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"There's no way you're gonna be able to reach that." (from Éomer, casually being a little shit. Hi!)

rp starters for short muses

     Bouncing up on her toes, the healer reached with all her might to try and grasp the hanging sprig of lavender. Whomever had hung it from the rafters of the Houses of Healing had elected to ignore or forget that not all of the healers within its walls were of average height…

     Some, like Alwen, were slight in stature, and growing steadily slight in patience.

     She gave another hop, fingers just brushing the dried purple petals, when someone spoke, and she turned around, almost ready to teach the speaker a lesson on mocking those who may not be mighty in size, but were more than mighty in spirit, but she stopped, eyes widening instead.

     The man teasing her was not a cocky young soldier of Gondor that she could drag away by the ear; it was a man of Rohan, a high ranking one by the look of his rich armor. She could only guess that it was Lord Éomer, and color flooded into her cheeks as she dipped into a quick curtsy.

     “I am afraid you are right, my lord.A scathing glare was turned onto the hanging plant just out of her reach before she turned her gaze back to the horse lord.

     “For I am too short to reach it,she continued, a small smile tugging at her lips as she judged his height. If only someone much taller than myself could lend a hand,
                                            I would not have to.


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