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Maybe an AU where Kelly didn't die? Like she finds Gibbs when she's older?

A young girl strides into the NCIS office with pride. Well, by means of age, she’s barely a woman. She’s as old as Gibbs’ wound, plus six years.
That was how old Kelly was when she was supposed to die.
She stood at a desk and cleared her throat. “Ahem.”
A dark haired woman looks up. “I’m not a receptioner.” Her accent states she is clearly foreign, and her eyes glint with pride that say she’s so much more then a desk lady.
“I know. My name is Kelly.”
The woman, plus two men at their desks, look up quickly.
“Kelly Gibbs.” She throws her head up and shoulders back. “I came to find my dad. He’s here, isn’t he?”
“Ah- yeah. He is.” Tony coughs and stands when Gibbs enters from the elevator. “Boss! Hi! This… She…” He pointed at Kelly. “She wants to see you.”
Gibbs takes one look at Kelly and it’s all over. His heart mends and shatters and swells and shrinks.
The girl hesitates not in running to him as if she were still a child, and Gibbs hugs her as if she were one, mute.
Kelly nestles into her father, sobs tightening her throat. “Daddy,” she smiles and hugs Gibbs tightly.
They had a ton of catching up to do.

His first reaction may be to behave in even a more stuffy manner than usual toward her. His innate shyness may deepen, his timidity tremble, and his formal attitude grow even more formal. But gradually, gently and inevitably, he will slowly relax through their unhurried conversations together, and finally risk giving her that special grin. His eyes will shine, saying so much more to her than his spoken words..and her heart will suddenly turn over. It isn’t easy to make a Scorpio’s heart turn over, especially suddenly. But this man’s soft eyes and shy grin can do it.
—  Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, Capricorn x Scorpio
Accident - Ashton

Rating: NC-14

Word Count: 1.7k

Content: idk


I feel like you don’t love me anymore.

Her voice was fragile and weak when she said this, playing with her seat belt and avoiding eye contact. I could only say so much in a short car ride to her home, but when she stopped in the middle of making love and turned her back to me, I could hear her shaky breaths and a small whimper escape her pouty lips. She was devastated for a reason I could not pinpoint. My arm draped around her naked torso was no help either because she played with my fingers for only 5 seconds before letting go, “Take me home.”

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Mark my words, Alycia Debnam Carey is going to win an Oscar one day.
She has a talent that is pretty rare, and that’s her incredible ability to control her physical features, especially her eyes. She doesn’t have to speak for her to be able to execute what her character feels. She can say so much with her eyes and body language without a single sound, and that’s what makes the difference between a good actor and an incredible one. So mark my words, she is going to explode and be a huge deal in the industry. And she’s going to get an Oscar, or an Emmy, or whatever else there is.