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Book where medicine cat doesn't want a lover and really just wants to get their job done and whoever comes up with "ahaha you're really close to that cat?" And the response is a glare and a scoff

a beautiful medicine cat who is literally swarmed with suitors. young warriors coming in and complaining of some ache or another just to get a chance to speak with the medicine cat and she just rolls her eyes. young warriors coming in trying to show off their scars in hoping to impress her and she’s just like “thats nice can you move you’re blocking the entrance” 

I was thinking, a few days after that Iconic™ scene when Trini told her family she and a group of kids found a spaceship and she was now a superhero,,, superheroes,,, show up in town,,, to defeat the alien evil,,,, and her family didn’t connected the dots?!??!
Okay, she was being sarcastic and shit, so at the moment her family was like “???” but after the rangers appears,, how they didn’t,, like,, “oh yeah, Trini told us about it”

“They’re saying I kidnapped you.” Tom told her as he walked through the door.

Hermione whipped her head around, anger already beginning to form in her eyes. “They what?” 

Tom’s face was blank, even as his dark eyes searched hers. “Your friends. They are trying to convince the old man I took you against your will, then tricked you into staying.” His eyes flicked down to the golden pomegranate shaped locket that glowed against her dark skin. “They seem to think I seek to use your power and make you my queen.” 

Tom met her eyes again and smiled slowly at the cool burning rage he saw there. 

“Is that so?” she said softly, then got up and walked out of their library. 

Tom smiled wider as he watched her go, her hips swaying gracefully and her head held high. 

They thought he meant to make her a queen, but failed to notice she’d always been one. 


“Yes, l think she’s-”
“Mysterious, perhaps? But cold.”
“Oh, yes.. That’s what they all discover in the end.”

The Heart of Me (2002)


I can feel her discomfort as she looks around my place, her eyes stayed locked on her fingers as she fidgets with the bottom of her dress. I take a look around trying to see what’s got her feeling like this, closed off and kind of quiet. I mean I don’t know this girl for shit but she doesn’t really strike me as the timid quiet type.  There’s no drugs or other chicks clothes, I asked her here against my better judgment but I still want her to feel comfortable. We have important shit to sort out and that won’t get done if she’s acting like a spooked little bunny.  

I stop when I reach the kitchen, turning around hoping to see her following me but she isn’t, she’s still standing unsurely by the door.  

“You can keep your shoes on.”  I smile pointing to her feet, I’m doing anything to ease her discomfort. 

“Kay.” She doesn’t smile but or move.  

“This place is a bit of a mess.” I cringe looking around, full ashtrays and half empty takeout containers take up most of the counter space, my notebooks filled with lyrics and notes. I try to think back and it was so fucking long ago so it’s tough, but I let my mind wander to the time when I was with Isla and the things she found comfort in and it hits me. She looks real pretty in her dress but it’s not exactly lounging wear, “You want something more comfortable to chill in?”  

“Umm… yeah please.” She steps further into myspace  where I lead her into my bedroom. She stands by the door instead of coming all the way in. I don’t know what she thinks could happen, she’s hot as fuck but I’m not about to try and get with her and it has nothing to do with the fact I’ve been there done that, fucking her was fantastic, I mean pussy is pussy but hers was pretty damn sweet.  Thinking about our night together should get my dick hard but it doesn’t, it makes the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach dig deeper, all I feel like is pervy asshole.  

I open my dresser drawer pushing around shit until I find an old hoodie and a pair of sweats, “This okay?” I ask holding them up for her to see.

She nods reaching forward to take them from my hands, are fingers touch brushing lightly against one another and she looks up into my eyes. The touch was so soft, just like her pouty lips that are parting slightly. I offer he a tight smile nodding my head to the door behind me, “The bathrooms in there. Go change and I’ll order us some food.”  

Back in the kitchen I hang my head, trying my best to clear it, this girl’s got me fucked up, there’s so many conflicting emotions running through my mind. Guilt, fear and anger along with some serious fucking confusion.  I know she’s young but I’m not much older than her, after years of hard work my band is finally getting some damn recognition and I’m not willing to throw that all way to try and make her feel better. So there’s a bit of spark there, aint nothing new for me. I just have to keep reminding myself she’s too fucking young and I’m not into having any sort of relationship and things should be fine.  

Her quiet steps move along the floor and I look down and over to where she’s walking out of my room, ignore the slight tug in my chest over how cute she looks swimming in my hoodie, “Uh I didn’t know what you felt like eating so I didn’t…” I let my words drop off and rub the back of my neck.  

“Honestly anything is fine, at first I couldn’t keep much down but it’s gotten easier.” Finally she sits down, she makes herself comfortable on my couch, tucking her feet up under crossed legs.  


OC Rambles (Late?)

Oh, my I’ve never done this before, can I still talk about my inquisitor? Oh, and please mind my English it isn’t my first nor second language.

 So, my inquisitor Adisa Trevelyan is a mage who’s romancing Cullen. During their romance or before, I would like to think that Adisa despised him. All circles have fraternities according to the previous games and wikia. Adisa used to be part of the libertarian fraternity, they desire the Circle to become an autonomous, self-regulating order without Chantry involvement at any level. While many Libertarians advocate the use of peaceful means to ensure their independence, there were some who would rather use extreme means for their freedom.

 Now because of that Adisa favours the rebel mages much more rather than the Templars, she believes that Templars exist for a good reason but because of the misbalance of power the Templars act in corrupted evil ways. Adisa spent most of her time in the circle angry, she wasn’t very vocal about her opinions in front of the Templars. Ostwick circle compared to the other fortresses was a lot more “nicer” to their charges. Adisa would still see it as a structural problem, she felt like the mages were systematically oppressed. Whilst many argue that the circle exists solely because of the risk of mages becoming abominations Adisa would disagree and say that it is the circle that increases those risks because of isolation and oppression, everyone is equally exposed to demons.

When she met Cullen for the first time at the war table and it was mentioned that he was a Templar, Adisa recoiled, took a few steps back and glared at him. She didn’t like him, she felt like she had no reason to like him given that fact that he was a Templar and worked under Knight-commander Meredith and worked in Kirkwall’s circles. There were some one-sided enemies to friends type of relationship, Adisa never initiated their conversations at the beginning she would rather have nothing to do with him, but when she saw that he was trying hard to redeem himself and become a better person, Adisa slowly became less prejudiced against Templars, and would respect his opinion.

 Nonetheless, still after they finally become a thing and confess their feelings towards each other most of their disputes would always be about their different beliefs in the system and towards mages and Templars, they would almost never find any common ground. Their relationship suffered heavily and Adisa had to call it off. They got together again after a while and their relationship became somewhat strained after that

Alright I’ll shut up now BYE!

He blushed again. She was so pretty and he wanted to be able to keep playing but he was way too distracted by her cute little smile to be able to remember what keys to press. 

“I hope you don’t mind me sneaking in on you.”

“Oh no,” he started awkwardly. “I just don’t usually have an audience.” He motioned a little to the empty room. 

“Yeah.” She glanced around thoughtfully. “This room is much nicer when it’s empty. And perfectly quiet.”

He smiled up at her. He liked the way she talked. And the way her smile made it up to her eyes so easily.

He looked back down at the piano. “Do you want to…?”

“Oh, no, I don’t want to intrude.”

“No, please.” He scooted off the bench, nodding at her.

boring Ranger headcanons

  • Vision:
    Trini is near sighted as shit and the contacts she wears are for vision as well as colour.
    Kimberly was given glasses, as she has a slight astigmatism in her left eye, but doesn’t ever wear them because she can see fine without them.
    Billy is supposed to wear glasses while on computers, but he forgets all the time.
    Zack and Jason have 20/20 vision.
  • Food preferences:
    Zack really doesn’t like the texture of sponge with smooth, for example trifles. He has no idea why, he’s been like it since a kid. He’s also allergic to shellfish.
    Trini can pretty much be bribed with anything sour. The level of sour sweets she can handle is intense. She also loves really strong citrus, and eats lemons and limes as they are.
    Jason is allergic to hundreds, literally hundreds, of things. Billy is the only one outside of Jason and his mother who knows all the allergens. 
    Kimberly cannot stand the smell of peanut butter. She likes the taste, but the smell makes her gag.
    Billy likes to dip his potato chips in yogurt okay don’t even knock it until you try it.
  • Handedness:
    Zack is left handed and also has the sharpest elbows of the entire team.
    Trini, Kimberly and Billy are right handed, and have agreed between the three of them that Jason is the only person who sits on Zack’s left at a table, even if it’s the ‘good’ chair at Billy’s house.
    Jason is ambidextrous with a slight sway to his right hand just from the fact the world is more geared to right handed people. His sword circumstantially alternates on which hand it manifests on.

WidowTracer Week

Day 4: Saccharine

“Don’t forget your cap and come back safe, Cadet Oxton..”