I hadn’t caught before.

*incoherent noises*

though that explains the extremely happy / blessed wowed expression.


@minyoustar well I can’t deny that it’d def be easy to cosplay her with this hair. And my glasses are also convenient! Skin colour is not so inaccurate either. Oh and I do very much adore wifi. And own a blog with chat noir and ladybug ✨



A wisp of scented smoke hung in the air, drawing her down the winding path to where the red priests had fired the great iron braziers outside the house of the Lord of Light. Soon she could even feel the heat in the air, as red R'hllor’s worshipers lifted their voices in prayer. “For the night is dark and full of terrors,” they prayed.

Not for me. Her nights were bathed in moonlight and filled with the songs of her pack, with the taste of red meat torn off the bone, with the warm familiar smells of her grey cousins. Only during the days was she alone and blind.

@gemsona-hq‘s “Diamond Blues” prompt; Labradorite only fell under Blue Diamond’s wave of sorrow once– on Earth, when Blue first found out of Pink’s death…the wave was so powerful and far-reaching that a few gems, Lab included, even poofed from the intense emotion. 


im seein this art vs artist thing goin around and i wanted in on it

anonymous asked:

Please tell about taylor swift cake, was it really so, I am a fan from 2015 only. Thank you 😊

this is how they tried to sell it: louis tomlinson buys eleanor calder a personalized cake for her bday. and they used this photo where you can’t see all the tswift stuff

this was a time he was still capable of smiling in pics with her lmao

and then later there more pictures that surfaced including this one and her friends said it was a gag gift from them for her 

my fav part here tho - look at his face he knows lmao he knows how they’ll sell it and he knows it is a taylor cake and he is living the shady life