her face breaks my heart into a million pieces

Just a thought

Betty straight up took down Veronica in a pretty brutal way to her face in front of a massive group of their friends. But when it came to Jughead she couldn’t even bare to face him, not even to explain they need space as she knew that she wouldn’t be able to do it. And Betty does consider Veronica 100% her best friend but she could cut her out when she forced herself too. This just shows how deep her love for Jughead is, she couldn’t bare to see him hurting and that breaks my heart into a million pieces.


Bucky X Reader X Pietro

Summary: Bucky calls you after being gone for two weeks on a mission to break up with you. Devastated from the abrupt break up, you sit alone in the kitchen of the Avengers’ tower when an unexpected speedster comes to mend your broken heart.

A/N: I was thinking if I should make this into a mini-series? Should I? (your replies are more than appreciated. 

Words: 1,222

Warning: Fluff!! Heart break. Crying.

Part 2, 3, 4



You look at your phone to see nothing. No messages, no missed calls. Well what were you expecting? That he’ll call you after your break up? That was never going to happen. The next time you see him around the hall ways of avenger’s tower, you’d be back to how the two of you were at the very beginning. Strangers.  But now was very different. You’re strangers who shared memories of a past relationship.

The two of you were inseparable since the day he asked you to be his girl two years ago. The moment you met him you knew you’d fall for him badly. You just didn’t expect him to fall for you. But that was it. You just fell for each other and it stayed like that. Your relationship with him was very shallow to begin with. It was only until you noticed him acting different that you knew he had fallen out of love. You knew for the past five months and you just wished you had done the same. He finally had enough of trying to fall back in love with you. It was hopeless. He just didn’t feel the same way anymore.

You just sit in the kitchen looking at your phone, waiting for something. He was supposed to be back from his latest mission two weeks ago. You were worried sick until last night when he called you to end things. It wasn’t what you were expecting his call would be. You thought he’d just check in on you, tell you that he was fine and that he was on his way back, that the mission took longer than expected, but no. He called you tell you that he doesn’t feel the same way anymore. It was then you realized that you’re feelings for him was deeper than you thought.

You tried calling him back but he wasn’t answering any of your calls. You weren’t about to give up on him just yet, until you saw he changed his relationship status to “in a relationship with Natasha Romanoff”. You didn’t realize that they were happening under your nose this whole time. You knew that there was still tension between them from their past relationship but you didn’t expect them getting back together all of a sudden. It hurts. You didn’t really mind that he was dating Natasha. You just wanted a break up that wasn’t dumping you on the phone and finding out he’s back with his ex on social media. You knew everything anyway, you just wanted him to tell you. But you knew that he was never the type to explain himself. Sergeant Barnes would have given an explanation, but that Bucky was long gone. Your Bucky, was the Winter Soldier Bucky and you loved him nevertheless. But now it’s over.

You hear footsteps coming from behind you and you instantly turn your head to see if it was him. It wasn’t, obviously. He wasn’t coming back, well not in your arms that is. You hurriedly wiped the tears from your eyes and weakly smiled at the silver haired speedster who just walked in.

“(Y/n)? It’s 2 in the morning, what are you doing up?” He asked as he wiped the sleep off of his eyes.

“I-I should be asking you the same thing?” you joked as he sat in front of you.        

“I was just going to get a snack. I usually wake up in the middle of the night to have snack. Fast metabolism means you’re hungry almost every time.” He said as he sped to get a bowl of cereal. “How about you, printessa?”

“I was just… I couldn’t sleep. It’s just that… nevermind.” You say as you look at your phone again. There was a moment of silence between you and the speedster. You look up at him to see him with his eyebrows furrowed.

“You’re not trying to read my mind like Wanda are you?” you both laugh at you comment.

“There’s that smile I’ve been wanting to see.” He said as he sat down next to you.

“What do you mean?” You look up at him raising an eyebrow.

“Nothing. It’s just that you were not being yourself for the past few days. I have a feeling it’s Barnes, no?” He stated.

“Well you caught me?” You raised your hands up as a form of your surrender. Pietro laughs at your action and you bring your hands down to your waist. He stops for a moment and just looks at you.

“What?” you ask him and snaps out of his thoughts.

“Nothing.” He answers with a faint tint of red on his face

“No really, Piet, what is it?” You ask raising an eyebrow.

“I just thought he was stupid for leaving you, printessa. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve met.” He says and blushes a bit.

“Ha! I bet you say that to all the girls, Piet!” You laugh as you walk towards to living room.

“No, I mean it.” He speeds past you and pulls you to the couch. You land on his lap with his face a little too close to yours.

“So I’m guessing you don’t do this to all the other girls too, huh?” You say as you look into his eyes.

“Only when she’s you.” He tucks your hair behind your ear and lets his hand stay on your cheek. He looks from your eyes down to your lips. You do the same and all you could hear was your synchronized breathing. You inch your face closer to his and he closes the gap between your lips. You snake your arms around his neck as he pulls your waist to get you closer to him. As things were getting heated you hear someone purposely cough loudly. You pull away from the speedster and see Bucky standing by the elevator with his duffel bag in hand. His eyes look darker than usual.

“Nice to see you move on that quickly.” Bucky says sarcastically. You stand up as he walks towards you.

“Bucky, I…. It was…” You start to stutter. Your eyes start to water again

“I think she should ask you the same thing? “ Pietro says as he steps in between you and Bucky.

“Stay out of this Speedy. This is none of your business” He says as he shoves Pietro to the floor. He quickly gets back on his feet and lands a punch on Bucky’s face.

“She is my business you jerk!” Pietro says as he dodges a punch from Bucky’s metal arm. You just stand there watching them. You try to catch your breath as more tears fall from your eyes, blurring your vision.

“And what exactly makes you think that?” Bucky says as he throws punches at Pietro which he avoids easily.

“You breaking things off with her.” Pietro says and Bucky suddenly stops.

“I-it was a mistake. I didn’t mean to…” Bucky stutters.

“ Mistake? How was that a mistake when you’re back with Natasha?!” You say as you feel your heart shattering to a million pieces again. Pietro rushes to you and wraps his arms around you as you burry your face in his chest.

“(y/n), I’m sorry…” Bucky says as he tries to approach you.

“Pietro, let’s go.” And he speeds you into your room.

Communication - Bucky Barnes x Reader - Drabble

Originally posted by sherryzizi

Summary: In which (Y/N) believes she had lost Bucky to someone else, but realizes it’s the complete opposite.


PROMPT NUMBERS: 8: Why are you so jealous?
14: Just please be my best friend right now. Not the guy I just confessed my love to.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 784 // Drabble Some-What (was suppose to be oops, just count it ok)

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A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (:

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On Noora and Season 4

In SKAM there are always those leftover storylines from previous seasons, a small continuation not to end the character’s arch abruptly, and to give the show a nice, believable flow. In S2, we see Eva deal with her breakup (though I have many opinions on this) by looking for a way to heal and get over the fact that Jonas is no longer her boyfriend. In S3, we get Noora’s dealing with William’s departure and being all secretive about what was going on between them. We, however, get no Eva whatsoever. Her season is long over, her storyline done with. We don’t see her drunk and making out with random guys. We understand that she’s all better now and remains on good terms with Jonas. This is Isak’s season.

In S4, in one of the first scenes, we are given an update on Evak: they’re doing great. They love each other and are still together, Isak is smiling and Even appears to be in good mental health. Like Eva in S2 and Nora in S3, this is our sigh-of-relief moment: the characters we fell in love with in the previous season are still there, not gone. 

However, even before the main conflict of the season (Sana’s season) is introduced, our main girl walks inside the apartment and is confronted by something we thought would be long over: Noora’s love problems. The girls start whispering about how William got another girlfriend and wether they should tell Noora or not.

I was appalled. “Really?” Was my first thought, “We’re still on this?” And don’t get me wrong, I loved Noora’s season, I thought it covered some very important matters and the ending had me bawling and wishing for more. I was given more in S3, and though I hated what I got (and understood their way of handling it, what with Thomas’ departure from the show and all), I was content. And when I go into S4, expecting my unapologetic muslim goddess to slay the world, I am yet again confronted by the things from two seasons ago.

As usual, we get some borderline islamophobic comments from Vilde, some uncomfortable silences from everyone else, and the show begins. 

Everything seems to be running smoothly. We meet the Balloon Squad. We get excited over our girl having a crush, loving the fact that he seems the perfect guy for her.

Then shit starts going sideways. Girls hating on other girls, Sana unable to speak about her crush because Noora apparently likes him, the Girl Squad making Sana feel left out, the Balloon Squad (POC guys) being seen as ‘the bad guys’. We get russ bus drama and ignorant white girls unable to grasp the concept of ‘other religions’. We get Noora and her William problems that, let’s be honest, should have been long over by now.

Finally, a silver lining: Yousef doesn’t believe in Allah. Ok, we’re getting somewhere here. This grabs my attention and has me craving for the next update. How will they solve this? Sana’s not giving up her religion for a guy, I’m fairly certain Yousef’s not gonna convert just to be with her, Sana’s family won’t approve. What’s gonna happen next? I’m finally caught up (something the first clip hadn’t achieved.) And then, a reward for our patience: a beautifully shot, performed and even edited clip of Sana and Yousef together for an extended period of time, bonding, getting to know each other, and finally addressing the elephant in the room. We’re rewarded with a scene that seems to be that Isak-goes-to-Even’s-apartment scene, that Noora-and-William’s-first-date scene. A solid, robust, meaningful scene that moves the plot forward.

And then Noora again. Her and Sana have a talk about none other than William Magnusson, a talk that could have been placed in S3 discreetly, giving Noorhelm’s storyline the closure it deserved. By now, the Niko plot should have been figured out. I was curious back in S3 about what had happened to him, but by S4 I’ve forgotten all about it. This scene only adds to the piling amount of Noora screen time.

Then comes a clip and texts that promise that Friday’s clip is going to blow our shipper hearts away. Sana and Yousef are seeing each other again for the first time since The Scene. We’re expecting lovey dovey eyes and goofy smiles. 

But surprise! Everything crumbles down on Sana.

Noora acuses Sana, not giving her a moment to form a coherent answer. Yousef comes up to her and she has to break apart a fight. She has to see her brother (yes, that same brother who a clip ago was the most loving creature in the universe) with a face contorted in anger, and we never get a reason for the fight. Sana goes to clean the blood off her hands and overhears conversation that tears her (and the audience) apart.

They could have ended the episode there. What she overheard and the fight between the boys promised enough drama to keep us on edge until the end of the break. Instead, they recycle the cliffhanger from last season and have Noora kiss Yousef. And I hated it. Not only because Sana witnesses the guy she likes kissing one of her best friends, or because Iman’s expression broke my heart into a million pieces, but because it gives Noora a permanent spot in the next half of the season. Sana is bound to share the spotlight with her and it pisses me off. Instead of having Sana explore her religion and deal with islamophobia (which is so present in many scenes), we get a love triangle. And I hate to see powerful Sana, smart Sana, unapologetic Sana, beautiful Sana be reduced to that.

Miracle - Jack Imagine

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Pairing: Jack x Reader

~(Y/N)’s pov~

I sneak up behind some wall and look around the corner. I see that everything is clear so I quickly run to the gate that leads to the house of the governor. He and his daughter are out of town today so my captain sent me on a mission to borrow some of their stuffs. Alright, to steal. But hey, what were you expecting? I’m a pirate, that’s what we do. And my captain is actually my boyfriend, Captain Jack Sparrow. 

I take my knife out and break the gate’s lock. I look around to see if the noise disturbed someone. There’s no one on the street and no lights are on in the house so I open the gate and enter. I do the same with the house doors and quietly I enter the house. My knife is still in my hand just in case some guards show up. I go down the hall and on the end of it I see one standing on my left with his back turned to me. I sneak behind him slowly, taking a vase in the process. I hit him on the back of his head with the vase and he falls unconscious on the ground.

“Sorry mate, nothing personal.” I say leaving the vase on the small table. Then I look around the house, taking one more guard down, and then I finally found the room I was looking for. I can’t believe that governor’s house has only two guards at night, especially when he’s not home. I take the bag out of my pocket and spread it, then I start throwing all kinds of gold stuff in it, watches, necklaces, bracelets, everything I could find. Then I hear some voices downstairs and I look behind myself quickly. 

“Someone’s already here.” I hear someone yell. This is another group of pirates, well they are obviously not good at sneaking around when they are yelling.

“Shit.” I curse under my breath and drop the bag under the table. They are still downstairs so I run out of the room and try to find some place to hide. I open the door and see a middle sized room, I step into it and close the doors behind me locking them. After a few steeps I turn around thinking of a place to hide and then I see a metal bar in front of the top of the doors. 

“What’s a purpose of that?” I whisper. Then a moonlight gives me my answer. There’s a hole that leads somewhere right above the doors. My eyes light up and I take a chair and put it next to the wardrobe. I climb on top of it, it’s not too far away from the whole. I crawl to the end of the closet and then I look down. I can do this. I take a deep breath and look in front of myself. I jump and catch the bar, accidentally kicking the doors in the process.

“Son of a…” I say and push myself up. I manage to climb into the hole and I look into it, there’s nothing in it. 

“What the…why would they have something like this if they’re not using it?” The rich people are so weird. I would keep the rum here, and no one could find it, probably. The voices break my thoughts and I turn around. 

“I heard something behind these doors.” Someone says and I curse again. I think of a plan right away, I know that they’ll try to come in. The moonlight is shining so there is a possibility that they will see me. The only way out for me is to fight. So I reach to the bar in an instant I heard them turning the knob. After a few times of them hitting the door they finally managed to break the doors. I push my legs and I make a flip, my hands still clutching the bar. I hit one pirate in the chest and he falls on the ground, I jump down and turn around quickly, taking my sword out. 

“Woah, look what we have here.” One, awfully ugly pirate says, “What are you doing here sweetheart?”

“Don’t call me sweetheart.” I snap and he laughs pointing his sword at me.

“You must be really brave, standing up to a pirate.” He grins showing his ugly, black teeth.

“You must be really stupid, I’m a pirate myself.” I say back and then he figures it out.

“Ooh, who sent you princess?” That’s it. I swing my sword at him and he blocks my strike, in a few quick motions I take him down and look up just in time to see five pirates coming into the room. 

“Well shit.” I whisper taking a few steps back.

“Who sent you here?” One asks me but I stay quiet. They start to make a circle around me but I stand next to a wall so they couldn’t step behind me.

“She’s not gonna talk.” The other points out.

“Damn right I won’t.” I sass back and I can see that they’ve got quite impatient. The first one attacks me and I block him, but before I could do something else I felt a strong pain in my thigh and I feel down. I look down and see a bullet in my thigh, looking up I see the second one pointing his gun at me. I wanted to stand up and fight again but something hard hit me in the head and everything went black.


I wake up and open my eyes slowly. I try to move my hands but I can’t. That woke me up in a second, I look down and see that my hands are tied to a chair I’m sitting in, my legs too. Then I look around and see that I’m in some kind of a old basement. How the hell did I get here?

“Well, well, well, look what we have here. Little princess woke up.” And then I remember everything.

“Where am I?” I ask him and he laughs. Three more guys came into the room too, and they started laughing with him.

“Patience honey, patience.” He says leaning on my chair, his face right in front of mine.

“Don’t. Call. Me. Honey.” I say angrily. He laughs again and I want to pass out because of his bad breath.

“You know, you could use some mint candies.” I say and he stops laughing. He slaps me in the face and I glare at him.

“Who sent you in the governor’s house?” He asks but I don’t say a word, “I’m going to ask you nicely, one more time. Who sent you in the governor’s house?” Nothing. No answer. 

“Boulders!” He yells and then a huge guy comes into the room caring a bottle in his hand. 

“Here you go.” He says handing the bottle to the guy who slapped me. He grabs my chin and the other guy comes behind me, pulling my hair. The first one hits me in my wounded thigh and I scream, in that moment he pours the liquid in my mouth but before I could spit it out the other one tied a cloth around my head, covering my mouth, so I couldn’t. There’s no other choice for me than to swallow it, I try not to, I try really hard, but I swallowed half of it. 

“Let’s go guys.” He says and they turn around to leave, but someone opens the doors and a crew of pirates run into the room, they start to fight with the pirates who kidnapped me and then Jack runs into the room.

“Y/N!” He yells when he saw me and he quickly runs towards me. He removes the cloth from my mouth and I spit out the rest of the liquid. I cough a few times while he unties my hands and legs, I look up and see that Jack’s crew killed those bastards.

“Y/N, how are you?” Jack asks me. I wanted to answer him and tell him I’m fine, but I passed out.

~Jack’s pov~

It’s been a week since Y/N passed out right into my arms. I’ve taken her back to the Black Pearl, and I never left her side, not one minute. She hasn’t even moved an inch. I’ve never been this worried in my entire life. Y/N was always there for me and she was always my light in every situation. This is all my fault. I sent her to that house, if I haven’t this wouldn’t happened. She wouldn’t took a bullet in her leg and she wouldn’t be lying here unconscious. Would she even survive?

“Jack.” I hear someone says and I turn around. I see Mr. Gibbs standing there.

“Yes?” I ask and he comes to sit on the chair next to mine.

“She’s gonna be fine. She’s a strong girl.” He says and I look at her. She looks so pale.

“What if she doesn’t make it?” I ask, my voice breaking.

“She will.” Another voice says and I look up. Almost the whole crew is standing at my doors.

“She’s the best pirate we have, and the strongest. She’s gonna make it.” 

“She survived many things, she’ll survive this too.” They try to reassure me and I smile a little. She really is a miracle, many things have tried to break her down but she was just getting stronger. 

“Take us to Tia Dalma.” I say and someone gasps, “Now.”

“You heard him! Let’s go!” Mr. Gibbs shouts and they all run out. Tia Dalma is the only one who can help Y/N now. I’m not going to let the love of my life die without a fight. I sit next to her on my bed and remove a strand of hair from her face. I kiss her forehead.

“You will be fine, my love.” I whisper. 


“Will you make it?” I ask Tia Dalma and she looks at me. 

“We’ll see.” She replies pushing me out of the room, closing the curtains.

After fifteen minutes she comes out and I stand up quickly.

“Jack. I don’ think there’s anything I can do to save her.” She says and I feel my heart breaking into million pieces. 

“No, no, there must be something you can do. You can’t let her die, do you know how much I love her?!” I say, tears welling up in my eyes. 


“Jack?” A soft voice cut of Tia Dalma’s and I look over her shoulder. My heart starts beating faster when I saw her standing there. She looked more beautiful than ever.

“Y/N.” I whisper and push past Tia Dalma to hug her. I hug her tightly and she returns it.

“I’m so sorry…” She says and I shush her. I just want to hold her. 

“I’m the one who’s supposed to be sorry, I’m never leaving you alone again. I’m going to be by your side forever. I was so scared.” I say and she hugs me tighter.

“This is a miracle. I thought that you are not going to make it.” Tia Dalma says and we pull away from each other. I look into Y/N’s beautiful eyes and I smile.

“You are my miracle. I love you so much.” I say and she smiles back. God I missed that smile so much.

“I love you too Jack.” She says back and I kiss her. I’m never letting her out of my sight again. I have never been so scared in my life. I realized she is my life, and I’m the most happiest guy to have her, my love.


You Were The One

Originally posted by mvssmedia

“Oh my god look over there.” Your friend and fellow trainee, Yoora, pointed in the direction where B.I. and the rest of IKON were. “Isn’t Hanbin just the most handsome guy you have ever seen?” Yoora waited for your reaction.

“He is” you sighed knowing you could never tell him. 

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Always and Forever

Author: @redstringlovers

Characters: Scott x reader

Warnings: fluff and angsty vibes

Word count: 6,013 words

A/N: I wanted to give my boy Scott McCall some love since I haven’t wrote any fics with him until now. This is the longest fic I’ve written so wow. You already know @susybird got me with the proofreading and helping me fill out the missing details. I love you and thank you for being my second eyes on everything I write. Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think :)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

(Fic based off of this song).

I walk up to the podium, my hands in my pockets so that I don’t give away at the fact that I’m shaking. You got this Scott. Just breathe. I look up to everyone that showed, all of them dressed in black. Lydia and Stiles are sitting front row, her head on his shoulder while he holds her hand, comforting her. Allison and Isaac are next to them, their 8 month old daughter sleeping peacefully next to them while Allison’s face is red and wet from crying. A couple of rows back are Derek and Cora, both looking at me with sad eyes while Cora gives a small smile. The sounds of crying women and children can be heard from a mile away, tears streaming down their face as they all look to me. I take out the piece of paper that had been in my pocket for a couple of weeks now. I clear my throat and begin reading.

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Do you hear that? It’s the sound of my heart breaking every time I see the change of emotion in Sana’s face on the last clip. 

She seems so proud and happy of everyone in the room singing along and being at peace… and then the storm arrives hence her wide and beautiful smile changes to an expression I don’t wanna see on her again while she watches how the boy squad walks away… It just kills me. That tear you can see on her eye which is about to stream down her face… It just breaks my heart into million pieces. Sana is such a good person…she hates violence. She hates people that she loves and care about fighting…she has so much in her plate and no one seems to care about her. It just… so sad. She deserves so much better. 

I can’t with this. I love her so much I wanna hug her so tight. 

Iman Meskini is such a good actress, I feel so attacked.

Thief - AU

So first of all i would like to share one thing with you guys. Recently i broke up with my best friend. This is just a rough patch, i know but this isn’t the first time i’m going through a situation like this.In past also i’ve been ditched by my friends. SO I just wanted to say that if you have a best friend then please cherish them and show them how much you love them. Its okay if you have nothing but if you have a best friend have everything.

 This imagine is inspired by the latest song ‘Thief’ by Ansel Elgort with a little pinch of smut;). And i’ve decided to update the series only on weekends. It’s not much long but still. Hope you guys enjoy it. Feedbacks are appreciated.

Call me a thief
There’s been a robbery
I left with her heart
Tore it apart
Made no apologies

 I’ve been living in the darkness

Shadows in my apartment, heartless
Taking love just to spill it on parchment
Next page and I’m out again
I’ve been living in the night life
Lips hit you like a drive by, frost bite
Ice cold, I mean they cut you like a sharp knife
Next page and I’m out again

Skin on my skin, what a wonderful sin
Take your breath but you’re asking for more
The tip of my finger is tracing your figure
I say good night and walk out the door

Call me a thief
There’s been a robbery
I left with her heart
Tore it apart
Made no apologies
Just call me a thief
She was on top of me
Then I left with her heart
Broken and scarred
Made no apologies

We can be so hollow
Like my rib cage, the echoes follow
Follow me like the fears I swallow
And drown in all my mistakes
All I know is that your skin bled
Like the ink dripped from my pen
My bed will be drenched in a scarlet rose red
And drown in all my mistakes

Skin on my skin, what a wonderful sin
Take your breath but you’re asking for more
The tip of my finger is tracing your figure
I say good night and walk out the door

Call me a thief
There’s been a robbery
I left with her heart
Tore it apart
Made no apologies
Just call me a thief
She was on top of me
Then I left with her heart
Broken and scarred
Made no apologies

Girl you better just lock me up
Because I’ve never been good enough
So you better just lock me up, lock me up
Girl you better just lock me up
Because I’ve never been good enough
So you better just lock me up, lock me up

The tip of my finger is tracing your figure
I say good night and walk out the door

Call me a thief
There’s been a robbery
I left with her heart
Tore it apart
Made no apologies
Just call me a thief
She was on top of me
Then I left with her heart
Broken and scarred
Made no apologies

Girl you better just lock me up
Because I’ve never been good enough
So you better just lock me up, lock me up
Girl you better just lock me up
Because I’ve never been good enough
So you better just lock me up, lock me up

Harry’s POV

I traced the beautiful figure of her with the tips of my fingers. Smooth and mouth watering. Her creamy and gentle, skin dragged me to her. I’ve been tracking her since last 2 week. I first saw her in the club. She danced with a blonde who was her friend i suppose. She swayed her hips with the beat. Her sleek figure was enough to make me her my next target. My body ached to touch hers since that day. And finally I caught her. Saying a word or so of love was plenty enough to hypnotize her for me.

Her chestnut hair colour was perfect. Her natural tanned skintone was perfect. Her long fingers were perfect. she was bonnie. Perfect for me.

“hmm Stop looking at me like that.” she said stretching out her perfect body. 

“you’re so perfect” I said brushing some hair outta her face. She pulled my hand to her lips kissing each of my fingertip. Her soft, raspberry lips were driving me mad.

“So soft” i moaned leaning down to capture her soft rosy lips while mine. the way her breath mixed with mine smoke one caused me the bliss i craved for. I slowly hovered her while kissing her. Her naked breast pressed tightly against mine. Sex was my addiction but in the present momets she seemed to replace it. 

“Harry….I’m so wet for yeh” She whined. I lovedwhen girls whined. Their moans and whines is what i live for. I smirked as I trailed kisses down the base of her neck. Covering the last night marks with new one. Her nipples were hard like small pebbles. I swirled my tongue around one, sucking with a pop sound while kneading the other. I wore all these big rings on purpose. I loved when the cold metal of them hits the warm skin of girls causing them to hiss.

She grabbed my hair and tugged on it way to forcefully. I liked it. She arched her back when i slapped her fold with my hand to shush her down. Insteaqd of shuting up she opened her legs. The aroma filling the atomsphere. I took in a deep breath as the fragrance of her filled up my nostrils arousing me. I wasted no time throwing her legs over my shoulder and licked long up her folds. 

“Of fuck” she gasped pushing my face further into her core. I nudged my nose opening her folds inhaling deep her aroma. My sexual desire were at the peak. I rolled her clit with my index finger as slided my tongue deep in her vaginal hole. she tasted like sweet witha bit of salt. Her taste was heavenly. I could eat her all day.

“So wet huh doll? Ready to be fucked? Aren’t yeh my little slut?” i asked rubbing her and licking up her juices as she grunted. She squeezed her legs making my stubble cheep to pree deeper in her soft inner thighs. That was enough. I needed to fuck her. I got on my knees as i wrapped her legs around my waist to keep her steady. Bringing my hard throbbing cock to  her cunt, I rubbed it a few times on her entrance before going in deep.


There she laid, hair sprawled out on over the pillow, snoring softly. After having a major orgasm she couldn’t help but falling asleep. I got up from the bed before wearing my clothes. Same black high neck sweater with black pants and brown jacket. I loved black color. 

I looked at her the last time before making an exist from her front gate. No doubt she was beauty but I just got bored of her. This was what my passion was. Making a home in girl’s heart then leaving with it and breaking in million pieces. I loved doing that. And I’d continue to do that. 

I’m a thief. And hearts is what I theft.

—- Y/n’s POV

I groaned rubbing my eyes as I scrunches them trying to adjust to the bright sunlight falling on my face. I smiled to self recalling the moments happens the night before. Harry was such a handsome and lovely person that I couldn’t handle myself to stop liking him. And after three days of seeing each other we finally made a move.

I turned around to face Harry but he wasn’t there. I sat up thinking he probably would be in kitchen cooking breakfast. I looked down at the floor. According to my knowledge and power to remembrance his clothes too were on floor and should be on floor. My consciousness grew as I made my towards the kitchen. The whole house was silent. The only sound which could be heard was my bade bare feet padding against the wooden floor

“Harry? Where’re yeh babe?” I asked looking around but he was no were to be found. Kitchen, bathroom, basement. I searched everywhere but he was gone. I slid down the wall with my head in my hands. Hot tears streaming down my tears. I didn’t wanted to lose him. Then suddenly I dialled his number hoping he’d pick up but instead his caller tone gave the answer

‘Call me a thief. There’s been a robbery. I left with her heart, tore it apart-made no apologies’

He was right. He was a thief.

Firefly Glow

Feyre hadn’t even been back for a full week and the moment she stepped into the house Mor pounced. After she pulled her mate off of her she begged her to help her with the task of planning Cassian’s birthday. They assumed since the war was over and the bad guys were dead there was nothing to worry about.

Everyone just sort of picked up where they had left off. Rhysand had his mate back, Elain was content with Lucien. Azriel and Mor were warming up to the idea of each other.

But they didn’t realize that I was still broken. I was still awkward and unsure. I hated myself, the things I had done during the war. I couldn’t stand to look into the mirror and remember it all. I still felt the blood on my hands. I still heard the screams in my ears.

And nothing was going to change that. Nothing was going to put me back together and nothing was going to right all the wrongs that had been done.

I was still fae.

I was still a weapon that didn’t know how to be held.

I was still afraid of myself and everyone else around me.

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This I Love - Bellamy Blake Imagine

A/N: Just something I thought of during class. I was initially going use different characters, but the character I had mind would have been too sad. BTW, this takes place during the third season. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

Prompt: Bellamy eats the hallucinogenic jobi nuts (from the first season)

Disclaimer: I do not own The 100 or any of it’s characters

Song Inspo: Here is the song I used as inspiration for this imagine (yes, the story is named after it, I was too lazy to think of a creative title). Listen if you want a feel for the mood of the story.

Angst? Hell yes. Read at your own discretion

It had been a while since Octavia took off to Arkadia, and left Bellamy chained up in the cave. He knew this was what he deserved after everything he’s done, including deserting his own when they needed him the most. Maybe it was the quietness of the cave that drove him crazy in this own thoughts, or maybe it was the hunger pains that were shooting through his stomach.

Bellamy dug through his jacket pocket with what little movement he could manage against the chains, and pulled out a small ration bag of jobi nuts. The same nuts that caused the others to hallucinate back at the dropship when they first landed on the ground. He was hesitant at first, but the pains were starting to get unbearable. Bellamy swallowed hard, and decided he would deal with whatever his mind tormented him with, as long as he could control his hunger until the others came back.

He opened the bag, and popped a few jobi nuts in his mouth, his stomach growling for more. The small amount of relief that came with every bite was enough for him to down the whole bag in a few seconds. Bellamy felt slightly less hungry than he had before, but now he dreaded the effects of the nuts.

(Y/N) walked in the cave, holding a small bowl of water in her hands. She made her way to where Bellamy sat, noticing the empty bag that laid next to him. She picked it up, trying to remember what it was that the bag used to contain. And when she did, she quickly set the bowl down. (Y/N) grabbed Bellamy’s face, forcing him to look at her. “What the hell were you thinking, huh?”

Bellamy opened his eyes, confused as to who was talking to him, and why she sounded so familiar. “(Y/N)?” His leaned his head against her hand, trying to find her warmth, but he was only met with her cold skin.

She dipped her free hand in the water, and sprinkled it on his face, cleaning the dirt off with her fingers. “You’ll be okay.”

“How are you here? I thought you… you…” Bellamy’s voice broke. The last time Bellamy had seen (Y/N) was back on the Ark, and for so long he thought he would never see her again.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay, I’m okay. Me and my group found Arkadia a little while ago. I ran into O, she told me where you were.” (Y/N) placed her hand on the back of Bellamy’s neck, bringing him forward, and placed a small kiss on the corner of his mouth. “It’s okay,” She whispered against his face, as she sat on his lap, leaning against his chest.

Bellamy lifted his arms in the air, so he could wrap them around her. “I’ve missed you so much,” He pressed his lips against her head, taking in her scent. “You have no idea how much I’ve needed you here.”

(Y/N) looked at him, brushing the hair away from his face. “I think you’ve done pretty well without me,” She smiled.

Bellamy’s lip quivered, and his eyes filled with tears. He looked down, not wanting to look her in the face when he told her of everything he’s done. “I messed up,” Bellamy sniffled, letting his wall of emotions break down. (Y/N) quickly wrapped her arms around him, leaning his head against her as he cried.

“We all have our weak moments, Bell. I’m sure they’ll forgive you, soon.” She swayed back and forth gently, trying to calm him down. They spent the next few minutes in silence, almost to the point where they were both asleep.

Bellamy thought of their lives back on the Ark. Having to be conscious of everything he did in order to keep Octavia’s existence a secret had begun to take a toll on him. That was until Octavia made an accidental friend when she got curious, and stuck her head out of the room. (Y/N) soon started visiting more often, befriending Aurora and Octavia in the process, and becoming Bellamy’s girlfriend.

They were never a normal couple. They were always busy with their careers, but when they did have down time, they would sit on the floor, leaning against the wall as they stared out into the space that surrounded them. Sometimes they would spend it in silence, just holding each other, and other times she would tell him about the constellations. Bellamy loved hearing her talk about the stars, not because he actually cared, but because he loved hearing her voice. She was the only person that he could be vulnerable around.

He knew she was the love of his life, and he would do anything to protect her, alongside his mom and his sister, until, of course, Octavia was discovered.

Bellamy stifled a cry as his heart felt like it was breaking into a million pieces. He pulled (Y/N) closer to him, never wanting to let her go.

“Bellamy,” A sudden voice whispered from behind him. He snapped his head back, his gaze falling upon the image of his mother.

His eyes automatically teared up, and he sobbed loudly, startling (Y/N). She sat up, and followed his gaze to whatever it was that he was staring at, but she only saw an empty cave. “What’s wrong?”

“My mom…” He looked at her with terrified eyes. His face was pale, and his skin was cold.

“Your mom?” (Y/N) questioned, worried that the jobi nuts were finally taking effect. “You’re seeing your mom?” She placed her hand on his jawline, bringing his eyesight back to her.

Aurora suddenly appeared behind (Y/N), her face a deathly white. “You promised me you would take care of your sister,” Her voice sounded like she was far away, almost disembodied. “Why did you break your promise?”

“I didn’t,” Bellamy cried, looking at the disappointed look on his mother’s face. “I’m trying to keep her safe… I’m trying.”

(Y/N)’s hand trembled against his face, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to bring him back to his senses. “Baby!” She yelled. She pressed her thumbs gently on the corners of his eyes, letting his tears run across her hands. “She’s not real, okay?” She pressed her forehead against his. “It’s all in your head.”

Bellamy nodded. Once he had calmed down enough, he moved her hands, then proceeded to grab the back of her neck, crashing his lips into hers. Her lips were cold, but he didn’t care. This was all he ever wanted. All he ever loved.

(Y/N) pulled away, a smile that stretched from ear to ear plastered across her face. Neither of them said a word, and neither of them had to.

She turned her head slightly, listening to the footsteps closing in on the cave. She moved his arms over her head, and grabbed the bowl. “I’m gonna go get some water for you to drink, okay.” She kissed his forehead. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Stay within shouting distance.” Bellamy smiled at her, watching as she disappeared behind the rocks.

A few minutes passed, and Octavia, Kane, and the others walked in, each one of them with a solemn look on their faces. Once he made eye contact with Kane, Bellamy stood up and asked, with a hint of worry in his voice, “Did any of you see (Y/N) out there?” He kept watching the entrance of the cave, hoping (Y/N) would walk in any second.

Kane’s heart dropped at the mention of (Y/N)’s name. Octavia furrowed her eyebrows, noticing the empty ration bag next to him.

“Who’s (Y/N)?” Miller asked, confused.

“His girlfriend… and the only person who actually cared about me back on the Ark,” Octavia said, not looking at anyone. She spun around, ready to beat Bellamy down with the truth, until Kane held her back.

“Don’t you remember?” Kane asked.

“No, he doesn’t,” Octavia threw Kane’s arms off of her, and held up the bag. “He’s been eating jobi nuts.”

Kane took the bag, examined it, then crumpled it up. “(Y/N) was floated with your mother when Octavia was discovered.” Kane felt that there wasn’t enough time to break it to him gently. He needed to rip the band aid.

Bellamy’s eyes widened, his knees feeling weak. He leaned against the wall of the cave, slumping down to where he once thought he was sitting with (Y/N). “No… she was just here,” His voice cracked, breaking Octavia’s heart. “I was just with her!” He yelled.

“She wasn’t here!” Octavia yelled back, turning around furiously. She wanted to feel for Bellamy, but he wasn’t the only one who lost her that night she was floated. And now, she was dealing with the loss of Lincoln, too. “She’s dead, just like Lincoln is dead.” Her voice fell into a terrifyingly calm tone, as she beat Bellamy, taking out her anger on him. “And now you’re dead to me.”

Bellamy sat there, taking all of his sister’s punches. Once she was done, he looked up at her. Octavia looked at him and saw a newly broken man. He wore the same look of devastation as when his mom and (Y/N) were executed almost a year ago. He was grieving all over again, but so was she. And now, the only thing they had was their memories.


(Y/N) sat against Bellamy, staring out the window. Bellamy’s shift had just ended, and he knew of no better way to spend the rest of his night than with (Y/N).

Bellamy’s hand was wrapped across her chest, her head laying on his shoulder. “Why are you with me?” He asked, resting his chin on top of her head. “I mean why do you put up with all my problems?”

She giggled, rolling her eyes at his questions. “Because I want to be with you, even if that means having to deal with everything you consider “a problem.”“ She said the last part in a mocking tone.

"But you could have someone so much better than me, someone who’s secret doesn’t kill you.”

“True…” She pondered for a second, “Maybe I’m in it just for the sex.” She shrugged. Bellamy smacked his lips, and (Y/N) laughed, “Kidding. Kidding.”

She huffed, “Ever thought that maybe I don’t care what your secrets are and if they do kill me? I love you, not some other boring guy with no life.” She tightened his arms around her, melting into him.

It was the first time (Y/N) had told Bellamy she loved him, and it made his heart flutter. “Who do you love?” He asked, wanting to hear her say it again.

“I love you.” She tangled her fingers with his, and kissed his hand. They stared at the stars, feeling as though they were the only ones in the universe. “This I love.”

New Neighbor (Jungkook x Reader Fluff)

Summary: A new neighbor across the hall apparently means absolutely no sleep. (The awkward) Jeon Jungkook needs to deal with it. Now’s the time.

(( Note: Jeon Jungkook has been ruining the hell out of me lately. Sigh. And I’d like to dedicate this fic the to awkward, adorable lil man he is around them ladies ))

They say that when you move into a new place you should go on and establish good relationships with your neighbors. Make friends (or even just acquaintances) just in case you fall into whatever kind of tough situation and would need help from you kind lovely little neighbors. Whether if it was help fixing something or borrowing some sugar, your neighbors would most definitely have your back. 

In Jungkook’s opinion, he’d say that this was a great idea, actually, he’d already made friends with the majority of the apartments in his building—keyword: majority. It was a great idea if it weren’t for one apartment, which would be the one conveniently right across from his.

It started a while back or in Jungkook’s opinion a long, long while back.

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A Liam Dunbar imagine

“Hey you going to the game tonight?” Scott asked me.
I closed my locker smiling at him.
“Obviously Scott your my favorite player. But shh don’t tell Liam.” I laughed.
Scott chuckled, “I promise I won’t.”
“Aye well I’ll see you later. Have to find Kira.”
I nodded saying goodbye as I walked towards the parking lot. As I got closer to the buses I could hear a weird noise. Not bothering to pay any attention to it. But it kept getting louder. My heart was pounding, I was getting scared and fast.
I picked up my pace trying to find Liam’s car as quickly as possible. But that noise it was getting louder and louder. And that’s when it hit me, it was coming from the buses behind me.
I turned around to face the four yellow buses, looking between the first two buses I saw. And then I peeked over the bus my heart sanking and breaking into a million pieces.
“Liam what if someone sees us?” Hayden giggled.
“I promise no one will. We’re way behind the bus no one comes this way.” He reassured her.
She smiled kissing him, Liam kissing back harder. I grew angry walking towards them.
“Are you sure about that Liam?” I asked him.
Liam pulled away, Hayden scared out of her mind.
“I I.” He stuttered.
“Save it.” I replied back trying not to make a scene.

Days past and I still have not spoken to Liam. He would send me multiple texts and a thousand of missed calls and voice mails. I didn’t answer one of them. They were all lies, if he was sorry he wouldn’t have cheated on me.
I sat in the living room watching TV, when the doorbell rung. Thinking it was Mailia I answered the door. But instead it was Liam.
“Bye.” I snapped trying to close the door.
He stopped it with his foot.
“Please can I talk to you?” He pleaded.
I rolled my eyes moving to the side of the door to let him. He walked towards the living room, I sighed this isn’t going to end well.
“Look I’m sorry I really am.” He began.
I smirked, “REALLY?! If you were so sorry why were you kissing her Liam!” I shouted.
He grew quiet fumbling with his hands.
He shrugged, “ I don’t know.”
“Unbelievable. And to think that I was going to take you back if you asked.” I admitted.
He glared at me, “ Take me back? Who said I wanted you back?”
I was stunned did he really just say that to me?
“What do you mean? Why did you come here then?” I asked him.
He rolled his eyes, sighing in annoyance.
“Look I came here to apologize for lying to you. But I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore. I love Hayden… Not you.” He answered.
“What?” I asked shocked.
“I said-” he started but I cut him off.
“No I heard what you said. I just can’t believe it.”
He shrugged, “Well believe it.”
I shook my head, I was getting more pissed off than before.
“Your breaking up with me. And you thought it would be okay to cheat on me and then come to my house and tell me you love someone else! So everything you said was a lie. Everything we WENT THROUGH ment nothing to you!” I ranted.
Liam stood still not saying a word.
“You think your in love with her, yet she’s only been here for a month. But of that’s what you want then so be it.”
He frowned walking past me.
“ At least now you can’t say I didn’t apologize for my mistake.”
Liam left, I slammed the door behind him. Falling to the ground sliding my knees towards my chest. Why does everyone I love leave me in the end.

Cheating (Liam Dunabar Imagine)

Originally posted by whatafantasyy

Originally posted by mayiscadisi

Request: can i get a liam imagine when you catch liam cheating on you with hayden

 A/n:  At first i wanted to make it really sad and with a sad ending but i’m a sucker for happy endings, soo enjoy!

 I never felt this much pain before in my life. I never felt my heart break like this before. But that what happens when you find the one you love, cheated on you with your best friend.

I loved Liam very much. I love him so much that it hurts. I never thought i’d let myself get to this point, but here i am with my heart aching, aching for his love. I was very surprised when he told me that e liked me back. At the moment i was the happiest girl alive. But i knew something like this is too good to be true. 

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Gangsta Luv (G Dragon fic/Ch.3)

A/N: Ch.1    Ch.2    Ch.4    Ch.5     Ch.6     Ch.7     Ch.8     Ch.9     Ch.10     Ch.11     Ch.12     Ch.13     Ch.14     Ch.15      Ch.16

Chapter 3 of my arranged marriage/mafia G Dragon fic! Enjoy! :D Also, this chap has a tad of angst in it. This is where it really starts….please don’t kill me for this… I love you guys!! Also, the cursing and stuff starts here too sooo…yeah. ~ Ad. Red

Word Count: 2,428

Summary: What does one do when their future is already picked out for them? Try to escape over and over again or accept their fate?

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This con is unpredictable. It can break a mark. It can break a grifter.
It can break a team.

I am in love with everything in this scene.

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Imagine you and your son visit Isla Nublar and you find out that your ex boyfriend is the raptors trainer - Part 2.

Owen Grady x Reader

Part 1 here

“Omg, Owen? Do you know where Matty is? He’s hurt? Tell me!” You shouted shivering and  hopeless.
“Hey, hey…stay calm. Breathe!” He said placing his hands on your arms. “You have a very brave son and he’s cool. I found Matty and took him to a safe place, don’t worry. Are you okay?”
“I am now. Thank you so much, I don’t have enough words to thank you.” You smiled and Owen stared at your wounds. “Oh..this is nothing!”
“No, I need to take care of this wounds…they look bad.” Owen said pushing you.
“You’re still the same…”
“Is that bad?” He winked at you.
“Maybe…are you working here?”
“Yup, I’m the raptors trainer.”
“Oh are you serious? That’s new.”
“I grew up, I’ve changed a bit!” He laughed.
“Yeah me too, I guess it’s life.”
“And you changed too. You’re married and have a son…big changes!”
“Well…” You hesitated. “…I’m not married anymore.”
“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t knew.”
“That’s okay. How could you know? We haven’t seen each other for about… 10 years?”
“10 years?  Oh man, we’re old (Y/N)!”
“We can’t stay forever young, unfortunately.”
“But you still look good.” Owen said without even thinking. You looked at him with your eyes wide open. “Oh…err…I mean, you’re not bad….” He was so embarassed.
“You look good too!” You laughed and squized his hand when he started to disinfect the wounds.
“I know that this burns, but hold on just a little, it’s almost done.” You looked at him and nodded affirmatively.
“Done! So what are you doing now?”
“Getting a special treatment from an improvised nurse?!” You laughed out loud.
“Not now…in your life. What do you do for living?”
“Yeah I figured that you were talking about that. Well, I’m a undercover operative.”
“Like FBI?”
“Something like that… Actually, I’m in an undercover investigation right now. Opps, I shouldn’t said that to you. I have to kill you now.” You said emotionless.
“Wait what?” Owen asked terrified. The smile he had on his face, went to a frightened face. He was really very distressed.
“Exactly what I said. Must kill you…with tickles!”
“Oh jesus, for a moment I thought you were telling the truth!” He exclamed relieved.
“Maybe, maybe not… Just kidding I’m second assistant director.”
“In movies?”
“That’s right. I oversee the cast, ensuring that the principal actors are in makeup, in wardrobe, or standing by on the set at the correct times.  Well, basically I’m the assistant of the first assistant director.”
“Wow. It sounds amazing.”
“Sometimes. Isn’t that funny. So I know that you train the velociraptors, but what you did before?”
“I was in the Navy.”
“My brother was also in the Navy, what a coincidence…. Omg, Matty! Can I go see my son? Please!”
“Of course. He’s not too far from here.”
You two walked till the control room. Matty was there with two boys, who were Claire’s nephews: Gray and Zach. They were playing with some toys. When you saw you son, you ran into him and hugged him tight. Matty was so happy that he started to cry.
“Omg baby, I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry.” You said making sure that he was really okay.
“I missed you! Here’s your watch.” Matty reached out to give his watch to Owen.
“You can keep it!” Owen said and put it around Matty’s arm.
“No Owen, that’s too expensive.” You said when you saw that it was a vintage Rolex.
“Now it’s yours, take care of him. My grandad gave it to my dad, and my dad gave it to me, so is very special. And it deserves to be with a very special guy like you.” Owen said and smiled. You looked at him tenderly. At that moment you felt a strange feeling. The feelings you had for him had returned. In fact they never were gone. You just had broken up because the distance, the love never ended. And after so many months of suffering, you finally felt truly happy.
“Mom, can I go play with them?”
“Of course baby, have fun.” Matty turned to Gray and Zach and leave you and Owen alone.
“I missed you!” You said holding his hands.
“I missed you too (Y/N)!” Owen hugged you strongly. That hug lasted longer than usual.
“Owen?” You heard someone talking and quickly turned around. You saw a beautiful red-haired woman in front of you  and realized that something was wrong by the way she looked Owen.
“Hey, this is (Y/N). Matty’s mom!” Owen said introducing you.
“Hi!” You waved awkwardly.
“This is Claire Dearing the head of operations and asset management at Jurassic World.”
“It’s really nice to meet you. Thank you for having my boy safe.”
“No problem. We are here to protect all  the visitors. Owen can I talk to you for a second?”
“(Y/N) I have to go, but stay here, I’ll come back.” He said and followed Claire.
She was walking hurried, Owen barely could keep up.
“Claire, what’s wrong?”
“If you’re gonna act like this, I better go!”
“Yeah,  you should come back to your friend (Y/N).”
“Wait…are you jealous?”
“Yes you are. Listen here Claire, it was only a kiss. If you’re thinking that we’re dating, you’re very wrong.”
“We have bigger problems now. Indominus… we need your raptors.”
“My raptors?”
“Yes, to track her. Can you please cooperate?”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I mean my girls never were on the field.”
“Well, they need to be one day, so…”
“Guys, I’m sorry, but you need to see this.” Vivian peered at the door.
Owen and Claire ran into the main room. On the big screen was the park’s map and the exact location of Indominus. She was moving towards the raptors cage.
“I need to go!” Owen said and left the room. He passed by you and stopped in front of you.
“Indominus is near the raptors cage, I have to save them.”
“So go!” You encouraged him.
“Not before doing this!" 

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