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On Sleepless Roads (1/3)

This fic is a love letter to the characters of Emma Swan and Killian Jones. It is a fic that has been in the works for over nine months and I am so excited to share it with everyone. It started with filming spoilers of our favorite female protagonist being stabbed on a dark, foggy night in Storybrooke and it grew from there. Season 6 Canon divergence. 

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One night of peace is all they were granted before the next crisis began. One night to recover from the aftermath of darkness and secrets, hell and death, before Mr. Hyde made his presence in town known. But with Killian by her side, it didn’t seem to matter in the long run. The moment she saw him above the place his body had been laid to rest, a question in the call of her name, she decided to fight for her own happiness. Maybe the savior could have a happy ending as well. Maybe this was it.

That was what she had believed before she found herself here.

“Ah, the infamous Savior. Do you really think yourself a match for me?” She can’t see his face, the cloaked figure that’s far too reminiscent of past Dark Ones. With the edge of his blade threatening Henry’s throat, she draws her sword, sighing in relief when the action grants her son’s release. Killian grabs Henry the moment he’s near.  

Cold air bites at her skin, slips into the gap between her sweater and back, leaving a trail of goosebumps. She tightens her grip on her father’s sword. “I think you’ll find yourself surprised.”

“Perhaps. But you can’t fight wounded.” She feels the ground give beneath her first - knees stinging with a thud as they hit concrete. There’s a thick sticky crimson covering her hands where she’s holding them at her side and oh god -

The dagger poking out of torn flesh burns - a hot searing pain that stifles her breathing. It hurts. It aches, throbbing with a sharp pain paralleled by nothing she has felt before. Her cry is a high pitched wince as her body curves into itself and dammit it hurts. She tries to focus on the roughness of the unpaved road at her knees, but she can feel the sensation fading, can feel herself fading with it. The moment she moves, a small shift as her legs give out, it comes back with a fury.

Muffled words grow louder as the world around her comes back into focus, Killian’s panicked voice the only thing she can hear.

“What’s wrong? Emma, Emma, love talk to me!”

Her eyes burn too, and she tries to blink against the dust clouding them, moaning in pain at the knife lodged into her side. “Killian,” she breathes, leaning into his chest as his arms wrap around her. Magic pulsates beneath her palms but does nothing to heal the wound or stop the bleeding. “Son of a bitch.” It’s gritted between closed teeth, and she tries again to no avail.

Killian’s hand is cold as it roams across her shoulders and down to her back, frantically searching for something he can’t seem to find. He repeats her name, a panicked fear she can feel rise in his chest with every inhale.

“I’m-” His hand finds hers with calloused fingers pressing further into the wound - adding kerosene to what might have been a dulling spark. She reels forward as the lights flicker on, an anguished cry at the contact. It seems to summon Henry, the absolute last person she wants to see her in this state. But before she can tell him to leave, he’s scavenging for keys as Killian lifts her into his arms. Her request would have fallen on deaf ears anyway.

“Come on, Swan. I’m getting you to a hospital.”

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Novaturient: Part Two (Bucky Barnes)

Authors Note: Alright, here it is. Sorry it’s a bit late but I had shit to do. Tell me what you think? What do you think should happen next? Also, next part is gonna be a little…well, steamy? They start training and that means all kinds of touching…

Warnings: alcohol, swearing, jealously, shorter than before

Word Count: 1961

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“You can’t be seriously be avoiding this, (Y/N).” Steve sighed,“This is a big deal. You don’t understand. Buck thought he didn’t have a soulmate, that he didn’t have the perfect match…”

(Y/N) shook her head,“Steve, he hates me. There is no way I’m gonna just come out and say I’m his soulmate.” She insisted,“That’s just ridiculous, he would never be on board with it.”

Steve let out another deep sigh, giving her his signature ‘I’m disappointed in you’ look.“You aren’t changing my mind, (Y/N).”

(Y/N) let out an over-dramatic groan before getting up to mope in her room instead of listening to Steve act like a father putting his foot down.

There was no way that Steve’s little plan would work. It didn’t matter if Bucky was her partner for missions now, it wasn’t gonna make him like her.

Steve acted like she was the bad guy in this, like she wasn’t torn apart about it all. She had been waiting for this day, dreaming about a guy who was on her side. She was finally going to have someone who cared.

Of course fate had screw with her, it always did. She didn’t know why she thought this would be any different from every other important person in her life.

(Y/N) walked down the hallway to her bedroom, passing by Bucky who was radiating with aggravation. It peaked her interest, and before she even knew it, she had zoned in on him.

Bucky shut the door to the meeting room where Steve was, the slam echoing through the Headquarters. Or at least she thinks it did, her hearing was slightly inferior to everyone else’s.

“How dare you partner me up with her? She’s insufferable.” Bucky stated, making (Y/N) heart ache at her soulmate’s words.

“She isn’t insufferable, Buck. C'mon, you need to ease up on her. I like you might ever like her.” Steve said with a knowing tone.

Bucky laughed dryly,“No way. She’s walks around like she is better than everyone, and she has no regard for anyone else. I can’t work with her, Steve.”

“Well, you don’t have a choice, Bucky. This is how things work. You work with her, it doesn’t matter if you like her or not.” He told him,“You’re partners now. You work together and you protect each other. Just…try it out, okay? Give it a month or at least four missions to see how you fight together.”

(Y/N) zoned out after that, taking a turn into the training room instead of going to her room. Maybe she just needed to work out these emotions on a punching bag.

It was two hours of punching and kicking, practicing moves and letting her senses take over before Natasha came in with a mischievous grin.

“Let’s get you all dolled up.” She said with a teasing tone. (Y/N) just raised her eyebrows as she drank from her water bottle.

Once she swallowed, she replied,“For what exactly?”

“We’re all going out to a club. A private one, of course. We would track too much attention if we went to a bar. Now, come on. Wanda, You, and I are all getting dressed up, and having fun. Cause honey, you need it.”

(Y/N) laughed at that, nodding slightly before following Natasha back to her room. After a quick shower, and a thin layer of makeup, (Y/N) was slipping on the little black dress with a sparkling bottom/skirt that hugged her figure perfectly. Her cleavage popped out teasingly and her smooth legs were covered with black stockings.

Wanda and Natasha both whistled,“Wow, you might have Barnes on his knees!” Natasha teased and (Y/N) rollled her eyes.

“Whatever, he wants to kill me, not fuck me.” She commented as she grabbed her purse so she could join everyone to head out to the club.

That began the night of the unexpected. The private club was crowded with mingling adults and flashing neon lights. The music vibrated the floor and through her veins. The atmosphere was a mix of hormonal, foggy, and giddy. And (Y/N) honestly couldn’t wait to join them.

Natasha ordered everyone shots as soon as they got in the door, making a toast to the Avengers before everyone threw their heads back for the shot.

It wasn’t long until everyone spread out. (Y/N) stayed at the bar, eyes roaming over the mass of people before her eyes landed on Bucky.

He was across the room, talking to a girl in a tight pink dress who was giggling way too much and touching on his arm. It made (Y/N) sick to watch, shaking her head. Wow, she couldn’t believe this. She barely knew the guy but she wanted so bad to beat this girl because Bucky Barnes was her soulmate.

But he didn’t know that. He’d never accept it if he did.

(Y/N) cleared her throat,“I need the strong alcohol you have, sir.” She said to the bartender who nodded quickly before starting to mix some weird drink that she couldn’t hear over the music.

One drink, then two, turned to six and then she was on the dance floor. She was surrounded by singles, grinding against any guy who pressed up against her. Everything was foggy, which was unusual for her cause her sense are usually the clearest thing to her.

She didn’t know when, or why, but Natasha pulled her out of the sea of boys and back into the crowd of friends.“Hey, (Y/N),” Nat said, snapping her fingers to get her attention.“I think you need to go home. Bucky’s heading home and you’re going with him before you do something stupid.”

“But he haaaates meeee.” (Y/N) whined, pouting at her best friend.

“He will get you home safe. Now, go, you’re too drunk to be left alone.” Natasha insisted as Bucky helped (Y/N) stumble to a cab.

Bucky told the cab driver the address as (Y/N) swayed in her seat a little.“Bucky…why are you so quiet? Did you not have fun?” She asked.

Bucky cleared his throat a little,“Um..well, it’s hard to have fun when you can’t get drunk. Steve’s friendly with everyone already, so he doesn’t need the alcohol. But I’m not as lose, I guess.” He shrugged,“Can’t get drunk and being the only sober one isn’t very fun.”

(Y/N) started to giggle to herself,“What if I told you I could help you?” She said mischievously.

Bucky raised his brows,“And how would you do that?”

“Oh, my good friend, Thor, God of Thunder and sunshine hair, gifted us with some Asgardian liquor…and man, it’s made for Gods, and I’ve seen Steve get drunk off of it.”

“Yeah, I don’t know about that.” He said hesitantly.

“Oh c'mon, don’t be such a buzz kill…” (Y/N) whispered,“It could be fun. It’s just one nights. You can hate me tomorrow, okay?”

Bucky glanced over at her, watching her carefully before letting out a sigh.“I mean, I guess it wouldn’t be too bad…but let’s keep this between us, yeah?”

(Y/N) grinned in victory,“Yeah!” She giggled as the cab stopped in from of their building. Bucky helped her out, a hand on her lower back so she didn’t trip or anything as they walked into the building.

“I need to get out of this thing…” She whispered, not noticing the smirk on Bucky’s face.

“Why? You look good. It’s…” He scratched the back of his neck,“It’s a nice dress, fits well.”

(Y/N) barely heard his comment as she was already unzipping the back of the dress, and Bucky couldn’t help but stare in awe of her tan and fit body. He eventually had to turn away as she was stripping down as she walked to her bed room.

When she came back, she was in a pair of short shorts and a flannel, carrying an unlabeled bottle of liquor.

“This is for you, Mr. Barnes.” She said, handing him the bottle. He looked at her like she was absolutely ridiculous.

“Why do you keep a bottle of Asgardian liquor in your room?”

“Stark banned it from the tower after Thor dared some guy to a drinking contest…” She giggled,“Thor won.”

Bucky nodded slowly, going to find a glass and pouring himself half a glass.

“It works fast from what I’ve seen.“She commented, and really he should have believed her but she was drunk so she couldn’t possibly know what she was talking about, right?

Wrong. It was literally half an hour later and he was just about as drunk as she was.

"You’re so drunk, I can tell by the way you’re looking at me.” (Y/N) insisted, giggling at Bucky’s reaction.

“I’m not drunk, you’re just blurry. You wouldn’t understand since you’re like an animal of some kind…with the sense shit. You know what? You makes no sense.” He rambled, leaning back on the couch and grinning.“I’m not drunk.”

“Yeah, okay. You’re too nice to be sober.

"What?! I’m nice, you’re the one who put a knife to my throat the minute you met me.” Bucky retorted.

“You can’t hold that against me forever.” She said in a sing-song voice.“You have been friendly or nice to me at all since you got her. So, yes, you’re drunk cause you’re being kind.”

“Whatever, I’m nice. No, I’m charming. You should have met me back before all this. I was definitely charming.”

“You’ve got as much charm as a dead slug.” She murmured, shooting him a little smile.

Bucky leaned up to look her in the eyes,“You’re lucky your pretty, because that mouth of yours would get you in so much trouble one day.”

(Y/N) blushed,“Maybe I like trouble, Barnes.” She whispered back to him, biting down on her bottom lip and she made eye contact with him.

“I bet you do, doll.” He ran his hand through his hair as he looked at (Y/N).“You..have really beautiful eyes..they sparkle, you know? And shine…they’re just so damn beautiful.”

(Y/N) entire face with red with embarrassment and she was beyond flattered,“Oh- wow, t-thank you.”

“You’re also cute when you blush. And when you don’t talk…” He whispered,“But never seem to shut up.”

“Oh yeah?” She asked,“This your way of telling me I need to talk less? Cause that’s not very charming..”

Bucky smirked,“It might be.” He leaned in a little closer, their face just centimeters apart.“I bet I can think of a few way to get you to shut up…”

(Y/N) just smiled as they inched closer to destroy the space between them…lips just moments away when the door swung open and in came Sam and Natasha.

The soulmates quickly put a good distance between them, (Y/N) getting up and stumbling over the couch a little.

“So, yeah, um, I’m gonna go to bed…I’m really dizzy. I’ll see you in the training room tomorrow… partner.” She said as she backed away and only ran into one of the walls.

“Yeah..” Bucky murmured,“Goodnight, doll- um partner..”

As (Y/N) made her way to bed, she couldn’t get that moment out of her head and was his breath felt like against her lips. She wanted to feel his lips, were they as soft as they looked?

Did he want it as bad as she did? Or was it just drunken actions? Probably. All she could think was what the fuck was she gonna do tomorrow during training….


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magical au where sabo and/or marco become gravely ill or something like that, and ace ends up trading his life for theirs(with a witch maybe(. except it turns out that sabo and marco and everyone else forget ace, and thats what the deal meant:He lost his life among those people. So he sets out trying to recover their memories, all the while wondering if thats the right decision

ahaha this went off prompt but I’m not sorry because it’s so cool thank you thank you and also I hope you like angst? If this is too far gone, just let me know and I’ll try again.

“Ho the cottage,” he says, tilting his hat back, and nothing happens.

That’s fine; he’s got a bit of time, so he waits, and sure enough an older woman comes bustling around the corner, trowel in one hand and bucket in the other. She comes to a stop a fair ways from the gate and looks him over. “Can I help you?”

“I sure hope so,” he says, pushing his hat right back. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am; would you be Miz Matilda, by chance?”

She sighs and sets the bucket down, dropping the trowel in and wiping dirty hands along her apron. “I am,” she says. “You’re one of those, then? You’d best come in.”

He bobs his head a bit and takes a deep breath before he pushes open the small gate and steps in. If there was ever a time for his best manners, this is it. “Thank you,” he says, and makes sure the gate shuts behind him.

She motions him up to the porch and sits in the rocking chair there. He perches on the bench running sideways along the wall, hands gripping the edge and leaning a bit forward, and waits for her to speak.

“So what is it, then?” she says, looking off into her yard. “Some pretty lass jilt you? Broken heart? Looking to be strong?”

He swallows and inhales and keeps his voice quiet and steady. “No, ma’am,” he says. “My friend–”

She glances over at him, hand raised and eyes sharp. “If you’re using some of that doubletalk and mean yourself, at least have the bravery to say it, and if it’s really for a friend, know that I don’t deal with people I haven’t met.”

His fingers tighten on the bench, but it’s fair enough of her, really. He fixes his eyes at a point slightly to her left and starts again. “My friend died.”

There’s a moment of quiet, where the breeze rustles the bushes and the rocking chair creaks and the birds sing. Then she sighs and says, “You’re one of those, then.”

He supposes he probably is. “I was told–”

“Yes, yes, never mind all that, boy. Let me have a look at you.”

He drags his eyes over to hers. It’s awkward for a moment, but her eyes are a warm kind of brown; pretty enough, and kind, and then the awkward passes into that moment of intimacy prolonged eye contact brings and there’s a rush of cold against his soul and brown is all he can see.

And then he blinks and the world comes back, like taking off sunglasses. He ducks his head. It wasn’t–he’d promised himself whatever was necessary–

He straightens his spine and looks back up, and there’s pity in her face. “You value his life more than yours,” she says, and he nods; of course he does. “No,” she says, so gentle, “you value his life more.”

He nods again. Thatch is–was worth more than him, objectively speaking, and that’s before the fact that it was his own division–

“What do you know about my fruit?” She asks instead, and he looks back down and shrugs. He’d heard rumors about fate changing and undoing mistakes and hadn’t asked further, but he’s not gonna admit to that.

She sighs. “I deal with balance. I don’t grant wishes, whatever trite nonsense the townsfolk told you; it’s all about worth and trade. If given enough surplus, I can nudge the balance into rearrangement, but it’s all got to be equal in the end.

“And you, boy–I could take your heart or your soul or your life or your time, but there’s nothing of yourself you can offer to equal the value you yourself have put on your friend.”

Because of course it’s his fault. His low self value and tendency to love truly and deeply has got him here, and there’s nothing he can bargain with because she’s not wrong.

Well, maybe he’s just asking for the wrong thing. “If I can’t buy his life,” he says slowly, “can I buy a chance?”

And the pity is gone, replaced by approval in the corners of her mouth and the set of her eyes. “You’re a smart lad,” she says. “Ask your questions.”

“What would a change cost?” he asks, desperately. “It was so close–so close. How much would it cost to make a wave wet the deck so Teach slipped, or maybe missed, or for Thatch to have a second’s more warning? How much would it cost to change a wind current just enough to make him have turned in time?”

Her mouth is firm but her eyes are soft. “That takes power as well, you know, but of a different sort. That’s the power of change, of time, of fickleness and words, and to guide it takes confidence and pain. Time magic and healing, it doesn’t come free. Magic like that is fueled by sacrifice, not power. What would you sacrifice?”

What does he even have of value? Not his life or his heart, apparently; never his brothers. But sacrifice isn’t always giving something up–it can be accepting something, too. “How about my name?”

She squints at him. “Your bounty is high,” she says, “but not high enough. If you were famous as say, Whitebeard, your name would maybe work. I could rebalance time for you, if you burn up every memory of yourself in order to change one tiny thing.”

“As famous as Whitebeard,” he says, and then his arms wrap around himself but his chin comes up. “How about as famous as Gold Roger?”

“That would do it,” she agrees. “If your name was on every lip in the Grand Line, you could burn it all away in a single instant and have maybe enough power. Just enough. But no one will thank you for it, boy. No one will be able to. You’ll be forgotten and lost, living in greys and unrecognizable.”

And he laughs, sharp and bitter, because, “What do I care about that? I can put my name in everyone’s mouth, I can make my face so well known that the whole world curses me, but I’d never live through it. I don’t care about the consequences.”

There’s sorrow in her eyes, but she nods. “Come, then,” she says, “There’s lemonade inside, and we’ll see how much your legacy is worth.”

So he sets off to find himself a slow kind of suicide at the hands of a proven killer, and he goes after Teach. It’s a battle he can’t afford to win, and he gives up his freedom and his life and his name, and he does it quietly and willingly.

Teach captures him, gloating the whole way, and Ace spits at his feet and bites his tongue and doesn’t smile, because it’s exactly to plan. And it doesn’t matter what happens now at all, because soon enough it’ll never have happened at all.

And then Oars Jr. dies, but it’ll never have happened. Whitebeard dies, but it’ll never have happened. Luffy cries but it’ll never have happened, and they’re all probably better without him anyway. So when it’s his turn, he dies with his brother in his arms and his name on everyone’s lips, just as planned.

It’s exactly right, and his last bit of flame is spark enough to burn down his own legacy. His name and life will be forgotten, fuel for a single second of chance to change everything, and he doesn’t regret it, not in the least.

He smiles, then, and thanks them for their love. He doesn’t ask to be remembered, because he really hopes he won’t be.

You’re You and I’m Me (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

Request: Marching band member Jared x cheerleader reader please?

Warnings: Fluff and cursing but it’s Jared so what do you expect

A/N: Sorry this was a little long. I get carried away sometimes. I hope you guys like it!


“Hey, Jared, you alive over there?”

Zoe’s voice snapped Jared out of his train of thought. He looked around his group of friends and sighed.

“Staring at (Y/N) again?”

“As if. I was staring at the dumbass poster on the wall. A kid looking moderately depressed with the words ‘Don’t be afraid to ask for help’ is not really helping people want to be less depressed, honestly, I think it kind of encourages depression.”

Everyone rolled their eyes at him. They all knew he had it bad for you and that he wouldn’t admit it unless you felt the same for him. Connor scoffed at Jared.

“You’re pathetic. You can’t even admit to yourself that you like her.”

“Okay pothead, I don’t really need advice from someone who lashes out in anger anytime he thinks someone is suggesting that he’s crazy… which you are.”

Zoe tried to hold back her smirk, but she was failing miserably.

“Even if I did like her, it wouldn’t matter. She’s the fucking head cheerleader.”

“Yeah, and the head cheerleader likes talking to you, Jared.”

Zoe tried to show sympathy for him. You and Zoe have been best friends since kindergarten. You had only gotten close to Jared last year, but even then, you weren’t super close. You would laugh at his attempts to annoy the teacher or your peers from time to time, but never had you had an actual conversation until this year.

You got up from your table and headed over to where Zoe was sitting. You took the seat across from her and inbetween Jared and Connor.

“Hi guys, did you enjoy the shitty mystery meat for lunch?”

Jared looked at the plate he had barely touched and scoffed.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure the mystery meat is at least 5 years expired and has contracted at least 4 diseases.”

You giggled at his remark, which made him smile. Your laugh always put him in a good mood.

“I wouldn’t doubt it. I just dared Ram to eat it and he threw up on some other kid’s lunch. It’s fun when you have a bunch of lugheads willing to do whatever you say.”

“You realize you’re making them believe they’re gonna get in your pants, right?”

“You realize I know that so I ask them to do dumb things anyway for everyone’s amusement?”

Evan smirked at Alana and Zoe who watched you and Jared flirt with each other. Of course you had a crush on Jared, but he never dared talk about his feelings. He was funny, but he never seems emotionally vulnerable, so it’s near impossible to tell what he thinks about anyone. Unless, it’s Connor.

“Are you guys excited for the game tonight?”

No one said anything. So the clear answer was a no. Jared decided to give his piece on the subject.

“Yeah, so excited for a team that hasn’t won a game in like 3 years.”

“Well, then don’t come for team, come for me.”

“I have to go no matter what, so I’ll be there.”

“Why are you even in marching band? You always talk about how awful it is.”

“It was either marching band or the chess club with a bunch of dudes who have barely even talked to a girl.”

“Quite the choice. Well, anyways, I’ll see you there.”

As you left, Jared banged his head on the table. He needed to get over this dumb fantasy he’s made up in his mind that you would ever be interested in him.


The game had just started and you were off to side with the rest of the squad. Jared was in the corner with the band, which was about five feet away from the cheerleaders, wishing he was at home and away from the school who could see him in his outfit. 

He sighed heavily and turned his head when he noticed you jogging over to him with your pom poms in hand. You rested your hand on his shoulder.

“Hey good-looking, you enjoying yourself?”

“(Y/N), take a look at what I’m wearing and look at my face.”

“You could at least fake it.”

“I’m sure faking it would make me as depressed as the kid on that poster.”

“And you said that kid was only moderately depressed, so that means you still have a little bit of spirit in there somewhere!”

He just shook his head and chuckled.

“If anyone could put me in a good mood, it’s you.”

“Well, I am just honored. I have to go back now, I’ll see you later!”

You walked away from him and bit your lip. It really took every fiber of your being to not blush while talking to him. He was so charismatic and made your heart flutter any time he actually talked to you.

It was now halftime and the band started their halftime show. You and the rest of the school hooped and hollered. But you were more focused on Jared rather than the band itself.

He saw you cheering him on and it made him actually enjoy what he was doing, knowing that you were supporting him. Jesus, could you be any more endearing to him?

After the game, you caught up with Jared.as he walking to his car. 

“Hey, wanna grab a scoop at Pop’s?”

“It’s like 11:00.”

“Good thing Pop’s is a 24 hour diner. What do you say?”

“Ah, sure. I’ll drive you there.”


You arrive at the small diner and find a booth in the back. Unfortunately, the cheerleading squad and football team had the same idea. Kurt and Ram began walking towards your booth.

“Oh, great. Here they come.”

Kurt put both hands on the table.

“(Y/N), this guy bothering you?”

“Can you two find someone else to slobber all over?”

“Why don’t you wanna hang out with us? We’re your friends.”

“Friends don’t wanna get in their friend’s pants. And the smell of your weird is actually affecting my vocal chords and the head cheerleader can’t lose her voice, so leave me alone.”

“Pfft, whatever. I’d rather have an easy girl anyways.”

The two walk away, leaving you and Jared alone. Jared looked back and turned around with a grin on his face.

“Man, I have never seen you talk like that with anyone before.”

“That’s cause I like you and hate them. They’re just a bunch of jerks.”

“I’m pretty sure they’re banging.”

“You’d have to be blind to not see it.”

Pop gives you and Jared your sundaes and you begin digging in. After a few moments of silence, Jared makes eye contact with you and quickly glances away while picking at his food.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just.. It’s nothing.”

“It’s obviously not nothing. What’s up?”

“You’re just… you.”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing! Nothing at all! It’s just that you’re you and I’m me.”

“I’m failing to see the problem here.”

“You wouldn’t get it. It doesn’t matter anyways.”

“It matters to you. What do you mean you’re you and I’m me?”

“You’re super popular, you’re head cheerleader, and you’re also class president. And I’m Jared Kleinman, the guy who pisses people off to no extent and is emotionally unavailable. I’m also the guy that knows he has no chance in hell being with you.”

You sit there shocked. Jared actually admitted he liked you.

Holy shit.

You were too shocked by his words to reassure him that you liked him back. He got up and laid down a $10. He began to walk out of the diner and unlocked his car.

You couldn’t move. You couldn’t speak or stop him. You watched his car speed out of the parking lot. 

You had to make it up to him somehow. You needed to let him know that you like him back. But how? Jared being emotionally unavailable just screams that he might need some constant reassurance of your feelings for him. And if reassurance is what it takes to date him, then reassure you shall. You knew exactly what to do.


“I’m sorry, Jared.”

“No offense, Evan, but I don’t really need an apology. It means nothing to me.”

He rested his head on his hand and tried to ignore his friends. He knew they were just trying to help, but he couldn’t help how shitty he felt. The one time he opens up and it completely backfires.

He’s definitely never doing that again.

Just then, he spots you across the room. He sees Kurt and Ram hanging over you while you try to swat them away.

“Ram, I swear to god, if you don’t stop-”

“You gonna send your boyfriend on us?”

“You know what, I don’t need this. I’m leaving.”

“Tell your boyfriend we said hi.”

“Oh believe me, he’d love to hear from you.”

You stomped over to Zoe’s table again.

“Oh, hey (Y/N)-”

“You guys might wanna move your stuff.”


You didn’t answer her. You stepped up on the table and held your hands in the air to get everyone’s attention. Everyone at the table looked at you and looked around. Jared tried to hide his face from the other students.

“Excuse me, can I have everyone’s attention?”

Everyone in the cafeteria turned and looked at you. It was dead silent and Zoe whispered to you.

“(Y/N), what are you doing?”

“I need everyone to know that I, (Y/N) (L/N), head cheerleader, have something to get off my chest. Last night after the game, I went to Pop’s with Jared Kleinman.”

Everyone looked at you with wide eyes and Jared completely hid his face in his hands. Was this seriously happening right now? Was he going to be the laughing stock of the school in about a minute? 

“And he said something to me that I had to think about for awhile. He admitted to me that he liked me, but we wouldn’t work because of certain complications.”

Jared was mumbling into his hands.

“This isn’t happening… Please god, let this be a dream or just strike me down. Either one works.”

“But, you know what Jared, you’re right. I am popular, head cheerleader, and the class president. And yes you piss people off to no end and you might be a bit emotionally unavailable, but I don’t care. Because I am helplessly in love with you and I sometimes can’t sleep because of it.You are enough for me.”

The whole room was silent. Jared slowly lifted his head out of his hands and looked up at you. He looked around at all the students murmuring among themselves. 

You twisted your hair around your finger and waved everyone off.

“Okay, that’s all.”

You stepped down from the table and the room began to get rowdy again. Jared stared at you in awe. He stood up from his seat and kissed you passionately. You heard aww’s and cheers from your friends and peers, but you didn’t care.

You bit your lip and smiled when he pulled away. He chuckled.

“Are you sure you wanna deal with all this? I’m sure I’m gonna bring your popularity down.”

“First of all, I don’t care. Second of all, I doubt anyone is gonna make fun of the head cheerleader, but if they do, it won’t matter. It won’t matter because I’m me and you’re you. And that’s enough.”

Heard That.

A Liam Dunbar imagine. 

This was requested! 

Can you do one where the reader is a werewolf and overhears Liam talking to Mason about how hot she is and she hears? 

     You had only been at Beacon Hills high school for about a week now, as you had recently moved to town with your family due to word getting out about your family secret, deeming it unsafe. It was an accident, really. Your brother, who is a werewolf, thought he was alone when he transformed. He had been in an empty area in the woods, and hadn’t done it because of the full moon, or because he was going to randomly go on a killing spree. Sometimes it just felt good to let your claws grow and your eyes glow. But, much to his dismay, he thought wrong, and there were a few teenagers hanging out in the area and had heard a few of his growls. They decided to check it out, and found your brother. They wasted no time reporting it and causing a full blown investigation, and although there were quite a few skeptics, there were quite a few believers, too. 

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your lips look so lonely, would they like to meet mine?

I saw this post a few days ago and I couldn’t resist. Also after watching Markiplier play Until Dawn I realize that it’s not really like a two person game? But idk maybe Carlos and Jay will sit in Carlos’s blanket cocoon and huddle around the controller and bicker over the decisions or something.

read on ao3

“I’m going to Starbucks, do you want anything?” Evie asks, poking her head into Carlos’s room. He’s curled up in the corner of his bed with his laptop in his lap, large headphones over his ears, and his dog burrowed into his side. Evie rolls her eyes and walks into the room. She stands in front of Carlos’s bed with her hands on her hips until Carlos finally notices her and tugs off his headphones.

“I’m going to Starbucks, do you want anything?” Evie asks again.

“A boyfriend.” Carlos mutters in reply. Evie sighs. Carlos has been in a funk since his boyfriend Anthony Tremaine broke up with him, and with Christmas fast approaching and him all alone, she doubts his mood is going to improve.

“Something chocolatey and full of sugar. Gotcha. Mal’s in the living room if you want to sulk with company.” Evie says, and leaves Carlos’s room.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you could continue the University AU for MM? Possibly with them going to a crazy party and finding MC drunk and taking care of them? Even better if they have a huge crush on MC but haven't told them?

I made the mistake of ordering a large milk tea and I feel like I’m going to hate myself later. 

I didn’t have any inspiration for V so I might add him in at a later date


  • he isn’t really into large parties so he wasn’t going to go
  • “Come on, but MC will be th–”
  • immediately accepts because he’s had the biggest crush on you since you two shared the same math class your first year
  • he puts on his best party clothes
    • which is a dark green tee and jeans -_-
  • but he doesn’t anticipate how crazy it’s going to be
  • there are so many people it’s ridiculous 
  • he saw you at the beginning of the party and lost you as time went on
  • he had to use the bathroom and walks in on you vomiting in the bathtub
  • “oh god…your toilet is so beautiful and I RUINED IT!!!”
    • …that’s not a toilet
  • you’re always so sweet and here you were rambling something about different chapsticks???
  • he spends 20 minutes with you 
    • of course actually directing you to the toilet and keeping your hair out of your face
  • has you sit on a couch, brings you some water to keep you hydrated
  • he could have chosen someone better to take care of but you’re the one he had a crush on so :3
  • “Yusong…you’re ssss–ssooo FFFFUCking CUTE. I jess CAN’T.”
  • you start breaking into tears while his face is all red
  • this man has no intention of taking advantage of you
    • his mother raised him to be a gentleman!
  • yeah maybe it’s time you went home
  • he takes a cab with you since he doesn’t want to be at the party unless you’re there
  • walks you up to your room
  • “Yesug take my sho”
  • “uh…n-no MC you’re going to n-need your shoe”
  • “but you gut to go hum wit SOMETHEMMM”
  • you give him your shoelace and leave him in your hallway, blushing and confused
    • ties the shoelace on his backpack :3


  • dragged to the party by Jumin since some of the student senate were planning on attending
  • she stays in the quiet area where all the designated drivers are
  • makes small talk with them here and there but they’re pretty boring :/
  • one of them tells her that they saw you walking around
  • immediately stands up, politely excuses herself, and goes looking for you
    • because you’ll certainly make things more interesting
  • eventually finds you finishing off whatever is in your red cup
  • your cheeks and ears are as red as cherries
  • you look so cute
    • and with the color in your face she just gets all flustered
  • then you put the empty cup over your mouth
  • oh jeez
  • the moment you make eye contact with her, she’s embarrassed yet excited
  • she sits down next to you asking how the party is
  • then you say something through the cup, your words muffled
  • “geehee kess mu”
  • “wh-what?”
  • the end of the cup touches Jaehee’s lips and you pull back with your arms in the air, laughing while the cup falls to the ground
  • she’s both elated and confused
    • does that count as a kiss?
  • she couldn’t focus on that since you’re clearly drunk
  • her hands are fumbling for yours as she’s walking you out of the party
  • calls a cab and takes you to your place
  • you become a big grump in the car
  • she just lets you ramble until you pass out on her shoulder
  • (>///<);;


  • this marshmallow wanted to get TURNT
  • and this party was THE party of the year
  • so why the hell not???
  • he’s enjoying himself; drinking, dancing, mingling and such
  • endS up not drinking as much as he wantS to
    • only has 2 beers
  • he’s talking with two girls when his eyes catch you in the crowd
  • you literally take his breath away~
  • who were those guys? AND WHY WERE THEY TALKING TO YOU!?
  • he excuses himself and marches over
  • your face is red and you’re kind of having a hard time standing up
  • Zen just loses his freaking mind
  • shoves one of the guys and a few punches are thrown
  • the two guys end up walking away and you’re just in awe
    • but poor Zen was punched in the jaw
    • he insists he’s okay 
    • but that handsome face
  • he apologizes to you since it’s not proper to fight in the presence of a lady
    • how chivalrous ser knight
  • after that, he doesn’t want you to leave his side 
  • so your hands are always on his arm
  • you feel so safe and comfortable with him that you fall asleep on his shoulder
  • he turns to say something to you but you’re already out
  • at that point, he drives you home, tucks you in bed and leaves you that night
  • the beast was stirring but he had to control it


  • he likes going to parties, but this party isn’t exactly his favorite
  • it’s so chaotic
    • no one seemed to have any personal space
    • and it’s SO loud
    • and no wine!?
  • he tries to be adventurous with drinks 
    • drinks a lot but he can handle his alcohol pretty well
  • the party gets so much more interesting when he notices you’re here
  • he doesn’t approach you almost the entire party
    • just catches glances of you while you aren’t looking
  • when he’s sitting down on the stairs, he notices you walking toward him
    • !!!
  • he tries to control his emotions as you take a seat next to him
  • “D-did you know th-that ca-cactuses can live up to fif-fif-fifteen t-to three hundre-dred years?”
  • o_o
  • …he doesn’t expect that
  • based on your rosy cheeks, ears and dazed look, he deduces you’re drunk
    • pretty bad too
  • then you get all flustered and turn away from him
  • you think you’re whispering to yourself but you’re using your outdoor voice
  • turns back to him all upset
  • “I dedn’t s-sa-say it righ….”
  • next thing he knows your body goes limp and your face ends up in his lap
  • he freezes
  • heart racing, blood rushing to his face
  • but this man is a gentleman and would never take advantage of you
  • takes a deep breath, pulls you off of him which rouses you from your quick nap
  • “we’re taking you home”
  • has Driver Kim come by to pick you two up
  • through your slurred words, you manage to give him your address
  • he takes you to your room, makes sure you’re in your bed, and leaves
  • the next morning he sees he has a voicemail from you at one in the morning
  • “J-jeumn…Jumin…do…do you rememmemmber my…my…cactus fact? I-I want you teh allllllways remember it. You wanna know why??? The cactus is you…oh no I SCREWED IT UP AGAIN…”
  • he cannot wait for you to ask about this when he sees you in class


  • yahoo~parties!!!
  • “Oh yeah, and I heard MC is supposed to come to”
  • he’s excited before, and now he’s SUPER EXCITED
    • because maybe this will be the night when he finally confesses!
  • only has a couple of drinks with Yoosung and Zen before he goes searching for you
  • eventually, he finds you by the keg and you two start talking
    • rambles so much  
  • doesn’t notice how much you drink until you drop your drink trying to count to ten
  • while you’re talking with Jaehee he’s on his phone and he’s playing Pokémon Go
  • he knows you play to so he nudges you when he sees an eevee a block down the street
  • you get super pumped and practically jump off the couch
  • the two of you go on a Pokémon hunt
  • he makes sure you’re close to him because one should not be going on a Pokémon hunt drunk
  • you’re incredibly dorky
  • starts jumping off of street lamps and walls a few inches off the ground
    • “PARKOUR!”
  • then at one point you thought you have to be close to wherever the  Pokémon are to catch it
  • so you’re squatting, pointing your phone to the ground to catch a caterpie
  • meanwhile, Seven is recording you and sending it to the messenger
  • you’re just so cute and dorky, he’s blushing
  • it’s probably time you head home though
  • as he’s walking home, you have your arm linked in his
    • you’re leaning on him and he’s just (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。
  • the entire time he’s just super happy because he’s wanted this for so long
  • he makes sure you get to bed and he leaves you a bottle of water
  • you wake up to see the videos of you being a stupid drunk

Picture 1) Me from a few days ago, just after coming back from my therapy appointment. It was the first time I was dressed in front of my roommate I came out to a couple weeks ago, but more on that in a minute!

 Picture 2) It has been SOOOO smokey in this area lately, due to wild fires and lack of rain these last few months. It was pretty bad for a while and is now only clearing up.

 3) PUPPY! Need I really say more? CUUUUTE PUPPY!

  So, life. I hope everybody has been well this last week, and boy do I have some things to report. I’ll go by experience in order, I suppose.

 This last week started my new schedule, working Monday-Thursday. I ended up having Monday off due to the holiday, so that was nice. Pretty uneventful at work though as the week was tiring and I was exhausted by the time I was done, and with the lack of days off in the last few weeks, but all was fine.

 On Friday (2 days ago), I had an early Bible study with my friend (moved from Mondays as I do not have that day off anymore), then I came home and dressed for therapy. I made sure with my roommate that she was okay with me dressing for my session, which she was very positive. I decided to go with some light makeup, a my new dress and new purse (I’ll post a picture of that soon!). We had a nice session talking about me coming out to my roommate, changing my name, ID stuff and all that. We also discussed me coming out to my 3 friends I have been mentioning in the blog since foreeeeever at games night (Saturday), so more on that in a minute.

 The only other thing to note about my trip out was after the session. I usually do my sessions on Sunday, but why do that as I have Friday off? Businesses are all closed on Sundays, the other therapists’ offices are generally closed as well, so the only one open is my therapist. The only other people in the building are generally the custodians, my therapist and clients of hers. So, this being my first Friday session, all the other businesses are open, lots more people coming and going, more people for appointments… so you know… busy. Prior to this point, I have dressed for my therapy sessions, but usually do a little something to hide what I’m wearing, but not this day.

 I decided it was time to go out with very little covering the dress. It was a chilly day, so I wore my thin jacket, but the bottom half of the dress was fully visible. That and I had my purse too, as I didn’t have anything to carry around my wallet or anything else, such as my phone and lipstick. Plus I was wearing flats too, so that was nice. Anyway, on the way out of the building, a man actually held the door open for me, which I wasn’t expecting in the least. I thanked him and moved on. From there I had to stay outside for a good 15 minutes because my roommate was running late from some errands due to bad traffic. It was a bit nerve wracking to stand out there visible to everybody going in and out of the building, but thankfully nobody batted and eye or gave me any bad stares. My roomie celebrated my coming out with buying me some coffee. She was very kind for sure.

 So, that ended my Friday. Saturday (yesterday), I had a barbecue with my friends in the afternoon - the 3 I have mentioned in my blog many times - and I decided that no matter what, I would not end the night without them knowing who I really am. After a night of a couple board games and some laughs all around, the big moment came. I started getting very hot and thirsty, basically overheating from  what I wanted to say, At the end of my night, I came out to them. When we were done cleaning up the last board game of the night, I said I had something important to chat about (2 friends were in the kitchen putting a few things away, the other, to my right at the table).

 The two friends (married husband I have known for 20 years, and his wife he has been married to for a few years now, and dating before that) I have said before I had little fear that they would reject me, didn’t. They gave me smiles and said okay, they’re there to support me through whatever I need them to. As for my third friend, the one I have mentioned I had fear that he would, at best, be confused, and worst, reject me, ended up being confused, thankfully. His basic response was that he knows a transwoman from work, and mostly refers to her as her, and tries not to mess up, so there’s that.

 He got pretty quiet in the last half hour of the night though after I talked, and didn’t make a whole lot of eye contact. I have a strong feeling he just needs time and needs to get over the fact that one of his few real friends he has, just told him that she is a woman. I made subtle comments about our future plans to go through all the Kingdom Hearts games to get ready for 3 next year, plus breaking in his new place he’ll move into in a couple weeks with another games night, and he still seems very up for it, so that’s good. Other than that, I made sure a number of times that none of them had questions, though mostly I was directing it at him.

 So, bottom line, I’m out to 3 more people in my life, and things went as well as I could have hoped. I have heard from my friend’s wife 3 times since last night via texts telling me they support me, and haven’t heard one time from my other buddy, but as we don’t really text a whole lot between meets, it’s not surprising. We mostly just text to confirm things or set up some hang out time.

 The only other thing to note today is that I just got back a bit ago from seeing the remake of IT, and boy was it fun. It’s violent and has a lot of language, but frankly, if the original IT hadn’t been a made for TV movie, I think it would have been the exact same. I won’t spoil anything but just to say I really liked it, and don’t typically see horror movies, let alone in the theaters.

 That’s about IT for now (pun fully intended), and I hope you have all had a good, safe weekend. My thoughts and prayers are with those that have fought with and are currently fighting, the hurricane.

 - Lana

Day 23: Freak Me Out

I really thought I was going to have more variety in these stories, but Steve, Bucky, and Clint just keep taking over from any other man who tries to take the romance lead… Oh well, OTP’s will happen.

When a psycho bad guy has the Avengers beat, Darcy has to step in. Steve makes sure the normal day she tried to run away to doesn’t stay normal for too long after that though.

Word Count: 2313

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gruvia drabble

prompt:“i could have sworn you were my friend at the mall cuz you’re exactly the same height, but it turns out your not so i’m really sorry for smacking your butt”

pairing: gruvia/gray x juvia, mention of gajevy/gajeel x levy

type: one-shot, au

rating: k+

author’s note: hey everyone! this is my first attempt of a drabble on tumblr & i flippin love this au idea so i thought “why not”. also after writing this i realized that its hella long but i have a really bad habit of writing things that are kinda annoyingly long but oh well. hope you enjoy!(:


Juvia stayed close to her friend Gajeel’s side as they roamed the mall together. The spunky bluenette had the usual smile on her lips while her brooding friend was the complete opposite.

She gazed up at him and saw that he had the same expression he had when she picked him up and drove them to the mall ten minutes ago: scary.

Juvia, of course, wasn’t scared of him by any means. The two had known each other ever since they were little, and she grew very fond of him and vice versa (though, he would never admit it). But to any random person who passed him, he looked like an ex-convict. He had a black sweatshirt on with the hood up and a pair of grey sweatpants to go with it. On his feet he wore Adidas slides. He was clearly dressed to impress.

The pair searched side to side looking for the type of thing thing that stood out to them for their friend Levy. To be specific, this “Levy” was Gajeel’s girlfriend of a year and he completely forgot about their one-year anniversary the day prior. Naturally, Levy was not pleased. She and Gajeel got in a big fight that ended with Gajeel being more gloomy than usual. Juvia hated to see her friend like that, so she decided to drag him out of his apartment and take him to the mall to search for a “I’m sorry I forgot about our anniversary/Please don’t be mad at me” gift.

“What kind of jewelry does Levy-san like?” Juvia asked.

The man answered with 0 eye contact and a shrug.

“Okay.” Juvia sighed, but was determined to stay optimistic. “All girls love perfume. Do you know what kind of perfume Levy-san uses?”


“Gee, don’t be so enthusiastic, Lover-Boy.” Juvia pouted.

Gajeel sighed. “I don’t see why I have to get her a gift. That shrimp made a big deal outta’ nothing.”

“One year together is a very big deal!” She scolded.

“I don’t think perfume or a necklace is gonna’ fix things. Besides, I’m pretty bad at getting gifts.” Juvia saw a slight blush taint his cheeks.

“I’m sure Levy-san will love whatever you get her.” She gave a warm smile.

Gajeel glanced down at Juvia and thought for a moment. “How about I take her out to dinner or something?”

“There you go! Now you’re gettin’ it.” Juvia playfully slapped him. “And do you know what would go great with a romantic, candlelight dinner?”

Gajeel raised his eyebrow. “Some diamond earings.” Juvia finished when Gajeel gave no reply. “Now, you go to Macy’s and get on that.” She spun Gajeel toward the general direction. “And Juvia will go look in Victoria’s Secret.”

“They sell earings in Victoria’s Secret?”

“No, but they do happen to sell some panties which Juvia happens to have some coupons for.” She gave him a smirk and turned to walk to the store.

“I thought this was about getting a present for Levy!” Gajeel gave an irritated shout as she hurried away.

“For Gajeel-kun. Juvia has some things she has to take care of as well!”

“Agh!” He groaned. “Meet me in front of Macy’s!”

“Juvia is going to take longer than you think. You meet me in front of Victoria’s Secret!” And with that, she was off.

The store was rather crowded. It seemed there were quite a few girls who had coupons, because the underwear drawers were jam packed with girls rummaging through the panties as if they were completely free. It even got to the point where some girls were fighting over the thin pieces of thread. Luckily, Juvia made it out with 10 pairs of underwear and her head still resting on her shoulders.

With her bag in her hand, she stepped outside of the store. It only took her a moment to find Gajeel. He was leaning forward on the railing of the platform, with his back facing Juvia. Juvia rolled her eyes when she saw he still had that damn hood up. He looked as if he had his head buried in the nook of his crossed arms as well. His elbows were leaning on the railing so that his arms were supported. His left foot crossed behind his right and he had his back hunched over since the rail was too short for him to stand up straight.

The next thing her eyes went to were his butt which so happened to be sticking out.

“Was his butt always so cute and firm?” She thought to herself, but shook the thought out of her mind as a new one popped him.

A sly smirk spread across her face. She quietly hurried over to where Gajeel stood. Before he could notice she was there, she swiftly pulled her hand back and gave a forceful, but playful, smack to his behind.

“How’d the earing shopping go, tiger?” Juvia was still smiling from her tease.

The smile turned to a look of shock and horror when the man’s face turned over to look at her.

The guy wasn’t Gajeel.

Juvia was so mortified she dropped her bag, and the contents of the bag spilled out as the bag tipped over. Somehow, that little bag had a huge amount of momentum when it fell, and all of her underwear was practically spread out on display. And of course, the guy she just assaulted was one of the most attractive things she’d seen in a long time. She saw he had shaggy hair that was the same shade and texture as Gajeel, but was much shorter and had a shine to it. His hair swooped just above his cool eyes which happened to be piercing her with judgement. She finally spoke once she felt all the blood in her body rush to her cheeks.

“Oh my god. Juvia is so sorry! Sh-she thought you were her friend! I-I mean, you two are basically the same height and, well, your, and you’re both wearing black hoodies, a-and you both have pretty much the same build, well, your butt is a lot cuter than Gajeel-kun’s, but u-uh, Juvia should go–!” She ran away before things got worse, even though that was pretty much impossible at this point.

By the time she was in front of Macy’s she was completely out of breath. Thankfully Gajeel was walking out just as she arrived. Juvia took note of the little bag in his hand. She assumed the earings were in there.

“Why are you so outta’ breath?” He raised his brow.

“Juv-” She took a deep breath. “Juvia ran here.” She breathed out, placing her hands on her knees as her head hung low.

“Eh? Why did you do that?”

“It’s, uh-” She sighed. “It’s a long story.”

“Whatever.” He muttered. “Where are your- uh- ‘undergarments’?”

Juvia looked in her hands and noticed her bag was nowhere to be found. She suddenly remembered she left the bag in front of the store when she dropped it.

“Dammit!” She spat before running her fingers through her hair in distress. “Juvia must’ve left her bag in front of the store.” She groaned.

“Was it a little pink bag?” Gajeel asked.

“Eh?” Juvia looked to Gajeel’s level. “Yeah…” She suspiciously said.

Gajeel didn’t say anything else. Instead, he pointed to something behind Juvia. She spun around, still suspicious, and saw him.


Her heart jumped into her throat all over again. This time she saw him, his hood wasn’t up anymore. She could see the layers of his shiny, black hair. Plus, she got a better view of his killer jawline.

“I think you dropped this.” His low, scratchy voice went perfectly with the rest of his appearance. Juvia felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up straight.

“Ah, r-right.” Her voice was just as shaky as her legs were.

Gray’s eyes went to Gajeel who was standing a few feet behind Juvia. “So this must be your friend with the sub-par butt.”

“Eh?!” Gajeel’s eyes nearly fell out of his head.

“Uh, yes.” Her cheeks reddened. “This is Gajeel-kun. Gajeel-kun, this is-”

“Gray.” He finished.

“Gray.” Juvia nodded.

“Ya’ know, at first, I thought you smacking my ass was some dumb way of trying to hit on me.” Gray’s voice remained deep, but with a playful undertone. “But when I saw how embarrassed you were right after, I had a feeling you actually mistook me for someone else.”

“Yeah, well, it happens.” Juvia nervously tried to laugh it off.

“Not really.” Gray met her chuckle with a smirk.

“Right.” She slouched a bit in embarrassment. “Well, thank you for returning Juvia’s bag, and sorry again for-well- you know.” Her voice shrank.

“No problem. See ya’ around. I hope you don’t get too wild.” Gray gave her something that could actually be classified as a smile before giving her a wave and walking off.

“Get too wild?” She thought aloud.

She then remembered that her underwear fell out of the bag when she dropped it.

That meant that Gray had to actually pick up her underwear and put it back in the bag.

And she just happened to purchase a pair of boy-shorts that read “GET WILD” on the back.

Could today be any worse?

Juvia watched helplessly as cute-butt-guy walked away, and she would probably never see him again.

“I don’t even wanna’ know what that was about.” Gajeel finally said.

“Good, cause’ Juvia would rather not talk about it.” She mumbled.

As Juvia and Gajeel began to exit the mall, she quickly looked through her bag just to make sure everything was in place when she saw a white piece of paper that was folded up.

A bit confused, she pulled out the piece of paper and unfolded it.

The paper read:

“call me sometime”

Under that was his phone number. Juvia almost peed her pants she was in so much shock. She thought she was rubbing him as a complete weirdo who sexually harasses strangers. Thankfully, she seemed to not leave that impression. A bright, goofy, smile formed on her face.

Maybe she would get to see cute-butt-guy again, after all.

The One with the Long Lost Child.

The ask box message for this is lost but I think I remembered what was asked of me pretty well.. ((Used THEY/THEIR/THEM pronouns when referring to the child so that you are free to imagine to whatever gender you want for the baby.))

Could that be..? He thought. He blinked his eyes repeatedly until he was positive that he hadn’t been hallucinating. The last time he’d seen her, he was certain he’d never see her again. He took a few steps forward to get a better look careful to no be detected but not careful enough. She’d turned and saw him. They’d made full-on eye contact with one another.

His throat felt tight as he was uncertain if he should speak to her or walk away. He began to turn on his heel but that motion was immediately halted when he noticed a young child tugging at the tail of her shirt.  He’d sworn he’d seen the child’s mouth form the word ‘Mama.’ There was no way he could walk away now. Not when this child looked no more than three years of age, which incidentally was the last time he’d seen her.

He took a deep breath and walked over to speak to her. A pained expression crossed her face the moment he approached her. He could see the regret in her eyes as she reached down to pick up her child. She didn’t have to say much because the look on her face when he’d looked from the child to her answered every question he had. The resemblance between the two of them was uncanny. It was almost as if he’d been looking back at an old baby picture of himself.

“Is this…” he trailed off.

He didn’t have to finish his question; she’d take a deep sigh and nodded.

There was no doubt Natsuki was hurt by this discovery. He wouldn’t just let them walk away from him. Now that he’d known of their existence, being a part of his child’s life is not an option and he would make sure that his ex understood that. “Hello, Cutie! If it’s okay with Mama-chan, let’s get to know each other!”

Not wanting to cause a scene in public, Tokiya would ask that he and the ex meet up at a later time. He’d leave her with several ways to contact him so that she could never say she couldn’t reach him. “If you don’t want to have anything to do with me that’s fine. I can respect that. But keeping my child from me is not something I can accept so easily.”

Cecil would find himself speechless once his suspicions are confirmed. He wouldn’t know how to respond initially but eventually his mind is clouded over with ‘Why’s?’ and ‘What for’s?’ Soon he’d be asking her, “Why? How could you keep my child from me?” It wasn’t fair to the child and it wasn’t fair to him especially since he’d wanted nothing more than to be there for them.

Heart pounding, hand shaking and knees buckling yet, Ren would do what he can to keep his composure in front of his child. He wasn’t upset that it was this was kept from him. He was just disappointed. But now that he’d known, he was worried. He knew nothing about being a father. What could he do for this child? No, his child? “I want to be there. If you’ll let me.”

Hurt, Otoya would bite back sobs of frustration as his tears freely rolled down his cheeks. It was his dream to have a family of his own. Seeing that he’d missed some of the most exciting years of his child’s life was upsetting. What had he done to her to make her hate him so badly that she’d deny him the right to be a part of his child’s life? “Growing up without a family is difficult. I never wanted my children so experience that pain. What can we do to right this wrong?”

Was this the reason she’d left him all those years ago? Syo used all the strength he could muster to keep his emotions in check. Should he smile or should he cry? He didn’t know! It was too much too soon. He pushed that thought aside. It wasn’t about her, it was about the little one who stood before him. “Can we put our differences aside though that I accept my responsibilities as a man and father?”

He’d had so many questions swimming through his mind that he was dying to ask but out of respect for his child and the setting he would bite back. Masato would insist that the two of them meet up somewhere to discuss it. “I know that things ended bitterly between us but please don’t allow our child to suffer from our stubbornness.”

Lucy(ille) : Chapter 3

chapter 1 here

chapter 2 here (you’ll want to at least read this one before continuing)

the next few chapters are going to be super detail oriented because my last part was so shit, and i wanna make this story as good as i can. so control your boners because the smut is coming and so is that good storyline

warnings: mention of rape (as a backstory), language, negan being negan, masturbation, sexual tension

“You were out for a long time after our encounter on the road, do you know that? Came back, stitched you up, and you slept for almost three fucking days.” Negan walked to a chair that was positioned on the right side of the bed and slowly sat down. “I was ready to throw you and your shit out to the biters.” 

“But you didn’t.” she stated, looking away from him. She felt like she should’ve regretted saying that, but she didn’t. “I owe you a thank you.”

He laughed looking up, “I think you owe me a bit more than a thank you.” She remained silent, fiddling with the silken sheets. “You jump in front of one of my trucks, pass out in the street which forces me to take you back here to my fine fucking establishment. I fix you up using our shit and then you break one of my glasses and waste a perfect fucking glass of lemonade,” his voice became cold,  “and all you can muster up is a fucking thank you?” She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. Sitting up started to become a chore as her wound opened little by little every second. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, afraid to make any other movement. “Yeah. I think I’m gonna let you try that again. Let you r e a l l y think about what you want to fucking say.” He stood up and leaned on the side of the bed. “Why. The Fuck. Did you jump in front of my truck.” She took a deep breath and continued to look in front of her. She knew she couldn’t keep her story a secret, and there wasn’t much of a secret to keep.

“I don’t come from a place like this. I had a group way back when the world changed. For a long while, we survived. We lived. But you can’t survive forever living by the customs of yesterday. The group started to die off one by one, whether it be from stubbornness, stupidity or whatever the fuck else. Eventually, I was alone. I stayed in the same house for weeks trying to make a life for myself out of nothing because I was terrified of losing the only thing I had at this point; myself,” she turned her body towards him, still avoiding eye contact, “But I learned that you don’t die from staying inside in this world. You stay alive by fighting for yourself, with yourself. I taught myself everything I know about guns, knives, scavenging. It may not be a lot, but it’s what I have.” She paused to take a breath, her effects of the wound making her slightly lightheaded. Negan, who had become in a way entranced, became inpatient. “What about the fucking tru-”

“-The reason I jumped in front of the truck,” she interrupted, “is because I was on the run from someone. A few counties over I was scavenging through a house, like any other day. I thought it was empty and it wasn’t. There was a man…he tried..he tried to..” she became almost embarrassed to say it out loud.

“Did he fucking try to fuck you?” Negan said strongly, Lucy shook it off and continued. “Whatever he did, I just needed to get away, so I ran. I ran for miles with him not far behind. Eventually I came to the road, I went to look behind myself to see if he was close by, and here we are.” She finally made eye contact with him. “So yes. I believe I do owe you a thank you.” 

Negan fought to hide the fact that he was a little lost for words by scratching his stubble. There was so much Lucille in her and it ate him up. “So how long has your pretty face been alone?” 

“Long enough to know when someone’s coming on to me.” She felt he pulse quicken as he leaned in to her closing the gap between them. He slowly leaned in, their tension filling the room. He extended his hand and placed his thumb on her chest. “Well shit, look at that,” both of them hung on to every word, “You’re bleeding again.” he slowly brushed his thumb up her chest, smearing the blood over her goosebumps. Neither of them could look away from each other. “There.” She found herself starting to lean in for reasons she didn’t understand why. Negan returned the lean in until Lucille caught his eye. What the fuck was he doing? Girls didn’t come on to him, it had to be the other way around. This wasn’t him, and he hated that. And Lucille…Lucy was too much like her. He felt a growth in his pants and panicked. His fluster turned to anger as he backed off the bed and strode over to the bat. “Fuck it. Clean this shit off the floor. Someone will be in to take you to your job.” He turned walking to the doorway. 

“My job?” 

he stopped at the door and replied over his shoulder, “A fucking thank you doesn’t mean shit here.” 


He stormed down the hall and burst into his bedroom, placed Lucille on his bed, threw his leather jacket on the floor, and went straight into his bathroom. Placing both hands on the counter, he slowly looked up at himself in the mirror. She had just thrown so much at him. It bothered him that some fucker almost raped her. It bothered him that he had to waste his resources on someone who should’ve lasted 3 minutes in the new world. It bothered him that she was so fucking sexy. It bothered him that she reminded her of his past. He spashed water on his face trying to ‘wash off’ his frustrations. As he leaned over to grab a towel, his bulge hit the edge of the counter. “Fuck it.” He said to himself as he struggled to unbutton his pants. He staggered back against the wall and his breathing got heavier with every stroke. 

“Sir we have a problem in shipment, we need you to come check it out.” Someone yelled through the door. He rolled his eyes and continued to pump his hand faster, thinking of Lucy with every move. “I’ll be out in a minute.” He yelled out. He was more than hard now and anxiously waited for the release. The thought of Lucy being with him made him let out deep, short moans, savoring every second yet craving to finish. He closed his eyes, seconds away from bursting. “Excuse me sir–”

“I SAID GIVE ME A FUCKING MINUTE. F U C K” he let out a loud groan as he finished onto the counter. After composing himself for a moment, he buttoned his pants, jacket, grabbed Lucille and opened the door. “Somebody needs to learn some fucking patience.” He said, smiling at the savior. Before exiting the hallway he turned back to add one more thing, “Oh and please, go and fetch Daryl for me. I’ve got some shit I need him to clean up in my bathroom.”

THERE IS CHAPTER 3. here is chapter 4  


Chapter 4 going up tonight.

some minor smut in this one, full on smut coming in the next one. It’s all about the build up

:) love you all

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What a bitch (Luke Request)

“Please just give it a chance.” Luke begged you, “Come on babe if you hate it that much I’ll fake sick and we can leave.” He wanted you to go on a double date with Ash and his girlfriend.

Apparently, Ash and him had an idea in their heads that their girlfriends were going to be best friends. That was very unlikely.

You weren’t one to complain and do your best to keep Luke happy.. But Ashton’s girl was just not easy to get along with. Honestly, Bryanna was kind of rude.

You laughed, “You’re a terrible actor Luke don’t even try that.”

He frowned and then put on his puppy dog face “Please just do it for me.. I know you’re going to say yes because your the best girlfriend a guy could ask for.” He smiled cheekily.

“Ughhhhhh fine,” you groaned, “only because I like you.”

He raised an eyebrow and smirked, “you love me”

Luke moved to sit next to you in the back seat of Ashton’s car as you guys sat parked outside Bryanna’s apartment.

“She’ll be down soon, I promise” Ash apologized for her lateness. You had already been there fifteen minutes.

“Its all good dude” Luke told him, “theres no rush”

You looked out the window in attempts to hide your eye roll. What the hell? The guys literally rush you on a regular basis including today.

Bryanna finally came down and hopped in the front seat of the car leaning in to passionately kiss Ashton for an unnecessary amount of time.

You and Luke looked at each other with the same disgusted facial expression, trying to hold back laughter.

Ashton finally pulled away from her to speak, “You remember Y/N, Luke’s girlfriend, right baby?” He asked her.

She turned back and looked you over from head to toe, “uhhh maybe, we might have met before?” She said in her high pitched voice.

This girl can’t be serious you thought, you’ve literally met her at least five or six times. Luke looked at you, probably hoping you wouldn’t snap, because he knew that kind of shit annoyed you.

You put on a fake smile, raising your eyebrows slightly, “we’ve definitely met before.” You nodded your head.

“O.M.G” she spelt out, “I’m sooo sorry, Ash just knows so many people its hard to remember everyone.” She flipped her hair turning back around to talk to Ash.

You weren’t letting her get off that easy, “It’s totally okay,” you told her, “I’m only dating his best friend.”

You were already over being around this girl and could not understand how oblivious the guys were to how awful she could be. She seriously needed an attitude adjustment.

Luke looked at you with pleading eyes. You bit your bottom lip for a second then forced a smile. He slid towards you into the middle seat and entwined your fingers.

He leaned fowards between Ashton and Byranna looking back and forth between the two of them. “Sooo you excited for the comedy show, Bry?” he asked excitedly.

“I guess,” she answered, “I just hope the guy doesn’t suck.”

It was your idea to go to a comedy show. It was the perfect setting for a double date you didn’t want to be on. You could drink as much as you needed to and talk as little as possible.

On the walk into the comedy club Luke grabbed your arm, holding you back so Ashton and Bryanna could walk ahead. “Please just make an effort,” he asked “if Ash likes her so much, its got to be for a reason.”

You laughed, “You mean aside from the fact that she came from the same mold as Barbie?”

Luke laughed, “Come on babe, hes not that shallow, you know that.”

“I know, he’s just blinded by looooove” you said sarcastically.

He laughed again, putting his arm around you and begining to walk. “Seriously though,” he insisted, “be nice.. I can’t even count the amount of times you rolled your eyes on the car ride over here.”

“Okay, okay .. you can’t count I get it” you giggled and leaned up to give him a quick kiss.

Once you got inside you found the booth where Ash and Bryanna were seated and joined them. The night ended up not being completely horrible. Probably because there was minimal conversation.

You, Ashton, and Luke were all clearly having a great time. You all laughed hysterically at most of the comdeian’s jokes and the guys were trying to crack some of their own. Bryanna, however, sat on her phone most of the time texting and scrolling through instagram and twitter. It was pretty rude, but whatever at least you didn’t have to talk to her.

At the intermission of the show Bryanna stood up from the table, “I’m gonna pee” she told Ash obnoxiously.

Luke patted your lower back lightly. He clearly still wanted you to ‘make an effort’.

“Wait, me too!” you told her.

You walked together to the bathroom line in silence. You finally made the effort to talk to her when you both stood washing your hands.

“So, I think they want us to be friends.” you told her.

She looked up making eye contact with you in the mirror, she was unimpressed, “No offence, but I don’t really need any more friends.” she told you.

You were shocked, what a bitch. You didn’t really know what to say after that so you just responded with a simple “uhmmmmmm okay”.

You were suprised when she continued talking to you. “So how serious are you and Luke?”

Why the fuck did she care? you thought. “Like ten months serious,” you said confused, “Why?”

She walked over and grabbed a paper towel flipping her hair in the process. “Oh I don’t know, I just didn’t realize he was in a relationship.. he doesn’t really act like it.”

Was this girl fucking serious, she doesn’t talk to you all night and now she wants to make comments about your relationship? No Fucking Way.

You were pissed and confused, “Uhhhh what are you talking about?” you asked carefully, trying not to show your anger.

“Honestly, I’ve been trying to hook him up with my friend Jill. They really hit it off in Amsterdam.. I really thought it was going to be a thing.. you know they text a lot.” she raised an eyebrow smirking at you.

You were speechless. Your mouth dropped open about the same time you felt your chest tighten.

“Ya, I know,” Bryanna continued, “Its so weird they have like a connection or something but like, here you are.. his girlfriend he failed to mention to her … pretty shady if you ask me.”

What the fuck was this girl talking about? Luke would never do that to you. Right?

You just shook your head, “That is pretty weird.” you told her trying not to show all the emotions rushing through you. “We should get back.”

When you returned to the table you could hardly look at Luke. You just really did not want to be there anymore. You didn’t know what to do you didn’t want to leave, because that would be like letting Bryanna win and you couldn’t give her that satisfaction.

The lights dimmed again and the comedian returned to the stage. He didn’t seem as funny anymore. Luke could tell something was up and moved closer to you, slipping his arm around your waist. You noticed Bryanna watching from across the table.

You didn’t want him touching you, you hated the conflicted way that you felt, but acting like everything was okay was not going to help the situation.

You scooted over, pushing Lukes arm off of you. “Sorry, its hot.” you lied.

“What’s wrong?” Luke whispered into your ear, “Your being weird.”

You spoke before thinking, “I want to go home, like home home.. but thats really far so I’m stuck here.”

Luke’s face fell, “What are you talking about?” he whispered back to you.

You looked at Bryanna and Ashton who were now both enjoying the show, holding eachother and smiling. You shook your head, “Just forget it.”

Luke exhaled deeply. “I’m not letting this go.” he said now seeming a bit agitated.

You shook your head, “Don’t worry, me either.”

When you got back to the boys house you didn’t know where to go. There was no way to avoid Luke. He followed you up to his room and you took a seat on his bed.

“Talk” he said sterenly, “we were having a great night, What the fuck happened?”

“I do not like her at all.” you shook your head.

“Okay well you don’t have to be a bitch to her, or me.” he obviously regretted saying it as soon as the word left his mouth.

“I’m a bitch? okay good to know what you think Luke… You know I did this for you tonight, I tried my best to be nice to her and make friends with her for you, because I care about you, I wanted to make you happy.” you said with an attitude.. not sounding very convincing.

“Okay then what the fuck happened, what the fuck is your problem?” he asked continuing to raise his voice.

You stared at him, trying to compose yourself. You opened your mouth to speak but stopped, needing to find the right words. “Who is Jill?” you asked hesitantly.

He looked shocked. He shook his head, “Jill? Bryanna’s friend?”

“She told me about her”

“What do you mean she told you about her?” Luke looked genuinly confused, “We hung out with that girl for like two days.. she came with Bryanna when she visited us on tour.. What does she have to do with this?”

Did Brynna lie to you about this girl? Was she just trying to start a fight between you and Luke? What kind of person does that?

“Do you text her?” you asked half heartedly.

“I mean she asked me for my number so I gave it to her.. It would have been awkward to say no.. but you can read the conversations if you really want.. she texts me first every time.. stupid shit like good luck at our show.. just being nice…I don’t get what she has to do with this still?”

You exhaled deeply, “I trust you Luke.. I was being stupid.. Bryanna really just gets under my skin for some reason.. She told me in the bathroom tonight that you text Jill all the time.. and that she was shocked you have a girlfriend because you don’t act like it.”

Luke clenched his jaw, “Fuck that girl” You assumed he meant Bryanna. He turned storming out of the room. Oh Shit.

“Luke! Babe, wait where are you going?!” You called running after him.

He headed straight downstairs to the living room where Ashton and Bryanna were cuddled up on one of the couches. He stopped in front of them and you finally caught up to him.

“What the fuck is your problem?” he asked in an almost scary tone.

Ashton and Bryanna both sat up now. “Yo man slow down, what the hell is wrong?”

Luke ignored Ashton looking directly at Bryanna, “You are fucked up you know that, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

Ashton was getting mad now too, he stood up and got in Luke’s face, “Don’t fucking talk to her like that!” he spat..

You stood there helplessly as they cursed at eachother. This was the last thing you expected to happen. They were really in eachothers faces screaming now, you were scared one of them was going throw a punch.

“STOP” you yelled, grabbing Lukes hand pulling him back towards you. “Stop fighting, please.” You begged Luke, “This isn’t Ashton’s fault.”

“What the fuck is going on?” Ashton asked confused. Bryanna said nothing sitting on the couch with a smug look on her face.

Luke looked at Bryanna now more calmly, “Why the hell would you tell my girlfriend, who you were made very aware of, that I have been talking to one of your friends and that I don’t act like I’m in a relationship?!”

Ashton looked between the two of them, “Thats fucked up Bry would never do that.” he defended.

“It is fucked up,” Luke agreed, “Thats why I want to know what the fuck her problem is”

Ashton looked at Bryanna, “You would never do that would you baby?” she said nothing and looked at the floor. Her plan was blowing up in her face.

Ashton looked at you next, you felt sad for him because it seemed like he was coming to a realization about the person he was with. You nodded your head letting him know it was true.

Ashton stood there speechless. You grabbed Luke’s arm, “We should go back upstairs.”

Luke agreed, looking at Ash sadly now too. “Sorry man” he shrugged and followed after you.

“That was unnecessary,” you said to Luke as you got back into his room. “I feel bad for Ash” you continued, “He really likes her, god knows why”

Luke shook his head, “He doesn’t need someone like that in his life, it sucks but he hopefully sees what she is really like now.” He moved towards you, “I’m lucky to have you,” he said softly pushing your hair away from your eyes.

You smiled sweetly wrapping your arms around his neck, “I’m lucky to have you”

Hii.. okay so this is my first request and  I tried to follow what the anon wrote as best as possible so I hope you like it … it kind of just turned into what it is… Please let me know what you think!!! also put any requests in my ask box please!!!! I haven’t had time to think up a story line for my next series yet so maybe someone could inspire me =] anyway thank for reading as always!!!

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I’ve had this sitting around buuut I’ve been brainstorming my JoJosona. 

She doesn’t have a name yet, but she’s quiet and has a pretty intense look to her which is funny because she has major problems with keeping eye contact with others. Very sensitive to sound (misophonic) so she tends to be seen wearing noise cancelling headphones wherever she goes.

Her stand, Tuxedomoon, has abilities that are kinda sorta sound based. It’s closer ranged with an ability to “mute” things. Not only does it silence its target, it sorta… contains the effect of whatever it mutes. Kinda stuck in the moment. For example, if a gun is fired, muting it at the right moment will essentially interrupt the effect, in this case, the bullet being shot. The closer the target the stronger that power is, of course. Tho it’d also be a riskier spot to be in too!

Idek if that makes any sense haha.

I’m a lil torn between keeping the name Tuxedomoon or naming it after their track Nazca since that sorta gives me the right vibe for this stand.

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Calum Hood Imagine

You’re so close to the hood family, especially Calum since you guys were practically the raised together (He’s 3 days older, you bet he doesn’t let that go) so when he came back from tour, you two had to catch up! Yeah you skyped and you called and he flew you out a few times but nothing says bonding time like some coffee at your house.
“So Cal, tell me about what’s happened since I last saw you!! I’m dying to know!!” You say as you grab both your cups of coffee and hand one to Calum. “Well I mean, nothing much. Hardly slept but ya know, recording on the road while playing in front of 50k people every night is pretty awesome.” He says before he sips his warm coffee made just the way he likes it. “ugh, i missed your coffee!! It tastes so good right now” “haha thanks bae, I ‘try hard’ BA DUM TSS” You say to him before he face-palms and begins to question if he really missed you or not.
You: oh c’mon that was funny!!
Calum: no..no it was not (y/n) *giggles* buuuut I’ll admit it was kinda cute so, I’m just gonna let it slide. Haha
You: What?! CALUM HOOD called ME cute?! I must alert the media!! This has to be a dream!! Bassist of 5SOS calling me cute, wow, like omg I’m fangirling so hard
You said as you began to fan yourself with your free hand, mocking calum while he sat there and laughed so hard he almost dropped his coffee.
Calum: Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. I saw that blush, don’t act like it didn’t affect you *wink*
You rolled your eyes at his wise comment before talking again.
You: whatever makes you sleep at night hood. So how is the girl situation anyways? Any “groupies” I should know about? Hahaha
Calum: Well I mean I did talk to this girl, even saw her a few times while touring. She’s so cool, she’s a really pretty gal and I know one thing for sure.
You: What?
Calum grins before making eye contact with you, sipping his coffee and softly says “She makes a mean coffee, just the way I like.”
You slap his arm playfully
You: Shut up THOMAS
Calum: HEEEEY don’t hit ME (Y/M/N)
After laughing for about a minute, things got quiet. Calum opens his mouth and breaks the silence
“I really wasn’t kidding (y/n), you are really pretty- beautiful in fact! I’ve been kiiinda meaning to ask you this- NOW BEFORE YOU SAY NO OR SLAP ME LISTEN REAL QUICK, I’ve had sorta this crush type thing on you for a few years now and being where I am right now in life, I feel confident enough to finally ask you, would you maybe want to go on a date sometime? Not our friendly dates but a real date where I treat you like a princess and get to call you babe and really mean it.
You looked at cal with a blank face.. It was all so sudden and so shocking. Yeah he was really cute and probably the nicest guy you’ve ever met but you never really thought about trying the whole dating thing.. But then again..maybe it’d work out?
You: Calum.. I.. I don’t know what to say..
Calum: Well I mean I was hoping by slight chance you’d say yes haha
He laughs awkwardly as he waits for your answer.
You: Wellll… I don’t know hood… Will there be food?
You start to slowly smile at Cal while he looked at you with wide eyes for a few seconds before jumping back into reality.
Calum: well yeah I mean I’ll take you to dinner..*begins to blush while grinning*
You: I guess my answer then would have to beeeee… Yes.
Calum: wait YES?!
You nodded before you both put down your cups of coffee and you jump onto him to give him the tightest hug. You leaned away from the hug while still have your arms around him as he took one hand and put a strand of hair behind your ear. He leaned in and kissed your forehead.
Calum: I guess we’re going on a date then..
You: I guess so.. Thomas..
You flashed a cheeky smile at him while he chuckled and said “alright then.. (Y/m/n)

The End

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Long Shots

Stiles was born with his soulmark.

It wasn’t unusual or unheard of, but neither Claudia’s or John’s family had any history of anyone being born with it for a long time, so it’d been a pleasant surprise - marks usually came in around a year or two, up to five for some people. It’d been hard to hide it, what with it being smack in between his collar bones and Stiles’ constant itching around that particular area, so they’d given up at the end, just letting him deal with it however he wanted.

Which, granted, might not have been their greatest idea, as it led to closets filled with short necked T-shirts and flannel, and even the occasional turtle neck over the years. But hey, happy son equaled happy parents for them.

A few weeks after Claudia’s death however, John forced Stiles to wear shirts that were looser at the neck, because the ones that weren’t - while doing a great job at covering his mark - were terrible for the panic attacks.This, of course, caused his mark to stay in the open. In plain sight. Under everyone’s eyes.

Causing so many goddamn whispers.

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Monster AU

non-heinous i just.. i just need this in my life… i’ll just do appearances and yo some of these are romy’s so give her creds


  • hiccup is a satyr
  • he’s got a bushy tail and he has to cut a hole in all his pants so it wont get crushed or something
  • he’s kinda like grover from percy jackson (those were good books…)
  • ok and his legs match his hair so he’s got auburn butt hair as well
  • he has a prosthetic hoof
  • and he fucken hates pants since its itchy or something but he doesn’t want people to see his junk (yeah.. i’m not too sure how satyrs go around like that) so he wears shorts like all the time
  • unless he is out in public with humans
  • and he has these little baby horns coming in, and they hurt like fuck, but eventually they get bigger
  • hiccup wears beanies and stuff to cover his baby horns
  • he literally eats everything, like eating homework happens more than once, like he’ll be on the computer and pick up some paper to eat (he’s a goat so…) and he looks down and it’s his math hw


  • Astrid is one of the toughest girls in school, she is also a fairy
  • but like… she’s not a small fairy… she’s kinda normal sized but with these big blue and red wings
  • and hiccup is like a satyr and a fairy as if but then yeah they date and it’s adorable
  • astrid is normally like get your fuzzy butt over hear
  • i feel like she’s be really really majestic… like… just graceful…
  • she kinda just floats above the ground most of the time…
  • she has special fairy shits so her wings can stick out
  • and when she’s in public, she has to fold her wings under her clothes
  • she has probably like different colored streaks in her hair


  • snotlout is the school jock and a werewolf
  • oh god
  • snotlout gets hairier as they get closer to the full moon i guess….
  • he’s got dog ears and thick black fur
  • he walks on two legs but he runs on all fours, just imagine that barreling down on you
  • he act like a dog sometimes and fucking hates hit
  • like you’ll just see his leg go up and he’ll start scratching his ear
  • or if you pet him he’ll be like i fucken hate you you bitch, rub my belly
  • or like ruffnut will be totally done with him and throw a chew toy she keeps with her just for snotty and he’ll give her the middle finger before chasing after it, tongue hanging out and everything
  • ruffnut braids his hair
  • he has like… dog hind legs… i guess
  • and he has a tail so much like hiccup, he has to cut wholes in his pants…
  • he has really sharp teeth and huge canines so sometimes if he talks to fast he might stutter or lisp a little
  • he bears his fangs at anyone that messes with him
  • he has the hardest time disguiesing himself when he wants to go to public places

ruffnut and tuffnut

  • both are sorta gorgony
  • they both have a mixture of gold and green snakes entangled in actual hair, so they kinda hide sometimes
  • both have forked tongues and constantly hiss at people
  • ruffnut likes to braid her snakes and babies them, often feeds them little morsels of food
  • she teaches them how to bite snotlout and people, eventually when the two start dating, they give him little kisses
  • tuffnut just lets his snakes do whatever, sometimes they even bite him, his snakes often show his real feelings
  • so like his crush, aka  grimhilda (i’ll talk about her more in a bit), will come over and his snakes will give her little snake kisses and he’s like c’mon guyes be cool
  • that is romy’s headcanons btw^
  • and she ties little ribbons around the snakes and feeds them
  • the twins can momentarily freeze people but it requires direct eye contact and only if they really concentrate
  • snotlout gets frozen a lot
  • so it don’t happen all that often… except for snotty


  • fishlegs is a giant cyclops…
  • he pretty much looks exactly the same but is like way bigger and only has one eye…
  • he’s like… idk… like 12 feet… i guess i have no idea…
  • he’s actually one of the smaller giants…
  • he used to be like normal sized (like he was still big but like humann big) until he hit puberty and shot up a like a foot in a month
  • he fucken hates it, but he’s a gentle giant
  • fishlegs has to stoop through doorways and sometimes gets stuck
  • there is like this one gigantic seat in each classroom, like a reinforced desk and he sits there
  • he hits his head on door ways if he isn’t paying attention,
  • he’s really shy though, so he tries to blend in, but that’s pretty hard when you tower over everyone
  • he keeps breaking his video game remotes by accident even though his friends tell him to get the ones made for giants, he don’t budge tho
  • his friend, rosethorn, measures him, like the classic on the door way, but at his house cause both his parents are giants so their house is made for giants, and he has to pick her up to do it cause she’s short and she can’t walk (i’ll get to that)
  • she sometimes makes him shirts and stuff, so like she’ll be like hey did you grow more and he’ll be like yeah another inch and she’ll pull out her sewing kit and he keeps all the shirts and stuff she makes him even though they don’t fit anymore


  • she is a mermaid (that’s why she can’t walk)
  • everyone in her family is ambiphibous except for her, so while they have webbed feet, she has a tail and can’t walk
  • so she wheels herself around in a wheelchair when she’s not in the water, normally fishlegs pushes her around
  • but like in the middle of junior year, she woke up and she had legs, cause her tail split and she calls up fishlegs and he has to teach her how to walk
  • she has the ability to change her appearance slighlty. she can go from her mermaid look, to her amphiboius look, which is webbed hands and feet, to an almso human look, she can flatten her gills and make the webbing go away but her gills are still visible, they are they only things that she can’t change
  • she has a greeny bluey hue to her when she’s “human looking” and it gets darker as she gets more fish like
  • she has two sets of lungs, one for breatheing water and a very small set for breathing air, but she can only stay above water for like a day or two before she starts to suffocate
  • she teaches fishlegs how to swim, since he taught her how to walk
  • she has another set of eyelids (sorta like built in goggles) and she blinks them at people and it makes fishlegs uncomfortable
  • you can often find her playing video games at the ingerman house, fishlegs is on this huge couch and she’s on the floor in this giant tub that his mom bought for her cause his mom will literally do anything for rosethorn to hang out with the goof
  • then they start dating and its cute cause she can walk now but is really bad at it so he carries her around, and she pretty much only comes up to like… idk… like a little above his elbow oh jesus christ what have i done
  • people are like if you’re a mermaid wheres your seashell bra? so she got one just to shut them up and she wore it and was like snotlout what the fuck were you saying? and fishlegs had to leave for a moment
  • she often wears really big over sized button up shirts
  • like i said, she can pull off the human look, but if water is spilled on her while she’s being human ish, she goes amphibous and one time she was on a date with fishlegs in a human resturaunt and they got stares and shit cause fishlegs is huge, but she wrapped a scarf around her neck, anyway, this water accidently spilled all the drinks on her and she skipped amphibous and she had a tail and fishlegs pretty much picked her up and sprinted out and both were like, never again


  • grimhilda is literally this really weird vampire cause she’s tan… and everyones just like wtf logic?
  • some people have theories that she has a spray tan but it’s actually just cause one time she went out in the sun and you know how after you get a sunburn you get a little tanner? well it was like that but permanent? i dk
  • she wears these really cute dresses and long gloves and has this frilly pink umbrella that she carries around with her
  • she does mot of her eating at night, since she doesn’t sleep apparantely.. she does only on weekends…. and sometimes at night if she feels tired… well anyway, she drinks the blood of small animals
  • god what if she puts them in like a blender and comes into school with a drink and rosethorn is like what the hell is that ? and she’s just like squirrel smoothies and everyone in class like scoots away from her, except tuffnut, whose snakes would probably try to eat it
  • well she does her own little thing, but if you want fashion she is the vampire to go to
  • she knows how to make black work on anyone, anything and anywhere, and often uses rosethorn for practice so she can practice on making clothes for beings that do not have a human like body shape
  • as well as hiccup
  • and maybe fishlegs… she probably tries to dress him up for when he goes on dates with rosethorn
  • she loves tuffnut so fucken much, like she plays with his snakes (both of them if you catch my drift ;)) and he holds her umbrella over her and its really cute
  • she bites him sometimes and he fucken loves it
Luke Hemmings Smut - Victoria’s Secret Model

Requested: Kind of, not really.

Rating: It’s just basic smut, that’s about it.

Writer: Maddie.

Word Count: 2550

Disclaimer: Any names mentioned in here about the models aren’t for real, they’re just made up. I also know nothing about Victoria’s Secret modelling so I’m sorry if anything is wrong lol.


Luke sat as he watched his girlfriend walk down the runway, her hips moving in time with the beat of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Love Me like You Do’. A smirk plastered on his face as she reached the end of it and did her pose. Blowing a small kiss to her blonde boyfriend sitting in front of her to which he winked at her before she turned around to walk back. His eyes were focused on her ass, every single fucker in this room was staring at her ass as well and that annoyed Luke, but he let it go. This was his girlfriend’s job, and she loved it.

“Man, Y/N is so fucking hot.” Luke heard from behind him, he didn’t know who said it, but he clenched his fists as he listened. “I reckon, it sucks she has a boyfriend though, I would do some serious damage to her.” Luke rolled his eyes, turning around to look at the two boys eyeballing what was his.

“I already do enough damage to her.” Luke spoke, giving them a cocky grin. “Thanks for letting me know something I already do, you can stop staring at my girlfriend now.” The two boys nodded quickly, obviously knowing that they had upset him. Luke turned to his best friend, Michael sitting next to him who had a shit eating grin on his face. He knew how protective he got over his girlfriend.

“You need to calm down man.” He spoke. “Y/N gets this every day, trust me I would know. Do you know how annoying it is when people ask me what it’s like to know my best mate has a Victoria’s Secret model as a girlfriend? Like I don’t know, I don’t even have a girlfriend.” Michael huffed.

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A Moment of Grief

Inspired by this post. 

Oliver walked back into the hotel room with his head bowed low, deep in thought. The walk did very little to shake off his gloomy demeanor–if anything, his mood worsened after an hour with his own thoughts. He had hoped to avoid these stretches of melancholy now that he and Felicity were together, but it was too good to be true. Not that Felicity had anything to do with it; he was just not quite right in the head yet, apparently.

He heard Felicity’s voice speaking to someone, presumably over the phone as no other voice piped up.

“…I think he’s here, thanks, John. Yeah, that helps. I’ll let you know.”

Oliver stepped further into the room and found Felicity placing her phone on the nightstand before getting to her feet.

“Hey,” she said in a soft tone. Her lips stretched up in a smile, but her eyes reflected pain. Oliver’s heart twinged at that–he never meant to hurt her with his moods.

“Hey,” he replied, just as softly. He took a seat on the bed and pulled Felicity in between his legs, stroking her waist.

“You okay?”

He nodded. “Sorry for being such a bummer lately.”

She shook her head. “Please don’t apologize for that. You feel what you feel. You don’t have to hide that from me.”

He pulled Felicity closer and rested his forehead against her chest. He felt her fingers scratching through his scalp, evoking a contented sigh from Oliver.

“You wanna tell me what’s been going on in here?” she asked, tapping his head.

Oliver sighed again. “It’s hard to articulate.“

“Try?” she prompted gently.

He tightened his arms around her waist, and turned his head so his ear rested over her heart. He matched his breathing to hers as the rhythm of her heart settled his soul. “I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just a mood that takes over sometimes. I end up thinking about everyone I lost, every bad thing I’ve had to do to survive, and…” Tears pricked at his eyes, and he struggled to keep them in. After swallowing hard, he continued. “I feel like shit but I can’t stop it.”

Felicity’s fingers continued massaging his scalp as the silence stretched out. Her heartbeat remained steady, as did her breath, and she gave no sign that she was going to comment. He had a feeling she was letting him vent, but what little he did say took more energy than he had to give. Instead, he asked, “What did John say?”

Felicity huffed lightly. “He helped me understand what was happening with you. Said he’d seen it before and wasn’t overly worried.”

“Oh yeah? And what is John’s diagnosis?”

Felicity pulled back from his arms to look at him, and tilted Oliver’s chin to make eye contact. “You’re depressed. He said it’s pretty common in people with PTSD.”

The side of Oliver’s mouth quirked up in an attempt to smirk. “Is that what I am?”

He had attempted humor, but Felicity kept her tone earnest. “Yes. And I want you to know that I’m right here, and whatever you need from me, be it a listening ear, or someone to hold you, you’ve got it. You’re not alone anymore.”

Her words pierced through his emotional armor, straight into his heart, and the tears he had fought so hard to suppress came back, springing into his eyes. He pulled Felicity back into his arms and buried his face in her chest to hide his tears, but he couldn’t hide from her.

“It’s okay, Oliver,” she soothed, stroking the back of his neck. “You’re safe here. You can let go.”

And for the first time in a very long while, Oliver let himself grieve for the injustices in his life, with Felicity’s love and support wrapped around his vulnerable heart.

anonymous asked:

College AU Lexa having Issues with Clarkes uncomfy sheets (because none of your headcanons has amused me more)

you haven’t been able to sleep. it’s almost like your skin is crawling, and you know that clarke has money so you don’t understand why she would choose to have sheets that you’re sure are lower than 300 thread count.


she does.

you debate trying to put on sweatpants and a hoodie or something, but you’re already kind of too hot because clarke is like a fucking furnace, and it’s been hours and she’s asleep perfectly. this is the first night you’ve stayed over at her apartment, and her bed was absolutely suitable for sex—it’s bigger than the one in your dorm, and she has a much better headboard—but.

her sheets.

are terrible.

you’re proud you haven’t thrown an actual fit, but you’re nineteen, so you know not to do that by now, but you’ve tried pretty much everything: silently reciting the first 97 digits of pi, alphabetically sorting through all of the animal names you know in latin, staring at clarke. she’s beautiful and you don’t want to wake her up and you’re pretty sure you’re in love with her, and you think she probably loves you back. she’s told you about sad things, and things that scare her, and things that make her want to paint, and things that make her really, really happy, and she knows about your tattoos and why sometimes physics is comforting and you know the little scar on her ankle from when she was five and tripped when she was hiking with her dad, and she’s seen your back.

you sigh and turn over again and clarke mumbles a little, and you hold your breath and hope you haven’t woken her, but then her eyes crack open a little and she sighs.

‘hey,’ she says, and her voice is deep and rough and lovely, and you smile a little because she’s so pretty.

‘hi,’ you say.

she reaches out and cups your cheek with a warm, soft hand. ‘can you not sleep?’ 

you shrug. ‘it’s fine, go back to sleep.’

she shakes her head a little. ‘no, what’s up? are you okay?’

‘i’m okay, clarke.’

she just kind of squints at you, so you sigh.

‘i don’t like your sheets,’ you admit.

clarke laughs a little bit but then she can tell you’re being serious. ‘oh.’

‘i’m on the autism spectrum,’ you say, although you’re pretty sure she already knows this, but whatever. 

she nods and rubs her thumb over your cheekbone. ‘okay,’ she says.

you stare at a spot beyond her head because you know you’re supposed to make eye contact but you can’t right now. ‘i have a thing with, like, fabrics. hypersensitivity, with that and sometimes noise and sometimes just physical contact in general, if that makes sense?’

‘yeah,’ clarke says, then takes her hand away. ‘i’m sorry if i’ve made you uncomfortable.’

you shake your head and meet her gaze again. ‘i would’ve said something if you had.’

she smiles a little. ‘okay.’

‘anyway,’ you say, ‘your sheets are too scratchy and i can’t sleep.’

‘oh,’ she says. ‘well, for tonight, what do you want to do? we can get some new ones you like tomorrow if you want. that’s an easy fix.’

she says it so calmly, like she doesn’t care that you need this little concession, like it’s not a big deal and she’s happy to make you feel okay, that you almost cry. you nod and your voice is a little thick when you say, ‘i don’t really want to leave tonight. i wanted to stay with you.’

‘nice,’ she says.

‘do you have blankets?’ you ask.

‘yes,’ clarke says. ‘and they’re very soft.’

you smile and she does end up having very soft blankets, and you cover the bed with two and then curl up under her duvet. 

‘better?’ she asks.

‘yes,’ you say. then, ‘thank you, clarke.’

it’s serious and sincere and she doesn’t really know what it was like for you growing up, you haven’t told her, and it might take you a while to actually be able to, but she’s safe and kind and gentle, and you know she won’t love you any less.

she shakes her head. ‘of course,’ she says. ‘and, hey, can we talk more tomorrow? about, you know, what things are hard for you or whatever? i just want you to feel as comfortable as possible around me and so it helps to know them. if that’s okay?’

‘that’s okay,’ you say.

‘sweet,’ she says.

you lean forward and kiss her very, very gently, and you might cry a little. when you back up she looks at you carefully, her brow furrowed.

‘very few people were this kind to me,’ you say.

‘well they can eat my ass,’ she says.

it draws a laugh from you and you kiss her again briefly, then let her hold you when she quietly asks if that’s okay. the blankets really are soft and clarke’s body feels good pressed to yours, and she smells almost musky, like amber, and it’s warm and not at all overwhelming. 

it doesn’t take you very long to fall asleep.