her eyes......

All the Chantry’s candles couldn’t compete with the spark that’s in your eyes

“What are you thinking about, Alistair?”

“….uuuummm… Lamp posts, definitely.”


See? Under control.

It’s Tier Harribel’s birthday! AND I DOUBT get anything special done today, so a quick sketch for the queen! Even though still doubting she likes the title :v Still sad she had no action anymore and thus no time to train unlike Nelliel and Grimmjow, plus with Aizen gone, what do? That ever a new Arrancar pops up seems unlikely, ‘cept they get a new Hogyoku … god the Shinigami would have it so easy now to slaughter them, COUGHS anyway happy birthday, harri ♥

anonymous asked:

Random question, how do you feel about Noctis and Lunafreya as a couple? Personal I'm kinda against shipping with characters that has a canon ship but as it stands with FFXV it feels wrongish to call Noct and Luna a couple, if that make senses?

I like that ship! I think it’s sweet. 

I can ship pretty much anything as long as there’s nothing about it that’s icky to me. (Like– I’d never ship Ardyn with any of the chocobros or Luna, or… anyone… for example.)

Part of Your World, A Tarquin Fan fiction, Part i

It took me about a week to finally get working on this but here it is! The first installation of my Tarquin fan fiction :) I’m so excited for everyone to read this and I hope you like it. It’s a little long, got carried away haha. @writtenbyourstruly credit to this lady for giving me the ideas for this fic and the things that happen in it!!! 

Can you find the inspiration for this fic because I was highly influenced and now I can’t go back lol enjoy!

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